Jean-Robert Argand publishes proof of the Fundamental theorem of algebra and the Argand diagram,

Jean-Robert Argand
July 18, 1768 Geneva, Switzerland



August 13, 1822 Paris

Siméon Poisson Siméon Denis Poisson (1781-1840) Born 21 June 1781 Pithiviers. Kingdom of France Nationality France . Hauts-de-Seine. Orléanais. Kingdom of France (present-day Loiret.Nationality France Fields Mathematics Known for Argand diagram and Proof of Fundamental Theorem of Algebra  1815 – Siméon-Denis Poisson carries out integrations along paths in the complex plane. France) Died 25 April 1840 (aged 58) Sceaux.

Fields Mathematics Institutions École Polytechnique Bureau des Longitudes Faculté des Sciences École de Saint-Cyr Alma mater École Polytechnique Doctoral advisor Joseph Louis Lagrange Pierre-Simon Laplace Doctoral students Michel Chasles Lejeune Dirichlet Joseph Liouville Other notable students Nicolas Léonard Sadi Carnot Known for Poisson process Poisson equation Poisson kernel Poisson distribution Poisson bracket Poisson regression Poisson summation formula Poisson's spot Poisson's ratio Poisson zeros Conway–Maxwell–Poisson distribution Euler–Poisson–Darboux equation  1825 – André-Marie Ampère discovers Stokes' theorem. .

France Residence France Nationality French Fields Physics Institutions Bourg-en-Bresse École Polytechnique Known for Ampere's Law Signature . Lyon. Nizier.André-Marie Ampère André-Marie Ampère (1775-1836) Born 20 January 1775 Parish of St. France Died 10 June 1836 (aged 61) Marseille.

thereby essentially founding group theory and Galois theory. Kingdom of France Nationality French Fields Mathematics Known for Work on the theory of equations and Abelian integrals  1843 – William Hamilton discovers the calculus of quaternions and deduces that they are non-commutative. . 1832 – Évariste Galois presents a general condition for the solvability of algebraic equations. French Empire Died 31 May 1832 (aged 20) Paris. Évariste Galois Born 25 October 1811 Bourg-la-Reine.

Dublin Alma mater Academic advisors Trinity College. and mathematician Institutions Trinity College. Dublin John Brinkley Known for Hamilton's principle Hamiltonian mechanics Hamiltonians Hamilton–Jacobi equation . astronomer.William Hamilton William Rowan Hamilton (1805–1865) Born 4 August 1805 Dublin Died 2 September 1865 (aged 60) Dublin Fields Physicist.

Arthur Cayley . Graves Influenced Zerah Colburn Peter Guthrie Ta  1854 – Arthur Cayley shows that quaternions can be used to represent rotations in fourdimensional space.Quaternions Biquaternions Hamiltonian path Icosian Calculus Nabla symbol Versor Coining the word 'tensor' Hamiltonian vector field Icosian game Universal algebra Hodograph Hamiltonian group Cayley–Hamilton theorem Influences John T.

Cambridge . UK Died 26 January 1895 (aged 73) Cambridge. England Residence England Nationality British Fields Mathematics Institutions University of Cambridge Alma mater King's College School Trinity College. Surrey.Portrait in London by Barraud & Jerrard Born 16 August 1821 Richmond.

Bernhard Riemann Bernhard Riemann. Baker Andrew Forsyth Charlotte Scott Known for Projective geometry Group theory Cayley–Hamilton theorem Notable awards Copley Medal (1882)  1859 – Bernhard Riemann formulates the Riemann hypothesis which has strong implications about the distribution of prime numbers.Academic advisors George Peacock William Hopkins Doctoral students H. F. 1863 Born September 17. 1826 Breselenz. Kingdom of Hanover (modern-day Germany) .

1866 (aged 39) Selasca. Ferdinand Georg Frobenius . Kingdom of Italy Residence Kingdom of Hanover Nationality German Fields Mathematics Institutions Georg-August University of Göttingen Alma mater Georg-August University of Göttingen Berlin University Doctoral advisor Carl Friedrich Gauss Other academic advisors Gotthold Eisenstein Moritz Abraham Stern Notable students Gustav Roch Known for See list Influences Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet  1873 – Georg Frobenius presents his method for finding series solutions to linear differential equations with regular singular points.Died July 20.

1849 Charlottenburg Died August 31.Ferdinand Georg Frobenius Born October 26. 1917 (aged 67) Berlin Nationality German Fields Mathematics Institutions University of Berlin ETH Zurich Alma mater University of Göttingen University of Berlin Doctoral advisor Karl Weierstrass Ernst Kummer Doctoral students Richard Fuchs Edmund Landau Issai Schur .

Germany Residence Germany .Konrad Knopp Walter Schnee Known for Differential equations Group theory Cayley–Hamilton theorem Frobenius method 1882 – Ferdinand von Lindemann proves that π is transcendental and that therefore the circle cannot be squared with a compass and straightedge Ferdinand von Lindemann Carl Louis Ferdinand von Lindemann Born April 12. 1939 (aged 86) Munich. 1852 Hanover. Germany Died March 6.

Nationality German Fields Mathematician Institutions Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München Alma mater Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Doctoral advisor C. Felix Klein Doctoral students Charles Hamilton Ashton Franz Fuchs David Hilbert Martin Kutta Hermann Minkowski Oskar Perron Arnold Sommerfeld Josef Wagner Proving π is a transcendental number Known for  1896 – Hermann Minkowski presents Geometry of numbers. Hermann Minkowski .

1909 (aged 44) Göttingen.Born June 22. German Empire Nationality German Fields Mathematician Institutions University of Göttingen and ETH Zurich Alma mater Albertina University of Königsberg Doctoral advisor Ferdinand von Lindemann Doctoral students Constantin Carathéodory Louis Kollros Dénes Kőnig . Russian Empire Died January 12. 1864 Aleksotas. Kaunas.

1862 Königsberg or Wehlau. Province of Prussia (today Znamensk. Kaliningrad Oblast. Germany Residence Germany Nationality German . Russia) Died February 14. David Hilbert David Hilbert (1912) Born January 23. 1943 (aged 81) Göttingen. 1900 – David Hilbert states his list of 23 problems which show where some further mathematical work is needed.

Fields Mathematician and Philosopher Institutions University of Königsberg Göttingen University Alma mater University of Königsberg Doctoral advisor Ferdinand von Lindemann Wilhelm Ackermann Otto Blumenthal Werner Boy Richard Courant Haskell Curry Max Dehn Paul Funk Erich Hecke Doctoral students Hellmuth Kneser Robert König Emanuel Lasker Erhard Schmidt Hugo Steinhaus Teiji Takagi Hermann Weyl Ernst Zermelo Known for Hilbert's basis theorem Hilbert's axioms Hilbert's problems Hilbert's program Einstein–Hilbert action Hilbert space Notable awards FRS .

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