Mummy I don’t want to go to Rome Shut up dear and keep swimming!!!

Facts must have root 2 take root Coherency "Catch 22" must have semblance 2 catch Dog chase tail

Mercenary Oligarchy Murderers

Never Ending War Story
Catch 22 Funded by them they Murder Fema Detention Camps Marshall Law Theirs is not to wonder why ... but do or and die Look Away Look away LORD Land of Rotten Deprave "The people may be made to follow a course of action, but they may not be made to understand it" I defy any who would stand in the way of my right not to know ... on the basis of satanic Need to Know CAMARADERIES Common Asinine Minds Armed Righteous And Dangerous Egotist Reciprocators Inevitable Extinction Sapience DABS WAR Dissenters Annihilated Back Stabbers Warrior Asses Redundant

ARAD Armed Righteous and Dangerous MM Mercy Me

Et Tu Me

Chip off the old block once all chipped heads on block perhaps a chip left on shoulder Aaron Russo informs and then murdered Straight from Rockefeller chip implanted only money do what they want if protest they turn off your chip Aaron Russo last message to Humanity Why Ron Paul Out

On 4 October 1943, Himmler referred explicitly to the extermination of the Jewish people during a secret SS meeting in the city of Poznań(Posen). The following is a translation of an excerpt from a transcription of an audio recording[77] that exists of the speech:

I also want to refer here very frankly to a very difficult matter. We can now very openly talk about this among ourselves, and yet we will never discuss this publicly. Just as we did not hesitate on 30 June 1934, to perform our duty as ordered and put comrades who had failed up against the wall and execute them, we also never spoke about it, nor will we ever speak about it. Let us thank God that we had within us enough self-evident fortitude never to discuss it among us, and we never talked about it. Every one of us was horrified, and yet every one clearly understood that we would do it next time, when the order is given and when it becomes necessary. I am now referring to the evacuation of the Jews, to the extermination of the Jewish People. This is something that is easily said: 'The Jewish People will be exterminated', says every Party member, 'this is very obvious, it is in our program — elimination of the Jews, extermination, a small matter.' And then they turn up, the upstanding 80 million Germans, and each one has his decent Jew. They say the others are all swine, but this particular one is a splendid Jew. But none has observed it, endured it. Most of you here know what it means when 100 corpses lie next to each other, when there are 500 or when there are 1,000. To have endured this and at the same time to have remained a decent person — with exceptions due to human weaknesses — has made us tough, and is a glorious chapter that has not and will not be spoken of. Because we know how difficult it would be for us if we still had Jews as secret saboteurs, agitators and rabble rousers in every city, what with the bombings, with the burden and with the hardships of the war. If the Jews were still part of the German nation, we would most likely arrive now at the state we were at in 1916 and '17 . . . . —Heinrich Himmler, 4 October 1943

Each a decent few ... who knew ... and then there were few
BS BS Back Stabbing Bull Shitters SOB Stab Own Back What could they do? OITINGO Once In there is no getting Out

Now I lay me down to
Blessed be the ignorant folk On splendored grass I toke When not on black go green Now a socialite headlite A firebug ... a flash Where the fuck's my stash What is what is not of no relevance For happiness among the irrelevance Some say all things relative Never heard from you, but now assuredly blessed Now Dear Lord Where the fuck is the money

Now I lay me down to rest Yes of course a hood wink Giving ignorance shot my best Without a blink A cheat I know Awaiting search beneath pillow Sure Tooth Fairy BS but paid well for the times Swing low sweet chariot and all that rhymes A song a dance on yonder swing From a chandelier I sing 1 ding a ling 2 of 3rd kind Nuff encountered to see night through Blessed insanity arms in air once threw Tomorrow promises more in lieu of sheep Now in night's tranquility sleep No more stomach churn oft blew Blaming on the rain the acid stew Caring for fools ... I get it Lord Who knew ... what's new with you Taking leave artistic license The one that pays without taxation Dearly departed before awarded Catch me not ... catch as catch can Deer and the antelope also ran None as fast as uncle Sam PR-Political Religious front A PRICK a screw a c Sorry bub ... It's OK I'm gay I repeat sorry meaning I'm not Two way street where's thought police Doublethink solstice A taste of think bodes not well A stone an epitaph others fell A priest a political behind sell Up the ass ... some grass A fast attempting to yell a blast A coherence flash but don't tell Blessed be the Lord Alive today and tomorrow Found He lost sorrow Tranquility in persistent quarrel Survival despite absent morals The way of nuts and squirrels

The winter of life Once believed a strife A gun a sword and a knife To head heart and throat A frog a prince a kiss and a miss Glory part and parcel ancient storey Feet on ground heads above 12th perhaps 14th floor A see a hear a speak not May be floor of the first 13th a verse a curse a hearst Say again whose on first Diary of a sad man glad man mad man A point of view a point of order A smorgasbord of perspectives 1st 2nd 3rd class Plane boat or terrain A suit a smirk a shirt a quirk land lubber eat dirt Peaceful disarray month of May or manta ray A thought chanced, but what ... a "difference" ... the hell you say When in thereof all is without Do not allow the science breed utter you nonsense A quill a pen most anything can kill A pill a still enhances the swill In go ahead backup excel reach happy medium No gas no oil needed in neutral vehicle RPM - Religious Political Media all a buzz about nothing Someone shit in their grass A Catholic a Protestant a Moron ... omitted an M? ok Am Catholic am Protestant am Moron A gun a sword a knife..... a circle of life AFTER THOUGHT Armed Fools Think Extrapolating Rather Hindsight Oscillating Undeniably Greater Here Tomorrow

They with the wherewithal aint gonna change IT ... IT is how they gained their wherewithal habitually It is up to us with the wherewithal of coherency that must rise to the occasion breaking through the

Husha Husha
We all Fall down

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