<b>A Renewing Light</b> Death as a demon A child born anew.

But one special Hallow night The streets were lit askew. The makeup is in place, Our new faces have been strapped on tight. Three of us get ready, To spook throughout the night. ~~~ The three of us have been friends forever. Since babies we have always had family friends, so naturally we do every together. It’s the night of Halloween and we all finally have our costumes on. Thomas, the athletic one, is now Subzero. He really fits the image as he is agile and muscular. Jeremiah, the…chunky one, is Thor, a barbarian with super-strength, a gigantic axe, and a tiny loin cloth. It’s a little weird, but it works. And finally myself, the handsome one, has embodied the clichéd Dracula—only this year, Drakky has a new power; I jacked my brother’s Megaman Megabuster that went with his costume. It’s currently hidden under my cloak, and the nerf balls it shoots should offer a nice surprise to any dork I don’t like. Our mothers bid us farewell, and we have black bags for candy in hand. We’re out the door like lightning bolts, and we are ready to sweep the land. I faintly remember a plea to be careful, but caution is the last thing on my mind tonight. A multitude of decorations plaster every porch we pass. Doorbells ring out to call forth each houses’ occupant which slowly fill our bags. As we are walking down the street I look into the sky to see a full, foreboding moon looking back at me, but just as my gaze leaves I swear I see the moon blink. In just a millisecond the bright light disperses, but then comes back with what seems to be an even fiercer luminosity. I stop; my eyes are locked on the plastid yellow orb. Something deep within me is changing. It’s as if the extra light radiating from the celestial body is feeding my inner soul. A dormant ability in the depths of my mind was slowly awakening. As it did so I looked at my friends who had also stopped. They too were looking to the sky, each of them mesmerized and befuddled. A peculiar and unnerving darkness then encased us. A small circle of light from the moon bathed us in a ghastly glow—or rather defended us from the encroaching blackness, and it let us harbor the power it was birthing. Questioningly, my two cohorts looked around, but then a very strange occurrence overtook them and eventually absorbed myself as well. Thomas, the ninja, began to glow a deep blue—a visible energy crept along the entire surface of his body. Jeremiah, who was Thor, emitted the same power only it was tinted a light amber. I then lifted my own arm to see that it was bathed in a deep crimson aura. My body began to tingle, and I began to shake slightly, but then the quivering led my concentration to the arm bearing the megabuster. I brought it from the cloak and into view and it shook with an ethereal anticipation. Without thinking I took aim into the sea of black around us. Cautiously I placed my finger on the trigger and slowly depressed the metal mechanism. An eruption overtook all of my senses. My eyes filled with a blinding red light. My ears were overloaded from the earthshaking crack, and my arm recoiled in pain from the power of the shot. A path of energetic red light extended from our spot

and braved a new line into the now unknown. As the bolt dispersed into the distance common forms took shape along its forged passageway. The neighborhood we had been standing in came into view once again. Like a poisonous disease eating and spreading, the light of the new view grew outward and around us until the land was once again bathed in the pale light of the nightly orb. All at once smiles spread on our faces and we began laughing maniacally. Thomas was the first to speak actual words however, and in truth he was just verbalizing what everyone else was thinking; “Do it again, Jared! Do it again!” Then Jeremiah chirped in to concur with his pleas; “Okay, okay. What should I aim at? “Uh…that tree!” Thomas held out an unsteady finger towards a large oak about ten feet to my left. So, more hurried this time I took aim, braced for the shock of the shot, and depressed the trigger. My arm stayed relatively stable this time around, and the blast reached the tree before we could even ready ourselves…although even with time I doubt we could have been prepared for the aftermath of the decision. As the spastic red mass struck the base of the tree a deafening roar reverberated off of the many houses in the neighborhood. An all encompassing concussion knocked the three of us back and we ended up sprawled on the ground. As our vision cleared we looked to see the large tree rocketing into the air like a missile. It flew two hundred yards until it landed, and it just so happened that a Ford Taurus was its cushioning. The explosion point was now a small crater, and my friends all sat dumbstruck at my new power. I on the other hand had a giant, goofy grin on my face as I took aim once again. This time I pointed it straight for a mailbox about twenty feet away, but before I could shoot Jeremiah cried out; “Wait!” “What, Jer? I wanna see it again…” “I want to try.” “No, you might have a different power though. Try your axe.” Jeremiah then lifted his axe that had been resting lifelessly on the ground. “Woah! It’s…it’s real!” “Well, try it out!” He then heaved it over his shoulder and took aim at a small Toyota. As he swung the weapon it tailed in a yellow power. It then struck the metal hood of the automobile with a slight explosion of energy. Like a wrecking ball landing on a tin can, the car’s metal folded in and the rest of its body was lifted up and flipped end over end until it crashed violently into the house of its owners… By now we’d drawn a crown, and a crumbling house didn’t seem to help our situation any. But in truth, we really didn’t care. The rush of power and the thrill of being “Special” made us fearless. Thomas finally broke the awestruck silence with his own thoughts; “Wait a second. Sub Zero doesn’t have a weapon…Well, not really. Does that mean?” Without even finishing he drew into the oft-used pose that was accustomed of the Mortal Kombat media. His feet were spread wide, his knees bent, and both hands

were at one hip as if cupping an invisible sphere. Soon enough the empty space inside of his hands filled with a liquid blue, ethereal energy. As it shaped into an orb, Thomas sent his strong hand out as if pushing it away. The ball quickly flew out and crashed brutally into a children’s bicycle. After being blown into the yard, the bike was overtaken by a thick sheet of ice. Thomas rushed over and confirmed that it was indeed, “colder than anything he’d ever felt.” This exclamation forced a collective gasp out of the now growing number of people. For the forth time tonight we all stood baffled at what had been given to us, but just a few seconds passed before we all exclaimed, “Let’s go have fun!” ~~~ A few hours had passed and many a things had been destroyed, vaporized, or frozen and by now we were running out of things to do. Thomas had found that he could do almost every move from the Mortal Kombat games, and we wanted to test a fatality but we didn’t want to actually kill anyone. He is also very quick and can perform some awesome flips. Jeremiah has found his super-strength. He tossed a semi-truck over a house. That was quite a crash. Personally I think I got the best powers. Being a vampire entails super-speed, super-strength (although not that of Jer’s but enough), plus I can turn into a bat. Flying is great. We have caused so much damage and it’s not even midnight however. No one can stop us because no one can find us. The cops are crawling all throughout the town, but their efforts are ultimately futile. --I then glance up at the clock tower. It’s almost 11:30 and I decide to take a bird’s eye view of the town. I quickly morph into a hefty black bat and make my way to the ledge on the tower. Overlooking the city I see fires raging, people running, and many a place destroyed. Just then Thomas appears beside me, crouched low to avoid the light. It now seems we have even taken to the mindset of our characters. I am becoming quite arrogant, Jeremiah is very…crude and Thomas is very enigmatic and mysterious. “Jared, I have an idea.” “What is it, Thomas?” “Jeremiah and I thought of it earlier when my ball of ice bounced off a house.” “Yeah…” “Well, you and I will shoot an attack, myself an ice blast, and you with your buster, and we shall shoot them at Jer so they combine into one. He shall then hit the blast with his axe to make it even stronger.” “Sounds dangerous.” “Could be…” “Pitching a fast ball?” “Exactly!” The two of us then dropped to the ground beside Jer; “You up for this, Jer?” “Of course!” “Let’s do it!” Thomas and I then backed up; Jeremiah was aiming straight for the clock tower we had just dropped from. I quickly began charging a shot in my buster, the energy inside soon began to shake my arm with power. Thomas was also readying a deadly

blast at his side—it was bigger than any he had previously made. “You ready, Tom?” “Yeah!” “3…2…1…FIRE!” We both let our energies out at the same time, Jeremiah while churning into a single, chaotic the ball neared he began his swing. The yellow axe whistled through the air, seeming to split --White noise in the background started to filter through, and sirens started to take over my hearing. Shouts for us to stop seemed muted, but my eyes were locked on my beefy friend. Finally, his enormous axe connected with the crackling attack… And explosion ripped through the park, and a shockwave rocked all three of us to the ground, but just as the combined attack headed for the face of the clock the building’s aged innards bean to toll midnight’s song. The sound filled our ears and I noticed I was blinking with each tone. Every time I did I could feel the power inside of me slowly slipping out, and I could see the orb we had just made was also fading. As the clock hit the sixth stroke the blast smashed into the glass face, but instead of an explosion ripping the top from the brick edifice it simply dispersed with strings of stray energy wrapping around the cold, gray stone and disappearing into nonexistence. The clock finished its twelfth toll and the three of us were crushed with the loss of our powers. The flashing lights and blaring sirens didn’t even register until a single, heart-breaking word was yelled… “FREEZE!” Only Thomas could speak, and even then it was more of a spoken, lofty thought; “I wish I could…” and the two blasts cascaded towards orb. Jer readied himself, and as aura pulsed rapidly around him—his space and time itself.

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