Lecture Last – Singing the New Nepal No Maoists in the taskforce. But they didn’t object to it.

Membership was uncontroversial despite just 1 woman. Amazing to achieve it without too much of a fuss at this time. Assumption in the call that it would be in Nepali. It was not said but this is what they assumed. So? Low numbers from Madhesi and Terai. Byakul Maila – after the selection of his poem there was quite a lot of feeling among the Janajati side because they said he is just selected as a Brahmin. First line is unity in diversity harking back to the 4 varnas and the 36 jaats. Use word Bir which we met in terms of the Bir literature of the brave Nepali nation. Sanskritised nepali language – but quite literal and simple. Jaya Jaya – victory to Nepal/long live Nepal. Revisions – instead of land of knowledge, land of peace. 1) It was ‘land of peace like heaven’. This was changed to land of knowledge. They said swargatula is not very scientific. Why have we something about this in a secular state better to say knowledge. But the issue arises that gyan is normaly referring to a religious context and more particularly a Buddhist context… they said well it can be all kinds of knowledge too but one feels there is a slight wink there to the Buddha; 2) instead of agragami rastra.. the original has inclusive nation.. the taskforce thought this was done in the beginning line. In the nepali context, progressive means nondemocratic. The word progressive has been captured by the left. It said long live mother Nepal and just long live Nepal. It is interesting in terms of what it excludes. When it gets to gyanabhumi – what jumps up is the Buddha. This is the association.



In Kantipur letters page, there was nothing else than letters about the national anthem for 4 days. - There is a divide between the pro and anti janajati movements in the letter. Those for him are janajati and those against tend to be parabatiya. Clear distinct split. - Criticisms of choice: Author had flattered king in past. Byakul maila had been the editor of a published collected song lyrics between 2001-5 when Gyanendra was kind. The book he published had included a song by G.Shah (the king). It hadn’t just included it but had put it on the back cover. It included some sycophantic prose in introduction in thanks to the king for this song. So lots of discussion about whether the sycophant should write the new national anthem. The counter argument was ‘find anyone who was doing anything who didn’t do that when under the kind’. - There was also a feeling that no one was not in Janadolan II should have a role in this way (one of the answers by a poet as to why only 1 woman in taskforce). Was Byakul Maila involved in the people’s movement or not? Some grainy photos were found of him in marches etc? But the author’s credentials were under quite a lot of attack. But he kinda came through it. Reason won. The lyrics were not objectible. Probably much more or a fuss if allegorical, hard to understand and by a bahun etc.

Agragami was not popular.250 ex-maoist combatants came up to be registered. Better not to do anything than get into mentioning pashupati etc. It might not have been achieved easily in the years that followed. There was a whole issue of prachanda in which he is recorded as speaking to the troops and boasting about the ways they have managed to inflate their numbers from 8000 to 19000 during the verification process. It doesn’t mean they are borrowing from hindi. 2400 went through a discharge process in 2010 so down to about 17000 in the cantonments. No mention of the shaheed – those who had given their lives for democracy under the rana and panchayat. and came up with 3 versions and they just chose one. Some people said it’s too light and skippy and not rousing enough for a national anthem. The commitment to federalism was strengthened in the interim constitution but it was there at this time. The music was not added for a long time since they were busy elsewhere. . 1035 late recruits who joined after the ceasefire. Ragat word for blood – why should this be included when we’ll be singing this for a long time and we don’t want to remember this phase of conflict.A guardian journalist chose it as the (Andrew Marshall) favorite one cos it is not a majestic militaristic thing. but it is often felt that way. Roughly 2900 were verified as being minors born in 1988. 32. It’s the land of Everest and the birth of Buddha but this is not in the anthem. Bir is a masculine name – Too much hindi/Sanskrit vocan. the music was just composed by a popular musician.600 were left. Nepali and hindi each have equal grounds to borrow from Sanskrit. . Maybe to raise moral as not true? Women who are mothers are not eligible for integration. There was an intersting window of opportunity during 2006 before the interim constitution to celebrate a national anthem and all that. In the end. 80% of the female combatants got pregnant and most of them left voluntarily. No mention of federalism. 19602 were finally verified as being members of the PLA in 2007. Not very current in nepali language. No process like for the lyrics. No mention of Everest (it has three names and the word for it could have been contested). When it came to the verification only 23. Proud of that in Nepal! Army Integration CPA agreed that the PLA and Royal Army would be integrated and under the UN Nepal mission.- - - One issue was only two zones were mentioned. This was a clear policy decision – it could have been devisive.

So much in the peace process need the political parties to agree on certain issues – it’s an interesting view to start from looking at the political parties. Mirror image of corruption in the international discourse. Crated by koirala in 2002. And tactics of mao’s theory of war used. As soldiers they are a good resource for Nepal to take advantage of. his battle was really tryingto remove the chief of staff because he was saying basically no integration. 7000 wanting the retirement package. There is the armed police force (APF) set up by Congress in recognition of saying we can’t get the army to do stuff. Directorate in the Nepal army of which 35% will be Maoists. Not a ragtag set of soldiers. They now have too many wanting to be integrated. 2) retirement with cash packages of up to half million. Brashta means degerate and ahar means conduct. Some issue with the party demanding slice of this. Seen quite a major shift in the attitudes of the army… pathway is now recommended by the army itself. MHUTT: Literature on political parties always strays into judgementalism. Sam cowan: was head of british gurkhas. He argued that although there were issues with command and control and communications. Earlier when prachanda was there. They ended up with 9000 opting for integration into the army. Nepal security sector is bloated due to the conflict and now the Maoists is making it even bigger. Lots of wrangling about how many of the Maoists could join the army – it was something like 6000. In the end he is referring to what should be done – need to strengthen existing state institutions especially reforming of the political parties. They are corrupt and un transparat especially when ti comes to finance issues. All the guys who were going to retire were given checks. bRASHTACHAR – Bhrastachar.The three options identified were:1) integration to nepal army. 3) rehabilitation and training contracts for employment. there is strong leadership and a strong degree of professionalism. 6 wanting the training package. Now there is not even beginning the discussion about how to downsize it in context of absence of security threat. . He is analyzing them as an army from a military perspective. because the palace would not allow the army to engage to the Maoists. This probably says the same as corruption. Ranking system is a big issue. His article looks at a bunch of different videos that recorded maoist operations and preparations for battles. Martin Chauttari: mostly about growing dissatfication over provision of basic services.

Talks of the norms of political parties.ICG Political rites of passage – read this one. .read UNCERTAIN FEDERAL PROJECT. BY .

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