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Page 1 VOCR Weekly Newsletter(Vol.

1, Issue 3) January 11, 2009


We would like to tank for all the comments from individuals and organizations. The comments and advice shape VOCR
so that it will be brighter weeks after weeks. VOCR intends to do what it can do even though it wants to present all
the issues about uncountable issues and news happening in the world every minute. VOCR wishes that you all who love
and care the refugee would hear the voices of Chin refugees. VOCR would like to affirm that the name “Chin” is the
most suitable and inclusive name for all the Chin people. Further more, the name Chin used by VOCR represent all the
people from townships from Chin State, and Asho people of Myanmar, Mizo of India, Bawm of Bangladesh etc.. We
wish this news letter would be forwarded to friends, read and comment. VOCR opens a room for your comments.
Please send to
Salai Biak Lian Sang : Editor

Myanmar refugees in Malaysia took Australia Chin Refugee Committee elected a new E
immigration interview to resettle into Australia Coordinator and EC members P
January 10, 2009 January 10, 2009 VO
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia wh
Australia High Commission in Malaysia used to conduct ge
Chin Refugee Committee in Malaysia has elected a new co-
interview for refugees at Australia High Commission coordinator to replace Mr. Paul Rung Er Lian who was co-
building which is located at Jalan Kuching. For the current coordinator in 2008. Paul will take departure for
interviews, the High Com performs interviews within the resettlement to Indiana State, USA within January, 2009.
Malaysia UNHCR campus. The new elected co-coordinator is Salai Kennedy. He is a
refugee from Chin State, Myanmar who fled to Malaysia. He
Australia has been taking refugees in Malaysia but with a is also an educated one who has leadership ability.
very limited quota. Australia processes the refugee visa
applications that are forwarded by the UNHCR office in The Chin Refugee Committee is a social volunteer
order to determine them for resettlement into Australia. organization working to provide social needs of ethnic Chin
refugees in Malaysia who fled fear Myanmar military regime
A Chin refugee from Union of Burma who took the Australia persecution and torture. CRC was founded in July 2001 to
interview with his family on January 10, 2009 said, “Coming assist Chin refugees in Malaysia.
to UNHCR campus is easier for our family because we
often came to UNHCR so we don’t have to worry about Paul the former coordinator told VOCR,“CRC volunteers
losing the direction.” are assisting Chin refugees in Malaysia as much as
volunteers can help then. For example, CRC volunteers try
The interview used to take place at Australia High to locate all Chin refugees and Malaysia and make regular
Commission that is located at a busy business place in contact to them in order to assist each other in time of
Kuala Lumpur. Choosing UNHCR campus for interview trouble. Information sharing and social assistance is the
brings advantages for the refugee families. most CRC volunteers have to do.”
The medical checks for the visa applicants are done by CRC is providing assistance to UNHCR for find refugees
International Organization of Migration (IOM). A local clinic they can not find themselves and bring to UNHCR office.
called Young and Newton Clinic used to do the medical Bring sick refugees to hospital and even prepare all the
checks. The IOM office is located within the Malaysia needs of case of death happen among refugees.
UNHCR campus. The refugee visa applicants who take
Australia immigration interview and ready for medical check
up are immediately handled by the IOM on the same day of
interview. Contact Us: VOCR News Group
Within January this year, the Australia will conduct Phone: 006016-9160018, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
interviews two to three days in every week. Australia is
taking the refugee families and single applicants but only VOCR weekly newsletter is issued and owned by VOCR news group
which is an independent and non-profit news service focusing on the
those who have close relative in Australia. Chin refugees in Malaysia in specific and Burma political issues in
Page 2 VOCR Weekly Newsletter(Vol. 1, Issue 3) January 11, 2009
Communications for Chin refugees in
Malaysia Full Life journal is issued in Burmese language and is
VOCR mainly about Christianity and the gospel. The journal uses
January 10, 2009 the best, among other periodicals issued by the Chins,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia quality of paper and printing.

Thousands of Chin ethnic refugees from Burma in Malaysia Zomi Association also produces weekly paper in Tedim
use weekly periodicals for the main communication. As language.
refugees, the communication is one of the main important
for the refugees. For announcement, news, UNHCR The Chin people, in Chin Hills of Myanmar, used to depend
contacts, suggestion for social security and health and upon oral communication with honesty and trust. The
other atheistic information are shared to the Chin refugee in history was orally transmitted through out generations.
Myanmar by periodical news and journals.
Salai Za Thong Lian, a Chin journalist in Malaysia said,”
The two Chin refugee centers, ACR and CRC; recognized The oral transmissions and phone SMS text message
by the Malaysia UNHCR office, issue weekly sometimes create unnecessary rumors. I believe that the
announcement papers. CRC issues in Chin-Lai language literature work can prevent the people from those impacts.”
and ACR uses Burmese language. These periodicals are
distributed to Chin refugees in free of charges. CRC At the same time, most of the journalists from the above
produces about 300 copies every week and ACR usually periodicals are not well trained about journalism. Salai
issues about 400 copies on every Sunday. Durbum, the joint-editor of Hruaitu weekly journal said, “We
the journalist in Malaysia need to know further more about
Both ACR and CRC weekly newsletters include the name journalism and it’s ethics. It would be good to have a kind of
lists of refugees whom the UNHCR office could not contact. Seminar for the journalists.”
Urgent announcements, social security advice, general
knowledge, lost and found and obituaries are included as Nowadays, the internet mail groups are also widely used by
necessary. the diaspora Chin people. Among them, Laiforum yahoo
group has thousands of members from many different
Pa Lian, a Chin refugee from Burma who can read only Lai countries. Lai language is used in this Email group.
language said, “I always read CRC announcement paper
every Sunday. Especially I want to read about any Chinland yahoo group is an email discussion group for the
announcement relating to UNHCR as I am a refugee.” Chin people and is bilingual; Lai and English. YCCF that
stands for Young Chin Christian Fellowship yahoo group
There are many Chin people who prefer to read in also has a bout 800 members and is in bilingual, too.
Burmese. Therefore, ACR newsletter brings advantages for
them, too. Apart from them, each of sub-ethnic groups has their own
email groups. For example, Zophei people has Zophei
“Seihnam Journal”, the oldest and have the most reader is email group.
issued in weekly by Chin Student Organization. The journal
includes news, articles, poems and miscellaneous. It uses Weekly mini publications and those email groups are the
Lai language. About 400-450 copies are issued. The journal crucial ones for the communication of the Chin refugees in
is distributed 2.50Rm per copy. Malaysia.

“Bawinu Herald” called Bawinu Authawng is also issued in Malaysia Refugees: Number of unemployed
Lai language and has quite a number of readers, too. This refugees increase
periodical is mainly News collection from internet and other VOCR,
sources that are translated into Lai language. This journal is January 11, 2009
run by a few volunteers intending to bring update news for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
the Chin refugees in Malaysia. No organization or group is
helping financially. Salai Hmung, the editor said, “We seek Salai Ngun Ling, a Chin refugee from Myanmar who used
to bring more benefits to the readers. We do not have any to be a worker foreman for electrical wiring, said, “Since
sponsor for this journal. The journal is running by the November I and my men have lost our works. The boss told
rewards from the readers who contribute 1RM for each us that they have finished all their work. Most employers no
copy. We can issue about 300 -350 copies every week” longer want to employ who do not have valid passport.”

Faiceu Journal also is written in Lai language and published The number of unemployed refugees increases in Malaysia.
on every Sunday. Currently, around 600 copies have been The refugees face financial problems more seriously not
distributed every week. Faiceu has been running since mentioning the afraid for arrest and deportation.
December first week, 2008 till to day. The journal is mainly
News and articles. VOCR has visited a Chin village house in KL where 30
people stay. James, the leader said, “30 people stay
Falam community issues “Hruaitu” (the leader) weekly together here. Most of us used to work, but since October-
journal. It is based on the community. Every week, a bout November, only around 8 people are working in fulltime.
70-100 copies are distributed. Hruaitu is the only literature The rest of us depend upon them. Sometimes, if one of us
produced by Falam refugee community in Malaysia. feels sick, we face big problem.”