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A resource designed fo sulemenf

fhe !"#$%&'( )#*&($" )#"&#+
r. Kenf Hovind
CSE Ministry
!"#$ %&'()&&* is designed fo
accomany fhe seven videofaes or V`s
ol my Creafion Seminar Series. Jhough nof
designed fo Ee read lrom cover fo cover like
mosf Eooks, much inferesfing reading can
Ee lound here. tosf charfs, grahs, and
sources fo vhich ! reler in my seminars are
includedinfhis Eook, asvellasanexfensive
lrequenfly-asked-quesfions secfionnear fhe
end. Nev maferials are consfanfly Eeing
added fo make fhis nofeEook a handy
relerence fool. !l you nofice any misfakes in
our Eook, lease lef us knov. We vill
correcf if in fhe nexf edifion. RememEer,
none ol my maferial is resfricfed. Jhis is Ey
design. or years ! have said, Jhere is a var going on. You don`f
rafion ouf Eullefs during var fime!" !l you can shoof and vanf fo
use my Eullefs," leel lree fo do so. !f is my rayer fhaf all ol our
maferials vill renev your conlidence in fhe Word ol Cod and
insire you fo serve fhe Lord vifh your lile, or dravyou fo fhe Lord
il youare nof saved.
+,- .#%#$'/0
2 Cummings Rd
ensacola, L ]32503j
1-877-47-3466 (USA only)
850-47-8562 ax
Kenf Hovind (Ho-vnd)
2003 Ey CS tinisfry.
ermission is granfed fo dulicafe as is (unedifed)
lor lree disfriEufion only.
!SBN 1-58468-018-0
Back row: Paul, Eric.
Middle Row: Marlissa, Kent Andrew,
Front Row: Jo Hovind.
Danielle, Tanya
and Kent
Jhis Seminar NofeEook is dedicafed fo my loving vile, ]o.
Wifhouf her suorf and fireless ellorfs, fhe minisfry ol Creafion
Science vangelismvouldnof Ee here foday.
n ]uly 14fh 2003, ]o and ! celeErafed our 30fh anniversary!
We saf dovnandliguredouf hovmuchmoneyvehavesenfinfhe
lasf 30 years. !f really didn'f fake long. We have senf all ol if (and
When ! vas |usf a lev minufes old (a vhile ago!), my mofher
lolded her hands over mine and rayed lor Cod fo rovide a godly
vile lor me some day. Boy, did He ansver fhaf rayer! ]o and !
Eegan dafing vhen she vas |usf a lreshman in high school (! vas a
cool senior!). ! had Eeen invifed fo share my fesfimony af her
church youfh grou in eoria, !llinois on cfoEer 4, 170, vhere !
sav her lor fhe lirsf fime. Jhe nexf day, ! invifed her fo a youfh
acfivify ! vas going fo fhaf evening and she accefed! n fhe vay
home my 163 VW Eroke dovn. We fried fo lind a house vifh a
hone, Euf fo no avail, so ! said, Lef's ray." ! asked fhe Lord fo
make fhe car run one more fime so ! could gef her home on fime.
When ! furned fhe key if sfarfed and ran lour more miles fo her
house and quif again! (! should have asked fhe Lord fo lix if lor
good!) ty lirsf dafe cosf me over S400 and if vas vorfh every
enny! Cod ansvered our rayer on fhaf lirsf dafe and has
We have Eeenvery acfive inCod'svorksinceEelore ve mef and
Cod has Eroughf us fhrough everyfhing |usf like He romises in
taffhev 633. ]o has Eeen a key heler, as our minisfry has grovn
lrom nofhing fo one ol fhe largesf creafion minisfries in fhe vorld.
We have an avesome sfall ol over 35 and a vorldvide inlluence
vifhliferallymillions ol our videos incirculafionandchanging lives
since 18.
Cod has given us fhree vonderlul children. All are married,
living around us, giving us lofs ol grandkids and all vorking in fhe
!n 13, ]o linished her tasfer's degree in music. She is an
incrediEle vocalisf, ianisf, feacher, vile, mofher, and cook and is
fhe hardesf vorking voman ! have ever seen. She memorized
roverEs 31 as a feen and has come fhe closesf fo Eeing fhaf virfuous
voman fhaf ! have ever mef. She has given u her house (ve have
had fen minisfry ollices in our house lor years), as vell as given u
her husEand fo fravel (! have Eeen gone over 200 days mosf years)
and, yef, she kees a cheerlul sirif vhilevorking lor fhe Lord. ! am
fruly fhe mosf Elessed man on earfh fo have a vile like her!
Hoelully, Cod vill give us 30 more years fogefher. Jhanks, ]o, lor
loving fhe Lordlirsf andfhenme.
It cannot be emphasized
too strongly or too often that
this great nation was founded
not by religionists but by
Christians... not on religions
but on the Gospel of Jesus
It is impossible to rightly
governwithout God and the
If we abide by the
principles taught in the Bible,
our country will go on
prospering, but if we neglect
its instruction and authority,
no man can tell how soon a
catastrophe may overcome us,
and bury all our glory in
profound obscurity.
Patrick Henry
George Washington
Daniel Webster
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6 5
' ' ]t, lr. t, lr. L
, lr.
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SHLD (1.) t/c statc cj /ncuing
/ncu/cdgc as distinguis/cd jrcm igncran.c cr
misundcrstanding a dcartmcnt cj
sjstcmatizcd /ncu/cdgc as an c/jc.t cj studj
. t/c scmct/ing (as a scrt
cr tc./niquc) t/at maj /c studicd cr /carncd
/i/c sjstcmatizcd /ncu/cdgc /avc it dcun tc
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.cn.crncd uit/ t/c /jsi.a/ ucr/d and its
sjstcm cr mct/cd ra.ti.a/ cnds
uit/ s.icntiji. /aus .u/inarj
- ol fheology
2"'* 3#""&$*-4#5+%#"6+ !'77#8&$%#9 :&,%&'($"/; <#(%. =0&%&'( >?@@A
5/ 3#""&$*-4#5+%#"; B(,'"1'"$%#0 CDDDE3#""&$*-4#5+%#"E,'*F
Seminar ufline .....................................................................1
uesfion Lisf ........................................................................54
Ceneral Science ....................................................................56
uElic ducafion ..................................................................64
BiEle ......................................................................................68
Jhe lood .............................................................................74
tiscellaneous uesfions .....................................................78
(vhife ages)
r. Hovind`s S250,000 oller ...................................................6
Universe Nof Billions ol Years ld" .....................................8
uesfions lor volufionisfs .................................................14
ossum, Redvood Jree, and Kidney
Bean ur Ancesfors" ...................................................17
oinfs fo onder aEouf fhe lood .........................................18
Baffle lanracfical Sfes .................................................20
Jvo Worldvievs .................................................................26
hysics ..................................................................................27
Asfronomical Rellecfions ....................................................2
!l fheWorldis sold,vhyisveryfhingsoYoung............31
Jhe BiEle and fhe Value ol .................................................38
Confradicfions infhe BiEle .................................................3
l Covernmenfs and Covs .................................................40
Hifler`s Hif Lisf ....................................................................41
(green ages)
our Jyes olWorkers .........................................................44
CarEon 14 .............................................................................45
!ndocfrinafion in volufion .................................................47
Charfs ...................................................................................48
(yellov ages)
(Elue ages)
Sources lor tore !nlormafion .............................................0
BiEliograhy Recommended Reading .................................2
Recommended Reading lor Kids ........................................100
(lold-ouf ages)
Jime Line ...........................................................................102
Longevify Charf, Adamfo ]oseh......................................103
Reference Lists
Frequently Asked Questions
Table of Content
Seminar Outline
Major Points Covered in the Video Series
by Dr. Kent Hovind
Part 1ABig Bang, Big Dud
Part 1BThe Age of the Earth
our greaf quesfions every religion fries fo ansver.
Jvo irreconcilaEle vorldvievs
- Creafion
- volufion
Safan`s lie fo ve
Who am !
- Where did ! come lrom
- Why am ! here
- Where am ! going vhen ! die
tasked his ovn desire fo Ee Cod
- Began his 6,000 year affemf fo desfroy humanify
- Began a lalse vorldviev ol evolving fo godhood
Big lies are Eelieved more easily fhan small ones
llecfual lies are mixed vifh frufh
Jechnique used in adverfising
todern science fexfEooks mix evolufion and science
JexfEooks conluse six fyes ol evolufion
- Cosmic evolufion ( Big Bang - origin ol maffer)
- Chemical evolufion (higher chemical)
- lanefary and sfellar evolufion (origin ol fhe sfars)
- rganic evolufion (origin ol lile)
- tacroevolufion - animals changing info nev
- ticroevolufion (variafion)
airyfales are faughf in school
- rog + kiss = rince
- rog + fime = rince
vidence againsf fhe Big Bang
volufion violafes Eofh lavs ol fhermodynamics
Sfudenfs are faughf fhey are animals
tany sfudenfs Eehave like animals
Jeachers can feach creafion in uElic schools
ecline in morals since 163
Scienfisfs have a long hisfory ol Eeing vrong
ta|orify ol Americans do nof Eelieve in evolufion
Beliel in evolufion vill desfroy conlidence in Scrifure
rools ol a young universe and arfh
- arfh`s oulafion
- Sinning galaxies
- arfh`s magnefic lield
- arfh`s rofafional seed
Martin Lingis is probably
right in saying that more
cases of loss of religious faith
are to be traced to the theory
of evolution...than to anything
Evolution &
July 1982, p. 755
Huston Smith
...researchers suggest that
virtually all modern
men99.9% of them, says
one scientistare closely
related genetically and share
genes with one male ancestor,
dubbed Y-chromosome
We are finding that
humans have very, very
shallow genetic roots which go
back very recently to one
ancestor, ...that indicates that
there was an origin in a
specific location on the globe,
and then it spread out from
December 4, 1995
Note: We knew this before
and we even knew his name!
U.S. News & World
1 +/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503
- Underground oil ressure
- !ce cores in Creenland & Anfarcfica
- tississii River delfa
- tefhuselah free
- Creaf Barrier Reel
- Niagara alls
- cean salinify
- Sfalacfife & sfalagmife lormafion
- Shorf eriod comefs
- Confinenfal erosion
- ldesf vrifings and languages
eole vho scoll af fhe BiEle are villingly ignoranf"
ol fhe creafion and fhe llood
riginally creafed vorld vas dillerenf
Ca Jheory
ay-Age Jheory
re-llood vafer canoy
- Why eole lived fo Ee over 00 years old
- Why dinosaurs grev so Eig
- HyerEaric chamEer
Cave ten
- NeEraska tan
- ilfdovn tan
- Neanderfhal tan
- Lucy
Huge animals and lanfs lived Eelore fhe llood
inosaurs lived vifh man Eelore fhe llood
Cod`s original dief
Cod`s romise fo resfore fhe earfh
inosaurs on fhe Ark
lood Legends
Noah`s Ark discovered fvo ossiEilifies
tosf dinosaurs died shorfly alfer fhe llood
-illerenf climafe
- tan`s hunfing
inosaurs in hisfory
inosaurs menfioned in fhe BiEle
Could a lev dinosaurs sfill Ee alive
Jhousands ol sighfings in remofe laces
- tokele-tEemEe in Alrica
- Loch Ness
- ]aanese cafch
Part 2The Garden of Eden
Part 3ADinosaurs and the Bible
Part 3BDinosaurs Today
L. Tiger, an anthropologist
at Rutgers, contends that
Darwinian science inevitably
will, and should have legal,
political and moral
October 1995, p. 181
Scientific American,
I am much afraid that the
schools will prove to be the
great gates to Hell unless they
diligently labor in explaining
the Scriptures, engraving them
in the hearts of youth. I advise
no one to place his child
where the scriptures do not
reign paramount. Every
institution in which men are
not increasingly occupied with
the Word of God, must
become corrupt.
Martin Luther
Science in its deep and
original sense means
We discover by
hard work what is knowledge
and what is not. And there are
no philosophical shortcuts to
that end.
volume 32:6
Science News,
J. P. Moreland,
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562
- China
- Calilornia
- Canada
Lake Chamlain, Vermonf
- ll fhe coasf ol ensacola, lorida
uElic school fexfEooks are one ol fhe main fools used
fo furn sfudenfs avay lrom Chrisfianify
tany rools" lor evolufion vere disroved years
agoand are sfill in fhe fexfEooks
- Crand Canyon lormed lasf
- Vesfigial organs (valking vales)
- Jhe Ceologic Column uses circular reasoning
- tacroevolufion assumed
- tufafions do nof imrove a secies nor creafe
nev ones
- eered tofh
- Horse volufion
- Lile in fhe laE
- Small does nof mean simle
arenfs need fo Ee alerf againsf Erainvashing
Sfudenfs should look lor alfernafive exlanafions lor
vhaf ve oEserve in nafure
- Common Eone sfrucfure in lore limEs.
- Common Ancesfor
- Common esigner!
Jhings arenfs and sfudenfs can do
- ncourage fexfEook selecfion commiffees and
school Eoards fo lollov lavs requiring fexfEooks
fo Ee accurafe
- Remove lalse maferial lrom fexfEooks
fions fo fake unfil nev Eooks can Ee
- Cuf ouf or Elack ouf lalse inlormafion.
- Clue ages fogefher il fhey have lalse
- lace varning sfickers in fhe lronf ol each
- Cive sfudenfs Eooklefs defailing errors.
- Cef on fexfEook selecfion commiffees.
- Cef Eook uElishers fo rinf error-lree
edifions lor your disfricf.
o nof conlronf feachers uElicly
tany sfudenfs allov feachers and classmafes fo vafch
our video series on creafion
rigin ol fhe Secies made fhe vorld vorse

Part 4Lies in the Textbooks?

Part 5The Dangers of Evolution
Other examples, including
the much-repeated gradual
evolution of the modern
horse, have not held up under
close examination.
1992 P. 304
Biology The Unity and
diversity of Life
Problems with
Horse Evolution:
1. Made up by Othniel C.
Marsh in 1874 from fossils
scattered across the world, not
from same location.
2. Modern horses are found in
layers with and lower than
ancient horses. Kruzhilin,
Yu, and V. Ovcharov, A Horse
from the Dinosaur Epoch?
( ), trans. A.
James Melnick (February 5,
3. The ancient horse
(hyracotherium) is not a horse
but is just like the hyrax still
alive in Turkey, Madagascar
4. Ribs, toes and teeth are
5. South American fossils go
from 1 toed to 3 toed.
6. Never found in order
See of ICR
for more. ICR.ORG
Moskovskaya Pravda
Moscow Truth
Frank Sherwin
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 3
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562
Safan`s lie rehashed
tany men Eased fheir desfrucfive hilosohies on
- Adoll Hifler
- ]oseh Sfalin
- ol of
- Benifo tussolini
- ]ohn . Rockeleller
Jhey use evolufion as an excuse fo enslave ofhers
nly one solufion !! Chronicles 714
Jhe myfh ol angea
Cause ol fhe vorldvide llood
!ce Age and hov if lifs in vifh fhe BiEle
Hov fhe Crand Canyon vas lormed
rigin ol coal, nafural gas, oil, limesfone, efc.
!ce tefeor Jheory
- Break u in sace and dellecfed Ey arfh`s
magnefic lield
- Lands in olar regions
- !nsfanf !ce Age
- rozen mammofhs
- Cracks in fhe arfh`s crusf
arfh llooded Ey fhree sources
1. Wafer lrom re-llood canoy
2. ounfains ol fhe dee" Ereaking u
3. !ce mefeor lrom sace
ead animals deosifed and furned fo lossils, oil and
nafural gas
Huge loresfs Euried and furned fo coal
tounfains lilfed u (salm 104)
Crand Canyon lormed
Ceologic leafures exlained
xlanafion lor Eillions ol lighf-years lrom sfars
Suosed confradicfions in fhe BiEle
CarEon afing
Where did fhe races come lrom
Why K]V
Creaf yramid
oes Cod gef old
tuch more!

Part 6The Hovind Theory

Part 7Question and Answer Session
Isnt the only hope for the
planet that the industrialized
civilizations collapse? Isnt it
our responsibility to bring that
Head of
1992 Earth Summit, Rio de
Maurice Strong,
Socialism is the gospel of
envy, the creed of ignorance,
and the philosophy of failure.
Winston Churchill
One cannot be exposed to the law and order of the
universe without concluding that there must be design and
purpose behind it all.... To be forced to believe only one
conclusion that everything in the universe happened by
chancewould violate the very objectivity of science itself....
They (evolutionists) challenge science to prove the existence
of God. But must we really light a candle to see the sun? It is
in scientific honesty that I endorse the presentation of alter-
native theories for the origin of the universe, life and man in
the science classroom. It would be an error to overlook the
possibility that the universe was planned rather than happen-
ing by chance.
(Father of American rocket and space program)
Dr. Wernher von Braun
When I use the word
evolution, I am not referring
to the minor variations found
in all of the various life forms
(microevolution). I am
referring to the general theory
of evolution which believes
these five major events took
place without God:
1. Time, space, and matter
came into existence by
2. Planets and stars formed
from space dust.
3. Matter created life by
4. Early life forms learned
to reproduce themselves.
5. Major changes occurred
between these diverse life
forms (i.e., fish changed to
amphibians, amphibians
changed to reptiles, and
reptiles changed to birds or
Dr. Hovinds $250,000 Offer
Offered Since 1990Increased from $10,000 in 1999
! have a sfanding oller ol S250,000 fo anyone vho can give any
emirical evidence (scienfilic rool) lor evolufion. ty S250,000
oller demonsfrafes fhaf fhe hyofhesis ol evolufionis nofhingmore
fhana man-made Eeliel sysfem(religion).
tosf fhinking eole vill agree fhaf
1. Ahighlyordereduniverse exisfs.
2. Af leasf one lanef (roEaEly only one) in fhis comlex
universe confains anamazing variefyol lile lorms.
3. tan aears fo Ee fhe mosf advanced lorm ol lile on fhis
Choices ol hovfhe oEservedhenomena came infoEeing
1. Jhe universe vas creafedEyCod.
2. Jhe universe alvays exisfed.
3. Jhe universe came info Eeing Ey ifsell Ey urely nafural
rocesses (knovn as evolufion) so fhaf no aeal fo fhe
suernafural is needed.
Sfudenfs in fax-suorfed schools are Eeing faughf fhaf evolu-
fionis a lacf. We are convincedfhaf evolufionis a religionmasquer-
ading as science and should nof Ee arf ol any science curriculum. !f
has nofhing fo do vifh fhe suE|ecf ol science. Jhere are af leasf six
dillerenf and unrelafed meanings fo fhe vord evolufion."
Sfudenfs are deceived info fhinking all six fyes ol evolufion Eelov
have Eeen roven Eecause evidence is given lor minor variafions
1. Cosmic evolufionfhe origin ol fime, sace, and maffer.
Big Bang.
2. Chemical evolufionfhe origin ol higher elemenfs lrom
3. Sfellar and lanefary evolufionrigin ol sfars and
4. rganic evolufionrigin ol lile lrom inanimafe maffer.
5. tacroevolufionChanging lrom one kind info anofher.
6. ticroevolufionVariafions vifhin kinds. nly fhis one
has Eeen oEserved.
Jhis decefion is a classic Eaif and svifch. ne delinifion ol
evolufion (decenf vifh modilicafion) is given, and fhe ofhers are
assumed fo Ee frue Ey associafion. Jhe lirsf live meanings are
Eelieved Ey laifh and are religious. nly fhe lasf one is scienfilic.
Observed phenomena:
Known options:
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 6
eole do nof evolufion is frue, yef fhey Eelieve in if.
While Eeliels are cerfainlyline fo have, if is nof lair nor legal fo lorce
on fhe sfudenfs in our uElic school sysfem fhe feaching ol one
Eeliel, af faxayers` exense. !f is my confenfion fhaf evolufionism
is a religious vorldvievfhaf is nof suorfed Ey science, Scrifure,
oular oinion, or common sense. Jhe exclusive feaching ol fhis
dangerous, mind-alfering hilosohy in fax-suorfed schools,
arks,museums, efc., is a clear violafionol fhe irsf Amendmenf.
rove Eeyond reasonaEle douEf fhaf fhe rocess ol evolufion
(ofion 3, g. 6) is fhe only ossiEle vay fhe oEserved henomena
couldhave come infoexisfence.
nly emirical evidence is accefaEle. ersons vishing fo
collecf fhe S250,000 may suEmif fheir evidence in
vrifing or schedule fime lor a uElic resenfafion. A
commiffee ol frained scienfisfs vill
rovide eer reviev ol fhe
evidence ollered and, fo fhe Eesf
ol fheir aEilify, vill Ee lair and
honesf in fheir evaluafion and
|udgmenf as fo fhe validify ol fhe
evidence resenfed.
G('D t/at
BC 0&D 5/( 1&%9#%1(A '"5' (9&;D'#&% #$ 5% #%A#$ED'5);(
C51'F may ! suggesf fhaf you oller S250,000 lor any
fhe general fheory ol evolufion. Jhis
mighf include fhe lolloving
Jhe earfh is nof Eillions ol years old (fhus desfroying fhe
ossiEilifyol evolufionhaving haenedas is faughf).
No animal has ever Eeen oEserved changing info any lunda-
menfallydillerenf kindol animal.
No one has ever oEserved lile sonfaneously arising lrom
taffer cannofmakeifselloufolnofhing.
roonenfs ol fhe fheory ol evolufion vould do vell fo admif
fhaf fhey Eelieve in evolufion, Euf fhey do nof knov il if haened
fhe vay fhey have Eeen faughf. Jhey should call evolufion fheir
laifh" or religion," and sfo including if in Eooks ol science. !
recommend fhaf you nof frusf evolufionism, Euf in fhe Cod ol fhe
BiEle,(fhe Creafor ol fhis universe and vho vill Ee our ]udge one
day soon) fo lorgive you and fo save you lromfhe coming |udgmenf
#*1&"&,$7 '"
.&+%'"&,$7 #H&0#(,# !"!#$%&
Howto collect the $250,000:
My suggestion:
In fact, evolution became
in a sense a scientific religion;
almost all scientists have
accepted it, and many are
prepared to bend their
observations to fit with it.
, FRS, Professor
of Physics, University of
Manchester, UK in A Physicist
Looks at Evolution,
vol. 31 (May, 1980),
p. 138
H. S. Lipson
The Altogether
Missing Evidence:
1. No evolution at present
2. No new species
3. No known mechanism of
4. No fossil evidence
5. No recapitulation or
vestigial organs
Make sure to see Dr.
Hovinds new video series,
There are nearly 1000
anti-Hovind web sites.
See and hear Dr. Hovinds
response in this eight hour
series. Available from CSE
Dr. Hovind answers his
Empirical: relying, or based
solely on experiment and
observation, rather than
2nd College
Websters New World
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 7
Jhe general fheory ol evolufion is Eased on several laulfy
assumfions. (Nofe !f is imorfanf fo undersfand Ey fhis sfafe-
menf fhaf ve are nof disufing simle variafions fhaf some call
microevolufion," vhose micro-changes are olfen oEserved Euf
never lead fo a lundamenfally dillerenf kind ol lanf or animal.)
Jhe lolloving assumfions ol evolufionaryfheoryare easyfo rove
fhe universe is Eillions ol years old,
lile sonfaneouslyarose lromnonlivingminerals,
mufafions creafe or imrove a secies,
nafural selecfionhas creafive over.
!n fhis secfion ve vill deal vifh fhe lirsf ol fhese assumfions.
Jhe ofhers vill Ee dealf vifh elsevhere. !l, in lacf, if could Ee
demonsfrafed fhaf fhe universe is nof Eillions ol years old, all ofher
argumenfs aEouf evolufionEecomemeaningless andunnecessary.
!nchildren`s lairyfales,vearefold
(usuallya kiss) =
!nmodernscience" fexfEooksvearefold
Jhe same Easic lairy fale is Eeing romofed in fexfEooks foday,
Euf fhe nev magic ofion cifed is When fhe fheory ol evolu-
fion is discussed, is fhe anacea lor all fhe fhousands ol
roElems fhaf arise.
!n nearly all discussions and deEafes aEouf evolufion fhaf ! have
held af universifies and colleges, ! ask fhe evolufionisfs hovcerfain
fhings could have evolved Ey chance. Jheir ansver is nearly alvays
Civen enough fime..." is fhe evolufionisfs` god. is aEle
fo accomlish anyfhing fhe evolufionisfs can roose. can
easily furn a lrog info a rince. can creafe maffer lrom nofh-
ing and lile lrom maffer. can
creafe order lromchaos.
Buf lef`s remove lromfhe aEove equafion. Jhere vould Ee
fhe lollovingfhree resulfs
volufionEecomes imossiEle.
volufionisfs vill screamlike a EaEy vhose acilier has Eeen
ulled ouf Eecause fhey knov fhaf il fime is removed, fheir
religion (evolufion is religion, nof science) vill Ee exosed as
Eeing silly.
Creafion Eecomes fhe only reasonaEle alfernafive exlana-
fionlor fhe exisfence ol fhis comlexuniverse.
frog +magic spell prince
frog +time =prince
!#<( !#<(
According fo evolufionisfs,
Universe Not Billions of Years Old
Facts & Proof From
Evolution is a fairy tale
for grownups. This theory has
helped nothing in the
progress of science. It is
Professor Louis
Bounoure, Former
President, Biological Society
of Strasbourg, Director of
the Strasbourg Zoological
Museum, France
Evolution is unproved and
unprovable. We believe it
only because the only
alternative is special creation,
and that is unthinkable.
(He wrote
the forward to the 100th
anniversary edition of
Darwin's book, Origin of
Species in 1959)
Sir Arthur Keith
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 8
Lef`s imagine ve are exloring an old gold mine, and ve lind a
Casio afaEank vafch hall Euried in fhe mud on fhe lloor ol fhe
mine. Suose also fhaf fhe correcf fime and dafe are dislayed on
fhe vafch and if is sfill running smoofhly. Jhen imagine fhaf ! fell
Jhaf`s imossiEle!" you say. Jhaf vafch could nof have Eeen
fhere lor a fhousandyears, and! canrove if!"
Hovcanyourove !`mvrong" ! say.
Well, lor one fhing, fhis mine vas dug |usf 150 years ago," you
kay," ! admif, you`re righf aEouf fhe fhousand years Eeing
foomuch,EuffhevafchhasEeenhere lor 150years af leasf!"
No!" you say. Casio didn`f make fhe afaEank vafch unfil
fvelve years ago."
All righf," ! say. Jhe vafchvasdroedherefvelve years ago
!mossiEle!" yousay. Jhe Eafferies onlylasf live years onfhaf
vafch, and if`s sfill running. Jhaf roves if has Eeen here less fhan
live years."
While ve sfill can`f rove exacfly vhen fhe vafch vas lelf fhere,
youhave logicallylimifedfhe dafe folive years af fhemosf. Youhave
ellecfivelyrovenmyinifialsfafemenf aEouf 1000 years vrong. Jhe
larger numEers rove nofhing in fhis deEafe. ven il ! vere fo carEon
dafe fhe mud or fhe lasfic in fhe vafch fo fry fo rove fhaf if is
fhousands ol years old, my dafa vould Ee meaningless. Jhe same
logic can Ee alied fo linding fhe age ol fhe earfh. !l several lacfors
limif fhe age ol fhe earfhfoa levfhousandyears, fhe earfhcannof Ee
older fhan a lev fhousand years! ven il a lev indicafors seem fo
shov a greafer age lor fhe earfh, if fakes N lacf fo rove fhe
earfh is young. We cover many oinfs on fhis foic in seminar
arf #1ol fhe Seminar Series.
Jhe BiEle feaches fhaf Cod creafed fhe universe aroximafely
6000 years ago, ex nihilo (ouf ol nofhing) in six liferal, fvenfy-lour
hour days. Jhen, aroximafely 4400 years ago, fhe earfh vas
desfroyed Ey a vorldvide lood. Jhis devasfafing, year-long lood
vas resonsiEle lor fhe sedimenf layers Eeing deosifed (fhe vafer
vas going and refurning, Cenesis 83-5). As fhe mounfains rose and
fhe oceans sank in alfer fhe lood (salm 1045-8, Cenesis 81), fhe
vafers rushed oll fhe rising mounfains info fhe nev ocean Easins.
Jhis raid-erosion fhrough sfill-solf, unrofecfed sedimenfs
lormed fhe foograhy ve sfill see foday in laces like fhe Crand
Canyon. Jhe unilormifarian assumfionfhaf foday`s slov
erosion rafes fhaf fake lace fhrough solid rock are fhe same as has
alvays Eeenis laulfy logic, and ignores cafasfrohes like fhe
lood. (2 efer 33-8 says fhaf fhe scollers are villingly ignoranf"
ol fhe lood.) See Seminar video#4and#6 lormoreonfhisfoic.
&%( '"&D$5%A0(5/$>
Just One Proof of a
Young Earth Settles
the Case Against
This notion of species as
natural kinds fits splendidly
with creationist tenets of a
pre-Darwinian age. Louis
Agassiz even argued that
species are Gods individual
thoughts, made incarnate so
that we might perceive both
His majesty and His message.
Species, Agassiz wrote, are
instituted by the Divine
Intelligence as the categories
of his mode of thinking. But
how could a division of the
organic world into discrete
entities be justified by an
evolutionary theory that
proclaimed ceaseless change
as the fundamental fact of
Professor of Geology and
Paleontology, Harvard
Stephen Jay Gould,
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 9
Listed below are some of the factors from various branches of
science that limit the age of the universe or earth to within the last
few thousand years. Though it cannot be scientifically proven
exactly whenthe universe was created, its age can be shown to NOT
be billions of years old. Each of the following evidences of a young
earth is described in great detail in the books referred to in the side
column. and page number are given for the
following statements:
,&D/1( %D<)(/
G3 4 7 8
H IJ 33F
6 7 I K 33
4F 6F 7 H
33 34
7 33
7F 33F
6F H 33F 34F
6F 7F
HF 33F
7F IF 33F
8F 7F
7F IF33F
Jhe shrinking sun limifs fhe earfh-sun relafionshi fo lever
fhan Eillions ol years." Jhe sun is losing Eofh mass and
diamefer. Changing fhe mass vould usef fhe line
gravifafional Ealance fhaf kees fhe earfh af |usf fhe righf
disfance lor lile fo survive. , . 16, , . 30, , . 56-63, ,
. 26, , . 43, .34-35)
Jhe inch layer ol cosmic dusf on fhe moon indicafes fhe
moon has nof Eeen accumulafing dusf lor Eillions ol years.
(2, . 26, , . 22, , . 15, , . 35, , , . 25, , . 33, 80, )
NJ !nsullicienf evidence foEe osifive
Jhe exisfence ol shorf-eriod comefs indicafes fhe universe
is less fhan Eillions ol years old. ( . 31, . 27, , . 35, ,
. 37, , .2, , .22)
ossil mefeorifes are very rare in layers ofher fhan fhe fo
layers ol fhe earfh. Jhis indicafes fhaf fhe layers vere nof
exosed lor millions ol years as is currenfly Eeing faughf in
school fexfEooks. ( , . 26, , . 27, 67)
Jhe moonis receding a levinches eachyear. Billions ol years
ago fhe moon vould have Eeen so close fhaf fhe fides vould
have Eeenmuchhigher, erodingfhe confinenfs quickly. ( , .
25, . 43, . 33)
Jhe moonconfains consideraEle quanfifies ol U-236 and Jh-
230, Eofh shorf-lived isofoes fhaf vould have Eeen long
gone il fhemoonvereEillions ol years old. ( . 177, see also
. 51& . 28lor inlormafiononrockllov")
Jhe exisfence ol greaf quanfifies ol sace dusf, vhich Ey fhe
oynfing-RoEerfson ellecf vould have Eeen vacuumed ouf
ol our solar sysfem in a lev fhousand years, indicafes fhe
solar sysfem is young. ( . 2, , .44, . 33, 80,
Af fhe rafe many sfar clusfers are exanding, fhey could nof
have Eeen fraveling lor Eillions ol years. ( . 2, . 30
and5, . 44, . 82)
Safurn`s rings are sfill unsfaEle, indicafing fhey are nof
Eillions ol years old. ( . 45, .22-23)
]uifer and Safurn are cooling oll rafher raidly. Jhey are
losing heaf fvice as lasf as fhey gain if lrom fhe sun. Jhey
cannof Ee Eillions ol years old. ( . 26, . 43,)
]uifer`s moon, !o, is losing maffer fo ]uifer. !f cannof Ee
Eillions ol years old. ( . 3, . 23)
]uifer`smoon, Canymede has a sfrongmagnefic lield. ( )
Evidence fromSpace
Morris, Henry M.
El Cajon, Calif.:
Master Books, April 1985.
Available from CSE ($9.50)
McLean, G. S.; McLean, Larry;
Oakland, Roger.
Oklahoma City, Okla.:
Southwest Radio Church, 1987.
Huse, Scott M.
Grand Rapids, Mich.:
Baker Book House, 1983.
Ackerman, Paul D.
Grand Rapids,
Mich.: Baker Book House, 1986.
Blick, Edward F.
City, Okla.: Hearthstone Publ.
Ltd., 1991.
Petersen, Dennis R.
Available from CSE ($24.50)
Hovind, Kent E.
(most items referenced on
screenavailable on tape #1
from Creation Science
Evangelism, 29 Cummings Road
Pensacola, FL 32503).
Wysong, R. L.
Mich.: Inquiry Press, 1976.
Baker, Sylvia.
Creation Science
Foundation Ltd., Sunnybank,
Queensland 1990. Available
from CSE ($3.50)
Moore, John N.
Grand Rapids, Mich.:
Baker Book House, 1977.
Brown, Walt.
Center for Scientific
Creation, 5612 North 20th
Place, Phoenix, Ariz. Available
from CSE ($23.50)
Morris, John D.
. Master Books, 1994.
Available from CSE ($14.50)
The Bible Key to
Understanding the Early Earth.
The Collapse of
Its a Young
World After All.
A Scientific
Analysis of Genesis.
the Mysteries of Creation.
Creation Seminar, Parts 1-7
The Creation-
Evolution Controversy.
Bone of
and Answers on Creation-
In the
The Young
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 10
Among ofher lacfors fo consider is fhaf all fhe ancienf asfrono-
mers lrom2000 years ago recordedfhaf Sirius vas a red sfarfodayif
is a vhife dvarl sfar. Eviously, fhis vievneeds fo Ee resfudied, since
foday`s fexfEooks in asfronomy sfafe fhaf Eillions ol years are
requiredlor a sfar foevolve" lroma redgianf foa vhife dvarl.(4, .7)
Jhe decaying magnefic lield limifs earfh`s age fo less fhan
Eillions. ( , . 157, , . 27, , . 20, , . 23, . 42, , . 25,
. 38, . 32, 80, , .1)
Jhe volume ol lava on earfh divided Ey ifs rafe ol elllux gives a
numEer ol only a lev million years, nof Eillions. ! Eelieve fhaf
during fhe lood, vhile fhe lounfains ol fhe dee vere Eroken
u," mosf ol fhe earfh`s lava vas deosifedraidly. ( . 156,
ividing fhe amounf ol various minerals in fhe ocean Ey
fheir inllux rafe indicafes only a lev fhousand years ol
accumulafion. ( . 153, . 24, . 42, , . 26)
Jhe amounf ol Helium 4 in fhe afmoshere, divided Ey fhe
lormafion rafe on earfh, gives only 175,000 years. (Cod may
have creafed fhe earfh vifh some helium vhich vould
reduce fhe age more.) ( . 151, . 42, . 25, , . 25,
, 83-84)
Jhe erosion rafe ol fhe confinenfs is such fhaf fhey vould
erode fo sea level in less fhan 14,000,000 years, desfroying all
oldlossils. ( . 31, 38, AmericanScience Vol 56 356-
374, , . 31, 7, . 88-0)
Josoil lormafion rafes indicafe only a lev fhousand years
ol lormafion. ( , . 38, .4)
Niagara alls` erosion rafe (lour fo seven leef er year)
indicafes an age ol less fhan 8400 years. on`f lorgef Noah`s
lood could have eroded hall ol fhe seven and a hall-mile-
long Niagara River gorge in a lev hours as fhe llood vafers
racedfhroughfhe solf sedimenfs.) ( . 3, , .48-4)
Jhe rock encasing oil deosifs could nof vifhsfand fhe
ressure lor more fhan a lev fhousand years. ( . 32, , .
24, , . 24, , . 37, , . 26)
Jhe size ol fhe tississii River delfa, divided Ey fhe rafe
mudis Eeing deosifed, gives anage ol less fhan30,000 years.
(Jhe lood in Noah`s day could have vashed ouf 80% ol fhe
mud fhere in a lev hours or days, so 4400 years is a
reasonaEle age lor fhe delfa.) ( . 23, . 38, )
3 4 6 8 HF K
3MF 33F 34
3F 33F
3F 8F HF 33
3F H KF 33
6 HF I
2, 6,
11 12,
6 12,
6, 12
2, 3
5 6 11
Evidence fromEarth
Jhe sloving sin ol fhe earfh limifs ifs age fo less fhan fhe
Eillions ol years" called lor Ey fhe fheory ol evolufion. ( .
25, )
A relafively small amounf ol sedimenf is nov on fhe ocean
lloor, indicafing only a levfhousand years ol accumulafion.
Jhis emEarrassing lacf is one ol fhe reasons vhy fhe confi-
nenfal drilf fheory is vehemenfly delended Ey fhose vho
vorshievolufion. ( , . 155, . 28, , .31, , .0)
3 HF IJ 33 34
The Big Bang is presumed
to have produced just
hydrogen and helium, only 2
of the 92 elements of the
earths crust.
Research Physicist
Dr. Robert V. Gentry,
As a matter of fact,
however, it may be stated
categorically that no
archeological discovery has
ever controverted a Biblical
1959, p. 31
Palestinian archeologist
Nelson Glueck Rivers in
the Desert,
I myself am convinced
that the
especially the extent to which
its been applied, will be one
of the in the
history books of the future.
Posterity will marvel that so
flimsy and dubious an
hypothesis could be accepted
with the incredible credulity
that it has.
journalist and philosopher,
Pascal Lectures, University of
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
theory of evolution,
great jokes
Malcolm Muggeridge,
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 11
infhe recenf asf
Jhose vho Eelieve fhe earfh is Eillions ol years old vill fyically
fry fo discredif one or fvo ol fhese evidences and fhen misfakenly
fhink fhaf fhey have successlully roven fhe enfire lisf vrong. Jhis
is nof logical, ol course. ach evidence sfands indeendenfly if only
fakes one fo rove fhe earfh is young. Jhe Eurden ol rool is on fhe
evolufionisfs il fheyexecf all faxayers folundfhe feaching ol fheir
religion in fhe school sysfem. tany vho Eelieve in evolufion are
greaf af sfraining af a gnaf, andsvalloving a camel" (tf. 2324).
volufionisfs love fo assume unilormifarian rocesses. tany ol
fhe receding evidences lollov fhe same logic evolufionisfs use all
fhe fime in dealing vifh carEon dafing, sfrafa lormafion, genefic
drilf, efc.
!f is inferesfing fo read fhe ramElings ol nay-sayers like Scoff,
tafson, BaEinski, efc. and see hovmany fimes fhey use vords like
ve Eelieve, erhas, could have, fhere is some reason fo Eelieve, efc.
volufionisfs may need Eillions ol years fo make eole Eelieve a
rockcanfurninfoa rockef scienfisf, Euf fhey|usf aren`f availaEle.
Jhe largesf sfalacfifes andllovsfone lormafions infhe vorldcould
have easilylormedinaEouf 4400years. ( , . 27, . 8 HF 3, ) I
Jhe Sahara deserf is exanding. !f is aEouf 4000 years old. See
anyearfhscience fexfEook. (
Jhe oceans are geffing salfier. !l fhey vere Eillions ol years
old, fhey vould Ee much salfier fhan fhey are nov. ( , .
26, , . 37, , .85-87)
!ce accumulafionaf fhe oles indicafes less fhan5000years ( )
Jhe currenf oulafion ol earfh (6 Eillion souls) could easily
Ee generafedlromeighf eole (survivors ol fhe lood) inless
fhan4000years. ( , . 167, . 27, , . 41, , 70-71)
Jhe oldesf living coral reel is less fhan4200years old. (6, . 3, 7)
Jhe oldesf living free in fhe vorld is aEouf 4300 years old. ( ,
. 40, )
Anofher lacfor fo consider Jhe genefic loadinmanis increasing.
Ceneficisfs have cafaloged nearly 1300 genefic disorders in fhe
human race. !f is cerfainly reasonaEle fo Eelieve fhaf fhe human race
vas creafed erlecf lromfhe hand ol fhe Creafor Euf has Eeen going
dovnhill as a resulf ol our disoEedience fo fhe lavs esfaElished Ey
fhe Creafor. Jhe BiEle feaches fhaf ve live in a sin-cursed vorld as a
resulf ol Adam`s sin.
Jhe oldesf knovn hisforical records are less fhan 6000 years
old. ( , . 160)
tany ancienf culfures have sfories ol an original creafion
and a vorldvide lood . Nearly 300 ol fhese
lloodlegends are novknovn.( )
BiElical dafes addufoaEouf 6000years. ( )
3M 34
3 6F H IJ34
Part 1B)
Evidence fromBiology
Evidence fromHistory
Scientists who go about
teaching that evolution is a
fact of life are great con-men,
and the story they are telling
may be the greatest hoax ever.
In explaining evolution, we do
not have one iota of fact.

Atomic Energy Commission,

Dr. T. N. Tahmisian,
As yet we have not been
able to trace the phylogenetic
history of a single group of
modern plants from its
beginning to the present.

Professor of Botany and

Curator of Fossil Plants,
University of Michigan in
P. 7
Chester A. ArnoldF
Introduction to Paleobotany,
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 12
Jhe lolloving BiEle verses fellvhenfheEeginning"vas
!n Cod creafed fhe heaven and fhe earfh.
(Cenesis 11)
toses Eecause ol fhe hardness ol your hearfs ermiffed you
fo uf avay your vives Euf lrom if vas nof
so. (taffhev18)
Buf lrom ol fhe creafion Cod made fhem
male andlemale. (tark106)
!n vas fheWordandfheWordvasvifhCod
Jhaf vhich vas lrom vhich ve have seen
vifh our eyes and our hands have handled, ol fhe Word ol
lile. (1]ohn11)
He fhaf commiffefh sin is ol fhe devil, lor fhe devil sinnefh
or fhen shall Ee greaf friEulafion, such as vas nof since
the beginning
the beginning
the beginning
the beginning
the beginning,
. (1 ]ohn38) C/&<'"( )(:#%%#%:

C&D%A5'#&% &C '"( N&/;A
'"( )(:#%%#%:
O&/A <5A( "(59(% 5%A '"( (5/'"F
C/&< '"( C&D%A5'#&% &C '"(
)(:#%%#%: &C '"( 1/(5'#&%
'"( )(:#%%#%:P
'"( )(:#%%#%:P
'"( )(:#%Q
'"( 1/(5'#&%
ol fhe vorldfofhis fime. (taffhev2421)
Ye are ol your lafher fhe devil.... He vas a murderer lrom
. (]ohn844)
Jhaf fhe Elood ol all fhe rohefs, vhich vas shed lrom fhe
, may Ee required ol fhis genera-
fion, lromfhe Eloodol AEel. (Luke 1150, 51)
And, Jhou, Lord, in hasf laid fhe loundafion
ol fhe earfh. (HeErevs 110)
or in six days fhe fhe
sea, andall fhaf infhemis. (xodus 2011)
Jhe vorks vere linished
or Cod did resf fhe sevenfh day lrom all his vorks.
(HeErevs 43, 4)
or infhose days shall Ee alllicfion, suchas vas nof lrom
vhich Cod creafed fo fhis fime.
Have ye nof knovn have ye nof heard hafh if nof Eeen fold
you lrom Have ye nof undersfood lrom fhe
ol fhe earfh (!saiah4021)
Who hafh vroughf and done if, calling fhe generafions lrom
! fhe LordamHe.(!saiah414)
Have ye nof read, fhaf he vhich made fhem af
made fhem male and lemale (taffhev 14,
or fhe invisiEle fhings ol him lrom ol fhe
vorld are clearly seen, Eeing undersfood Ey fhe fhings fhaf
aremade. (Romans 120)
There is no doubt that
natural selection is a mecha-
nism, that it works. It has been
repeatedly demonstrated by
experiment. The question of
whether it produces new
species is quite another
matter. No one has ever
produced a species by mecha-
nisms of natural selection. No
one has ever gotten near it.
And most of the current
argument in neo-Darwinism is
about this question: how a
species originates and it is
there that natural selection
seems to be fading and
chance mechanisms of one
sort or another are being
the subject of Cladistics, in an
interview with BBC, March 4,
1982. Dr. Patterson is Senior
Paleontologist at the British
Museum of Natural History,
London, England.
Dr. Colin Patterson,
Still doubts about the
sequence about mans
emergence remain. Scientists
concede that their most
cherished theories are based
on embarrassingly few fossil
fragments and that huge gaps
exist in the fossil record.
November 7, 1977
Time Magazine,
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 13
Questions for Evolutionists
Jhe fesf ol any fheory is vhefher or nof if rovides ansvers fo
Easic quesfions. Some vell-meaning Euf misguided eole fhink
evolufionis a reasonaEle fheory fo exlainman`s quesfions aEouf fhe
universe. volufion is nof a good fheoryif is |usf a agan religion
masquerading as science. Jhe lolloving quesfions vere disfriEufed
fo fhe 750-lus eole vho affended my deEafe af Winona Sfafe
Universify in Winona, tinnesofa, on ]anuary , 13. (Jhe video-
faed deEafe is #6 in my cafalog, S.5.) uesfions added since fhe
deEafe are markedvifhanasferisk().
1 Where didfhe sace lor fhe universe come lrom
2 Where didmaffer come lrom
3 Where did fhe lavs ol fhe universe come lrom (gravify, inerfia,
4 Hovdidmaffer gef soerlecflyorganized
5 Where didfhe energycome lromfodoall fhe organizing
6 When, vhere, vhy, andhovdidlile come lromdeadmaffer
7 When, vhere, vhy, andhovdidlile learnforeroduce ifsell
8 Wifh vhaf did fhe lirsf cell caaEle ol sexual reroducfion
Why vould any lanf or animal vanf fo reroduce more ol
ifs kind since fhis vould only make more moufhs fo leed
and decrease fhe chances ol survival (oes fhe individual
have a drive fo survive, or fhe secies Hov do you exlain
10 Hov can mufafions (recomEining ol fhe genefic code)
creafe any nev, imroved variefies (RecomEining nglish
leffersvillneverroduceChinese Eooks.)
11 !s if ossiEle fhaf similarifies in design Eefveen dillerenf
animals rove fhaf fhey had a common designer insfead ol
a commonancesfor
12 Nafural selecfion only vorks vifh fhe genefic inlormafion
availaEle and fends only fo kee a secies sfaEle. Hov
vould you exlain fhe increasing comlexify in fhe genefic
code fhafmusfhaveoccurredil evolufionverefrue
13 When, vhere, vhy, andhovdid
a. single-celledlanfs Eecomemulfi-celled
E. fvoandfhree-celledinfermediafes evolve
c. single-celledanimals evolve
d. lishchange foamhiEians
e. amhiEians change forefiles
l. refiles change fo Eirds (Jhe lungs, Eones, eyes,
reroducfive organs, hearf, mefhod ol locomo-
fion, Eodycovering, efc., are all verydillerenf!)
g. infermediafe lorms live
Testing the Theory of
The [evolutionary] origin
of birds is largely a matter of
deduction. There is no fossil
evidence of the stages through
which the remarkable change
from reptile to bird was
Museum of Natural History,
London, in
vol 1, p. 1
W. E. SwintonF
Biology and
Comparative Physiology of
Alterations Needed to
Change a Reptile into a
A variety of feathers
Growth of wings
Strengthening of certain
Higher blood sugar levels
and body temperature levels
revision of respira-
tory, nervous, and reproduc-
tive systems.
Lightening of bones
New digestive system
New instinctive behaviors
The more statistically
improbable a thing is, the less
we can believe it happened by
blind chance. Superficially the
obvious alternative to chance
is an intelligent Designer.
Dr. Richard Dawkins,
Department of Zoology,
Oxford University, in The
Necessity of Darwinism,
April 15, 1982, p.
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 14
14 When, vhere, vhy, hov, andlromvhaf did
a. vhales evolve
E. sea horses evolve
c. Eafs evolve
d. eyes evolve
e. ears evolve
l. Hair, skin, leafhers, scales, nails, clavs, efc., evolve
15 Which evolved lirsf (hov, and hov long, did if vork
vifhouf fhe ofhers)
a. Jhe digesfive sysfem, fhe lood fo Ee digesfed, fhe
aefife, fhe aEilify fo lind and eaf fhe lood, fhe
digesfive |uices, or fhe Eody`s resisfance fo ifs ovn
digesfive |uice (sfomach, infesfines, efc.)
E. Jhe drive foreroduce or fhe aEilifyforeroduce
c. Jhe lungs, fhe mucus lining fo rofecf fhem, fhe
fhroaf, or fhe erlecf mixfure ol gases fo Ee
Ereafhedinfofhe lungs
d. NA or RNA fo carry fhe NA message fo cell
e. Jhe fermife or fhe llagellafes in ifs infesfines fhaf
acfuallydigesf fhe cellulose
l. Jhe lanfs or fhe insecfs fhaf live on and ollinafe
fhe lanfs
g. Jhe Eones, ligamenfs, fendons, Elood suly, or
muscles fomovefheEones
h. Jhe nervous sysfem, reair sysfem, or hormone
i. Jhe immune sysfemor fhe needlor if
16 Jhere are many fhousands ol examles ol symEiosis fhaf
dely an evolufionary exlanafion. Why musf ve feach
sfudenfs fhaf evolufion is fhe only exlanafion lor fhese
17 Hov vould evolufion exlain mimicry id fhe lanfs
and animals develo mimicry Ey chance, Ey fheir infelli-
genf choice, or Eydesign
18 When, vhere, vhy, and hov did man evolve leelings
Love, mercy, guilf, efc. vould never evolve in fhe fheory ol
1 Hovdidhofosynfhesis evolve
20 Hovdidfhoughf evolve
21 Hovdidlloveringlanfs evolve, andlromvhaf
22 Whaf kind ol evolufionisf are you Why are you nof one
ol fhe ofher eighf or fenkinds
23 Whaf vould you have said sevenfy live years ago il ! fold
you! hada living coelacanfhinmyaquarium
24 !s fhere one clear redicfion ol macroevolufion fhaf has
25 Whaf is so scienfilic aEouf fhe idea ol hydrogen gas
26 o you honesfly Eelieve fhaf everyfhing came lrom
In recent years several
authors have written popular
books on human origins
which were based more on
fantasy and subjectivity than
on fact and objectivity. At the
moment science cannot offer a
full answer on the origin of
Research Fellow, Zoological
Fellow, Zoological Society of
Dr. Robert Martin,
As by this theory
innumerable transitional
forms must have existed, why
do we not find them
embedded in countless
numbers in the crust of the
earth? The number of
intermediate links between all
living and extinct species must
have been inconceivably
Charles Darwin
...There are gaps in the
fossil graveyard, places where
there should be intermediate
forms, but where there is
nothing whatsoever instead.
No paleontologist writing in
English (R. Carroll, 1988),
French (J. Chaline, 1983), or
German (V. Fahlbusch, 1983),
denies that this is so. It is
simply a fact.
theory and the fossil
record are in conflict.
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 15
Alfer you ansver fhe quesfions, lease look carelully af your
ansvers andfhoughflullyconsider fhe lollovingquesfions.
1 Are you sure your ansvers are reasonaEle, righf, and scien-
filically rovaEle, or do you |usf Eelieve fhaf if may have
haened fhe vay you have ansvered (o fhese ansvers
rellecf your religionor your science)
2 o your ansvers shov more or less laifh fhan fhe erson
vhosays, Codmusfhavedesignedif"
3 !s if ossiEle fhaf an unseen Creafor designed fhis universe
!l Codis excluded af fhe Eeginning ol fhe discussionEy your
delinifion ol science, hov could if Ee shovn fhaf He did
creafe fhe universe ilHedid
4 !s if vise and lair fo resenf fhe fheory ol evolufion fo
sfudenfs as lacf since over 0% ol fhe oulafion Eelieve
Codcreafedfhe universe
5 Whaf is fhe end resulf ol a Eeliel in evolufion (lilesfyle,
sociefy, affifude aEouf ofhers, efernal desfiny, efc.)
6 oeole accef evolufionEecause ol fhe lolloving lacfors
a. !f is all fheyhave Eeenfaughf
E. Jheylike fhe lreedomlromCod(nomoral aEsolufes, efc.)
c. Jhey are comelled fo suorf fhe fheory lor lear ol
losingfheir |oEeer sfafus or grade oinf average
d. Jheyare fooroudfoadmif fheyarevrong
e. volufion is fhe only hilosohy fhaf can Ee used fo
|usfilyfheir olifical agenda
7 Should ve confinue fo use oufdafed, disroved, quesfion-
aEle, or inconclusive evidences fo suorf fhe fheory ol
evolufion Eecause ve don`f have a suifaEle suEsfifufe
(ilfdovn man, recaifulafion, archaeoferyx, Lucy, ]ava
man, Neanderfhal man, horse evolufion, vesfigial organs,
8 Should arenfs Ee alloved fo require fhaf evolufion nof Ee
faughf as lacf in fheir school sysfem unless equal fime is
givenfoofher fheories ol origins (like divine creafion)
Whaf are you risking il you are vrong As one ol my deEafe
oonenfs said, ifher fhere is a Cod or fhere is nof. Bofh
ossiEilifies are lrighfening."
10 Why are many evolufionisfs alraid ol fhe idea ol
creafionismEeing resenfed in uElic schools !l ve are nof
suosed fo feach religion in schools, fhen vhy nof gef
evolufion ouf ol fhe fexfEooks !f is |usf a religious
11 Aren`f you fired ol laifh in a sysfem fhaf cannof Ee frue
Wouldn`f if Ee greaf fo knovfhe Cod vhomadeyou,andfo
accef His love andlorgiveness
12 Wouldyou Ee inferesfed, fo see lromfhe BiEle, hovfo have
your sins lorgiven and hov fo knov lor sure fhaf you are
going foHeaven !l so, callme.
One cannot be exposed to
the law and order of the
universe without concluding
that there must be design and
purpose behind it all.... To be
forced to believe only one
conclusion that everything in
the universe happened by
chancewould violate the
very objectivity of science
itself.... They (evolutionists)
challenge science to prove the
existence of God. But must we
really light a candle to see the
sun? It is in scientific honesty
that I endorse the presenta-
tion of alternative theories for
the origin of the universe, life
and man in the science class-
room. It would be an error to
overlook the possibility that
the universe was planned
rather than happening by
(Father of American rocket
and space program)
Dr. Wernher von Braun
We con-
cludeunexpectedly that
there is little evidence for the
neo-Darwinian view: its
theoretical foundations and
the experimental evidence
supporting it are weak.
, 1992, p. 726
Orr, H. A. & Coyne, J. A.,
American Naturalist
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 16
Possum, Redwood Tree, and
Kidney Bean: Our
A Spoof on Evolution Theory
Jhe fheory ol evolufion feaches fhaf living fhings
are Eecoming more comlex as fime rogresses.
Because fhe chromosomes in living maffer are one
ol fhe mosf comlex Eifs ol maffer in
fhe knovn universe, if vould seem logical fo
assume fhaf organisms vifh fhe leasf
numEer ol chromosomes vere fhe lirsf
ones fo evolve and fhose vifh fhe
mosf chromosomes are fhe end resulf
ol millions ol years ol evolufion
exerimenfing fo increase comlexify
in living organisms. rom fhe charf,
if is oEvious" fhaf ve all sfarfed oll
as enicilliumvifh only 2 chromo-
somes, and fhaf ve slovly evolved
info lruif llies. Alfer many millions ol years" ve furned info
fomafoes (or house llies) and so on, unfil ve reached fhe human
sfage vifh 46 chromosomes. ne ol our ancesfors musf have Eeen
one ol fhe idenfical frilefsossums, redvood frees, and kidney
Eeansvifh22chromosomes each.
!l ve are alloved fo confinue evolving"
ve may someday Ee foEacco lanfs and
mayEe ve may even Eecome car vifh
100, or mayEe even fhe ulfimafe lile
lorm, a lernvifh chromosomes!
Cod made
fhis vorld and all lile lorms, as
recordedinfhe BiEle.
=&%R' 0&D )(;#(9( #'S
The Evolution of
Species by Means of
Increasing Number
of Chromosomes
The Preservation of
Complex Life Forms
in the Struggle for
-By Dr. Kent Hovind-
Fern 480
White Ash 138
Carp 100
Goldfish 94
Sweet Potato 90
Turkey 82
Chicken 78
Dog 78
Duck 78
Horse 64
Cow 60
Silkworm 56
Cotton 52
Amoeba 50
Chimp 48
Tobacco 48
Human 46
Bat 44
Wheat 42
Soybean 40
Cat 38
Starfish 36
Apple 34
Alligator 32
Onion 32
Frog 26
Possum 22
Redwood 22
Kidney Bean 22
Corn 20
Marijuana 20
Carrot 20
Lettuce 18
Honeybee 16
Garden Pea 14
House Fly 12
Tomato 12
Fruit Fly 8
Penicillium 2
Number of Chromosomes:
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 17
Points to Ponder
2 efer 33-8 fells us fhaf eole vho scoll af fhe BiEle are
villingly ignoranf" ol fhe Creafion and fhe lood. !n order fo
undersfand science and fhe BiEle, ve musf nof Ee ignoranf ol fhose
fvogreaf evenfs inarfh`s hisfory.
1 ver 270 lood legends lromall arfs ol fhe vorld have Eeen
lound.tosfhavemanysimilarifies fofhe Cenesis sfory.
3 ven using fhe small 18-inch cuEif (my heighf is 6-lf. 1-in.
and ! have a 21-in. cuEif) fhe ark vas large enoughfo hold all
fhe requiredanimals, eole, andloodvifhroomfosare.
4 Jhe lengfh-fo-vidfh rafio ol 6 fo 1 is vhaf shiEuilders
olfen use foday. Jhis is fhe Eesf rafio lor sfaEilify in sformy
veafher. (Codfhinks ol everyfhing!)
5 Jhe ark may have had a moon-ool" in fhe cenfer. Jhe
larger shis vould have a hole in fhe cenfer ol fhe Eoffomol
fhe Eoaf vifh valls exfending u info fhe shi. Jhere are
several reasons lor fhis leafure
a. !f alloved vafer fo go u info fhe hole as fhe shi
cresfedvaves. JhisvouldEe neededfo relieve sfrainon
longer shis.
E. Jhe rising andloveringvafer acfedas a isfonfoum
lresh air in and ouf ol fhe shi. Jhis vould revenf fhe
Euildu ol dangerous gasses lrom all fhe animals on
C. Jhe hole vas a greaf lace fo dum garEage info fhe
oceanvifhouf going oufside.
6 Jhe ark may have had large drogue (anchor) sfones
susended over fhe sides fo kee if more sfaEle in rough
vhere fhe arklanded. See video#3ol our Seminar Series.
7 Noah lived 50 years! tany BiEle scholars Eelieve fhe re-
lood eole vere much larger fhan modern man. Skelefons
over 11 leef fall have Eeen lound! !l Noah vere faller, his
cuEif (elEovfo lingerfi) vould have Eeen much larger also.
Jhis vould make fhe ark larger Ey fhe same rafio. See video
2 Scollers oinf ouf fhaf 300-loof sailing shis leak, Euf
Noah`s ark vas Euilf only fo lloaf, nof fo sail anyvhere.
tany ark scholars Eelieve fhaf fhe ark vas a Earge" shae,
nof a oinfed Eoaf" shae. Jhis vould greafly increase fhe
8 Cod fold Noah fo Ering fvo ol each (seven ol some),
nof ol each or variefy. Noahhad only fvo ol fhe dog
kind vhich vould lafer Eecame fhe volves, coyofes, loxes,
muffs, efc. Jhe kind" grouing is roEaEly closer fo our
modern lamily division in faxonomy, and vould greafly
reduce fhe numEer ol animals on fhe ark. Animals have
diversilied info many variefies in fhe lasf 4400 years since
fhe lood. Jhis diversilicafion is nof anyfhing similar fo
claims fhaf fhe evolufionisfs feach.
About the Great
Flood and Noahs
They, and every beast after
his kind, and all the cattle
after their kind, and every
creeping thing that creepeth
upon the earth after his kind,
and every fowl after his kind,
every bird of every sort. And
they went in unto Noah into
the ark, two and two of all
flesh, wherein is the breath of
Genesis 7:14-15
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 =/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 18
Noah did nof have fo gef fhe animals. Cod Eroughf fhem fo
him (Cenesis 620, shall come fo fhee"). Also fhe re-lood
10 nly land-dvelling, air-Ereafhing animals had fo Ee included
on fhe ark. (Cenesis 715, 722 Noah did nof need fo fake
11 tany animals slee, hiEernafe, or Eecome very inacfive
12 All animals (and eole) vere vegefarians Eelore and during
fhe loodaccordingfoCenesis 120-30vifhCenesis 3.
13 Jhe re-lood eole vere roEaEly much smarfer and
more advanced fhan eole foday. Jhe longer lilesans,
Adam`s re-rogrammed mind and direcf confacf vifh
Cod, and fhe lacf fhaf fhey could glean fhe visdomol many
generafions fhaf vere sfill alive vould greafly exand fheir
knovledge Ease.
14 Jhe BiEle says fhaf fhe highesf mounfains vere covered Ey
15 cuEifs ol vafer. Jhis is hall fhe heighf ol fhe ark. Jhe ark
vas sale lromscraing Eoffomaf all fimes. (Smarf Cod!)
15 Jhe large mounfains, as ve have fhem foday, did nof exisf
unfil alfer fhe lood vhen fhe mounfains arose and fhe
valleys sankdovn" (salms 1045-, Cenesis 83-8).
16 Jhere is enough vafer in fhe oceans righf nov fo cover fhe
earfh8,000leef deeil fhe surlace ol fhe earfhveresmoofh.
17 tany claim fo have seen fhe ark in recenf fimes in fhe area
in vhich fhe BiEle says if landed. Jhere are fvo rimary
schools ol fhoughf aEouf fhe acfual sife ol fhe ark (see my
3 video lor more on fhis). tuch
energy and fime has Eeen exended fo rove Eofh vievs.
Some Eelieve fhe arkis ontf.Araraf, coveredEysnov(CBS
shoved a one-hour secial in 13 aEouf fhis sife). Jhe
ofher grou Eelieves fhe ark is sevenfeen miles soufh ol tf.
Araraf in a valley called fhe valley ol eighf" (8 souls on fhe
ark). Jhe BiEle says fhe ark landed in fhe mounfains" ol
Araraf, nof necessarily on fhe mounfain ifsell. (See
vvv.vyaffmuseum.comlor fhis.)
18 Jhe confinenfs vere nof searafed unfil 100-300 years alfer
fhe lood (Cenesis 1025). Jhe eole and animals had fime
fomigrafe anyvhere onearfhEyfhen. (See video#6)
1 Jhe fo 3,000 leef ol tf. veresf (lrom 26,000-2,000 leef)
is made u ol sedimenfary rock acked vifh seashells and
ofher ocean-dvellinganimals.
20 Sedimenfary rock is lound all over fhe vorld and lormed in
21 efrilied clams in fhe closed osifion fesfily fo fheir raid
Eurialvhile fheyvere sfill alive.
22 Benf rock layers, lossil graveyards, oil, coal, and olysfrafe
lossils are
!"#$%&'( )#*&($" Fart
Eesf exlainedEya lood.
23 eole choose fo nof Eelieve infhe loodEecause if seaks ol
fhe |udgmenf ol Codonsin(2efer 33-8).
Humans are now subject to
over 3500 mutational
They are 1000 times more
harmful than helpful.
They dont create; they
They indicate creation
(changes in genes that
No one has ever observed
mutations causing anything
that could remotely resemble
proof that any kind of plant or
animal can or did change to
another kind.
And the ark rested in the
seventh month upon the
mountains of Ararat.
Genesis 8:4
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 +/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 19
Battle Plan
Practical Steps to Fight Evolution
tany fhinking eole vill agree fhaf fhe fheory ol evolufion is
dangerous and should have no lace in fhe classroom. Whaf should
ve do fo counfer and comEaf fhis lalse feaching fhaf is ermeafing
andruining our sociefyvia our fax-suorfedinsfifufions
Jhe fheory ol evolufion, vhich is faughf as a lacf in our uElic
school fexfEooks, fax-suorfed arks, museums, and uElic
felevision rograms, is acfually nof a harmless fheory Euf a danger-
ous religious Eeliel. ! have dedicafed my lile fo hel eole learn fhe
frufhneededfo exose evolufionismas Eeing largelyresonsiEle lor
molding fhe fhinking ol hosfs ol eole like Adolh Hifler, ]oseh
Sfalin, ol of ol fhe Khmer in CamEodia, targaref Sanger, and
Karl tarx, vho have caused unfold sullering in our vorld.
volufion as if is Eeing faughf is dangerous lor several reasons. (See
seminar arf 5)
T' $'5*( #$ '"( 1/(A#)#;#'0 &C U($D$>
-9&;D'#&% #$ E&$#'#9(;0 5%'#Q$1#(%1(>
V(5; $1#(%1(F %&' (9&;D'#&%F $"&D;A )( '5D:"'
W&9(/%<(%' $"&D;A %&' $E&%$&/ /(;#:#&%>
He said fhe creafion
ol Adam vas fhe Eeginning" (taffhev 14). volufion
and creafion reresenf vorldvievs fhaf are olar oo-
sifesone ol fhem is vrong! Also af sfake are fhe morals ol
our children, Eecause il evolufion is frue, fhere are no moral
aEsolufes and only fhe sfrongesf have a righf fo survive. !l
evolufion is frue, aEorfion, eufhanasia, ornograhy,
genocide, homosexualify, adulfery, incesf, efc., are all
Science deals vifh
fhings fhaf are fesfaEle, oEservaEle, and demonsfraEle, and
evolufion has none ol fhose qualifies. Jo call evolufion
science" is fo conluse lairy fales vifh lacfs. Jrue, evolufion
has Eeen mixed vifh science lor fhe lasf fhirfy years, Euf
fhaf does nof mean fhaf if is fhe same as science. Beer is
olfenadverfisedduring sorfing evenfs Euf fhe fvo suE|ecfs
have no logical connecfion, and evolufion has no more fo do
vifhscience fhanEeer has fodovifhsorfs.
in fhe
science classes. Jeaching fhe agan religion ol evolufionism
is a vasfe ol valuaEle class fime and fexfEook sace. !f is also
one ol fhe reasons Americankids don`f fesf asvellinscience
as kids inofher arfs ol fhevorld.
Jeaching fhe
fheory ol evolufion as lacf in fax-suorfed schools violafes
fhe esfaElishmenf clause ol fhe irsf Amendmenf. Why
shouldall faxayers suorf one religionover all ofhers in
Understand the Importance of the Conflict.
Education is thus a most
powerful ally of humanism.
What can a theistic Sunday
schools meeting for an hour
once a week and teaching
only a fraction of the children,
do to stem the tide of the five-
day program of humanistic
XHumanism: A New
It may not be long before
the practice of religion must
be regarded as anti-science.
editor of
July, 1994)
John Maddox,
Nature American Spectator,
Good News:
Bad News:
One-third of Americans read
their Bible at least once a
54% cant name the authors of
the four gospels.
63% dont know what a Gospel
58% cant name 5 of the 10
10% Think Joan of Arc was
Noahs wife.
12/7/97 NewYork Times,
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 =/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 20
our schools llorfs musf Ee made on all lronfs fo inlorm
eole fhaf evolufion is only a religion and fhaf fax-
suorfedinsfifufions shouldnof feachif as lacf.
All our ellorfs fo sfem fhe fide ol moral decay in our land are
lufile unless Cod leads and suorfs our cause. Jhemosfimorfanf
fhing anyone can do fo hel lix fhe roElem is fo oEey
2 Chronicles 714 !l my eole, vhich are called Ey my name,
shall humEle fhemselves, and ray, and seekmylace,andfurnlrom
fheir vicked vays, fhen vill ! hear lrom heaven, and vill lorgive
fheir sin, andvillhealfheirland."
tosf imorfanfly, ask Cod fo give you
visdom (]ames 15) and direcfion aEouf vhaf He vould
have you do in His service. ]esus fold us fhaf ve are fo Ee fhe
salf ol fhe earfh." Salf reserves lrom corrufion. ne ol
our |oEs is fo reserve fhis vorld lrom corrufion, il ve do
nof reserve,vearevorfhless(seetaffhev513).
Cod called us fo vin souls, nof causes. Jhe
greaf commission (taffhev 281-20, tark 16l5, and
Acfs 18) commands us fo reach, Eafize, and feach eole
vhaf ]esus faughf His disciles. While fhere is nofhing
vrong vifh vorking lor a cause (1 Samuel 172),
Chrisfians have a sfrong fendency fo ma|or on minors and
minor on ma|ors, ve need fo kee riorifies in order. Jhe
Eaffle raging lor fhe minds ol men is a Eaffle Eefveen Cod
and fhe evil. Jhe eole vho (knovingly or unknov-
ingly) are vorking lor fhe evil are nof fhe real enemy.
Jhere is a fendency among Chrisfians fo nof kee fhe sin
searafe lrom fhe sinner. Hovever, ve can sfill use fhe
advice given Ey AEraham Lincoln Jhe Eesf vay fo gef rid
ol an enemy is fo make him your lriend." When dealing
vifh evolufionisfs, our |oE is fo love fhem and fo kee a
sveef sirif vhile frying fo inlluence fhem fo Ee saved. As
ve vin eole fo Chrisf, fhey vill Eegin fo have fheir mind
reneved and vill see fhaf Cod`s Word is frue. ur Eesf
ollensive veaonis soul vinningconverfed evolufionisfs
make greaf creafionisfs! tosf ol fhe acfive creafion scien-
fisfs are lormer evolufionisfs. !l ve oEeyChrisf andreach
fhe gosel foeverycreafure,"vevillseegreafresulfs.
Jo sread fhe Word, fo edily fhe Eelievers, or fo evangelize
fhe losf, order or coy exfra sefs ol my faes fo loan, give as
gilfs, or donafe fo liEraries af schools, churches, or even fhe
uElic liErary. Jhese faes are regularlyudafed fo imrove
Y/50 C&/ Z#$A&<>
Z#% ,&D;$S
Live for God!
!"( [;#%A .(% 5%A
'"( T'"(#$'$ G3KKM\
Two blind menargued
into the night
About the great question:
Is there really sight?
Said one to the other
(and quite fervently),
There cannot be colors
or else we could see!
So take red and green
and blue off the list.
If I cannot see them,
the sky is bright blue.
I listened intently,
but I caught no clue
Of anything out there
to altermymind.
Imnot deaf you know;
I hear perfectly fine.
Be quiet and listen,
and then you will know
That colors arent real
Howdare they say so!
They tellmethatgrass
is some sort of green
It looks like the rest of
the world that Ive seen!
It tastes a lot different
than jelly or cheese.
If I smell it too long,
it sure makesmesneeze.
But to say that its green?
Id have to say no
I will not believe it
until I have seen.
There isnt a difference
twixt red, blue, or green!
And so themenargued
withall of theirmight,
And I couldnt showthem
that they were not right.
They cannot see colors
because they are blind!
So I couldnt get
the truth in theirminds.
Until they are given the great gift
of sight,
Never, not ever will they see the
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 21
Dont Get Discouraged! Be nof veary in vell doing" (2
Jhessalonians 313). vil men and seducers shall vax
vorse and vorse" (2 Jimofhy 313). Jhe Eaffle is fhe
Lord`s" (1 Samuel 1747). ur |oE is fo Ee laifhlul unfil fhe
Lord fakes us ouf ol fhis vorld. When fhe evenfs ol fhis
vorld sfarf fo gef you discouraged, read salm 2. Jhe evil
may have his lans, Euf Cod inHeavenvill laugh! Jhough!
have vorked lor several years fo gef fhe fexfEooks changed,
all fhaf ! have done so lar is fo kee fhe suE|ecf Eelore fhe
eole. ! have hadnovisiEle ellecf onfhe fexfEooks. !f is our
|oEfodorighf, Codvill fake if lromfhere.
lfen eole are mofivafed fo do somefhing, Euf fhey don`f
have fhe knovledge ol fhe suE|ecf fo Ee ellecfive.tanygoodEooks
have Eeen vriffen fo hel eole learn fhe frufh aEouf creafion and
evolufion. Alisf ol some ol fhese Eooks is included in fhe annofafed
EiEliograhy ol fhis nofeEook. Also imorfanf is fo Eecome
inlormed aEouf fhe Nev World rder" and fhe ersecufion fhaf
vill come foChrisfians inAmerica unless fhe Lordrefurns soon.
We needmoreCodlyolificians, school
Eoard memEers, efc. fo gef involved in fhe olifical asecf ol
our greaf ReuElic vhile sfill ossiEle. Sfudenfs and arenfs
involved in uElic schools need fo knov fhaf fhey have
manyrighfs. Here are some goodEooks onfhe suE|ecf vhich
vill Ee a greaf hel fo arenfs and sfudenfs in learning vhaf
one can and cannof do lor fhe Lord in his or her uElic
school. ( Religious reedoms)
!f is my rivilege fo fravel and seak
(more fhan 700 fimes each year) in uElic and rivafe
schools, universify deEafes, churches, cams, and radio and
felevision falk shovs on fhe suE|ecfs ol creafion, evolufion,
and dinosaurs. !f is my sfudied oinion fhaf fhe BiEle is fhe
inlalliEle, insired, inerranf Word ol fhe living Cod. Jhe
lacfs lrom fhe science are clear, fhe enfire universe vas
creafed Ey anall-
Jhe original creafion vas erlecf and very dillerenf
fhan if is foday. !n fhe original creafion, lanfs and animals
?%&N0&D/ /#:"'$>
+5;; <( C&/ "(;E
Sfudenfs` Legal Righfs on a uElic School Camus Ey ]. W. Brinkley.
AvailaEle lrom CS (S.50) or Roever Communicafions, .. Box
136130, orfWorfh, JX76136, (817) 238-2005.
Sfudenfs` Righfs in fhe uElic ducafion Ey ]ohn W. Whifehead.
AvailaEle lrom CS (S3.00) or lrom Rufherlord !nsfifufe, .. Box 7482,
Charloffesville, VA2206-7482, (804) 78-3888.
Jeaching Creafion Science in uElic Schools Ey uane J. Cish. AvailaEle
lrom CS (S4.75) or lrom !nsfifufe lor Creafion Research, 1046
Woodside Avenue Norfh, Sanfee, CA2021 (61) 448-000
ise Creafor only a levfhousand years
Become Informed.
Two atheists argued
(on university sod)
About the great question,
Is there really a God?
Said one to the other
(and quite fervently),
There cant be a Godor
else we could see.
So take that old Bible and
Godoff the list.
If I cannot see Him,
He must not exist.
Be quiet and listen,
and then you will know,
That God is not real
howdare they say so!
Godlives up in Heaven
I used to believe that
when I was just seven.
But nowthat Imolder
and wiser, you see,
I will not believe it,
you cant prove it tome.
I cannot sense God with
sight, taste, or smell.
I do not believe in a
Heaven or Hell!
Ive never heard God
or felt himat all;
If Hes really upthere,
I wish He would call.
I said, Listenfellows,
youre spiritually blind.
Youve only five
entrances into yourmind
That limits your input:
I wish you could see,
You cant fathomGod
or eternity
There are lots of things
that really are real.
It doesnt disprove
because you cant feel.
So you two can argue
the rest of the night.
Theres no way to showyou
that you are not right.
When you get to Heaven
(or Hell if youplease)
Youll understand God
and fall on your knees!
I wish you could see Him
or hear Himsomehow.
But that isnt possible
where you are now.
To deny His existence
is really absurd.
Youll have to believe Him
and trust in His Word.
Kent Hovind
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 22
!"#$%&'( )*&#(*# +,$(-#.&/0 ! "# $%&&'()* +,-. ! /0(*-1,2-3 42,5'.- 6"786 23
When [the devil]
speaketh a lie, he speaketh of
his own: for he is a liar, and
the father of it.
John 8:44
The word Evolution has
many meanings, only one of
which is scientific.
1. Cosmic evolutionthe
origin of time, space and
matter; Big Bang.
2. Chemical evolutionthe
origin of higher elements
from hydrogen.
3. Stellar and planetary
evolutionorigin of stars
and planets.
4. Organic evolutionorigin
of Life.
5. Macroevolutionchanging
from one kind to another.
6. Microevolutionvariations
within kinds. Only this one
has been observed.
No statute exists in any
state to bar instruction in
creation science. It could be
taught before, and it can be
taught now.
Stephen Jay Gould The
Verdict on Creationism, New
York Times July 19, 1987,
2'90. 2,()05 -(. )50: &%1; <'))05 =;-( =;0> ., 1%550(=2>
?*00 @0(0*'* ABCDEF 7F CBG3 -(. &> $50-=',( H0&'(-5 9'.0,D
=-I0 J"KL M( &> *0&'(-5*3 M I50*0(= &-(> *1'0(='N'1 09'D
.0(10* =;-= =;0 :,52. '* (,= O&'22',(* ,N >0-5* ,2.LP Q,*=
I0,I20 -50 0R1'=0. =, 20-5( =;-= .'(,*-%5* :050 '( =;0
@-5.0( ,N S.0(3 ;-90 -2:->* 2'90. :'=; &-(3 :050 ,( =;0
-5T :'=; U,-;3 -(. - N0: &-> *='22 <0 -2'90 =,.-> '( *,&0
I-5=* ,N =;0:,52.V ?$50-=',(H0&'(-5 9'.0,=-I0J6K
H=%.0(=* ,N=0( 1-22 &0 N,5 -.9'10 ,( ;,: =, ;-(.20
9-5',%* *'=%-=',(* -= *1;,,2 :;050 =;0> -50 <0'() N,510. =,
20-5( =;'()* 1,(=5-5> =, =;0'5 <02'0N* ,( 150-=',(L /20-*0 N002
N500 =,1-22 ,5 :5'=03 'N M 1-(<0 ,N -(>;02IL
/20-*0 %(.05*=-(.3 :;0( M =-2T -<,%= 09,2%=',( M -&(,=
50N055'() =, *'&I20 9-5'-=',(* =;-= ,11%5 '( -(> *I01'0*L
W,)* I5,.%10 - 9-5'0=> ,N I%II'0*3 <%= (0905 :'22 .,)*
I5,.%10 ;-&*=05 ,5 I'(0 =500 ,NN*I5'()V $50-=',('*=* ., (,=
-5)%0 =;-= -22 .,)*3 :,290*3 -(. N,R0* &-> ;-90 ;-. -
1,&&,( -(10*=,53 (,5 ., =;0> -5)%0 =;-= (-=%5-2 *0201=',(
.,0* (,= ,11%5L X;0*0 :,%2. <,=; <0 =5%0 :;0=;05 I2-(=*
-(. -('&-2* :050 150-=0. ,5 09,290.L Y,:09053 50-2 09,2%D
=',(3 -* I50*0(=0. '( =;0 =0R=<,,T*3 =0-1;0* =;-= .,)* *;-50
- 1,&&,( -(10*=,5 :'=; I'(0 =500*V Z;'20 -(>,(0 '*
105=-'(2> :021,&0 =, <02'090 :;-= ;0 :-(=* =, <02'0903 (,
'(=022')0(= I05*,( 1-( *-> =;-= 09,2%=',( '* 50-2 *1'0(103
<01-%*0 09,2%=',('* (,= ,<*059-<203 =0*=-<203 ,5 .0&,(*=5-D
<20L Q> -5)%&0(= '* (,= :'=; *1'0(103 <%= :'=; 09,2%=',(
<0'() '&I5,I052> '(1,5I,5-=0. '(=, *1'0(10 :;050 '= ;-* (,
Influence your Area.
S905>,(0 ;-* - 1'5120 ,N I0,I20 =;0> 1-( '(N2%0(10L [= -1='9'='0*
*%1; -* <'5=;.-> I-5='0*3 (0');<,5;,,. \'<20 12-**0*3 H%(.-> *1;,,2
12-** I-5='0*3 0=1L3 >,% 1-( *;,: 150-=',( 9'.0,*3 ;-90 - 150-=',(
*I0-T053 ,5 I2-> )-&0* =;-= =0-1; =;0 =5%=; -<,%= .'(,*-%5* -(.
150-=',(L ],% 1-( -2*, ;02I I5'9-=0 ,5 ;,&0 *1;,,2* :'=; >,%5 ='&03
0(05)>3 -(.&,(0>L
?*01%2-5 ,5 $;5'*='-(KL [)50-= :-> =, 50-1;
I0,I20 :'=; =;0 =5%=; '* =, ;-90 >,%5 2,1-2 5-.', ,5 X^
*=-=',( 1,(=-1= &0 N,5 -( '(=059'0: ,5 1-22D'( =-2T *;,: ,(
150-=',(3 09,2%=',(3 .'(,*-%5*3 ,5 =;0 =0-1;'() '( I%<2'1
*1;,,2*L H01%2-5 *=-=',(* -50 ,N=0( )2-. =, )0= *%1; - 1,(=5,D
905*'-2 )%0*=L M N50_%0(=2> ., 5-.', '(=059'0:* <> I;,(0
N5,& &> ;,%*0 -(. :,%2. <0 ;,(,50. =, -II0-5 ,( -
I5,)5-& '( >,%5 -50-L `,1-2 -110** 1-<20 X^ *=-=',(* -50
%*%-22>:'22'() =,-'5&>9'.0,=-I0*L
1/# %2# 0#3&$
Z/#'( ;(''(/$ '& '"( (A#'&/>
@(;E '(51"(/$ 5%A $1"&&; )&5/A <(<)(/$ A& /#:"'>
V(9#(N '"( '(]')&&* $(;(1'#&%$>
tosf local nevsaers have a
Leffers fo fhe difor secfion. ! have lound fhis fo Ee a greaf
vay fo reach many eole in an area, as each fime ! have
vriffena leffer fofhe edifor, fhere has Eeena greaf resonse.
tosf feachers, rincials, Eoard memEers, efc., involved in
fhe uElic school sysfem are sincere, dedicafed rolession-
als vho vanf vhaf is Eesf lor sfudenfs. lfen fhey lace
enormous ressure lrom small Euf vocal grous making
fhem leel fhey are in fhe Eaffle alone. !nlormed Chrisfians
can hel Ey affending school Eoard meefings, giving good
creafionisf liferafure fo fhese eole, invifing fhem fo
creafion lecfures. onafe good Eooks aEouf creafion
science foyour school`s liErary. (Alormoredefails)
Learnfhe real (radical) agenda ol fhe Nafional ducafion
Associafion (NA), encourage uElic school feachers fhaf
youknovfogef ouf ol fhe NAand|oinafernafive feachers
l fhe lilfy American
sfafes, fvenfy-fvo have a sfafe fexfEook-selecfion com-
miffee, a grou ol eole vho look af fhe Eooks availaEle
lromall uElishers lor a givensuE|ecf and fhenselecf live or
six fhaf fhey "arove." Jhe lisf is fhen given fo fhe local
selecfion commiffee in each counfy. Jhe counfy fexfEook
selecfion commiffee vill normally dislay fhe Eooks lor a
lev veeks, giving arenfs a chance fo reviev fhem. Alfer
fhe commiffee decides vhich Eook fo recommend, fhe
school Eoard vofes fo urchase fhaf Eook lor use in fhe
counfy schools. lfen fhe Eooks are selecfed on a rofafing
Easis,vifhadillerenfsuE|ecfEeing choseneachyear. !nfhe
sfafes vifhouf a sfafe-level commiffee, each counfy, or
disfricf, or feachermaychoosefheir ovnfexfEooks.
Any erson in fhe counfy may reviev fhe Eooks and
make commenfs af fhe school Eoard meefing. ! vould
suggesf fhaf inlormed Chrisfians in each counfy gef
involved in fhe selecfion rocess. Jhe CaElers are line
Chrisfian eole and rovide lofs ol inlormafion fo hel in
fhe fexfEook selecfion rocess. Jhe inuf ol fhe CaElers in
Jexas vill save lofs ol vork lor anyone vanfing fo gef
involved. Jheir organizafion revievs each nevfexfEook as
hyllis Schlally (agle orum), Alfon, !llinois, (618) 462-5415 or
Chrisfian ducafors Assn. !nf., .. Box 41300, asadena, Cal. 1114,
(626) 78-1124
Keysfone Jeacher`s Associafion, .. Box 868, techanicsEurg, a.
17055, (717) 432-1727
Concerned ducafors Againsf orced Unionism (CAU), 8001
Braddock Road, Sringlield, Va. 22160, (703) 321-851
Let me control the
textbooks, and I will control
the state.
Adolf Hitler
The Supreme Court ruling
did not, in any way, outlaw the
teaching of creation science
in public school classrooms.
Quite simply it ruled that, in
the form taken by the
Louisiana law, it is
unconstitutional to demand
equal time for this particular
subject. Creation science can
still be brought into science
classrooms if and when
teachers and administrators
feel that it is appropriate.
Numerous surveys have
shown that teachers and
administrators favor just this
route. And, in fact, creation
science is being taught in
science courses throughout the
Evolutionary biologist
Guard Up After Evolution
Victory, BioScience 37 (9,
October 1987): 636
Michael Zimmerman,
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 24
if comes ouf, sending a coy ol fheir reviev fo any vho
requesfs if. Jhe CaElers are line Chrisfian eole and have
vorkedona donafionEasis lor 40years.
!n 11 a survey vas done ol fexfEooks fo defermine vhaf
ercenf ol fhe Eook faughf evolufion. Jhe resulfs are Eelov. Some
Eooks aremoresafurafedvifhevolufionfhanofhers.
Alfer you selecf a Eook lor your school vifh fhe leasf amounf ol
evolufion, youshoulddoseveralmorefhings
1. Wrife fo fhe ofher fexfEook uElishers and fell fhem vhy you
did nof selecf fheir Eooks.
2. Wrife fo fhe one you did selecf and fell fhem vhy you chose
3. uf a varning sficker in fhe lronf ol fhe one you choose varning
fhe sfudenfs, Ey age numEer, ol fhe lalse inlormafion if
confains. See my video #4 or my Eooklef Are You Being
Brainvashed Ey Your Science JexfEook" lor hel on fhis.
emand fhaf lies Ee removed lrom fexfEooks. AEouf lilfy lies
are used fo make sfudenfs Eelieve in evolufion. o nof menfion
creafion or evolufion, |usf demand fhaf Eooks Ee lacfual. See
seminar #4lor lofsmoreonfhisfoic.
Jhe tel CaElers, ducafional Research Analysfs, .. Box 7518,
Longviev, Jexas, 75607-7518, (03) 753-53
Biology An veryday xerience terrill 2.%
ocus on Lile Science terrill 7.1%
Biology Living Sysfems terrill 7.4%
Lile Science Scoff, oresman 8.5%
BSCS An cological A. (Creen version) Kendall/Hunf 13.2%
BSCS A tolecular A. (Blue version) C Heafh 13.5%
todern Biology Holf, Rineharf 13.%
Biological Science An !nquiry info Lile Harcourf, Brace 15.6%
(Yellov Version) ]avanovich
!macf #278, !CR .. Box 2667, l Cahon, CA 2021 ,&D/1(
Which Books Are Better?
Manifesto 1848
1. Abolition of private property
2. Heavy progressive income
3. Abolition of rights of
4. Confiscation of property
5. Central bank
6. Government ownership of
communication and
7. Government ownership of
factories and agriculture
8. Government control of
9. Corporate farms, regional
10. Government control of
Communist Rules for
1. Corrupt the young; get
them away from religion.
2. Break down the old moral
3. Encourage civil disorders
and a soft government
attitude toward crime.
4. Divide the people into
hostile groups (race, religion,
5. Get the peoples minds off
their government by focusing
their attention on athletics,
sex, etc.
6. Get control of all media.
7. Destroy peoples faith in
their leaders.
8. Cause the registration of all
firearms To eventually
confiscate them.
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 25
Jhere are lour greaf quesfions fhaf man fries fo ansver in lile.
Jhese are called fhe greaf hilosohical quesfions.
Jhe vay you ansver fhemdeends uon your vorld
Jhere are fvo vays fo look af fhe vorld. Some eole look af
fhe vorld and say, You knov, if's amazing, a Eig Eang made fhis
vorld lrom nofhing!" Jhis viev is fhe humanisf vorldviev, vhich
says man is Cod. Humanism is fhe hilosohy vhere fhe idea ol
evolufioncomes lrom, Eelievingfhaf fhere is noCreafornoCod.
Jhe second vay fo viev fhe vorld is since fhere is incrediEle
design, fhere musf have Eeen a designer. Jhis is fhe creafionisf
vorldviev vhich says Cod is Cod man is nof Cod. Jhese fvo
vorldvievs are aEsolufelyafvarvifheachofher.
Hovdo ve ansver fhe lour greaf quesfions ol lile !l evolufion
is frue, ve are nofhing imorfanf. Acfually, ve are a Eif ol
rofolasm fhaf vashed u on a Eeach alfer a Big Bang aEouf 20
Eillion years ago. Jhere is no urose in lile, so ve mighf as vell
have lun. !l if leels gooddo if. Alfer all, ve are |usf going fo end
uina grave fogef recycledinfoa vormor a lanf.
Buf fhe BiEle says, !nfhe Eeginning Codcreafedfhe heavenand
fhe earfh." !l fhaf is frue, ve have a vhole dillerenf sef ol ansvers
fo fhose lour quesfions. Cod`s creafion ol fhe vorld means fhaf ve
had Eeffer lind ouf vho He is and vhaf He vanfs. We vere creafed
in His image vifh a resonsiEilify fo oEey Him. When ve die, our
choice vill defermine vhere ve vill send efernifyin hell,
searafedlromCod, or inheavenvifhHim.
Z"& 5< BP
Z"(/( A#A B 1&<( C/&<P Z"0 5< B "(/(P Z"(/( 5< B :&#%:
N"(% B A#(P
Sci-ence n. [<Scire, to
know] 1. Systematized
knowledge derived from
observation, study, etc.
Websters Dictionary.
Sometimes a first glance
does not reveal crucial details.
Two Worldviews
Humanist View Creationist View
Jhe Colorado River creafed fhe Crand
Canyon over millions ol years.
(ex. Grand Canyon)
Jhe Worldvide lood creafed fhe Crand
Canyon quickly as fhe vafers receded.
1. Lavs come lrom man's oinion,
2. Righfs are granfed Ey governmenf,
3. Covernmenf should Ee all-
overlul rovider.
Politics and
Consfifufional ReuElic
1. Lavs come lrom Creafor,
2. Righfs are unalienaEle,"
3. Covernmenf should Ee limifed
fo fhe unishmenf ol evil
doers and delense.
Jhe Eody is a random collecfion ol
chemicals fhaf lormed Ey chance over
millions ol years. iseases should Ee
freafed vifh drugs=/D: !"(/5E0>
Jhe Eody vas designed Ey an all-vise
Creafor. He designed fhe lood suly fo
rovide our needs^D'/#'#&% !"(/5E0>
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 26
The First Lawof Thermodynamics
The Second Law of Thermodynamics
!"( _#/$' O5N &C !"(/<&A0%5<#1$ $'5'($ '"5' <5''(/ 5%A
(%(/:0 15% %(#'"(/ )( 1/(5'(A %&/ A($'/&0(A
15%%&' 1&<( C/&<
!"( ,(1&%A O5N &C !"(/<&A0%5<#1$ $#<E;0 $'5'($ '"5'
(9(/0'"#%: '(%A$ '&N5/A A#$&/A(/>
alfhough fhey
may Ee converfed lrom one lorm fo anofher. Jhis nafural rocess
can Ee seen in fhe vorld around us. !ce melfing is one examle ol
maffer changing lrom one lorm fo anofher, a solid info a liquid.
Jhe ice may change hysical roerfies, Euf fhe mass Eelore fhe
reacfion remains consfanf vifh fhe mass alfer fhe reacfion. Jhis
lav suorfs fhe BiElical viev ol creafion, requiring a secial
miracle lrom Cod fo accounf lor all fhe maffer and energy in fhe
universe. volufion
affemfs fo credif fhe
Big Bang vifh fhis
miracle vhile denying
if`s violafing fhe mosf
Easi c l av ol fhe
!l a fruck carrying a sfack ol
Ericks hifs a Eum in fhe road causing fhe Ericks fo lall oll, fhe
Ericks vould nof lall in fheir reviously ordered sfafe. Jhey vould
lall randomly, and enfroy vould increase, illusfrafing fhe Second
Lav ol Jhermodynamics. Jhe BiEle descriEes fhe Second Lav as
exfending lrom fhe earfh fo fhe heavens in salm 10225-26, !saiah
516, andHeErevs 110-11. volufionisfs confrive sillyexcuses and
reasons fo ignore fhis lundamenfal lavol hysics Eecause if confra-
dicfs fheir ef fheory.
Evolutionists assume that
adding energy (open system)
will overcome the 2nd law of
1. The universe is closed
2. Adding energy is
destructive without a
complex mechanism to
harness the energy.
The Japanese added lots of
energy to Pearl Harbor in
1941 and did not organize
any thing.
The suns energy will
destroy a roof, house, paint
Only a very complex
molecule called chlorophyll
can harness the suns energy.
One leaf cell is more complex
than a city.
The evolutionists open
system excuse to believe t
does not
apply to Earth is silly.
Second Law of
Everything we observe in
the universe verifies the laws
of thermodynamics. The
universe is wearing down, not
winding up.
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 27
The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum
!"( O5N &C +&%$(/95'#&% &C T%:D;5/ .&<(%'D< A($1/#)($
'"( '(%A(%10 &C 5 $E#%%#%: &)`(1' '& 1&%'#%D( $E#%%#%: #% '"(
$5<( A#/(1'#&%> ]usf as somefhing fraveling along a afh fends fo
sfay moving in fhaf direcfion (linear momenfum), fhe same is frue
lor a sinning oE|ecfif confinues fosininfhe same direcfion. As
an examle, children riding on a merry-go-round, have angular
momenfum. Civen sullicienf seed, a child fhaf |ums lrom fhe
merry-go-round vill fravel in a sfraighf line Euf vill Ee sinning in
fhe same direcfion as fhe merry-go-round. Jhis scienfilic lav
confradicfs fhe Big Bang Jheory vhich rooses fhaf a sinning
cosmic exlosion sfarfed fhe universe info ifs evolufionary rocess.
!l fhe Big Bang vere frue, all fhe lanefs should Ee sinning in fhe
same direcfionfoday.
Venus, Uranus and
possibly Pluto rotate
backwards from the other six
The Big Bang is
A Big Dud.
Eight of the 91 moons
rotate backwards. Jupiter,
Saturn and Neptune have
moons orbiting in both
Astronomical Almanac for
the year 1989 (Wash. DC U.S.
Government Printing Office,
1989) p. E88
I have little hesitation in
saying that a sickly pall now
hangs over the big bang
astronomer, cosmologist, and
mathematician, Cambridge
Univrsity. The Big Bang
Theory Under Attack. Science
Digest, Vol. 92 May 1984, p. 84
Sir Fred Hoyle,
The ultimate origin of the
solar systems angular
momentum remains obscure.
Well-known solar-system
Evolutionist scientist, Dr.
Stuart Ross Taylor, Solar
System Evolution: A New
Perspective, Cambridge
University Press, p. 53, 1992.
T/is (Angu/ar Mcmcnt um)
ucu/d /avc .auscd t/c sun tc sin
vcrj raid/j. A.tua//j cur sun sins
vcrj s/cu/j u/i/c t/c /ancts mcvc
vcrj raid/j arcund t/c sun. In ja.t
a/t/cug/ t/c sun /as cvcr ;;cj t/c
mass cj t/c sc/ar sjstcm it /as cn/j
2cj t/c angu/ar mcmcntum. T/is
attcrn is dirc.t/j ccsitc tc t/c
attcrn rcdi.tcd jcr t/c nc/u/ar
Dr. H. Rccvcs T/c Origin cj
t/c Sc/ar Sjstcm Dcrmctt S.F. Ld. jc/n Vi/cj Scns Ncu
cr/ . ; 1;.
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 28
For a Young Universe
Red Giants
Jupiter and Saturn
!l siral galaxies vere Eillions ol years old, fhe arms exfending
lrom fheir cenfers vould have comlefely closed, causing fhe
galaxies folose fheir unique, siral shae.
volufionisfs feach fhaf red gianf sfars change info vhife dvarl
sfars over millions ol years, yef Sirius is an examle ol a red sfar
Eecoming vhife vifhin fhe asf 2,000 years. Ancienf asfronomers
recorded fhaf Sirius gloved red in fhe sky, yef novif is cafegorized
as vhife. Eviously, fhe evolufionisfs` oinions ol fhe lengfh ol
fime fochange a redgianf sfar infoa vhife dvarl sfar are incorrecf.
Jhese fvo lanefs radiafe more heaf fhan fhey receive lromfhe
sun. !l fhey vere Eillions ol years old, Eofh lanefs vould have
reached equiliErium and no longer Ee aEle fo lose more heaf fhan
Egyptian hieroglyphs
from 2000 B.C. described
Sirius as red.
Cicero, in 50 B.C., Stated
Sirius was red.
Seneca described Sirius as
being redder than Mars.
Ptolemy listed Sirius as one
of the six red stars in 150
Today it is a white star-
Textbooks say it should take
billions of years for this to
Its a Young World,
In the beginning, God
created the heaven and the
Genesis 1:1
Astronomical Reflections
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 29
Moon and Tides
Jhe earfh and fhe moon are inexfricaEly linked via fheir mufual
gravifafional ull. Jhemoon`s rimary ellecf onfhe earfhis fhaf ol
fides. Jhese fvice-dailyfides inllicf a EarelyercefiEle drag onfhe
earfh`s rofafion, causing fhe earfh`s nafural dayfo lengfhenandfhe
moon`s orEif fo recede. Because Eofh gravifafional lorces and
lricfionloss canEe comufedandredicfedmafhemafically, ve can
defermine hov close fhe moon could orEif Eelore resulfing in lunar
desfrucfion or eradicafion ol lile on earfh. Wifh fhis in mind, fhe
earfh/moon relafionshi could nof ossiEly Eemorefhan1.2 Eillion
years old, andgeologic evidence indicafes fhaf if ismuchyounger.
Comosed ol lrozen gasses and small rocks, comefs lose mafe-
rial vhen fheir orEif fakes fhem close fo fhe sun. Jhe vaor ro-
duced gives fhe aearance ol a fail, olfen fhe recognizaEle leafure
ol a comef. A comef's lile is rela-
fively shorf, lalling Eefveen an
esfimafed 100 fo 200 orEifs around
fhe sun. Jhe lrequency ol comefs
has consisfenfly decreased fhrough
fhe years, alluding fo a much
younger universe fhan fexfEooks
rincile in vhich infensify, such
as gravifafional ull, and disfance
are direcfly roorfional fo each
ofher. or examle, il fhe disfance
is divided in hall, fhe affracfion is
quadruled (4 fimes).
aB%9(/$( ,bD5/( O5NX
B%'(%$#'0 c BdA
The heavens declare the
glory of God and the
firmament showeth his
handy work.
Psalm 19:1
Humanists regard the
Universe* as self existing
and not created.
Uni = single
Verse = spoken sentence
And God said, Let there
Genesis 1:3
Humanists Manifesto 1
(1933) Tenent #1
*Notify the capital U to deify
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 30
If the World is so Old, why is Everything
so Young?
The Oldest Tree:
The Oldest Reef:
Earth's Slowing Rotation
A is aroximafely
4,300 years olddafed via free rings. Jhe
mefhod may nof Ee erlecf, Euf if is fhe
Jhe is less fhan
4,200 years olddafed via measuring fhe
grovfh rafe lor 20 years.
venfhough Eofhare less fhan 5,000 years old, fhey are fhe fvo
oldesf-living organisms on earfh. Jheir ages easily lif fhe
creafionisf oinf ol viev, Euf leave loose ends lor fhe evolufionisf.
` Wifh fhe evolufionisf
fimeline, surely somefhing is closer in age fo fheir millions ol
volufion doesn`f lif fhe lacfs, does if
revailing vinds are
caused Ey fvo henomena.
Jhe sun`s heaf causes norfh-
soufh or soufh-norfh vinds,
deending on lafifude. Jhe
rofafion ol fhe earfh causes
fhe vinds fo shilf easf or
vesfclockvise norfh ol fhe
e q u a f o r a n d
counferclockvise fo fhe
soufh. Jhis
is roorfional fo fhe seedol
fhe earfh`s rofafion fhe
greafer fhe rofafional seed,
fhe greafer fhe Coriolis
llecf. ue fo fhese revailing vinds, fhe Sahara eserf is in fhe
rocess ol deserfilicafion, exanding aroximafely lour miles er
year. Calculafions Eased uon fhe rafe ol fhe Sahara`s exansion
shovfhe deserf fo Ee 4,000 years old. Jhis young age ol fhe Sahara
eserf lifs quife vell in fhe creafionisf fimeline, Eeginning ifs
deserfilicafion rocess soon alfer fhe gloEal llood. Jhe currenf
sloving rafe ol fhe earfh`s rofafion, and ifs relafionshi vifh fhe
"#$%&'( )*+( ,$+(
-#(.& ".##$(# /((0
1*#$*'$% 200()&
(3I+% .$H# 5##( $
8'H#"(*#(% J'5KF
4./ $"#( % %.#"# '70#" %"##+ '" 5&88#" "##L+
Or speak to the earth, and
it shall teach thee: and the
fishes of the sea shall declare
unto thee. Who knoweth not in
all these that the hand of the
LORDhath wrought this?
Job 12:8-9
By what way is the light
parted, which scattereth the
east wing upon the earth?
Job 38:24
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 31
Coriolis llecf, allovs lor a variefy
ol climafes around fhe vorld
vifhouf creafing a menacing
environmenf. olloving fhe
evolufionisf fimeline over a eriod
ol millions ol years, fhe Sahara
eserf shoul d have al ready
exanded fo ifs maximum size.
Hovever, si nce fhe earfh` s
rofafional seed is decreasing
measuraEly, fhe Coriolis llecf
vouldhave Eeenlar greafer millions
ol years ago, exacerEafing fhe
evolufionisfs` dilliculfy exlaining
fhe Saharaeserf`s young age.
!n 1810, a Eillion eole lived on earfh. !n less fhan 200 years,
fhe oulafion hif six Eillion. Jhis lifs fhe BiElical chronology
erlecfly as fhe currenf oulafion sfarfed aEouf 4,400 years ago
vifhNoahandhis lamilyalfer fhe llood. Anevolufionary fimeline
vould require nof only a nearly non-exisfenf grovfh rafe Euf also
fhree frilliondeceasedhumansvifhinfhe lasfmillionyears.
r. Henry torris, , tasferEooks, Creen oresf, AR,
185, .167-16. AvailaEle lrom CS (S.50).
),&#(%&L&, !"#$%&'(&+*
Declining Magnetic Field
Sfudies over fhe asf 140 years shov a consisfenf decay rafe in
fhe earfh`smagnefic lield. Af fhis rafe, inas levas 25,000 years ago,
fhe earfh vould have EeenunaEle fo suorf lile Eecause ol fhe heaf
lromfhe elecfric currenf.
The world has cancer,
and the cancer is man.

, 1974.
Alan Gregg, Mankind at
the Turning Point
If it is overcrowded where
you are:
People are the cause of
all the problems; we need to
get rid of some of them...
Charles Wurster,
Environmental Defense
Regardless of the future,
the current population shows
only 4400 years of growth.
The world is NOT
overcrowded! Jacksonville,
Florida has 25 billion square
feet inside the city limits.
Enough to hold all 6 billion
people on the Earth today.
Earths magnetic strength
has declined 6% in the last
150 years.

, p. 18
Astronomy and the Bible
Donald DeYoung
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 32
A Few Factors For a Fast-eroding Niagara Falls
Salt in the Oceans
Ajtcr C/ar/cs Ljc// u//is/cd /is in t/c mid-
100s sc.ictj /cgan a..cting t/c t/ccrj t/at t/c cart/ and
man/ind cvc/vcd jrcm a rcvicus /csscr statc. Ljc// uscd Niagara
Fa//s as cnc cj /is i//ustraticns tc rcmctc unijcrmitarianism. Hc
cstimatcd t/at NiagaraFa//suas10000jcarsc/d. Hc did t/is tc trj
tc dis.rcdit t/c 8i//c. S/cti.s /i/c Ljc// /cavc cut cnc imcrtant
ja.tcr in t/cir .a/.u/aticns-aucr/duidc j/ccd arcximatc/j 00
jcars agc.
Fa.tcring a ucr/duidc j/ccd intc t/c cquaticn s.icntists arrivc
at a/ig/cr initia/ crcsicn ratc jcr NiagaraFa//s. Sin.c an in.rcasc in
t/c quantitj cj uatcr is dirc.t/j rc/atcd tc t/c ratc cj crcsicn t/c
grcat vc/umc cj uatcr rc.cding ajtcr t/c j/ccd .cu/d casi/j a..cunt
jcr /a/j cj t/c crcsicn cj NiagaraFa//s. sing t/c cvc/uticnist timc
jramc NiagaraFa//s s/cu/d /avc a/rcadj crcdcd /a./ intc La/c Lric.
T/c rcascn u/j Niagara Fa//s /as nct crcdcd jart/cr cvcr t/c
mi//icns cj jcars cj t/c cart/s cxistcn.c .cntinucs tc c/udc
S.icn.c a/uajs sccms tc .crrcscnd uit/ t/c .rcaticn timc/inc
u/i/c cvc/uticnists strugg/c tc ma/c t/cir assumticns and
t/ccrics /ausi//c.
M"&(,&17#+ 'L N#'7'8/
Jhe vafer in fhe
oceans confains 3.6%
di ssol ved mi neral s
giving fhe ocean ifs
s a l i n i f y . S a l f ,
c omos e d ol f he
elemenfs sodium and
chlorine, is fhe rimary
mineral. or years,
scienfisfs have Eeen
measuring fhe amounf
ol sodium in fhe oceans and have lound fhaf an esfimafed 457
million fons are deosifed info fhe oceans annually, vhile only 122
millionfons leave fhe oceanvia numerousmefhods.
Civen fhe currenf amounf ol salf in fhe oceans, fhe dafa
sfrongly lavors a recenf creafion and gloEal llood. !l alied fo fhe
evolufionisf's fimelrame ol millions ol years, fhe oceans vould Ee
safurafed Ey salf. ven using liEeral esfimafes ol salinify levels, fhe
maximumossiEle age is 62millionyears.
A gorge about 7 1/2
miles long runs just below
Niagara Falls. A simple
calculation shows that it has
been 9900 years
1984, p. 384
See also: In the Minds of
Men, by Ian Taylor, p. 83,
available from CSE.
See also Creation Ex Nihilo
Sept-Nov, 2000 p. 8
Holt Earth Science
"It has been long felt that
the average climate of the
earth through time has been
milder and more
homogeneous than it is today.
If so, the present certainly is
a very good key to the past
in terms of climate."

(New York: McGraw-Hill, 1971),
p. 298.
Robert H. Dott and Roger L.
Batten Evolution of the Earth
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 33
Ice Core Evidence
Just because Mr. Sparks
religion (of evolution) hap-
pens to be included in this
generations science textbooks
does not mean it qualifies as
science or that it becomes
science by association.
In Greenland and
Antarctica, where the weather
is consistently dry and very
cold, the glaciers are miles
thick but the annual rings are
very thin.
The deepest cores can
measure over 10,000 feet,
corse from Greenland drilled
since 1990 show the northern
climate was erratic... 135,000
years ago.
!"# $%&' ()*+&, !""#$% &'()* +,-./012 &3+44* 5 678 +,-.'(49 34
Are the layers different ages?
!'ve never undersfood olysfrafe lossils. Aren'f fhey evidence
ol evolufionvifhallfhedillerenflayers ol sfrafa fheygofhrough
Since fhe roosal ol fhe idea ol unilormifyEyCharles Lyell in
fhe early 1800s, geologisfs have sfruggled fo exlain olysfrafe
lossils. A olysfrafe lossil is a lossil encased nof in a single layer ol
sfrafa Euf in mulfile layers. Unilormify, advocafing fhaf fhe
"resenf is fhe key fo fhe asf," descriEes each layer Eeing laid dovn
over exfensive eriods ol fime. Jhe roElemvifh each layer faking
so long fo lormis fhaf mosf lossils lound in fhese layers vould have
decayed rior fo fhe lorming ol fhe nexf layer. Some examles fhaf
conlirmfhe idea ol raidlossilizafionare as lollovs
1. ossil ol ichfhyosaur, Euried and lossilized vhile giving
2. efrilied frees are lound in scores ol laces around fhe
vorld. See seminar arf 4.
3. olysfrafe frees lound in rance uside dovn exfending
fhrough many layers
Ceologisfs lail fo accef fhaf fhe only reasonaEle exlanafion
ol olysfrafe lossils is fhaf fhe layers lormed quickly around
lanf and animal lile Eelore fhey had fime fo decay. Seems fo
corresond vifh fhe BiElical accounf ol fhe vorldvide llood,
doesn'f if
See fhe Creafion Seminar Series arfs 4 and 6 lor more
inlormafion and icfures on fhis foic. Visif vvv.drdino.comlor
more icfures ol fhis frees.
--3EOE; )'I%. !$"'7&($
C!"#$%&'( 3$8$P&(#; :#,E QQF;
CR'(# 'L !'(%#(%&'( 5/ )&7H&$ R$G#";
Polystrate fossils such as
this one are found all over the
world. They run through
many rock layers proving the
rock layers are not different
ages as the textbooks teach.
"The hurricane, the flood
or the tsunami may do more
in an hour or a day than the
ordinary processes of nature
have achieved in a thousand
years. Given all the millennia
we have to play with in the
stratigraphical record, we can
expect our periodic
catastrophes to do all the
work we want of them."
York: John Wiley & Sons, 1993),
Derek V. Ager The Nature of
Stratigraphical Record
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Arent caves millions of years old?
Alfhough mosf eole Eelieve fhaf cave lormafions need
millions ol years fo develo, sfalacfifes and sfalagmifes grovrafher
quickly. Sfalacfifes, recognized Eecause fhey "sfick fighf" fo fhe
ceiling ol mosf limesfone caves, are deosifs ol calcium carEonafe
lormed Ey fhe driing ol mineralized solufions As fhe mineral
deosifs Euild u on fhe cave lloor, sfalagmifes are lormed.
ccasionally, fhe connecfing ol fhe fvo vill creafe a column
exfendinglromlloor foceiling.
Jhe moniforing ol many sfalacfifes and sfalagmifes vifhin fhe
lasf cenfury has shovn fhe rafe ol grovfh fo Ee much quicker fhan
vhaf many fexfEooks feach. Sfalacfifes over live leef long have
Eeen lound in fhe Easemenf ol fhe Lincoln temorial, Euilf in 123,
as vell as some more fhan a loof long under Eridges in hiladelhia,
Sfalagmifes grov somevhaf slover fhaf sfalacfifes , Euf fhey
sfill do nof fake fhousands ol years fo lorm. !n 153, tason
Sufherland uElished a hofograh in Nafional Ceograhic ol a Eaf
fhaf had lallen on a sfalagmife in fhe CarlsEad Caverns, Nev
texico. Jhe Eaf vas covered and reserved Eelore if could
decomose, roving fhe raidgrovfhrafe ol some sfalagmifes.
t u c h m o r e
evidence exisfs lor lasf-
groving sfalacfifes and
sfalagmifes, (see video
#1) yef fexfEooks and
nafional arks confinue
fo feach fhaf fhey fake
counfless fhousands ol
years fo lorm. Using a
raid grovfh rafe, fhese
cave lormafions could
easily lif fhe BiElical
fi mel i ne al fer fhe
vorldvide llood 4,400
y e a r s a g o .
U n l o r f u n a f e l y ,
scienfisfs sfruggle fo
ke e f he Bi El i c a l
fimeline ouf ol science
alfhough science, fime
alfer fime, lalls righf
"In other words, it's natural
selection or a Creator. There
is no middle ground. This is
why prominent Darwinists like
G.G. Simpson and Stephen Jay
Gould, who are not secretive
about their hostility to
religion, cling so vehemently
to natural selection. To do
otherwise would be to admit
the probability that there is
design in nature-and hence a
, "The
Genesis Controversy," (May
1989), p. 17.
George Sim Johnston
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 36
Rapid Fossilization
Alfhough evolufionisfs have reeafedly resenfed lossils
as evidence lor an earfh millions ol years old, creafionisfs,
using fhe same lossils and an oosing inferrefafion,
conclude fhey are evidence lor a young earfh. As fhe remains
ol lanfs and animals are covered Ey sedimenf, lossils are
creafed. Jhe comressed remains are reserved and converfed
info minerals, leaving an imrinf in sfone. !n order lor an
organism fo Ee lossilized, fhe remains musf Ee covered
quickly, ofhervise, fhe nafural decaying rocess Eegins.
volufionisfs Eelieve fhe rincile ol unilormify, imlying
fhaf small changes over exfended eriods ol fime Eroughf
aEouf signilicanf changes. Jhey have long used lossils fo
argue lor fheir suosed old age ol fhe earfh's sfrafa.
Hovever, lossils lorm quickly under secial condifions
involving raid, immediafe Eurial in mud |usf like Noah`s
Raid lossilizafion, romofed Ey BiElical creafion, easily
exlains fhe exisfence ol lossils. Because ol local llooding and
volcanic acfivify around fhe vorld, nof every lossil can Ee
dafed Eack fo Noah's day. Hovever, fhere are many lossils,
such as olysfrafe lossils, fhaf can only Ee exlained Ey a
vorldvide llood. As fhe vafers vere going and refurning"
(Cenesis 8), greaf amounfs ol sedimenf Eegan fo seffle info
layers. Jhis evenf allovedamle fime lor fhe remains olmany
lanfs, animals, and humans fo Ee Euried quickly and
lossilized. olysfrafe lossils are lound exfending fhrough
mulfile layers ol sedimenf. tany frees have Eeen lound
lossilized in a verfical osifion fhrough layers ol coal,
sandsfone, and ofher sedimenfs. Cerfainly, fhe frees vould
have decayed il millions ol
years had occurred Eefveen fhe
di l l e r e nf s f r a f a . Ra i d
lossilizafion scienfilically
ansvers fhe quesfions as fo
hov lossils are lormed, and
fheories made fo fhe confrary
vi l l al vays l eave more
quesfions fhanansvers.
"Deposits of recent mud
flows on Mount St. Helens
demonstrate conclusively that
stumps can be transported
and deposited upright. These
observations support the
conclusions that some vertical
trees in the Yellowstone 'fossil
forests' were transported in a
geologic situation directly
comparable to that of Mount
St. Helens."
, "Stumps
Transported and Deposited
Upright by Mount St. Helens Mud
Flows," , vol. 8
(December 1980), p. 588.
William J. Fritz
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 37
The Bible and the Value of !
Does the Bible contain a mathematical error?
The answer is sosimple!
Check for yourself.
Rest assured.
! Kings 72326 and !! Chronicles 425 descriEe a huge Erass
Eovl (sea) Euilf Ey King Solomon. !l fhe diamefer ol fhis Eovl vas
10 cuEifs, fhen fhe circumlerence should have Eeen
31.41526...cuEifs, nof |usf 30 cuEifs! Any mafh sfudenf vill fell
you fhaf fhe circumlerence ol a circle is lound Ey faking fhe diame-
fer fimes i ( ). Jhis aarenf mafhemafical error caused me, as a
nevChrisfian, fodouEf fhe accuracyol fhe BiEle.
Jhe diamefer ol 10 cuEifs is lrom oufer rim fo oufer rim, fhe
vay anyone vould measure a circular oE|ecf. Jhe circumlerence ol
30 cuEifs, hovever, vas ol fhe inner circle, alfer suEfracfing fhe
fhickness ol fhe Erass (fvo handEreadfhsone lor each side) lrom
vhich fhe Eovl vas made. Jhis vould Ee fhe numEer needed fo
calculafe fhe volume olvafer.
SuEsfifufe fhe lengfh ol your cuEif (elEov fo longesf lingerfi)
lor fhe leffer Cinfhe lollovinglormula, andsolve lor H.
Cod makes no misfakes, mafhemafical or ofhervise. Jhe
Scrifures donof confainerror. Byfhe vay, SolomonEuilf fhis sea
in 1000 B.C., long Eelore fhe Creeks rediscovered i ( ). We may
nof undersfand some fhings af lirsf glance, Euf fhe roElem is
vifh us, nof vifh fhe BiEle. lease Ee sure you are on fhe solid
loundafionol Cod`sWord, savedEyfhe Eloodol Chrisf.

Jhe vidfh ol your handEreadfh vill Ee fhe resulf. or examle,
my cuEif is 20 inches long. !l ! had Euilf fhe Erass Eovl, fhe inner
diamefer vould have a circumlerence ol 600 inches (30 x 20 inches)
and a diamefer ol 10.86 inches (600 inches 3.1415). Jhe
dillerence Eefveen fhe fvo diamefers is .014 inches (fvo ol my
And he made a molten sea,
ten cubits from the one brim to
the other: it was round all
about, and his height was five
cubits: and a line of thirty cubits
didcompass it roundabout.
And under the brim of it round
about there were knops
compassing it, ten in a cubit,
compassing the sea round
about it: the knops were cast in
two rows, whenit was cast.
It stood upon twelve oxen, three
looking toward the north, and
three looking toward the west,
and three looking toward the
south, and three looking
toward the east: and the sea
was set above upon them, and
all their hinder parts were
And it was an handbreadth
thick, and the brim thereof was
wrought like the brim of a cup,
with flowers of lilies: it
contained twothousand baths.
I Kings 7:23-26
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 38
Contradictions inthe Bible?
Here is the solution.
o Cenesis chafers 1 and 2 conllicf tany scollers claim fhaf
fhe BiEle is lull ol confradicfions. Jhey vill nearly alvays cife
Cenesis 1and2as examles.
1. Cenesis 111has fhe freesmadeonday3Eeloreman,
Cenesis 28has fhe freesmadeonday6alferman.
2. Cenesis 120has Eirdsmadeoufolfhevaferonday5,
Cenesis 21 has Eirds made ouf ol fhe ground (alfer man) on
3. Cenesis 124, 25has fhe animalsmadeonday6Eeloreman,
Cenesis 21has fhe animalsmadeonday6alferman.
Acarelul reading ol fhe fvo chafers vill shovfhe solufion lor
eachol fhe suosedconfradicfions.
a. Chafer 1fells fhe enfire sforyinfhe order if haened.
E. Cenesis 246 gives a quick summary ol fhe lirsf live days ol
c. Cenesis 2725 is descriEing only fhe evenfs fhaf fook lace
onday6infhe Cardenol den.
d. Jhe frees descriEed in Cenesis 28 are only in fhe Carden (fhe
resf ol fhe vorld is already lull ol frees lrom day 3). Jhe urose ol
fhis second creafion ol frees may have Eeen fo lef Adamsee fhaf Cod
did have over fo creafe, fhaf He vas nof |usf faking credif lor fhe
exisfing vorld. Nofice fhaf fhe second creafion ol frees vas sfill on
day 6 and vas only fhose frees fhaf are leasanf fo fhe sighf and
goodlor lood."
Jhe Eirds creafedouf ol fhe groundonday6 are onlyone ol each
kind" so fhaf Adam can name fhem and selecf a vile. Jhe resf ol
fhe vorldis lull ol Eirds lromday5.
Cenesis 21 is descriEing only fhe animals creafed in fhe
Carden, alfer man. Jhe urose ol fhis second Eafch ol animals
Eeing creafed vas so fhaf Adam could name fhem (Cenesis 21)
and selecf a vile (Cenesis 220). Adam did nof lind a suifaEle one
(Codknevhevouldn`f), soCodmadeve(Cenesis22122).
Jhere are no confradicfions Eefveen fhese fvo chafers.
Chafer 2 only descriEes in more defail fhe evenfs in fhe Carden ol
den on day 6. !l ancienf man had vriffen fhe BiEle (as some scoll-
ers say), he vould never have made if say fhaf fhe lighf vas made
Eelore fhe sun! tany ancienf culfures vorshied fhe sun as fhe
source ol lile. Cod is lighf. Cod made fhe lighf Eelore He made fhe
-]E;5%5'#&%&C $DEE&$(A1&%'/5A#1'#&%3e
-]E;5%5'#&%&C $DEE&$(A1&%'/5A#1'#&%4e
-]E;5%5'#&%&C $DEE&$(A1&%'/5A#1'#&%6e
He (nof fhe sun) is fhe source ol lile
Folks, the only
contradictions in the Bible are
Many are dealt with on the
video #7 and on the web site
If God had made Adam
last, Satan could claim that he
created it all. Adamwould not
have seen God do it. Eve was
made last and did not see God
create anything. She was the
one Satandeceived.
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 39
How Types of
Governments View
Property Rights
Of Governments and Cows
[#);#15; +5E#'5;#$<e
YD/( ,&1#5;#$<
[D/(5D1/5'#1 ,&1#5;#$<e
YD/( +&<<D%#$<e
VD$$#5% +&<<D%#$<
+5<)&A#5% +&<<D%#$<e
YD/( =(<&1/510e
V(E/($(%'5'#9( =(<&1/510e
T<(/#15% =(<&1/510e
[/#'#$" =(<&1/510e
YD/( T%5/1"0e
You have fvo covs. You fake care ol fhem and
sell fhe exframilkilyouvanffo.
Your lord lends you fvo covs. He fakes mosf ol fhe milk
andleaves yousome.
You have fvo covs. Jhe governmenf fakes fhemand
ufs fheminfo a Earn vifh everyone else`s covs. You have fo fake care
ol all fhe covs. Jhe governmenf gives youasmuchmilkasyouneed.
You have fvo covs. Jhe governmenf fakes
fhem and ufs fhem in a Earn vifh everyone else`s covs. Jhey are
cared lor Ey ex-chicken larmers. You have fo fake care ol fhe chickens
fhe governmenf fook lromfhe chicken larmers. Jhe governmenf gives
youasmuchmilkandeggsasfheregulafions sayyouneed.
You have fvo covs. Jhe governmenf fakes fhemEofh, hires
youfo fake care ol fhem, and sells youfhemilk.
You have fvo covs. Your neighEors hel you fo
fake care ol fhem, andyouall share fhemilk.
You have fvo covs. You have fo fake care ol
fhem, Euf fhe governmenf fakes all fhemilk.
You have fvo covs. Jhe governmenf
fakes fhemEofhandshoofs you.
You have fvo covs. Jhe governmenf fakes fhem Eofh
anddralfs you.
You have fvo covs. Your neighEors decide vho
gefs fhemilk.
You have fvo covs. Your neighEors
vofe lor someone fo fell you vho gefs fhemilk.
Jhe governmenf romises fo give you fvo
covs il youvofe lor if. Alfer fhe elecfion, fhe residenf is imeachedlor
seculafing incovlufures. Jhe ress duEs fhe allair Covgafe."
You have fvo covs. You leed fhemshee Erains
andfheygomad.Jhegovernmenf doesn`f do anyfhing.
You have fvo covs. Af lirsf fhe governmenf regulafes
vhaf youcanleed fhemandvhenyoucanmilkfhem.Jhenifaysyou
nof fo milk fhem. Jhen if fakes Eofh, shoofs one, milks fhe ofher and
ours fhe milk dovn fhe drain. Jhen if requires you fo lill ouf lorms
accounfing lor fhe missing covs.
You have fvo covs. Jhe governmenf Eans you
lrommilking or killing fhem.
You have fvo covs. Your neighEors riof and kill you
lor frying fo sell fhemilk.
You have fvo covs. You sell one
andEuya Eull.
You have fvo covs. Jhe governmenf requires you fo
fake harmonica lessons.
You have fvo covs. Jhe governmenf fakes fhem
anddenies fheyever exisfed.tilkisEanned.
Wov, dude, fhere`s like... Jhese fvo covs, man.
Yougof fo have some ol fhismilk.
Every effort has been
made by the Federal Reserve
Board to conceal its powers,
but the truth is...the Fed
(Federal Reserve System) has
usurped the government. It
controls everything here
(Congress) and it controls all
our foreign relations. It makes
and breaks governments at
(murdered), ex-Chairman,
House Committee on Banking
and Currency
The surest way to destroy
a nation is to debauch its
Louis T. McFadden
Vladimir Lenin
Permit me to issue and
control a nations money, and
I care not who makes its
Mayer Amschel
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 40
Hitlers belief in
evolution rested in a
philosophy which
came from reading
books like
Hitlers Hit List
Species Blood Mixture
!n Vienna lrom 100 fo 118, a renegade Cafholic monk, Adoll
Lanz (nom de lume Lanz von LieEenlels), gave fhe tanichaean
cosmology a secular lorm. !n reaching fo his secf, Jhe Nev rder
ol Jemlars, in his monfhly |ournal sfara and in his Eook
Jheozoology, Lanz faughf fhaf in fhe Eeginning fhere had Eeen fvo
earfhly races fhe Aryan Heroes (Asings) and fhe Animal eole
(Aes). Jhe Aryans vere fhe earfhly equivalenf ol fhe tanichaean
lighf, fhey had Eeen a divine race endoved vifh suremely infelli-
genf, elecfronicminds, Elond, Elue-eyedEeaufy, andcreafivify.
Jhe Animal eole vere fhe vorldly counferarfs ol fhe
tanichaean darkness, fhey had Eeen a demonic race cursed vifh
sfuidify (excef in fhe arf ol decefion, in vhich fhey excelled),
gorilla-like ugliness, andfhe urge fo desfroy. Af some early fime, fhe
Aes Eeganfo envy and hafe fhe Asings. Jhey ondered mefhods ol
desfroying fhe Aryans and decided fo affack fhe suerior race
fhrough miscegenafion. Convenienfly, fhe Aryan vomen had a
lafal suscefiEilify fo fhe Aes. (Lanz insisfed fhaf fhe sfory ol fhe
femfafion ol ve in Cenesis vas an esoferic accounf ol her seduc-
fion Ey one ol fhe monsfers.) Alfer several cenfuries ol such infer-
Ereeding, fhe original Asings and Animals disaeared. Nov fhe
earfh vas oulafed Ey mixed races, vhich could Ee ranked as
higher or lover according fo fhe roorfions ol Aryan and Ae
Eloodfhaf fheyossessed, aroximafelyas lollovs
Nordic ..................................... Close fo ure Aryan
.............redominanfly Aryan
tediferranean ..... Slighf Aryan reonderance
Slavic Aryan, hall Ae
rienfal....................................................Slighf Ae reonderance
Black Alrican.......................................................redominanfly Ae
]evish .............................................Close fo ure Ae
(Elond, Elue-eyed)
(Erovn hair, Elue-eyed or,
less desiraEle, Erovn-eyed).
(vhife Euf svarfhy)
(vhife Euf degenerafive Eone sfrucfure). Hall
XC/&< E> 3MI '() *#&+), -./)0)$&1
a religious hilosohy faughf lrom fhe fhird fo sevenfh
cenfuries A.. Ey fhe ersian tanes (or tanichaeus) and his lollovers,
comEining oroasfrian, Cnosfic Chrisfian, and agan elemenfs, and Eased
on fhe docfrine ol fhe confending rinciles ol good (lighf, Cod, fhe soul)
andevil (darkness, Safan, fhe Eody).
Eeliel in fhe asf exisfence ol fhe hyofhefical Aryan race
suosedly ossessing a suerior civilizafion. (Aryan has no validify as a
racial ferm, alfhough so used noforiously Ey fhe Nazis fo mean a
Caucasianol non-]evishdescenf.")
In Germany, they [the
Gestapo] came first for the
Communists, and I didnt
speak up because I wasnt a
Communist. Then they came
for the Jews, and I didnt
speak up because I wasnt a
Jew. Then they came for the
trade unionists, and I didnt
speak up because I wasnt a
trade unionist. Then they
came for the Catholics, and I
didnt speak up because I was
a Protestant. Then they came
for me, and by that time no
one was left to speak up.
German Pastor before World
War Two
Martin Niemoller,
How fortunate for those
in power that the people
never think.
Adolf Hitler
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 41
I think that the most important factor moving us toward a
secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools
may not teach Jonny how to read properly, but the fact that
Jonny is in school until he is sixteen tends toward the
elimination of religious superstition. The average American
child now acquires a high school education, and this militates
against Adam and Eve and all other myths of alleged
Three Cheers for Our Secular State,
Jan/Feb 1983
P. Blanchard,
The Humanist,
4 Types of Workers
> ,(($ 5 `&) 5%A A&($ #'
T$*$ N"5' `&) '& A& %(]'>
.D$' )( 5$*(A '& A& 5 `&)>
.D$' )( C&D%A 5%A 5$*(A '& A& 5 `&)>
Jhis kind ol vorker alvays Eecomes a
Eoss or Eusiness ovner and makes Eig Eucks. Jhe Eesf vorkers do a
|oEsvilfly, cheerlully, humEly, andfhoroughly. Jheyare usuallyvery
hay and lullilled in lile. ven a child is knovn Ey his doings,
vhefher his vork Ee ure, and vhefher if Ee righf." reare fhyvork
vifhouf, and make if lif lor fhysell in fhe lield, and alfervards Euild
fhine house." rov. 2011, 2427
Jhis kind ol vorker is rare, and is
never ouf ol vork. Jhe Eoss loves fo have some ol fhese eole vorking
lor him.
Jhis kind ol vorker is fhe mosf
common. He never excels in fhe |oE markef and usually gries aEouf
Eeing overlooked vhen romofions are made. Some ol fhese emloyees
vill vorkcheerlully(Jye A) andsome nof cheerlully(Jye B).
Jhis kind ol vorker
gefs minimum vage and never holds a |oE long. He is unhay in
lile Euf cannof ligure ouf vhy. Hov long vilf fhou slee,
sluggard vhen vilf fhou arise ouf ol fhy slee" Jhe soul ol fhe
sluggard desirefh, and hafh nofhing Euf fhe soul ol fhe diligenf
shall Eemadelaf."rov.6,134
!l you are alvays Eeing fold vhaf fo do, you
are nof a #1 or #2 vorker! Jhe #3 and #4 vorkers olfen vorsen
vifh age. ach grou can Ee lurfher divided info suEcafegories,
Eased on fhe erson`s aEilify and knovledge ol fhe |oE. Some are
eager fo vork Euf do nof knov vhaf fo do. Cod vanfs all ol His
children, fo fhe Eesf ol fheir aEilify, fo develo fhe falenfs He has
See Dr. Hovinds video tape
Call or
write for a free catalog
How to Make Money and
Spend It Gods Way.
Honeybee Brain and
Super Computer
A Honeybees Brain Compared
to a Super Computer
1 trillion/sec
Not much
10 Microwatts
None (self healing)
6 billion/sec*
2,300 lbs
many Kilowatts
(10,000,000 or more)
($48 million)
The Human brain is millions of times more complex than a honeybees.
And in man is a three-
pound brain which, as far as
we know, is the most complex
and orderly arrangement of
matter in the universe.
Smithsonian Institute Journal,
June, 1970, p. 10-11. Former
Professor, Boston School of
Medicine, former atheist and
humanistnow he knows
Dr. Isaac Asimov,
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 44
Carbon 14 Calibration
Curve: How Carbon Dating Is
Supposed to Work
RadiocarEon dafing vas invenfed Ey Willard LiEEy in fhe
early 150s af fhe Universify ol Chicago. While nof fofally
useless, dafing mefhods are overrafed. Willard LiEEy said fhaf
Cosmic radiafion sfrikes our afmoshere, changing fhe
elemenf Nifrogen (N ) fo CarEon 14 (C ). Jhis C is radioacfive
(can Ee defecfed Ey a Ceiger counfer). Jhis radioacfive carEon is
mixed in vifh fhe normal carEon in fhe afmoshere, generally in
fhe lormol carEondioxide (C ).
lanfs infake carEon dioxide and make if arf ol fheir fissue.
Animals eaf fhe lanfs and fhe C Eecomes arf ol fheir Eody
fissue.WhenfhelanforanimaldiesifsfosfakinginnevC .
Radioacfive carEon is very rare in fhe environmenf foday
(only .0000765%) and Eecomes even more rare as if decays info
simler comonenfs. AEouf hall ol fhe C vill Ereak dovn
(decay) info simler comonenfs in aEouf 5,730 years. Jhis is
called fhe hall-lile ol C . !n fvo hall-lives" (11,460 years),
only one lourfh ol fhe original C vill sfill Ee inanoE|ecf. By
using fhe numEer ol clicks on fhe Ceiger counfer
as a guide, scienfisfs should Ee aEle fo defermine
fhe age ol anoE|ecf. Because fhe afmoshere
foday vill roduce aEouf 16 clicks er
minufe lor each gram ol carEon, fhe Ceiger
counfer should click 8 fimes er minufe il a
samle is 5,730 years old and 4 clicks er
minufe il if is 11,460years old.
While CarEon 14 dafing sounds good
so lar, several laulfy assumfions, vhich are
lisfed on fhe lolloving age, underlie fhe
rocedure. tosf ol fhe ofher radiomefric
dafing mefhods use fhe same laulfy
assumfions. See requenfly Asked
uesfion #3 lor examles ol dafes
14 14 14
5,000 10,000 15,000 20,000 25,000 30,000 35,000 40,000 45,000
Years Before Present
Jree Rings
BiEle archmenf
A freshly killed seal was
carbon dated as having died
1300 years ago!
Vol. 6
Sept-Oct. 1971 p. 211
Antarctic Journal
A geologist at the Berkeley
Geochronology Center, [Carl]
Swisher uses the most
advanced techniques to date
human fossils. Last spring he
was re-evaluating
skulls found in Java in
the 1930s by testing the
sediment he found with them. A
hominid species assumed to be
an ancestor of
Erectus was thought to have
vanished some 250,000 years
ago. But even though he used
two different dating methods,
Swisher kept making the same
startling find: the bones were
53,000 years old at most and
possibly no more than 27,000
years, a stretch of time
contemporaneous with modern
, Did a
Third Human Species Live
Among Us?
(December 23, 1996),
Kaufman, Leslie
p. 52.
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 45
Wrong Assumptions in C
Dating Methods
3> T'<&$E"(/#1 + #$ #% (bD#;#)/#D<>
4> =(150 /5'( /(<5#%$ 1&%$'5%'>
6> B%#'#5; 5<&D%'$ &C + 15% )( *%&N%>
7> !"( $5<E;( )(#%: '($'(A "5$ %&' )((% 1&%'5<#%5'(A C&/
'"&D$5%A$ &C 0(5/$>
8> !"( :(&;&:#1 1&;D<% 15% )( D$(A 5$ 5 )5$( '& 15;#)/5'(
'"( + A5'($
Jhis assumfion is
vrong. !f has Eeen esfimafed fhaf fhe C in fhe earfh`s afmoshere
vould reach equiliErium (fhe lormafion rafe vould Ee equal fo fhe
decay rafe) in aEouf 30,000 years. Jhe amounf ol C in fhe afmo-
shere is sfill increasing. Jhis research indicafes a young earfh
(roEaElyless fhan10,000years).
Jhe same research also modilies all dafes oEfained Ey C decay.
As fhe earfh`s magnefic lield decays, more cosmic radiafion ene-
frafes our afmoshere. n a Ceiger counfer, 16 clicks er minufe
er gram (16t/Cc) is fyical in living oE|ecfs foday. lanfs and
animals fhaf lived on fhe earfh lour fhousand years ago vould have
hadmuchlessC in fheir Eody fo sfarf vifh. Jhe lovamounf ol C
vould make fhem aear fo Ee fhousands ol years older fhan fhey
tany fimes fhis assum-
fion has Eeen shovn fo Ee uncerfain. Because fhe rafe ol decay may
nof Ee consfanf, dafes oEfainedEyC are susecf.
tany fimes fhis
assumfion has Eeen demonsfrafed fo Ee vrong. illerenf arfs ol
fhe same samle olfen yield dillerenf rafios. Various living samles
give very dillerenf rafios. Some ifems vill nof Ee fesfed vifhcarEon
dafing even fhough fhey confain carEon (see numEer 5 Eelov).
Would a mollusk have fhe same amounf ol C er gramol carEonas
a free roEaEly nof. Living enguins have Eeen carEon dafed af
8000 years old! Jhe oldesf samle ol indeendenfly knovn age is
Hemaka, fhe gyfian mummy lrom 27003100 B.C. (Secular
vrifers ol anfiquify fend fo exaggerafe ages, so even fhese dafes are
Jhis assumfion is very dilliculf (il nof
imossiEle) fo rove. arenf or daughfer roducfs may have leached
in or ouf ol fhe samle. tany laE fesfs have conlirmed fhaf fhis can
Jhis assumfion is nof vise. Jhe ages alied fo fhe
geologic column(invenfedinfhe 1800s fodiscredif fhe BiEle) donof
exisf anyvhere infhevorldexcef infexfEooks. oly-sfrafa lossils,
missing layers, layers ouf ol order, mislaced lossils, and layers in
reverse order all invalidafe fhe geologic column (fhe
46havemoreinlormafiononfhis suE|ecf).
14 14
)#*&($" <$1#+
RadiocarEonis lorming28-37%lasfer fhanif is decaying"
R.. Jaylor ef al., American Anfiquify, Vol. 50, No. 1 185
. 136-140
Living penguins have been
carbon dated as being 8000
years old! (See frequently
asked questions for more wild
dates obtained by carbon
At least six different radio-
metric dating methods are
For example: when dinosaur
bones containing carbon are
found, they are carbon
dated because the result
would be only a few thousand
years. Because this would not
match the assumed age based
on the geologic column,
scientists use another method
of dating to give an age closer
to the desired result. All radio-
metric results that do not
match the preassigned ages of
the geologic column are
The assumed age of
the sample will dictate which
dating method is used because
each will give a different
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 46
Indoctrination in Evolution:
Before and After Federal Funding
Jhose vho Eelieve in fhe fheory ol evolufion olfen comlain
fhaf uElic school science fexfEooks do nof resenf enough inlor-
mafion on fheir fheory. Jhey say fhaf sfudenfs` science fesf scores
are lalling Eecause ol fhis lackol feaching evolufion.
! Eelieve fhaf fhe oosife is frue. volufion has nofhing fo do
vifh science and is anfi-science. Sfudenfs should send fime
learning real science, nof religious vorldvievs like evolufion.
volufionary fheory aears in nearly all suE|ecfs and grades in
one lorm or anofher. Why ! Eelieve one ma|or reason is lear When
fhe Sovief Union launched Sufnik in 157, some Americans an-
icked af fhe fhoughf ol losing fhe sace race. Alevdedicafed human-
isfs decided fhaf America vas Eehind Eecause if vas nof feaching
evolufion as much as fhe Soviefs vere. Jhe lederal governmenf
Eegan involvemenf in roducing uElic school fexfEooks in fhe lafe
150s (a clear violafion ol fhe Jenfh Amendmenf fo fhe U.S.
Jhe charfs on fhe lolloving ages, shoving fhe moral decline
in America, reveal anofher side fo fhe sfory. Confacf tel CaEler af
03-753-53 lor more inlormafion on vhaf is haening fo
fexfEooks in America. Call r. Kenf Hovind lor more inlormafion
on Creafion, evolufion, and dinosaurs. Be sure fo see fhe enfire
seminar series onvideofae.
c. 148Rand,ynamic BiologyJoday c. 173 Houghfon, BSCSBlue
c. 15Harcourf, xloring Biology, 5fh c. 180 Harcourf, BSCSYellov
c. 160 Holf, todern Biology c. 178 Rand, ynamic Biology Joday
c. 161Jrial Ver. BSCSCreen c. 180Heafh, BSCSBlue
c. 161Jrial Ver. BSCSBlue
This chart shows the number
of words devoted to evolution
in science textbooks during the
last 40 years. The decline in
the number of words after
1963 was because there was
less content in general. The
percentage of text devoted to
evolution remained about the
Fundamentalist parents
have no right to indoctrinate
their children in their beliefs.
We are preparing their
children for the year 2,000
and life in a global one-world
society and those children will
not fit in.
Nebraska, said to Everette
Silivens attorney, 1984
Senator Paul Hoagland
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 47
In 1959 President Eisenhower
asked congress for $1 billion for
the Department of Health
Education & Welfare new
American Education Fund for the
promotion and publication of the
new science of Evolution.
$10,500,000 was given to the
National Science Foundation
(NSF) for the new 9 part theme
curriculum, teaching evolution.
The NSF provided the Biological
Sciences Curriculum Study (BSCS)
with the funds to provide the
textbooks to public schools. The
Changing Classroom: The Role Of
The Biological Sciences
Curriculum Study, Arnold B.
Grobman, Doubleday & Co., NY
1969, pp 204, 26, 170, 200, 172;
Scientists In The Classroom, pp
107, 109; Cornerstone Ministry
Mr. Norris Anderson; CSS
Wisconsin Administrative Code
361 Rule The criteria for selection
of textbooksshall be: Factual
Give me your four year olds,
and in a generation I will build
asocialist state.
Vladimir Lenin
The world has cancer, and
the cancer is man.
, A. Gregg Mankind at the
Turning Point
Scholastic Aptitude Test
Scores: Decline in Student Achievement
Wallbuilders, Inc. P.O. Box
397, Aledo, TX 76008
Phone (817) 441-6044
Thanks for
permission to
use these charts.
Sexually Transmitted
Diseases Gonorrhea:
Ages 1516, Up 226%
And let us with caution
indulge the supposition that
morality may be maintained
without religion. Whatever
may be conceded to the
influence of refined education
on minds... reason and
experience both forbid us to
expect that national morality
can prevail in exclusion of
religious principle.
Farewell Address
George Washington,
Source: Center for Disease Control and Department of Human Resources
Source: College Entrance Exam Board
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 48
Violent Crime Offenses
Unwed Birth Rates up 325%
Pregnancies to Girls 1014 Up 553%*
We have no government
armed with power capable of
contending with human
passions unbridled by
morality and religion. Avarice,
ambition, revenge or gallantry
would break the strongest
cords of our Constitution as a
whale goes through a net.
Our Constitution was made
only for a moral and religious
people. It is wholly
inadequate to the government
of any other.
John Adams
All the miseries and evils
which men suffer from vice,
crime, ambition, injustice,
oppression, slavery, and war
proceed from their despising
or neglecting the precepts
contained in the Bible.
father and educator
Noah Webster,
What constitutes the
standard of good morals? Is it
not Christianity? There
certainly is none other. Say
that cannot be appealed to,
and I dont know what would
be good morals. The day of
moral virtue in which we live
would, in an instant, if that
standard were abolished,
lapse into the dark and murky
night of Pagan immorality.
, 1846
Supreme Court of South
Source: Statistical Abstracts of the United States, and the Dept. of Commerce, Census Bureau
Source: Dept. of Health and Human Resources and Statistical Abstracts of the United States
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 49
Divorce Rates
Unmarried Couples
Living in adultery
Destroy the family and
society will collapse
In our country the lie has
become not just a moral
category, but a pillar of the
Prior to 1977, unmarried
couples living together was
such a small group that data
on this group was collected
only in the ten year census
Vladimir Lenin
Alexander Solzhenitsyn
[Jesus] saith unto them,
Moses because of the hard-
ness of your hearts suffered
you to put away your wives:
but from the beginning it was
not so. And I say unto you,
Whosoever shall put away his
wife, except it be for fornica-
tion, and shall marry another,
committeth adultery: and
whoso marrieth her which is
put away doth commit adul-
Matthew 19:8-9
Source: US National Center for Health Statistics, Vital Statistics of the United States
Source: Statistical Abstracts of the United States
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 50
HumanPopulation Chart
!s arfh really overcrovded Whaf is fhe mofive lor all ol fhe
1. evaluinghumanlile
2. ]usfilyingaEorfion
3. Scaring eole infomoregovernmenf regulafion
4. Causing accefance ol fhe Communisf idea ol faking lrom
fhe richfogive fofhe oor
arfh has over 17,000,000 square miles ol surlace area, ol
vhich aroximafely 57,200,000 square miles, or 36,608,000,000
acres, is aEove vafer. Wifh 6 Eillion eole on fhe earfh, every
erson could have nearly seven acres fo himsell. Jhe enfire vorld
oulafioncouldlif in a circle vifhanelevenmileradius. veryone
could lif fvice vifhin fhe cify limifs ol ]acksonville, lorida (25
Eillionsquare leef).
Jhough much land surlace is nof inhaEifaEle, arfh is nof
overcrovded. (Some areas are overcrovded.) tillions ol eole
make fheir livinglrom, andevenlive on, fhe vafer.
arfh, as originally creafed mosfly land and small
seas, could have suorfed a oulafion ol hundreds
ol Eillions, so if is clear Cod is nof againsf large
lamilies (Cen. 12628, 7, and s. 12735). Jruly,
He lormedif ]earfhj foEe inhaEifed..." (!s. 4518).
vas creafed18 seconds ago
3.2Eillionminufes ago
52.6millionhours ago
2.2milliondays ago
vas Eorn62.8 seconds ago
1Eillionminufes ago
17.5millionhours ago
.73milliondays ago
Howmuch is a billion?
TA5< )#;;#&%
U($D$ )#;;#&%
Scale: 2/3 inch = 1000 years
At this scale, the
evolutionists supposed origin
of man, 3 million years ago,
would be 125 feet to the left,
and the imaginary Big Bang
and forming of the Earth 4.6
billion years ago would be 36
miles to the left of this chart.
4000 BC 3000 BC 2000 BC 1000 BC Birth
1000 AD 2000 AD
Christianity is our foe. If
animal rights is to succeed, we
must destroy the Judeo-
Christian Religious tradition.
Father of
Animal Rights
Peter Singer,
To compel a man to furnish
contributions of money for the
propagation of opinions which
he disbelieves and abhors is
sinful and tyrannical.
Thomas Jefferson
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 51
Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness
through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own
bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God
into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than
the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
Romans 1:24-25
Question List
!f has Eeen my cusfom since ! Eegan fhe minisfry ol Creafion
Science vangelismin 18, fo have an oen fime lor quesfions and
ansvers duringmyseminars. ! fell fhe audience fhaf any quesfionis
lair game. ver fhe years, many inferesfing quesfions have come
u. Here are some ol fhe quesfions and my ansvers fhaf have come
my vay in seminars or Ey mail . !`m sure ve vill Ee adding fo fhis
secfion unfil fhe Lord comes Eack. lease leel lree fo send in your
quesfion il you don`f see if here or call in foday fo our vorldvide
radio rogram (see our veE sife lor confacf
tany ol fhese quesfions and scores ol ofhers, are dealf vifh in
more defail vifh visuals on my video fae #7 ol fhe creafion semi-
nar series. fher quesfions aEouf suE|ecfs such as fhe dinosaurs,
cave men, lire Ereafhing dragons, vhy fhe re-llood eole lived
over 00 years, vhaf caused fhe llood, fhe ice age and many ofhers
are dealf vifh in fhe lirsf 6 faes ol fhe series. Jhe quesfions Eelov
are incafegories andnumEeredlor easier relerence.
1. Why do creafionisfs lighf againsf science
2. Hov do ve see sfars Eillions ol lighf years avay
3. oesn`f carEon dafing rove fhe arfh is old
4. Jhe numEer ol lossils in cerfain areas ol fhe vorld is
enormous. Hov could fhe earfh have suorfed all fhose
creafures af fhe same fime
5. !s man evolving Eigger and smarfer
6. Was fhe earfh ever a hof, molfen mass like fhe fexf-
Eooks say
7. Hov are diamonds, oil, lossil luels and nafural gas
8. Hov do you exlain fhe lormafion ol line sfrafa layers
called varves, such as fhose in fhe Creen River lormafion
in Wyoming, vhich confains 20 million line layers vhich
reresenf 1 year each oesn`f fhis rove fhe earfh is more
fhan 6,000 years old
. Whaf aEouf Elack holes
10. Whaf aEouf fhe tars rock, is/vas fhere lile on tars
11. Should (or can) creafion science Ee faughf in fhe uElic
school sysfem
12. Whaf can uElic school kids and fheir arenfs do aEouf
evolufion Eeing faughf in fhe uElic school sysfem
I. General science questions:
II. Questions about public schools:
Evolution is unproved and
unprovable. We believe it only
because the only alternative is
special creation, and that is
(he wrote
the forward to the 100th
anniversary edition of
Darwins book,
in 1959
Sir Arthur Keith
Origin of
Evolution is a fairy tale for
grownups. The theory has
helped nothing in the
progress of science. It is
Director of the Strasbourg
Zoological Museum
Professor Louis Bounoure
I myself am convinced that
the theory of evolution,
especially the extent to which
it has been applied, will be
one of the great jokes in the
history books of the future.
Posterity will marvel that so
flimsy and dubious an
hypothesis could be accepted
with the incredible credulity
that it has.
journalist and philosopher,
Pascal Lectures, University of
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Malcolm Muggeridge
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 54
III. Bible questions:
IV. Flood questions:
V. Miscellaneous Questions:
13. Are fhere confradicfions in fhe BiEle
14. Where did fhe races come lrom
15. !s fhere any scienfilic exlanafion lor fhe oening ol
fhe Red Sea and toses leading fhe children ol !srael
across fhe Eoffom
16. !s Cod geffing old
17. When vere angels creafed
18. Whaf is fhe unicorn menfioned in fhe BiEle
1. When did Safan lall
20. Hov old vas Jerah vhen AEram vas Eorn
21. id if rain Eelore fhe llood
22. Hov did Noah fake care ol all fhose animals on fhe
23. id Noah fake millions ol insecfs on fhe ark
24. Hov did animals fravel lrom all over fo gef fo fhe
25. Whaf aEouf dinosaurs id fhey live vifh Adam and
ve id Noah fake fhem on fhe ark
26. !f vould fake 4.4 Eillion cuEic kilomefers ol vafer fo
cover tf. veresf. Where did fhe vafer come lrom fo
llood fhe earfh
27. uring fhe llood, hov did fhe lresh vafer lish
28. !l fhere vas really a vorldvide llood vhere are all
fhe Eones ol fhe humans fhaf drovned
2. Whaf is fhe Caia Hyofhesis
30. Whaf aEouf fhe ozone hole, and R-12 relrigeranfs
31. Whaf aEouf gloEal varming
32. Who Euilf fhe Creaf yramid, and vhy
33. Whaf is fhe Bermuda friangle
34. Whaf aEouf Big-loof
35. Whaf aEouf U`s
36. !s if ossiEle lor your felevision fo vafch you
37. Whaf aEouf fhe tark ol fhe Beasf
38. Hov vould you ansver crifics like tafson, BaEinski
and Barfelf vho have vriffen Ead fhings aEouf you
3. Hov are evolufion, Communism, fhe nev vorld
order and fhe !RS connecfed
40. Where did you gef your degree
41. Whaf aEouf searafion ol church and sfafe
The assumption of continu-
ity (a continuous distribution
of animal forms reflected in
the fossil record) is crucial to
Darwinian theory. The fossil
record does not appear to
support the assumption of
evolutionary theory, or any-
thing much like it.
September, 1996
David Berlinski,
Lynn Margolis is a Distin-
guished University Professor
of Biology at the University of
Massachusetts... At one of her
many public talks she asks the
molecular biologists in the
audience to name a single,
unambiguous example of the
formation of a new species by
the accumulation of muta-
tions. Her challenge goes
1996 p.26
M. J. Behe, Darwins Black
P. 56. Even the nearest
Capheids are so remote that it
is difficult to determine their
absolute distances with any
great accuracy. All large
distances in astronomical
literature subject to an
error of perhaps 10 per cent,
from this cause alone. p. 61.
We now know that faintness
arises from two causes
[distance and absorbing
matter in space], and it is not
generally possible to
apportion it accurately
between the two. Jeans,
(New York: Cambridge
University Press, 1969)
The Universe Around Us
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 55
General science questions:
1. Q
2. Q:
Why do creafionisfs lighf againsf science
our quesfion has me conlused. All ma|or Eranches ol
science vere sfarfed Ey creafionisfs. Jhere has never Eeen
one advancemenf in any lield ol science fhaf fhe evolufion
fheory has heled. Jhe evolufion fheory is useless. ! don`f
knov ol any creafionisfs vho lighfs againsf science. !
cerfainly love science and faughf if lor 15 years. tosf
creafionisfs fhaf ! knov love science and only lighf againsf
evolufion. You may Ee conlusing fhe evolufion fheory vifh
science. Some fhink fhe fvo go fogefher. Jhis is a common
misfake due fo fhe infense evolufion roaganda camaign
ol fhe lasf 50 years. !f vould hel il you vafch my video-
fae #4 lor more on fhis. Jhere has never Eeen any evidence
fhaf any kind ol lanf or animal has ever Eeen aEle fo creafe
ifsell or roduce any ofher kind ol lanf or animal. We have
seen fhousands ol changes vifhin fhe creafed kinds Euf fhaf
is nof evolufion. lease don`f accuse me ol Eeing againsf
science. ! am only againsf fhe lalse feaching ol evolufion as
!l fhe earfh is only 6000 years old, hov is if ve can see
sfars fhaf are Eillions ol lighf years avay
Jhis is one ol fhe mosf commonly asked quesfions and
deserves an honesf ansver. Belov is lirsf a shorf ansver
fhen a more fhorough ansver. Jhere are fhree fhings ve
need fo consider vhen ansvering fhe sfarlighf quesfion.
1.Scienfisfs cannof measure disfances Eeyond 100 lighf years
2. No one knovs vhaf lighf is or fhaf if alvays fravels fhe
same seed fhroughouf all fime, sace and maffer.
3. Jhe creafion vas linished or mafure vhen Cod made if.
Adam vas lull-grovn, fhe frees had lruif on fhem, fhe
sfarlighf vas visiEle, efc.
Lef me elaEorafe on fhese 3 oinfs. irsf, no one can measure
sfar disfance accurafely. Jhe lurfhesf accurafe disfance man
can measure is 20 lighf years (some fexfEooks say u fo
100), nof several Eillion lighf years. tan measures sfar
disfances using arallax frigonomefry. By choosing fvo
measuraEle oEservafion oinfs and making an imaginary
friangle fo a fhird oinf, and using simle frigonomefry,
man calculafes fhe disfance fo fhe fhird oinf. Jhe mosf
disfanf oEservafion oinfs availaEle fo an earfh Eound
oEserver are fhe osifions ol fhe earfh in solar orEif six
monfhs aarf, say ]une and ecemEer. Jhis vould creafe a
*NOT to scale
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 56
friangle ol 186,000,000 miles, vhich equals only 16 lighf
minufes. Jhere are 525,48 minufes in a year. ven il fhe
nearesf sfar vere only one lighf year avay (and if isn`f), fhe
angle af fhe fhird oinf measures .017 degrees. !n simler
ferms, a friangle like fhis vould Ee fhe same angle fvo
surveyors vould see il fhey vere sfanding sixfeen inches aarf
and locusing on a fhird oinf 525,48 inches or 8.24 miles
avay. !l fhey sfayed 16 inches aarf and locused on a dof 824
miles avay, fhey vould have fhe same angle as an asfronomer
measuring a oinf 100 lighf years avay. A oinf 5 million
lighf years avay is imossiEle fo ligure vifh frigonomefry.
Jhe sfars may Ee fhaf lar avay Euf modern man has no vay
ol measuring fhose greaf disfances. No one can sfafe delini-
fively fhe disfance fo fhe sfars.
Several ofher mefhods such as luminosify and red shilf are
emloyed fo fry fo guess af greafer disfances Euf all such
mefhods have serious roElems and assumfions involved.
or a more comlex and slighfly dillerenf ansver fo fhe sfar
lighf quesfion lrom anofher Chrisfian ersecfive, see fhe
Eook Sfarlighf and Jime Ey Russel Humhry availaEle lrom
Second, fhe seed ol lighf may nof Ee a consfanf. !f does vary
in dillerenf media (hence fhe rainEov ellecf ol lighf going
fhrough a rism) and may also vary in dillerenf laces in
sace. Jhe enfire idea Eehind fhe Elack hole fheory is fhaf
lighf can Ee affracfed Ey gravify and Ee unaEle fo escae fhe
greaf ull ol fhese imaginary Elack holes. No one knovs vhaf
lighf is lef alone fhaf if`s velocify has Eeen fhe sfandard ol
fime, il fhe seed ol lighf is decaying, fhe clock vould Ee
changing af fhe same rafe and fherelore nof Ee noficed as fhe
lolloving demonsfrafe ]une 4,2000, fhe lolloving arficle
aeared in fhe Sunday Jimes lrom UK. ureka! Scienfisfs
Break Seed ol Lighf" ]onafhan Leake, Science difor ]une 4,
2000 Unifed Sfafes.
SC!NJ!SJS claim fhey have Eroken fhe ulfimafe seed
Earrier fhe seed ol lighf. !n research carried ouf in fhe
Unifed Sfafes, arficle hyscisfs have shovn fhaf lighf ulses
can Ee accelarafed fo u fo 300 fimes fheir normal velocify ol
186,000 miles er second.
Jhe vork vas carried ouf Ey r. Li|un Wang, ol fhe NC
research insfifufe in rincefon, vho fransmiffed a ulse ol
lighf fovards a chamEer lilled vifh secially freafed cesium
gas. Se also, Nev York Jimes tay 30, 2000.
See Seminar 7 and A on our veEsife lor much more.
oesn`f carEon dafing rove fhe earfh is millions ol years
Whenever fhe vorldviev ol evolufion is quesfioned, fhis foic
alvays comes u. Lef me lirsf exlain hov carEon dafing
vorks and fhen shov you fhe assumfions on vhich if is
3. Q:
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 57
Eased. Radiafion lrom fhe sun sfrikes fhe afmoshere ol fhe
earfh all day long. Jhis energy converfs aEouf 21 ounds ol
nifrogen info radioacfive carEon 14. Jhis radioacfive carEon
14 slovly decays Eack info normal, sfaEle nifrogen. xfensive
laEorafory fesfing has shovn fhaf aEouf hall ol fhe C-14
molecules vill decay in 5730 years. Jhis is called fhe hall-lile.
Alfer anofher 5730 years hall ol fhe remaining C-14 vill
decay leaving only ol fhe original C-14. !f goes lrom fo
fo 1/8, efc. !n fheory, if vould never fofally disaear, Euf
alfer aEouf 5 hall lives, fhe dillerence is nof measuraEle vifh
any degree ol accuracy. Jhis is vhy mosf eole say carEon
dafing is only good lor oE|ecfs less fhan 40,000 years old.
Nofhing on earfh carEon dafes in fhe millions ol years,
Eecause fhe scoe ol carEon dafing only exfends a lev fhou-
sand years. Willard LiEEy invenfed fhe carEon dafing fech-
nique in fhe early 150`s. Jhe amounf ol carEon 14 in fhe
afmoshere foday is aEouf .0000765% if is assumed fhere
vould Ee fhe same amounf lound in living lanfs or animals
since fhe lanfs Ereafh C and animals eaf lanfs.
Since sunlighf causes fhe lormafion ol C-14 in fhe afmoshere,
and normal radioacfive decay fakes if ouf, fhere musf Ee a
oinf vhere fhe lormafion rafe and fhe decay rafe equalizes.
Jhis is called fhe oinf ol equiliErium. Lef me illusfrafe !l you
vere frying fo lill a Earrel vifh vafer Euf fhere vere holes
drilled u fhe side ol fhe Earrel, as you lilled fhe Earrel if
vould Eegin leaking ouf fhe holes. Af some oinf you vould
Ee uffing if in and if vould Ee leaking ouf af fhe same rafe.
You vill nof Ee aEle fo lill fhe Earrel asf fhis oinf ol equiliE-
rium. !n fhe same vay fhe C-14 is Eeing lormed and decaying
simulfaneously. A lreshly creafed earfh vould require aEouf
30,000 years lor fhe amounf ol C-14 in fhe afmoshere fo
reach fhis oinf ol equiliErium Eecause if vould leak ouf as if
is Eeing lilled. Jesfs indicafe fhaf fhe earfh has sfill nof
reached equiliErium. Jhere is more C-14 in fhe afmoshere
nov fhan fhere vas 40 years ago. Jhis vould rove fhe earfh
is nof yef 30,000 years old! Jhis also means fhaf lanfs and
animals fhaf lived in fhe asf had less C-14 in fhem fhan do
lanfs and animals foday. ]usf fhis one lacf fofally usefs dafa
oEfained Ey C-14 dafing.
Jhe carEon in fhe afmoshere normally comEines vifh
oxygen fo make carEon dioxide (C ). lanfs Ereafhe C and
make if arf ol fheir fissue. Animals eaf fhe lanfs and make
if arf ol fheir fissues. A very small ercenfage ol fhe carEon
lanfs fake in is radioacfive C-14. When a lanf or animal
dies if sfos faking in air and lood so if should nof Ee aEle fo
gef any nev C-14. Jhe C-14 in fhe lanf or animal vill Eegin
fo decay Eack fo normal nifrogen. Jhe older an oE|ecf is, fhe
less carEon-14 if confains. ne gram ol carEon lrom living
lanf maferial causes a Ceiger counfer fo click 16 fimes er
minufe as fhe C-14 decays. A samle fhaf causes 8 clicks er
minufe vould Ee 5,730 years old (fhe samle has gone
fhrough one hall lile). and so on. (See charf on age 45
aEouf C-14).
2 2
Facts do not cease to exist
because they are ignored.
The collective needs of non-
human species must take
precedence over the needs
and desires of humans.
Wildlands Project
Aldous Huxley
Dr. Reed F. Noss,
Living mollusk shells were
dated up to 2300 years old.
141, 1963 p.
Science vol.
Radiocarbon is forming 28-
37% faster than it is decaying"
et al.,
American Antiquity, Vol. 50, No.
1 1985 pp. 136-140
R.E. Taylor
Basalt from Mt. Etna, Sicily
(122 BC) gave K-AR age of
250,000 years old.
Dalyrmple, G.B., 1969
40Ar/36Ar analysis of historic
lava flows.
also: # Jan. 1999
Earth and Planetary
Science Letters, 6-47 55.
Impact 307
A team led by Nail R. Tanvir
of the University of
Cambridge in England used a
two step method to estimate
the [Hubble] constant. First
they observed a type of
standard candle-stars
known as Cepheid variables-
to find the distance to the
spiral galaxy M96 You have
to be very careful about
[drawing conclusions] because
all of the [Hubble constant]
measurements have huge
systematic errors.
Sept. 9,
1995 p. 166
Science News
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 58
Alfhough fhis fechnique looks good af lirsf, carEon-14 dafing
resfs on af leasf fvo simle assumfions. Jhey are, oEviously,
assuming fhe amounf ol carEon-14 in fhe afmoshere has
alvays Eeen consfanf, and ifs rafe ol decay has alvays Eeen
consfanf. Neifher ol fhese assumfions is rovaEle or reason-
aEle. An illusfrafion may hel !magine you lound a candle
Eurning in a room, and you vanfed fo defermine hov long if
vas Eurning Eelore you lound if. You could measure fhe
resenf heighf ol fhe candle (say, seven inches) and fhe rafe ol
Eurn (say, an inch er hour). !n order fo lind fhe lengfh ol
fime since fhe candle vas lif ve vould Ee lorced fo make
some assumfions. We vould, oEviously, have fo assume fhaf
fhe candle has alvays Eurned af fhe same rafe, and assume an
inifial heighf ol fhe candle. Jhe ansver changes Eased on fhe
assumfions. Similarly, scienfisfs do nof knov fhaf fhe
carEon-14 decay rafe has Eeen consfanf. Jhey do nof knov
fhaf fhe amounf ol carEon-14 in fhe afmoshere is consfanf.
resenf fesfing shovs fhe amounf ol C-14 in fhe afmoshere
has Eeen increasing since if vas lirsf measured in fhe 150`s.
Jhis may Ee fied in fo fhe declining sfrengfh ol fhe magnefic
!n addifion fo fhe aEove assumfions, dafing mefhods are all
suE|ecf fo fhe geologic column dafe fo verily fheir accuracy. !l
a dafe oEfained Ey radiomefric dafing does nof mafch fhe
assumed age lrom fhe geologic column fhe radiomefric dafe
vill Ee re|ecfed. Jhe so-called geologic column vas develoed
in fhe early 1800`s over a cenfury Eelore fhere vere any
radiomefric dafing mefhods. Aarf lrom very modern`
examles, vhich are really archaeology, ! can fhink ol no
cases ol radioacfive decay Eeing used fo dafe lossils."Ager,
erek V., ossil rusfrafions," Nev Scienfisf, vol. 100
(NovemEer 10, 183), . 425. LaEorafories vill nof carEon
dafe dinosaur Eones (even lrozen ones vhich could easily Ee
carEon dafed) Eecause dinosaurs are suosed fo have lived 70
million years ago according fo fhe licfifious geologic column.
An oE|ecf`s suosed lace on fhe geologic column defermines
fhe mefhod used fo dafe if. Jhere are aEouf 7 or 8 radioacfive
elemenfs fhaf are used foday fo fry fo dafe oE|ecfs. ach one
has a dillerenf hall-lile and a dillerenf range ol ages if is
suosed fo Ee used lor. No dafing mefhod cifed Ey evolu-
fionisfs is unEiased. or more inlormafion, see video fae #7
ol fhe CS video series on Creafion, volufion, and ino-
saurs, Bones ol Confenfion Ey tarvin LuEenov, or Scienfilic
Creafionism Ey Henry torris (all availaEle lrom CS).
A lev examles ol vild dafes Ey radiomefric dafing
Shells lrom living snails vere carEon dafed as Eeing 27,000
years old. Science vol. 224, 184, . 58-61
Living mollusk shells vere dafed u fo 2300 years old. Science
vol. 141, 163, .634-637
One part of Dima [a baby
frozen mammoth] was 40,000,
another part was 26,000 and
the wood immediately around
the carcass was 9-10,000.
Geological Survey Professional
Paper 862 (U.S. Gov. printing
office, 1975) p. 30
Troy L. Pewe, Quaternary
Stratigraphic Nomenclature in
Unglaciated Central Alaska,
The lower leg of the
Fairbanks Creek mammoth
had a radiocarbon age of
15,380 RCY, while its skin and
flesh were 21,300 RCY.
Natures Deep Freeze,
Sept. 1949, p.
300 See also:
Walt Brown p. 124
Harold E. Anthony,
Natural History,
In the
In the last two years an
absolute date has been
obtained for (the Ngandong
beds, above the Trinil beds),
and it has the very interesting
value of 300,000 years plus or
minus 300,000 years.
(Chicago: Rand
McNally, 1975), p. 295
Birdsell, J. B. Human
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 59
A lreshly killed seal vas carEon dafed as having died 1300
years ago! Anfarcfic ]ournal vol. 6, Sef-cf. 171, .211
ne arf ol fhe Vollosovifch mammofh carEon dafed af
2,500 years and anofher arf af 44,000." Jroy L. eve,
uafernary Sfrigrahic Nomenclafure in Uniglaciafed
Cenfral Alaska," Ceologic Survey rolessional aer 862 (U.S.
Cov. rinfing llice, 175) . 30
Sfrucfure, mefamorhism, sedimenfary revorking, and ofher
comlicafions have fo Ee considered. Radiomefric dafing
vould nof have Eeen leasiEle il fhe geologic column had nof
Eeen erecfed lirsf." ]. . `Rourke, ragmafism vs. taferial-
ism in Sfrafigrahy," American ]ournal ol Science, vol. 276
(]anuary,176), . 54
taferial lrom layers vhere dinosaurs are lound carEon dafed
af 34,000 years old. arfh`s tosf Challenging tysferies, 172,
Jhe numEer ol lossils in cerfain areas ol fhe vorld is
enormous. Hov could earfh have suorfed all fhose crea-
fures af fhe same fime
his quesfion shovs a common lalse assumfion fhaf many
eole make. Jhey assume fhe earfh foday is fhe same as if
has alvays Eeen. Joday`s earfh is 70% under vafer. Jhere are
scrifural and scienfilic indicafions fhaf fhe re-llood vorld
had greafer air ressure, higher ercenfages ol oxygen and
carEon dioxide, much more land (aEove sea level), less vafer
(on fhe earfh`s surlace), and a canoy ol vafer fo lilfer ouf
fhe harmlul ellecfs ol fhe sun. Jhis vould cause fhere fo Ee
many fimes more lanfs and animals on fhe earfh fhan fhere
are foday. Jhe added air ressure vould dilluse more gasses
info fhe vafer and suorf a much greafer lish oulafion.
Aquafic lanf lile er cuEic mile vould mulfily also. !! efer
3 fells us fhaf fhe scollers in fhe lasf days vill Ee villingly
ignoranf ol hov Cod creafed fhe heavens and fhe earfh. Jhey
vould also Ee ignoranf ol fhe llood. Jhese fvo greaf evenfs
musf Ee considered Eelore making any sfafemenfs aEouf fhe
condifions on earfh foday. nly aEouf 3% ol fhe earfh foday
is haEifaEle lor man. Jhe resf is under vafer, ice, deserfs,
mounfains, efc. !l fhe earfh Eelore fhe llood vere lor examle,
70% haEifaEle, if could have suorfed a huge oulafion.
tosf ol fhe vafer in foday`s oceans vould Eeen under fhe
arfh`s crusf Eelore fhe llood. See salm 241 and salm 1367.
Jhe vasf amounf and vorld-vide disfriEufion ol lossils shovs
fhe llood vas gloEal and fhaf Cod hafes sin enough fo |udge
fhe enfire vorld. See videos #2 and #6 ol our Seminar Series
lor much more on fhis foic.
4. Q
The two Colorado Creek
mammoths had radiocarbon
ages of 22,850 670 and
16,150 230 years
, Stratigraphy
of the Colorado Creek
Mammoth Locality, Alaska,
Walt Brown
p. 244-246
Robert M. Thorson and R.
Dale Guthrie
Quaternary Research, Vol. 37,
No. 2, March 1992, pp. 214-
228, see also: In the
A geologist at the Berkeley
Geochronology Center, [Carl]
Swisher uses the most
advanced techniques to date
human fossils. Last spring he
was re-evaluating
skulls found in Java in
the 1930s by testing the
sediment found with them. A
hominid species assumed to
be an ancestor of
have vanished some
250,000 years ago. But even
though he used two different
dating methods, Swisher kept
making the same startling
find: the bones were 53,000
years old at most and possibly
no more than 27,000 years
a stretch of time
contemporaneous with
modern humans.
Leslie Kaufman, Did a
Third Human Species Live
Among Us?
(December 23, 1996), p. 52.
erectus was thought
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 60
5. Q
6. Q:
: !s man evolving Eigger and smarfer
Jhe evolufion fheory feaches fhaf man has Eeen imroving
over fhe lasf 3 million years. Nofhing could Ee lurfher lrom
fhe frufh. Bofh hisfory and scrifure indicafe fhaf Eelore fhe
llood in fhe days ol Noah eole vere much Eigger and
smarfer fhan fhe average erson is foday. Jhe BiEle says fhey
vere living fo Ee more fhan 00 years old. ! shov some ol fhe
evidence lor gianf humans on my video fae #2. As lor
smarfer, you could learn a lof in 00 years! lus, Adam came
lrom fhe hand ol Cod lully rogrammed vifh language
caacify and fhe aEilify fo classily or sorf ifems quickly (he
named all fhe animals in one day). Adam vas around lor over
hall ol fhe fime lrom fhe creafion fo fhe llood, so his greaf
knovledge could Ee sread fhroughouf fhe vorld.
!n fhe lasf 400 years fhere has Eeen a greaf increase in accu-
mulafed fechnology. Jhis is nof fhe same as visdom or
infelligence. We can have a comufer Eecause fhousands ol
men Eelore have invenfed various arfs and ideas fhaf can Ee
uf fogefher. Jhere is no evidence fhaf modern man is
smarfer fhan ancienf man. ! fhink fhe oosife is frue. tany
ol fhe ancienf sfrucfures indicafe greafer infelligence in
solving roElems in a lov-fech age. (See seminar 7 lor exam-
As lor man geffing Eigger, fhere has Eeen an increase in
average size over fhe lasf lev hundred years in indusfrialized
counfries due fo imroved dief, sanifafion, medicine, efc Euf
fhis is nof fo Ee conlused vifh evolufion. Also fhe frend in
Eigger eole is nof rool ol long-ferm grovfh afferns. !l
man foday is say 8 inches faller fhan average man during fhe
American Revolufion 200 years ago if, oEviously, vould nof
rove fhaf man vas 80 inches shorfer 2000 years ago or 800
inches shorfer 20,000 years ago! very age has seen Eofh fall
eole and smarf eole. Jhere is no evidence fhaf modern
man is any Eeffer.
Was fhe earfh ever a hof, molfen mass like fhe fexfEooks
volufionisfs feach fhaf fhe earfh vas a Eoiling hof, molfen
mass fhaf slovly cooled dovn over millions ol years. Jhe
BiEle says in Cenesis chafer 1 fhaf !n fhe Eeginning Cod
creafed fhe heaven and fhe earfhand fhe Sirif ol Cod
moved uon fhe lace ol fhe vafers." So fhe surlace ol fhe
earfh vas covered vifh vafer, if could nof have Eeen a hof,
molfen mass.
Jhere is scienfilic evidence fo suorf fhe BiElical accounf.
RoEerf Cenfry ol Knoxville, Jennessee, does amazing research
on radio-olonium halos in granife rock. olonium is a rare
elemenf fhaf is radioacfive, if Ereaks dovn or decays like
uranium. Buf olonium only lasfs a lev minufes. As if Ereaks
If you will not fight for the
right when you can easily win
without bloodshed, if you will
not fight when your victory
will be sure and not so costly,
you may come to the moment
when you will have to fight
with all the odds against you
and only a precarious chance
of survival. There may be a
worse case. You may have to
fight when there is no chance
of victory, because it is better
to perish than to live as
Winston Churchill
Those who hold tolerance
as their highest virtue do so
because they have no others.
G. K. Chesterson
Lava from the 1801
Hawaiian volcano eruption
gave a K-Ar date of 1.6 Million
years old.
Dalyrmple, G.B., 1969
40Ar/36Ar analysis of historic
lava flows.
also: # Jan. 1999
Earth and Planetary
Science Letters, 6-47 55.
Impact 307
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 61
dovn, if sends oll liffle arficles fhaf all lly a cerfain disfance.
An analogy vould Ee a lirevorks dislay fhaf roduces a
shere ol lragmenfs fhaf only lasfs a lracfion ol a second
Eelore if collases. illerenf elemenfs have lragmenfs fhaf lly
dillerenf disfances, each radioacfive elemenf has a arficular
signafure" (hov Eig a circle if can make in fhe rock as if
decays like a more overlul lirevorks rockef vould roduce a
Eigger shere in fhe air). Radio-acfive olonium, vhen if
decays in a solid rock, makes a erlecf shere as if decays
Eecause all ifs lragmenfs lly aEouf fhe same disfance lrom fhe
cenfer. !l if decays in solid rock, fhe circle is reserved. Buf il if
decays in a hof molfen rock, fhe circle disaears. All over fhe
vorld radio-olonium halos exisf in granife, indicafing fhe
earfh vas never a hof, molfen mass. See RoEerf Cenfry`s Eook
Creafion`s Jiny tysfery, availaEle lrom CS - S13.50, lor
much more on fhis suE|ecf, or
!f is also inferesfing fhaf Cenfry`s research vas uElished in
many ma|or science magazines unfil someone realized fhaf if
vas roving fhe Eig Eang fheory fo Ee a Eig dud. Jhe censor-
shi ol his valuaEle maferial Ey mainsfream science magazines
is incrediEle Euf redicfaEle. volufion is a very carelully
rofecfed sfafe religion in fhis humanisf vorld foday.
Hov are diamonds, oil, lossil luels and nafural gas
Coal comes lrom massive amounfs ol frees and lanf maffer
fhaf has Eeen changed Ey fremendous heaf and ressure. il
and nafural gas lorm lrom lish, refile, and animal maffer
under similar heaf and ressure condifions. Jhe mosf logical
fime lor coal, oil and gas fo lorm vas during and alfer fhe
vorld-vide llood, vhen enormous amounfs ol animal and
vegefaEle maffer undervenf mass Eurial under fhe incrediEle
desfrucfion and ressure ol fhe llood vafers and fhe sedi-
menfs. See lor arficle Hov lasf
can oil lorm."
iamonds are highly ressurized, ure carEon gems. (Suer-
man used fo make fhem lrom coal all fhe fime.) tosf dia-
monds aear in Elue ground," in or near fhe neck ol an
exfincf volcano vhere magma erufed. Jhe high ressure ol
volcanic acfivify could have lormed diamonds. tany may
have lormed vhen fhe lounfains ol fhe dee" vere Eroken u
or vhen mounfains arose during fhe lasf monfhs ol fhe llood"
(salm 1046-8.)
Hov do you exlain fhe lormafion ol line sfrafa layers
called varves such as fhose in fhe Creen River lormafion in
Wyoming vhich confains 20 million line layers vhich rere-
senf 1 year each oesn`f fhis rove fhe earfh is more fhan
6,000 years old
Like many quesfions osed Ey evolufionisfs, one has a Euilf-in
laulfy assumfion. Jhis quesfion assumes fhaf each ol fhese
7. Q:
8. Q:
Abraham Lincoln
The people of these United
States are the rightful masters
of both Congress and the
courts, not to overthrow the
Constitution, but to overthrow
the men who pervert the
...the theory of evolution, a
theory universally accepted
not because it can be proven
by logically coherent evidence
to be true, but because the
only alternative, special
creation, is clearly incredible.
Watson, 1929, p. 233
Radio polonium halos in granite
rock prove the earth was never a
molten mass.
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 62
layers is annual, and fhis is, oEviously, nof fhe case.
Numerous exerimenfs have Eeen done on fhe lormafion.
You can fake a secfion ol Creen River lormafion and grind if
fo ovder, dro if info moving vafer and if vill resorf ifsell
info many line layers. !f has Eeen shovn fhaf fhe layers are
nof annual af all. Jhere are laces in fhis lormafion vhere
over 1500 layers are lound in some areas and only 1000 in
ofhers, all Eefveen fhe same fvo ash layers called evenf
horizons." See Creafion tagazine ]une-Aug. 17. Jhis
suE|ecf is dealf vifh in greaf defail af fhe !nsfifufe lor Cre-
afion Research (61) 448-000, or you can confacf fheir veE
age af
Whaf aEouf Elack holes
!n order fo escae fhe gravifafional ull ol fhe earfh, a rockef
musf go 25,000 miles er hour. !l if goes less fhan fhis if vill
lall Eack dovn. Jhis seed is knovn as fhe escae velocify ol
earfh. !l a lanef has sfronger gravify, fhe escae velocify vill
Ee even greafer.
Jhe fheory Eehind a Elack hole is fhe idea fhaf il enough mass
is in one locafion, fhe gravify vould Ee so greaf fhaf fhe
escae velocify vould Ee 186,000 miles er second so fhaf
even lighf could nof escae. Jhis, ol course, is assuming fhaf
lighf can Ee ellecfed Ey gravify. No one has ever seen a Elack
hole since no lighf could escae one il if exisfed.
Jhe roElem Elack holes are suosed fo lix is fhis il fhe Eig
Eang fheory vere frue, fhe maffer should Ee evenly disfriE-
ufed in sace. Since maffer is nof evenly disfriEufed in sace
(ve have clums ol maffer called galaxies fhen zillions ol
miles ol nofhing Eefveen) fhe Eelievers in fhe Eig Eang fheory
are frying fo exlain vhy. Jhey are frying fo say Jhere is
maffer in Eefveen fhe clums Euf ve can`f see if Eecause if is
in Elack holes." Acfually, fhey are arguing lrom a lack ol
evidence nof lrom evidence. Jhis is a oor osifion fo Ee in
vhen frying fo rove your case in a courf ol lav.
! don`f knov il Elack holes exisf or nof, Euf fheir exisfence is
nof roven.
Whaf aEouf fhe tars rock, is/vas fhere lile on tars
Lile does nof exisf on tars. Jhe urose ol fhe tars rock
hye a lev years ago vas fo hel NASA gef ifs granf money
vhich has Eeen sfalled in Congress. Jhey musf lind some-
fhing imorfanf vifh all fhe Eillions fhey send. Jhe rock had
Eeen lound 7 years earlier near fhe Soufh ole. !f arrived
13,000 years ago, according fo NASA !n 13,000 years if could
easily have Eecome confaminafed vifh arfh lile. r, in
assing fhrough fhe 200 mile fhick arfh afmoshere, fhe
rock could have Eecome confaminafed.
Also, fhe rock`s suosed tars origin is susecf. Suose ve
9. Q:
10. Q:
In the six hundredth year of
Noahs life in the second
month, the seventeenth day of
the month, the same day were
all the fountains of the great
deep broken up, and the
windows of heaven were
Genesis 7:11
Mark Twain
In the beginning of change,
the patriot is a scarce man,
and brave and hated and
scorned. When his cause
succeeds, the timid join him,
for then it costs nothing to be
a patriot.
In 1770 George Buffon
said the earth was 70,000
years old.
P. 151.
In 1905 the age of the earth
was officially 2 billion years
Today students are
taught it is 4.6 billion years
old. That means the earth has
been getting older at the rate
of 21 million years per year
for the last 220 years! Thats
40 years/min! We are aging
Integrated Principals of
Zoology 1996
Newsweek July 20, 1998
p. 50.
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 63
reduce arfh fo fhe size ol a 4 inch fomafo and tars fo fhe
size ol a 2 inch fomafo, using fhis scale, fhe fomafoes vould
Ee 2,000 leef aarf, over one-fhird ol a mile af fhe closesf
oinf ol fheir orEifs. Suose fhaf you had fo shoof fhe tars
fomafo so fhaf one iece ol if landed on fhe arfh fomafo,
vifhouf leaving a denf in fhe tars fomafo. Highly unlikely,
don`f you fhink tars has no gianf crafer fhaf vould indicafe
if had Eeen hif vifh enough lorce fo knock a lragmenf all fhe
vay fo earfh. Jhe vhole urose ol fhe highly uElicized
tars lind vas fo ush a NASA lunding granf fhrough Con-
gress. !f vorked. Jhe granf money vas released, and, shorfly
fherealfer, fhe announcemenf vas made fhaf fhe shae fhey
had seen on fhe rock vas acfually lamellae-lracfured surlaces
ol yroxene and carEonafe crysfals vhich vere lormed Ey
geologic rocesses" according fo a sfudy led Ey ]ohn Bradley ol
fhe Ceorgia !nsfifufe ol Jechnology. See Aviafion Week and
Sace Jechnology, ec. 8, 17. or more on fhis foic see fhe
Eook Jhaf Jheir Words tay Be Used Againsf Jhem, Ey r.
Henry torris, availaEle lrom CS - S1.50.
Should (or can) creafion science Ee faughf in fhe uElic
school sysfem
Jhis is a good quesfion and if deserves a good ansver, hov-
ever, fhere are ofher quesfions fhaf musf Ee ansvered lirsf
Eelore fhis quesfion can Ee roerly ansvered.
Jhe lirsf ol fhese is Should ve have a uElic school sysfem
Jhe fenfh amendmenf fo fhe U.S. Consfifufion says, Jhe
overs nof delegafed fo fhe Unifed Sfafes Ey fhe Consfifu-
fion, nor rohiEifed Ey if fo fhe Sfafes, are reserved fo fhe
Sfafes resecfively, or fo fhe eole." Jhe inferlerence ol fhe
ederal governmenf in fhe educafion ol children in unconsfi-
fufional. ! Eelieve il fhe governmenf vas ouf ol fhe educafion
Eusiness (as vell as vellare and hundreds ol ofher socialisf
rograms fhey have goffen info), many ofher roElems vould
Ee eliminafed and quesfions like fhis vould Ee moof.
A second quesfion fo ansver is !l ve decide fo have a uElic
school sysfem, vho should run if Jhis vill lurfher eliminafe
quesfions aEouf vhaf is faughf. !l fhe local communify vanfs
fo imarf fheir values fo fhe sfudenfs and fhey are aying fhe
salaries, fhen fheir values should Ee faughf. !f is unlair and
illegal (consfifufionally) fo lorce everyone (via faxes) fo ay fo
have all children faughf fhings confrary fo fhe Eeliels and
values ol fheir arenfs. Jhe schools Eecame uElic in fhe mid-
1800`s as arf ol a long-range lan lor a nev vorld order. See
fhe arficle, Why fhe Schools Wenf uElic" Ey Samuel
Blumenleld (310) 31-2245 lor more on fhis.
Nov, fo linally ansver fhe quesfion Nof only can you legally
feach creafion science in fhe uElic schools, you can feach if
righf ouf ol fhe BiEle, and feach or devofe a class fo religion,
Questions about public schools:
11. Q:
Daniel Webster
Good intentions will always
be pleaded for every
assumption of power... It is
hardly too strong to say that
the Constitution was made to
guard the people against the
dangers of good intentions.
There are men in all ages who
mean to govern well, but they
mean to govern. They promise
to be good masters, but they
mean to be masters.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
When it gets dark enough
you can see the stars.
Complex technology of any
sort is an assault on human
dignity. It would be little short
of disastrous for us to discover
the source of clean, cheap,
abundant energy, because of
what we might do with it.
Mountain Institute
Amory Lovins,
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 64
and have fhe fexfEook Ee fhe BiEle. We all knov fhe ellecfs ol
vhaf haened in 163 vhen fhe BiEle vas faken ouf, and
evolufion uf in fo fhe schools, Euf ve have Eeen deceived Ey
fhaf ACLU again! !n 163, fhe Sureme Courf Eanned fhe use
ol fhe BiEle fo fry fo gef kids saved, vhich is nof good oEvi-
ously, Euf if`s a lof Eeffer fhan vhaf fhe ACLU has led us fo
Eelieve. Jhey did nof fhrov fhe BiEle ouf! We have fhrovn
fhe BiEle ouf Eecause ve have alloved ourselves fo Ee
deceived Ey fhe ACLU.
!n fhe landmark ruling ol School isfricf ol AEingfon Jovn-
shi v. Schem, 374 U.S. 203, 225, (163) fhe courf held
fhaf, if cerfainly may Ee said fhaf fhe BiEle is vorfhy ol
sfudy lor ifs liferary and hisforic qualifies. Nofhing ve have
said here indicafes fhaf such sfudy ol fhe BiEle or ol religion,
vhen resenfed oE|ecfively as arf ol a secular rogram ol
educafion, may Ee ellecfed consisfenfly vifh fhe irsf Amend-
!n fhe ruling ol Sfone v. Craham, 44 U.S. 3, 42 (180), Jhe
Sureme Courf sfafed fhaf, fhe BiEle may consfifufionally Ee
used in an aroriafe sfudy ol hisfory, civilizafion, efhics,
comarafive religion, or fhe like."
!n lorey v. Sioux alls School isfricf, 61 .2d 1311, 1314
(8fh Cir, 180), fhe courf lound fhaf ermiffing uElic school
oEservances vhich include religious elemenfs romofes fhe
secular urose ol advancing fhe sfudenf`s knovledge and
areciafion ol fhe role fhaf our religious herifage has layed
in fhe social, culfural and hisforical develomenf ol civiliza-
Jhere are af leasf fvo ofher cases vhere fhe Sureme Courf
has ruled fhaf fhe BiEle may Ee used in ifs enfirefy lor secular
educafional uroses such as hisfory, civilizafion, efhics,
comarafive religion, culfure, and fhe morals on vhich fhis
counfry vas lounded!
Jhe Sureme Courf never kicked fhe BiEle ouf ol schools in
163. Jhe roElem is We, Chrisfians, vho Eelieved fhe lie
fhaf fhey did! Jhe feachers are nof alloved fo fry fo converf
sfudenfs vhile on school fime and roerfy, Euf fhey can
resenf creafion. Nov, ! undersfand fhaf nof Eeing aEle fo use
fhe BiEle fo gef eole saved is discouraging, Euf, Eeing aEle fo
use if fo feach creafion science or fhe morals fhaf fhis counfry
vas lounded on can and vill reverse fhe currenf indocfrina-
fion! You cannof only feach creafion science, you can do if
righf lrom fhe BiEle verse Ey verse or you could go ouf on
a dillerenf suE|ecf and feach hov fhe BiEle is fhe only moral
aEsolufe fhaf fhis counfry has. Jhis counfry vas lounded on
fhe morals in fhe BiEle, and vifhouf fhe BiEle, all morals are
in-aEsolufe, and are suE|ecf fo some human`s inferrefafion!
You can feach fhaf! !l you gef in frouEle (and fhere is a risk
Eecause so many rincials have Eeen misled or infimidafed
Ey ACLU fye lavyers) call ACL] (American Cenfer lor Lav
and ]usfice in Virginia ]ay Sekulov(757)226-248), or fhe
Nafional Legal oundafion(757)424-4242, or fhe American
It has never been against
the law to teach creation. No
statute exists in any state to bar
instruction in creation science.
It could be taught before, and
it can be taught now.

July 19, 1987, p. 34
Stephen Jay Gould The
Verdict on Creationism, New
York Times
The Supreme Court ruling
did not, in any way, outlaw the
teaching of creation science
in public school classrooms.
Quite simply it ruled that, in
the form taken by the
Louisiana law, it is
unconstitutional to demand
equal time for this particular
subject. Creation science can
still be brought into science
classrooms If and when
teachers and administrators
feel that it is appropriate.
Numerous surveys have
shown that teachers and
administrators favor just this
route. And, in fact, creation
science is being taught in
science courses throughout the
Guard Up After Evolution
Victory, 37 (9,
October 1987): 636
Evolutionary biologist
Michael Zimmerman,
The Supreme Court stated
that, the Bible may
constitutionally be used in an
appropriate study of history,
civilization, ethics, comparative
religion, or the like.
449 U.S.
39, 42 (1980)
Stone v. Graham,
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 65
amily Associafion Lav Cenfer (662)844-5036, or fhe
Rufherlord !nsfifufe (804) 78-3888, and fhey should Ee
villing Ering if fo fhe courfs. See religious lreedoms on lor more inlormafion.
Jvo sfafes assed lavs fhaf fhe schools feach
creafion. Jhese lavs vere ruled unconsfifufional. Jhe feach-
ers have alvays had fhe righf fo feach if.
Jhe Sureme Courf decision says only fhaf fhe Louisiana lav
violafes fhe consfifufional searafion ol church and sfafe if
does nof say fhaf no one can feach scienfilic creafionism
and, unlorfunafely, many individual feachers do. Some
school disfricfs even require equal fime` lor creafion and
evolufion." ugenie Scoff, Nafional Cenfer lor Science duca-
fion, Berkeley, Calilornia, Nafure 32, 187 . 282
When ! seak in uElic schools, !, urosely, do nof use fhe
BiEle or menfion Cod Eecause ! do nof vanf fo close fhe door
lor lufure minisfry. ! may demand my righfs and lose my
oorfunify fo gef anyfhing in fhe schools. You can gef a coy
ol our video, uElic School resenfafion, and give fhem fo all
fhe feachers in your school.
Whaf can uElic school kids and fheir arenfs do aEouf
evolufion Eeing faughf in fhe uElic school sysfem
Here are some racfical suggesfions sfudenfs and fheir
arenfs can use fo lighf evolufion in fhe classroom. !f cer-
fainly is unlair fo use fax dollars fo romofe fhe religion ol
evolufion and, af fhe same fime, desfroy fhe laifh ol Chrisfian
children in school.
Jransler your child lrom uElic school fo rivafe or home
school. uElic schools lose lunding vhen enrollmenf dros.
As a faxayer, you have a righf fo hel confrol your local
schools, even il your children do nof affend. Co fo school
Eoard meefings.
LoEEy lor a lav requiring a varning sficker in every Eook
fhaf confains evolufion. Sfehanie Bell, (334) 272-2777,
imlemenfed such a varning sficker lav lor AlaEama fexf-
Wrife fo fexfEook uElishers fo exress your oinion.
Run lor school Eoard or gef on your fexfEook selecfion
commiffee and demand fhaf Eooks Ee accurafe. tosf sfafes
already have lavs requiring fhis. Ceffing lalse inlormafion ouf
ol fhe Eooks vill remove many ifems currenfly used fo
suorf evolufion. See my Are You Being Brainvashed Ey
Your uElic School JexfEook lor more on fhis foic, or my
seminar video #4. Jvenfy-fvo ol fhe 50 sfafes have a sfafe
fexfEook selecfion commiffee. (!n fhe ofher sfafes fhe local
12. Q:
Accuracy of instructional
(1) In addition to relying on
statements of publishers or
manufacturers of instructional
materials, the commissioner
may conduct or cause to be
conducted an independent
investigation to determine the
accuracy of state-adopted
instructional materials.
(2) When errors in state-
adopted materials are
confirmed, the publisher of
the materials shall provide to
each district school board that
has purchased the materials
the corrections in a format
approved by the commissioner.
(3) The commissioner may
remove materials from the list
of state-adopted materials if
he or she finds that the content
is in error and the publisher
refuses to correct the error
when notified by the
(4) The commissioner may
remove materials from the list
of state-adopted materials at
the request of the publisher if,
in his or her opinion, there
is no material impact on the
state's education goals.
Texas Administrative
Title 19
66.66 (I) Instructional
materials shall present the
most factual information
accurately and objectively
without editorial opinion or
bias by the authors. Theories
shall be clearly distinguished
from facts and presented in
an objective manner.
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 66
disfricf or fhe individual feachers vill chose vhich Eooks fhey
vill Euy.) Jhe commiffee normally selecfs 4 or 5 Eooks lrom
fhe 15 or so uElishers vho may suEmif Eooks lor reviev.
Jhese Eooks are considered sfafe aroved and fhe disfricfs
musf chose lrom fhose Eooks il fhey vanf fhe sfafe fo ay lor
fhem. uElishers vanf fo sell Eooks so fhey roduce vhaf
eole vill Euy. !l you chose fhe leasf oisonous Eook ol fhe
ones availaEle Ee sure fo vrife fhe ofher uElishers and fell
fhem vhy you did nof chose fheirs. Jhe CaElers, (03) 753-
53, can Ee a greaf hel in choosing good Eooks.
ncourage sfudenfs fo do aers shoving fhe religious
nafure ol evolufionary fheory in science class. Your school
Eoard may Ee ersuaded fo Euy some maferial lor fhe sake ol
equal fime. !l nof, gef and disfriEufe Eooks and videos as a
mission ro|ecf fhrough your church.
onafe Creafion Science faes fo your child`s science
feacher or school liErary.
!nlorm feachers ol fheir righf fo feach creafion in uElic
school. tany are looled Ey fhe roaganda lrom grous like
fhe ACLU info fhinking fhey are nof alloved fo falk aEouf
creafion vhen fhey really are.
(See !macf arficle #16 lrom !nsfifufe lor Creafion Research
(61) 448-000 or Jeaching Creafion Science in fhe uElic
School Ey uane Cish availaEle lrom CS - S4.75)
arn good grades, Eehave vell, Ee on fime, Ee resecflul.
ray lor your feacher.
Ta// tc jcur tca./cr a/cut cvc/uticn and .rcaticn issucs
rivatc/j ajtcr ./ass. Trj tc nct .cnjrcnt t/cm in ./ass ij
Ojjcr jcur tca./cr .rcaticn s.icn.c matcria/ tc rcad cr
uat./. A vidcc is a grcat ncn-cjjcnsivc uaj tc .cnvcrt
tca./crs tc t/c trut/s cj .rcaticn. (Scminar art 1 cr ucu/d
/c gccd.)
Havc jcur arcnts dcmand t/at jcu /c cxcmtcd jrcm t/c
cvc/uticnarj crticns cj ./ass as t/cj arc .cntrarj tc jcur
rc/igicn. (Scc
/j j. V. 8rin//cj cr /j t/c
Rut/crjcrd Institutc. 8ct/ avai/a//c jrcm CSL)
)%I0#(%+6 O#8$7 T&8.%+ '( $ MI57&, ),.''7 !$*1I+
)%I0#(%+6 T&8.%+ &( MI57&, =0I,$%&'(
A message from the
Alabama State Board of
This textbook discusses
evolution, a controversial
theory some scientists present
as a scientific explanation for
the origin of living things, such
as plants, animals and
No one was present when
life first appeared on earth.
Therefore, any statement
about lifes origins should be
considered as theory, not fact.
The word evolution may
refer to many types of change.
Evolution describes changes
that occur within a species.
(White moths, for example,
may evolve into gray
moths.) This process is
microevolution, which can be
observed and described as
fact. Evolution may also refer
to the change of one living
thing to another, such as
reptiles into birds. This
process, called
macroevolution, has never
been observed and should be
considered a theory. Evolution
also refers to the unproven
belief that random, undirected
forces produced a world of
living things.
There are many unanswered
questions about the origin of
life which are not mentioned
in your textbook, including:
Why did the major groups
of animals suddenly appear in
the fossil record (known as the
Cambrian Explosion)?
Why have no new major
groups of living things
appeared in the fossil record
for a long time?
Why do major groups of
plants and animals have no
transitional forms in the fossil
How did you and all living
things come to possess such a
complete and complex set of
Instructions for building a
living body?
Someday, you may
contribute to the theories of
how living things appeared on
Study hard and keep an open
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 67
Bible Questions:
13. Q:
Are fhere confradicfions in fhe BiEle
When ! vas a nev Chrisfian, someone shoved me fhe aar-
enf confradicfions Eefveen fhe creafion accounfs in Cenesis 1
and Cenesis 2. According fo Cenesis 1, Cod made fhe frees on
day fhree, fhe Eirds lrom vafer on day live, and fhe animals
on day six, all Eelore man. Buf Cenesis 2 records fhe creafion
ol frees, animals, and Eirds lrom dirf on day six, all alfer man.
Jhis aarenf confradicfion disaears vhen one reads in
Cenesis 2 fhaf fhis chafer descriEes fhe evenfs regarding fhe
creafion ol fhe ifems in fhe Carden ol den only. Cod knev
Safan could come and say he had creafed all fhings il Adam
did nof acfually vifness Cod`s creafive over. Cod made
Adam on fhe sixfh day, uf him in fhe garden, made some
frees fo grov Eelore Adam, fhen made 1 more ol each ol fhe
animals so fhaf Adam could name fhem and selecf a vile. Jhe
resf ol fhe vorld vas already lull ol lanfs and animals lrom
earlier in fhe veek. See .3 lor more on fhis.
Anofher aarenf confradicfion aears in ! Kings 723 and !!
Chronicles 4, fhe descrifion ol fhe large Eovl called fhe
Erazen laver. According fo Eofh assages, fhe laver measures
10 cuEifs (elEov fo lingerfi, aEouf 18 inches) across and 30
cuEifs around, a rafio fhaf does nof equal i (3.1415) and
aears fo Ee nof mafhemafically valid. Hovever, fhe 10 cuEif
measuremenf sans fhe inside ol fhe Eovl, fhe handEreadfh
fhickness ol fhe Erass is included in fhe diamefer vhich
Ealances fhe rafio fo equal i very neafly. Jhere are no confra-
dicfions in fhe BiEle. Jhis foic is covered in more defail vifh
icfures and calculafions on .38.
Some have suosed a confradicfion over fhe numEer ol
horses Solomon had. And Solomon had lorfy fhousand sfalls
ol horses and chariofs, and fvleve fhousand horsemen." !
Kings 426, vs. And Solomon had lour fhousand sfalls lor
horses and chariofs, and fvelve fhousand horsemen," !!
Chronicles 25. Jhis is nof a roElem. ne assage fells ol fhe
numEer ol horses vhile fhe ofher fells ol fhe numEer ol sfalls
lor horses chariofs. Jhey had fen horses and fen men er
chariof. Jhe same rafio is seen in !! Samuel 1018, And fhe
Syrians lled Eelore !srael, and avid slev fhe men ol seven
hundred chariofs ol fhe Syrians," ! Chronicles 118. Buf fhe
Syrians lled Eelore !srael, and avid slev ol fhe Syrians seven
fhousand men vhich loughf in chariofs," See also !! Samuel
84, ! Chronicles 184.
Anofher common confradicfion" oinfed ouf Ey scollers is,
And fhose fhaf died in fhe lague vere fvenfy and lour
fhousand." NumEers 25. vs. Neifher lef us commif lornica-
fion, as some ol fhem commiffed, and lell in one day fhree and
The battle for humankinds
future must be waged and won
in the public school classroom
by teachers who correctly
percieve their role as the
proselytizers of a new faith: A
religion of humanity...utilizing
a classroom instead of a pulpit
to carry humanist values into
wherever they teach.... The
classroom must and will
become an arena of conflict
between the old and the
newthe rotting corpse of
Christianity, together with its
adjacent evils and misery, and
the new faith of humanism....
winning Essay,
Jan/Feb 1983
John J. Dunphy,
The Humanist,
Great spirits have always
encountered violent opposi-
tion from mediocre minds.
Albert Einstein
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 68
and fvenfy fhousand." ! Cor. 108. Eviously, one fhousand
died lafer lrom fhe lague.
Jhe BiEle Bafisf Booksfore in ensacola, (850) 476-245, has
a greaf Eook (even fhough fhe aufhor is a liffle sarcasfic vifh
his resonse fo fhe scollers quesfions) dealing vifh all ol fhe
ofher so-called confradicfions or roElem assages in fhe BiEle.
Jhe Eook is called and cosfs
aEouf S15
Where did fhe races come lrom
Acfually, fhere is only one race, fhe human race. Eviously,
several dillerenf colors ol eole exisf on fhe earfh fhaf have
disfincfive characferisfics, Euf fhey are fhe same race. Because
Scrifure does nof sfafe vhere fhese dillerences came lrom,
!`m nof going fo Ee dogmafic Euf ! vill fell you aEouf fhe
various fheories.
ne fheory says fhaf Adam and ve vere medium-Erovn,
ossiEly Eecause fhey vere made lrom fhe earfh. Jhaf
medium-Erovn coule roduced all fhe variefies ol colors,
fhey mighf have had 100 children or more vifh all fhe colors
reresenfed in fhe lirsf lamily.
A second fheory says fhaf fhe lirsf division ol colors came
vhen Cod uf a mark uon Cain (Cenesis 415) alfer Cain
killed AEel. Jhe BiEle doesn`f say vhaf fhe mark is, Euf some
have fried fo say fhaf Cain Eecame fhe lirsf Elack man. l
course, fhaf fheory only exlains fvo colors and does nof
consider fhe llood Eringing fhe human race Eack fo one lamily
! ersonally don`f Eelieve fhis fheory eifher.
A fhird fheory says fhaf Noah cursed Canaan alfer Noah gof
drunk (Cenesis 25). Some eole fhink Canaan Eecame fhe
lirsf Elack man. ! don`f Eelieve fhis fheory Eecause ! don`f
fhink any color ol eole are cursed and if only exlains fvo
colors. Jhe BiEle says Canaan shall Ee a servanf ol servanfs.
tany have used fhis verse vifh fheir fvisfed logic fo |usfily
Jhe lourfh (and ! fhink fhe Eesf) fheory says fhe races came
lrom fhe Jover ol BaEel. Cenesis 1020 says, Jhese are fhe
sons ol Ham, alfer fheir lamilies, alfer fheir fongues, in fheir
counfries, in fheir nafions." erhas all lamilies, counfries,
nafions, and fongues vere creafed or develoed lrom fhis
evenf. tayEe fhe colors vere divinely creafed af fhaf fime, or
mayEe fhey are |usf a nafural roducf ol a small grou ol
eole seaking fheir ovn language and marrying Eack fo
fheir ovn arenf sfock. Racial fraifs Eecome more ronounced
in a small inEreeding grou. Jhe BiEle isn`f clear on fhis
suE|ecf. Jhese lour fheories are fhe only ones fhaf ! knov. !
reler fhe Jover ol BaEel exlanafion. ! knov fhe BiEle does
say in Acfs 17 fhaf all nafions are ol one Elood so fhere is no
reason lor anyone fo Ee a racisf.
U=""'"+V &( %.# W&(8 X$*#+ R&57#
14. Q:
Our enemy is not those
with guns, but missionaries
with Bibles.
head of the
Communist Party, Peoples
Republic of China.
Jiang Zhernin,
In this world, if a man sits
down to think, he is
immediately asked if he has
a headache.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 69
Professor Alfredo Trombetti
claims that he can prove the
common origin of all
languages. Max Mueller, one
of the greatest oriental
language scholars, declared
that all human languages can
be traced back to one, single
original language.
Grant R. Jeffrey, The
Signature of God
15. Q:
16. Q:
!s fhere any scienfilic exlanafion lor fhe oening
ol fhe Red Sea and toses leading fhe children ol !srael across
fhe Eoffom
! don`f knov ol any scienfilic exlanafion af all, ! vould say if
had fo Ee a miracle. Jhere is, hovever, archaeological suorf
lor fhe BiElical accounf. Archaeologisfs have Eeen looking in
fhe vrong lace lor fhe lasf 3,000 years lor fhe remains ol
haraoh`s army af fhe Red Sea crossing. !l you look af a ma
ol fhe norfh end ol fhe Red Sea, you vill see fhaf if slifs info
fvo Eranches. Jhe lelf Eranch is called fhe Cull ol Suez and
fhe righf Eranch is called fhe Cull ol AqaEa Jhe children ol
!srael did nof cross af fhe Cull ol Suez. Jhey fraveled across
fhe Sinai eninsula and crossed over af fhe Cull ol AqaEa,
vhich is also arf ol fhe Red Sea.
Ron Wyaff (deceased) vas a lriend ol mine lrom Nashville,
Jennessee, vho researched fhe crossing ol fhe Red Sea. He
lound fvo sfone illars, one on eifher side ol fhe Cull ol
AqaEa, erecfed and inscriEed Ey Solomon fo commemorafe fhe
Red Sea crossing. Across fhe Eoffom ol fhe gull Eefveen fhe
fvo illars is a afh liffered vifh fhe remains ol gold-lafed
vooden chariofs and chariof vheels nof affached fo fheir
chariofs, |usf as fhe BiEle says in xodus 1425. Cod erlormed
a miracle af fhe Red Sea, and fhere is evidence ol fhe miracle.
Ron`s minisfry,, has a greaf video
on fhis foic.
!s Cod geffing old
Jhis is an inferesfing quesfion fhaf rellecfs a common human
fendency. eole olfen fry fo uf our human limifafions on
Cod. Jhe Cod ol fhe BiEle does nof have our limifafions. !f is
dilliculf fo comrehend Cod as nof Eeing allecfed Ey fime,
sace or maffer like ve are. Jhere is a sfory fhaf may hel
exlain hov Cod is Eeyond undersfanding. Suose fhere
vere fvo llaf eole reresenfed Ey fvo recfangular ieces ol
aer. Jhese llaf eole lived on a faElefo. We vill call fhem
tr. laf and trs. laf and fhe lace fhey live in and under-
sfand is called lafland. Jhey are fvo-dimensional Eeings and
live in a fvo dimensional vorld. Jhey have no concef ol fhe
fhird dimension. Jhey can see only one dimension (vidfh) Euf
fhey can erceive fvo, lengfh and vidfh, |usf as humans can
see fvo dimensions, lengfh and vidfh and erceive a fhird,
defh. (Hence, fhe ferm defh ercefion.")
Nov suose fhaf a fhree-dimensional Eeing (a human)
vished fo meef and exlain himsell fo tr. and trs. laf. !l
fhaf erson sfuck a linger fhrough fhe faEle fo called
lafland, tr. and trs. laf vould see only a circle, (fhe cross
secfion ol fhe linger) vifh no ercefion ol fhe resf ol fhe
erson. Jhree dimensions are Eeyond fheir comrehension in
When you come to a fork
in the road, take it.
Yogi Berra
The true test of civilization
is, not the census, nor the size
of cities, nor the cropsno,
but the kind of man the
country turns out..
Ralph Waldo Emerson
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 70
Gulf of Aqaba
Will the unicorn be willing
to serve thee, or abide by thy
Canst thou bind the unicorn
with his band in the furrow?
or will he harrow the valleys
after thee?
Job 39:9-10
fhe same vay Cod is Eeyond our comrehension. hesians
318-1 says, tay Ee aEle fo comrehend vifh all sainfs
vhaf is Ereadfh, and lengfh, and defh, and heighf, (lour
dimensions) And fo knov fhe love ol Chrisf, vhich assefh
knovledge, fhaf ye mighf Ee lilled vifh all fhe lullness ol
Cod." Cod may exisf in more dimensions fhan ve can lully
comrehend nov. When ve ask a quesfion like is Cod
geffing old," ve assume fhaf Cod exisfs in fime like ve do. He
does nof. He exisfs Eeyond fime, sace, and maffer, humans
are fhe ones sfuck in fime. So Cod does nof grov old. Jime,
sace and maffer do nof aly fo Him or allecf Him in any
vay. He creafed fhem all in Cenesis 11.
When vere angels creafed
Jhe BiEle says in xodus 2011 fhaf Cod made everyfhing in
fhose six days, heaven and earfh and everyfhing in fhem. Jhe
angels had fo Ee made during fhe lirsf six days, alfhough fhe
BiEle doesn`f sfafe vhen. Several relerences seem fo say fhaf
fhe angels re|oiced vhen fhe earfh`s loundafions vere laid,
fhey musf have Eeen creafed earlier in fhe veek. See ]oE 384-
7. Jhis assage may Ee relerring fo fhe angels vafching fhe
dry land aear on day fhree in fhe original creafion or if may
Ee fhey vere vafching fhe esfaElishing ol fhe earfh`s nev
confinenfal levels alfer fhe llood. ! don`f knov lor sure.
Whaf are unicorns
!`ve never lound a good ansver fo fhaf one. Jhe BiEle men-
fions fhis creafure six fimes in NumEers 2322, 248, ]oE 3-
10, salms 26, 210. ! susecf all fhe icfures ol horses
vifh horns have Eeen so imEedded in our minds ve cannof
gef fhem ouf. Scrifure menfions fhe unicorn`s greaf
sfrengfh, aversion fo man, and un-frainaEilify. Horses are
domesfic animals fhaf frain vell, refiles are vild animals
vifh small Erains fhaf don`f frain vell, il af all. !l ve could
sfarf lresh and read vhaf fhe BiEle says aEouf unicorns, !
fhink ve vould lind fhaf a sfocky sfrong refile like fhe
fricerafos or monoclonius vould lif fhe descrifion much
Eeffer. We have all seen so many icfures ol a horse vifh a
horn fhaf ! douEf ve vill Ee aEle fo clear our minds and fhink
aEouf fhis suE|ecf vifhouf Eias. We vill have fo vaif and ask
Cod fhaf quesfion.
17. Q:
18. Q:
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 71
19. Q:
When did Safan lall lrom Heaven
I /c/icvc t/c Ccncsis a..cunt is tc /c ta/cn /itcra//j just as it
uas urittcn. It tca./cs t/c ucr/d uas .rcatcd in six tucntj-
jcur /cur dajs a/cut 00 jcars agc t/crc uas nc ga. T/crc
uas nc cricd cj timc /cjcrc t/c crigina/ .rcaticn. T/crc uas
a.tua//j nc timc. Ccd madc timc as uc// as mattcr and sa.c. I
dc nct t/in/ t/at Satan jc// jrcm /cavcn unti/ a/cut cnc
/undrcd jcars ajtcr t/c .rcaticn. Hc .cu/d nct /avc ja//cn
/cjcrc t/c .rcaticn /c.ausc /c uas sc/cn a/cut in t/c /cc/
cj Lzc/ic/ as /cing gccd u/i/c in t/c gardcn. Lcc/ at Lzc/ic/

Hc uas Lu.ijcr a gccd angc/ cr ./cru/ and /c uas in

t/c Cardcn. T/c Cardcn cj Ldcn uasnt madc unti/ daj six sc
t/at s/ccts t/c Ca T/ccrj ju// cj /c/cs rig/t t/crc. Nct cn/j
t/at /ut jcsus said in Matt/cu 1; t/at t/c .rcaticn cj
Adam and Lvc uas t/c /cginning. Rcad u/at it sajs

12 sajs t/at t/crc uas nc dcat/ unti/ Adam sinncd

u/c saj t/at Satan jc// jrcm /cavcn and uicd cut t/c
rcadami. .ivi/izaticn arc / dcat/ /cjcrc sin. T/cj /avc
just c/iminatcd t/c nccd jcr C/rist tc dic cn t/c .rcss. T/crc
uas nc dcat/ unti/ sin .amc intc t/c ucr/d. Lxcdus 2011
T/is is jcund in t/c midd/c cj t/c tcn .cm-
Ccd madc t/c u/c/c univcrsc in six /itcra/ tucntj-jcur /cur
dajs in./uding timc in./uding t/c angc/s and cvcrjt/ing t/at
is. V/at daj Hc madc t/c angc/s is nct /ncun sin.c t/c Ccncsis
stcrj is main/j tc//ing cvcnts cn t/c cart/. T/c angc/s ucrc
rc/a//j madc cn t/c jirst daj /cjcrc Ccd /aid t/c jcundaticns
cj t/c cart/ (scc jc/ 3- and Ccn 1;). Ccncsis 131tc//s us
cvcrjt/ing uas vcrj gccd at t/c cnd cj t/c .rcaticn ucc/ sc
Satan /ad nct ja//cn jct. Satan did nct ja// unti/ ajtcr t/c .rc-
aticn maj/c cvcn cnc /undrcd cr sc jcars /atcr. A// t/at uc
/ncu is Adam uas cnc /undrcd t/irtj u/cn Sct/ uas /crn.
T/at is t/c jirst datc givcn in S.riturc. 8cjcrc Sct/ t/cj /ad
Cain and A/c/ /ut datcs arc nct givcn. 8cjcrc /c /ad Cain and
A/c/ t/cj ucrc rcmcvcd jrcm t/c gardcn. T/crcjcrc it ucu/d
<.'I .$+% 5##( &( =0#( %.# 8$"0#( 'L N'0 #H#"/
1"#,&'I+ +%'(# D$+ %./ ,'H#"&(8 %.# +$"0&I+ %'1$P $(0 %.# 0&$-
*'(0 %.# 5#"/7 %.# '(/Y $(0 %.# J$+1#" %.# +$11.&"# %.# #*#"$70
$(0 %.# ,$"5I(,7# $(0 8'70Z %.# D'"G*$(+.&1 'L %./ %$5"#%+ $(0 'L
%./ 1&1#+ D$+ 1"#1$"#0 &( %.## &( %.# 0$/ %.$% %.'I D$+% ,"#$%#0E
<.'I $"% %.# $('&(%#0 ,.#"I5 %.$% ,'H#"#%. $(0 B .$H# +#% %.## +'Z
%.'I D$+% I1'( %.# .'7/ *'I(%$&( 'L N'0 %.'I .$+% D$7G#0 I1 $(0
0'D( &( %.# *&0+% 'L %.# +%'(#+ 'L L&"#E <.'I D$+% 1#"L#,% &( %./
D$/+ L"'* %.# 0$/ %.$% %.'I D$+% ,"#$%#0 %&77 &(&[I&%/ D$+ L'I(0 &(
\(0 .#
$(+D#"#0 $(0 +$&0 I(%' %.#* ]$H# /# ('% "#$0 %.$% .# D.&,.
*$0# %.#* $% %.# 5#8&((&(8 *$0# %.#* *$7# $(0 L#*$7#E
L'"# $+ 5/ '(# *$( +&( #(%#"#0 &(%' %.# D'"70 $(0 0#$%. 5/ +&(
$(0 +' 0#$%. 1$++#0 I1'( $77 *#( L'" %.$% $77 .$H# +&((#0E
2'" &( +&Y 0$/+ %.# O^T: *$0# .#$H#( $(0 #$"%. $(0 $77
%.$% &( %.#* &+EEE
Wherefore God also gave
them up to uncleanness
through the lusts of their own
hearts, to dishonour their own
bodies between themselves:
Who changed the truth of God
into a lie, and worshipped
and served the creature more
than the Creator, who is
blessed for ever. Amen.
Romans 1:24-25
The great difference
between the real statesman
and the pretender is, that the
one sees into the future, while
the other regards only the
present; the one lives by the
day, and acts on expediency;
the other acts on enduring
principles and for immortal-
Edmund Burke
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 72
/avc /ccn scmcu/crc arcund a /undrcd jcars during u/i./
timc Satan maj /avc /c.cmc jca/cus cj t/c jc//cus/i t/at
Adam and Lvc cnjcjcd uit/ Ccd. Satan maj /avc c/scrvcd t/cir
rc/aticns/i jcr cnc /undrcd jcars and said Hcj I uant t/cm
tc ucrs/i mc! I uant tc ru/c /umanitj. I uant tc ua// uit/
t/cm in t/c gardcn. I ui// as.cnd untc t/c /ig/ /cavcns. I ui//
ta/c cvcr t/c scat cj t/c Mcst Hig/. I ui// I ui// I ui//. ( Scc
Isaia/ 1)
Mj t/ccrj is and I .annct rcvc it /ut I am rcttj
t/at Satan did nct ja// unti/ cnc /undrcd jcars ajtcr t/c .rcaticn.
T/c ja// .cu/d nct /avc /ccn in t/c crigina/ .rcaticn /c.ausc /c
uas sti// t/c /ig/t /carcr in t/c Cardcn cj Ldcn. Scc scminar 2
jcrmcrcinjcrmaticn cn t/is tci..
20. Q:
Hovoldvas Jerah vhen AEram vas Eorn 70 or 130
Jhis is an inferesfing quesfion. Comare fhe lolloving verses
Cen. 1126 And Jerah lived sevenfy years, and Eegaf AEram,
Nahor, and Haran." Cen. 124 So AEram dearfed, as fhe
LR had soken unfo him, and Lof venf vifh him and
AEram vas sevenfy and live years old vhen he dearfed ouf ol
Haran." Acfs 72-4 says And he said, ten, Erefhren, and
lafhers, hearken, Jhe Cod ol glory aeared unfo our lafher
AEraham, vhen he vas in tesoofamia, Eelore he dvelf in
Charran, And said unfo him, Cef fhee ouf ol fhey counfry and
lrom fhy kindred, and come info fhe land vhich ! shall shov
fhee. Jhen came he ouf ol fhe land ol fhe Chaldaeans, and
dvelf in Charran and lrom fhence, vhen his lafher vas dead,
he removedhiminfofhis land, vhereinye novdvell."
Jhe Eook ol ]asher (menfioned in]oshua 1013 and !! Sam. 118)
is nof insired scrifure Euf if is inferesfing ancienf hisfory. !f
fells us
]asher 1261 And AEram hasfened and ran fo salefy fo fhe
house ol Noah and his son Shem...6. and AEram ceased fo
seakvhenNoahandhis sonShemansveredJerah...
131. And Jerah fook his son AEram and his grandson Lof, fhe
son ol Haran, and Sarai his daughfer-in-lav, fhe vile ol his son
AEram, and all fhe souls ol his household and venf vifh fhem
lrom Ur Casdim fo go fo fhe land ol Canaan. And vhen fhey
came as lar as fhe land ol Haran fhey remained fhere, lor if vas
exceedingly good land lor asfure, and ol sullicienf exfend lor
fhose vhoaccomaniedfhem.
2. And fhe eole ol fhe land ol Haran sav fhaf AEram vas
good and urighf vifh Cod and men, and fhaf fhe Lord his Cod
vas vifh him, and some ol fhe eole ol fhe land ol Haran came
and |oined AEram, and he faughf fhem fhe insfrucfion ol fhe
Lord and his vays, and fhese men remained vifh AEram in his
house andfheyadheredfohim.
The rocks do date the
fossils, but the fossils date the
rocks more accurately.
Stratigraphy cannot avoid this
kind of reasoning if it insists
on using only temporal
concepts, because circularity is
inherent in the derivation of
time scales.
Pragmatism versus
Materialism in Stratigraphy,
vol. 276 (January 1976), p. 53
ORourke, J.
American Journal of Science
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 73
3. And AEram remained in fhe land fhree years, and af fhe
exirafion ol fhree years fhe Lord aeared fo AEram and said
unfo him, ! am fhe Lord vho Eroughf fhee lorfh lrom Ur
Casdim, anddeliveredfhee lromfhe hands ol all fhine enemies.
4. And nov fherelore il fhou vilf harken fo my voice and kee
my commandmenfs, my sfafufes and my lavs, fhen vill ! cause
fhy enemies fo lall Eelore fhee, and ! vill mulfily fhy seed like
fhe sfars ol heaven, and ! vill send my Elessing uon all fhe
vorks ol fhyhands, andfhoushalf lacknofhing.
5. Arise nov, fake fhy vile and all Eelonging fo fhee and go fo
fhe land ol Canaan and remain fhere, and ! vill fhere Ee unfo
fhee lor a Cod, and ! vill Eless fhee. And AEram rose and fook
his vile and all Eelonging fo him, and he venf fo fhe land ol
Canaan as fhe Lord had fold him, and AEram vas lilfy years old
vhenhe venf lromHaran.
6. And AEram came fo fhe land ol Canaan and dvelf in fhe
midsf ol fhe cify, and he fhere ifched his fenf amongsf fhe
childrenol Canaan, inhaEifanfs ol fhe land.
7. And fhe Lordaeared foAEramvhenhe came fo fhe landol
Canaan, and said fo him, Jhis is fhe land vhich ! gave unfo fhee
and fo fhy seed alfer fhee lorever, and ! vill make fhy seed like
fhe sfarfs ol heaven, and ! vill give unfo fhy seed lor an inheri-
fance all fhe lands vhichfhouseesf.
8. And AEramEuilf an alfar in fhe lace vhere Cod had soken
fohim, andAEramfhere calleduonfhe name ol fhe Lord.
. Af fhaf fime, af fhe end ol fhree years ol AEram`s dvelling in
fhe land ol Canaan, in fhe year Noah died, vhich vas fhe lilfy-
eighfh year ol fhe lile ol AEram, and all fhe days fhaf Noah lived
vere nine hundredandlilfyyears andhe died.
10. And AEramdvelf in fhe land ol Canaan, he, his vile, and all
Eelonging fo him, fogefher vifh fhose fhaf |oined him lrom fhe
eole ol fhe land, Euf Nahor, AEram`s Erofher, and Jerah his
lafher, and Lof fhe son ol Haran and all Eelonging fo fhemdvelf
Jhere are several ossiEle ansvers fo fhis quesfion.
1. Some fhink AEram vas nof fhe lirsf Eorn even fhough his
name aears lirsf. Jhe same fhing haens vifh Shem, Ham
and ]ahefh even fhough ]ahefh is fhe elder (Cen. 532). 2.
AEram made several fris fo and lrom Haran so Jerah vas 70
vhen AEram vas Eorn. 3. Acfs 74 relers fo AEram faking fhe
Eody ol Jerah lrom Haran fo Canaan. ur charf (af fhe end ol
fhis Eook) shovs Jerah af 70 vhen AEramvas Eorn fhough fhe
scrifure does nof seemfogive enoughdefail foEe dogmafic.
id if rain Eelore fhe llood
Jhe BiEle feaches fhaf Eelore fhe llood a canoy ol vafer
surrounded fhe earfh. Jhis canoy is menfioned in Cen.
Flood Questions:
21. Q:
Radiometric dating would
not have been feasible if the
geologic column had not been
erected first.
Pragmatism versus
Materialism in Stratigraphy,
vol. 276 (January,1976), p.
ORourke, J. E.
American Journal of Science
Long regarded as a
vestigial organ with no
function in the human body,
the appendix is now thought
to be one of the sites where
immune responses are
Roy Hartenstein, Grolier
Encyclopedia, 1998.
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 74
16&7 and !! efer 35. Jhe Creafion accounf in Cenesis 1
records fhaf a misf fhaf venf lorfh and vafered fhe lace ol
fhe vhole ground. Cenesis menfions no ofher reciifafion
unfil fhe llood Eroughf rain lor 40 days and 40 nighfs. tany
eole feach fhaf rain never lell Eelore fhe llood. Alfhough
fhaf is roEaEly frue, if cannof Ee faughf dogmafically
Eecause fhe BiEle simly does nof menfion fhe suE|ecf.
ossiEly, il fhe canoy ol vafer fhaf is menfioned in Cenesis
16 and 7 increased fhe air ressure, as many fhink if did, rain
vas nof ossiEle.
!f may Ee fhaf Noah vas reaching fhaf rain vould come ouf
ol fhe sky (somefhing fhaf had never haened), and fhe
eole laughed |usf like foday vhen Chrisfians reach fhaf
]esus vill come ouf ol fhe sky (somefhing fhaf has never
haened) fo cafch u all Eelievers in Chrisf. See taffhev
2437, Luke 1726 and ! Jhess 416.
Hov did Noah fake care ol all fhose animals on fhe ark
!f is reasonaEle fo assume fhaf all fyes ol animals on fhe Ark
vere young animals Eecause fhey vould veigh less, eaf less,
and slee more. tany animals Eecome dormanf, lefhargic or
even hiEernafe during sformy veafher. Also, alfer fhe llood
fhey vould live longer fo roduce more ollsring. No one
knovs lor sure hov many animals vere on fhe ark. Limifing
if dovn fo fvo ol each does nof mean fhere vere fvo ol
each or variefy fhaf ve have foday. Jhere seem fo Ee
aEouf 8000 Easic kinds ol animal in fhe vorld.
Jhrough fhe insfrucfions fhaf Cod gave or fhrough fhe
visdom ol Noah he vas given fhe aEilify fo rovide a vafer-
ing mechanism fo diserse vafer fo fhe animals fhroughouf
fhe ark and ossiEly even a lood disfriEufion sysfem. !n
Cenesis 12-30, fhe BiEle feaches fhaf Eelore fhe llood all fhe
animals vere vegefarians so fhere vas nof a roElem vifh, lor
examle, fhe lion frying fo eaf fhe lamE. Some have suggesfed
fhaf fhere vas a moon ool, a hole in fhe cenfer ol fhe lloor,
vhich vould rovide a lace lor lishing and, il necessary, a
vay fo disense animal vasfe lrom fhe ark. See video #3 lor
more on fhis foic.
Jhe minor roElems fhaf fhe BiEle Eelievers cannof alvays
ansver are nofhing comared fo fhe roElems and quesfions
fhaf fhe evolufionisfs cannof ansver. Alfhough ! do nof knov
exacfly hov Noah fook care ol all fhe animals on fhe ark, ! am
going fo Eelieve fhe BiEle unfil if is roven vrong insfead ol
douEf fhe BiEle unfil if is roven righf. or someone fo re|ecf
fhe BiEle and fhen accef fhe sfory fhaf ve all came lrom a
rock is silly!
id Noah have fo fake all fhe millions ol secies ol
insecfs on fhe Ark
Noah vas commanded fo fake info fhe Ark all fhe animals on
land in vhose nosfrils vas fhe Ereafh ol lile (Cenesis 617,
22. Q:
23. Q:
Origin of Species Not
addressed in 1859, and is still
a mystery in 1998 Both the
origin of life and the origin of
the major groups of animals
remains unknown.
Grolier Multimedia
Encyclopedia 1998, fossil
Alfred G. Fisher,
Of fowls after their kind, and
of cattle after their kind, of
every creeping thing of the
earth after his kind, two of
every sort shall come unto
thee, to keep them alive.
Genesis 6:20
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 75
714-15, 22). ! do nof Eelieve fhaf all fhe variefies ol insecfs
vere on fhe Ark Eecause fhey Ereafhe fhrough fheir skin and
do nof have nosfrils. Jhey could have survived on lloafing
maffer or Ey Eurroving in fhe mud. Some ol fhe insecfs may
have Eeen on fhe Ark in fhe lur ol fhe animals or in nooks and
crannies ol fhe ark, fhe BiEle does nof feach fhaf fhey had fo
Ee on Eoard.
Hov did animals fravel lrom all over fhe vorld fo gef fo
fhe Ark
Jhis quesfion assumes fhaf fhe vorld Eelore fhe llood vas
like fhe vorld is foday vifh animals secialized lor cerfain
areas. Joday fhe vorld is 70% vafer and fhe oceans searafe
fhe confinenfs. Also, some animals only live in a lev selecfed
locafions. Jhe BiEle feaches fhaf Eelore fhe llood fhe vafer
vas gafhered info one lace (Cenesis 1). Jhere vas roEaEly
one ocean and much more landmass. Also, il fhe climafe vas
more femerafe animals could live in all fyes ol laces vhich
means Noah did nof have fo go gafher animals lrom all over
fhe vorld. !n lacf, fhe BiEle says fhaf fhe animals came fo
Noah (Cenesis 620).
Whaf aEouf dinosaurs id fhey live vifh Adam and
ve id Noah fake fhem on fhe ark
Jhe dinosaur quesfion is dealf vifh lor over 2 hours on my
videofae #3 ol fhe creafion seminar series. Jo summarize
Erielly inosaurs vere made fhe sixfh day vifh fhe resf ol
fhe animals. Noah fook fhem on fhe ark (roEaEly young
ones). Jhey have alvays lived vifh man. Alfer fhe llood many
died lrom fhe climafe changes and lrom man`s hunfing. Jhey
vere called dragons lor many cenfuries. (Jhe vord dinosaur
vas |usf invenfed in 1841.) A lev small dinosaurs may sfill Ee
alive foday in remofe arfs ol fhe vorld. Jhere have Eeen over
20,000 reorfed sighfings ol dinosaur like creafures in fhis
cenfury. A lev icfures and sfories are on my veE sife.
!f vould fake 4.4 Eillion cuEic kilomefers ol vafer fo
cover tf. veresf. Where did fhe vafer come lrom fo llood
fhe earfh
Jhis quesfion assumes fhaf fhe re-llood vorld vas like fhe
vorld is foday. !f vould only fake one inch ol vafer fo cover
tf. veresf il fhe earfh vere smoofh. Jhe BiEle sfafes clearly
fhaf fhe vafer vas 15 cuEifs over fhe fallesf mounfain.
Seashell lossils have Eeen lound on fo ol mounfain ranges all
over fhe vorld. Jhe fo ol tf. veresf is covered vifh sedi-
menfary rock confaining efrilied, closed clams. Since clams
oen as soon as fhey die, fhey had fo have Eeen Euried alive fo
Ee efrilied in fhe closed osifion. Jhere vas delinifely a
vorldvide llood. Jhe BiEle says in salm 104 fhaf as fhe llood
ended fhe mounfains lilfed u and fhe valleys sank dovn and
24. Q:
25. Q:
26. Q:
To suppose that the
eyecould have been formed
by natural selection, seems, I
freely confess, absurd in the
highest degree.
Charles Darwin 1859 p. 217
Charles Darwin
The Origin of Species by
Means of Natural Selection or
The Preservation of Favored
Races in the Struggle for Life
All in whose nostrils was the
breath of life, of all that was
in the dry land,
Genesis 7:22
And of every living thing of all
flesh, two of every sort shalt
thou bring into the ark, to
keep them alive with thee;
they shall be male and female.
Genesis 6:19
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 76
fhe vafer hasfed avay. Joday`s mounfain ranges are vell
aEove sea level, Euf fhis vas nof fhe case Eelore fhe llood. !l
fhe earfh vere smoofhed ouf, fhaf is fhe mounfains ressed
dovn and fhe ocean Easins lilfed u, fhere is enough vafer in
fhe oceans righf nov fo cover fhe enfire earfh 8,000 leef dee
(aroximafely 1 miles).
All ol fhe vafer ran oll raidly fhrough fhe solf sedimenfs
info fhe ocean Easins during fhe lasf lev monfhs ol fhe llood.
Jhis vould exlain fhe raid carving ol leafures such as fhe
Crand Canyon and fhe Bad Lands. See video #6 lor lofs more
on fhis.
uring fhe llood hov did fhe lresh vafer lish survive
Jhis quesfion assumes fhe oceans vere salf vafer during fhe
llood like fhey are foday. ! Eelieve fhe enfire vorld vas
largely lresh vafer. Joday aEouf 30% ol fhe rain vafer
vashes info fhe oceans, Eringing mineral salfs vifh if. Jhe
oceans are geffing salfier every day. Joday`s oceans are aEouf
3.6% salf. Befveen fhe salfs vashing in lrom ground vafer
and fhe salfs leaching in lrom suEferranean salf domes, fhe
oceans could have gone lrom lresh vafer fo 3.6% in fhe 4400
years since fhe llood. !l fhe earfh vere Eillions ol years old,
fhe oceans vould Ee much salfier like fhe ead Sea or Creaf
Salf Lake.
tany animals have adafed fo fhe slov increase in salinify
over fhe lasf 4400 years. We nov have lresh vafer crocodiles
and salf vafer crocodiles fhaf are dillerenf secies Euf roEa-
Ely had a common ancesfor. A crocodile! Jhis is nof evolufion.
!f is only variafion. Changing lrom a lresh vafer croc fo a salf-
vafer croc is nof a ma|or change comared fo vhaf fhe
evolufionisfs Eelieve. Jhey fhink if changed lrom a rock fo a
croc! Jhaf vould Ee a ma|or change!
Several years ago, a man in tinnesofa fold me fhaf he had
fvo large aquariums in his house, one lresh vafer and fhe
ofher salf vafer. He vondered il he could mix fhe lish
fogefher so he ligured ouf hov fo slovly raise fhe salf confenf
in fhe lresh vafer aquarium a liffle each veek lor 10 years
unfil if vas 1.8% salf. Af fhe same fime, he vas lovering fhe
salf confenf in fhe salf vafer aquarium fo 1.8% salf. Alfer 10
years he mixed all fhe lish fogefher. He fold me fhey adafed
Noah had no roElem vifh drinking vafer during fhe llood
and fhe lreshvafer/salfvafer roElem does nof exisf.
Affemfing fo lorce fhe vay fhe vorld is foday onfo fhe
quesfions involving fhe re-llood vorld is a common roElem.
!! efer 3 says fhe scollers ol fhe lasf days vill Ee villingly
ignoranf ol hov Cod made fhe heavens and fhe earfh (fhe
original creafion), and fhe llood.
27. Q:
The first living cells emerged
between 4 billion and 3.8
billion years ago. There is no
record of the event.
1992 p. 300
Biology: The Unity and
diversity of Life
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 77
28. Q:
Miscellaneous Questions:
29. Q:
!l fhere vas really a vorldvide llood vhere are all fhe
Eones ol fhe humans fhaf drovned
! Eelieve fhere are lev human lossils lor several reasons.
1. Cod made fhe vorld lull ol lanfs and animals Euf only fvo
eole. 1600 years lafer fhe vorld vas sfill lull ol lanfs and
animals Euf sfill nof lull ol eole. Jhere vere nof as many ol
fhem fo Ee drovned.
2. ten are smarfer fhan animals (fhaf is, some men), so he
vould ligure ouf a vay fo avoid drovning unfil fhe lasf
ossiEle minufe Ey making makeshilf ralfs or holding fo
lloafing logs and fend fo Ee deosifed on fo rafher fhan in
fhe sedimenfs. Jherelore, he vould nof lossilize. or examle,
millions ol Eison vere slaughfered in fhe vesf a cenfury ago,
yef lev, il any, lossilized. Jhey vere lelf on fo fo rof, Eones
and all.
3. Since so many researchers have fhe reconceived (and lalse)
idea fhaf man has Eeen evolving lrom small and dumE fo Eig
and smarf fhey may fend fo nof even recognize and roerly
idenfily Eone lragmenfs ol humans fhaf may have Eeen huge
Ey foday`s sfandards. Jheir re|udice is fhaf ancienf man vas
smaller. We shov evidence lor gianf humans on video #2.
!n sife ol fhe aEove roElems, tarvin LuEenov, an exerf on
lossil humans and aufhor ol Bones ol Confenfion (availaEle
lrom CS) says fhaf aEouf 4000 human lossil remains have
Eeen lound.
Jhe evolufionisf has a serious roElem vifh fhis same ques-
fion. !l man has really Eeen here lor millions ol years fhere
should Ee many fhousands, il nof millions, ol lossils ol fheir
Eones like ve have ol fhe animals. Jhe vhere are fhe Eones"
quesfion is really a quesfion lor fhe evolufionisf fo ansver il
he execfs all fhe faxayers fo suorf his religion in fhe
school sysfem.
Whaf is fhe Caia Hyofhesis
Jhe Caia hyofhesis is named alfer fhe Creek goddess lor fhe
earfh. According fo Caia Hyofhesis, earfh ifsell is a living
organism, our tofher arfh," as ifs roonenfs call if. tany
evolufionisfs adof fhis fheory Eecause fhey have nof lound
any evidence lor gradual undirecfed evolufion as arvin
redicfed. Radical environmenfalism and fhe Nev Age tove-
menf fie righf info fhe Caia Hyofhesis and evolufion. Jhe
BiEle feaches fhe earfh vas made lor man fo have dominion
over. !f is going fo Ee desfroyed one day.
Weve got to ride the global
warming issue. Even if the
theory of global warming is
wrong, we will be doing the
right thingsin terms of
economic policy and
environmental policy.
U.S. Senator (D- Colorado)
Timothy Wirth,
All those trees of life with
their branches of our
ancestors, thats a lot of
Associated Press Dec. 10,
Mary Leakey,
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 78
30. Q:
31. Q:
32. Q:
Whaf aEouf fhe ozone hole, and R-12 relrigeranfs
Jhere is nof an ozone roElem fhaf man has creafed. zone is
a nafural gas, vhich is roduced vhen sunlighf sfrikes fhe
afmoshere. , ozone, is oisonous, Euf if does lilfer ouf
radiafion. !n fhe uer afmoshere, fhe ozone layer rofecfs
us, if`s a Earrier. zone is aEsenf lrom fhe Norfh and Soufh
oles Eecause fhe sun never sfrikes fhose areas direcfly, Euf af
such an oElique angle fhaf if does nof roduce ozone. !f`s
normal fo have an ozone hole in fhese areas.
Whaf aEouf R-12 R-12 does desfroy ozone, Euf fhe R-12 lrom
our relrigerafors and air condifioners never rises high enough
fo desfroy afmosheric ozone. R-12 sinks, if doesn`f rise. ven
convecfion currenfs vould nof carry man made R-12 fo fhe
ozone layer in 100 years, vhich is a longer fime fhan man has
Eeen using if. tan has done almosf nofhing fo fhe ozone. !n
lacf, my undersfanding is fhaf fhe lasf fime scienfisfs mea-
sured fhe ozone layer, if vas fhicker fhan if vas fhe lirsf fime
fhey measured if. ! Eelieve fhe real urose ol fhe environ-
menfal roaganda is fo lullill fhe lirsf lank ol fhe Commu-
nisf tanilesfo fhe aEolishmenf ol rivafe roerfy. While
fhere is no quesfion man has aEused fhe environmenf, fhere is
a hidden agenda Eehind fhe modern hye. (See
lor inlormafion on environmenf.)
Whaf aEouf gloEal varming
]usf aEouf as many scienfisfs are concerned aEouf gloEal
lreezing or anofher ice age as aEouf gloEal varming. Jhere
isn`f enough dafa fo Ee dogmafic. Jhe ansver vould roEaEly
deend uon fhe granf money Eeing soughf. As vifh fhe
revious quesfion, mosf ol fhe environmenfal hye is really fo
hel Ering aEouf Karl tarx`s dream (nighfmare) ol a Commu-
nisf vorld. His lirsf ol 10 lanks vas fhe aEolishing ol rivafe
roerfy. Jhough fhere are many sincere eole in fhe
environmenfal movemenf, ! Eelieve fhe real agenda is Com-
munism, nof saving fhe lanef.
Who Euilf fhe Creaf yramid, and vhy
No one knovs lor sure vho Euilf fhe Creaf yramid, Euf
several fheories have Eeen roosed. Some fhink if is |usf
anofher ol fhe yramids Euilf Ey fhe gyfians. Some fhink
Adam and his sons Euilf if Eelore fhe llood. Some fhink noch
Euilf if and fhaf if is fhe only sfrucfure fo survive fhe llood.
fhers say Noah and his sons Euilf if alfer fhe llood. Accord-
ing fo some exerfs, if aears fhaf some ol ifs leafures
indicafe fhaf if vas infended fo Ee a fesfimony fo Cod, fhey
say. Adam did nof have a BiEle so Cod gave him fhe gosel
sfory in fhe sfars vifh fhe 88 consfellafions felling fhe enfire
2$,%+ _'% 2#$"
The function of only 1%
(some say 3%) of human DNA
has been determined. If 99%
of this small amount is similar
to chimps it still proves
vol. 2, chapter 9, Henry Morris
Modern Creation Trilogy
If my theory be true,
numberless intermediate
varieties must assuredly
have existed;
Charles Darwin,
The Origin of Species
In the years after Darwin, his
advocates hoped to find
predictable progressions. In
general, these have not been
foundyet the optimism has
died hard, and some pure
fantasy has crept into
Evolution and the Fossil
Record, , vol. 213
(July 17, 1981), p. 289
Raup, David M.,
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 79
gosel sfory and Cod`s lan lor fhe ages. Alfer fhe llood Noah
sfill did nof have a BiEle so Cod gave him fhe gosel sfory in
Jhe Creaf yramid has no inscrifion fo any gyfian king.
!f is fhe earliesf and largesf ol fhe 67 yramids lound in
gyf. Jhe lafer yramids are ol lesser qualify and are mere
coies ol fhe Creaf yramid.
!nside, fhere is a Eroad vay fhaf leads fo a if and a narrov
vay fhaf leads fo fhe King`s ChamEer. (Sounds like taffhev
7 fo me.)
Jhe 153 sfes in fhe yramid mafch fhe 153 lishes gafhered
in ]ohn 2111, vhich may Ee a relerence fo all nafions ol fhe
earfh gafhering info fhe kingdom ol Cod. (See ]ohn 2111)
Jhe King`s ChamEer is on fhe 50 rov ol fhe sfones, 50 vas
fhe year ol ]uEilee. (See Lev. 2511)
!nside fhe King`s ChamEer is a solidly carved, emfy red
granife fomE fhe same volume as fhe Ark ol fhe Covenanf.
Alfhough mosf have Eeen forn oll, fhe yramid vas origi-
nally covered vifh 144,000 olished casing sfones, fhe numEer
ol vifnesses in Revelafion 7. Jhe sfones vere a erlecf lif
such fhaf many ol fhe seams could nof Ee seen nor a aer
uf Eefveen fhem foday, fhousands ol years lafer.
Jhe cornersfone af fhe fo is missing, symEolic ol Chrisf,
fhe re|ecfed chiel cornersfone ( aniel 245, salm 11822,
taffhev 2142, tk 1012). Jhe 5 sided cornersfone may
reresenf fhe numEer ol grace.
Jhe Creaf yramid is ol such magnifude fhaf if could nof Ee
Euilf foday. !f is 0 fimes fhe veighf ol fhe Chicago Sears
Jover. Naoleon said fhere vas enough sfone in fhe yramid
fo Euild a 10 loof high Erick vall all fhe vay around rance!
Some sfones near fhe fo, 400 leef lrom fhe ground, veigh 70
Jhe loundafion covers so vide an area (over 13 acres) fhaf if
could nof Ee Euilf foday as level as if is (less fhan 1/10 inch
error in 13 acres). very locomofive in fhe vorld harnessed fo
fhe yramid could nof ull if Jhe door is so vell |oined fhaf if
vas undefecfaEle lrom fhe oufside lor cenfuries.
Jhe yramid sifs righf on fhe longesf lafifude line and fhe
longesf longifude line vifh land aEove sea level.
"!n fhaf day shall fhere Ee an alfar fo fhe LR in fhe midsf
ol fhe land ol gyf, and a illar af fhe Eorder fhereol fo fhe
LR." !s. 11. Jhe yramid is on fhe Eorder vhen gyf
vas divided info a norfhern and soufhern kingdom and in fhe
midsf vhen fhey unifed.
The evolutionary trees that
adorn our textbooks have data
only at the tips and nodes of
their branches; the rest is
inference, however
reasonable, not the evidence
of fossils.
Harvard University. Evolutions
Erratic Pace
May 1977
Stephen Jay Gould,
Natural History
Vol. 5
I fully agree with your
comments on the lack of
evolutionary transitions in my
book. If I knew of any, fossil
or living, I would certainly
included them. I will lay it on
the linethere is not one such
Paleontologist, British Museum
of Natural History in
correspondence to Luther
Sunderland quoted in
1988 p. 89
Dr. Colin Paterson,
Darwins Enigma
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 80
Safan has Eeen using fhe greaf yramid as his symEol lor fhe
Nev World rder. n fhe Eack ol a S1 Eill you vill see fhe
yramid vifh fhe all seeing eye (Luciler) coming dovn fo
linish fhe yramid. He fhinks he vill fake over Cod`s king-
dom, Euf ]esus vill Ee fhe one fo come fo earfh and rule and
reign lor 1000 years. See Rev. 20-22. (See seminar #5 lor
Whaf is fhe Bermuda friangle
Jhere are several fheories aEouf fhe Bermuda friangle, some
nafural, some suernafural. Some say if is hye, and nofhing
haens fhaf does nof haen in ofher arfs ol fhe vorld. Jhe
Bermuda friangle could Ee a magnefic anomaly resulfing lrom
a Eending ol fhe earfh`s magnefic lield. Jhere may Ee a large
iron ore deosif or fhe remnanfs ol an iron mefeor Euried
fhere fhaf lays havoc vifh insfrumenfs. Jhe shis and lanes
fhaf reorf unusual Eehavior ol fheir insfrumenfs may Ee
enfering fhis area ol disfurEance. Some say fhe shis are losf
due fo fhe violenf sucfion creafed as fhe fide goes u and
dovn fhrough fhe coral reels fhere. Small shis have Eeen
lound dovn in fhe dee Elue holes" in fhe coral. Jhere may
Ee a nafural exlanafion lor fhe reorfs.
Some have suggesfed fhaf fhe friangle is a U arking lof,
or fhe enfrance fo hell. ! ersonally don`f Eelieve eifher ol
fhese Euf ! don`f have an ansver fo vhaf is causing fhe
sfrange haenings fhere. Alfhough no solid exlanafion
exisfs, hundreds ol reorfs lrom reufaEle eole record
sfrange occurrences in fhe area A deacon af Wildvood Bafisf
Church in shkosh, Wisconsin gave me a lirsf hand accounf
ol his exerience vhile on Eoard a Navy shi in 162. He vas
en roufe fo fhe CuEan missile crisis. As soon as his shi
enfered fhe sace Eefveen lorida, CuEa, and uerfo Rico,
everyfhing elecfrical, including vrisfvafches and llashlighfs,
quif vorking. Jhe shi drilfed lor 24 hours, unaEle fo radio
lor assisfance, unfil if had lelf fhe area and oerafions sud-
denly resumed. Jhe area is undouEfedly unusual, alfhough no
one fhaf ! knov undersfands vhy. !l you can lind ouf lease
lef me knov.
Whaf aEouf Bigloof
Jhe Big-loof evidence fhaf ! have seen relies on eyevifness
accounfs rafher fhan emirical, scienfilic evidence. tany
eole reorf sighfings ol creafures vifh similar descrifions
in several counfries, as vell as over 35 American Sfafes. Jhere
is no quesfion fhaf many ol fhe sighfings are hoaxes, ranks,
or mis-idenfilied. Jhese creafures, also called Big-loof,
Sasquafch, Yefi, Skunk Ae or fhe AEominaEle Snovman,
may Ee an unidenfilied secies ol ae. Some have said if is
33. Q:
34. Q:
Men should not resign his
conscience to the legislator...
We should be men first and
subjects afterward. It is not
desirable to cultivate a respect
for the law as for the right.
Henry David Thoreau
After nearly a lifetime of
research on the subject, British
anatomist and an evolutionist
Lord Zuckerman stated that if
man evolved from apelike
creature there is not even a
trace of such evidence in the
fossil record.
Evolution, Creation
Scientifically Equal
Dr. Duane T. Gish,
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 81
arf ol a cursed race ol humans similar fo vhaf haened fo
NeEuchadnezzar in aniel 433 Euf fhose fheories are unveri-
lied so lar. ! have ersonally infervieved 8 eole vho claim
fhey have seen a Big-loof. Jheir descrifions agree in many
defails. Jhey descriEe if as Eeing like Harry lrom fhe movie
Harry and fhe Hendersons. ! don`f have a good ansver fo fhe
Big-loof quesfion. ! vish ! did.
Whaf aEouf U`s
Jhe Eesf inlormafion fhaf ! have comes lrom fhe Eooks and
maferial lrom Chuck tissler af Koinonia House, Box ,
Coeur d`Alene, ! 83816, 1-800-khouse1, or
U nd Jime elusion lrom Nev Leal ress, (800) -
3777, or Jhe Cosmic Consiracy Ey Sfan eyo availaEle lrom According fo eyo, some U`s are U.S.
Covernmenf exerimenfs vifh elecfrogravific roulsion as
oosed fo |ef roulsion, vhile ofhers are Safanic aari-
fions. or lurfher inlormafion, reler fo fhe Eooks. ! don`f knov
lor sure vhaf fhey are, Euf, il ! vere fhe evil and ! knev fhe
rafure vas coming, ! vould vanf fo reare my lie vell
ahead ol fime in fhe minds ol fhe eole.
!s if ossiEle lor your felevision fo vafch you
Jhis is |usf a rumor. Jhere is no evidence fhaf felevisions nov
monifor fheir vievers, and fo my knovledge no fechnology
exisfs fo enaEle fhem fo do so. !f vould nof surrise me il Eig
Erofher" vas doing fhaf or vorking on doing if fhough. Small
cameras could easily Ee insfalled in JV`s fo have fhem vafch
you Euf fhe icfure fuEe ifsell cannof do fhis nov. Cary rye,
a good lriend ol mine, kees u fo dafe on fhis fye ol fhing.
Cary`s felehone numEer is (704) 782-5273. or years if has
Eeen ossiEle fo hof hook" your hone so eole can lisfen fo
vhaf is Eeing said even il fhe hone is hung u. Be carelul fo
alvays fell fhe frufh!
Whaf aEouf fhe tark ol fhe Beasf
Cororafions and governmenfs have amazing fechnology
availaEle fhaf has Eeen develoed over fhe lasf 20 years.
Revelafion 1316 says fhaf Safan causefh all, Eofh small and
greaf, rich and oor, lree and Eond, fo receive a mark." Jhe
Creek vord franslafed mark" liferally means efching."
Comufer microchis have inlormafion efched info silicon.
ticrochis may lay an imorfanf arf in fhe mark ol fhe
tany advances have Eeen made in fracking eole or ifems.
ticrochis can Ee imlanfed in efs or cars fo frack fhose losf
or sfolen. Several safellifes in earfh`s orEif can defecf fhe
microchi and reorf ifs coordinafes. Also, Hughes Aircralf
35. Q:
36. Q:
37. Q:
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 82
Cororafion develoed a foll Eoofh suEsfifufe fhaf fracks cars.
As a car asses, fhis sfri in fhe highvay deducfs 50 cenfs (or
vhafever fhe foll is) lrom a deEif accounf, makes an image ol
fhe license lafe, and checks if fo see il fhe car is regisfered
roerly or has Eeen reorfed sfolen and il fhe driver is
vanfed Ey fhe olice. Jhe sfri can check eighf cars er
second af 100 mh er lane. inally, an imEedded vire along
some highvays and a nev hand-held device Eofh can furn oll
fhe ignifion ol a running car Ey desfroying fhe car`s comufer
vifh a Eursf ol energy. Jhese nev confrol and moniforing
fechnologies may Ee lorerunners ol fhe mark ol fhe Eeasf.
ean tarfin ( has fhe Eesf seminar
! knov ol on fhe suE|ecf. His hone # is (850) 455-5011. Carl
Sanders, .. Box 2000, tounfain Viev, AR 72645, (870)
26-6113, lax (870) 447-3231,, has
greaf inlo.
Hov vould you ansver crifics including fhose vho
have veE sifes crificizing you
Amid fhe hundreds ol leffers and e-mails ve receive each veek
here af CS, ve occasionally receive one lrom an afheisf,
skefic, crific, scoller, or even an idiof or fvo. Several hundred
have osfed veE sifes aEouf me. ! kee so Eusy vifh my
hecfic fravel schedule fhaf ! normally do nof fake fime fo
resond fo fhem in vrifing more fhan once. Jhere are so
many eole vho vanf fo hear fhe frufhs aEouf creafion fhaf
if is a vasfe ol fime fo gef disfracfed ansvering fhe scollers.
Jhey vill ask hundreds ol quesfions or make hundreds ol
accusafions. ! am convinced fhaf mosf ol fhem don'f really
vanf an ansver anyvay, fhey vanf fo fie u all my fime and
revenf fhe gosel lrom geffing ouf. !l ! fook fhe fime fo
ansver fhem all fhey vould only ask a hundred more. We do
oller a greaf Eook called Creafion Scienfisfs Ansver fheir
Crifics Ey r. uane Cish fhaf ansvers many commonly
asked quesfions. ! have also roduced an audio fae vifh
ansvers fo some ol fhe scollers' quesfions and oE|ecfions. Jhe
fae is S3 and can Ee refurned lor a lull relund. We vill add fo
fhe fae as fime ermifs. ! have a sfanding oller fo lace any
numEer ol evolufionisfs af a fime in lronf ol fheir ovn
universify, and r. Walf Brovn has a sfanding oller fo engage
qualilied scienfisfs in an email deEafe.
! vill Ee fhe lirsf fo say fhaf ! have learned much lrom my
crifics and have changed fhings in my seminars over fhe years
Eecause ol fheir legifimafe gries, correcfions and suggesfions.
!ron sharenefh iron." ( rov. 2717) Jhese crifics can Ee a
man's Eesf lriend, il fhey don`f disfracf you lrom fhe main |oE.
Cod knovs fhaf ! vanf fo Ee accurafe and vould never
urosely fell a lie fo romofe my oinf. ! may nof alvays Ee
righf, Euf il ! am saying if in my seminar fhen ! don'f knov if
fo Ee lalse. ! vork hard and research a lof fo fry fo Ee righf. !
38. Q:
DR. KURK E. KOCH, Professor,
Lectured at 100 Universities in
65 countries on 5 continents.
Subjects of expertise: New
World Order, Occultism,
Extreme Movements, and
Parapsychology. His
assessment of the coming
NWO under the United
Nations is that it will reduce
everything to one common
The system will be made up
of a single currency, single
centrally financed
government, single tax
system, single language,
single political system, single
world court of justice, single
head (one individual leader),
single state religion. He
further states: Each person
will have a registered number,
without which he will not be
allowed to buy or sell; and
there will be one universal
world church. Anyone who
refuses to take part in this
universal system will have no
right to exist.
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 83
am cerfainly villing fo Ee correcfed Ey lriend or loe. ven il if
is roven fhaf ! am feaching somefhing fhaf is nof correcf,
don'f Ee looled info fhinking fhaf one incorrecf sfafemenf
means everyfhing else ! say is vrong. Any fhird grader should
knov fhaf.
volufionisfs olfen fry fo diverf affenfion lrom fhe legifimafe
oinfs ! Ering u aEouf fheir religion. Jhey knov fheir fhe-
ory" von'f sfand close scrufiny so fhey fry fo locus eole's
affenfion on somefhing else. Jhey vill oinf ouf a live-second
misfake in my 17-hour seminar and assume fhe enfire fhing is
lalse. Jhe roElems fhe creafionisfs cannof exlain or fhe
uninfenfional errors in fheir Eooks or seeches are very minor
comared fo fhe mounfainous roElems fhe evolufionisf is
overlooking or ignoring in his ovn religion. ! ask quife a lev
quesfions in my seminar nofeEook and Ering u oinfs in my
seminar fhaf fhey seem fo convenienfly avoid. !f doesn'f fake a
rockef scienfisf fo see vhy fhey do fhis.
! conless fhaf ! have very liffle afience vifh fhe scollers alfer
a lev exchanges. tayEe if is fhe li|ah ersonalify in me fhaf
vanfs fo mock fhem as in ! Kings 1827. ! am vorking on
frying fo Ee more Chrisf-like in my dealings vifh fhem. !
alvays oller fo falk vifh any skefic Ey hone or fo deEafe
fhem uElicly, Euf nof in a long dravn ouf e-mail exchange.
Jhey nearly alvays reluse. tany remain anonymous lor some
sfrange reason. ! see no reason lor fhis covardice excef
mayEe roverEs 281 Jhe vicked llee vhen no man ursuefh
Euf fhe righfeous are Eold as a lion." Jhey do nof need fo lear
me. ! vill nof hurf fhem. ! leel sorry lor fhose vhom fhe evil
has deceived info Eelieving his lies. ! vill gladly discuss any
foic or quesfion vifh anyone, lriend or loe. !l ! am vrong, !
vill admif if and change vhafever ! need fo change fo make if
righf. ! don`f claim fo Ee erlecf, and never have, Euf ! serve a
Cod vho is and love His BiEle, vhich is erlecf.
!f is Eofh humorous and sad fo see fhe evolufionisfs sfrain so
hard af fhe gnafs in fhe creafion fheory and fhen furn around
and svallov fhe camel ol evolufion. ! have read carelully fhe
crificisms ol each ol fhese scollers. Resf assured fhaf my oller
fo uElicly deEafe any evolufionisf (even fvo or fhree af a
fime againsf |usf me il fhaf vill hel) is alvays oen. ! do fhe
deEafes nof so much fo converf fhe evolufionisf (fhough !
vould like fo) Euf Eecause if hels so many in fhe audience.
tosf eole vho have affended or vafched my seminar or
vho have common sense vill Ee aEle fo see fhrough fhe silly
quesfions fhe skefics ask or fhe ridiculous non-ansvers fhey
give fo my quesfions. Hovever, il you read fhe so-called Hov
Cood are fhose Young arfh Argumenfs" Ey tafson or 300
Creafionisf Lies" Ey fhe covardly, anonymous Budikka," or
any ofher ol my crifics on fhe veE, and somefhing fhey say
raises a quesfion in your mind, lease, give me a call. ! can
delend my osifion or ! vill Ee glad fo change. !f is a greaf
American fradifion fhaf fhe accused gefs fo lace his accuser.
When the government
reduces all of us to the status
of a number, that number is
going to be zero. With this
number no one can ever be
lost, but no man can ever
again be alone. This is
opposition to the Social
Security Act.
former North Carolina
Senator Sam Ervin,
Scientific naturalists of
today will not be convinced by
creationist arguments, no
matter how persuasive,
because their philosophical
assumptions prevent it.
John Weldon, Ph.D.
It is easy to be
conspicuously compassionate
if others are being forced to
pay the cost.
M. N. Rothbard
The retina of your eye is less
than 1 square inch yet
contains over 137,000,000
light sensitive cells! How
would you like to be the
electrician that wired that up!
He that formed the eye,
shall he not see?
Psalms 94:8-9
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 84
Anonymous crifics gef liffle or none ol my affenfion. ! fravel a
lof Euf ve have a very caaEle sfall vorking af CS vho vill
ansver your quesfions or leave a message lor me vifh several
good fimes fo call you Eack.
! venf fhrough tafson's Eook and circled every fime he used
fhe vords mighf have," could have," scienfisfs Eelieve," efc.
His greaf laifh in evolufion shovs fhrough clearly as his
religion, nof science. !f surrised me hov many non-ansvers
fhey give fo fhe oinfs ! raised in my seminar. or examle
vhen ansvering fhe roElem aEouf fhe shorf eriod comefs,
tafson said fhey are Eeing relenished lrom fhe orf Cloud
or fhe Kuier Belf! No one has ever seen fhis haen, ol
course, Euf he if fo Ee so. Jhaf is an ansver Eased
nof on science Euf laifh, and he should admif if. Jhe enfire
ansver is lilled vifh fyical evolufionisf hallucinafions. He is
alvays using hrases like comufer simulafions," and fheo-
refical calculafions," vould likely," sfafisfical calculafions,"
some asfronomers esfimafe," efc. His infenfion is fo shov if
could have" haened. Well, ! could have Eeen" residenf ol
Ceneral tofors, Euf !`m nof! He needs fo read, Raymond
Lifflefon, Jhe Non-exisfence ol fhe orf Comefary Shell,"
Asfrohysics and Sace Science, Vol. 31 . 385-401. Jhere is
no orf cloud.
He concludes his non-ansver fo fhe comef quesfion Ey frying
fo uf fhe Eurden on fhe creafionisf! He says, Jhe creafionisf
musf rove fhaf fhere are no reasonaEle sources lor relenish-
ing comefs" (.13). And ! say, No, ave, il you execf all
faxayers fo lund your religion in fhe uElic school sysfem,
arks, museums, efc., fhe Eurden ol rool is on you! You may
send any vay you vanf. You are velcome fo
Eelieve anyfhing you vanf and you may feach your children
anyfhing you vanf fhem fo Eelieve, Euf Eelore you send
fo feach somefhing
! don`f vanf fhem fo Eelieve, fhe Eurden ol rool is on you!"
Shilfing fhe Eurden ol rool is a common facfic fo kee an
enemy Eusy. !l ! said vafermelons are Elue on fhe inside unfil
you cuf fhe skin, rove me vrong! ! have shilfed fhe Eurden
on rool on you. Jhaf is vhaf mosf scollers fry fo do vifh
fheir crificisms ol creafionisfs. on`f Ee looled!
Alfer reading fhrough one scoller`s arficle called 300 Lies ol
Creafion Scienfisfs," if vas hard nof fo laugh. Jhey sure are
geffing deserafe fhese days. ! fold him ! don'f deal vifh
anonymous covards, Euf il he vould give me his real name
and numEer, ! vould Ee glad fo shov him vhen his logic is
vrong. He has relused and nov is usef Eecause ! von`f
corresond vifh him any more. ! don`f vasfe a lof ol fime on
scollers Eecause fhere are so many sincere eole vho vanf
and need fhe frufh fhaf if is unlair fo diverf much energy fo
fhose vho do nof vanf fo hear. uring fhe var lor sfafes'
righfs, residenf Lincoln vas geffing lofs ol crifical leffers.
ne ol his aids asked him il he infended fo ansver fhem.
Lincoln relied fhaf il he ansvered all his crifics fhaf vould
aEsorE all his fime and he had a var fo vin. Nehemiah did fhe
0&D/ <&%(0
<&%(0 <0 1"#;A/(% 5%A :/5%A1"#;A/(%
In hope of eternal life,
which God, that cannot lie,
promised before the world
Titus 1:2
And for this cause God
shall send them strong
delusion, that they should
believe a lie: That they all
might be damned who
believed not the truth, but had
pleasure in unrighteousness.
II Thessalonians. 2:11-12
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 85
same fhing vhen his enemies vanfed him fo sfo fhe vork
and come dovn fo falk aEouf fhe vall he vas Euilding. His
ansver vas classic. Nehemiah 63-4 says And ! senf messen-
gers unfo fhem (his crifics), saying, ! am doing a greaf vork,
so fhaf ! cannof come dovn vhy should fhe vork cease,
vhilsf ! leave if, and come dovn fo you Yef fhey senf unfo
me lour fimes alfer fhis sorf, and ! ansvered fhem alfer fhe
same manner." Nearly every day a skefic or scoller vill fry fo
engage me in a leffer vrifing Eaffle via e-mail or sfandard mail
over fhe creafion suE|ecf. ! have a sfanding oller ol S250,000
lor rool lor evolufion and ! sfand ready fo deEafe any fvo or
fhree evolufionisfs af a fime in a uElic seffing, Euf ! von`f
vasfe fhe fime fo slovly hunf and eck ouf endless ansvers
vhen fhey don`f really vanf one. Jhaf vould Ee casfing my
earls Eelore svine (see taffhev 76). !l fhey are so sure fhey
are righf, fhey should Ee delighfed vifh fhe oorfunify fo
deEafe me uElicly. ! vill even drav fhe crovd lor fhem!
Afheisfs seem fo have nofhing else fo do. Jhey knov fhey
can'f gef a crovd fogefher lor an afheisfs` meefing, so fhey
ride on fhe coaffails ol fhe creafionisfs. or examle, ! recenfly
vas invifed Ey fhe lree-fhoughf cluE on fhe hio Sfafe
Universify camus fo deEafe fhe edifor ol fhe American
Afheisf tagazine. Jhey fold me fhey normally had aEouf 30
eole come fo fheir meefings (in a universify ol 58,000), Euf
fhey had nearly 0 come vhen fhis man soke fhe monfh
Eelore. Jhey vere roud fo fell me aEouf fhis greaf affen-
dance! Jhe nighf ol fhe deEafe fhere vere hundreds fhere
(several eole said fhere vere over 700) fo hear fhe deEafe. !
seak fo crovds ol over 1000 nearly every veek ouf ol fhe
year. Jhe afheisfs ol course have a smarfer fhan fhou"
affifude aEouf if all. Jhey say fheir crovds are small Eecause
fhere are nof very many smarf eole (meaning fhemselves, ol
course) in fhe vorld. Whaf egos!
!l fhese crifics vould devofe even 5% ol fheir error-defecfing
affenfion fo fhe evolufion fheory like fhey do fo fhe creafion
fheory, fhey vould see fhe lies, vild exaggerafions and
disforfions used fo suorf fhe silly idea fhaf ve all came lrom
a rock over fhe lasf 4.6 Eillion years! Converfed evolufionisfs
make greaf creafionisfs. Chrisfians and creafionisfs need fo
vork fo Ee accurafe, ol course, af fhe same fime ve need fo
realize fhe evolufionisfs are nof fhe enemy, Safan is fhe
enemy. !f may Ee hard af fimes, Euf ve need fo love fhe
sinner vhile ve hafe fhe sin. Cod is nof villing fhaf any
should erish Euf fhaf all come fo fhe knovledge ol fhe frufh.
eel lree fo call in fo our vorld vide radio rogram vifh any
quesfions. See our veE sife lor defails.
The American people are
so enamored by equality that
they would rather be equal in
slavery than unequal in
Alexis de Tocqueville
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 86
40. Q:
Where did you gef your degree
very once in a vhile someone vill ask me fhe quesfion,
Where did you gef your degree" Jhere are many veE sifes
fhaf affack me and olfen uElish lalse inlormafion aEouf me
and/or my degree. While ! am nof fhe leasf Eif ashamed ol
my educafion, ! have learned Ey exerience fhaf some are
asking fhe quesfion Eecause fhey have come fo fhe oinf
vhere fhey cannof affack fhe message ! Ering againsf evolu-
fion so fhey vish fo affack me ersonally insfead. Jhis is
called an ad hominem argumenf. Jhey misfakenly fhink fhaf
Ey Eeliffling fhe man fhey have ansvered his oinfs and von
fhe deEafe. When fhe oonenf in a deEafe Eegins using ad
hominem affacks, if is an oEvious signal fo all fhaf fhey are
losing fhe deEafe on lacfs and musf resorf fo ofher means fo
fry fo save lace or diverf affenfion. !f is also inferesfing fo
vafch hov fhe evolufionisfs vill send much fime and ellorf
scrufinizing a suE|ecf like my degree or credenfials yef von'f
send fvo seconds scrufinizing hov ridiculous fhe enfire
evolufion fheory is! Jhey fruly sfrain af a gnaf and svallov a
camel as ]esus said in taffhev 2324. Jvo misguided individ-
uals are even vrifing fo every church on my ifinerary frying
fo gef fhe asfors fo cancel my meefings! No meefings have
Eeen canceled, Euf several asfors have called me fo have a
good laugh over fhese leffers. !f is oEvious fhaf fhese crifics
are unaEle fo gef a crovd fo volunfarily lisfen fo fhem reach
fhe evolufion religion so fhey send fime affacking
! fook advanced mafh and
science classes af asf eoria High School graduafing in 171. !
earned my lirsf 60 (+ or -) credif hours ma|oring in mafh and
science af !llinois Cenfral College in asf eoria, !llinois. !
fhen franslerred fo tidvesfern Bafisf College in onfiac,
tichigan vhere ! douEle ma|ored in educafion and BiEle and
graduafed in 174. (! fook 18-20 hours each semesfer lus
summer school fo graduafe in fhree years.) While ! faughf
mafh and science in Chrisfian schools lor fhe nexf 15 years, !
fook courses af several BiEle colleges in my sare fime. !
faughf lor 3 years in ekin, !llinois, 3 years in BouEonais,
!llinois, (! franslerred af semesfer Ereak fo lill a need in
BourEonais), 5 years in Longviev, Jexas, 3 years in airlield,
Calilornia and 1 year in ensacola, lorida. ! linished my
tasfers (188) and ocforafe (11) degrees in educafion
lrom afriof Universify.
afriof Universify is a Chrisfian
universify in Colorado Srings fhaf ollers an exfernal sfudies
rogram lor eole involved in lull fime minisfries. afriof
Universify (esfaElished 180) is an exfension ol Hillfo
Bafisf Church and ollered a h.. in educafion. ! senf
many years vorking on my degree and learned a lof - as
anyone vho has vafched my deEafes vifh evolufionisfs or
seminar series vill fesfily. Long alfer ! graduafed, afriof
relocafed ifs exfension division ollices fo College Heighfs
[51* '& '"( A(:/(( bD($'#&%>
The evolutionary trees that
adorn our textbooks have data
only at the tips and nodes of
their branches; the rest is
inference, however
reasonable, not the evidence
of fossils.
Professor of Geology and
Paleontology, Harvard
University in Evolutions
Erractic Pace,
vol. 86 (May, 1977), p. 14
Stephen Jay Gould,
Natural History,
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 87
Bafisf Church in Alamosa, C vhere if confinues fo fhrive
foday. afriof nov ollers a ocfor ol tinisfry degree rafher
fhan a h.. in educafion Eecause fhe Sfafe ol Colorado asked
fhem fo make fhe change fo emhasize fhe religious nafure ol
fheir insfifufion. Some ill inlormed scollers have even circu-
lafed a icfure ol fhe church arsonage nexf fo fhe church
(vhich has fhe same address) and claimed fhis is vhere afriof
is nov locafed. ! don'f undersfand fheir fvisfed logic Euf,
evidenfly, fhey fhink fhis somehov discredifs me.
afriof allovs sfudenfs fo give ollerings fo fhe school insfead
ol a regular fuifion aymenf. Some scollers have laughed af
fhis idea, yef, fhey don'f seem fo realize fhis is Cod's mefhod
and fhey also lorgef hov many fhousands have gone fhrough
secular schools vifhouf using any ol fheir ovn money via
granfs, scholarshis or fheir arenfs' savings.
Some have ridiculed fhe size ol fhe school. !f vould Ee
inferesfing fo see fhe look on fhe scoller's lace il fhey knev
fhe size ol fhe schools many ol our early residenfs, congress-
men, and milifary leaders graduafed lrom. !l Harvard ollers a
h.. degree rogram vifh only fhree or lour sfudenfs (fhis
haens af many schools, somefimes vifh only one sfudenf),
does fhe small numEer aufomafically mean fhey are nof
earning fheir degree" or fhaf fhey are affending a diloma
mill" school l course nof! Hundreds ol colleges and univer-
sifies oller classes Ey corresondence. Jhere is nofhing vrong
vifh fhis. ! vorked very hard lor my degrees. ! don'f knov il
ofhers do or nof. afriof has aEouf 25 graduafes each year,
fhree fo live ol vhich are geffing docforafe degrees.
ty 20-year sfudy ol fhe creafion/evolufionism suE|ecf led me
fo sfarf Creafion Science vangelism in 11. ! nov seak
more fhan 700 fimes each year on fhe suE|ecf. ! have had
more fhan 80 deEafes and have Eeen a guesf on over 5000
radio and felevision falk shovs. ty ifinerary is availaEle lrom
my ollice or on my veE sife, and any evolufionisf inferesfed
in a uElic deEafe is velcome fo confacf me fo arrange a fime
vhile ! am in fheir area fo Ee held af a lace ol fheir choosing.
See my veE sife lor defails. Since some seem fo fhink ! don'f
have a legifimafe degree," fhey can call me Kenf, tr. Hovind
or even hey, you," il if vill make fhem leel Eeffer. Since fhey
don'f fhink ! am roerly educafed," if should Ee easy lor
fhem fo demonsfrafe hov vrong ! am and hov much evi-
dence fhere is lor evolufion. ! should Ee a ushover, Euf ! am
villing fo deEafe fhem anyvay and run fhe risk ol uElicly
emEarrassing mysell. BJW, ve have nov ued our oller fo
S250,000 lor evidence lor evolufion.
!l you vould like fhe names ol scienfisfs vho suorf fhe
young earfh creafionisf osifion you may vanf fo confacf fhe
!nsfifufe lor Creafion Research af 61-448-000 or !CR.RC.
Jhey can suly you vifh a lisf. ! only claim fo have many
years ol exerience in sfudying fhe suE|ecf and fhe common
sense fo knov fhaf fhe universe is foo comlex fo have
haened vifhouf an incrediEly smarf designer (vhom !
We should all be concerned
with the future because we
will have to spend the rest of
our lives there.
Charles F. Kettering
What is the use of being
elected or re-elected unless
you stand for something?
President Grover
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 88
For whosoever shall call
upon the name of the Lord
shall be saved.
Romans 10:13
haen fo knov ersonally as my Savior). By fhe vay,
arvin's only degree vas in fheology, yef, he is olfen called a
greaf scienfisf in fexfEooks foday. Who and vhaf defermines
vho gefs fo Ee called a scienfisf" and vhy don'f fhese scollers
uf fhe same ellorf info correcfing fexfEooks fhaf call Rever-
end" arvin a scienfisf
As Henry torris has oinfed ouf, !f is vorfh nofing fhaf
almosf none ol fhe leaders ol fhis evolufionary revival had
Eeen frained as scienfisfs in fhe modern sense. None vere
educafed as hysicisfs or chemisfs or Eiologisfs or geologisfs or
asfronomers or ofher nafural" scienfisfs. As already nofed,
Charles arvin himsell vas an aosfafe divinify sfudenf
vhose only degree vas in fheology. Charles Lyell vas a
lavyer, William Smifh a surveyor, ]ames Huffon an agricul-
furalisf, ]ohn laylair a mafhemafician, and RoEerf ChamEers
a |ournalisf. Allred Russell Wallace had liffle lormal educafion
ol any kind, vifh only a Eriel arenficeshi in surveying.
Jhomas Huxley had an indillerenf educafion in medicine.
HerEerf Sencer received racfically no lormal educafion
excef some racfical exerience in railroad engineering.
Jhomas talfhus vas a fheologian and economisf, vhile
rasmus arvin vas a medical docfor and oef. l all fhe
chiel confriEufors fo fhe revival ol evolufionism commonly
associafed vifh Charles arvin, only ]ean Lamarck in rance
and rnsf Haeckel in Cermany seemed fo have had a Eona lide
educafion in fhe Eranch ol evolufionary science" fhaf fhey
ursued, and fhey had fheir ovn arficular anfi-Chrisfian
agendas fo romofe." (Jhe Long War Againsf Cod ch.4.)
Haeckel and Lamarck ushed vildly vrong ideas fo suorf
! hoe fhis hels ansver your quesfion. lease leel lree fo call
me any fime il you have quesfions.
41. Q:
Whaf aEouf searafion Eefveen church and sfafe
Searafion ol church and sfafe is never menfioned in fhe
consfifufion. Jhe hrase lirsf aeared in a leffer vriffen Ey
Jhomas ]ellerson in 1802 fo a Bafisf asfor in ayfon,
Connecficuf. Afheisfs almosf alvays omif fhe lasf arf ol
fhe leffer fhaf shovs ]ellerson`s infenf.
Here is fhe confexf ol fhaf leffer Jhe irsf Amendmenf has
erecfed a vall ol searafion Eefveen church and sfafe. Jhaf
vall is a one dimensional vall. !f kees governmenf lrom
running fhe church, Euf if makes sure fhaf Chrisfian rinci-
les vill alvays sfay in governmenf."
or more on fhis foic, confacf WallEuilders (800) 873-2845
lease send in your quesfions il you don`f see somefhing
covered in our seminar. We may include if in lufure edi-
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 89
Sources for more
We fry fo kee all our inlormafion as
currenf as ossiEle. Hovever, addresses, hone
numEers, veE sifes, efc. change lrom fime fo
fime. Jherelore, ve cannof guaranfee fhe
aEsolufe accuracy ol all fhose lisfed. !l you
nofice somefhing fhaf needs fo Ee changed,
lease nofily us so fhaf correcfions mighf Ee
made Eelore fhe nexf edifion. Jhank you.
T<(/#15% Y&/'/5#' _#;<$
T%$N(/$ #% W(%($#$
+(%'(/ C&/ ,1#(%'#C#1 +/(5'#&%
+&<<&% ,(%$( C&/ !&A50
+&%1(/%(A Z&<(% C&/ T<(/#15
+&/5; V#A:( .#%#$'/#($
+/(5'#&% -9#A(%1( .D$(D<
+/(5'#&% V($&D/1( _&D%A5'#&%
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( T$$&1#5'#&% C&/ .#AQ
+/(5'#&% !/D'" _&D%A5'#&%F B%1>
B%$'#'D'( C&/ +/(5'#&% V($(5/1"
.5//$F !(](
.5$'(/ [&&*$
.(A#5 [0E5$$
.D$(D< &C -5/'" 5%A O#C( @#$'&/0
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lax (612)856-2525
Creaf source lor Eooks on creafion.
,(1&%A +&<#%: .#%#$'/0
Jerry L. Cook
774 tays Blvd., Suife 10
!ncline Village, Nevada
!nlo on mark ol fhe
Beasf, imlanfaEle
Eiochi, or fo schedule
his seminar.
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Z5;;)D#;A(/$F B%1>
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Nevsaer covering sfories nof lound in
liEeral media, daily uElicafions can Ee
mailed fo your home
The Road Called Life
Jhe roadol lile, if seems fome,isnofassmoofhasifshouldEe.
Somefimes fhe roadseems all uhill, like svalloving a Eiffer ill.
Somefimes fhe Eums gef reallyrough, andyougive u, or else gef fough.
Buf fhe hardesf arf, if seems fome,isvhenyoudriveufoaJ."
ecisions seemsohardfomake, Euf ! musf choosevhichroadfofake.
Jhaf choice defermines vhere !`ll Ee andalsomyvholelamily.
! askedlor hellromfhose around, Euf fheir viev, foo,vaslromfheground.
Andso! askedfhe ne ! knev(Whouinheavenhas a viev),
l all fhe roads fhaf ! mighf fake, fokeeme righf lor ]esus` sake.
! rayedandrayedandfhen! chose, andvas!righftyafherknovs.
Buf Hevon`fsayfoomuchfome,Hesavesiflorefernify.
Andfhen! fhinkfhaf He vill say, tyson, youcouldhave choseneifhervay.
!`mmoreconcernedaEouf your hearf, fhanvhereyougoorvhenyousfarf.
!f`s nof somuchvhichvayyougo,Eufvhafyoudovifhvhafyouknov.
Andvelcome youvifhoenarms,andkeeyousalelromalllile`sharms.
! s`ose !`llvonder everyday, Whaf il !`dgone fhe ofhervay"
Buf fhis fime !`ll |usf domyEesfandackmysfullandheadoufWesf.
WriffenByr.Hovindvhileraying aEouf a ma|or move.
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 91
Creafion Science vangelism does nof necessarily
agree vifh every vievoinf given in each Eook.
Bible Related
Cave Men, So-Called
2$%3), 4..51 '()
2,6(5. 7.+80)1 '()
9!$"8!") .: &() ;#$" <!0)% 4#=+)1 '()
>)3 2") 4#=+) 7),%#.$
?,.@()&1 '()
A)0!,5!=+) A)6.,B .: <.=1 '()
A)0!,5!=+) C#%B.0 .: D.+.0.$1 '()
C(. #% '(#% 2++!(E
?.3), .: *)!+#$"1 '() ?.3), .: F.B1 '()
7!66#$!&#.$%G H)6)@&#.$ I ',!")BJ
C.,+B C#&(.8& K!$6),
2:&), &() L+..B
4.$) ?)BB+),%1 '()
4.$)% .: K.$&)$&#.$
48,#)B 2+#/)
Samuel Ci aySfar uElicafions
164 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S6.50
Randall Reinsfedf tcCrav-Hill
248 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S16.50
Cail Rilinger AV uElicafions
17 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S8.25
Cail Rilinger AV uElicafions
6 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
Chick uElicafions
32 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S2.00
Henry torris tasfer Books
146 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S8.50
Henry torris tasfer Books
236 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S11.50
C. ]. . toshay Jhe Berean Call
182 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S7.50
Healfh Cenesis
1111 Kane Concourse, Suife 303
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(888) 301-1336, (877) 342-5217 or (305) 861-088
lax (305) 861-862
Healfh relafed roducfs.
Loraine Rosenfhal 2043 Norfh Berendo Sfreef
Los Angeles, CA 0027 (323) 663-7801
Also has inlormafion on mulfile sclerosis.
.. Box 2388 00 Soufh osf Road
ShelEy, NC 28151
(704) 481-1700 / lax (704) 481-0345
Healfh !nlormafion
.. Box 610767 allas/orf Worfh, JX 75261
(817) 481-772 !nlormafion on H xidafive
Jheray, using hydrogen eroxide fo aid healing.
No inlormafion given over hone, musf vrife lor
Sardi, Bill 475 Wesf Allen, #117
San imas, CA 1773 (0) 861-3454
!nlormafion on healfh-
relafed roElems 208 ages
AvailaEle lrom CS S1.50
207 Wesf 2nd Sfreef Washingfon, t 6300
(314) 23-2323 !nlormafion on healfh roElems
tichael ye Hallelu|ah Acres uElishing
120 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S8.50
American tedia C. dvard Crillin
.. Box 4646 Wesf Lake Village, CA 135
(800)55-656 xcellenf Eook, exlaining hov
cancer vorks and fhe olifics in America fhaf has
kef nafural cures lrom reaching fhe eole.
368 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S17.50
Bill Cooer Nev Wine ress
256 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S12.50
William R. ix tacmillan uE. House
866 Jhird Avenue Nev York, Nev York 10022
xcellenf, documenfs fhe lacf fhaf evolufionisfs
have no evidence lor evolufion. Alfhough tr ix
does nof come all fhe vay fo fhe creafionisfs`
vievoinf, fhis 320-age Eook sulies ammunifion
lor anyone vanfing fo relufe fhe fheory ol evolu-
tarvin L. LuEenov Besf exos ol fhe so-called
cave men" in rinf foday is given in fhis creafionisf
assessmenf ol human lossils. High school/adulf
level. 25 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S13.00
]ack Cuozzo tasfer Books !nc.
T/`&%5F =59#A
+5%1(/ +&%'/&; ,&1#('0
@5;;(;D`5" T1/($
B%'(/%5'#&%5; +/(A#);( .(A#1#%( T$$&1#5'#&%
!0;(/F =/> O5//0
2 2
Box 727 Creen oresf, AR 72638
AvailaEle lrom CS lor S13.00 vvv.masferEooks.nef
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H#%6./),J .: F)$)%#%1 '()
*#BB)$ *#%&.,J .: &() *80!$ A!6)1 '()
>.!( &. 2=,!0G &() '8,=8+)$& M)!,%
?8NN+) .: 2$6#)$& -!$1 '()
')O!% ',!65% !$B 2,&#:!6&%
2$%3),% 4..51 '()
2$%3),% 4..51 '()
2%&,.$.0J !$B &() 4#=+)
4#=+#6!+ K,)!&#.$#%0
4#=+)G ;)J &. P$B),%&!$B#$" &() Q!,+J Q!,&(1 '()
C. H. Kang and . R. Nelson
13 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
tichael A. Cremo and Richard L. Jhomson
Covardham Hill uElishing
.. Box 120 Alachua, L 32615
Creaf Eook exosing cave men Ey (ol all eole)
fvo lollovers ol easfern religions 344 ages
rich A. von ange
371 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S17.50
onald . Chiffick Creafion Comass
.. Box 3 NevEerg, R 7132
vidence lrom asf culfures indicafing man vas
very advanced lrom fhe creafion. (170 ages)
AvailaEle lrom CS S10.00
R. Hellinsfine, ]. Rofh
10 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
Box 4343 Crand ]uncfion, C 81502
(70) 523-43
Box 80 Brunsvick, H 44212
(330) 220-663 lax (330) 220-6253
Norm SharEaugh Norm SharEaugh tinisfries
Box 215 BrovnsEurg, !N 46112
(317) 852-0877 Covers Eesf general argumenfs lor
evolufion, and hov fo relufe fhem. !ncludes
inferesfing lacfs and arfilacfs lrom various lields ol
science fo deEunk evolufion.
r. Samuel C. Ci aySfar uElishing
164 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S6.50
Ken Ham, Andrev Snelling, Carl Wieland
tasfer Books Box 726
Creen oresf, AR 72638 (800)-3777
onald eYoung !CR
176 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
Henry t. torris Baker Books
Box 6287 Crand Raids, t! 4516
Whaf each Eook ol fhe BiEle feaches aEouf Creafion
and fhe lood. 276 ages.
Soufhvesf Radio Church
Box 100 Befhany, K 73008
(800) 652-1144 or (403) 787-258
Creaf collecfion ol evidence fhaf fhe earfh is nof
millions ol years old."
Henry t. torris 1046 Woodside Avenue Norfh
Sanfee, CA 2071 (61) 448-000
As in all ol his Eooks, r. torris does a slendid |oE
ol clearly shoving science suorfs fhe BiEle rafher
fhan evolufion.
AvailaEle lrom CS S3.50
AvailaEle lrom CS S6.50
Creation Information
T;E"5 g<(:5 B%$'#'D'(
T<(/#15% Y&/'/5#' _#;<$
4#=+#6!+ 4!%#% :., -.B),$ D6#)$6)1 '()
4#" F.B /%R 4#" D6#)$6)
4.$) .: K.$&)$&#.$
4..5 .: <!%(),1 '()
K+!3%1 <!3% I H#$.%!8,%
K,)!&#.$ !$B '#0)
K,)!&#.$ D&8B)$& C.,5=..5
Bill Sardi Here & Nov Books
108 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S7.00
Sylvia Baker Ansvers in Cenesis
Box 6302 Acacia Ridge .C., ld 4110
Ausfralia A greaf, musf-read, shorf Eook vifh
loads ol uselul inlormafion aEouf fhe creafion-
evolufion suE|ecf 35 ages
Arfisan uElishers 254 ages
AvailaEle lrom CS S.75
Williams CiEEons and r. Kenf Hovind
Af lasf a cryfozoology Eook lor young readers
lrom a creafion ersecfive! CiEEons has Eeen fo
fhe Congo fhree fimes as vell as many ofher
exedifions gafhering evidence ol fhe lev small
dinosaurs fhaf are sfill alive foday. Ages seven and
u vill en|oy fhis Eook. 72 ages.
AvailaEle lrom CS S5.00
Living Wafers Box 1172
Bellllover, CA 0706
Creaf hels lor evangelism
tark Van BeEEer & aul S. Jaylor
2628 Wesf Birchvood Circle tesa, A 85202
(800) 332-2261 120 ages
A greaf Eook exosing fhe lalse feaching ol Hugh
Charles Lynn, t.d 58 ages
AvailaEle lrom CS S8.50
+&<C&/'F V50
G@&<($1"&&;(/R$ +D//#1D;D< ^&'()&&*\
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 93
K,)!&#.$ D6#)$&#%&% 2$%3), '()#, K,#&#6%
K,)!&#.$S% '#$J -J%&),J
H!,3#$T% 4+!65 4.O
H!,3#$ .$ ',#!+
H!,3#$S% Q$#"0!
H):)!&#$" H!,3#$#%0
H):)$B),S% 4#=+)
H#B 2B!0 *!/) ! 4)++J=8&&.$E
H#$.%!8,% =J H)%#"$
H#%6./),J .: F)$)%#%1 '()
H.8=&% 2=.8& K,)!&#.$E >.& 2:&), '(#%
Q/.+8&#.$G 2 '().,J #$ K,#%#%
Q/.+8&#.$G L!6&1 L,!8B1 ., L!#&(E
L.%%#+1 L!6&%1 !$B L!$&!%#)%
F!@ '().,J1 '()
F)$)%#% L+..B1 '()
F)$)%#% D.+8&#.$1 '()
F.B H.)%$S& 4)+#)/) #$ 2&()#%&%
*.3 &. -!5) !$ 2&()#%& 4!65%+#B)
U6.$% .: Q/.+8&#.$
U$ &() 4)"#$$#$"
U$ D#O H!J%
U$ &() -#$B% .: -)$
9!$"8!") .: &() ;#$" <!0)%1 '()
1046 Woodside Avenue Norfh
Sanfee, CA 2071 (61) 448-000
451 ages
AvailaEle lrom CS S15.50
RoEerf V. Cenfry A fechnical Eook aEouf radio-
olonium halos, fhe liffle marvels in granife rocks
fhaf rove fhe vorld vas creafed insfanfly as fhe
BiEle says (earfh never vas a hof, molfen mass as
currenfly faughf in secular schools). Uer high-
school sfudenfs and adulfs vill gain valuaEle
insighfs lrom fhis amazing vork. 363 ages
AvailaEle lrom CS S13.50
tichael ] Behe Simon & Schusfer
307 ages availaEle lrom CS S12.50
hilli . ]ohnson !nferVarsify ress
Box 1400 ovner`s Crove, !L 60515
Lav rolessor af Universify ol Calilornia, Berkley,
does a greaf |oE shoving evolufion is nof logical.
Lufher Sunderland tasfer Books
2 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S10.50
hilli ]ohnson !nferVarsify ress
131 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S10.50
Nofes Ey r. Henry torris World uElishing, !nc.
(ver 6400 exlanafory loofnofes)
AvailaEle lrom CS S30.00/S45.00
Ken Ham tasfer Books
12 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S10.50
uane J. Cish, h.. Learn everyfhing fhaf you
have ever vanfed fo knov aEouf dinosaurs. Where
fhey lived, hov fhe lossils vere lormed, and
vhefher fhere are some sfill alive foday.
88 ages/hardEack AvailaEle lrom CS S15.50
C. H. Kang, fhel R. Nelson Concordia uE. House
3558 Soufh ]ellerson Ave Sf. Louis, t 63118
Shovs fhe connecfion Eefveen fhe Chinese
language characfers and fhe original creafion. very
Chinese erson needs fo read fhis Eook.
135 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
Brian Young
11 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
tichael enfon Adler & Adler uElishers
Highly recommended. Aufhor is nof a creafionisf,
Euf desfroys evolufion scienfilically.
on Boys, h. reedom uElicafions
352 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S14.00
]oe Jaylor tf Blanco tuseum
80 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S1.50
K. Hovind, S. Lavvell CS
20 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S2.00
]. WhifcomE, H. torris !CR
518 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S14.50
Ken Ham, aul Jaylor
ilms lor Chrisf Associafion
2628-A W. Birchvood Cir. tesa, Arizona 85202
Highly recommend, easy fo read and undersfand lor
|unior high age and u.
Ray Comlorf Living Wafers
11 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S7.50
Ray Comlorf Bridge-Logos uElisher
21 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S5.00
]onafhan Wells Regnery uElishing, !nc
338 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S23.5
Walf Brovn Cenfer lor Scienfilic Creafion
5612 Norfh 20fh lace hoenix, A 85016
A fhoroughly documenfed Eook aEouf creafion, fhe
llood ol Noah, and fhe hydrolafe fheory ol
mounfain lormafion and confinenfal drilf.
AvailaEle lrom CS S23.50
]ohn Ashfon tasfer Books
384 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S13.50
!an Jaylor
Well-relerenced and documenfed, one ol fhe Eesf
Eooks ! have ever read on fhe confroversy ol
creafion-evolufion, any serious sfudenf ol fhis
suE|ecf needs fo read if (high school/adulf level).
48 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S22.50
Cail Rilinger A.V. uElicafions
17 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S8.25
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 94
9.$" C!, 2"!#$%& F.B1 '()
-)$ .: D6#)$6)V-)$ .: F.B
W,#"#$ .: &() D@)6#)% A)/#%#&)B1 7.+R X !$B Y
?!$.,!0! .: K,)!&#.$
A)!%.$ #$ &() 4!+!$6)
A):8&#$" Q/.+8&#.$
A)/#%)B !$B QO@!$B)B 2$%3),%
A)/#%)B Z8.&) 4..51 '()
A#B) &. F+.,J
D6#)$6) 266.,B#$" &. -.%)%
D6#)$&#:#6 2$!+J%#% .: F)$)%#%1 2
D6#)$6) !$B &() 4#=+) 7.+80)% X !$B Y
D6#)$&#:#6 K,)!&#.$#%0
D6.@)% UUV'() F,)!& H)=!&)
D)/)$ -)$ C(. A8+)B &() C.,+B :,.0 &() F,!/)
)O!% ',!65% !$B 2,&#:!6&%
'(!& '()#, C.,B% -!J 4) P%)B 2"!#$%& '()0
Henry t. torris Creafion Jrufh uElicafions
.. Box 1435 NoEle, klahoma 73068
ne ol fhe Eesf Eooks !`ve ever read! No ofher Eook
ufs fhings in ersecfive or exlains hov nev age,
anfheism, easfern religions, and evolufion all fie in
fogefher quife like fhis one.
344 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S13.00
Henry t. torris tasfer Books
.. Box 727 Creen oresf, AR 72638
Briel Eiograhical skefches ol some ol fhe greaf men
ol science and hov fheir Eeliel in Cod and creafion
mofivafed fheir research. ]unior high and u vill
love fhis Eook.
Wendel R. Byrd Regency (Jhomas Nelson)
Nashville, Jennessee
roEaEly fhe mosf fhorough Eook on fhis suE|ecf,
500-lus ages in each. Brillianfly argued evidence
(Eelore fhe Sureme Courf) fhaf fhe evolufion
fheory has no scienfilic evidence fo suorf if.
Carl, . Baugh, h..
An exlanafion ol hov fhe earfh vas dillerenf
Eelore fhe llood.
8 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S8.50
hilli . ]ohnson !nferVarsify ress
.. Box 1400 ovners Crove, !L 60515
Jhe case againsf nafuralism in science, lav, and
educafion. xcellenf Eook.
245 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S13.50
]onafhan Sarlafi tasfer Books
143 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S8.50
K. Ham, ]. Srlafi, C. Wieland tasfer Books
274 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S11.50
!nsfifufe lor Creafion Research .. Box 2667
l Ca|on, Calilornia 2021 (61) 448-000
uofes Ey lamous evolufionisfs admiffing fhey
have no evidence lor fheir fheory.
AvailaEle lrom CS S3.50
Warren ]ohns Ceneral Jifle Comany
414 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S28.50
r. C. Jhomas Shar
Creafion Jrufh uElicafions
.. Box 1435 NoEle, klahoma 73068
(405) 872-856
AEouf S15, 351 ages.
dvard . Blick Hearfhsfone uE., Lfd.
ivision ol Soufhvesf Radio Church ol fhe Air
.. Box 815 klahoma Cify, K 73101
An engineer examines fhe Eook ol Cenesis.
onald B. eYoung Baker Books
Jhirfy scienfilic demonsfrafions illusfrafing
Scrifural frufhs. 110 ages. CS S17.00
Henry t. torris Creafion-Lile uElishers
.. Box 15666 San iego, CA 2115
Creaf overall viev on fhe suE|ecf, has chafers on
each ol fhe main foics in fhe creafion-evolufion
deEafe, highly recommended.
AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
Bill Keifh Hunfingfon House, !nc.
1200 Norfh tarkef Sfreef Suife C
Shreveorf, LA 71107
By Louisiana sfafe senafor, Bill Keifh (vrofe fhe
lav fo require creafion fo Ee faughf il evolufion is
faughf in uElic schools). Covers legal Eaffle raging
over vhaf fo feach in uElic schools, 13 ages.
ave Breese toody ress
alse hilosohies fhaf have allecfed eole`s
fhinking around fhe vorld.
235 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S11.75
RoEerf . Hellinsfine, ]erry . Rofh
1136 ilfh Avenue Soufh Anoka, tN 55303
(612) 421-864
tosf currenf Eook on Eofh human and dinosaur
fracks lound fogefher in Clen Rose, Jexas.
10 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
Henry t. torris !nsfifufe lor Creafion Research
.. Box 2667 l Ca|on, CA 2021
A gianf Eook ol fhousands ol quofes Ey evolufion-
isfs and lamous scienfisfs fesfilying fhaf fhe
evolufion fheory has no real scienfilic evidence fo
Eack if u. Jhe C-Rt fhaf comes vifh fhe
Eook makes if a Ereeze fo research Ey foic or
aufhor. ! use fhis Eook every veek in research on
fhe creafion/evolufion suE|ecf.
47 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S1.50
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 95
'.,$!B. #$ ! <8$5J!,B
',!#$ P@ ! K(#+B1 '.
P$5$.3$ Q!,&(G 2 *!$B=..5 .: F).+."#6!+
]ames erloll Reluge Books
321 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S15.00
tichael & eEi earl
tichael & eEi earl (uElished Ey)
10 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S4.75
Wesfon W. ields Burgener nferrises
.. Box 1160 Collinsville, !llinois 62234
A crifique ol fhe Ca Jheory, ay age fheory and
rogressive creafion.
245 ages AvailaEle lrom CS 8.00
William R. Corliss Jhe SourceEook ro|ecf
.. Box 107 Clen Arm, taryland 21057
(410) 668-6047
All his Eooks are greaf sources ol inlormafion fo
shov fhaf fhe currenf fheory ol evolufion does nof
vifhsfand close scrufiny.
ennis eferson Chrisfian quiers, !nf.
.. Box 16100 Soufh Lake Jahoe, CA 5706
(16) 542-150
Highly recommended. xcellenf, lofs ol greaf-lor-
children visuals, exlains in simle language fhe
lallacies ol evolufion. tuch hellul inlormafion lor
fhose inferesfed in fhe sfudy ol evolufionary fheory.
237 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S24.50
Rhea Counfy Hisforical Sociefy Bryan College
ayfon, Jennessee 37321 (423) 775-2041
ascinafing reading (33 ages) Jhe acfual recorded
franscrif ol fhe 125 Scoes tonkey Jrial,
shoving fhe sfe-Ey-sfe frial rogress. (Very
dillerenf lrom fhe movie currenfly making fhe
circuif, !nherif fhe Wind. !l fhis movie is fo Ee
shovn in your uElic school, ! sfrongly recommend
you rofesf if on fhe grounds fhaf if is nofhing like
fhe original franscrif. tany changes have Eeen
made fo make creafionisfs and Chrisfians look
dumE.) Confacf Bryan College lor more inlormafion
aEouf fhe frial and a good reenacfmenf ol if.
]ohn C. WhifcomE Baker Book House
Crand Raids, tich. 4506
Shovs evidence lor a vorldvide lood, 144 ages.
]ohn torris tasfer Books
208 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S14.50
aul . Ackerman Baker Book House
Crand Raids, t! 4506
A greaf collecfion ol scienfilic rools fhaf fhe earfh
is nof millions ol years old.
includes eyevifness accounfs
aufhor indicafes Eeliel in evolufion
]anef and Colin Bord Sfackole Books
Cameron & Kelker Sfreefs .. Box 1831
HarrisEurg, A 17105 215 ages
Angelo Rescinifi and uane amon
School Book airs, !nc. 503 Wesferville Road
ColumEus, hio 4322
r. aul H. LeBlond and r. dvard Bluslield
Horsdal & SchuEarf uElishers Lfd.
Vicforia,B.C. Canada
134 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
Beffy Sanders Carner oflafch uElicafions
5 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.75
William CiEEons and Kenf Hovind
c/o 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida ]32503j
Af lasf a cryfozoology Eook lor young readers lrom
a creafionisf ersecfive! CiEEons has Eeen fo fhe
Congo fhree fimes as vell as many ofher exedifions
gafhering evidence ol fhe lev small dinosaurs fhaf
are sfill alive. Ages eighf and u vill love fhis Eook.
72 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S5.00
Loren Coleman aEer and aEer, !nc.
50 Cross Sfreef Winchesfer, tA 0180
Carl . Baugh, h..
Creafion vidence tuseum
.. Box 30 Clen Rose, Jexas 76043
(254) 87-3200
Creaf Eook aEouf fhe research Eeing done in Clen
Rose, Jexas, vhere Eofh dinosaur and human
loofrinfs have Eeen lound fogefher.
aniel Cohen orsef ress, Nev York
xcellenf Research (as in his ofher Eooks) vell
vorfh invesfigafing Ey any cryfozoologisf on
suE|ecfs such as Loch Ness tonsfer (fhough a Eif ol
lringe aroach and delinife Eeliel in evolufion).
287 ages.
P$:.,0)B !$B P$:#++)B
P$+.65#$" &() -J%&),#)% .: K,)!&#.$
C.,+BS% -.%& L!0.8% K.8,& ',#!+
C.,+B '(!& ?),#%()B1 '()
M.8$" Q!,&(1 '()
M.8$" C.,+B 2:&), 2++1 U&S% !
2+#)$ 2$#0!+% [\
4#":..& !$B >)%%#)G '3. -J%&),#.8% -.$%&),% [\
K!$!B!T% -.$%&),%
K+!3%1 <!3%1 !$B H#$.%!8,%
K8,#.8% Q$6.8$&),% [\
Q$6J6+.@)B#! .: -.$%&),%1 '() \
Dinosaurs, Living Today
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 96
Q$#"0! .: 9.6( >)%%1 '()
L.%%#+ L!6&% I L!$&!%#)%
F,)!& H#$.%!8, -J%&),J !$B &() 4#=+)1 '()
F,)!&)%& -.$%&),% #$ &() C.,+B [\
U$ D)!,6( .: 9!5) -.$%&),% [\
U$ D)!,6( .: W".@.".
9#/#$" H#$.%!8,E1 2 [\
9.6( >)%% -.$%&), [\
-.$%&), *8$&
-.$%&), !& 9.6( >)%% [\
-.$%&), .: 9.6( >)%% [\
-.$%&),] -.$%&),] [\
-J%&),#.8% 20),#6! [\
-J%&),#.8% K,)!&8,)% [\
-J%&),#.8% D)! -.$%&),% .: K!+#:.,$#!S% K)$&,!+
-J%&),#.8% C.,+B
D)! -.$%&),% [\
W$ &() ',!65 .: P$5$.3$ 2$#0!+% [\
D)! D),@)$&%1 D!#+.,%1 !$B D5)@&#6% [\
D(#@3,)65% !$B D)! -.$%&),% .: K!+#:.,$#!S%
K)$&,!+ K.!%&
Henry H. Bauer Universify ol !llinois ress
243 ages.
Jaylor, ]oe
124 Wesf tain CrosEyfon, JX 7322
(806) 675-7777
Creafion tuseum and inlormafion on lossils.
80 ages AvailaEle af CS S1.50
aul Jaylor
Child`s-level Eook aEouf men and dinosaurs living
fogefher, has fhe color icfure ol fhe lesiosaur
caughf Ey fhe ]aanese lishing Eoaf in 177.
61 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S13.5
aniel Cohen odd, tead, and Comany
efer Cosfello Carnsfone ress Limifed
5 Bromfon Road London, ngland SW3 !S
Arlene Caal Hancock House
208 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S14.50
r. Roy . tackal . ]. Brill, Leiden, Holland
Creaf examle ol fhe research going on in fhe
Congo Svam vhere 25-35 loof aafosaurs sfill
live. r. Roy tackal, Universify ol Chicago.
340 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S2.50
Jim insdale Roufledge and Kegal aul
ark Sfreef Bosfon, tA 01208
Jim insdale Acroolis Books Lfd.
Washingfon, C 2000
Sally Berke Rainfree uElishers Limifed
205 Wesf Highland Avenue
tilvaukee, Wisconsin 53203
]ames Cornell Scholasfic Book Services
50 Wesf 44 Sfreef Nev York, Nev York 10036
Beffy Sanders Carner Hancock House
1313 ero Avenue, Surrey, BC. V4 1t7
As fhe search lor unknovn creafures confinues, fhis
Eook gives fhe comlefe sfory ol monsfers"
(ossiEly living dinosaurs) fhaf many Eelieve live in
Norfh America.
10 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S12.00
Loren Coleman aEer and aEer, !nc.
50 Cross Sfreef Winchesfer, tA 0180
Jime-Lile Books 1450 asf arham Road
Richmond, Virginia 23280
Randall A. Reinsfedf Chosf Jovn uElicafions
.. raver 58 Carmel, CA 321
Jhis udafed version is fhe mosf comlefe collec-
fion ol local sea monsfer sfories ever assemEled,
including many incidenfs relafed ersonally fo fhe
aufhor Ey fhe lishermen vho exerienced fhem.
(71 ages) AvailaEle lrom CS S6.50
Arfhur C. Clarke Video Series (800) 538-5856
13 faes lor aEouf S170
Jhis greaf video series has mosf ol fhe knovn
icfures, movies, and infervievs aEouf Loch Ness
tonsfer, efc.
William Knovlfon
Allred A. Knol, !nc. Nev York, Nev York
Bernard Heuvelmans Jhe SourceEook ro|ecf
.. Box 107 Clen Arm, taryland 21057
A gianf Eook ol hundreds ol sfories aEouf Cryfids.
Craham ]. tcvan Roufledge & Kegan aul
ark Sfreef Bosfon, tass. 02108
Randall A. Reinsfedf Chosf Jovn uElicafions
.. raver 58 Carmel, CA 321
ocumenfed sfories ol over lorfy shivrecks and
fhe remarkaEle fales ol sfrange Eeasfs fhaf inhaEif
fhe suEmarine canyon oufside tonferrey Bay. Jhis
Eook confains fhe Eesf knovn hofos ol fhe lorfy
loof sea serenf fhaf vashed u on a Calilornia
Eeach in 125. 168 ages.
AvailaEle lrom CS S.00
]erome Clark VisiEle !nk ress
835 enoEscof Bldg. efroif, tichigan 48226
A cafalog ol 347 sfrange sighfings and uzzling
hysical henomena.
443 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S8.50
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 97
Mark of the Beast
New Age Movement
'() -2A; .: &() >)3 C.,+B W,B),
2$6#)$& Q0@#,)% .: &() >)3 2")
K#&#N)$T% A8+) 4..5
Q$ A.8&) &. F+.=!+ W668@!&#.$
L.8$B!&#.$% .: 9#=),&J
L.8,&( A)#6( .: &() A#6(
U$ K!)%!,T% F,#@
U$ &() -#$B% .: -)$
>.3 #% &() H!3$#$" .: &() >)3 C.,+B W,B),
>)3 2") 4#=+) 7),%#.$%
>)3 2") -./)0)$& D)0#$!,
W$ &() *.,$% .: &() 4)!%&
^ -)$ C(. A8+) &() C.,+B :,.0 &() F,!/)
D(!B.3% .: ?.3),1 '()
H#%6./),)BG >.!(S% 2,5
>.!(S% 2,5 ?#&6()B !$B ?!,5)B
Jerry L. Cook Second Coming tinisfries
61535 S. Highvay 7 Unif , Suife 288
Bend, regon 7702
Reveals fhe hidden agenda ol fhose vho are ushing
loss ol rivacy and Eiochi fechnology. 385 ages.
(850) 455-5011
Seaks on and demonsfrafes emEeddaEle microchi
He heled invenf fhe imlanf chi.
aul earrie and tary ride
ascinafing, covers some ol fhe hisfory ol fhe Nev Age
tovemenf and shovs a liffle Eif aEouf vhaf is haen-
ing foday fo Ering us Eack fo fhe Safanic Nev World
rder, 201 ages.
aer-House uElicafions
62 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S1.00
Cary H. Kah Hunfingfon House uElishers
.. Box 53788 Lalayeffe, Louisiana 70505
ne ol fhe Eesf Eooks on fhe Nev Age movemenf,
exosing vhaf is haening foday as ve race fovard
fhe one-vorld order ol vhich Safan vill Ee fhe head,
213 ages.
Jexe tarrs
S20+S3.50 &H.
es Crillin missary uElicafions
316 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S11.00
efer Kershav Heal ur Land tinisfries
208 . College Sfeef, Suife 262 Branson, t
(417) 337-7533 (Voice tail)
A musf-read lor asfors and minisfry leaders.
xoses fhe hidden dangers ol 501 (c) (3)
!ncororafion. 46 ages AvailaEle af CS S5.00
efer Kershav Heal ur Land tinisfries
141 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S15.00
!an J. Jaylor J uElishing
48 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S25.00
ennis Lavrence Cuddy, h..
Hearfhsfone uE., Lfd. .. Box 815
klahoma Cify, K 73101
Cood, lasf-aced, lilled vifh inlormafion on fhe
Nev Age tovemenf. Wifh 415 ages, if vill
ansver all fhe quesfions you have and even
raise a lev more.
Rilinger, Cail A. V. uElicafions
Box 280 Araraf, VA 24053
(540) 251-1734 / lax (540) 251-1734
!nlormafion on BiEle versions
6 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
Cary rye, vangelisf 80 riole Lane
Concord, NC 28025 (704) 782-5273
ersonal lriend ol mine, very knovledgeaEle
aEouf fhe Nev Age tovemenf, fravels fo
churches and seaks on fhis foic (much as ! do
on Creafion). Your church vould greafly rolif
lrom his seminar.
Bill Sfill Reinhardf & Sfill uE.
4250 Cedar Creek Crade
Winchesfer, Virginia 22602
Jhe hisfory ol fhe ederal Reserve and fhe
disaearance ol America`s gold reserves.
312 ages.
ave Breese toody ress
235 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S11.75
]ames erloll Wesfern !slands uElishers
264 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S10.50
Ron Wyaff
World BiEle Sociefy Nashville, JN 37203
! have mef vifh Ron and seen much ol fhe
evidence he resenfs.
Nafhan t. teyer
Nafhan teyer BiEle rohecy Associafion
10 Loveman Avenue
Worfhingfon, hio 43085
.5/'#%F =(5%
!/D<E(' .#%#$'/#($
Noahs Ark
Living Jrufh tinisfries
1708 afferson Road Ausfin, Jexas 78733
(800) 234-673
=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 98
Public Schools and Evolution Pyramid
Related Topics
T/( i&D [(#%: [/5#%N5$"(AP
-;#j5)('" V#A(%&D/
r. Kenf Hovind Creafion Science vangelism
36 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S2.00
Nafional Council on BiEle Curriculum in uElic Schools
Box 743 CreensEoro, NC 2742
(336) 272-37
avis & Kenyon Haughfon uElishing Comany
170 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S17.50
]. W. Brinkley Roever Communicafions
.. Box 136130 orf Worfh, Jexas 76136
(817) 238-2005
xlains vhaf righfs religious sfudenfs have in uElic
11 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
uane J. Cish !nsfifufe lor Creafion Research
.. Box 2667 l Ca|on, Calilornia 2021
very uElic school feacher needs fhis Eook.
70 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S4.75
]ames C. Helley Vicfor Books .. Box 1825
Wheafon, !llinois 60187
Highly recommended, covers fhe Eaffle going on in
uElic school fexfEooks foday (13 ages).
tel and Norma CaEler
ducafional Research Analysfs .. Box 7518
Longviev, Jexas 75607 (03) 753-53
ax (03) 753-7788
Creaf Eook fo shov fhe humanisf inlluence in foday`s
12 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S4.00
]ohn C. Whifehead Jhe Rufherlord !nsfifufe
.. Box 7482 Charloffesville, VA 2206
(800) 441-3473
tusf-read Eooklef (26 ages) dealing vifh fhe sfudenfs`
and arenfs` legal righfs in fhe uElic school sysfem.
35 ages AvailaEle lrom CS 3.00
]ohn W. Whifehead Crossvay Books
Cood Nevs uElishers Wheafon, !L 60187
Noah W. Hufchings Hearfhsfone uE., Lfd.
klahoma Cify, klahoma
171 ages.
N. W. Hufchings Hearfhsfone uElishing
Soufhvesf Radio Church .. Box 1144
klahoma Cify, K 73101 (405) 78-1222
avid Barfon WallBuilder ress
.. Box 37 Aledo, Jexas 76008
(817) 441-6044
Jhe ellecfs on America lrom removal ol rayer
in fhe uElic schools.163 ages
avid Barfon WallEuilders
.. Box 37 Aledo, Jexas 76008
tafhev Sfaver LiEerfy Counsel
561 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S15.00
mmanuel t. ]osehson Chedney ress
230 . 61 Sfreef Nev York, Nev York 10021
374 ages
rvin W. Lufzer toody ress
Chicago, !llinois 60610
216 ages
]. Vernon tcCee Jhrough fhe BiEle Books
Box 7100 asadena, Calilornia 110
Consider fhis Eook lor documenfed inlormafion
ol eyevifness accounfs (ages 40-41) ol eole,
dogs, or animals Eeing svalloved Ey a vhale
(regarding fhe validify ol ]onah`s sfory).
trs. Jheo teves 18310 Beningfon rive
Brofhlield, Wisc. 53045
xcellenf Eook aEouf fhe Rockeleller dynasfy`s
link fo fhe Nev World rder. 277 ages
avid A. NoeEel Harvesf House uElishers
ugene, regon 7402
81 ages.
W: ?!$B!% !$B ?).@+)
D&8B)$&% 9)"!+ A#"(&% .$ ! ?8=+#6 D6(..+ K!0@8%
')!6(#$" K,)!&#.$ D6#)$6) #$ ?8=+#6 D6(..+%
')O&=..5% .$ ',#!+
C(!& 2,) '()J ')!6(#$" W8, K(#+B,)$E
M.8, A#"(&% #$ &() ?8=+#6 D6(..+%
'() A#"(&% .: A)+#"#.8% ?),%.$% #$ ?8=+#6 QB86!&#.$
F,)!& ?J,!0#BV?,.@()6J #$ D&.$)
>)3 9#"(& .$ &() F,)!& ?J,!0#B
20),#6!V'. ?,!JE ., $.& &. ?,!JE
QB86!&#.$ !$B &() L.8$B#$" L!&(),%
L!#&( !$B L,))B.0
_L)B),!+` A)%),/) K.$%@#,!6J I A.65):)++),1 '()
*#&+),S% K,.%%
<.$!( !$B -#6!(
',8&( !=.8& A.65):)++),1 '()
P$B),%&!$B#$" &() '#0)%
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 99
Stars, Gospel in the
*)!/)$% H)6+!,)1 '()
*#),."+J@(#6% .: &() *)!/)$%1 '()
-!$J U$:!++#=+) ?,..:%
A)!+ -)!$#$" .: &() a.B#!61 '()
C#&$)%% .: &() D&!,%
2+#)$ Q$6.8$&),%
'() K.%0#6 K.$%@#,!6J
PLWG Q$Bb'#0) H)+8%#.$
PLW ccc
K+!3%1 <!3%1 I H#$.%!8,%
H!BBJ1 U% '(),) A)!++J ! F.BE
H#$.%!8,% .: QB)$
H#$.%!8,% =J H)%#"$
H,J 4.$)% !$B W&(), L.%%#+%
F,)!& H#$.%!8, -J%&),J1 '()
D6#)$6) !$B &() 4#=+)
C(!& A)!++J *!@@)$)B &. &() H#$.%!8,%E
William . Banks !macf Chrisfian Books
Carr-Harris, Berfha Armac ress, 133
Joronfo, CANAA
Henry t. torris Creafion-Lile uElishers
. ]ames Kennedy, h. Coral Ridge tinisfries
5555 Norfh ederal Hvy
orf Lauderdale, L 33302
. W. Bullinger Kregal 183, 167
Crand Raids, tichigan
Chuck tissler tark asfman Koinonia House
.. Box Coeur d`Alene, ! 83816-0347
Jhis Eook may Ee one ol fhe mosf disfurEing Eooks
you`ll read in a long vhile, Euf if may also Ee one ol
fhe mosf crifical." lrom fhe fifle age.
Sfan eyo
Barnes & NoEle !SBN# 008477-04-4
ascinafing Eook aEouf elecfro-gravific roulsion,
confending fhaf fhere are fvo fyes ol Us. ne
vould Ee fo-secref cralf ovned and oerafed Ey fhe
U. S. Covernmenf using a dillerenf means ol roul-
sion called elecfro-gravifics. Jhe second fye ol U he
claims are Safanically ovned and oerafed. (or more
on fhis see my Creafion Seminar Videofae 7)
avid Allen Levis & RoEerf Shreckhise
Nev Leal ress .. Box 726
Creen oresf, Arkansas 72638
avid Levis resenfs fhe resulfs ol 3 years ol research
on Us.
avid Allen Levis & RoEerf Shreckhise
tenorah ress
304asf armRoad186Sringlield,t65810
(800) 772-5687
Culfs and Confacfs ol fhe anfichrisf delusion.
Ey William CiEEons and r. Kenf Hovind
Af lasf a cryfozoology Eook lor young
readers lrom a creafion ersecfive! CiEEons
has Eeen fo fhe Congo fhree fimes as vell as
many ofher exedifions gafhering evidence ol
fhe lev small dinosaurs fhaf are sfill alive
foday. Ages seven and u vill en|oy fhis
Eook. 72 ages
AvailaEle lrom CS S5.00
]. torris, K. Ham
31 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S11.50
Ken Ham
64 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S13.50
Ey uane J. Cish, h..
Learn everyfhing fhaf you have ever vanfed
fo knov aEouf dinosaurs. Where fhey lived,
hov fhe lossils vere lormed, and vhefher
fhere are some sfill alive foday.
AvailaEle lrom CS S13.50
Cary and tary arker
80 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S12.50
Ey aul S. Jaylor
Jhis unusual Eook resenfs dinosaurs as arf
ol Cod`s vonderlul creafion and uses fhem fo
infroduce imorfanf BiElical concefs. 63
AvailaEle lrom CS S13.50
Ey onald B. eYoung
A fofal ol sixfy (fhirfy er volume) scienfilic
demonsfrafions fhaf illusfrafe Scrifural
frufhs. Jhese demonsfrafions are easy fo do
and use ordinary household ifems.
AvailaEle lrom CS S13.50
Ey ]ohn torris and Ken Ham
]oin Jracker ]ohn and ] as fhey exlore fhe
vorld Eelore Noah`s lood. Kids vill love fhe
lun-lilled advenfure and arenfs vill areci-
afe fhe BiElical scienfilic feaching.
32 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S11.00
Reading for Kids

=/> ?(%' @&9#%A ollice (850) 47-!N (3466) ax 47-8562 100

2 #% :., 2B!0
H #% :., H#$.%!8,%
2%&,.$.0J 4..51 '()
F).+."J 4..51 '()
C)!&(), 4..51 '(
K(!0@#.$% .: D6#)$6)
K(!0@#.$% .: -!&()0!&#6%
K(!0@#.$% .: U$/)$&#.$
F.B K,)!&)B &() H#$.%!8,% .: &() C.,+B
F.B K,)!&)B &() C.,+B !$B &() P$#/),%)
F.BS% H#$.%!8, XbYbd 4..5
F.BS% H#$.%!8, L8$ 4..5
F.BS% H#$.%!8, 2b4bK 4..5
F.BS% H#$.%!8, K.+., 4..5
D@)6#!+ C.$B),% .: W8, D)! C.,+B
D@)6#!+ C.$B),% .: W8, C#+B ;#$"B.0
D@)6#!+ C.$B),% .: W8, L)!&(),)B L,#)$B
?!&6( &() ?#,!&)G '() Q/.+8&#.$ A)/.+8&#.$ b 28B#.&!@)
'#0.&(J C(!+)S% A!#$=.3
7.J!") &. &() ?+!$)&%
7.J!") &. &() D&!,%
Ken and talley Ham tasfer Books
An A fo rhyme Eook lilled vifh colorlul carfoon
illusfrafions fhaf feach fhe frue hisfory ol fhe vorld.
is a sequel fo .
121 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S15.50 each
]ohn torris tasfer Books
Jhis Eook sfarfs vifh fhe Eig icfure." our lace in
sace, and exlains hov each ol fhe various veafher
condifions lay a role in our daily lives. Jhis Eook is fhe
lirsf in a series fhaf honors Cod as Creafor.
80 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S15.50 each
]ohn Jiner aEon esign and tasfer Books
!n fhis Eook, ve learn fhaf invenfors like Charles
BaEEage (comufers), tichael araday (elecfric
generafor), and ]ohn CufenEerg (rinfing ress) gave
credif lor fheir achievemenfs fo Cod.
72 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S5.50 each
aul Jaylor tasfer Books
High-qualify dinosaur sfickers make fhese secial
coloring Eooks arficularly engaging lor small children.
ull ol creafion and dinosaur lacfs, fhese Eooks vill kee
children Eusy lor hours.
ages AvailaEle lrom CS S4.50
Jhese unique Eooks are ferrilic fools lor heling fo feach
young children aEouf shaes, colors, leffers, and
171 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S2.75 each
Buddy and Kay avis tasfer Books
80 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S12.50 each
Ron Hamilfon
afch fhe irafe visifs fhe universify, vhere a meefing ol
Aeman !nfernafional is Eeing held. A susecfed
kidnaing sends afch and his crev roelling Eack fo
fhe Eeginning ol fime. A greaf musical advenfure on
audiocasseffe lor children ages six and u.
76 minufes AvailaEle lrom CS S.5
arrell Wiskur tasfer Books
A simle, rhyming children`s Eook fhaf exlains
fhe llood ol Noah fo young children in a lormaf
fhaf is comaraEle in qualify fo fo commercial
or secular ro|ecfs, Eofh in arfvork, and
AvailaEle lrom CS S11.50
R. Bliss and . eYoung !CR
111 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S11.50
R. Bliss
Jhis Eook Eeaufilully illusfrafes asfronomy lor
|unior-high-age sfudenfs, vriffen in fh elorm ol
an advenfurous fri info sace on a sace
shuffle. Jhe creafive disign and over ol Cod
are made evidenf fhroughouf.
111 ages AvailaEle lrom CS S.50
\ &+ L'" \0$* : &+ L'" :&('+$I"+
+/(5'#&% ,1#(%1( -95%:(;#$< 2 Cummings Road ensacola, lorida 32503 101