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East-West Cultural Exchanges and the Cold War

International conference 14-16 June 2012

Main campus (Seminaarinmki)


Thursday 14 June
9:00 10:00 10:45 12:45 14:00 16:15 Registration and coffee nd S-building, 2 floor Opening & Welcome address S212 Panels A1 A3 (F106, F205, S204) Lunch break Panels A4 A6 (F106, F205, S204) Keynote: Susan E Reid S212 (Old Assembly Hall) 9:00

Friday 15 June
Panels B1 B3 (F106, F205, S204) 9:00

Saturday 16 June
Panels C1 C2 (S203, F205, S204)

10:45 12:45 14:00 16:00

Panels B4 B6 (F106, F205, S204) Lunch break Keynote: Aili Aarelaid-Tart S212 (Old Assembly Hall) Panels B7 B9 (F205, S204, S203)

10:45 12:45 14:00 16:00

Panels C3 C5 (S203, F205, S204) Lunch break Panels C6 C8 (S203, F205, S204) Roundtable session: SovietFinnish scholarly exchanges S212 (Old Assembly Hall)




9:00 Registration opens at S-building (main campus), Seminaarinkatu 15. Second floor. Coffee and chance to meet people.


Opening and the Welcome Address (S212, S-building) Rector of the University of Jyvskyl, Aino Sallinen Practical info

10:45-12:45 Panels A1, A2, A3 A1 Tourism and transfers of people (S204) Chair: Simo Mikkonen Discussant: Alexey Golubev Kozovoi, Andrei They want pelmeni. Food politics in the Komsomol travel agency Sputnik, 1958-1965 Pagel, Oliver Politicized tourism between Finland and Estonian SSR, 1950s to 1970s Popov, Alexei A Small Soviet Tourist in a Big World: Mission, Illusions, Discoveries A2 Cultural Diplomacy I (F106) Chair: Anna Bischof Discussant: Annika Frieberg Grossman, Sonja Soviet Friendship Societies in Western Europe a Challenge for Diplomacy Badalassi, Nicolas France, the USSR, and the cultural aspects of the CSCE, 1969-1975 Gatejel, Luminita-Elena Like a Phoenix from the Ashes? Western Humanitarian Aid in Romania after the Earthquake 1977 A3 Language, Linguistics and Cultural Exchanges (F205) Chair: Tiina-Riitta Lappi Discussant: Mika Lhteenmki Ivleva, Krasimira Translation as cultural exchange during the Cold War: The case of Paul Eluards political poetry translations in socialist Bulgaria Kazmierczak, Janusz The University of Iowa International Writing Program as a Vehicle of East-West Cultural Exchange Shaw, Claire Cold War in the Deaf Community: International Relations and Soviet Deaf Identity, 1955-1980


Lunch Break


Panels A4, A5, A6 (F106, F205, S204)

A4 VOKS, and Stalin era relations with the West (F205) Chair: Meri Herrala Discussant: Clayton Koppes Fairclough, Pauline From Dtente to Cold War: Anglo-Soviet Musical Exchanges in the Late Stalin Period Johnson, Oliver Mutually Assured Distinction: VOKS and Artistic Exchange in the Early Cold War Safronov, Peter Teaching West, teaching East: cultural exchange as an educational practice Orlov, Vladimir Prokofiev and Anti-American propaganda: Oratorio On Guard for Peace

A5 Limits for Cultural Exchanges (F106) Chair: Matti Roitto Discussant: Suvi Kansikas Humbert, Laure Ideal immigrants or unwanted fascists? - French debates over the recruitment of Displaced Persons in post-war Germany, 1945-1950 Rahi-Tamm, Aigi When travel became a crime: conflicts between open and closed societies on the example of Soviet Estonia in 1940-1953 Welker, rpd The Christian Peace Conference as a tool of Cold War international politics A6 Consumption and design (S204) Chair: Nikita Balagurov Discussant: Sampsa Kaataja Rasmussen, Svetlana "Importnoe" and "Sovetskoe:" Emerging Taste for Foreign Consumer Products in the Soviet Union, 1965-1972 Karpova, Yulia Beyond Commodity Fetishism: Soviet and Western Designers in a Dialogue Kozlov, Dmitry The Role of Sailors in the Cultural Exchange. Case of Archangelsk


Keynote lecture: Susan E Reid (S212) Close Encounters of a Brussels Kind: Convergence or Conversion at Expo '58 City of Jyvskyl reception (Municipal Museum of Central Finland)


9-10:30 Panels B1, B2, B3

B1 Cultural Diplomacy III (F106) Chair: Elena-Luminita Gatejel Discussant: Zsuzsanna Varga Rolandi, Francesca Italy and Yugoslavia as filters across Cold War boundaries Stanciu, Cezar Cultural Instruments in the Politics of Autonomy Mazurska, Joanna Against the Tides of the Cold War: Czesaw Mioszs Cultural Diplomacy in the USA B2 Baltic perspective (S204) Chair: Saila Leukumaa Discussant: Karsten Brggemann Januzyte, Audrone The underground political and cultural interaction between Soviet Lithuania and Western European Countries in 19441990 Zalkans, Lilita Latvian migrs and the Voice from Strange Lands Juurvee, Ivo Reflection of the West in Soviet Cinema: Case Study of KGB Propaganda Movie White Boat (Tallinnfilm, 1970)

B3 Cultural Identities Beyond East-West Division (F205) Chair: Kaisa Nissi Discussant: Tony Swift Matyska, Anna Transnational spaces of the Cold War: Poland and Finland unbound Hazanov, Alexander Transnational Connections and the Soviet Jewish National Movement, 1960-1985 Stupar, Alexandra The Role of Architecture in the Cold War Interactions: Transmitter, Connector or a Delusive Stage?

10:45-12:45 Panels B4, B5, B6 B4 Youth and Students (F106) Chair & Discussant: Pia Koivunen Scutaru, Beatrice Studying in France during the Cold War: the Romanian presence in France in the 1960s Skalova, Barbora Friendship through the Curtain Vreekamp, Henk The Kula-Ring of Student Exchanges in the sixties B5 Art and motivations behind exchanges (S204) Chair: Stphanie Gonalves Discussant: Pauline Fairclough Ansari, Emily Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic in Moscow: Cultural Television, Diplomacy, and the Politics of Tonal Music Fosler-Lussier, Danielle The Diplomatic Record: William Strickland's Recordings of American Music in Japan and Poland Koppes, Clayton The Cleveland Orchestra Tours the Eastern Block, 1965 Herrala, Meri David Oistrakh and Sviatoslav Richter as Soviet cultural diplomats in Finland and the United States B6 Presenting the West in the East (F205) Chair: Antero Holmila Discussant: Marianne Rostgaard Bischof, Anna The Cultural Cold War on the Airwaves - Radio Free Europe (RFE) and the Exercise of Cultural Influence in East Central Europe Rasmussen, Chris The Limits of Amerika: A Case Study of an Official Cold War Cultural Exchange, 1953-65 Davies, Sarah Britain and the Cultural Cold War: Selling Anglia to the Soviets, 19621992 Pasztor, Maria Across the Iron Curtain: Polish-French Relations 1945-1989


Keynote lecture: Aili Aarelaid-Tart (S212) Estonians and their voluntary activities on both sides of the Iron Curtain


Panels B7, B8, B9

B7 Art and Intellectual Exchanges (S203) Chair: Pekka Suutari Discussant: Tim Scholl Popa, Ioana The circulation of books and individuals across the Iron Curtain: practices of the Fondation pour une entraide intellectuelle europenne Chunikhin, Kirill The Reception of American Abstract Expressionism in Soviet Art-criticism during the Cold War Balagurov, Nikita William Turner: Between Two Ideologies B8 Scientific Exchanges I (F205) Chair: Tuomas Laine-Frigren Discussant: Riikka Nisonen Geltzer, Anna In the kingdom of crooked mirrors: Soviet-American healthcare exchanges, 1956-1977 Krymskaya, Albina American participants of Soviet-American scholarly and educational exchanges at Leningrad State University Kaataja, Sampsa Computing communities crossing the dividing line Information exchange between the Estonian and Finnish computer scientists 1960 2000 Marks, Sarah From Western Pseudoscience to the Science of the Socialist Future: The Fortunes of Cybernetics in Cold War Czechoslovakia B9 Popular media and Publicity (S204) Chair: Lilita Zalkans Discussant: Peter Safronov Fidelis, Malgorzata A Window to the World: Popular Magazines and Western Culture in Poland, 1950s-1960s Zeller, Manfred Frozen Fandom. Fanatical Youth Culture, Figures of Authority, and the Catastrophe in Moscows Lenin Stadium in 1982 Kokkonen, Jouko Sports as a part of the Cultural Exchange during the Cold War Era case: the Olympic Games in Helsinki 1952 19-21 Cocktails (Department of History and Ethnology, 3rd floor)

9-10:30 Panels C1, C2

C1 Personal vs. the public experience (S204) Chair: Simo Mikkonen Discussant: Andrei Kozovoi Riska-Campbell, Leena American Multilateral Bridge Building as a Challenge for European Institutional Integration during the 1960s and Early 1970s Golubev, Alexey Let Them See: Self-Representation of the Soviet Project under the Western Gaze

Scott-Smith, Giles

Opening Up Political Space: Private Diplomacy, East-West Exchanges and the Helsinki Process

C2 Stage arts (S203) Chair: Emily Ansari Discussant: Danielle Fosler-Lussier Scholl, Tim Media Relations: The Oberlin College Choir Tour of the Soviet Union and Romania, 1964 Gonalves, Stphanie Dance as a tool for cultural diplomacy in the Cold War Costanzo, Susan Parting the Curtain: Eastern European theater festivals 1965-1975


Panels C3, C4, C5

C3 Western Communism, Anti-Communism, and cultural exchanges (F205) Chair & Discussant: Anssi Halmesvirta Smidrkal, Vaclav Contemporary Western culture as an ideological and administrative problem in early communist Czechoslovakia Scheibner, Tamas Western Marxists and Literary Canonization in the East - The Case of Ernst Fischer Colombo, Duccio Gianni Rodari and Tamara Lisitsian: Western Communist Parties as Vehicles of Cultural Encounter C4 Cultural Diplomacy II (S203) Chair: Timo Vilen Discussant: Giles Scott-Smith Rostgaard, Marianne East-West cultural exchanges and the perforation of the iron curtain Wenell, Olov Cultural contacts between Sweden and the Soviet Union 1950-1975 Gillabert, Matthieu The Cultural Diplomacy of Switzerland and the Challenge of Peaceful Coexistence Swift, Tony Competing with Capitalism: The Soviet Union at Expo 58 in Brussels C5 Radio and Television (S204) Chair: Claire Shaw Discussant: Susan Costanzo Frieberg, Annika Are We Revanchists? West German TV Documentaries and PolishGerman Relations, 1958-1969 Lundgren, Lars Transnational broadcasting and East-West relations: OIRT, EBU and Gagarins return to Moscow Mustata, Dana Television beyond the Nation: Production and Reception in Communist Romania Pajala, Mari Intervision song contests and Finnish television between East and West

12:45-14:00 Lunch


Panels C6, C7, C8

C6 Personal vs. the public experience II (S204) Chair: Alexandra Stupar Discussant: Melanie Ilic Kadnikova, Anna The Women's International Democratic Federation World Congress of Women, Moscow, 1963 Womens Rights and Soviet Public Diplomacy Rupprecht, Tobias When the East met the South. Latin American visitors at the 1957 World Youth Festival in Moscow Koivunen, Pia The World Youth Festival in Soviet Cultural Interaction, 1945-1957 C7 Beyond the East-West axis? (S203) Chair: Sanna Tawah Discussant: Pekka Suutari Sutton, Christopher Preserving the democratic way of life in the Far East: British education policies in Southeast Asia, 1949-1957 Wishon, Jeremiah Reorienting Khrushchevs Cold War: Soviet Cultural Diplomacy and India, 1948-1964 Popescu, Monica East, West, and South: Alex La Gumas Travels and the Global Cold War C8 Scientific Exchanges II (F205) Chair: Anna Geltzer Discussant: Sari Autio-Sarasmo Vilen, Timo Russian and East European Studies in Western Europe during the Cold War Patterns, Problems, and Prospects Halmesvirta, Anssi Political Preconditions for Finnish-Hungarian Co-operation in Research and Development in the 1960s-1970s Varga, Zsuzsanna Network-Building Across the Iron Curtain - A case study of the Hungarian agricultural science in the 19501960s Henderson, Jane Talking Across the Fence: Cold War Academic Cooperation in the Legal Sphere 16-17:30 Roundtable session: Soviet-Finnish scholarly exchanges in practice: first-hand accounts, and retrospective examination. Marju Lauristin (Tartu), Peeter Vihalemm (Tartu), Kaarle Nordenstreng (Tampere)


Lakeside Cruise (Jyvskyl harbor)