June 20, 2012

To the Duval County Board of Education:
I am interested in an opportunity to apply for the position of Superintendent with
your school system.
Presently, I am the Deputy Superintendent for the Mcintosh County School System.
I have served as an administrator for many years in the same school systems: seven
years in Waycross, five years in Valdosta, and ten years in Darien. It has been an
excellent opportunity to work with the faculty, staff, students and parents in all of
the communities. Also, it has been a rewarding and a challenging experience.
After spending many years first as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal in all
grade levels, director, assistant superintendent and presently, as deputy
superintendent, I am now ready to embark on an even greater challenge as a
Superintendent. I believe that with my years of experiences as an educational
leaders in the different communities, will greatly impact my ability to lead a school
system to higher academic success.
Thanking you in advance for giving me an opportunity to submit this letter of
interest and resume. Please feel free to contact me for additional information at
Dr. Diane J. Richardson
Duval County Public Schools
Application Information Form
Jacksonville, Florida
Position: Superintendent
Title: x Dr.
Home Address:
OMr. oMrs. OMs.
Diane J. Richardson
POBox 163
Darien, Georgia 31305
Zip Code: 31305
I 0(other-please list) _
Office: (912) 437-8853
Home: (912) 437-6016
Cell: (912) 222-9003
E-mail: djrichardson@mcintosh.k12.ga.us
Record of Professional Education (in reverse chronology)
Institution Graduation Date
Capella University Projected 2014
Nova SE University 1993
Valdosta State University 1985
Valdosta State University 1983
Clatin University 1979
Orangeburg-Wilkinson HS 1975
Public Service Leadership
Educational Leadership
Reading/Adm. Supervisor
Reading/Adm. Supervisor
Early Childhood Education
High School Diploma
Ed. D.
Ed. D.
Ed. D.
Record of Professional Experience (in reverse chronology)
Title Dates District State Enrollment
Deputy Superintendent 2007 to Present Mcintosh County GA 2000
Principal/Director 2001 to 2007 Mcintosh County GA
Asst. Principal/Principal 1996 to 2011 Lowndes County GA
Primary Administrator 1995 to 1996 Thomaston-Upson GA
Reading Teacher/Asst. 1981 to 1985 Ware County GA
Reading Teacher 1979 to 1981 Okeechobee County FL
The School Board has identified the following qualities for the superintendent of schools.
Please respond to each of the qualities stressing your experience, strengths, and abilities in
each area, limiting your responses to between 200 and 300words for each item.
1. A leader who solicits, respects and values the input of stakeholders at all levels of the
organization and who has demonstrated leadership in utilizing that input to create and
sustain a culture of shared decision-making.
While serving as the Deputy Superintendent along with the budget cuts, comes with the challenge of
assuming a number of jobs in order to fulfill the void instead of a replacement. Therefore, having the
responsibility of being dedicated and committed is critical to the success of the school system while
serving in the capacity as human resources director, testing coordinator, special ed. director, social
worker, supervisor of the following departments: campus police, transportation, nutrition, maintenance
and custodial. Each department is encouraged to share any problems or concerns that will negatively or
positively impact their jobs. Not only are the department heads encouraged to share; they also know that
there is a process that must be adhered to. No matter what type of suggestion for improvement they may
have to share, it must be clearly documented with supporting details such as the topic, why it is
significant, how will it be communicated, copies of the survey results of the entire department staff, who
will it be communicated to, how it will be implemented, who it will benefit, who will be involved with the
implementation, how will it impact student learning, how will it be monitored and evaluated and how will it
be funded.
Once this process is completed and there is adequate documentation that the project will be plausible,
the next step would be a presentation by that department to the Board of Education. This is a vital part of
the process in communicating with the Board so that they can be made aware of the concern and here
how the projected project will benefit student achievement. Of course, if it is a project that will involve
community resources, they too would be included in the presentation as well. This is a critical step in
achieving success.
2. A leader who supports and empowers principals, teachers and staff to improve
organizational and student performance outcomes.
It is very important to develop a shared set of goals and mission statements. This is done through the
involvement of the leadership team. Solicit ideas and suggestions that they would like to brainstorm while
discussing pros and cons, and then coming up with the similarities in the standards. When that process
is completed, the team will begin to put the pieces together and formulate the common goals. This
process allows for all participants to feel that they have made significant contributions toward the
development of the mission statement for the system as well as the goals to govern themselves by. In
addition to the leadership team collaborating, it is important to gather feedback from the other staff
members, students, parents and the community. All of these stakeholders playa key role in the support
of the school and system goals, especially the number one priority, the students.
Keeping the Board members informed of all of the processes by involving them with the planning is vitally
important. The Board members can then intelligently go back into their communities and share these
goals with their perspective constituents. This also allows them to contribute feedback to the Board
members so that they too can share with the team. Having everyone in the community with the feeling of
ownership within the decision-making processes is invaluable to the success of the entire school system.
All of these collaborative efforts in obtaining the support of all of the entities and stakeholders with the
common goals and mission statement, student achievement will be inevitable. The ultimate challenge
and goal is to be able to provide the very best educational experiences for the future generation of
leaders within the community, the students.
Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL
Closing date July 23, 2012
3. A proactive visionary, able to consider, plan and implement systemic change that
increase the district's ability to recognize and respond to current and future challenges
as they arise.
Preparing for the future of challenging changes within the 21st century in this age of technology, is
significant and essential to the development of wholesome values for the students Continuing
professional development will be the avenue to staying abreast of the current issues and developments
affecting school systems. These trainings must be research based with effective practices for student
achievement. There are successful proven projects and programs that can be entertained through
collaborative planning, as possibilities for implementation. The planning of professional learning will also
consist of training on diversity. Diversity training is vitally important and urgently needed due to staff
members not having experiences interacting and even teaching culturally diverse populations of students.
It is important for teachers to understand the backgrounds of the students they teach on a daily basis.
They must understand why "Johnny" has his head down at the beginning of the class, why "Susie" has on
inappropriate shoes/clothing, or why "Barbara" doesn't have their homework. This example represents a
portion of the students who are coming to school each day with various problems and issues at home.
This is where proper counseling is important, not only for the children, but for the staff as well.
An effective educational leader is one that can demonstrate their knowledge and ability to empower the
administrators, teachers and staff, into thinking "outside of the box", by being opened to change and
challenging tasks at hand.
4. Someone with strong organizational and leadership skills, able to collaboratively align
and focus internal and external stakeholders' efforts to accelerate progress on achieving
the district's goals for student and organizational performance.
With the onset of the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS), the time is now to begin
a process of accessing and evaluating the performances of the instructional team. There needs to be an
assurance that all involved are upholding the standards, goals and mission of the CCGPS. Of course,
those who are found to be the ones that are not conforming to the realities of the 21
Century of student
achievement, steps will be in place for fair dismissal. That's why documentation is the key ingredient to
all change efforts for improvement. This initiative will demand an educational leader who is able to
inspire, encourage and motivate their team to remain above the bar with high expectations for the
implementation of all of the CCGPS and goals of the school system for student achievement.
Effective communications is required in order to promote the goals and objectives that the school system
will be implementing. During this collaborative planning process, it is imperative to keep the board
members informed and abreast of all changes in programs as the team of administrators, teachers and
staff continue to align the standards with the goals of the system and the state. This collaborative effort
does not end at the school system level. The next steps are to share the plans with the students, parents
and the community as to the new standards designed to prepare our students for a global society and for
the work of work based learning.
5. A person of integrity who is trustworthy and who's relationships, with the board and
across the district, are predicated on honest and open communications.
Governing on the philosophy of the F.F.C.C Rules and requlatlons: being FAIR, FIRM, CONSISTENT
and COMMITTED to Excellence in Education for ALL Children, is a belief that has been very valuable.
Maintaining an open door policy where all are welcome to come share problems or concerns. No one
problem is less significant than any other. The board of education members represent their communities
and especially the interest of the best quality education for their children. The Board's role is equally as
important as that of all others. However, the Board approved or denies all policies within the school
system. That is why it is critically important to keep the Board informed of all aspects of the school
system to avoid them having surprises of happenings that they are not knowledgeable about. That is the
respectful way to conduct yourself as the educational leader.
Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL Closing date July 23,2012
In order to maintain a safe and enjoyable learning environment, the entire school system must be
onboard to provide high quality instructional activities to all children. Our students are our number one
priority. Therefore, parental support is a must. As long as mom and dad are aware of the importance of
programs in schools, they will be more apt to want to learn. Here again, the open communications, are
invaluable, in that, the students and parents are aware of all or any changes in the curriculum or policies.
Next, how could the school survive without community/business support? This group must also be
communicated with and made aware of the educational opportunities for the students who live and play in
their community. Being actively involved in community events is important as well. That visibility is so
critical in making the students and parents proud to see their superintendent worshiping with them,
shopping with them, participating in festivals and fundraising activities right along with them. The long as
the open communications are maintained with all stakeholders, the educational leader will gain respect
for maintaining honesty and integrity while ensuring that every child has an equal opportunity to learn and
Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the position and to share thoughts on my educational qualities.
Thank you,
Diane J. Richardson
Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL
Closing date July 23, 2012
Do you have a Superintendent Endorsement for the state represented by
the position listed on this Application Information Form?
(If you have questions regarding the requirements to be a superintendent in the
State of Florida, contact the Florida Department of Education)
I certify that the information provided herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.
I am aware that the Florida Sunshine Act will require that all applicant
information is public and can be released to the media upon request.
Applicant hereby waives his/her right to confidentiality with regard to his/her work record or criminal
record and consents to and authorizes the release of information from current or former employers
and/or law enforcement personnel upon inquiry under this application.
Signature of APPlicant:~ ~1´'
Printed name of APPIi~ ~~ Date: · ~ · ´ ´· · ô • • \ ´- _ ` · · = · _
This application must be COMPLETED and RETURNED by: MONDAY, JULY 23,2012
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E-mail: djrichardson@mcintosh.k 12.9:a.lIs
1972-1975 Orangeburg-Wilkinson High School
Orangeburg, SC
High School Diploma
1975-1979 Claflin University
Orangeburg, SC
BS Early Childhood Education
1981-1983 Valdosta State University
Valdosta, Ga.
MS Reading and Adm/Suprv.
1983-1985 Valdosta State University
Valdosta, Ga.
Ed.S Reading and Adm/Suprv.
1990-1993 Nova Southeastern University
Fort Lauderdale, Fl.
Ed.D Educational Leadership
20lO-Present Capella University
Minneapolis, MN
Ph.D Public Safety Leadership
2007-Present McIntosh County Schools
Darien, Ga.
Deputy Superintendent
2006-2007 McIntosh County Schools
Darien, Ga.
Assistant Superintendent
2005-2006 McIntosh County Schools
Darien, Ga.
Director of Professional Learning,
Federal Programs & Public Relations
Worked PT at Brewton Parker College
2001-2005 McIntosh County Academy High School
Darien, Ga.
Grades 9-12: Principal
Worked PT at Brewton Parker College
1998-2001 Southeast Elementary School
Valdosta, Ga.
Grades 4-5: Principal
1996-1998 Valdosta High School
Valdosta, Ga.
Grades 9-12: Asst. Principal
1995-1996 Upson-Lee South Elementary School
Thomaston, Ga.
Grades k-2: Primary Administrator
Worked PT at the Technical College
1993-1995 McDonald Street Elementary School
Waycross, Ga.
Grades k-5: Principal
1988-1993 Center Junior High School
Waycross, Ga.
Grades 6-8: Asst. Principal
1981-1988 Center Junior High School
Waycross, Ga.
Grades 6-8: Reading Teacher
1979-1981 Okeechobee Elementary School
Okeechobee, FI.
Grades k-6: Reading Teacher
Professional Community Service Award
Leadership McIntosh Class of 2002-2003
Governor's School Leadership Academy of 2000
Accepted into the 2005 Superintendent's Professional Development Program
Adjunct Professor - Brewton Parker College 2002-2007
Adjunct Professor - Central Michigan Univ. 2005-2007
Ida Hilton Library Board Member
Three Regions Library Board
H.A.R.T. Humane Society Board
Rotary International of McIntosh Board
Optimist Club of McIntosh Board
Secretary of Mcintosh Optimist
Adult Education Advisory Council
Boy Scouts of America Council Executive Board
United Way of Glynn and Mcintosh Executive Board
McIntosh YMCA Board of Directors
Family Connection Chair of School Friends
Mental Health Association Advisory Council
McIntosh Leadership Planning Board
US Naval Sea Cadet Officer
McIntosh/Glynn County Community Line Dance Instructor
Jr. HART Club Sponsor
Jr. Optimist Club Sponsor
Chess Club Sponsor
YMCA Steering Committee 08-09
Interact Club Sponsor 08-09
President of McIntosh Rotary Club 08-09
McIntosh County Animal Shelter Authority Board
YMCA Education Chairman 2011
Assistant Governor for Rotary District 6920, 20ll-Present
Country Line Dancer and Instructor
Animal Owner of 7 Dogs