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Gazete haber dilinde ska kullanlan szcklerden semeler; back: to support (desteklemek) France backs British peace move

bid: to attempt New Ararat bid by American team blaze: fire Three die in hotel blaze boost: encouragement; to appeal for Government plans to boost exporters. call for: to demand for; to appeal for ANAP calls for cabinet corruption enquiry clash: violent disagreement; to disagree violently Students in clash with police curb: restrict, restriction New price curbs proposed drama: Dramatic event, tense situation Palestinean Liberation leader in Orly airport kidnap drama drive: united effort Drive to save water envoy: ambassador Prime Minister sees British envoy gems: jewels 1.000.000 TL gems stolen haul: amount stolen in robbery, or seized by police or customs Big gold haul in train robbery head: leader; to lead Commonwealth heads to meet in Paris hit: affect badly Snowstorms hit transport hold: keep under arrest Palestineans held in Israel key: important, vital Key witness disappears

link: connection, contac New trade link with Russia mission: delegation : (official group sent to conference etc) Shots fired at UN mission move: step towards a particular result (often political) Move to abolish death penalty oust: drive out, replace Moderates ousted in union elections pact: agreement Nuclear pact runs into trouble pit: coal mine New pit strike threat plea: call for help Big response to plea for earthquake victims PM: Prime Minister PM resigns poll: election, public opinion survey Socialists ahead in poll premier: Prime Minister Premier in spy scandal probe: investigate; investigation Call for student drug probe Police probe racing scandal rumors quit: resign PM quits raid: to attack, robbery Police raid mayor's flat 9 million gem raid riddle: mystery Missing envoy riddle drama scare: public alarm, alarming rumour Cancer scare split: disagreement Labour split on prices

switch: to change Defence policy switch swoop: to raid Police swoop on drug gang threat: danger Labour strike threat top: exceed Imports top 250.000 dollars vow: to promise Exiled leader vows to return ngilizce gazete haber yazmyla ilgili kimi kurallar; Gazete balklarnn yazmnda kullanlan dilbilgisi kurallar teki yazm kurallarndan kimi ayrmlar gsterir: 1. Gazete haber balklar her zaman tam tmce deildir. More earthquake deaths. 2. Gazete haber balklarnda, drt ve daha ok ad bei bir arada bulunabilir: Furniture factory pay cut riot Bu tr anlatmlarda en son addan nceki adlar sfat grevi grrler. Bu tr haberleri anlayabilmek iin en kolay yol balklar geriye doru okumaktr: 'Furniture factory pay cut riot' refers to'a riot about a cut in pay for the workers in a factory that makes furniture. 3. Tanmlklar (articles) ve 'to be' eylemi genellikle kullanlmaz: Shakespeare play immoral, says director 4. Gazete haber balklar yazmnda zamanlarn zel bir kullanm biimi vardr; rnein bu tr balklarda 'is coming', 'has gone' gibi karmak biimler kullanlmaz, bunlarn yerine come, goes gibi geni zaman biimleri kullanlr. rnekler: Turkey sends food to famine victims (Turkey is sending/has sent...) Students fight for course changes (Students have fought...) Fat babies cry less, says doctor. Kimi zaman deimekte olan ya da gelimekte olan durumlar belirtmek iin imdiki zaman kullanlr fakat bu durumlarda yardmc eylem olarak kullanlan is ve are tmcede yer almaz. World heading for energy crisis Finland getting warmer, say researchers. 5. Gelecek zaman iin gazete balklarnda genellikle eylemlik (infinitive) kullanlr:

Premier to visit China ANAP to announce cabinet changes on Monday 6. Edilgen (passive) yaplar yardmc eylem kullanlmadan eylemlerin nc biimiyle oluturulur: Man held in police in murder hunt (a man is being held) Terrorists killed in explosion (terrorists were killed...) - Bu tr balklar kimi zaman kolaylkla yanl anlamalara yol aabilirler. Szgelimi, 'Black teenagers attacked in riot' tmcesinde saldrya urayan genlerdir (teenagers), onlar birine saldr dzenlememilerdir. Eer genler saldr dzenlemi olsalard o zaman haber balnda geni zaman kullanlrd ve balk 'Black teenagers attack' biiminde dzenlenirdi. Kaynak; A Guidebook for English