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June 29, 2012
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com/5813875/what-happens-in-60-seconds-on-the-internet .Data Data Data Data Data Everywhere 2 Source: Kelly Hodgkins http://gizmodo.

and answers 3 . validate. and analyze high volumes (size and/or rate) of data Assessing mixed data (structured and unstructured) from multiple sources Dealing with unpredictable content with no apparent structure Enabling real-time or near-real-time collection. These can include: – – – – Having a computing infrastructure that can ingest. analysis.What is Big Data?  Big Data is about the growing challenge that organizations face as they deal with large and fast-growing sources of data or information that also present a complex range of analysis and use problems.

Sentiment Analysis. Call Center KPI Analysis and Application Server Log Analysis Swiss Bank Surveillance and anti-money laundering 4 .000 databases and 15.Understanding Big Data US Retail Bank Analyzing billions of records to get a better understanding of the impact of credit and operational risk of products across different lines of business like home loans.000 applications to create a common data platform to bring all its customer data together in one place US Investment Bank Implementing a recommendation engine for Financial Advisors to increase revenue and assets and at the same time helping clients in building a very profitable portfolio US Credit Card Firm Working on Fraud and Risk Analysis of Social Market Data. insurance and online banking US Investment Bank Consolidating 30.

Big Data Market Size Source: IDC 5 .

000 $16. Tata Consultancy Services Logica $1.400 1% 1% 0% 1% 1% $61 $6.Total 2011 Big Data Revenue by Vendor Big Data Revenue (in $ Mn) Total Revenue (in $ Mn) Big Data Revenue as % of Total Vendor IBM CSC Accenture Capgemini Atos S.900 $12.100 $7.200 $21.A.300 1% $60 $6000 1% 6 .100 $160 $155 $111 $75 $106.

Play Market Share 1% 1% 1% 1% 2% 3% 2% 3% Vertica 27% 6% Aster Data Splunk Greenplum 1010data Cloudera 8% Think Big Analytics MapR Digital Reasoning Datameer 14% 17% Hortonworks HPCC Systems Karmasphere Other 14% Source: Wikibon 7 .2011 Big Data Pure.

optimized data warehousing •Data Integration •Data quality and governance Analytics Layer •Analytics application development platforms •Advanced analytics applications Applications Layer •Data visualization tools •Business intelligence applications Services •Consulting •Training •Technical Support •Software maintenance •Hardware maintenance •Hosting/ Big Data as a Service/ Cloud Vendors include: Tresata. LexisNexis Vendors include: Apache. Oracle. Cisco. ClickFox. EMC. Cloudera. Karmasphere . Think Big Analytics. Qliktech. IBM. EMC. Hortonworks Vendors Include: Dell. MapR. Informatica. Pervasive Software. Pentaho. Digital Resoning. Platfora. EMC. IBM. Tidemark. Cloudera. Hadapt. 1010data. Tresata. IBM. Tableau Software. SAS institute. Revolution Analytics Vendors include: Datameer. IBM. Amazon Web Services. NetApp Vendors Include: Apache. SAP. Hortonworks. Talend Vendors include: Apache. Accenture. japersoft 8 . Syncsort. Arista. Microstrategy. HP. Couchbase. Attivio. DataStax.Big Data Market Segments Hardware •Storage •Servers •Networking Big Data Distributions •Open Source Hadoop distributions •Enterprise Hadoop distributions •Non-Hadoop Big Data frameworks Data Management Components •Distributed file stores •NoSQL databases •Hadoop.

Scope of Testing Opportunities in Big Data      Database Transformation Testing Streaming and CEP Engine Testing Analytical Sandbox Testing Cloud Testing Big Data Distribution – – – – Reliability Testing Compatibility Testing Data Integration Testing Capacity Testing  Data Management Component – – – – Data Quality/ Validation Testing Performance Testing Cloud Testing Functional Testing 9 .

Industry Usage Life Science Health Care • • Genome Analysis Develop drug models • • Patient behavior study to treat chronic diseases Adverse drug effect analysis Insurance Banking & Financial Services • • • • • • • • Risk modeling Location Intelligence Catastrophe Modeling Claims Fraud Detection Retail Contextual / targeted ad marketing Point of Sale analysis Supply chain optimization Customer churn analysis • • Stock Exchange – Processing & surveillance of trade data Credit Card Fraud Detection Others • • Predictions of High-Energy Physics Real-time demand forecasting 10 .

Business Drivers What are your organization's drivers for using big data technologies and approaches? 11 .

Challenges and Opportunities What is your organization's biggest challenge when it comes to Big Data? 12 .

Big Data Platforms & TCS Case Studies       Hadoop And MapReduce EMC (Greenplum) IBM HP – Autonomy HP – Vertica Oracle TCS Case Studies       Passport e-Seva CBA Australia Super Valu Retail Chain JPMC HP – Vertica Oracle 13 .

Enterprises require a portfolio of products. tools and capabilities from different vendors 3) Build workflows and policies that facilitate the use of big data An organization must define ownership and how different groups can access and use data. there’s an urgent need to ensure that the proper protections are in place 5) Find the needed talent to put big data to work McKinsey & Co. but it also creates risks. Experts must understand how data can be used & how to map it effectively 2) Tap into IT systems that manage data and provide deep analysis There’s typically no single tool or approach that addresses an organization’s needs.Five Keys to Succeeding With Big Data 1) Understand the possibilities Combining hundreds of data elements and terabytes of data doesn’t automatically produce results. It must also develop ways to transform findings and results into actual programs 4) Focus on security and privacy concerns Big data creates remarkable opportunities. states that a talent shortage is looming in the data-analytics field that could reach 190.000 people by 2018. 14 . As different groups within an organization use and analyze data.

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