Sample of Lesson Plan Theme: World of knowledge Topic: Listen to Me Content standard: Learning standard


Objectives: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to: a) b) c) d) e) f) identify the phonemes ‘m’ and ‘n’ correctly. say the phonemes ‘m’ and ‘n’ correctly. blend the phonemes correctly. match the pictures to the correct words. list down the words that start with ‘m’ and ‘n’ accordingly. enjoy sing songs and recite chants.


Techniques 1.Pupils do the class routines - Sing ‘days of the week’ - Sing ‘months of the year’ 2. Teacher asks ‘What day is today?’ ‘What

Allocation of time

Teaching material

Set Induction

day was yesterday?’ and ‘What day will it be tomorrow?’ 3. Pupils will answer the questions using ‘Today is..’ ‘Yesterday was..’ and ‘Tomorrow will be..’ 1. Teacher introduces the phonemes /m/ and /n/. Teacher will paste the phoneme cards on the board.

15 minutes


Show Me The Phonemes

2. Each pupil is given a set of two phoneme cards. 3. Teacher will say the phonemes. 4. The pupils have to listen and show the correct phoneme card.

15 minutes

Large and small alphabet cards

1. Teacher put the image of a slide on the board. Sliding Phonemes 2. Teacher blends the phonemes into recognizable words. 3. Teacher introduces the words through the pictures. 1. Six pupils are called to match the Matching Phonemes pictures to the words on the board while other pupils have to match the pictures to the correct words in groups. 1. Teacher recites a chant and pupils will follow. Time to Chant (Closing) 2. The pupils have to find the words that start with ‘m’ and ‘n’ in the chant. 3. The pupils list down all words in a piece of paper. 20 minutes A poster of a chant A piece of paper 10 minutes Word cards Flashcards 20 minutes A poster of a slide Alphabet cards Flashcards

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