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Arsenic in food and juice Social Media Symposium Wireless IEQ for classrooms/labs Fast GC utilizing mini PID/FID in series tandem

From PID's to portable GC's and Beyond

July 2012

Arsenic in food and juice

Presented at SCI-MIX & ENVR at #ACSPhilly

Greetings! It's that time of year again: the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. We're participating in the following technical programs: Small Chemical Businesses Division, the Environmental Chemistry Division and the Analytical Chemistry Division. It'll be a busy week as usual. Here's a glimpse of what we'll be presenting at #ACSPhilly.

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Social Media Symposium

Quick Links I am looking forward to presiding over the social media symposium that I have organized for the Small Chemical Businesses Division of the American Chemical Society Fall National Meeting next month in Philadelphia. I have selected social media savvy individuals who either own or work at small science-based businesses to speak about how they use social media to increase sales and grow. It's likely that the Tweetup will occur shortly after this event since we'll be eager to have these social media superstars attend and participate. On Twitter? Follow along using the #ACSPhilly hashtag.

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Wireless indoor environmental quality (IEQ) monitoring in classrooms and laboratories (VOC's, CO, CO2, and T)
Poor air quality in school classrooms is a serious problem now since school classrooms can have occupancy levels as high as 40 sq. ft. per persons compared to average office occupancy of 140 sq. ft. per person. Other considerations include the number of portable classrooms being used on a semi-permanent basis. Many of the urban schools are old,

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situated near industrial sites and have poor HVAC equipment. With classrooms that have individually controlled HVAC, improving the air quality could be accomplished by simply monitoring CO2 and using that to control the HVAC system. Of course, most schools do not have that capability. We have developed an indoor environmental quality (IEQ) sensor package that has the capability to monitor CO2 in the crowded class rooms (high levels of CO2 cause drowsiness), temperature, VOC's from a variety of sources, and a fourth sensor that can be selected. Read more here.

Fast GC with mini PID/FID in-series tandem design

We used a new miniature PID/FID in-series tandem design along with a 30M x 0.32 mm & 5m film column that provides with temperature programming for the analyses. This column will allow us to separate the light hydrocarbons along the SVOC's. We will be using the restistively VICI capillary columns that, because of their low mass, provide rapid heating and cooling of the column. This will be presented in the American Chemical Society Analytical Division New Directions in Separation Symposium on Thursday August 23, 2012 at 3:10 pm. Here is the abstract. Here are the other participants in the symposium. Thank you for taking the time to read my newsletter today and I invite you to connect with me socially using the icon links below.

Sincerely, Jennifer L. Maclachlan, Managing Director PID Analyzers, LLC