The Public Library of the District of Columbia Board of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes Woodridge Neighborhood Library Wednesday

, May 23, 2012

The regular meeting of the Board of Library Trustees was held at 6:30 pm, Wednesday, May 23, 2012 at the Woodridge Neighborhood Library, 1801 Hamlin Street, NE, John W. Hill, Jr., President, presiding. Immediately before the Board Meeting, the Friends of Woodridge Library hosted a “Meet and Greet the Architect” with Bing Thom, the architect who will design the new Woodridge Library. Present: John W. Hill, Jr., President, Donald Richardson, Vice-President, Bonnie Cohen, Richard Levy, James Lewis, Myrna Peralta, Brenda Richardson, Ginnie Cooper, Chief Librarian and Secretary-Treasurer. Not in attendance: Kelley Smith Guests at the Board Table: Susan Haight, President, Federation of Friends and Linnea Hegarty, Executive Director, DCPL Foundation. The meeting was called to order at 6:31 pm. Adoption of the Agenda The motion to adopt the agenda was approved. Approval of Minutes There was a request that the record reflect that Finance Committee Chair Bonnie Cohen introduced Agency Fiscal Officer, Tammie Robinson, at the beginning of the Finance Committee report. A motion to approve the minutes of the Wednesday, March 28, 2012 meeting as amended was approved. Public Comments Mr. Hill stated the practice of the DCPL Board of Library Trustees to entertain public comments at this time. He explained that people who signed their names to the sign-in sheet would have three minutes to address the Board. Eight members of the public came forward to make comments. Four requested that the Board consider renaming the new Rosedale Library, to be opened later this year, in honor of R.L. Christian and Mercer Langston. Two spoke about the re-naming of the Bellevue Library and the change in name made by the Mayor and City Council. Two others spoke about retro-fitting and/or enlarging the footprint of the Woodridge Library during the planned re-design. President’s Report Mr. Hill centered his remarks around the FY 2013 budget and thanked Councilmember Tommy Wells, Chair of the Committee on Libraries, Parks, Recreation and Planning, and Council for increasing the size of the DC Public Library’s budget for FY 2013. Chief Librarian’s Report Ms. Cooper welcomed and introduced staff members Maryann James-Daley, new web and social media specialist for the DC Public Library, LeoNard Thompson, new manager at the Petworth Neighborhood Library, Michelle Sellars, a former DCPL staff member who is returning as manager of the Northeast Neighborhood Library, and Stacey Lucas, new Volunteer Program Coordinator for the Library. Document #5 Board of Library Trustees Meeting July 25, 2012 1

All present then received a report on the Woodridge Neighborhood Library by the manager, Janette Graham. Ms. Graham gave special thanks to Sharon Turner and the Friends of Woodridge Library for the reception provided for Architect Bing Thom immediately before the Board Meeting. Finance Committee Report Finance Committee Chair, Bonnie Cohen asked Tammie Robinson, Agency Fiscal Officer, to come forward. Ms. Robinson reported on the FY 2012 Year-to-Date and said that the Library is on track and remains within spending limits for FY 2012. Eric Coard, Chief Business Officer, reported on the FY 2013 Operating and Capital Budgets. He said that the Mayor’s proposed budget for the Library included a $5M increase to primarily fund staff needed for the three new libraries opening this spring and summer. City Council retained this funding and further increased the Library’s operating budget by $2.5M and the capital budget by $2.7M. He also noted that the book budget was made non-lapsing. Mr. Coard said that the operating budget for FY 2012 is $34M and the operating budget for FY 2013 looks like it will be about $42M pending approval by Council on June 5. Facilities Committee Report Richard Levy, Facilities Committee Chair thanked Edward Hampton and facilities staff for the good work at Woodridge. Ginnie Cooper then spoke about the Rosedale Library. Ms. Cooper said that although the Rosedale Library funding was included in the Mayor’s Supplemental Budget which was rejected two times by City Council, there is hope that the library will be funded and opened by the time school starts, but there is no money at this time. She also said that the Facilities Committee will meet in June or early July. One item on the agenda will be the naming of the Rosedale Library. Jeff Bonvechio, Director, Capital Construction, provided the Capital Construction Report and the Neighborhood Library Openings Report and said that the Francis Gregory Library is scheduled to open on June 19 and the Bellevue Neighborhood Library is scheduled to open on June 13. The Woodridge Library will have a 15 to 18 month construction schedule. Public Services Report Director of Public Services, Jennifer Giltrop, presented the Library Performance Measures – Second Quarter 2012 Report. She reviewed the document and talked about further refinements that had been made to the document since the first quarter report had been submitted. There was the suggestion that in six months or so a report on how we use volunteers be presented, and that perhaps for a future meeting that circulation by library, including circulation from previous years be presented. There was also a question about what thought had been given to bring more teens into the library. Ms. Giltrop responded that bringing in Teens of Distinction to help develop programs and developing community partnerships were two methods being used. Foundation President’s Report Linnea Hegarty, Executive Director of the DC Public Library Foundation, reported that the Foundation has added two new members to the Board - Jennifer Hemingway and Harry Wingo. The Foundation continues to develop partnerships with organizations, businesses and individuals throughout the city in order to build a large community of people around DC who care about and support DCPL. Ms. Hegarty also invited all present to attend the “preview celebration” at the new Francis Gregory Neighborhood Library on Monday, June 18 between 6:30 – 9:00 pm.

Document #5 Board of Library Trustees Meeting July 25, 2012 2

Federation of Friends Report Federation of Friends President Susan Haight reported that the Federation continues to raise money for the Summer Reading program and members are optimistic that they will meet the goal of $27,000. She thanked Federation members for their face-to-face advocacy on many levels city-wide which helped to bring about an increase in the proposed FY2013 budget. She said that the next Federation meeting is June 21 with Chris Murphy, Chief of Staff for Mayor Gray, as the special guest speaker. Ms. Haight also said the Friends Executive Committee supports naming Rosedale for the two individuals the kiosks previously honored. New Business John Hill introduced for discussion the issue of the naming of the Bellevue Library. There was much discussion. John Hill said that this was a difficult issue for him since he absolutely believes in due process. But the new name is law now and even though we could change the name, Council could and likely will, change it back. It is likely that the next Council vote would be even stronger and would affirm the Council’s right to name any building in the city. Council ignored its own policy for naming buildings in this case. Several Board members supported the original decision to follow the library’s naming policy and to retain the Bellevue name since it is the community in which the library sits and supports the community process. Yet some had reservations because of the financial and political ramifications of overturning the decision by City Council and the Mayor to name the library the William O. Lockridge Library. A motion to reaffirm the prior decision to name this library the Bellevue Library was made by Jim Lewis and seconded by Myrna Peralta. There was one abstention – Richard Levy. Board member Brenda Richardson had left the meeting before the vote was taken. Motion carried. At this time Roslyn Christian asked that the record reflect that the request to re-name the Rosedale Library after R.L. Christian and Mercer Langston is being made to memorialize the 40 years that those two named library kiosks were in existence. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Document #5 Board of Library Trustees Meeting July 25, 2012 3

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