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Patricia Sullivan Purdue University updated 7.24.12 This page bookmarks sites used in "History of Rhetoric: Modern Period" (English 624). We are fortunate that historians have worked to use the Internet to address late 20th century problems of access to historical materials needed to do history of rhetoric. This page aims to circulate their work more widely. After providing connections to the live work of the course (collaborative bibs in Zotero, my developmental links in delicious, and databases available to Purdue students through the University Libraries), the page focuses on bookmarking open access aids to scholarship that can be found online. It lists: sites that aid history of rhetoric in the UK; sites focusing on history in the US; sites that distribute digitized public domain books; sites that have particular works by named authors; pointers to articles helpful in building a bibliography. This resourse list started as a conventional course bibliography, alert to the multidisciplinary dimensions of Modern Rhetoric. You can see at the end of this file that we first gathered secondary materials and placed them in the Rhet/Comp Resource Room. Then, as the web took hold, we added reference websites and then digitized full texts. Each year the study of modern rhetoric expands/extends its digital reach via digital archives, online exhibits, repositories of open access texts, online journals, collaborative research software, and so on. Thus, these resources are only part of the digital resources for the course. They focus on pointing to digital assets that are being freely shared. Below. . . Part 1 points to tools for day-to-day classwork. Part 2 lists helpful websites [those with historical material and those that point to historical material]. Part 3 lists primary works available for free online.


The course also makes used of proprietary databases via the Purdue University Libraries Useful for-pay journals (many are gathered online in JSTOR) and those include Rhetorica, Rhetoric Society Quarterly,

Rhetoric Review, Quarterly Journal of Speech, History and Theory,College English, College Composition and Communication, Eighteenth Century Studies, Philosophy and Rhetoric, History of Education Quarterly/History of Education Quarterly, just to name a few. Important for-pay databases for historical work [links will ask Purdue students to login and not work for others]: EEBO (Early English Books Online) includes "digital facsimiles images of the pages of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 1473-1700 - from the first book printed in English by William Caxton, through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare and the tumult of the English Civil War." ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online) "offers full-text searchable facsimile pages of approximately 150,000 English-language and foreignlanguage books published in Britain and its colonies (including N. America) during the 18th century." British Newspapers, 1600-1900 (Gale): includes the 17-18th century Burney collection and the 19th century British Library newspapers. Early American Imprints Series I: "Full-text archive of nearly 37,000 early American publications based on Charles Evans' American Bibliography of all books, pamphlets, and periodical publications printed in the U.S. from the genesis of printing in 1639 down to the year 1800." American Periodicals Series (Proquest): "Over 1,240 American magazines and journals that began publishing between 1740 and 1900, including general magazines, literary and professional journals, and other historically-significant periodicals. For periodicals that continued into the 20th c., the cut-off date is 1940." Accessible Archives: an eclectic collection of digitized historical sources about American history. Includes a Civil War collection (period books, magazines, and newspapers), African American newspapers (1836-1902), and other sources. America's Historical Newspapers: "Fully searchable runs of 215 newspapers from 27 states and the District of Columbia from 1741-1922." Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Past (and future) collaborative bibliographies are available at Zotero and

my developmental links are at Delicious: Zotero (a web tool for building scholarly bibs and notes "collaboratively" that requires the use of FireFox): course site = Delicious (a web tool for saving links independent of your browser): my links for English 624 =


Timelines African American History Timeline American Memory Timeline dactivities/presentations/timeline/ Sociology Timeline 1600-1900 18th century chronology (Jack Lynch) Britain [sites focused on history and culture in the United Kingdom between 1700 and World War I] British History 17001960 British History Online 18th century resources (Jack Lynch) Romantic Circles List of Victorian Web sites (Mitsu Matsuoka) Research Society for Victorian Periodicals

Victorian Web Nines (networked infrastructure for 19th century electronic scholarship) Victorian Women Writers Project Victorian Studies Bibliography Victorian Census Project sus/vichome.htm Peter Suber's Guide to Philosophy on the Internet Voice of the Shuttle--Literature (in English) United States [sites focused on U.S. history and culture between 1700 and World War I] American Memory Project (Library of Congress) Voice of the Shuttle--U.S. History Declaration of Independence The Avalon Project for Law, History, and Diplomacy U.S. Historical Census Data Browser American Civil War (Virginia) Making of America--Social History at Cornell and Michigan Cornell Michigan American Authors on the Web

Pragmatism Cybrary African American Pamphlet Collection (Library of Congress) Davies Project (American Libraries before 1876)


E-text Projects and Clearinghouses [special projects aimed at making books and relevant historical documents available online] Online Books Page [includes some histories of colleges] Alex (includes a concordance) Athena etexts (includes works in a number of languages) Bartleby Chawtonhouse Library (English Women Writers 16001830) Digital Book Index Digital Text Project (Columbia's Institute for Learning Technologies) Digital Schomburg African American Women Writers of the 19th Century GoogleBooks Project Project Gutenberg Hathi Trust Digital Library Internet Library of Early Journals (Bodleian) -- 6 18th and 19th century journals (Annual Register; Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; Gentleman's Magazine; Notes and Queries; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal

Society; The Builder) Internet Archive (includes digitized books and a whole lot more) Internet Public Library Online Texts Collection Online Library of Liberty (Liberty Fund) Renascence Editions Primary Documents in American History (Library of Congress) American Colonist's Library (Rick Gardiner) Primary Source Documents Pertaining to North American History (Philosophy Texts) 18th-century etexts (Jack Lynch) Electronic Texts Collections (lists collections by subject or period) 19th-century Schoolbooks Project (Nietz Collection at Pittsburgh) E-Pluribus Unum Project (Archives of 1850s -- lots of oratory) Documenting the American South (Collections List) North American Slave Narratives True and Candid Compositions (Student Writings from UNC) The Pragmatism Cybrary By and about African Americans (Virginia)

By and about Native Americans (Virginia) By Women Writers (Virginia) Directories of Open Access Archives/Repositories Directory of Open Access Repositories European Archive Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) Library of Congress Digital Collections National Archives Digging into Data Challenge (CLIR) State Archives Collections Online (CoSA) Archives and E-texts for Historical Figures[pointers to digitized texts found at websites other than GoogleBooks] Henry Adams, The Education of Henry Adams Matthew Arnold, The Function of Criticism at the Present Time (1865) Sir Francis Bacon's Works Hugh Blair -- archival site that summarizes his Lectures on Rhetoric Levi Branson, First Book in Composition (1832) (juvenile) Martha Griffith Browne, Diary of a Female

Slave Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Biographia Literaria John Dewey, Democracy and Education (1916) W.E.B. DuBois, The Souls of Black Folks David Hume -- links to his major works (Natl Library of Scotland) Thomas Jefferson -- Guide to Materials 0 [UVa closed access to their digitized Jefferson papers but do point people to other sites] Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address faux Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address Powerpoint McGuffey Readers (there are several at this site) 1restrict=author&cite2=&cite2restrict=author&Submit=Search John Locke, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (6th ed) John Locke, Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1692) John Stuart Mill, On Liberty Thomas Paine, Commonsense Jean Rousseau, Emile, or On Education Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations

Henry David Thoreau -- many of his works Phyllis Wheatley Mary Wollstonecraft, Vindication of the Rights of Women Edward Young, Conjectures on Original Composition (1759)

E-text Serials [electronic versions of 18th and 19th century magazines and journals] Ladies Repository, 18411876 The Living Age, 18441900 The New Englander, 1843-1892 New Haven quarterly North American Review 18151900 Princeton Review 18301882 Studies in Bibliography 1948-1997 Harper's New Monthly Magazine, 18501899 Browse Journals at the Cornell Site of MOA Browse Journals at the Michigan Site of MOA Internet Library of Early Journals (Bodleian) -- 6 18th and 19th century journals (Annual Register; Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine; Gentleman's Magazine; Notes and Queries; Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society; The Builder)