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We usually prefer be late on everything... 30 years later, in this case...some tools for face: REALITY or contemporary world ...

or why we had prefer be different than Katz(2010) - and his illiteracy chorus...- since 1976? Some useful readings selected for citizens and stakeholders, by Yoe F. Santos/cciav Educao como prtica da liberdade " Um dos piores males que o poder pblico vem fazendo a ns, no Brasil, historicamente, desde que a sociedade brasileira foi criada, o de fazer muitos de ns correr o risco de, a custo de tanto descaso pela educao pblica, existencialmente cansados, cair no indeferentismo fatalistamente cnico que leva ao cruzamento dos braos. " No h o que fazer" o discurso acomodado que no podemos aceitar." Paulo Freire - " Pedagogia da autonomia" "One of the worst evils that the Government has been doing to us, in Brazil, historically, since the Brazilian society was created, is to make many of us run the risk that the cost of both neglect by the public education, existentially tired, falling into the indeferentismo fatalistamente cynic that leads to cross-check of the arms. " There is no what to do "is the speech accommodated which we cannot accept." Paulo Freire, "Pedagogy of autonomy" (Translated by Bing) ________ From global careers to talent flow: Reinterpreting 'brain drain'

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