Ruth Earl, Records Access Officer New York State Department of Environmental Conservation 625 Broadway Albany, NY 12233-1500 August 15, 2011 Dear Ms. Earl, Mr. David Eddy, residing at 1366 Trapping Brook Road, Andover, NY 14807, complained to the Allegany office of NYSDEC and to the Allegany County Department of Health (ACDOH) that his water well appeared to have been contaminated in February 2009 by natural gas development about 1000 feet from his home. Please find correspondence from Thomas Hull, ACDOH and from Jerry Jones, U.S. Energy Development Corp., attached with this inquiry letter to help you identify the incident to which I’m referring. I am requesting a copy of the investigation report issued by the DEC/DMN/BOGR regarding this matter. An electronic copy would be preferable, but I will pay the required page charges for paper copies if necessary. Thank you.

Dr. Ronald E. Bishop 188 County Highway 52 Cooperstown, NY 13326-4917

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