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CDPEC Tournament League Suggestions (Craig Rout Gallant)

A.Payout Structure
i) Weekly tournaments
ii) Tournament of Champions
B. Point Structure
C. Blind structure
i) Weekly tournaments
ii) Tournament of Champions
a)Stack size formula based on points obtained during weekly tourneys
b)Addressing Ties
A.The current proposed payout structures, for both the weekly league tournaments and the
Tournament of Champions, are very top heavy and would benefit from being modified into a “flatter”
structure. The following are proposed structures for the weekly tournaments and the Tournament of
Champions (TOC), based on standard multi-table sit-n-go payout structures.
i)Weekly Tournament Proposed Payout Structure

Players Places Paid Amount paid to each place (as a % of prize pool)
10-15 3 1st: 50% 2nd: 30% 3rd: 20%
16-20 4 1st: 40% 2nd: 30% 3rd: 20% 4th: 10%
21-30 5 1st: 30% 2nd: 25% 3rd: 20% 4th: 15%: 5th: 10%

ii)TOC Proposed Payout Structure

Players Places Paid Amount paid to each place (as a% prize pool)
10 3 1st: 50% 2nd: 30% 3rd: 20%

The main benefit of a flatter payout structure is that it pays more places -- a larger percent of the player
base makes money. Individuals will be going “broke” at a less frequent rate, allowing them to play more
often in cash games and tournaments hosted by the CDPEC, which results in the CDPEC gaining more

B. The idea of using a point structure based on your finish in the weekly tournaments to determine who
makes the TOC is a good idea. However, the current proposed point system has some issues. The system
is top heavy, and the discrepancy in the amount of points awarded between first and last (in terms of
positions that points are awarded to), is negligible. This is problematic because since there are few
points awarded to few places, the likelihood that ties arise increases (an issue that has not been
addressed in regards to TOC qualification, which I’ll comment about later on).
Another problem with the current system is individuals who consistently perform well, but do not finish
top 3, are essentially getting “screwed over”. For example, suppose an individual enters all 12
tournaments and finishes in 4th place in every single one of them. With the current system, that person
would earn a total of 0 points during the league, the same as someone who, for example, finished last in
every single tournament. While it doesn’t make sense to award points for every single position in the
tournament, a balance has to be established between points and place finished. The following is a
proposed point system for the weekly tournaments, based on finish and number of players:

Players Places awarded points Point Distribution

10-15 4 1st: 10 2nd: 7 3rd: 5 4th: 3
16-20 6 1st: 12 2nd: 9 3rd: 7 4th: 5 5th: 3 6th: 1
21-30 8 1st: 15, 2nd: 12 3rd: 9 4th: 7 5th: 7 6th: 5
7th: 3 8th: 1

The point structure could certainly be more elaborate, awarding every single position with points,
depending on the amount of effort the CDPEC is willing to put forth. The above point distribution
attempts to find a balance between both extremes: very few positions awarding points and all positions
awarding points.

C. i) In terms of blind structure and starting stack sizes for the weekly tournaments, at the moment you
get 2500 starting chips, with blinds starting at 10/20 and the blinds go up every 20 minutes. What is not
known is the number of blind levels in the tournament structure, and how they increase. The following
is a proposed blind structure that would work for a 4 hour tournament, assuming max entries (30
players) (2500 x 30 = 75k chips in play).

1 10/20 20 min
2 20/40 20 min
3 30/60 20 min
4 50/100 20 min
5 100/200 20 min
6 150/300 20 min
****15 min break******
7 200/400 20 min
8 300/600 20 min
9 500/1000 20 min (Color up 25s)
10 700/1400 20 min
11 1000/2000 20 min
12 1500/3000 20 min
13 2000/4000 20 min *Cap the blinds here*

Assuming it gets to the start of the 12th level, that would be a total run time of 4 hours 15 minutes
(assuming 12 levels x 20 minutes per level + 15 minute break). Assuming it is heads-up at the 2000/4000
level, with 75,000 total chips in play, this means that the average chip stack is 9.375 big blinds
(75,000/4000/2) (not taking into account antes which if accounted for would make the average stack
size even smaller). At this point there isn’t much room left for play, which means a winner would be
determined very quickly. This structure is ideal because it gives a ton of play during the early-mid stages
of the tournament, and the total running time of the tournament is very reasonable: ~ 4 hours assuming
30 entries.

ii)The current stack size and blind structure for TOC is 5000 non-value chips with blinds going up every
20 minutes. The main issue with this is that everyone starts out with identical stack sizes, when in reality
stack sizes should reflect the number of points each individual obtained during the weekly tournaments:
reflecting overall performance. The simplest way to do this would be to award a set amount of chips per
point obtained during the weekly tournaments, on top of a base amount of chips.

Based on the aforementioned point structure that I outlined, 5000 non-value chips (NVC)+ 25 NVC per
point would be ideal. To see how this would affect stack sizes, consider the most extreme case:
someone winning every weekly tournament and assume each tournament had 30 entries. Each first
place finish is worth 15 points, therefore an individual could theoretically get (15 x 12 x 25) 4500
additional chips based on the points he accumulated, giving him a starting stack of 9500 (5000 + 4500)
for the TOC. The probability of someone winning all weekly tournaments is extremely low. (~ (1/30)^12
assuming players are equally skilled). More realistically, the first place finisher (point-wise) during the
weekly tournaments will most likely not even have 7k starting chips (5000 + 2000).

This rewards players who played well overall during the weekly tournaments by giving them a small
edge at the TOC, as opposed to the CDPEC’s present structure.

The proposed blind structure for the weekly tournaments would also work well for the TOC stack sizes.

Ties are an issue that needs to be addressed. One solution would be to have individuals who were tied
for the last spot to play it out and the winner would go on to the TOC. However this is not practical for
the CDPEC to do, so in the event of a tie, they will most likely have to draw for the last spot. Another
option would be to look at the results of the individuals in the tie, and see who had the highest finish in
an individual weekly tourney. In the event there’s still a tie, do the next highest, and so on and so forth
until the tie is broken. In the event that there exists no discrepancy between the individual’s tournament
results, then a draw would determine who plays in the TOC.
CDPEC Poker League (Revision)

General Information
Pre-registration is required to participate in each weekly tournament
Players Club membership is required
Players are not eligible to collect Players Club points
Players are not eligible for the Royal Flush Progressive Jackpot
There will be no collecting of house rake from the dealers at the tournament

Weekly Tournaments

Buy-in: $60 ($50 tournament entry + $5 admin fee + $5 TOC fee)

Capacity: Minimum of 10 players and a maximum of 30 players.
Starting stack: Each player will receive 2500 non-value chips (NVC)
Blind structure: Blinds go up every 20 minutes.
Level Blinds
1 10/20
2 20/40
3 30/60
4 50/100
5 100/200
6 150/300
7 200/400
8 300/600
9 500/1000
10 700/1400
11 1000/2000
12 1500/3000
13 2000/4000
***Blinds are capped at 2000/4000 until a winner is declared***
Payout Structure
Players Places Paid Prizes (as a % of prize pool)
st nd rd
10-15 3 1 : 50% 2 : 30% 3 : 20%
st nd rd th
16-20 4 1 : 40% 2 : 30% 3 : 20% 4 : 10%
st nd rd th th
21-30 5 1 : 30% 2 : 25% 3 : 20% 4 : 15%: 5 : 10%
Points are awarded to players based on their finish during each weekly tournament. At the end of the 12 weeks,
the 10 people who accumulated the most points will get to play in the Tournament of Champions (TOC). Points are
awarded as follows:

Players Places Awarded Points Point Distribution

st nd rd th
10-15 4 1 : 10 2 : 7 3 : 5 4 : 3
st nd rd th th th
16-20 6 1 : 12 2 : 9 3 : 7 4 : 5 5 : 3 6 : 1
st nd rd th th th th th
21-30 8 1 : 15, 2 : 12 3 : 9 4 : 7 5 : 7 6 : 5 7 : 3 8 : 1

Tournament of Champions (TOC)

The top 10 players in the point standings at the end of the 12 week will get entry into the Tournament of
Champions. In the event of a tie … (CDPEC needs to come up with a solution to this)

Buy-in: Free
Starting Stack: Each player will receive 5000 non-value chips (NVC) plus an additional 25 chips for each point
earned during the weekly tournaments. For example, if you got 38 points during the weekly tournaments, you
would receive 950 NVC chips (38 x 25) on top of the initial 5000.
Blind Structure: Blinds go up every 20 minutes.
Level Blinds
1 10/20
2 20/40
3 30/60
4 50/100
5 100/200
6 150/300
7 200/400
8 300/600
9 500/1000
10 700/1400
11 1000/2000
12 1500/3000
13 2000/4000
***Blinds are capped at 2000/4000 until a winner is declared***
Payout Structure
Players Places Paid Amount paid to each place (as a% prize pool)
st nd rd
10 3 1 : 50% 2 : 30% 3 : 20%

After the conclusion of the TOC, another Poker League will start.