NGFFL  Elections  2012  

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1.    Commissioner  

  It’s  time  to  start  thinking  about  electing  new  leaders  to  the  NGFFL  Board  of  Directors.   There  are  seven  elected  positions  on  the  Board,  and  three  of  those  seven  positions  are   coming  open  in  the  fall  of  2012,  including  the  commissioner  position.         According  to  the  NGFFL  Bylaws,  the  commissioner  election  takes  place  at  Gay  Bowl,   whereas  the  election  of  other  open  Board  slots  take  place  after  Gay  Bowl.  Here’s  what   the  Bylaws  tell  us  about  electing  the  NGFFL’s  leader:     8.2   Election  of  Commissioner   On  every  even-­‐numbered  calendar  year,  the  Commissioner  of  the  NGFFL  shall  be   elected  by  majority  vote  by  the  Member  Organizations,  via  secret  ballot,  at  the   organization’s  annual  national-­‐championship  tournament,  the  Gay  Bowl.  By  a   date  28  calendar  days  prior  to  the  start  of  on-­‐field  play  at  Gay  Bowl,  the  Board   shall  have  collected  and  announced  to  the  Member  Organizations  the  candidates   for  Commissioner.    The  candidate  that  receives  the  most  votes  shall  win.  In  the   event  of  a  tied  vote,  the  sitting  Commissioner  shall  cast  the  deciding  vote.  The   election  will  be  facilitated  and  completed,  and  the  results  announced,  during  Gay   Bowl  weekend  while  Member  Organizations  are  gathered  in  person.     Are  you  considering  running?  Know  someone  who  is?    With  this  email,  commissioner-­‐ election  season  begins.  The  Survey  Monkey  questionnaire  will  go  out  by  July  27,  and   candidate  declarations  are  due  on  August  17.     Commissioner-­‐Election  Schedule     • Monday  7/23:    Email  to  City  Leaders  announcing  that  commissioner  election  is   coming,  plus  post  on  NGFFL  Facebook  page.   • Friday,  7/27:  NGFFL  distributes  candidate  questionnaire  via  Survey  Monkey.   • Friday  8/17:    Declarations  of  candidacy  for  commissioner  due  in  the  form  of   completion  of  Survey  Monkey.   • Thursday  8/23:  NGFLL  completes  vetting  for  eligibility  per  Bylaws.   • Friday  8/24:    NGFFL  distributes  candidate  submissions  to  City  Leaders  and   announces  candidates  on  NGFFL  blog  and  Facebook  page.   • Friday  9/7:    Follow-­‐up  questions  for  candidates  from  City  Leaders  due  to  NGFFL.  

  Roles  on  the  Board   As  a  reminder,  the  roles  on  the  Board  are:     • Commissioner  (currently  occupied  by  Shane  Kinkennon,  Denver)   • Treasurer  (currently  occupied  by  Sam  Lehman,  NY)   • Corporate  Partnership  Director  (currently  occupied  by  Phil  Clawson,  Boston)   • Director  of  Outreach  (currently  occupied  by  Chris  Cormier,  DC)   • Direct  of  Communications  (currently  occupied  by  Patrick  McIntyre,  DC)   • Director  of  Operations  &  Special  Projects  (currently  occupied  by  Jared  Garduno,   Phoenix)   • Gay  Bowl  Liaison  (currently  occupied  by  Thurman  Williams,  DC)   • Director  of  Rules  of  Play  (appointed  annually)  (currently  occupied  by  Shawn   Albritton,  Chicago)   • Director  of  Officials  (appointed  annually)  (currently  occupied  by  Lance  Burage,   Atlanta)     Here’s  what  the  Bylaws  say  about  the  election  of  the  other  two  Board  slots  that  will   come  open  this  year:     8.3   Election  of  Board  Members   On  every  calendar  year  immediately  following  the  Gay  Bowl  national   championship  tournament,  but  no  later  than  November  30,  the  Board   will  facilitate  an  election  via  secret  ballot  to  fill  open  Director  positions.   The  Board  will  announce  results  no  later  than  48  hours  following  the   completion  of  the  election.  New  Directors,  including  the  new   Commissioner  when  applicable,  will  assume  office  by  December  15  of   that  year.     Is  it  you?  Call  for  NGFFL  Leaders   Are  you  pondering  greater  service  to  the  national  gay  flag-­‐football  community?  Are  you   interested  in  being  a  leader  in  driving  the  NGFFL  vision  of  becoming  the  greatest  place   for  LGBT  people  to  experience  all  the  wonderful  things  that  come  from  participation  in   team  sports?         If  it’s  not  YOUR  time  specifically,  do  you  know  someone  in  your  local  league  or  program   who  is  the  perfect,  self-­‐started,  levelheaded  doer?  A  natural  for  the  NGFFL  Board?  The   NGFFL  is  seeking  energetic,  conscientious,  fair-­‐minded,  leaders  who  love  gay  flag  

• • • •

Friday  9/14:    NGFFL  distributes  highlights  of  candidate  Q&As  to  City  Leaders.   Thursday  9/20:    5-­‐minute  candidates  presentations  to  City  Leaders  in  Denver.   Saturday  9/22:  online  voting  via  Survey  Monkey   Sunday  9/23:    New  commissioner  announced  at  closing  party.  

football,  believe  in  the  NGFFL’s  mission  and  vision,  have  some  real  time  to  give,  and  are   willing  to  give  it.  If  you  know  just  such  a  person,  please  make  sure  he  /  she  sees  this.  

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