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(Estd. u/s 3 of UGC Act 1956)

Vellore - 632 014, Tamil Nadu, India

Reporting Period . to 1. Name 2. Address for Correspondence : :

3. E-mail address and Phone/Mobile number : 4. (a) Date of Birth (b) Place of Birth (c) Nationality 5. Date of joining the Institute as research student 6. Category Internal Full-Time (Full-time research student) Internal Part-Time (VIT Staff, TRA & Project Staff) External Part-Time For VIT Staff/ TRAs only: Designation: Date of joining: For Project Staff only Designation: Date of joining: Funding Agency: For External Part-Time: Name & Address of the employer School/Centre: Present scale & Salary drawn: Name of the Project/Research scheme: Present scale & Salary drawn: Duration of the Scheme: : : : :

Designation: Present scale & Salary drawn:


Date of joining:

Whether permanent or temporary: (If temporary, indicate duration) 7. Whether tuition fees has been paid up to date : Yes / No
(Please enclose the Xerox copies of all fees-paid receipts till date)

8. Guide(s) Name 1. 2. 9. Name & Address of Research Advisor (if any) Designation School/Centre

10. Date of Registration: 11. Title of the Research topic

12. Whether Comprehensive Examination completed Yes No

If Yes, give the date and result of the examination

13. A brief report of the progress achieved during the half year period . (Indicate the period) The report should clearly indicate the progress achieved and cover the following points: i. Thesis Proposal status ii. Course work completion status (List out all the courses completed so far. Attach a copy of the Grade-Certificate issued by the COE. If the course work is not completed even after 1 years after registration, give reasons for the same) iii. Comprehensive examination status (If comprehensive exam is not taken even after 2 years after registration, give reasons for the same) iv. Experimental and / or Analytical investigations carried out during the period v. Publications / Reports, if any,

based on the Ph.D/M.S.(By Res.) work (vi) Problems / difficulties, if any (vii) Plans for future work (Additional sheets may be used if needed)

Signature of the Candidate Place: Date:


14. Forwarding remarks of the Guide / Research Advisor

Signature of the Guide / Research Advisor Place: Date: 15. Forwarding remarks of the Director of the School/Director of the Centre in which the candidate is registered

Signature and Seal of the Director of the School/Director of the Centre Place: Date: