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When I was in Keraton Yogyakarta I met many foreigners and have a talk with them to dig up some information

regarding culture. Here are some names of foreigner I met and some derived information. Jane: she is from USA; she has been in Indonesia for a month. She said that Indonesian is very beautiful country. She first time came to Indonesia landing in Bali, she never think that Bali belongs to Indonesia. She firstly thought that Bali is independent country but in fact it is part of Indonesia. After staying in Bali for more than two weeks she flew to Jakarta and then Yogyakarta. She felt comfortable staying in Indonesia because there are many wonderful tourism places supported by friendly society. Those push her desirability to stay longer in Indonesia. She got a bit problem with communication because she can not speak Indonesian at all but it will be no longer problem after finding guide. By paying guide she can explore many tourism places. She also enjoys Indonesian food. Based on her opinion Indonesian food is delicious, nice and cheap as well. She supposed that Indonesian people is very creative in making food. From the basic ingredient cassava they can make variety of food. Ricky: he is from England, Indonesia is tropical. There are many jungles. It is poor country but it has many variety of interesting culture that he never found beforehand. After visiting many tourism places, He knows jakarata and Bali as the most beautiful tourism places. Indonesian people are also very friendly as like generally people in Asia. Since living in Indonesia he experienced many times of misunderstanding both verbal n nonverbal communication because it was his first time being in Indonesia. But the only his misunderstanding I remember most from him is when he was fist time landing in Indonesia exactly in Bali, he found many billboards and banners legislative candidates in each corner of Denpasar city. He thought that those are for the picture contest but actually not. Perhaps this is the amusing thing I got from him.

Janet: she is from England. She comes to Indonesia accompanied by her husband. She ever came to Indonesia approximately 20 years ago. She likes staying in Indonesia because of its friendly society, its beautiful tourism place and its nice food. She first time disliked with Indonesian habit. She frustrated. In her opinion, Indonesian tends to do everything slowly. On the other hand British do everything fast because they think that time is very valuable. But she realized, perhaps it is just a matter of culture. Her culture and Indonesian culture are different. Anna: she is Australian. She came to Indonesia with her relatives. She has ever been in Indonesia three times. Her destination visiting Indonesia is simply to enjoy natural charm, and cultural diversity owned by Indonesia. But I am curious, is it impossible for her visiting Indonesia just for that? Because she can find natural charm from other places as like Hawaiian and Caribbean islands, natural charm owned by both those places is much more beautiful than Indonesia. Or perhaps because of cultural diversity and cultural heritage owned by Indonesia? What about Thailand and Cambodia, as I know both those country have much more beautiful cultural heritage than Indonesia. After posing some questions at last I know what makes her feel at home when she is in Indonesia. Natural charm, cultural diversity and cultural heritage are her second destination, friendliness of Indonesian that she could not find from other country. Friendliness, topicality, and openness of Indonesian are main attraction to arouse her interest visiting Indonesia.

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