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How to instaD a dedicated PhysX card

Fealurecl15 Commmfs 30 Vo!ea 1412 Views 27/09/2010 Back to Articles
NYJDLt Plryd teduw/ogy at:lt:la an ekmMJ of rwliam ntNeT befont seen ill g4UIIing. With an
GPU in yow PC, aperimce dynamic PhyaXJI) ejfecls lilre bklzing eJqJ/08Wns, re4Ctin debris,
mdistic watu, II1Ui lifelike duuacte"n. Nvirlill
NYidia promotioD&I jargon aside, games 1llat :feeture PhyaX have aome amazing apecial eB'ects which add
lllO!IIer layer of depth 1o the ga""'4"lay 8lld visuala. BDable die PhyaX effec18 option iD 1he video 8Ct1ing of
111y compatible game wball'mning an Nvictia graphics card 8lld you'll notice 1he dif&rencc. Check 1lle
foJlowing videos 1o ace 1he cliffereacc wi1h PhyaX Cll8ble 111d diaabled
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
How to install a dedicated PhysX card -PC Articles I MMGN Australia
Mirrors Edge PC
As mentioned earlier. if you have an Nvidia graphics card as part of your computer or laptop then you'll be
able to experience PhysX effects in certain games. To see which graphics cards support PhysX you can check
out this list here, for desktops it's basically most cards from the 8000, 9000, 200 and the latest 400 series. As
07/06/2011 02:19a.m.
some N"ridia card owiliCII may have 1101ieed. enabling PhysX in. a compe1ible game is quite tuing 011 a
graphic card& performaDcc. 'l'hia islligDificaD1ly noticeable when you have the Giber 'Video re4tings at to
bigher settiDga. It's DOt moommCI! Cor people to ctisable PhysX efl'ectl, as it in.eurs effi:eling frame rate drops.
To relieve 1he added strain. PhyaX effi:..111 have 011 your graphics card a separate graphics card can be inatalled
and declica1ed to only PhyaX calcvlatiou, Olherwiae known as a dcdiea1l:d PhyaX e.ud or PPU(Physic.f
Processing Viri(,l, by inatalliDg a dedicated PhyaX card you will see PhysX COII1p8tlble games run a lot
smoother with n.o n.eed to drop olher graphic s e t t i n g ~ just to get playable :liamct per ICOOild.
M Cor A'l1/AMD e.ud own.era it's DOt as timple as c'Jjclring a few op1ians, liJlCortunately for lbem PhyaX is
n.ot iliiJiPOib:d with Ari card&. HoweverifyouspeDd some time 011 Google you'll be able to :lind some
detailed guides on how to gd an A'l1/AMD card to W01i: with dedica1ed PhyaX cam. 'Iry IIC8fChiDg Cor "Al'I
& Nvidia hybrid PhyaX" or altematively y011 can ask on our foru:ll18 811 there have been a few members that
have lried doing 1his proceaa wi1h good results.
How to Setup a Dedicated PhysX Card
Firat tbiDg you have to do before venturing into 1his little project ie to check oJl' a few lhiDgl. Firslly you want
to make 8\lrCyourpower8Upply is capable ofrmming a second card, thcR: arc a few calculator programs
availlble ODlille such 811 tbis one. Second you will n.eed a vacant PC!e slot available on your motherboard,
pn::Cmbly a x1611lot but a :a:8 willllllfDcc. It also cloem't hurt 10 take a few measuremenll; wi1h 'boOl cardJ
iDIIalled will IlleR still be eDOugh room. for o1be:r PC! or PCie c:omponellf8 you have. IC\Vin.dowa hasn.'t
already prompled you alR:ady (1K'!!lf4jm11 Wmdowe can be aleck wi1h this .. ) head over to 1he N"ridia website
and doWIIload 1he lateat grapbics card drivers Here.
Fitment of the Dedicated PhysX Card(PPU)
Pic:tun!d above is single slot XFX 9800GT and these daya these an1 starting to pt har:d 10 come by due to
1heir size, OllOO you start loading up your PC with a few PCII.PCie devices IIJ1IICII beromes an iasua so a single
slot e.ud ill ideal A 9800GT is very good startiJJB point for dedicated PhyaX card hilt if you an1 one ofth-
people that libll10 "max everyfbing out'' y011 may want to get IIOIIIetbing a little bigger lib GTSUO, but
that's11tarting to cmtar "oveddll taritoty".
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
Filllt off discolmec:t your PC from 1he power IIIJ.P.P}y 8lld opeD up the lide aceesa pene1.
the neeesaary power cotmection for you graphics card fi:om your power ITJfJPly(if ytNI' mtended card
retjlli1u it), eg a 6 pill or 8 pin plug ckpeMing 011. what card youve decided to go wi1h. If you have a older or
lower model of power IIIJ.P.P}y y011 may have to UJe a power cona.ecter 1hat couverts a 4 pin Molex plug into a
618 pin plug. The.e plug are UBII8ll.y priapi with 1he graphic& card up011. purchaae.
above is the vacant PCie slot that I'll be usiDg for PPU card. Tight fit. I know.
lnst8111he PPU card in that alot ensuring it's securely ill place IDd then lock it into place uaiDg either 8CleWII
or the too1ea system you have ill your PC cue.
Comleet the power callle to 1he PPU card if one
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
'Ihat'alhe har<lware sicle ofthiop completed. DOW just double c h e c k ~ ia in p1aee 8114 boot up your
Nvidia Control Panel Settings
Om:e your computer has hootecl up you'll notice that Wm.dows wm automatically find die newly inm11ed.
cud start insta11iDa the drivers, just ait back 8114 watdl.
Installing device driver software
Video Controller ~ G A Compatible) O lnstalling drivel software ...
NVIOIA GeForce 9800 GT installed
NVIDlA GeForce 9800 GT .,/ Hntshed, restart required
Once prompted. to reboot your compute:r pleaae clo so.
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
0 Back e lml Advan
Select a Task ...
B 3D Settings
' L.Adjust image settings with preview
L .Manage 30 settings
onfigure Sll, PhysX, Surround
l L ..

' ! .... change resolution
! .. Adjust desktop color settings
j .... Adjust desktop size and position
i. -Rotate display
!...View HDCP status
L..set up multiple displays
B Stereoscopic 3D
! j .... set up stereoscopic 30
! L.v.ew compatibility with games
B Video
! .. Adjust video color settings
i .... Adjust video image settings
uiiLler 3D Settblp aelect the eollfl&ure SU. PhyJX, Sumnmd option. (Note: this oplion maybe callecl
PhyiX option depmding on what other lwdware you haw installed.

G .. O ..:, an --

,.... ___ _
...... _
..... ---
-. .............
,. .. _J:I
_ ..... __
.,. Confi!IVfe SU, PhY$)(, Surround
WC!oSI,ilf ........... ... , -Gf\.lo ........... _ ......... ... - ....
_U'V _ _______ , _____ _,_ ...... _,...,.
...... _ .. .......,._ ....... - ........ ....-. .. _ .. ___ ,
-Ooooo.--M- ._ ... __ ... _
'In PhysX aettinp box under l'loa:aaor: cJick on the dmp down box lll!d BehK:t the graphica card you wish
to dedicate to PhysX. In my caao it's tba 9800 GT.
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
PhysX settings
IGeForce 9800 GT
to PhysX
PhysX GeForce 9800 GT
41Now it ahoulcllook lib the above image, ranember to check oftbe box lieD to Ded'rate to PhysX 8114 then
hit Apply to complete
That's it- the job is done. Now you can tbe incraaed performance with all pm.ea 1hat support Nvidia
PhyaX. There's additicmal infomlation cdde4 after this section that can come ill hmcl:y but it'aiiOt 100 perte11t
neceasary, and ript DOW you are ready to go.
Additional Information
PhysX VIsual Indletator
File Edit
Back T
Select a Task ...
I Settings
If you would lib to see when PhysX is tmbled in a game then elli:k on the 3D SeUinp tab at the top on the
Nvidia con1Jul pmel and Shaw Ph.Jd VIsual Indicator. Wi1h this option selec:ud you'll see the
warda "PhysX > GPU'' pop up on all PhysX Ollabled pmes. Thia ean be helpful to see what pmes have
PhysX eft'ecta (I've bad a mv il1llplUes m.yself) and to...,., if your MWly iDallllled haniWliRI il doing its job. It
ean become dis1Iacting after a while so you want to dilable it once it baa III!IVed its JIUIPOH.
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
;tl PhysX FluidMark Start\Jp Options
Build: 1.1.1 [l.JI 23 2009@ 09:38:31]
r. Bendvnarking
: Stabi&ty Test
r Wildow Params
P" Fullsaeen
[ Standard Sizes
l t920x1080
::J I
BenchJnaricn;i Params
r. Tme-based
MaxTme (onms)
r Fr"me-based
Max frames
r PO>tPrO<esslng
FUdMark News @ I
Lang: I English
r LOV Gl'U Temper-ature J
rWindow Sire
r Custom Size

Get PhysX Drivers I
About ..
j 60000
eon .. te
To test your PhyaX procetaillg power you C8ll have a annm4 with some be:nclmwb
Fluic!Mark ia one that's avai1b1e for :liee doWDload Hm. There's alao a :&w gamea that haw benc:hmrb
built into them such u Batmm Arkham Aaylum IDd Mafia 2. If you doWDload the demo ofMafia 2 from
Steam you gain to 1be tool u wdl.
Games Fea1w'lnf: PhylX
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
If you are curio\18 about which gam .. WJe PhyaX tedmology tbeD check out this list Thialirt also
includes conaole titles that fee1ure PhyaX efFects an41bere ia a few PC titles miasing such u Zombie Driver
which is a tim liutie game that's worth checking 0111.
PhyaX Dilen
With aome games, to get 1he maximum amountofpet:fimn8!1ce from yourdedicete4PhyaX caret or PhyaX in
general, you have to go to 1he Nviclia we'beite and dovmload the lcest PhysX Drivers. It's alwaya bert 1D bep
coming 'back periodicelly for upclms or, if you are willing, to men around with Beta drivm.
Link to us hUp:/lpc mmgn com/ArticletiHow-to-inatall-a-dedicmd-Phy
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Artlt1e by: Guyver
'nl&t: NVidia PhyJx PrOll
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How to butall a dMicated PhyaX card Commentl
Kudos: 2.1,808
No matter what you aay PhyaX is a great tech 111111. i hope to Bee mcm: oC it in 1he future.
" ahi: calkd you Austmli8!1" "OH HELL NO, HOLD MY KANGAROO."
F PWNAGE diua!i'liRAili
Kudos: 6,149
Nice job @Guyver, althougb I clidD't aeen much of a cJifreralce for it to make your cam su1fer too
much. Bither way, DOw I have to check what games I have that use this ..... I think Meclieval D: Total War
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
~ . Iince 1he emblem comes up every time I start it up. ;)
3D world. .. where everythiDg, evm nat 8laft an: ill 3D.
Kudos: 9,579
VOlcano Bakemeet
Probably going to add this wileD I get a new compy.
peqtle actually lUll these?
,.. PC moo ,..
Kudos: 51,294
Well written Oayvar!
Should help anyone feeling hesitmrt about the whole process.
A1so, dJat 9800GTloak ammar [Shifty]
Kudoa: 69,254
I Deed one oflhose lli!lgle slotters [Shifty]
Stupid GT240.
Yeah PhysX it dcfinilely &weet as, just Deeds to be utilized more. It really does have a 'brillial1t effi:d onlhe
jbm"""'ion when pmty much everytbiJig ia reacting pro.PCJ'ly.
I willh the clmrudion ia. BC2 was Phy8X bued rather than just scripted. .. that& really lame :(
Melboume, Victoria I Walk with me ia. hell
Kudos: 33,217
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
Wow chedt out alllhoae with PhyaX support! Good advice to know, ahould I want to upgrade to a
more bigh powcrcd A'l1 gfX canllhat I cmalill use my Nvidia for thia. ()
QLD I Do Nawt Feed My Pet Kamilll Steam: jt41nnina88

Kudos: 12
will this work with a GTX SSO ID4 a GTX 29S u they use a cliffemlt driwr? 1be SSO driver is only for the
S80. can i install my 29S ID4 juJt uae the windowa driver for it 1114 the Nvidia driver for the S80?? I bousht a
GTX 580 a month ago to replace my GTX 29S and it's kinda sad to see my exspemive GTX 29S silting in it's
box in my oftke. -_- @_@
,.. PC moo ,..
Kudos: 51,294
The driver for the 295 will also be imtalled.
Even ifyouhave2 saO's it'lllllill iDstall2 separate driven, 1 for each canl.
Don't wcmy about it, it wt1l wmk..
HaW!s said that, 1IBing a 295 for phylx is a waste CODBidsing phylx can cmly be calculated on 1 car at a time,
so die 295 being dlla1 UO'a you will cmly pt the h111efit of a siJJs1e 260.
Kudoa: 18S,182
jlh aid: will this worlt with a GTX sao 1114 a GTX 295 u they use a dift'eran driver? the sao
driver ia cmly for the 580. caD i iDa tall my 295 and just uae the willdowa driver for it 8l1d the
Nvidia driver for the 580?'1 I 'bougbt a GTX sao a month ago to replace my GTX 295 1114 it's
kinda lad to see my exspelllive GT.X 295 Bittillg in it'a box in. my oftice.
I wu goiag to do somc1hing aimilar a wbilc ago but li1o: Doy1 mentioned it will cmly usc half that caRl. Sell it
off on ebay 8l1d get a good llinglc GPU caRl for PhyJX.
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
thpb again:)
folJOt to aak, should i also iDBta11 the NYidia driver for the GTX 295 wl= i iuta11 it with the GTX 580 or
just ll8e the windows 7 64bit driver that ia 111to iutalled when i tum on my pc after iuta1liDg the ercl? right
DOW i am using the 263.09 driver that ouly wolb with the GTX S80. [WTF]
[Facepalm]I just Doyl'a pott 11111 if i am reedhta it CO!I'CCtly [Facepalm] after iutalling 1be GTX 295 i
am to install the NWiiaGTX 295 4riverwhichia 260.09.1114 the GTX S80 will run on it's driverwhichia


Kudos: 12

Kudos: 12
Nvi&aii.DW hu anew clriverthatwillnm allNWiiacarcla the aeries canis 6, 7, 8, 9, 100,200, 300,400, SOO,
u welluiON :) gpu'a sou won't nee4 2 4rivem if you uae 2 different ercla with cme being for phyu. the
driver ia a beta driver 266.33 but i have been uaing it for S hours DOW playillg a munber of ganw. th.u use alot
07/0612011 02:19 LIIL
How to install a dedicated PhysX card - PC Articles I MMGN Australia http:/ / Articles/How-to-install-a-dedicated-Phy
13 de23
of of gpu and cpu and i have the games set at maximum on all the settings and so far so good.
Kudos: 51,294
PI: moo
The drivers still need to be reinstalled for the added card
You can't have 2 cards run off 1 driver, there needs to be 1 driver set for every 1 card, even if the drivers are
the same.
The thing about it though is that you don't need to worry about all the software installation that is provided
from the primary card driver installation. You can let windows update take care of the physx or secondary
card's driver installation.
Also I wanted to clear up all the ... posts above, we have rules against double posting. ...
Perth- pew pew
~ ~ t
~ \ ~ ~
. ~ ~
Ail .-A.,
Kudos: 12
thanks thats good to know about the drivers. and the double posting are you refering to the 2 blank ones
under my login name ? if so i don't know how that happened maybe i did something wrong when i clicked
posr comment not sure, or were you refering to my double edit as not sure what happened there either
Post a comment
Kudos: 1000
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07/0612011 02:19a.m.
How to install a dedicated PhysX card -PC Articles I MMGN Australia
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chw:kyliO 42 mim ago
indtbSSl, zapking c:cnnme:ntcd on Uncharted 3: Drake's ~ o n 'Exp!D:rer Edition'
iDihnSSI 53 milia ago
07/0612011 02:1!1 LIIL
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How to install a dedicated PhysX card - PC Articles I MMGN Australia
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How to install a dedicated PhysX card - PC Articles I MMGN Australia
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