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WAC Assignment: Choosing Suitable Title for Summer Report Original Title: Title Suggested: Game Plan in the

market with specific emphasis on display & Price Structures Visual Merchandising Strategy for Whirlpool (Display and Price Structures)

WAC Assignment: Critical Analysis of Summer report Cover Page Company Name is not mentioned Company logo can be put Visuals can be used to properly utilize the vacant spaces Outer border is covered inside the spiral-binding Colour can be used to make the cover page more catchy

Acknowledgement Signature is missing Spacing is not proper Executive Summary Project topic is different from the one on the cover page Single spacing is not followed Brief conclusion is not included The graph attached are incomplete and not making any sense One graph us colourful and other is not

Table of Contents Instead of header as Table of Contents it is only written as Contents The chapter numbering is not done All the pages before the table of contents are not numbered in roman

List of Tables, Figures & Abbreviation Not provided

Introduction Not placed in appropriate order (placed before Executive Summary) Project Overview, requirement, objective, detailed explanation of the research and conclusion is not given

Research Problem Research problem is not stated

Research Design Research methodology is not well defined Page formatting is incorrect

Data Collection Table outer border in missing Incomplete data- The Brand name is not mentioned Column spacing is not correct- The words ( Capacity, Star) are getting split into two lines Different fonts are used at different places

Result & Conclusion Conclusion also is not actually conclusion but it is more of observation only

Recommendation Not available

General Analysis The summer report given is projecting a very ambiguous research analysis. The research problem is not clear, objective is ambiguous and detailed methodology is not stated. Report has not been concluded properly. The Conclusion seems to be assimilation of all the observation rather than something drawn out of observation. There are no recommendations. The data collected is not presented properly as well as the connection of various figures with other data and report as such cannot be established. The report is not as per the standard format. The order or structure is not followed, e.g. introduction is inserted before executive summary. There are punctuation errors as well as fonts used are not uniform. There are several formatting errors such as borders of various tables, column spacing etc. The pictures or template of shop floor are incomplete.