CAMPUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a perfect solution to a smart and efficient campus a dministration system. CAMPUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM offers 1. A proven portfolio of solutions, applications, and services that are tailore d precisely to meet the diverse needs of an educational institution 2. A stable system that integrates all functions and activities of an institute on a single platform, help reduce overall costs, and more effectively manage re soursec - financial, physical and human capital 3. A highly parameterised, scalable application that can adapt to changes even in a basic institutional statutes, revisions in the curriculum and syllabus as w ell as fee structure modifications 4. An integrated communication platform for internal and external stakeholders; viz: students, faculty and administration Modules CAMPUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM has been designed and developed for the automation and total management of educational institutions. All the major functions can be aut omated using the following modules. CAMPUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM can be easily tailo red to suit specific requirements of a particular educational institution 1. Setup 2. Registration/Admission 3. Fees 4. Financial management 5. Administration 6. Scheduler 7. Examinations 8. Library 9. Inventory management 10. Web Portal 11. Hostel 12. Transportation Setup Enables users in the institute to alter the core system structure by redefining the details of the institution, courses, management, faculty and the students. Registration / Admission Many institutions need re-engineering of the admission processes to better hand le the load and also ensure that data is correctly entered, documents are verifi ed and are shared with other departments, so that workload is not duplicated. CAMPUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM automates the entire admission process in a systematic way from entry of application forms, online processing, admitting students to va rious courses and issuing roll numbers. Fees Defining and maintainng fee structure for various type of courses and tracking remittances are two of the core concerns that are addressed in this smart soluti on.

Customizable item list with informstion list views for faster data location Hostel 1.Generates performance report of students that can be viewed over the Internet instantaneously Library This module performs the smart and effcient automation and total management of the library 1. Functions as classification.Generates eligible candidates based on paramters set 3. search. all activities and funct ion are integrated with functional modules as fees. inventory. Maintains comprehensive up-to-date profiles of staff. etc 2. Allocation. Bar code system which drastically reduces excessive user intervention and d ata entry time 4. Generates account statements and detailed reports periodically Administration This module forms the control centre for the institution where key MIS informat ion and reports can be extracted. issue. distribution and re-order cycle 2. Complete reporting for sales / purchase and inventory analysis 3. assets. purchase. 1. Handles different types of vouchers as cash. journal. assignments. Statistics report on library usage helps the librarian plan for better servi ce levels Inventory Management 1. purchase and sale s 2.Financial management With budgets becoming tighter. Ensures accountability. Mess budget allocation depending on the number of boarders 2. Built-in time table creation solution for all academic courses with period-w ise breakup 2. Scheduling of vehicles.Manages all activities in conducting examinations (Scheduling. Easy and instant room allocation and transfer 2. Right from budgeting. bank. financial accounting forms an important module o f the modern enterprise solution. and libra ry for optimisation control. room/seat allocation during exams Examinations 1. etc are made effortless 3 . does cost optimisation and inventory management Transportation 1. bus routes and issuance of bus pass . batch transfers. reserve and renew 2. Enables members to browse for availability. Ev aluation and Reporting) for multiple batches 2. batch allocations. issuance of certifica tes. return. Scheduling of examinations. The information obtained are very critical in making effective and efficient management level decisions. faculty and students Scheduler 1. Quick and elaborate item search with smart iventory tracking and status info rmation 4. registration. Handles attendance. 1. Automates the entire purchase.

2.. Automated Stock Verification using Bar Code Scanner 5. Smooth. less paper handling. Reservation of books facility 8. Highly user friendly with intutive design for ease of operation 12. Economises on cost and reduces wastage 4. features an innovative interface to the system through the World Wide Web. in the most cost effective manner. customised to the institut e s precise needs 9. less duplication of effort 10. Easy to learn and simple to use solution . Better retention through more personalized tracking of students and faculty . less re-kerying of d ata. and spotting of problem indicators 11. insurance and maintenance details Web portal The online portal which CAMPUS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM offers. 1. Efficiency in internal operations. Smarter and efficient campus administraton system 2. Member profile and lending rules 6. Provides online reporting facility for management Key Benefits 1. Database backup and restore facility 11. teaching staff. Security controlled access . Increases staff productivity and efficiency 5. Students can access. Faster and powerful search facility 9. Simplifies process for audits. Managing data as a shared institutional asset that is secure. accreditations and certifications 3. Elimination of manual errors and automatic data updation 8. Critical information relevant to students are made transparent and avaliabl e through the web Useful and Unique features 1. Reservation. policy makers and other stake hold ers ensure transparency of the institution. speedy and easy issuing and returning along with renewal and other i nformation on all types of books and non-book materials 3. transact onl ine for library reservations or digital content 15. Highly user friendly with intuitive design for ease of operation 6. booking and scheduling of all official vehicles Maintenance of vehicle logbook containing comprehensive vehicle. Systematic and detailed documentation of student performance and deliverabl es. update and verify their personal records.No extensive training required 7. Detailed and reliable cross-functional reporting. Provides parents with their child s attendance status and academic progress 2. Total Serial Control 4. and much much more !!! . Custom portals for self ser vice to students. Auto calculation of overdue charges and other related records 7. Built in Bar code software and printing 2.. and analysis of the same 14. accurate and consistent 13. Managing external compliance and regulatory requirements effortlessly 12. Generation of a wide range of reports 10. management.

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