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Subject: Superintendent Vacancy Greetings Executive Recruitment and Development Members, Please see all attached required documents

, including the application completed for your review and consideration. I'm actively seeking the position as your school superintendent for Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) District. I have many qualities to offer DCPS. if considered for this position which includes having a doctorate degree in education and fifteen years of experience in, school administration, counseling, and educating youngsters in the classroom. I have experience in the following areas: • Providing leadership • Delegating responsibilities of staff members • Participating in meetings • Assisting in the management of school system according to district rules and regulations • Overseeing employee relations in school system • Maintaining a safe environment for staff and students • Staying updated on current curricular, practices and new trends affecting school children I have the skills to identify the needs of the school district and to make changes when necessary while following the proper procedure set forth by the honorable members of the board. I also have the ability to communicate with the board with relevance about new programs and issues that arise within each passing academic school year. One of my strongest leading characteristic is that I am exceptionally detail and can execute with precision at a moments notice recommendations, presentation, and provide reports on the schools progress to the board on a regular basis. I possess other relevant experiences that include preparing annual budgets, implementing and adhering to the budget, conducting interviews, hiring the best administrators and handling the job placements of employees.

The accompany vitae illustrates my background well. Nevertheless, I would appreciate the opportunity to meet in person to further discuss this position. I am sure that it would be worthwhile for the board members to meet with me. At your convenience, please contact me to arrange a meeting. Should you have any questions before that time, you may reach me via phone (904) 388-2482, mobile, (904) 537-3554, or via email I can also be reached during normal business hours at (904) 264-9122 ext. 120 (EST.). Thank you for your time and consideration.


Donna E. Williams Ed. D, LMHC 1 Professor of Psychology 1 Everest University - Orange Park Campus Corinthian Colleges, Inc. 1805Wells Rd. [Orange Park, FL 32073 1 Direct Dial 1.904.622.9220<>

Duval County Public Schools
Application Information Form

Jacksonville, Florida
Position: Superintendent

Title: Name:


D Mr.

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D (other-please
Telephone Office: Home:



Donna Elizabeth Williams 2054 Riverside Ave #7206 Jacksonville, Florida

Home Address:

(904) 264-9122 Ext. 120 (904) 388-2482 (904) 537-3554 DOwilliams@ccLedu

Cell: E-mail:

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Record of Professional Institution NOVA Southeastern

Education (in reverse chronology) Graduation Date June 9, 2012 August, 5, 2012 May, 9, 2012 Major Educational Leadership Counseling Education Sociology Degree Doctorate Masters Bachelor of Science


University of North Florida University of North Florida

Record of Professional Title
Professor of Psychology School Counselor Math Teacher Elementary Teacher Admin Sergeant

Experience (in reverse chronology) District
to to to to to Present
06/10 06/05 06/01 06/98

10/07 08/05 08/01 07/98 10/86

Florida Florida Florida Florida N/A


Clay Duval Duval Duval N/A

1,000 1300 700 43,000

The School Board has identified the following qualities for the superintendent

of schools.

Please respond to each of the qualities stressing your experience, strengths, and abilities in each area, limiting your responses to between 200 and 300 words for each item.

1. A leader who solicits, respects and values the input of stakeholders at all levels of the organization and who has demonstrated leadership in utilizing that input to create and sustain a culture of shared decision-making. To understand better how to solicit respect and value input from stakeholders at all levels, I first consider working on becoming more aware of the moral issues that I am face with. I strive to make choices that are grounded in thoughtful reflection and supported by persuasive reasoning. By living a morally enlightened life, I am able to make decision with vision with the same degree of consideration and respect, unless there is a persuasive reason not to. Often, my decisions are brought on by some ethical viewpoints that are consider better and more enlightened than other viewpoints based on supporting reasons and evidence. Shared decision-making demands that they be supported and justified by rational perspectives. We are all different from one another, and unless these differences pose some threats to other people, individuality should be respected. To create and sustain a culture of shared decision-making, all of the stakeholders must emphasize the intentions or motivations behind an action, not just the consequence. 2. A leader who supports and empowers principals, teachers and staff to improve organizational and student performance outcomes. To develop, support, and empower the community of leaders and learners in the organization, language is essential. In order to help others improve in performance outcomes, a leader must possess the ability to use language effectively. In order to do so, a leader must be able to understand the essence of conflict, communication, and resolution. For example, as a veteran of the United Army, during times of war and conflict, language takes on special significance, and leaders (especially political leaders), take great care in selecting key words related to the conflict. The significance of word meaning, if thrust inappropriately, will deem offensive and destructive to the members, in this case, to the life of the organization and of those serving in their capacity. Words are vehicle to transport objects, ideas, and all aspects of the human experience. We utilize words to represent the various aspects of our experience. The combination of all ideas and feelings that a word arouses is vital for building our principals, teachers, staff, and most definitely, improve performance outcome in our learners. 3. A proactive visionary, able to consider, plan and implement systemic change that increase the district's ability to recognize and respond to current and future challenges
as they arise.

Education represents the most direct path for succeeding in any capacity. In our industrialized society, education is meaningful only when all have worthwhile options to select and the wisdom to select the right ones. Being a proactive visionary, able to deliberate implementing systemic changes means looking for new possibilities and
Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL Closing date July 23,2012

unique experiences for the entire learning community. A famous newspaper journalist by the name of H.L. Mencken once said, "To every complex question there is a simple answer and it's clever, neat, and wrong!" I strongly consider that responding to future educational challenges, as these arise, will not merely involve applying a "problemsolving method" in a mechanical fashion. Instead of acting impulsively or relying exclusively on the advice of others, I take into account first organizing the nature in which I view the interpretation of the problem to help eliminate any bias or distortion. I try to become more aware of the interpretation that others have so that I can better understand why the challenge is viewed in the manner that they do. This active approach to plan and implement systemic changes to increase the district's ability to recognize and respond to challenges often underscored that authorities often disagree about the true nature of a given situation or the best course of action. I strongly believe that in order to begin applying intellectual standards to assess the strength of our learning community, it is important to distinguish between the opinions of "average" sources, and the opinion of experts. To reference further, expert are people who have specialized knowledge in a particular area based on special training and experience. 4. Someone with strong organizational and leadership skills, able to collaboratively align and focus internal and external stakeholders' efforts to accelerate progress on achieving the district's goals for student and organizational performance. I truly do not understand why this statement exurb's the greatest of all instability in a system designed to teach knowledge and skills. We have enough information on how to communicate and collaboratively align goals to the overall organizational performances of our educational system. Research supports this basic principle; students perform better when they are expected to meet higher standards. Nevertheless, this basic principle is lost because the organizational expectation entraps the internal and external progress with rituals that replaces performance. The logic that I am presenting to this reference is that it always less upsetting to use low standards and to tell students that they are doing well than it is to do rigorous teaching and use high standards to measure performance. Most of the changes in collaboration with our stakeholders' effort to accelerate progress are merely minor adjustments to a flawed system. Broadening the experience of both the internal and external features means that we do not tinker with the curriculum, or motivate teachers and students with carrots, but instead, minute by minute adjustments to the detail of a system that needs to be overhauled from top to bottom. 5. A person of integrity who is trustworthy and whose relationships, with the board and across the district, are predicated on honest and open communications. I content with psychological theory of morality because it holds that we in leadership roles must be able to determine right and wrong based on our psychological moral sense. I have a conscience that is part of my mind formed by internalizing the moral values in which I was raised. My moral values, based on the authority figures and peers as well, are empathic, fair-minded, and serve as a sound moral compass that compliments my intelligence. In educational institution, we have gone astray and have been subjects to unethical practices that if truth be told, jeopardized a great system of opportunity for advancement in all spheres. There are countless instances in which as leaders we must be forced to balance our feelings of personal obligation with our
Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL Closing date July 23, 2012

objectives or professional analysis. Decision making requires leaders that are able to accept responsibility, promote the ethic of care for others, seek to develop an informed intuition, and understand the "natural law" of human nature.

Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville,


Closing date July 23,2012


03~12 FAX


I4J 006/006

Do you have a Superintendent Endorsement for the state represented by the position listed on this Application Information Form?
(If you have questions regarding the requirements to be a superintendent in the State of Florida, contact the Florida Department of Education)


No 2S

~~~the ~ (initials)


provided herein is true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

I am aware that the Florida Sunshine Act Will require that all applicant infonnation is public and can be released to the media upon request

Applicant hereby waives his/her right to confidentiality with regard to his/her work record or criminal record and consents to and izes the release of information from current or former employers and/or law enforcement rsonne upon inquiry under this application.

Signature of Applican '~~--"_"'::;;""'~L.....J,.,/~L"!"'~_ Printed name of Appli ant: Dr. Donna E. Williams This application must be COMPLETED and RETURNED by: Date: Tuesday, June 26,2012 MONDAY, JULY 23,2012

Duval County Public Schools McPherson & Jacobson, L.L.C. Executive Recruitment and Development 7905 L St., Suite 310 Omaha, Nebraska 68127 Phone: (402) 991-7031/(888) 375-4814 E-mail: Fax: (402) 991-7168

AAlEEO Employer

Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL

Closing date July 23, 2012

Donna Elizabeth Williams
2054 Riverside Ave. Apt 7206 Jacksonville, Florida 32204 Voice: 904-537-3554 Email: Personal Information Education

Citizenship: United States Ed.D., Higher Education Leadership; May 2012 Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale-Davie,


Psychological and Behavioral Science; Non-Degree, 2009-2012 Nova Southeastern University, Ft. Lauderdale-Davie, FL M.Ed., Counseling Education, August; 2005 University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL B.S., Sociology, May, 2002 University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL B.A., International Studies (Minor); May, 2002 University of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL

Honors & Awards

Chi Sigma Iota (2005) Golden Key International Honor Society (2004-2005) National Education Counseling Education Honor Society (2005) LINKS Incorporated Bold City Chapter (2009-20 I0) Teacher of the Year 2003-2004 Daniel Payne Academy Teacher of the Year 2009-2010 Highlands Middle School Parthenon Winner, Everest University, 2011-2012 Florida Counseling Association, Jacksonville, FL American Federation of Teachers American Federation of Labor and Congress ofIndustrial Florida Education Association National Education Association American Counseling Association National Business Education Association Public Health Preparedness Volunteer (MRC), Florida

Association Memberships


Professional License/Certificate/


Professional Teacher Certificates: License Mental Health Counselor (State of Florida) Guidance & Counseling Pre-K - 12, (State of Florida, Certification) Sociology, (State of Florida, Certification) Bilingual: Spanish & English Skills: Ability to read, understand, interpret, and implement accreditation criteria's and regulations. Ability to resolve inquiries and complaints form employees, students, faculty, regulatory agencies, or member of the academic community. Ability to effectively present information to employees, students, faculty, academic and campus leaders, corporate leaders, and groups. Consistently monitor and review operations to foster a collaborative work environment and solid organization through guidance and structure, as well as a proactive hands-on management approaches resulting in substantial service and revenue performance. Ability to supervise and manage integrating classroom setting.

Curriculum Vitae 2
College Professor Teaching Experience 2007 - Present (Worked con-currently as a School Counselor for DCPS) Adjunct Professor of Psychology, Social Psychology & Sociology Everest University, Orange Park, FL • Instructor for various preparatory/pre-requisites courses: Critical Thinking, Psychology, Sociology, Career Strategies and Strategies for Success, Provide pro bono community service Instruct online courses utilizing instructional technology, Assistant instructor for modality continuing education course for General Education, Academic Advisor for students in Bachelor and Associate degree programs, Accounting and Interdisciplinary Study students as needed to assist students with academic struggles. Enhanced the public image and recognition of the university' name within the local community through outreach and aggressive networking. Strong fiscal and personnel management experience. Experience with computerized administrative systems, including proficiency with the use of standard office applications on personal computers Program and course design and assessment Understand diversified learning needs of students and aid in development and implementation of projects to create positive results. Continually promote use of advanced technologies in daily activities and employ exceptional knowledge to develop and implement instructional classroom applications and learning measurement tools. Effective researcher with ability to review and select new teaching materials and technologies with focus on qualitative and quantitative elements as well as return on investment. 2005-2010 School Counselor Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, •

• • • • • •

• •

• •

Counseling and Teaching Experience in Public and Private Institutions

FL 2010

Provide psychological services to primary, middle and alternative schools. Duties included psychological testing, consultation, and counseling services. Served on child study team, eligibility and manifestation committees. Provided in-services to teachers and administrators: Suicide PreventionWarning Signs, The IEP Process, ADD/ADHD-Latest Research Findings, Characteristics and Treatment Strategies for most commonly seen problems in children and adolescents, using Functional Behavioral Analysis in the classroom, and violence in the schools: A preventive model. Provide psychological comprehensive social approaches to at-risk youths to enhance academic development. Provide students with assessments of their own personal attitudes, characteristics, beliefs, and behaviors in order to encourage students to adapt to ongoing social changes. Utilize technology such as digital, audio, and videos to meet students' needs. Responsible for the academic progress of students with learning

• •

• •

Curriculum Vitae 3
• • • • • exceptionalities and multi-cultural backgrounds. Head ofthe guidance department counseling program involving over 1000 students in three grade levels. Manage programs and activities designed to evaluate, develop, and enhance students' social, personal and academic needs. Provide students with responsive services on career choices and college preparation. Develop and enforce classroom policies to promote academic success in students. Generate weekly character development programs for students participating in drop-out prevention programs and assumed the responsibility for their success. Utilize community business partners such as labor and community agencies in a collaborative effort to provide students with career awareness and development. Increased business partners contributions by 35%. 2001- 2005 Resource Teacher, Northwestern Middle School Duval County Public Schools, Jacksonville, FL Taught mathematics courses to 6th -8th grade students. Utilize technology in daily instruction. Taught exceptional and multi-cultural education in three grade levels. Managed six classes daily supervising 210 students and 1 student aid. Compiled and maintained daily class academic data. Managed one of two computer labs; supervised daily operation and activities. • Evaluated students' needs, provided feedback, structured safe and fun learning environment, and counseled students on career choices and college preparation. • Produced weekly lesson plans and created relevant assignments and projects . • Worked directly with parents to enhance students' academic development. • Participated in professional development activities. • Provided instruction in Geography, World History, American History and Economics. • Provided "Life Skills" instructional course for "at-risk" students. • • • • • •

1998 - 2001 Elementary Teacher Potter's House Christian Academy, Jacksonville, FL • Helped students with comprehensive assessment test strategies and extensively used technology in daily instruction. • Taught multi-lingual, exceptional education, and multi-cultural students at diverse English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). • Managed four classes daily supervising 120 students, compiled and maintained daily class data, and managed one of two computer labs supervising daily operation and activities. • Setup classroom group lesson and scheduled career activities for students to explore career paths. • Implemented safety net programs to insure "no child left undiscovered." • Organize and implemented showcase activities and field trips. • Participated in professional development activities.

Curriculum Vitae 4
Military Service 1986-1998 United States Army, Administrative Sergeant Conus/Oconus (Honorable Discharge) • Processed documents relating to military financial records, such as personal leave, wills, financial affidavit, weekly payroll, and incoming and outgoing Chief of Staff mailbox. • Public Information request • Managed and oversee company's monthly calendar • Plan and coordinated quarterly meetings, as well as take meeting minutes • Plan, coordinate, and facilitate Quarterly Promotion & Civilian Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony • Supervise 30 military support personnel • Coordinated officers meetings: prepared materials, and conferences at various training sites • Handled day-today administrative duties for officers; managed their calendar, set appointments, handled customer service calls, and performed general duties. • Performed office manager-related duties: purchased office supplies and equipment, served as a petty cash custodian, maintained records and files, oversaw company's work area • Served as the Human Relation Liaison for Officer, as well as executive assistant. 'Preparation of Students with Learning Disabilitiesfor 2006-2010 Workforce Success,



Research Study Professional Presentation

"The significance of Instructional Technology in Education." Presented at NOVA Southeastern University for doctoral students, Ft. Lauderdale-Davie FL, December 2007.



Robinson, T. & Williams, D.E. (2009). Business teacher education curriculum: An evaluative study. (This research study was a group project discussing the similarities and differences in business education curriculum across the United States.)

Williams, D.E., (2008). Getting your students to read. (This research paper was presented to classmates discussing ways of getting students to read.)

Williams, D. E., (2007) Inequality and education. (This research paper presented to classmates discussing complex challenges facing Low SES students in schools). Williams, D.E., (2007). Ethical Leadership and the Organization: and Guide. Was completed for a graduate level course project.) Overview

Williams, D. E., & Thomas A.E., (2006).Trends and issues: Race, gender, and demographic trends in education: An evaluative study. (This research study was a group project discussing the current trends in public education across the United States.) Williams D. E., (2009). Personal finance and professionalism: Making dollars and sense! Facilitators' Overview and Guide. (Contributed, typed, and edited the facilitators' guide which was completedfor a graduate level course project.)

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