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Ganapati Tunai


Murugan Temple of North America

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6300 Princess Garden Parkway, Lanham, MD 20706, USA Phone: 3015524889, FAX: 3015525043 Email:, Internet:

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SHARING OUR GOOD FORTUNE MTNA Volunteers provided Thanksgiving dinner to about 150 homeless people. As MTNA calendar highlights (please check for minute-to-minute updates) Friday January 1st 2010New Year
11AM Special Abhishekam to Murugan

announced in the last Newsletter, and in flyers at the Temple, we prepared the Annual Thanksgiving dinner for residents of the Prince Georges County Shelters for

men, women and children on Saturday, November 21, 2009 (we do this the Saturday before Thanksgiving). We fed
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Sunday February 28th

9:00 AM Kavadi and Pal kudam 11:00AM Sangabhishekam to Palani Andavar.

Sunday March 14th

7:00 PM Karadaiyar Nombu Celebrations (A must for married women. Saradu and food will be available at the Temple)

Thursday January 14 Thai Amavasya, Makara Sankaranti and Pongal Saturday January 16th Thai Pongal
10AM Special Pongal celebrations. (see Temple website for more details)

Tuesday March 16thUgadi

7:00 PM


(with contributions from Dr. Mouna Selvam and Dr. Nigel Siva)

Special Abhishekam to Varasiddhi Vinayakar

Monday January 25th Thai Karthikai Saturday January 30thThai Poosam

8:30 AM Thai poosam celebrations begin 9:00 AM Ganapathi Homam 9:30 AM Ganapathi Abhiskeham 10:00AM Subramaniya Homam 10:30AM Kavadi and Pal Kudam 11:00AM Murugan Abhishekam 11:30AM Bhajans 12:30AM Deeparadhanai 1:00 PM Lunch 4:00 PM Palani therottam

By Vidyaramanan Ganesan

Sunday March 28thPanguni Uttiram

4:00 PM Thirucendur Valli Kalyanam

Friday February 12thMahasivarathri

7:30 PM Ganapathi PujaKalasa Puja 8:00 PM First Jama PujaSivabhishekam, Vibhuti Alankaram, Veda parayanam, singing Thirumurai 11:00PM Second Jama Puja Siva Abishekam, Santhana Alankaram, Singing Sivapuranam

The Murugan Temple of North America (MTNA) celebrated the Skanda Sashti on a grand scale from October 18th to October 23rd. Festivities included carrying Kavadi and Paal Kudam by devotees and recitation of Murugan Sahasranamam on all days. Ganapathi Homam and Abhishekam were performed on the first day and on October 24th when the celebrations were concluded. Subramanya Homam and Abhishekam were also performed on the first, sixth and the concluding days. On the 6th day, Soorasamharam, a beautiful and poignant depiction of the defeat of the demon Soorapadman by Lord Muruga, was conducted. In this event, the Uthsavar Idol of Lord Muruga equipped with the Vel (spear) was carried on a cart following a statue of Soorapadman, symbolic of the battle between the deity and the Demon.
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Monthly Events
First and Third Fridays @ 8 pmBajan Last Sunday @ 1 pm Adhi Parasakthi Puja Other Monthly Events

(See for actual dates and puja times) Sankatahara Chathurthi Shashti (the Chathurthi during Pradosham the descending phase of Purnima the moon) Amavasai Sukla Shashti (the Shasthi during the Visakam ascending phase of the moon Nataraja Abishekam Chathurthi Tamil month beginning
S p e c i a l A n n o u n c e m e n t Sahasranam archana will be offered to Lord Murugan every (Sukla) Sashti at 7 PM, starting in January 2010. This will be an interactive puja where devotees are encouraged to repeat the Lord's names after the priest. Participate in this exciting puja! Sponsorships are available for each month of the year. Please contact the Temple manager. Devotees are requested to check MTNA website for detailed listing of pujas and activities.

Saturday February 13th

1:00 AM Third Jama PujaSiva Abishekam, Pushpa Alankaram, Singing Thiruneetru Pathikam 3:00 AM Fourth Jama PujaSiva Abhishekam, Special Alankaram, Singing Kolaru Pathikam,

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Sharing Our Good Fortune Skanda Shasti Celebrations 2009 Treasurers Report Tax ReportsNow on line 1,2,3 1,2 3 3

Devotees singing bajans during abishekham on the last day of Skanda Shasti

Oorvalam [procession] of the Utsava Murthy by devotees

(Skanda Shasti 2009 Continued from page 1)

The priests and the devotees together moved the carts. While the devotees held the Demon, the priest moved the Vel from Lord Murugans hands to kill the demon. The procession of devotees supported the Lord by reciting aloud Vetri Vel Muruganukku Haro Hara (Hail Lord Muruga carrying the victorious Spear). The event of Soorasamharam is rich with deep spiritual meaning. The vel of Lord Muruga, symbolic of spiritual knowledge, eliminates the three fold bondage of man, namely Maya (illusion), Karma(desirous action) and Anava(Ego) represented by Tharakan, Singamugam and Surapadman respectively. And devotion to Lord Muruga subdues ones ego, subtly signified by

and Deivanai) was performed. During the Thirukkalyanam, sarees and dhotis donated by the devotees were sanctified by the priests by dressing them on the deities, Murugan, Valli and Deivanai. The Thirukkalyanam was followed by rendition of bhajans by Devotees. The concluding event of the grand festival was the procession of the Deity around the Temple. The Murugan Deity along with his consorts Valli and Deivanai was carried on a palanquin around the Temple premises with the recitation of Vetri Vel Muruganukku Haro Hara by devotees. With the breaking of 108 coconuts concluded the Skanda Sashti celebrations of 2009.

MTNA volunteers prepare food in the Temple Auditorium for the homeless

(Thanksgiving meals for the homeless continued from page 1)

almost 150 people: 53 children, 49 women, and 36 men to be exact. We also gave them extra packages for distribution. Each package had macaroni & cheese, uppuma, mixed vegetables, mashed potato, with gravy, and a vegetarian piece of cake. At the request of the residents of the mens shelter we fed last year, we
Priest performing Sangabhishekam [with 108 conch shells] to Lord Muruga

the fact that Lord Muruga did not kill Surapadman but converted him into rooster and peacock, which are themselves objects of worship. By destroying maya and karma and by subduing anava, Lord Muruga endows liberation to all his devotees. The concluding day celebrations also included a host of events. Sangaabhishekam was performed to the Deity. Then, Alankaram was performed with the rendition of bhajans by Devotees. Following Deeparadanai, scrumptious lunch was provided at very nominal rates. After the lunch, Valli-Deivanai Thirukkalyanam (sacred marriage of Lord Murugan with Valli 2

The volunteers donated 120 towels for the homeless (Continued on page 3)

Ganapati Tunai Why Fear? I Am Within You and Protect You Always Murugan

Murugan Temple Sponsorship Form

Make Murugan Temples Rajagopuram Part of Your Legacy First Brick (Special) $51 Ten Bricks $1,010 One Thousand Bricks $101,000 SubTotal Rajagopuram Contribution ....................$________ Sponsor Temple Operations Full day of temple operations ...................................... $750 Full month: Garlands (all deities) ............................... $900 Full month: Abhishekam and Omam provisions ........ $450 Full month: Milk ........................................................ $250 A full week of Garlands (all deities)............................ $125 One day: Simple garland for a deity........ ..................... $ 15 Choice of Deity for garland :_______________ Sub Total Operations ..........................................$________ Please indicate desired dates _________________ MTNA Newsletter Printing and Mailing .................$__________ Kavasam for Peedam in silver for Murugan, Valli, Theivayanai....................................................$__________ Thiruvasi for Sivan ..................................................................$__________ Kavasam for Peedam in Silver for Amman .............................$__________ Check Enclosed for................................................................$__________ Name Address State _________ ZIP ___________________ City Phone ____________EMail ________________________________ Family Gothiram _________________________________________ Birth Star (el:rj;jpuk;) _____ Name of Family Member

Please use separate sheet for additional family members Mail: The Murugan Temple of North America, 6300 Princess Garden Parkway,Lanham, MD 20706 You can now make contributions and fill-out your donation forms on-line at


There was a surplus from the operations about $31,994 for the third quarter. Donations towards Rajagopuram project totaled $4,714. There were no capital expenditures. If you require additional information about the Temples financials, send a note to Please include Question for the Treasurer In the subject line.
(Thanksgiving meals for the homeless Continued from page 2) Continued from Page 1 ONLINE ACCESS TO YOUR TEMPLE CONTRIBUTIONS, YEAR-END TAX REPORT AND PROFILE

gave a bath towel to each resident. Not wanting to overlook the children and mothers, we bought for them too. It was a lesser number since some of the mothers have children younger than 2 years to whom we did not give towels. At the request of the shelter management, we packed 30 boxes with larger quantity and doubled the cake to give the children. We thank the ones who provided food and provided cash for towels and other accessories; helped to package the food; and drive to the shelters in Prince Georges County. Thanks to Nala & Sivaraman, Angela & Ken, Deepa & Sri, Ranjini & Ambi, Luxmy & Rajah, Anusha, Shankari & Sivasailam, Sunthari & Sri, Sethu & Baskar, Revathy & Kumar, Manju & Gopal, Sothy & Vigna, Margaret and Vayudeva coordinated/written by Vignarajah.

In an effort to cut costs, the tax report and individual receipts will no longer be mailed. The reports can be downloaded from the secure area of the Murugan Temple Website. You must first register by clicking the My Donations button at or by directly visiting You will need the DevoteeID and address printed on this newsletter mailing label in order to register. Devotee ID is highlighted in the sample label shown above. Click Help on Registration screen for other ways to obtain Devotee ID. A valid email address is required which will also be your login. This email address is also required in order for you to be able to retrieve forgotten password. The Temple needs volunteers in a variety of positions, from staffing the front desk, to caring for the garden, to serving on MTNAs committees Religious, Cultural, Infrastructure, IT and more. Volunteering is a great exercise in Karma Yoga! If you are interested in learning more about MTNAs volunteer opportunities, please contact the Temple manager, Mr. Raghavan at 301 552-4879 or Mr. Vignarajah at 410 788-7251 or email 3

MTNA volunteers staff a very entertaining skit held during the fundraiser

Murugan Temple of North America 6300 Princess Garden Parkway Lanham, MD 20706, USA


Non Profit Org. U.S. Postage PAID So. MD Permit No. 3958


Daily Abishekams 9:00 am Ganes ha 9:30 am Siva 10:00 am Murugan 7:00 pm Siva

Daily Abi shekams 9:00 am Ganesha 9:30 am Siva 10:00 am Mur ugan Thirusathi 7:00 pm Meenakshi

Daily Abishekams 9:00 am Ganesha 9:30 am Siva 10:00 am Murugan

DailyAbishekams 9:00 am Ganesha 9:30 am Siva 10:00 am Murugan 7:00 pm Palani Aandavar 7:30 pm Dakshinamurthi

Daily Abishekams 9:00 am Ganesha 9:30 am Siva 10:00 am Murugan 7:00 pm Ganesha

Dai ly Abishekams
9:00 am Ganesha 9:30 am Siva 9:30 am Navagraha 11:00 am Murugan

Daily Abishekams
9:00 am Ganesha 9:30 am Siva 11:00 am Murugan 5:00 pm Durgai Abishekam Rahu Kala Puja

The Murugan Temple of North America is a Traditional Saivite Hindu Temple. It has a floor area of 7000 square feet, with main Sannidhi for Murugan (Karttikeya) and four smaller Sannidhis for Vinayaka (Ganesha), Siva (Sivalingham), Meenakshi, and Palani TEMPLE SERVICES: Please call the Temple Manager at 301 552-4889 to make prior arrangements for ceremonies at the Temple or in your home. Also, ask for information about local hotels. TEMPLE HOURS: Monday Friday 9 am 12 noon & 5 pm - 9 pm; Saturday, Sunday, & Holidays 9 am 9 pm AUDITORIUM: The Temples auditorium capable of seating about 200 people in the basement is available for rent by Devotees. The Temple has also ample parking space. Call the Temple Manager at 301 552-4889 for reservations. DIRECTIONS TO MURUGAN TEMPLE: From I-95 (also 495, Capital Beltway), take exit 20-A, Lanham (Rte 450 East), then follow the signs to Princess Garden Parkway. Turn right on Princess Garden Parkway. Murugan Temple is on your left within half a mile (6300 Princess Garden Parkway)