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- 25/07/12

Poll finds gun owners, even NRA members, back some restrictions - Reuters
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By Edith Honan NEW YORK| Tue Jul 24, 2012 9:13pm EDT (Reuters) - Most gun owners even current and former members of the National Rifle Association support some firearms ownership restrictions including criminal background checks for prospective gun buyers, according to a poll commissioned by an antigun lobbying group. The survey, conducted by Republican pollster Frank Luntz for the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns, was carried out in May but was released on Tuesday in the aftermath of the Colorado movie theater shooting that killed 12 people last week. The shootings in the Denver suburb of Aurora early on Friday have renewed the debate over gun control in a nation whose Constitution guarantees the right

to bear arms. Authorities have said the man arrested in the shootings was armed with an AR15 assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun and a Glock .40-caliber handgun. All of the guns were purchased legally. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire backer of the mayors group, has said the incident should wake up the country to the need for tough restrictions on gun ownership. Luntz said he polled 945 gun owners nationwide - half of whom were gun owners who were current or former members of the NRA, a gun rights group that takes a hard line against most firearms control measures, and half of whom were not affiliated with the NRA. The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percentage points. The survey did not provide results looking only at the responses by current NRA members. [unable to retrieve full-text

Seventy-four percent of the current and former NRA members and 87 percent of the other gun owners supported criminal background checks of anyone purchasing a gun, according to the poll. Seventy-nine percent of current and former NRA members and 80 percent of the other gun owners supported requiring gun retailers to perform background checks on all employees to ensure they are not felons, the poll found. Poll respondents also favored eligibility requirements for obtaining concealed weapon permits, with 63 percent of current and former NRA members and 74 percent of the other gun owners agreeing that applicants must be at least 21 years old. More than two-thirds of respondents from both groups said that permits to carry concealed weapons should not be allowed for people who had committed violent misdemeanors, such as content]

assault, or those who have been arrested for domestic violence. In addition, 71 percent of current or former NRA members and 80 percent of the other gun owners supported banning people on a terrorist watch list from purchasing guns. The issue of gun control is controversial in the United States, with liberals generally supportive and conservatives in opposition. Gallup polls over the past two decades show the percentage of Americans who favor making gun control laws "more strict" fell from 78 percent in 1990 to 44 percent in 2010. A Reuters-Ipsos poll in April found two of every three respondents had a favorable view of the NRA, which marshals thousands of activists to oppose even small-scale gun regulations and punish lawmakers who challenge them. NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam declined to discuss

the poll's findings. "Now is the time for families to grieve and for the community to heal. It's not an appropriate time to have political or policy discussions," Arulanandam said in a telephone interview. But Boston Mayor Thomas Menino, a member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, said in a statement, "The best way to honor the memory of those who senselessly lost their lives in Aurora is to make it harder for this to ever happen again. Our political leaders need to lead - and we demand they act now." (Editing by Will Dunham) This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

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Apple blames rare miss on new iPhone anticipation, economy

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of consumers will probably delay their upgrade and their purchases until the iPhone 5 comes out. We An Apple logo is seen at the saw a similar trend occur last year Apple Worldwide Developers with the iPhone 4S." C o n f e r e n c e 2 0 1 2 i n S a n Apple did post a 23 percent jump Francisco, California June 11, in revenue from the same quarter 2012. the previous year to $35 billion, Credit: Reuters/Stephen Lam but that was about $2 billion By Poornima Gupta below Wall Street's average SAN FRANCISCO| Tue Jul 24, forecast. 2012 11:08pm EDT Net income jumped 21 percent (Reuters) - Apple Inc results fell from a year earlier to $8.8 billion, short of Wall Street's lofty or $9.32 a share, about 10 percent e x p e c t a t i o n s a s a s a g g i n g below expectations. European economy and a pause in From the previous quarter, sales iPhone sales ahead of a new fell 22 percent in Asia-Pacific, version saw revenues slip from outstripping a 3 percent to 6 the previous quarter. percent drop in the Americas and Shares fell more than 5 percent to Europe. $570.81 in late trade after the Apple, which Tim Cook has led world's most valuable technology since last August, divided the c o m p a n y - w h i c h b e a t s blame for the shortfall between expectations with near regularity - muted consumer purchases in reported its second quarterly miss Western Europe and a pullback in in less than a year. demand as consumers wait for a Apple's suppliers also felt the new iPhone model that many pain. Shares of LG Display, expect will be launched in Toshiba and Hon Hai sank September or October. between 5 and 7 percent. From April to June, Apple The rare miss highlights how the shipped 26 million iPhones, well Apple brand is becoming less below the 28 million to 29 million resistant to the economic and that Wall Street analysts had product cycles that have plagued predicted, even taking into rivals. account a pause in buying ahead "Clearly it was a disappointment," of the iPhone 5. It was a far cry s a i d C h a n n i n g S m i t h , C o - from the 35.1 million that moved Manager of Capital Advisors in the March quarter. Growth Fund. "We expected a lot The wait for a new iPhone caused
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Apple to miss quarterly expectations last fall. This year the phenomenon started early, which could mean that Apple's iPhone sales may also stall in the current quarter. "Apple is in that rarest of all positions where the Street will punish them for anything less than an excess of success," CCS Insight analyst John Jackson said. "If there's a positive spin on the iPhone story, it is one of latent demand." Apple, notorious for its conservative forecasts, estimated earnings for the September quarter of $7.65 a share on revenue of $34 billion, well below the average estimate of $10.23 a share on revenue of $38.03 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. ANTICIPATION BUILDS FOR NEW PHONE The Silicon Valley giant has a lot riding on its next iPhone, the product that yields more than half its revenue and helps shore up overall margins. Apple has seen Samsung Electronics -- now the world's largest seller of smartphones -and other handset manufacturers using Google Inc's Android software chip away at its market share. As consumers wait for the new iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy is

expected to keep chalking up robust numbers. Analysts say profit from Samsung's mobile division is likely to have more than doubled from a year ago, with sales of around 50 million smartphones in the June quarter. Fans are expecting Apple to launch a completely redesigned phone that has a bigger screen, rather than just add or change a few features as it did with the current model. Less than stellar sales of the iPhone were partly offset by robust sales of the iPad, which accounts for well over half the world's tablet market. Sales came in at 17 million in the fiscal third quarter, above expectations. "It really is the iPhone company. The iPad is not strong enough to beat numbers," said BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis. "The iPhone 5 is already the most hyped device and for it to exceed expectations is going to be really hard." MISSING TEMPERED EXPECTATIONS Executives acknowledged buyers were refraining from purchases because of "rumors and speculation" around the iPhone 5. They laid part of the blame on sputtering demand from European economies like Germany and France, while dismissing the impact of a Chinese slowdown. China's economy grew at its

slowest pace in three years in the second quarter. But Cook blamed the revenue shortfall in the region on changes in inventory as the company built up stocks of the iPhone 4S in the previous quarter, adding he saw nothing in the Chinese economy as having had an impact on sales. iPhone sales had surged when Apple began selling its "Siri" voice-search-equipped iPhone 4S and China Telecom signed on as a second carrier, Cook said. In addition, the latest iPad also hit Chinese store shelves late -last Friday, months after it had debuted elsewhere around the world. Apple sold 4 million Mac computers, which was about flat from the previous quarter but 2 percent higher than the year-ago period. (Reporting By Poornima Gupta and Edwin Chan; Editing by Bernard Orr and Michael Urquhart) An Apple logo is seen at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 in San Francisco, California June 11, 2012. Credit: Reuters/Stephen Lam By Poornima Gupta SAN FRANCISCO| Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:08pm EDT APPLE page 6

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Syria sends armored column to Aleppo, strikes from air

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By Khaled Yacoub Oweis and Erika Solomon AMMAN/BEIRUT| Tue Jul 24, 2012 10:11pm EDT (Reuters) - Syria sent thousands of troops surging towards Aleppo in the early hours of Wednesday, where its forces have been pounding rebel fighters from the air, engulfing the country's largest city in total warfare to put down a revolt. Recent days have seen Syria's 16month-old uprising transformed from an insurgency in remote provinces into a battle for control of the two main cities, Aleppo and the slightly smaller capital, Damascus, where fighting exploded last week. President Bashar al-Assad's forces have launched massive counter assaults in both cities. They appear to have beaten rebels back from neighborhoods in the capital and are turning towards Aleppo, a commercial hub in the north. Syrian forces fired artillery and rocket barrages early on Wednesday at the northern Damascus suburb of al-Tel in an attempt to seize the town from rebels, causing mass panic and forcing hundreds of families to flee the area, residents and

opposition activists said. The 216th mechanized battalion headquartered near Tel started bombarding the town of about 100,000 people at 3:15 a.m. (0015 GMT) and initial reports indicated residential apartment blocks were being hit, they said. "Military helicopters are flying now over the town. People were awakened by the sound of explosions and are running away," Rafe Alam, one of the activists, said by phone from a hill overlooking Tel. "Electricity and telephones have been cut off." Opposition activists said thousands of troops had withdrawn with their tanks and armored vehicles from the strategic Jabal al-Zawiya highlands in Idlib province near the Turkish border and were headed towards Aleppo. Rebels attacked the rear of the troops withdrawing from the region at the villages of Orom alJoz and rami near the main Aleppo-Latakia road and at the village of al-Bara west of the Aleppo-Damascus highway, activist Abdelrahman Bakran said from the area. In Aleppo, helicopters swirled overhead firing missiles throughout Tuesday, residents said. Rebels were battling government forces by the gates of the historic old city. Troops fired

mortars and shells at rebels armed with rifles and machineguns. "I heard at least 20 rockets fired, I think from helicopters, and also a lot of machinegun fire," a resident near one of the areas being shelled, who asked to be identified only by his first name Omar, said by telephone. "Almost everyone has fled in panic, even my family. I have stayed to try to stop the looters; we hear they often come after an area is shelled." Residents said fixed-wing jets had also flown over the city, followed by loud noises, although there were contradictory reports as to whether they had fired. Some residents said they believed the planes had dropped bombs, but others said booming sounds could have been caused by supersonic jets breaking the sound barrier. A correspondent for Britain's BBC television said the jets had fired. Assad's forces have occasionally launched air strikes from fixedwing jets on other cities during the uprising, but tend to rely on helicopters for air strikes in urban areas. The 16-month-old uprising has entered a new and far more violent phase in the past 10 days since rebels poured into Damascus in large numbers. Last Wednesday, an explosion

killed four members of Assad's closest circle inside a security headquarters, a blow that wiped out much of the top echelon of his military command structure and shattered the reputation for invulnerability that his family has held since his father seized power in a 1970 coup. Western powers have been calling for Assad to be removed from power for many months, and now say they believe his days are numbered. But they fear that he will fight to the bitter end, raising the risk of sectarian warfare spreading across one of the world's most volatile regions. Syria raised the alarm even further on Monday by confirming that it had chemical and biological weapons. In a statement that may have been intended to reassure the world but seemed to have the opposite effect, it said it would not use poison gas against rebels, only against external threats. Assad's international protector Russia added its voice on Tuesday to those of Western countries warning him not to use chemical weapons. Western diplomats said Russia may have pressed Syria to make Monday's statement after the United States and Israel openly discussed their worries about chemical weapons. U.S. President Barack Obama said the world would hold Assad

and his entourage accountable "should they make the tragic mistake of using those (chemical) weapons". Brigadier General Manaf Tlas, a member of Assad's inner circle who fled Syria this month, appeared on al Arabiya television in his first public comments since defecting. He called on troops to abandon the government. "I address you ... as one of the Syrian Arab Army's sons who reject the criminal behavior of this corrupt regime. The honorable people in the military would not accept these crimes," he said on al -Arabiya television. Tlas is a member of the Sunni Muslim majority, and his defection was seen as a sign that the Sunni establishment had abandoned Assad, a member of the Alawite minority sect. MOSQUE ATTACK Elsewhere in the country, activists said government troops and pro-Assad militia known as shabbiha had attacked a mosque in a village northwest of the city of Hama. "Troops and shabbiha left the roadblock on the edge of Shariaa and crossed the main road and began firing automatic rifles on the worshippers as they were entering the mosque," activist SYRIA page 9

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Ancient Aleppo Echoes With Gunfire as War Reaches Its Cobbled Streets - New York Times
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chaos and lawlessness more than anything else. Residents said there were clashes Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:43:41 PM not just between the government BEIRUT, Lebanon The and the insurgents, but also clamorous heart of Aleppo, the between rival militias from the ancient city with its cobbled countryside fighting for control of streets and mazy bazaars, fell individual streets in at least one silent on Tuesday as residents southern neighborhood. In a there and across Syrias sprawling central old quarter, one man said a commercial capital fled the streets friend had warned him not to visit and cowered indoors, dreading the because young gunmen had rat-tat-tat of machine gun fire and established a checkpoint to rob the echoing roar of government car passengers. helicopters. Damascus and Aleppo had been A Syrian rebel stands guard in the two significant holdouts in the front of an old military base near fighting that has gradually Aleppo, on Tuesday. Photographs engulfed the rest of Syria since Except for the helicopters, the the uprising against President government disappeared, said Bashar al-Assad began in March residents reached by telephone. 2011. But now the whole country There was no army and no traffic is inflamed. Guerrillas from the police, and all state employees loosely affiliated Free Syrian were ordered to stay home, Army launched major assaults in warned via official television both cities via sympathetic, antibroadcasts that they would be regime neighborhoods in the two targeted by the rebel street cities, which vie for the title of the fighters infiltrating central oldest urban centers on earth. neighborhoods. Much is at stake. Whoever People are still in shock that this controls the two jewels-in-theis happening they thought it crown controls Syria. would be limited to one In Damascus and its neighborhood, but it is growing in surroundings, a frontal assault on size to other neighborhoods, said t h e r e b e l s b y s o m e o f t h e Fadi Salem, an academic visiting governments most elite soldiers his family. They are scared of starting late last week largely

major offensive. They will have made their point, however, that no place is immune. The government is trying to regain the initiative from the rebels, said Jeff White, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy who has been smashed the toeholds they had studying the military situation in claimed, although skirmishing Syria. The government forces continued to flare on Monday. have not been able to do this Syrian television broadcast easily, despite their numbers and photographs of government use of heavy weapons. soldiers kicking down doors and Free Syrian Army elements, he hauling off suspected insurgents said in an e-mail, are defeating some offensive actions, seizing on the citys outskirts. Fighting in Aleppo, on the other g o v e r n m e n t p o s i t i o n s a n d hand, first limited to Saleheddin, a facilities, and making road poor, southern neighborhood, has movement more difficult. Other analysts said the widened as more rebel fighters government seemed to be spread through the city, said favoring standoff techniques, like residents and activists. I am not sure if they are trying to using the helicopters in Aleppo, to take over neighborhoods or just to avoid casualties. create the impression that they are They are using this tactic everywhere, said Mr. Salem. So because they are desperately far they have claimed to control afraid of using up too many of neighborhoods, or at least streets, their most loyal troops in an urban where the poor Sunni Muslim assault, said W. Andrew Terrill, majority is most likely to give a Middle East specialist at the U.S. Army War College in them succor, he said. But in Aleppo, as in Damascus, Carlisle Barracks, Pa. the rebels will probably have to In Washington, the secretary of fade back into the countryside state, Hillary Rodham Clinton, once the government mounts a speaking as though the Syrian insurgencys momentum was now

unstoppable, said its territorial gains might be leveraged into safe havens. We have to work closely with the opposition, she told reporters, because more and more territory is being taken and it will, eventually, result in a safe haven inside Syria, which will then provide a base for further actions by the opposition. But a United Nations diplomat familiar with the thinking of the rebels said they had suspended the safe haven idea until foreign allies agree to provide air cover. So far the West considers that a step too far. The insurgents fear that without such cover, they would be vulnerable to attacks by Syrias formidable air force. They also feel more secure living amid the mosaic of ethnic villages in central and northern Syria with hamlets of Mr. Assads Alawite sect rubbing shoulders with those of his governments mostly Sunni Muslim opponents. Despite occasional massacres, that proximity forces some restraint on the part of the government, the diplomat said. Instead, the fighting in Aleppo and Damascus appears to indicate ANCIENT page 8

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Colorado shooting victim's wife has baby, 7 victims still critical

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no cameras would be allowed in the courtroom when Holmes is charged. Holmes' initial By Mary Slosson and Chris appearance on Monday was Francescani televised. AURORA, Colo.| Tue Jul 24, The shooting rampage has 2012 10:27pm EDT renewed debate in the United (Reuters) - A 21-year-old woman States about gun control. At the w h o e s c a p e d i n j u r y i n t h e same time, Colorado authorities C o l o r a d o t h e a t e r s h o o t i n g said on Tuesday that applications rampage gave birth to a baby boy in the state for background checks on Tuesday while her husband to purchase firearms surged in the was in the same hospital in a aftermath of the shooting. medically induced coma with a Caleb Medley, a 23-year-old gunshot wound to the head. aspiring comedian, was listed in Katie Medley and her husband, critical condition on Tuesday at Caleb, both wearing Batman University of Colorado Denver apparel, were at a showing of Hospital. A website set up to raise "The Dark Knight Rises" in the money for his care because the Denver suburb of Aurora when a M e d l e y s h a v e n o h e a l t h gunman clad in tactical body insurance, armor, helmet and gas mask /help, said he had lost his right opened fire during a midnight eye, suffered brain damage and showing early on Friday. Twelve was in a medically induced coma. people, including a 6-year-old Katie Medley gave birth in the girl, were killed and 58 wounded. same hospital where her husband T w e n t y p e o p l e r e m a i n e d was being treated. hospitalized on Tuesday. Seven A spokeswoman for the hospital were in critical condition and two relayed the following statement in serious condition. from the Medleys: "The family is James Eagan Holmes, 24, was excited to say that Hugo Jackson arrested behind the theater shortly Medley was born at 7:11 (a.m. after the massacre and was in Mountain Time, 1311 GMT) this court for the first time on morning. Both mom and baby are Monday, appearing dazed and doing great." sleepy. At the hearing, the judge 'HIS PULSE WENT UP' set a date of next Monday for Speaking to reporters on Tuesday formal charges to be filed. evening, Caleb Medley's friend The judge ruled on Tuesday that Michael West said Medley had
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:27:01 PM

made small improvements and appeared to react when his wife and newborn son came into his hospital room. "Katie brought the baby into the room and Caleb's blood pressure went up," West said. "She put the baby near his arms and his pulse went up." Medley's 21-year-old brother, Seth, added that the wounded man had also moved his right hand slightly in the direction of the baby. Seth Medley said his brother, who lost his right eye to a bullet, had "serious injuries" to his face. Actor Christian Bale, who stars in the Batman films, visited the Medical Center of Aurora on Tuesday to meet some of the shooting victims, a hospital spokeswoman said. Authorities have not offered a motive for the shooting spree. Police said Holmes, a former neuroscience student, left his 800square-foot (75-square-meter) apartment booby-trapped with explosives that authorities said could have destroyed the entire complex. Local and state bomb experts conducted a controlled demolition over the weekend. The building remains closed and police have not said when residents will be allowed to return. Holmes is in solitary confinement

to protect him from other prisoners. He had recently sought to leave a doctoral degree program in neuroscience at the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical School, a few blocks from his apartment. Cable news programs aired lively debates about the high rate of gun ownership in the United States, where the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms. WASHINGTON RELUCTANT TO WADE INTO ISSUE But in Washington, there appeared to be little appetite for the contentious issue. "I think the widespread view is that somebody who is that unbalanced will find some way to do harm," Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said. "And we have many areas of the country that have very strict gun control laws and it seems not to have had any impact on the incidences that are in question." "So I don't sense any movement among either Democrats or Republicans in the direction of thinking that stricter gun control laws would likely have prevented this horrible occurrence in Colorado," McConnell said. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said it was too soon following the tragedy to have the discussion.

"I think we should just wait for a reasonable period of time before people are off making statements about what they should do and what they shouldn't do," said Reid, a Democrat. Asked by reporters about his personal stance on limiting largecapacity ammunition magazines, a type of which was used in the Colorado shooting, Reid showed irritation with the question, responding, "You guys, I'm not going to be here with each of you debating gun control." President Barack Obama, who traveled to Colorado on Sunday to comfort family members and victims, could speak about the gun control issue more broadly, White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Tuesday, declining to offer details or a time frame. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation said that in the three days following the rampage, 2,887 people were approved for gun purchases, compared with 2,012 the weekend before, a 43.5 percent increase. Brandon Baker, owner of Rocky Mountain Guns & Ammo in Parker, Colorado, about 15 miles from Aurora, said business had been brisk since the theater shooting. COLORADO page 8

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(Reuters) - Apple Inc results fell short of Wall Street's lofty expectations as a sagging European economy and a pause in iPhone sales ahead of a new version saw revenues slip from the previous quarter. Shares fell more than 5 percent to $570.81 in late trade after the world's most valuable technology company - which beats expectations with near regularity reported its second quarterly miss in less than a year. Apple's suppliers also felt the pain. Shares of LG Display, Toshiba and Hon Hai sank between 5 and 7 percent. The rare miss highlights how the Apple brand is becoming less resistant to the economic and product cycles that have plagued rivals. "Clearly it was a disappointment," said Channing Smith, CoManager of Capital Advisors Growth Fund. "We expected a lot of consumers will probably delay their upgrade and their purchases until the iPhone 5 comes out. We saw a similar trend occur last year with the iPhone 4S." Apple did post a 23 percent jump in revenue from the same quarter the previous year to $35 billion, but that was about $2 billion below Wall Street's average

forecast. Net income jumped 21 percent from a year earlier to $8.8 billion, or $9.32 a share, about 10 percent below expectations. From the previous quarter, sales fell 22 percent in Asia-Pacific, outstripping a 3 percent to 6 percent drop in the Americas and Europe. Apple, which Tim Cook has led since last August, divided the blame for the shortfall between muted consumer purchases in Western Europe and a pullback in demand as consumers wait for a new iPhone model that many expect will be launched in September or October. From April to June, Apple shipped 26 million iPhones, well below the 28 million to 29 million that Wall Street analysts had predicted, even taking into account a pause in buying ahead of the iPhone 5. It was a far cry from the 35.1 million that moved in the March quarter. The wait for a new iPhone caused Apple to miss quarterly expectations last fall. This year the phenomenon started early, which could mean that Apple's iPhone sales may also stall in the current quarter. "Apple is in that rarest of all positions where the Street will

punish them for anything less than an excess of success," CCS Insight analyst John Jackson said. "If there's a positive spin on the iPhone story, it is one of latent demand." Apple, notorious for its conservative forecasts, estimated earnings for the September quarter of $7.65 a share on revenue of $34 billion, well below the average estimate of $10.23 a share on revenue of $38.03 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S. ANTICIPATION BUILDS FOR NEW PHONE The Silicon Valley giant has a lot riding on its next iPhone, the product that yields more than half its revenue and helps shore up overall margins. Apple has seen Samsung Electronics -- now the world's largest seller of smartphones -and other handset manufacturers using Google Inc's Android software chip away at its market share. As consumers wait for the new iPhone, Samsung's Galaxy is expected to keep chalking up robust numbers. Analysts say profit from Samsung's mobile division is likely to have more than doubled from a year ago, with sales of around 50 million

smartphones in the June quarter. Fans are expecting Apple to launch a completely redesigned phone that has a bigger screen, rather than just add or change a few features as it did with the current model. Less than stellar sales of the iPhone were partly offset by robust sales of the iPad, which accounts for well over half the world's tablet market. Sales came in at 17 million in the fiscal third quarter, above expectations. "It really is the iPhone company. The iPad is not strong enough to beat numbers," said BGC Partners analyst Colin Gillis. "The iPhone 5 is already the most hyped device and for it to exceed expectations is going to be really hard." MISSING TEMPERED EXPECTATIONS Executives acknowledged buyers were refraining from purchases because of "rumors and speculation" around the iPhone 5. They laid part of the blame on sputtering demand from European economies like Germany and France, while dismissing the impact of a Chinese slowdown. China's economy grew at its slowest pace in three years in the second quarter. But Cook blamed the revenue shortfall in the region on changes in inventory as the

company built up stocks of the iPhone 4S in the previous quarter, adding he saw nothing in the Chinese economy as having had an impact on sales. iPhone sales had surged when Apple began selling its "Siri" voice-search-equipped iPhone 4S and China Telecom signed on as a second carrier, Cook said. In addition, the latest iPad also hit Chinese store shelves late -last Friday, months after it had debuted elsewhere around the world. Apple sold 4 million Mac computers, which was about flat from the previous quarter but 2 percent higher than the year-ago period. (Reporting By Poornima Gupta and Edwin Chan; Editing by Bernard Orr and Michael Urquhart) This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

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Discharged Tea Party Marine says military publication made example of him
Hope Hodge ( Todays Top News)
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IMF Says China Downside Risks Significant Bloomberg

(china - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:40:17 PM

Two months after former Marine sergeant Gary Stein was discharged from the service for founding the Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook group and making strong political statements, he thought the flurry of publicity surrounding his disgrace was finally over. Not so, he discovered last week. Stein was briefly the unexpected star of a public affairs article informing troops how they could stay social media savvy during the election season, appearing in the lead sentence as an example of what not to do. Basically what it says is, dont be Gary Stein, he told Human Events. It just went through everything that you cannot do as a service member. It was basically a scare tactic. Stein acknowledges that his Facebook comments, particularly negative ones directed at President Barack Obama, were sometimes overly forceful, though

groups including the American Civil Liberties Union and U.S. Justice Foundation maintain he was still within his First Amendment rights to make them. But he said it hurt that the Corps would direct more public attention to the incident. Way to stick their entire finger in the wound, you know? he said. What rankled more, Stein said, was the Defense Departments decision this month to allow active-duty troops to march in uniform at San Diegos famous gay pride parade in response to pressure from organizers, an exception to the militarys rule prohibiting service members from wearing uniforms while participating in political advocacy activities. The move seems to be part of a trend of military conciliation toward gay advocacy groups following the repeal of Dont Ask, Dont Tell, also evidenced by a sponsored gay pride celebration at the Pentagon in June. It just seems like the Obama Defense Department is caving to these liberal viewpoints, Stein

said.I have no problem with homosexual service members, but its a double standard with regard to political activity, he said. The article mentioning Stein by name was removed from the Web following an inquiry into the matter by Marine Corps Times reporters last week. Mike Barton, deputy director of Public Affairs at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point N.C., where the piece originated, said it was pulled after the office learned that Stein was still appealing his discharge with a lawsuit filed in federal court. We felt that out of respect for the legal process, it would be inappropriate to use his information during that appeal, Barton said in an email. Our articles author, unaware that the case was in appeal, assumed that Stein would have no issue with a brief mention of his case since he was openly discussing it with national media. A replacement article, now in publication, uses no specific

examples but informs troops they are not to advocate for or against any party, candidate, or cause, even on Facebook discussion forums. Meanwhile, Stein said he has realized one of his goals for life after the military, hosting an online radio show with a listenership of about 3,000 every Thursday night. A licensed real estate agent who signed with a large company last week, Stein said he is considering a fall run for city council in Murrieta, Calif. Meanwhile, his federal appeal he is suing for pay and benefits lost through his early discharge is moving forward slowly but surely. Im just waiting for my day in court, he said. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

BBC News IMF Says China Downside Risks Significant Bloomberg China's economy is bottoming out now and likely to have a slight improvement this quarter, Rodlauer said in a Bloomberg Television interview. Separately today, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said growth may stabilize and... IMF sticks to China growth view MarketWatch IMF: China's Economy Making 'Soft Landing,' But Significant Risks Remain Fox Business Global Downturn Contributes to China Slowdown International Monetary Fund Xinhua- Reuters all 45 news articles


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that the insurgents want to annoy the government kind of like a mosquito, pricking it constantly and wearing it down before flitting away. In Aleppo on Tuesday morning, parents stood on street corners with their children pointing at the helicopters clattering overhead, a novelty. But the fighting spread, and the sound of machine gun fire intensified although it was hard to tell if it was coming from the helicopters or being aimed at them, residents said. One man said he had seen one helicopter fire a rocket. As the fighting seemed to widen, the city of more than two million people, the largest in Syria, became what one person described as so quiet, its spooky. Those not fleeing stayed indoors, suffering through extended power cuts. There were also reports of a riot at the central prison that was repressed with violence. A 64-year-old merchant said the trip to the airport, usually 20 minutes on a highway, took 45 minutes as he detoured through back streets in neighborhoods devoid of fighting and chaos. The

airport was crammed with passengers leaving for Beirut, Dubai and other cities, he said. The city felt like a ghost town, residents said, but occasionally sounded like a combat zone. That was partly from the helicopters, and partly from the heavy artillery that the Syrian Army fires incessantly at insurgents in the countryside from bases ringing Damascus. Majed Abdel Nour, the spokesman in Aleppo for the Shaam News Network, an activist organization, said 22 people had died in urban fighting. He denied that any real Free Syrian Army units were fighting for control of individual streets or robbing people. There are individual cases some people are doing it, but its not the F.S.A., he said. The Free Syrian Army issued a statement telling people to stay home and cooperate with their neighbors to prevent acts of theft and rioting. With so many men running around with guns, it was impossible to identify the good guys, residents said. It is just so hard to figure who is F.S.A. and who is a thug, said one 25-year-

old woman reached via Skype. In brief, I am just terrified. Dalal Mawad and Hwaida Saad contributed reporting. This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: Correction: July 24, 2012 An earlier version of this article misstated the gender of the Syrian ambassador to Cyprus, who was reported by Arab satellite channels to have defected. The ambassador, Lamia al-Hariri, is a woman. A version of this article appeared in print on July 25, 2012, on page A 6 of the New York edition with the headline: Ancient Aleppo Echoes With Gunfire as War Reaches Its Cobbled Streets. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

"Our gun sales have gone up, but we've had more requests for training," said Baker, a certified firearms instructor. "I'm booked up for the next 2 1/2 months." Stories about the victims continued to emerge. Friends and relatives of U.S. Navy veteran Jonathan Blunk said that he had been killed while shielding his date from the gunfire. "We were joined at the hip," friend Kyle Dawson said. "Friend almost doesn't even describe the relationship. That guy was my brother." Over the weekend, "The Dark Knight Rises" took in $160.8 million at U.S. and Canadian box offices, well below pre-opening estimates of a $170 million to $198 million debut, but still a strong number for a film that boxoffice watchers said felt the impact of Friday's shooting. The latest issue of a Batman comic series due to hit stores this week was postponed in light of the shooting, DC Entertainment said on Tuesday.

A fundraising drive at for victims of the shooting had raised nearly $2 million, including donations from Warner Bros, the studio behind the movie. Colorado's Fox31 television station in Denver reported that Warner Bros. had donated $1 million, citing sources, but a studio spokeswoman would not confirm a specific amount. (Additional reporting by Keith Coffman, Richard Cowan and Dan Whitcomb; Writing by Dan Whitcomb; Editing by Peter Cooney) This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Christian World Adoption (Ad ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed)

Christian World Adoption is one of the largest international adoption agencies in the United

States. Since 1991, Christian World Adoption has placed thousands of children from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Latin America. These children now enjoy the love and security of

a forever family. Christian World

Adoption currently offers adoption programs in Bulgaria, China, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Ukraine. Explore our website to learn more about international

adoption. Then, when youre ready, call our friendly adoption counselor, toll free, at 1.888.97ADOPT.

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Jamil al-Hamwi said by telephone from the area. "We have confirmed the names for 15 bodies and it is estimated there is a similar number still to be collected from the streets," said Hamwi, who uses a pseudonym for security reasons. The account, like others from activists, could not be confirmed. Syria restricts access by international journalists. At least nine people were killed in army shelling of al-Herak, a town south of Deraa, the cradle of the revolt against more than four decades of Assad family rule, activists said. Video posted on the Internet showed the shattered bodies of a veiled woman and six children in colorful pyjamas, some of them very young. Four lay on one doctor's table. TROOPS TIGHTEN GRIP ON CAPITAL In Damascus, troops were trying to snuff out rebel resistance in several areas, including Barzeh, near the centre, and the southern districts of Hajar al-Aswad, Asali and Qadam. Tanks prowled the streets of

Midan, a neighborhood recaptured by the army from rebels on Friday. Assad reshuffled his security team on Tuesday, according to a Lebanese security source. He said Ali Mamlouk had been named intelligence chief in place of Hisham Bekhtyar, one of four top Assad security aides killed in last week's blast. Israel, which has publicly discussed military action to keep Syrian chemical arms or missiles out the hands of Assad's Lebanese militant allies Hezbollah, said there was no sign any such diversion had occurred. "At the moment, the entire nonconventional weapons system is under the full control of the regime," a senior Israeli defense official, Amos Gilad, told Israel Radio. The ferocity of the Syria conflict has only worsened, with 1,261 people killed since fighting intensified in Damascus on July 15, according to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which compiles reports from anti-Assad activists.

That made last week by far the bloodiest in an uprising in which activists say at least 18,000 people have been killed. Civilians are suffering, with three -quarters of medical facilities in Damascus closed and displaced people sheltering in schools or parks, the U.N. refugee agency UNHCR said. A UNHCR spokeswoman said that the number of displaced people within Syria had risen to about 1.5 million. (Writing by Peter Graff; Editing by Michael Roddy and Stacey Joyce) This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

China Moves Swiftly on New "City" Encompassing South China Sea, Gulf Crisis ... - Huffington Post (blog)
(china - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:08:09 PM

TIME China Moves Swiftly on New "City" Encompassing South China Sea, Gulf Crisis... Huffington Post (blog) Of course, by claiming the tiny islands, which have little if any indigenous population, as part of China, the PRC also claims the nearly 800000 square miles of the strategic South China Sea --

through which much of the world's shipping passes and... China's Newest City Raises Threat of Conflict in South China Sea TIME China creates city on disputed island, angering neighbors [Video] Los Angeles Times China's newest city is on tiny island, has big aim San Jose Mercury News New York Times all 571 news articles

Bankrupt cities? Don't blame unions - Los Angeles Times

(housing - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:15:24 PM

Housing looking better no thanks to Romney -

(housing - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:46:34 PM Housing looking better no

thanks to Romney Economist Jared Bernstein explains why the housing market may be on a rebound in part by

authorities not following Mitt Transcript of this... R o m n e y ' s a d v i c e t o l e t and more foreclosures bottom out. Share This: facebook twitter googleplus. Related videos;

Bankrupt cities? Don't blame unions Los Angeles Times What bankrupted Stockton and San Bernardino were the most severe housing busts in the nation. What bankrupted those two cities were banks peddling subprime mortgages to poorly paid workers. That story has been missing from most accounts of the... and more


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Latest rumor pegs Apple's debut of iPhone 5 in September - Los Angeles Times

Top China Stories from WSJ: Healthcare Reform, WTO Probe, Mobile Revenue - Wall Street Journal (blog)
(china - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:10:09 PM

mounting costs, problems at public hospitals and a surge of patients with chronic diseases. (Top Stories - Google News) history of being right on these were "seasonal" and normal after Wall Street Journal (blog) (Free). Baidu's Search for matters -- is predicting the phone a large product launch, the Wall Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:41:51 PM Top China Stories from WSJ: M o b i l e . . . will come out closer to the Street Journal reports. The Apple rumor mill is churning beginning of the month. But Peter Oppenheimer, the Healthcare Reform, WTO Probe, WTO to Probe China's RareEarth Policies China Digital once again. This time, the word Apple did not respond to a company's chief financial officer, Mobile Revenue Wall Street Journal (blog) Times on the Internet street is that Apple request by The Times for a conceded, "Our weekly iPhone is going to release the iPhone 5 confirmation or denial of the sales continue to be impacted by China: Needs Further Health China shuts down illicit rare earth sometime in September. rumored iPhone release date, but rumors and speculation regarding Steps: Chinese health officials mines People's Daily Online called for additional reform of all 93 news articles Previous reports said the new the company has told other news new products." China's health-care system amid phone would debut sometime in sources that it does not comment ALSO: the fall, most likely in September on rumors and speculation. Apple to pay dividend of $2.65 or October. And in the end, that is definitely per share Aug. 16 The date Sept. 21 has been what this is -- rumors and iPhone 5 will have thinner, better, floated in several blogs and news speculation. display, says report sites, based on a report that So why are we reporting it? iPhone 4S sales slowing as Apple surfaced on the French blog Because rumors can be powerful. readies iPhone 5 launch App4Phone, but we haven't seen On Tuesday, Apple disappointed Follow Deborah Netburn on (andrea rossi e-cat - Google Rossi claims that the first nonNews) that anywhere else, so we don't investors by missing its profit and Twitter and Google+ military 1 Megawatt e-cat plant suggest you count on it. will be delivered and in operation revenue expectations, leading to This entry passed through the Submitted at 7/24/2012 12:54:28 PM However, rumors that Apple will its shares falling 5%. within this year (2012 ? within 12 Full-Text RSS service if this is release the phone in September, The company said it sold 26 your content and you're reading it Controversial Rossi Now Claims months of when he made the rather than October, may have million iPhones in the quarter that on someone else's site, please read the Energy Catalyzer is Stable statement?). In addition to using more legs. On Tuesday, the ended in June, down from 35.1 the FAQ at over 1000C and... steam turbines to create... Andrea Guardian reported that mobile million in the previous quarter. only/faq.php#publishers. Five Next Big Future Rossi has been making... phone companies expect the new Industry watchers expected a Filters recommends: Incinerating iPhone to be released in mid- drop, just not one that large. Assange - The Liberal Media Go September. And MacRumors In a call with analysts Apple To Work. notes that KGI Securities Analyst CEO Tim Cook waved away the (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) Full-Text RSS service if this is Ming-Chi Kuo -- who has a drop, saying the iPhone's declines your content and you're reading it Submitted at 7/24/2012 1:00:56 PM on someone else's site, please read ?"); function backgroundClick() the FAQ at{ document.location.href="http:// only/faq.php#publishers. Five (Ad Filters recommends: Incinerating CITY! ServeRSS) (AdServRSS Feed) /hsw-shows/sysk-crowd-sourced- Assange - The Liberal Media Go Get the Best Deals in ANY quiz.htm"; } To Work. This entry passed through the

Controversial Rossi Now Claims the Energy Catalyzer is Stable over 1000C and ... - Next Big Future

Color Match


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Controversial Rossi Now Claims the Energy Catalyzer is Stable over 1000C and ... - Next Big Future
(Andrea Rossi - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 12:54:28 PM

Nextdoor, new startup from Epinions co-founder Nirav Tolia, lands $18.6 million in venture capital
<p class="bylinejb"> By Peter Delevett<br /></p><p class="bylineaffiliation&qu ot;><a href='mailto:pdelevett@mercury'>pdelevett@merc</a><br /></p><p class="bylinecopyright&qu ot;> (Venture Capital Survey)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:52:17 PM

Controversial Rossi Now Claims the Energy Catalyzer is Stable over 1000C and... Next Big Future Andrea Rossi has been making

many claims for the last 18 months that he and the companies he is working with have achieved breakthroughs which will enable commercialization of "cold fusion / low energy nuclear reactions" as an energy source.

Venture firm Tenaya Capital announces new, $372 million investment fund
<p class="bylinejb"> By Peter Delevett<br /></p><p class="bylineaffiliation&qu ot;><a href='mailto:pdelevett@mercury'>pdelevett@merc</a><br /></p><p class="bylinecopyright&qu ot;> (Venture Capital Survey)

The firm has carved out something of a niche by investing primarily in companies that have already landed some venture capital but are just beginning to make money. Venture firms in general have been increasingly steering away from such startups to focus on more mature companies with better odds of going public in the near term. Tenaya's portfolio companies Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:17:39 PM have included online retailer Woodside-based venture capital Zappos, which firm Tenaya Capital on Tuesday acquired for a reported $1.2 announced it had closed a new, billion, as well as InfoBlox, $372 million investment fund. Kayak and Palo Alto Networks, The fund is Tenaya's sixth, but all of which have gone public in the first since the firm spun out of recent months. Lehman Brothers in 2009. Tenaya Managing director Tom Banahan now has more than $1 billion said Tenaya's two most recent under management. funds have outperformed 75

percent of their peers. He said investors also were attracted by the fact that the firm's partners have worked together for more than 10 years. Contact Peter Delevett at 408271-3638. Follow him at Copyright 2012 San Jose Mercury News. All rights reserved. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Nextdoor, a San Francisco startup that lets neighbors build private social networks for their neighborhoods, on Tuesday announced a $18.6 million investment round. Participating in the funding were Benchmark Capital, DAG Ventures, Greylock Partners and Shasta Ventures. Nextdoor launched in October with 176 participating neighborhoods in 26 states. It now boasts 3,600 neighborhoods in 48 states, Chief Executive Nirav Tolia said in an interview. "We're launching 22

neighborhoods every day," said Tolia, who first gained Silicon Valley fame during the dot-com era as co-founder of reviews site Epinions. While the site is not yet making money, Tolia said much of the site's traffic involves neighbors asking one another for things like restaurant recommendations or offering used items for sale. He envisions Nextdoor becoming "Craigslist for your neighborhood." Contact Peter Delevett at 408271-3638. Follow him at Copyright 2012 San Jose Mercury News. All rights reserved. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Obama Thanks 'Gay-Porn Kingpin'

Daniel Halper (The Weekly Standard)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:13:00 PM

thanked a man named Terry Bean for organizing the reelection campaign fundraiser he was speaking at:

This evening in Portland, Oregon, President Barack Obama



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New breed of Silicon Valley startups aim to take fear out of stock buying
<p class="bylinejb"> By Peter Delevett<br /></p><p class="bylineaffiliation&qu ot;><a href='mailto:pdelevett@mercury'>pdelevett@merc</a><br /></p><p class="bylinecopyright&qu ot;> (Venture Capital Survey)

than mutual funds. "This is empowering people," said Motif Chief Executive Hardeep Walia, who formerly helped manage Microsoft's massive investment portfolio. His startup offers an online marketplace that aggregates companies into "motifs," or ideas. You can, for instance, buy into a motif having to do with senior care, or pets, or mobile Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:59:01 PM technology, or even vices (fastFor a place that's made its bones food companies, gun makers, inventing chips and routers, etc.). Silicon Valley has carved out a Users can put as little as $250 neat little niche bringing financial into each motif, and the site offers services to the masses. Intuit( tools to weigh how risky each is INTU), E-Trade and are and how its returns compare to the among those who've pioneered S&P 500's. For instance, a motif ways to give people more control called "Lots of Likes" -- which over their money via the Internet. i n c l u d e s t h e m o s t - l i k e d Now a pair of local startups is companies on Facebook, such as getting into the action with Coca-Cola, Walt Disney and platforms they hope will make it Google( GOOG) -- has beaten the less intimidating to buy stocks. S&P by 40 points since its San Mateo-based Motif Investing inception in 2010, Walia said. launched publicly in June to let He notes that while sophisticated small investors buy baskets of up investors have access to all to 30 stocks -- organized by theme manner of research in deciding -- for $9.95 a pop. where to put their money, the A month earlier, Loyal3 of San little guy isn't so lucky. Francisco emerged to let people "I sort of can see trends -- like, buy stock in their favorite cloud computing's going to be big companies via Facebook for as -- but I don't have time to look at little as $10. how each company in the industry Both companies say they can is doing," said Motif customer give small investors more control Dhruv Mehrotra, a business and lower fees and commissions development manager at Google.

He likes the startup's ability to let him invest in underfunded areas like cancer research. Though he said it lacks some of the advanced functionality of stockbrokerage sites like E-Trade, Mehrotra has transferred about $15,000 from his individual retirement account into Motif. And while the broader market's up -and-down nature this year has made it hard to tell whether the approach has netted him better returns, he's bullish on the site in the long run. Former Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Arthur Levitt, who is advising the company, says it gives users more transparency than index funds without the risk of buying and selling individual stocks. "I'm kind of intrigued by the ability to see every security in the account and what it's worth every day -- or every minute, if I choose to," said Levitt from his home in Connecticut. If you want to add or delete a given stock from a motif, that trade costs $4.95. Try that with your mutual fund. Levitt said the idea appeals to a new breed of tech-savvy investors. "These are kids who grew up with iPhones and BlackBerrys and might be very comfortable with making investments and sharing them on social media," he said.

He and Walia hope Motif's social aspect, which lets users invite friends to weigh in on their portfolios, will help produce better-educated investors. Motif is in the same selfempowerment vein as other new valley companies like Wealthfront and Personal Capital, both of which offer Main Street investors low-cost financial advice online. Another local pioneer in the advisory space is Financial Engines, which was launched in 1996 by two Stanford professors. Financial Engines co-founder Joe Grundfest, a former SEC commissioner, said he doesn't quite get the appeal of Motif. He questions whether the approach will perform better than index funds over the long haul and whether the costs and risks prove to be lower. But MIT finance professor Andrew Lo loves Walia's idea of using technology to democratize and simplify investment information. While he agreed with Grundfest that investors should approach any new online platform with caution before shipping their financial activity into cyberspace, Lo predicted more startups will get into the act as consumer dissatisfaction with big financial institutions increases. "I think this is the beginning of the wave of

the future," he said. That's certainly what Loyal3 CEO Barry Schneider thinks. After selling a previous company to DuPont, Schneider was living the life of an investor in Hillsborough when he ran across Loyal3, known then as StockLINC, in 2009. The startup's "customer stock ownership plan" is similar to the employee stock ownership plans that let average workers buy into the companies they work for in small bites. "I fell in love with it," Schneider said. "The idea of allowing people to connect with the companies they love sounded so strong." While co-founder Greg Allio is no longer with Loyal3, having left amid some acrimony, Schneider spent three years lining up technologists to bring the product to market. The company now employs close to 60; its backers include former Facebook general counsel Chris Kelly. Fifth & Pacific, the parent corporation of such trendy retailers as Lucky Brand, Juicy Couture and Kate Spade New York, last month became the first to sell stock using Loyal3. Visitors to those brands' Facebook pages see an "Ownership" button, similar to the more recognizable "Like" button, that walks them NEW page 14

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The Weird Way Budget-Conscious Americans Are Having Children

Cheryl Lock (Business Insider)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:12:24 PM

growing trend in large part because its cheaper than getting a surrogate in the U.S. The $25,000 When Josh, a 29-year-old who -$30,000 price tag is less than one works in academic publishing, -fifth the going rate of U.S. a n d M a t t , a 3 2 - y e a r - o l d surrogacy, which can cost up to pharmaceutical rep, got married in $160,000. November 2011, they knew they Physicians in India oversaw an wouldnt be having kids the estimated 1,500 surrogacy births traditional way (obviously). in 2010, a 50% jump from two B u t h a v i n g a f a m i l y w a s years earlier. A report from Time important to them, and they were notes that hundreds of foreign eager to get the ball rolling. They tourists head to India every year were so sure they wanted to be for surrogacy purposes, making fathers that they preemptively I n d i a t h e w o r l d c a p i t a l o f moved from a one-bedroom o u t s o u r c e d p r e g n a n c i e s . Manhattan apartment to a two- When we caught wind of Josh bedroom space in Queens. and Matts plans, we wanted to After researching different know more. Why did they choose options and what they cost, the that option? What are the broader couple decided to go with Indian social ramifications, and what do surrogacy. friends and family think? Whats that, you say? The Road to Indian Surrogacy Indian surrogacy is when an Matt and Josh started by pursuing I n d i a n w o m a n a c t s a s t h e options on U.S. soil first. A surrogate mom for a couple by genetic link wasnt important to carrying a fertilized egg from a them, but adoption, with its separate egg donor (Matt will b a c k g r o u n d c h e c k s a n d provide the dads genetic material paperwork, is a time-consuming in this situation). Sometimes the process. surrogate moms use their own We dont have a biological clock eggs, and in other cases doctors to deal with, per se, but when have been known to fly Caucasian youre ready to become a parent, egg donors to India. you want it to happen Of course, surrogates are nothing i m m e d i a t e l y , J o s h s a y s . n e w i n t h e b a b y m a k i n g Meanwhile, the astronomical industrybut this new model is price tag of surrogacy in the U.S. different in one key way: Using made that route impractical. Indian surrogate mothers is a During their research, Matt and

Josh found themselves coming across stories of couples doing surrogacy abroad, particularly in India. They were immediately drawn to the cheaper price tag and swifter timeline (the agency they worked with in Mumbai set them up with both an egg donor and a surrogate in just six weeks). Plus, there were seeming health benefits: The majority of surrogate moms in India have already had at least one full-term birth, Josh explains, and they tend to be married with families. So, on a societal level, there seems to be a lot less of a problem with drugs and alcohol than what you might find with adoption in the U.S., he says.

Though the process itself is cheaper than in the U.S., the couple will need to travel to India for a week at the end of July for Matt to provide his genetic sample, and they will need to travel back again when the baby is born. Luckily, Matt has been at his job for eight years and has a lot of vacation, and Im going to see if I can use FMLA time, Josh says. (The Family and Medical Leave Act entitles eligible employees to take unpaid, jobprotected leave for certain family and medical reasons.) Whats in It for the Surrogates? What we wanted to know was why a mother in India would be interested in carrying a child for a

foreigner. Is this exploitative? Perhaps unsurprisingly, surrogates in India tend to be impoverished women. Though couples wishing for a baby do pay far less than theyd pay an American surrogate, the typical amount an Indian surrogate receives, around $5,000-$7,000, can be more than a decades salary for rural Indians. The rest of the $25,000-$30,000 price tag goes to the agency and pays for all the medical procedures like implantation. Much of the debate centers around whether the surrogate mothers are doing this as a last resort, if they fully understand what theyre getting into and whether they receive sufficient support and counseling for carrying babies to term and then giving them up. Thats not to mention the dynamic of Western couples viewing these women and the babies as commodities to be bought. In the other camp, one doctor who runs a surrogacy clinic says, A woman who becomes a surrogate is paid more money than she could earn in her entire lifetime. She is doing something that she believes is good and makes her proudbearing a child for a couple desperate to start a WEIRD page 14


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continued from page 13

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family, while at the same time providing for her own family. Which would you call exploitation? To better regulate this growing industry, Indias Health Ministry recently drafted the countrys first surrogacy law, which sets age limits and how often surrogates can give birth, among other things. Aware of the controversy, Josh and Matt spoke to their clinic, did as much research as they could and were satisfied that their surrogates best interests would be cared for, and that her health would be of utmost importance. One of the proposals floating around would close off Indian surrogacy to Indian citizens only, so we knew wed have to make a fast decision, Josh says. We want to have our process well underway before any potential changes could possibly limit our

ability to have a child there. What Friends and Family Think of Their Plan Matt and Josh are full-steam ahead. Theyve already picked out two boy names and two girl names for their yet-to-beconceived child. According to Josh, the response of friends and family has been overwhelmingly positive. The great thing about kids is that theyre a unifier, he says. Right away people want to know how the process works, but after that, they just want to talk about having kidsthe great stuff and the challenges. Its funny. Coworkers have started treating me almost like an honorary pregnant person, excitedly asking for updates. Were so happy. This has been a dream for both of us for a long time, so its nice to finally be taking the steps to make it

happen, Josh says. If all goes according to plan, we could be parents by the end of April, 2013. What do you think? Does surrogacy in India seem like a good idea? Related posts: 9 Creative Storage Solutions Under $20 6 Old-School Habits That Lead to Success How To Work Around Online Job Applications These Manhattan Prices Will Shock The Rest Of America > Please follow Your Money on Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation about this story

Housing for people with disabilities a losing proposition, developer says - Chicago Tribune
(housing - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:35:01 PM

be a fight wherever he goes. In the business of developing housing for people with disabilities and H o u s i n g f o r p e o p l e w i t h mental illness, he said even his disabilities a losing proposition, successful projects met resistance developer says from neighbors. But recent Chicago Tribune defeats have him and... Larry Pusateri knows there will

through Loyal3's stock-buying program. Schneider won't specify how many trades he's handled so far, but he notes that more than 80 percent of Americans don't own individual stocks, in part because they're scared off by brokerage fees. By processing large numbers of small transactions effectively, he said, his company can eliminate the costs that help drive those fees. "Our platform seeks to democratize the markets," he said. Schneider also is rolling out plans to let individual investors buy initial public offering shares at the same time and price as big institutions. Loyal3 has consulted with staffers at the SEC, which regulates the sale of stocks, though the agency does not endorse products. Sabrina Pourmand, a humanitarian aid worker in San Francisco, said she noticed the Ownership button while visiting the Lucky Brand page on Facebook and gave it a shot. "I don't really have the skills or the time to do a lot of investing," she said. "But I love the idea of investing in companies I believe in." Pourmand said she also enjoys

the ability to dabble in the markets without risking a lot of money, and she's looking forward to more companies coming on board with Loyal3. Investing, she said, "would be overwhelming for me if I were to do it the old-fashioned way." Contact Peter Delevett at 408271-3638. Follow him at Copyright 2012 San Jose Mercury News. All rights reserved. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Happy Hour Links: Heroes

Michael Warren (The Weekly Standard)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 5:45:00 PM

$2 million. Gun sales in Colorado are up. visiting with victims. The fund for victims is reaching

Christian Bale is in Aurora,

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Assam violence: 1.5 lakh homeless, 20000 people stranded as trains halted ... - NDTV
(Nation - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:50:31 PM

Can You Find The Horrible Photoshop FAILS?

Laura Stampler (Business Insider)

Mexican Immigrants Contribute The Most To These Sectors Of The US Economy

Mamta Badkar (Business Insider)

issueslike an art director extending an arm by and extra foot or two. Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:48:00 PM Here are some of Photoshop's From missing limbs to extra recent epic fails. What's wrong hands, the internet is never in with this picture? (From Vogue) short supply of truly horrendous It appears as if one of the model's Photoshop advertising disasters. legs has disintegrated in the sun. T h e r e a r e m a n y k i n d s o f What's wrong with this Olympics P h o t o s h o p c o n t r o v e r s i e s : -themed "Got Milk?" ad? Recently, adolescent girls have See the rest of the story at been protesting teen magazines' Business Insider use of Photoshop to create Please follow Advertising on unrealistic images of "perfection." Twitter and Facebook. But then there are the rudimentary, technical

though less than 5 percent of them are working in the sector. Here is a breakdown of the sectors that Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:32:26 PM Mexican immigrants contribute to Mexican immigrants have the most: Don't Miss: 20 contributed between 3.7 percent Mathematicians Who Changed to 4.1 percent to the U.S. GDP in The World > the 2003 - 2011 period, according Please follow Money Game on t o a n e w r e p o r t b y B B V A Twitter and Facebook. Research. Join the conversation about this Their biggest contribution to U.S. story GDP is in agriculture, even

NDTV Assam violence: 1.5 lakh homeless, 20000 people stranded as trains halted... NDTV With ethnic violence escalating in lower Assam's Kokrajhar area, at least 13 columns of the Army has now been begun flag marches in Dhubri, Kokrajhar, Chirang and Bongaigaon in an attempt to assuage the situation. At least 32 people have died and 1.5... Assam violence spreads to Bengal border, death toll 32 Assam violence: 32 dead, thousands homeless Hindustan Times Assam violence: Riots reach Bengal border, death toll 32 Firstpost Times of India- The HinduSikhSiyasat.Net all 1,168 news articles

Apple third-quarter results: as it happened

Andrew Trotman (Finance News - Business news from the UK and world)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:58:32 PM

Shares in technology giant Apple have fallen 6pc after it revealed that revenues and profits slowed in the third-quarter, compared

with Q2, as sales of iPhones faltered.


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Phone hacking: Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson fury at phone -hack charge - Scotsman
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Scotsman Phone hacking: Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson fury at phonehack charge Scotsman By GARETH ROSE FORMER Sun editor Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson, the Prime Minister's former spin doctor, are among eight people facing charges in connection with phone hacking. The alleged victims

include murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler,... Andy Coulson, Rebekah Brooks to face phone hacking charges Herald Sun Murdoch's finest brought to trial Belfast Telegraph Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks to be charged over phone hacking The Guardian BBC News- Financial TimesReuters UK all 1,347 news articles

Team Anna back on the 'fast' track -

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Will the NCP pull out of the government? Sharad Pawar, NCP leaders meet in ... - NDTV
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Arvind Kejriwal had warned that they... Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:51:28 PM Lokpal part II: Keep earplugs ready, decibel drama is here again Team Anna back on the 'fast' Firstpost track Team Anna to launch indefinite hunger strike today for Lokpal New Delhi: The indefinite fast Bill Newsbullet announced by the Team Anna to 'This time, I will fight to the demand an independent probe into finish' The Hindu allegations of corruption against NDTV- Deccan Herald- Times of 15 ministers will begin from India Wednesday at Jantar Mantar in all 249 news articles New Delhi. Team Anna member

New Archbishop vows to fight for Catholic values Herald Scotland

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NASCAR suspends Allmendinger indefinitely

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NDTV Will the NCP pull out of the government? Sharad Pawar, NCP leaders meet in... NDTV New Delhi: Sharad Pawar's party, the Nationalist Congress Party or NCP, is meeting today in Delhi to decide whether it will quit the union government and provide external support instead to the ruling UPA. Sources say that the NCP's branch in... 'Mr Cool' Prithviraj Chavan claims unrest no danger to DF govt Daily News & Analysis Broken promises and ministerial berth for Supriya Sule forces NCP leader... India Today NCP in touch with UPA allies, to decide in 48 hrs The Asian Age Economic Times all 38 news articles

BBC News New Archbishop vows to fight for Catholic values Herald Scotland PHILIP Tartaglia gave a clear indication yesterday he was ready

to take centre stage in the Catholic Church's ongoing disputes with the Scottish Government as he was named the new Archbishop of Glasgow. The Bishop of Paisley vowed to "speak up when I... Analysis: Philip Tartaglia a new 'personality' with an eye for

continuity Scotsman Profile: Archbishop of Glasgowelect Philip Tartaglia BBC News Glasgow's new Archbishop named The Press Association The Sun- Independent Catholic News all 70 news articles

NASCAR indefinitely suspended driver A.J. Allmendinger on Tuesday after confirming he violated its substance-abuse policy, putting his career and future with Penske Racing in jeopardy.

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Body of boy, 14, recovered Magistrate orders Melbourne Demons star Liam Jurrah to stand from River Avon in trial on assault ... - Courier Mail Saltford - BBC News
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ITV News Body of boy, 14, recovered from River Avon in Saltford BBC News The body of a 14-year-old boy has been recovered from a stretch of the River Avon between Bristol and Bath. The boy was swimming in the water behind the Jolly Sailor pub in Saltford at about

17:40 BST on Tuesday when he disappeared beneath the surface. Police dive teams have recovered the body of a teenage boy who went missing... Sky News Boy goes missing while swimming in river Avon The Guardian Boy's body recovered from river ITV News City Talk 105.9 all 23 news articles

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Brisbane Times Magistrate orders Melbourne Demons star Liam Jurrah to stand trial on assault... Courier Mail Melbourne Demons player Liam Jurrah arrives at the Alice Springs Magistrates Court for his committal hearing on serious assault charges. Picture: Justin

Brierty Source: AdelaideNow UPDATE: AFL star Liam Jurrah has been ordered to stand trial on assault... Jurrah to stand trial over assault The Age Trial ruling looms for Jurrah Ninemsn Liam hit me with machete: cousin Sydney Morning Herald ABC Online all 151 news articles

Iron-fertilised algae plunges to seabed, along with absorbed carbon

Liat Clark
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Burnside ghostbusters put curfew on haunted Michael Perry Reserve at Stonyfell - Courier Mail
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vision disturbing. Video from YouTube AN Adelaide park popular with ghost hunters will be Messenger News off limits from 10pm each night Burnside ghostbusters put curfew after the local council found on haunted Michael Perry Reserve thrillseekers... at Stonyfell Ghost hunters banned from Courier Mail Stonyfell park East Torrens Can you spot the ghost of Dr Messenger Michael Schneider? WARNING : all 3 news articles Some viewers may find this
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Satnav users choose God over Julia Gillard for direction - Perth Now
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Satnav users choose God over Julia Gillard for direction Perth Now The voice of actor Morgan Freeman as "God" has topped a

national poll of spoken satnav directions while Prime Minister Julia Gillard was the second-least favoured. Source: Supplied MOTORISTS would rather God showed them the way than the PM. and more

N.M. Senate Race Ad: Heinrich Too Extreme

Michael Warren (The Weekly Standard)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:09:00 PM

Republican Heather Wilson, a

candidate for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, has a new ad criticizing her opponent, Democratic congressman Martin Heinrich, for voting twice for a medical device

tax that Heinrich had noted himself would be bad for job creation. "Martin Heinrich knowingly puts his leftwing politics before jobs," the

voiceover says. "That's too extreme for New Mexico." Watch the ad below:

Oceanographers have published a study revealing that fertilising algae with iron causes it to undergo a growth spurt before dying and plunging to the seabed, taking the carbon it has absorbed with it. Phytoplankton rapidly absorbs heat-trapping carbon, so researchers involved in the project are suggesting their findings -published in the journal Nature-could have potential uses in controlling climate change. They warn, however, that far more studies need to be carried out before such a conclusion can be drawn. By: Liat Clark, Edited by: Olivia Solon Continue reading...



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Craigslist sues PadMapper for 'mass harvesting' listings

Dara Kerr (CNET News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:58:32 PM

PadMapper collects all listings around a specific city or ZIP code from Craigslist and other services and displays them on a Google map.(Credit: Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET) Craigslist made good on its promise to go after PadMapper if it continued using Craigslist content on its site. The online classifieds company filed a lawsuit in San Francisco's federal court on Friday against both PadMapper and the data harvester it uses -- 3taps. "For their own commercial benefit, defendants 3Taps and PadMapper are unlawfully and unabashedly mass-harvesting and redistributing postings entrusted by Craigslist users to their local Craigslist sites," reads the complaint filed by Craigslist. "This exploitation of Craigslist content undermines the integrity of local Craigslist communities, ultimately harming both Craigslist and its users." The battle began in June when Craigslist sent PadMapper a cease -and-desist letter that claimed the app violated its terms of use. PadMapper collects all listings around a specific city or ZIP code from Craigslist and other services and displays them on a Google

map, allowing users to search by area, apartment size, and rental price. When users click on the listing, PadMapper redirects them back to the original Craigslist posting. Craigslist, which is a popular portal for apartment ads, prohibits "copying, aggregation, display, distribution, performance, or derivative use of Craigslist or any content posted on Craigslist." For a short while PadMapper took Craigslist data off its site, but then earlier this month, it said it would resume using the data after it discovered a workaround. "I've found a way to include them that I'm told is legally kosher

since it doesn't touch their servers at all, but it still seems somewhat dickish to go against their wishes in this," PadMapper creator Eric DeMenthon wrote in a blog post. The solution was provided by 3taps, which has created an API that draws data from Craigslist postings by "indirect means," meaning they supposedly aren't subject to the Internet bulletin board's terms of use. In the complaint filed last week, Craigslist accuses the two companies of several infractions, including copyright and trademark violations, breach of contract, unfair competition, and cyberpiracy. Craigslist is also

asking the court to issue a preliminary injunction to immediately halt the companies from using its classified listings. "Since the defendants are unwilling to cease their infringing and harmful activities--indeed, each is brazenly intent on unlawfully growing its business on the back of Craigslist and its users -- Craigslist had no choice but to commence this action," the complaint reads. In the face of this lawsuit, both 3taps and PadMapper maintain that they've done no harm. According to GigaOm, 3taps CEO Greg Kidd said that his company simply uses data available on the

Internet the same way other search engines do. While DeMenthon told CNET that he wishes he had been able to negotiate with Craigslist and reach a solution but that Craigslist wasn't open to talking about it. "I'd obviously rather talk with them than defend against a lawsuit - it's very questionable whether I could afford a defense with a good lawyer - but they've not been willing to have a meeting or even a call to talk about it," DeMenthon said. "I think that their claims are something worth defending against, though, if I CRAIGSLIST page 19

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Music stars say search engines need to do more to curb piracy

Steven Musil (CNET News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:31:44 PM

their systems to prevent customer access to The Pirate Bay apparently did little to curb illegal Some of music's biggest names file-sharing. One major U.K. have accused Google and its broadband provider reported that competitors of not doing enough peer-to-peer traffic on its network to prevent music piracy. returned to "just below normal" Rock legends Elton John, Robert only a week after it was forced to Plant, and Pete Townshend were block access. among 11 signatories of a letter The letter, as received by the a d d r e s s e d t o B r i t i s h P r i m e Telegraph: Minister David Cameron said it Sir -- As the world's focus turns was time that search engines, to the UK this summer, there is an Internet service providers, and opportunity to stimulate growth in online advertisers to "play their sectors where the UK has a part in protecting consumers and competitive edge. Our creative creators from illegal sites." industries represent one such The letter also calls for the sector, which creates jobs at twice immediately implementation of the speed of the rest of the the the Digital Economy Act economy. 2010, antipiracy legislation passed Britain's share of the global two years ago. music market is higher than ever CNET has contacted Google for with UK artists, led by Adele, comment and will update this breaking through to global report when we learn more. stardom. As a digitally advanced Recent court orders in Europe nation whose language is spoken forcing ISPs to place blocks on around the world, the UK is well

positioned to increase its exports in the digital age. Competition in the creative sector is in talent and innovation, not labour costs or raw materials. We can realise this potential only if we have a strong domestic copyright framework, so that UK creative industries can earn a fair return on their huge investments creating original content. Illegal activity online must be pushed to the margins. This will benefit consumers, giving confidence they are buying safely online from legal websites. The simplest way to ensure this would be to implement swiftly the long overdue measures in the Digital Economy Act 2010; and to ensure broadband providers, search engines and online advertisers play their part in protecting consumers and creators from illegal sites. We are proud of our cultural heritage and believe that we and

our sector can play a much bigger role in supporting UK growth. To continue to create world beating creative content, we need a little bit of help from our friends. Yours sincerely, Simon Cowell Roger Daltrey CBE Professor Green Sir Elton John CBE The Lord Lloyd Webber Dr Brian May CBE Robert Plant Roger Taylor Tinie Tempah Pete Townshend Katie Melua This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

First team enters the race to sequence DNA of 100 centenarians

Mark Brown
Submitted at 7/24/2012 11:00:00 AM

continued from page 18

can." CNET contacted Craigslist for comment. We'll update the story when we get more information. Updated at 7:20 p.m. PT with comment from PadMapper creator Eric DeMenthon. Here's a copy of the complaint:

Craigslist v PadMapper This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating

Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Californian biotech firm Life Technologies is the first team to register for the $10 million (6.4m) Archon Genomics X Prize, which will be a race to sequence the genomes of 100 centenarians. The prize was first announced in 2006, and is a joint effort between the X Prize Foundation and geneticist J. Craig Venter. It's supposed to stimulate the development of less expensive sequencing technologies, and establish a clinical standard for DNA research. By: Mark Brown, Edited by: Duncan Geere Continue reading...



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Iran asks Facebook to fight porn

Emil Protalinski (CNET News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:05:03 PM

Facebook of course doesn't allow porn on its service. Under the Safety section of Facebook's Iranian officials are hoping to Terms of Service ( Statement of team up with Facebook in an Rights and Responsibilities), the effort to remove Pages and seventh point clearly states: "You Groups that feature pornography will not post content that: is hate or are soliciting prostitution. More s p e e c h , t h r e a t e n i n g , o r broadly, the Iranian police force pornographic; incites violence; or has announced plans to cleanse contains nudity or graphic or the Internet of content its country gratuitous violence." deems inappropriate. Then again, Iran's definition of The new tidbit comes from the porn is not the same as that of the semi-official Iranian news agency American government. I'm pretty ISNA (via CBS News), which sure Iran is concerned with interviewed Commander Kamal a n y t h i n g t h a t c o u l d i m p l y Hadianfar, the head of Iran's cyber innappropriate content, such as -police. He promised the country the image above. If Facebook will work with Facebook for the allowed ever allowed full-out new initiative, but did not p o r n , I r a n i a n s w o u l d b e elaborate on what the plan would permanently denied access to entail. Facebook before they could say "Pornography is a crime not just "censorship." in Iran but also in other countries Still, the announcement is quite a such as the United States," departure from Iran's previous Hadianfar told ISNA, according stance on Facebook. Iranian to a translation by Radiozamaneh. officials have previously banned "In 2010, Facebook served as a the social network after it was free domain for criminals, but in used by activists. During the 2009 the name of God and with the election in Iran, the service was presence of the police over the blocked because of fears that past 15 months, we have made opposition movements were being many significant moves to cleanse organized on the website. social networks, especially that of Iran apparently sees some value Facebook." in Facebook if it isn't just outright

barring the site again. When it comes to porn though, the country's government shows no mercy. Earlier this year, Iran's Supreme Court confirmed the death sentence for Saeed Malekpour, who was convicted by the state for developing software used on a porn site. The software that Malekpour developed enables photos to be uploaded online and, according to Amnesty International, was used by a porn site without his knowledge. Nevertheless, the Iranian-born Canadian resident was convicted of "insulting and desecrating Islam." I have contacted Facebook in regards to Iran's plan of working with the company and will update you if and when I hear back. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Coming Soon (Well, Maybe): All Those Tweets You Wrote

Billy Gallagher (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:39:54 PM

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo told The New York Times that users will soon be able to access and download all of their old tweets. Twitter currently only lets users browse back through a few thousand of their old tweets. How soon? Costolo declined to give a timeline. Other third-party platforms already offer these servies. Facebooks Download Your Information and Google Takeout have given data archival access to their users for some time now. While they are older than Twitter, the latter is still lagging far behind its peers in data portability. Were working on a tool to let users export all of their tweets, Mr. Costolo said in a meeting with reporters and editors at The New York Times on Monday. Youll be able to download a file of them. It wasnt as big of a deal when Twitter had fewer users who hadnt posted in such massive numbers. But now Twitter has

over 140 million users, many of which have posted tens of thousands of times. The demand for this function has been manifested in the creation of sites like oldtweets, which lets users search through some gems (and many, many boring tweets) from Twitters first year. Wearing bizs glasses. He doesnt know yet. Jack Dorsey (@jack) March 12, 2007 Costolo added that while the tool will let users look through all of their own old posts, they are not working on a tool to browse every tweet ever. Its two different search problems, he said. Its a different way of architecting search, going through all tweets of all time. You cant just put three engineers on it. To case and others: txt sleep to twttr and jump out of the stream wake puts you back in Biz Stone (@biz) July 15, 2006 I wonder how many engineers worked on the original stream.

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ReadWrite Recommends: The Best App For Organizing Travel Itineraries

Dave Copeland (ReadWriteWeb)

easier than our old method of printing out travel confirmations after copying-and-pasting the Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:00:00 PM details into Google Calendar. B e t w e e n e m a i l e d h o t e l Itinerary looks great and has a lot confirmations, boarding passes of the features we were looking and driving directions, travel for for, but, in the end, we found that many still means packing loads of it relied on us to do too much of paper. A slew of apps are aimed at the manual input. We liked eliminating clutter and organizing WorldMates built-in currency your itinerary in one place. Click converter and its connection to to read about our favorite for LinkedIn to find connections in getting you on the road or on the the cities we were visiting, but beach with minimal hassles. found the best services (including There are a lot of apps that help flight delay updates) were hidden y o u t r a v e l s m a r t e r a n d , behind a paywall. We were increasingly, these apps are tempted to try TripDeck, until we d e s i g n e d t o s t o r e a l l t h e read reviews on the iTunes store i n f o r m a t i o n a b o u t y o u r about multiple crash issues. Our destination in one central place. Recommendation: TripIt But what we wanted, as we TripIt gave us everything we worked our way through a hectic were looking for, including most summer travel schedule, was one of the features listed above. One app that would store all our travel of our favorite features, however, information and make the process was the ability to email flight and as easy as possible. Or at least hotel confirmations, dinner

reservations and other plans straight to and have them added to our itinerary (we had some problems adding a second email address but the fix was easily found in the Support section of TripIts Website).

Other services offer similar email services, but TripIt took it one step further: by connecting our Gmail account to our TripIt account, the site performed regular scans of our inbox to look for new travel plans and added

them automatically to our itinerary. And that is TripIts key advantage: a lot of the planning becomes automatic. Directions from the airport to a hotel are automatically inserted into your itinerary. Connections on TripIts social network as well as your other networks can also be added so you know who to visit (or avoid) when you reach your destination. The site and free smartphone apps are primarily supported by Groupon-like offers for your destination, but users do have the option of upgrading to TripIt Pro for $49 per year. The biggest advantage, and probably a musthave for frequent fliers, is an automatic refund tracker for all of your flights, as well as complimentary memberships to services like Hertz #1 Club Gold.

The Onion Totally Hearts TechCrunch

Anthony Ha (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:33:58 PM

remaining aloof despite several overtures on our end. Its almost like The Onion staff thought it Y o u g u y s ! Y o u g u y s ! was totally cooler than us. TechCrunch totally got mentioned Not today, though. Today, were in The Onion! the stars of this post about the Its been a pretty one-sided new Bastmati smartphone from relationship until now, with the Uncle Bens. (Note: Thats not a f a b l e d s a t i r i c a l n e w s p a p e r real smartphone.) Granted, were

not in the headline, or in the first couple of paragraphs, but once paragraph five starts, we are on it: As first reported by TechCrunch and the USA Rice Council, the Basmati will feature a 5.3-inch display with a density of 285 pixels per inch, a dual-core 1.5 gigahertz processor, and two

gigabytes of RAM, as well as a robust set of entertainment features that includes a rearmounted 8-megapixel autofocus camera, dozens of preloaded stirfry recipes, and Adobe Flash support. Thats right, TechCrunch totally plays a key supporting role in one

of the jokes. Now if youll excuse me, I need to call my mom and tell her that weve made it. [ image via flickr/terren in Virginia]



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[Infographic] What is Slowing Down Your Mobile Apps?

Dan Rowinski (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 3:01:14 PM

of sources and assemble it into a page. For instance, you have probably experienced a page Ever try to launch a mobile where the content you are looking application and get nothing but a f o r l o a d s b e f o r e t h e spinning wheel? You're not alone. accompanying advertisements. 74% of users will leave a mobile That happens because the content website if it does not load after is coming from the publisher's five seconds, according to a server while the ads are coming survey conducted by Compuware, from third-party servers. The a software company. People are more servers a page draws upon, more patient with apps, as 50% of the more slowly it will load. users will tolerate load times Then there are the sizes of the longer than five seconds. What is component files. Ever wonder slowing down your apps? why some beautifully designed Mobile websites and applications pages just will not load in your variety of third-party sources load slowly for a variety of b r o w s e r ? Y o u r I n t e r n e t along with way too many large reasons. Websites often have to connection is probably not ready pieces. All those graphics and pull in information from a variety to handle the page because it has a

videos may look nice in the design studio, but when you move the page to a smartphone or tablet with limited data functionality, it is just going to get bogged down. Speed is essential on the Web. The longer a page takes to load, the more likely it is that a user will navigate to something else. When a page loads seamlessly, users hardly notice that someone on the back end is doing a good job. When it takes time to load, they moan and complain and tell their friends how much the site stinks. It is a tricky problem. Companies like Google are trying to make the Internet faster. That includes speeding up broadband

access (the company is trying to bring 1-Gigabit/second Internet access to Kansas City) and accelerating basic Web protocols through SPDY. Akamai, a company whose mission is to make the Internet faster, has been working with mobile carriers to speed up their networks. Businesses stand to make millions of dollars for every millisecond of time saved online. Check out the infographic below. What are you doing to improve your sites performance in the Age of Mobile?

Apple Q3 Earnings: Even Underwhelming Numbers Are Strong

Jon Mitchell (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 3:55:00 PM

Lion, will be released Wednesday. The quarterly revenue was $35 billion, amounting to $8.8 billion Apple announced its fiscal 2012 in profit, or $9.32 per diluted third-quarter earnings Tuesday. s h a r e . A p p l e C F O P e t e r There were no surprises; Apple O p p e n h e i m e r a n n o u n c e d a continued to sell well across all its dividend of $2.65 per share, product lines. Even the iPod, n o t i n g t h a t h e e x p e c t s t h e which is down 10% over last year, e a r n i n g s p e r s h a r e t o b e sold 6.8 million units. Apple also significantly lower next quarter as announced that the new version of Apple is continuing to invest in its operating system, Mountain the growth of our business.

In our preview of this quarters earnings we pointed to five numbers that matter. Apple scored on four out of five counts, and there were no blow-outs. Apple sold 26 million iPhones this quarter. Its lower than some optimistic expectations, but that's still plenty of phones. It sold 17 million iPads, also just

on the safe side of expectations. That's an 84% increase in iPad sales year-over-year. Apple announced that it will release Mountain Lion Wednesday, right on schedule near the end of the July timeframe it announced at WWDC in June. Apple came in just shy of the gross margin we expected, at 42.8%. Last quarters monster numbers- 47.4% - were driven by

the iPhone, its most profitable product. Those sales are beginning to slow as consumers expect a major update to the model line in a few months. International sales represented 62% of the quarters revenue. The earnings call begins at 2:00 Pacific and is streaming live on Apples website.

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Rock Band games to be removed from iOS App Store this month
Mike Schramm (TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:15:00 PM

Despite the fad of plastic instruments coming to a quiet end a few years ago, Rock Band is still a fairly popular brand, popular at parties and on the upcoming downloadable console version called Rock Band Blitz. But at least one part of Rock Band's legacy is going away for good: EA has announced that the iOS versions of the game will be off of the App Store as of July 31. Harmonix was the original creator of Rock Band, EA licensed the game and the name to put versions on the App Store (made by third-party developers), and as a result of that license expiring, Rock Band for iPhone and iPad

are going bye-bye. All this means is that if you currently own one of these versions, you'll need to get it on your iPhone or Mac and back it up, because after July 31, you won't be able to reinstall it. If you haven't bought it yet, and want to,

now's probably the time to do that. After the 31st, you won't be able to buy the app or any more new songs for it. Or maybe not -- Harmonix is currently at work on that Rock Band Blitz game, so there's a chance that, license back in hand,

the company could release their own Rock Band game for iOS. Harmonix has released one app before (a non-game app called Vidrhythm), and while the company hasn't shown a lot of interest in Apple's platform beyond that, there's a chance the developer could take to the store itself if they thought the move would be profitable. [via Joystiq] Rock Band games to be removed from iOS App Store this month originally appeared on TUAW The Unofficial Apple Weblog on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 19:15:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Source| Permalink| Email this| Comments

30 Modern Branding Tactics From Solidifying Brand Recognition to a Shrinking Social Network (
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest Trends)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:02:01 PM

( Creating a strong, easily recognizable and powerful brand image today requires much more than a generous budget, as is demonstrated in this collection of modern branding tactics. The speakers...

Nasa's inflatable heat shield survives toughest test yet

Duncan Geere
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:52:00 AM

Surviving a 12,200 km/h descent through the Earth's atmosphere isn't easy, but Nasa's latest

invention -- an inflatable hypersonic heat shield -- shrugged off the aerodynamic heating with ease. The Inflatable Reentry Vehicle Experiment (IRVE-3) launched

capsule and an inflatable outer Nate Lanxon Continue reading... shell. The shell was made up of a cone of braided kevlar rings, covered with several layers of on 23 July from Wallops Island, heat-resistant materials. Virginina, comprising of a test By: Duncan Geere, Edited by:

Apple shares dive after Q3 results miss expectations

Telegraph Staff (Finance News - Business news from the UK and world)

Apple's profits missed Wall Street's expectations for only the second time in almost a decade as

sales of the iPhone fell.



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Amazon stiffens Kindle unlimited Web access

Mark Raby (SlashGear)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:30:35 PM

Amazon truly innovated the market when it launched the original Kindle ereader back in 2007. Sure, there were other players on the market, not the least of which was Sonys Reader device that was a pioneer of ereaders (and now is merely a footnote in the market). But what really made the Kindle stand out was the ability to purchase new books seamlessly, no PC connection required. It did this, of course, by offering an unlimited amount of 3G Internet access included in the purchase price. Of course, delivering hundreds of pages of

text and authorizing credit card transactions eats up very little data, but it wasnt long before users were able to hack the device and access full Internet capabilities, including unfiltered Web browsing. All of the sudden,

that unlimited Internet wasnt so cheap. Amazon has always been opposed to this practice, but apparently it is now really cracking down. Based on user reports, it seems that Amazon is

now limiting 3G access to users who tap into the Kindles online connectivity for unauthorized purposes. One user reported that he got a message on his device that he would have 24 hours left to use 3G access for Web browsing, but after that he should only use it for, Wikipedia, and the Kindle Store. Amazon has not made an official comment on this latest crackdown. [ via The Digital Reader] Amazon stiffens Kindle unlimited Web access is written by Mark Raby& originally posted on SlashGear. 2005 - 2012, SlashGear. All right reserved.

Friendship Necklace Tutorials - Learn How to Make These DIY Utility Rope Necklaces by Honestly Wtf (
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest Trends)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 5:37:02 PM

( Spice up any outfit with a pop of color from these DIY Utility Rope Necklaces. The tutorial was created by Editor in Chief of the fashion and lifestyle blog Honestly WTF Erica Chan Coffman. These...

Facebook Opens First International Engineering Office In London

Billy Gallagher (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:30:05 PM

Facebook announced today that they have opened a London engineering office, adding to their Menlo Park, New York and Seattle engineering offices. The company has 22 open positions at the new office. Facebook says it

has engineers scattered at its other numerous U.S. and foreign offices, but this is the first official international engineering office. Calling the city a perfect fit in a blog post earlier today, Facebook software engineer and London team leader Philip Su wrote, Our team in London will start small, focusing on building a

core of great engineers, and then grow over time and eventually focus on building products in key areas like mobile and platform. The company currently has over 901 million monthly active numbers and estimates that over 80% of those users are outside the U.S. and Canada. With the demand for engineers

far, far exceeding the supply in Silicon Valley and the States in general, Facebook is looking to tap into other talent pools, writing that London has a vibrant local startup community with lots of great technical talent. While there are other talent pools besides London, I imagine the lack of a language barrier makes

London one of the most attractive places for a new engineering team. Could more companies follow suit? And if so, where will they go once theyve grabbed all the talent in London? Update: Ive obtained video of what Im told is Mark Zuckerberg arriving in London. Groovy, baby.

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Maniacally cuckoo for Mountain Lion: App Store checker shell script
Erica Sadun (TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:40:00 PM

In the spirit of Tim Cook's maniacal excitement about upcoming Apple products, I bring to you the shell script you can run repeatedly from the command line to check the App Store to see if Mountain Lion is ready for purchase. This is what I used last year to check for Lion; it worked. This year, I update the search string to "Mountain Lion" instead. As presented, it employs a 10minute time-out, so you can run a repeat command with it. #! /bin/csh curl -silent -A "iMacAppStore/ 1.0.1 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac

OS X 10.6.7; en) AppleWebKit/ 533.20.25" 'http:// M Z S t o r e . w o a / w a / viewMultiRoom?fcId=489264329 &mt=12' | grep -i "mountain lion" > /dev/null if ($? == 0) then echo "Available"

say "MOUNTAIN LION MAY BE AVAILABLE" else echo "Nada" endif sleep 600 Ready to improve the script? Have at it, campers! Update: Looks like the URL changed from last year. Updated via Mark (mcackay). Maniacally cuckoo for Mountain Lion: App Store checker shell script originally appeared on TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 18:40:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Source| Permalink| Email this| Comments

Apple seeking $2.5 billion from Samsung

Kelly Hodgkins (TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog)

Investigative Ale Illustrations - The Very Very Many Varieties of Beer Print is Educational (
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest Trends)
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( Expand your horizonsor at least your

knowledge of different kinds of beerwith The Very Very Many Varieties of Beer print. With the most comprehensive beer taxonomy and breakdown in the...

payment amounts when it addressed Samsung's claim that Apple infringed its wireless Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:00:00 PM standard essentials patents. If Apple filed a brief in its Samsung prevails in its patent i n f r i n g e m e n t c a s e a g a i n s t infringement case, Apple offered Samsung and argued the Korean to pay the Korean manufacturer a company should pay Apple a half-cent for each infringed combined total of $2.525 billion, standards essential patent. This according to FOSS Patents. The disparity is due in part to the amount includes $25 million in standards-essential nature of royalty damages and another $2.5 Samsung's patents, which must be billion, which includes the licensed under fair and reasonable amount Samsung has unjustly non-discriminatory (FRAND) gained and Apple has lost because terms. of Samsung's copycat devices. Apple seeking $2.5 billion from Breaking it down, Apple asked Samsung originally appeared on f o r $ 2 . 0 2 p e r u n i t f o r t h e TUAW - The Unofficial Apple "overscroll bounce" '318 patent, Weblog on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 $3.10 for the '915 "scrolling API" 20:00:00 EST. Please see our patent, $2.20 for the "tap to zoom terms for use of feeds. and navigate" '163 patent and $24 Source| Permalink| Email this| for the trade dress and design Comments patents. Apple was less generous in the



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Satellite shots show intense Greeland ice sheet melt

Mark Raby (SlashGear)

The images come from NASA, showing that the melted area is the greatest it has ever been in the On July 8, around 40% of the 30-year history of satellite massive ice sheet that covers the observations. This doesnt lead to country of Greenland was at a any specific conclusions about point of thawing at or near the g l o b a l w a r m i n g o r c l i m a t e surface. But by July 12, that change, or to the cause of why amount had risen to 97%. Just this massive ice sheet is melting, c h e c k o u t t h e i m a g e h e r e . but the images dont lie and this is A n y t h i n g i n l i g h t p i n k i s clearly an issue. This kind of ice classified as probably melt m e l t h a s h i s t o r i c a l l y o n l y while areas in dark pink are occurred once every 150 years on simply classified as melt. average.
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:29:07 PM

The Greenland ice sheet is a vast area with a varied history of change. This event, combined with other natural but uncommon

phenomena, such as the large calving event last week on Petermann Glacier, are part of a complex story. Satellite

observations are helping us understand how events like these may relate to one another as well as to the broader climate system, said NASA cryosphere program manager Tom Wagner. [ via NASA] Satellite shots show intense Greeland ice sheet melt is written by Mark Raby& originally posted on SlashGear. 2005 - 2012, SlashGear. All right reserved.

Broadcom 5G WiFi chip introduced

Mark Raby (SlashGear)

The BCM4335 chip is a complete WiFi system, with Bluetooth 4.0, FM radio, and software on a A new innovation in WiFi is single chip. This includes the going to be ushered into the world MAC, PHY, and RF. Broadcom of consumer electronics early next claims it is the only chip to year. Thats because of a new address unique interference c o m b o c h i p i n v e n t e d b y challenges in systems with both Broadcom that promises to deliver 4G LTE cellular radios and the fifth generation of broadband wireless connectivity. Also, it is wireless connectivity. The chip, platform agnostic so it can be known as the BCM4335, claims added to any smartphone or tablet. to offer dramatic speed, range Additional features of the new and power efficiency. chip include: the most advanced
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:29:23 PM

idle power consumption performance to improve battery life, 10% faster throughputs than 802.11n speeds when

communication with other 5G devices, built-in media processing to off-load host processor, PHY rates of 433 Mb/s, and integrated

support for Wi-Fi Driect, WiFi Certified Miracast, and WiFi Certified Passpoint technologies. It will be available in devices in early 2013. [ via Broadcom] Broadcom 5G WiFi chip introduced is written by Mark Raby& originally posted on SlashGear. 2005 - 2012, SlashGear. All right reserved.

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Stopping Mali from Becoming Somalia - By Witney Schneidman and Brandon Routman
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The United States needs to prevent Mali from turning into another failed state in the heart of Africa. BY WITNEY SCHNEIDMAN, BRANDON ROUTMAN| JULY 24, 2012 The parallels are striking: A government collapses in a divided country, militant jihadist groups quickly fill the vacuum, and a humanitarian disaster breaks out, threatening to breed chaos throughout the region. These factors have long been associated with Somalia, the world's most enduring failed state. But for months now they have begun to describe Mali, located across the continent to the west, which is now poised to assume Somalia's unenviable status as Africa's most troubled nation. And just as Somalia's instability ripped through the Horn of Africa, so too could the chaos in Mali mean trouble for the larger Sahel region in West Africa. Things first started to go south in March, when soldiers staged a coup in Bamako, overthrowing President Amadou Toumani Toure only weeks before a new president was to be selected. Quickly thereafter, Tuareg rebels, who have had grievances with the

Malian government since the early 1960s, aligned with jihadist forces, defeated the national army, captured the key cities of Timbuktu, Kidal, and Gao and

declared the northern part of the country the breakaway nation of Azawad. Since then, Islamic extremists have gained the upper hand.

According to one source, Islamist and has been without its interim factions have pushed indigenous president, Diacounda Traore, Tuaregs out of northern Mali since he left the country for Paris completely. The government in the south is weak, technocratic, STOPPING page 28


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continued from page 27

following a beating in his office on May 21 by backers of the coup. And there are no indications that the interim Mali government has the ability to pursue a political or military settlement with the Islamists in the north. Mali had been the model counterinsurgency program for the United States in Africa. The sudden collapse of this program, in which the Pentagon had invested tens of millions of dollars over the last decade, suggests that Washington had significantly misread the environment in Mali. As a result, al Qaeda in the Islamic Margreb (AQIM) and its ally, Ansar Dine, now have control of several relatively significant urban areas from which they can plan attacks on American targets in West Africa and send resources to al Qaeda affiliates in other regions. Today, the northern half of Mali is now a virtual no-go area for journalists and humanitarian workers; Ansar Dine controls the northern cities and AQIM fighters have free rein throughout the countryside. Together they have instituted a harsh form of sharia law and destroyed centuries-old monuments including ancient Muslim shrines in Timbuktu -actions reminiscent of al-Shabab and the Taliban in Afghanistan. But while the situation in northern Mali has deteriorated rapidly, the international community has not responded in kind. Earlier this month, the U.N. Security Council deferred a request by the Economic

Community of West African States (ECOWAS) for authorization to deploy 3,200 troops in Mali until it received "additional information" related to the goals and objectives of the proposed intervention. ECOWAS has also called for the creation of a government of national unity and elections. But State Department officials following this issue suggest that it might take up to 12 months to structure a force that could stabilize the north of Mali. During this time frame, State Department officials envision that elections would be held in Mali, possibly by May or June 2013, and a newly elected Malian government would be in place to signal its support for a U.N.-authorized ECOWAS force to take on the Islamists in the north. By that time, however, northern Mali is likely to be an al Qaeda stronghold and a significantly larger force than ECOWAS is proposing would be needed to dislodge the jihadists. Together, AQIM and Ansar Dine currently can count on up to several thousand armed fighters. AQIM has generated millions of dollars from ransoms paid by kidnapped Europeans and illicit drug transactions, and will likely work to strengthen the military capabilities of the Islamist terrorist group Boko Haram in northern Nigeria, adding more pressure to the challenges being faced by the Nigerian government, Washington's key strategic partner in the region. As

Gen. Carter Hamm, the commander of Africom, recently remarked, the linkages between AQIM and Boko Haram are the "most worrisome" of any security threat facing the United States and African nations. The conflict in northern Mali has already created more than 350,000 internally displaced persons and refugees who have fled to the neighboring states of Mauritania, Niger, and Burkina Faso. In Mali, 4.6 million people face food insecurity and further food shortages are looming. Mali has also lost hundreds of millions of dollars in suspended aid from the United States, the World Bank, and the EU, not to mention the loss of revenue from tourism and foreign investment. ECOWAS is right to want to move quickly to challenge the influence of the Islamic extremist groups in the north. If the international community waits another 12 months to intervene, al Qaeda will have grown stronger in northern Mali and the human costs will be significantly higher. It is appropriate that ECOWAS try to negotiate a national unity government to restore Mali's territorial integrity. The reality, however, is that al Qaeda does not negotiate. An intervention force will be necessary. The African Union (AU) seems to have grasped this, signaling cautious support for an ECOWAS intervention. At a recent meeting, the African Union Peace and Security Council adopted a resolution endorsing the plan to

deploy regional forces under a Chapter VII resolution. The council also supported the ECOWAS call for a 12-month transition in Mali and the organization of a credible presidential election. The AU is not going to war, but ECOWAS wants to intervene -- and it is a credible objective, especially with the appropriate support as we've seen successfully implemented in Somalia. The question is whether the AU or the U.N. Security Council is prepared to support the deployment of a stabilization force before there is a democratically elected government in Bamako. In the end, there may be little choice. There is no indication that Diacounda Traore, the country's 70-year-old transitional president, will return from Paris any time soon to head up the interim government. In fact, neither Traore nor Prime Minister Cheikh Modibo Diarra participated in the July ECOWAS summit in Burkina Faso that was convened to develop a road map for tackling the crisis, suggesting a genuine power vacuum in Bamako. Moreover, the Malian military is in complete disarray. Even with an election, it is unlikely that a new Malian government would be able to defeat the jihadists in Timbuktu and elsewhere, let alone exercise effective administration of the nation in the next 12 to 24 months. In fact, it was the frustration over the Toure government's inability to pursue

and sustain the brewing conflict with the Tuaregs that was a key contributing factor to the March coup. (Another contributing factor was the NATO-supported overthrow of Muammar alQaddafi. Many of the Tuareg fighters who had been hired by Qaddafi to strengthen his forces returned to challenge the Malian government with newly acquired arms.) If there is any lesson to be learned from two decades of crisis and conflict in Somalia, however, it is that inattention and inaction by the international community fuels instability and enables conflict to spread beyond borders. Thus, as the international community deliberates over how and when to restore order and governance in Mali -- hopefully, sooner rather than later -- it is clear that NATO can, and has a certain obligation, to play a supportive role to the ECOWAS force. Another painful lesson from Somalia is that there needs to be a legitimate government to consolidate the security gains that any U.N. or AU-authorized force might make. Malians are the ones ultimately responsible for restoring a credible government -but the country's Western partners would be well served to invest as much, if not more, in governance, civil society, and job creation than in counterinsurgency in order to achieve that outcome. This entry passed through the STOPPING page 30

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Capital Blues - Interview by Isaac Stone Fish and Elias Groll

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Embattled Washington, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray tells FP what he admires about Beijing. BY ISAAC STONE FISH, ELIAS GROLL| JULY 24, 2012 It's been a bad month for Vincent Gray. The Washington, D.C. mayor is facing a major scandal -a local businessman illegally contributed$653,000 to his 2010 campaign -- and though it's not clear that Gray knew of the dealings, there's speculation that he will soon resign; he might even be arrested. Yet in late June, as evidence against him grew, the mayor decided to take a longplanned seven-day trip to Beijing, Shanghai, and Suzhou to try to raise billions of dollars for city development projects. In an interview in early July, the mayor seemed dazzled by both the scale and the apparent ease of running a Chinese city. In Beijing, buildings get permitted and constructed in months; in D.C. it seems to take that long just to fix the Metro escalators. "There's just an assumption in this country that things should take a long time," the mayor said. Speaking with FP in his office, the mayor spoke, occasionally critically, but more often glowingly, about the ease in

which Chinese politicians seem to operate, the U.S. 40-hour work week, and how Thomas Friedman can save America. Excerpts below.

Foreign Policy: What impressed you about Beijing? Besides the size. As a mayor of a city of much smaller size, what did you learn? Vincent Gray: We had this plan

to [put streetcars in D.C.] over 20 years. And the folks that we've been working with there, who may be potential investors in the project, that was one of the first

questions they raised. Twenty years?! Why 20 years? You ought to be able to do that in two or CAPITAL page 30


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continued from page 29

three years. FP: Did you find it embarrassing to ask the Chinese for money? VG: I didn't have a sense of that on either side. They're financial investors. I don't know that anybody -- even some of the Americans that invest in American projects -- probably have differences of opinion with their own government. So I don't see that as a game stopper. FP: What are some misunderstandings that you feel you've been able to clear up, in terms of your views on China? VG: Well, I think it's an autocratic system, much more autocratic than we are, but at the same time there's a lot of innovation -- innovation beyond what I fully understood. And it's interesting to be able to see the innovation that has taken place. FP: With China's famed ability to get things done, how much of that is their spirit and how much of it is them riding roughshod over due process? VG: Well there's no question that they can get things done in ways that we can't get things done -- or won't get them done, let's put it that way. Some of the labor practices are probably not ones that would ever be tolerated in this city.

On the other hand, setting that aside for a second, my sense is that they work 24/7. We don't do that. It's not the same people, but why is it that on a project we're working on everybody is out there from 7:00 or 7:30 in the morning and then goes home at 4:00 or 4:30? FP: Why do we use only a 40hour work week? VG: I don't think there's a good answer. It's the same question I've asked about schools. Why do kids start school when they're five? Why do kids get out of class at 3:00? Why are we still using an agrarian calendar to have kids get out of school in the middle of June and come back in August?... Who said eight hours a day is the right work day? I'm not even talking about an individual. Let's just assume that 8 hours is the right work day. Why can't you have 16 hours -- with two shifts of people? You can work at night -- there's no reason why that can't be done... even if you have to use lighting or whatever, when you're doing outdoor [jobs]. Think about it: The sun comes up at 5:30 or 6:00 a.m. and goes down at 8:30 or 9:00 at night. We don't have the same sense of urgency that other people seem to have at this

stage.... Have you read Tom Friedman's book [ That Used to Be Us]? FP: I haven't, no. VG: You ought to read it. Because he has some comparisons in that book on how things are done in China. And he understands how some of the labor practices are running roughshod over people. But setting that aside, there are still things that we can do within the framework of our values, our own beliefs that would get things done quickly, more efficiently, and more effectively. FP: Did you look at something in China and think, if only I could do that? VG: Yeah, well, you know ... you deal sometimes with the bureaucracy [here]. FP: I recently moved from Beijing to D.C. It's more pleasant here, but the Metro escalators are often broken. VG: If you read Friedman's book he talks about the broken escalators.... [In Beijing] they built a convention center equivalent to ours in nine months, and it took us nine months to get the escalators fixed in the Metro system. FP: How does that make you feel?

VG: Oh, it's embarrassing to me. We saw somebody's website -they built a 30-story hotel in 15 days. That seemed a little suspect to me. But the idea that it takes nine months to fix escalators! And people have these eloquently developed excuses. "The parts aren't available." It's always somebody else's fault. F P: Did you ever ask the Chinese how many eggs you had to break to make this omelet? VG: No. I didn't. FP: Not your place to ask? VG: I think there will come a time and a place for that. That wasn't the time and place. If you really want to build relationships you don't go and do that. Because it's already like you're questioning these people's motives, you're questioning the way they do things, like you know better. Americans have an unfortunate reputation for thinking they know more than everybody else. FP: If you would have said something about human rights, you think they would have walked away? VG: I think they would have politely shut us down. FP: As you know, China is sensitive about its human rights record. I don't know if you saw the big flap about the Twitter feed

about pollution statistics in Beijing that the U.S. government runs. How would you feel if the Chinese government decided to tweet murder statistics in Petworth or Columbia Heights [two DC neighborhoods with relatively high crime statistics]? Would you appreciate that they were shining light on a problem? VG: I'd like to think in a democracy that we would be tolerant of people having free speech and people sharing information, but I probably wouldn't feel good about it. The human reaction would be like, "Well, what you got going on over there?" This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

continued from page 28

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Policy/ Economy/


Hungry Days, Festive Nights: Images of Ramadan - An FP Slideshow

(Foreign Policy)

your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at from across the Muslim only/faq.php#publishers. Five world as the holy month begins. Filters recommends: Incinerating JULY 24, 2012 Assange - The Liberal Media Go This entry passed through the To Work. Full-Text RSS service if this is
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Biderman: "The Most Damage Is Caused By Those Who Are Not As Smart As They Think They Are"
Tyler Durden
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Mexican Immigrants Contribute The Most To These Sectors Of The US Economy

Mamta Badkar (Money Game)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:32:26 PM

It is not often we double-dip in the Sausalitan's soliloquies but tonight's glorious truthiness from Charles Biderman, CEO of TrimTabs, is worth the price of admission. After explaining that the only way he could be any more bearish is to be doublelevered - and that he believes that besides "believing in miracles" this market will see the March 2009 lows once the marketrigging is fully exposed, he makes probably the most clarifying statement we have heard

regarding our central-planners-inchief. With regards to Messrs. Bernanke, Geithner, and Obama: "The most damage is caused by those who are not as smart as they think they are." They continue to believe they are smart enough to fix all our financial problems (and Europe's - if they would just listen to Timmay) by building a bridge over the recession - thanks to asset-buying and ZIRP."The only problem is we are running out of bridge and are nowhere near recovery" is how he sees it and reflecting on the massive gains that have been made on shortdated Treasuries as the Fed (who

is the one buying them) extends the ZIRP horizon - it is clear that this is nothing but a huge Ponzi scheme. Average: Your rating: None Average: 4.2( 5 votes) This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

are working in the sector. Here is a breakdown of the sectors that Mexican immigrants contribute to Mexican immigrants have the most: Don't Miss: 20 contributed between 3.7 percent Mathematicians Who Changed to 4.1 percent to the U.S. GDP in The World > the 2003 - 2011 period, according Please follow Money Game on t o a n e w r e p o r t b y B B V A Twitter and Facebook. Research. Join the conversation about this Their biggest contribution to U.S. story GDP is in agriculture, even though less than 5 percent of them



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David Stockman: "The Capital Markets Are Simply A Branch Casino Of The Central Bank"
Tyler Durden

destroyed the money market. It has destroyed the capital markets. Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:48:50 PM They have something that you can A selected excerpt by David see on the screen called an Stockman from his just released "interest rate." That isn't a market interview with Alex Daley of price of money or a market price Casey Research: of five-year debt capital. That is This market isn't real. The two an administered price that the Fed percent on the ten-year, the ninety has set and that every trader basis points on the five-year, watches by the minute to make thirty basis points on a one-year sure that he's still in a positive those are medicated, pegged rates spread. And you can't have created by the Fed and which fast- capitalism if the capital markets money traders trade against as are dead, if the capital markets are long as they are confident the Fed simply a branch office branch can keep the whole market rigged. casino of the central bank. Nobody in their right mind wants That's essentially what we have to own the ten-year bond at a two today. percent interest rate. But they're From Casey Research doing it because they can borrow The New Economic Collapse overnight money for free, ten Video: It makes uncomfortable basis points, put it on repo, collect but urgent viewing. 190 basis points a spread, and When Casey Research Chief laugh all the way to the bank. And Technology Investment Analyst they will keep laughing all the Alex Daley met former Reagan way to the bank on Wall Street Budget Director David Stockman until they lose confidence in the to talk about the economy and Fed's ability to keep the yield where he sees it leading taxpayers curve pegged where it is today. If investors and savers in the near the bond ever starts falling in f u t u r e , h e g o t s o m e v e r y price, they unwind the carry trade. intriguing insights from a man Then you get a message, "Do not who served right at the heart of pass go." Sell your bonds, unwind the US federal government. your overnight debt, your repo True, some if it makes for positions. And the system then uncomfortable watching, but the begins to contract... The Fed has message is critical if you want to

keep your assets safe in what David calls calls "the great unwind." Watch the video and secure your money. Full Transcript: Interviewed by Alex Daley, Chief Technology Investment Strategist, Casey Research Alex Daley: Hello. I'm Alex Daley. Welcome to another edition of Conversations with Casey. Today our guest is former Reagan Budget Director and Congressman David Stockman. Welcome to the show, David. David Stockman: Glad to be here. Alex: So we're here in Florida talking at the Recovery Reality Check Casey Summit. What do you think: is the United States economy on the road to recovery? David: I don't think we are at the beginning of the recovery. I think we are at the end of a disastrous debt supercycle that has gone on for the last thirty or forty years, really. It started when Nixon defaulted on our obligations under Bretton Woods and closed the gold window. Incrementally, year after year since then, we have been going in a direction of extremely unsound money, of massive borrowing in both the

private and the public sector. We now have an economy that is saturated with debt: $54 trillion or $53 trillion 3.5 times the GDP way off the charts from where it was for a hundred years prior to the beginning of this. The idea that somehow all of that debt is irrelevant, as the Keynesians would tell us, is fundamentally wrong and the reason why the economy can't get up off the mat. We're doing all the wrong things. We're adding to the problem, not subtracting. We are not allowing the debt to be worked down and liquidated. We're not asking people to save more and consume less, which is what we really need to do. And so therefore I think policy is just making it worse, and any day now we will have another recurrence of the kind of economic crisis we had a few years ago. Alex: You paint a very stark picture, but if people just stop spending, start saving, won't companies like Apple see their earnings hurt? Won't the stock market then start to tumble, people's net worth fall? Isn't that a negative cycle that feeds on itself? David: Sure it does, but you can't live beyond your means because it's pleasant. It's not sustainable.

Clearly the level of debt that we have is not sustainable. We have a whole generation the Baby Boom that's about ready to retire, and they have no retirement savings. We have a federal government that is bankrupt, literally. Its [debt is] $16 trillion and growing by a trillion a year. Something's going to give. We can't pay for all these entitlements. There won't be the revenue generation in the economy to do it. So as a result of that, we are deluding ourselves if we think we can just continue to spend. Look at the GDP that came out in the first quarter of this year. It was only 2.2%. Most of it was personal consumption expenditure, and half of that was due to a drawdown of the savings rate, not because the economy was earning more income or generating more real output. It was because of a drawdown of savings. That is exactly the wrong way to go an indication of how severe the crisis is going to be. I'm not saying the economy should stop spending entirely. I'm only saying you can't save 3% of GDP and spend 97% if you are DAVID page 33

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continued from page 32

going to get out of this fix. As the savings rate goes up both in the public sector (which means reduction of spending and the deficit) and the household sector (to seriously reduce debt burden, which has not really happened) we are going to, on the margin, spend less, save more. It will slow down the economy. It will undermine profits, I agree. But profits today are way overstated. They're based on a debt-bloated economy that isn't sustainable. Alex: So we can only live beyond our means for so long, as any family knows. David: Yes. Alex: Now, the government can reduce its expenses at any time by simply reducing spending, and it can reduce debt if it brings in more tax revenue. That's austerity I think that's how they refer to it. But won't austerity cause massive joblessness? Won't there be millions more people in this country not receiving a paycheck? David: Yes, but the critique, the clamoring and clattering that you hear from the Keynesians (or even mainstream media, which is pretty clueless economically) that austerity is bad forgets the fact that austerity isn't an elective course. Austerity is something that happens to you when you're broke. And yes, it is painful and spending will go down and unemployment will go up and incomes will be impaired, but that is a consequence of the excess debt creation that we've had for the last thirty years. So austerity is what happens when you break the

rules. And somehow we have this debate going on. They're making a mistake. They chose the wrong strategy. Do you think Greece chose the wrong strategy with austerity? No. No one would lend them money. That's why they ended up in the place they were. Do you think that Spain today is teetering on the brink because they said, "Oh, wouldn't it be a good idea to have austerity?" No, they had a gun to their head. They were forced to do this because the markets would not continue to lend, and even now their interest rate is again rising. The markets are losing confidence, and unless the ECB prints some more money and bails them out some more, they are going to have austerity. So the austerity upon us is the backside of the debt supercycle we had for the past thirty years. It's not discretionary. Alex: Austerity hasn't been forced upon us yet. The dollar is up, people are continuing to buy Treasuries both nations and banks are buying Treasuries. To all extents and purposes, people are continuing to show massive confidence in the US government, lend it money at extremely cheap interest rates, and letting it build up its debt. So you are advocating that, unlike Greece or Spain taking it to the edge and having austerity forced on them, we should volunteer for austerity today? Instead of just kicking the can down the road and living high a little bit longer, until the bill

collectors finally come knocking? Why go today, why start austerity now instead of doing what Greece did and going as long as you possibly can? David: Because Greece is a $300 billion economy. Tiny. A rounding error in the great scheme of things. It's last time I checked about eight and a half months' worth of Walmart sales. Okay? That's a little different than when you have the $15 trillion heartland of the world economy, and the $11 trillion Treasury market which is at the center of the whole global financial system buckle and falter. That's the risk you're taking if you say, "Maana. Kick the can; let's just wait for something good to happen." This market isn't real. The two percent on the ten-year, the ninety basis points on the five-year, thirty basis points on a one-year those are medicated, pegged rates created by the Fed and which fastmoney traders trade against as long as they are confident the Fed can keep the whole market rigged. Nobody in their right mind wants to own the ten-year bond at a two percent interest rate. But they're doing it because they can borrow overnight money for free, ten basis points, put it on repo, collect 190 basis points a spread, and laugh all the way to the bank. And they will keep laughing all the way to the bank on Wall Street until they lose confidence in the Fed's ability to keep the yield curve pegged where it is today. If the bond ever starts falling in price, they unwind the carry trade.

They unwind the repo, because then you can't collect 190 basis points. Then you get a message, "Do not pass go." Sell your bonds, unwind your overnight debt, your repo positions. And the system then begins to contract exactly what happened in September and October of 2008. Only, that time it was an unwind to the repo on mortgage-backed securities and CDOs and so forth. That was a minor trial run for the great unwind that is going to happen when the Treasury market is finally shattered with a lack of confidence because, on the margin, no one owns a Treasury bond: they just rent it on borrowed money. If the price starts falling, they'll get out of that trade as fast as they got out of toxic CDOs. Alex: So when people run away from the US, they will run away all at once. David: Well, if they run away from the Treasury, it sends compounding forces of contagion through the entire financial system. It hits next the MBS and the mortgage market. The mortgage market then scares the hell out of people about the housing recovery, which hasn't happened anyway. And if there isn't a housing recovery, middleclass Main-Street confidence isn't going to recover, because it is the only asset they have, and for 25 million households it's under water or close to under water. Alex: We saw something much like that in 2008. All the markets

correlated. Stocks went down. Bonds went down. Gold went down with them. It sounds like what you're saying is that the Fed is effectively paying bankers to stay confident in the Fed, and that the moment that stops either because the Fed stops paying them or something else shakes their confidence this all goes down in one big house of cards? David: Yes, I think that's right. The Fed has destroyed the money market. It has destroyed the capital markets. They have something that you can see on the screen called an "interest rate." That isn't a market price of money or a market price of five-year debt capital. That is an administered price that the Fed has set and that every trader watches by the minute to make sure that he's still in a positive spread. And you can't have capitalism if the capital markets are dead, if the capital markets are simply a branch office branch casino of the central bank. That's essentially what we have today. Alex: Last night you told our audience that if you were elected president, the first thing you would do is quit. Or at least demand a recount, I believe were your words, which I thought was telling. Are you saying there are no policy changes we could make today that would get us out of this? Or at least that wouldn't get you assassinated? David: Yeah, there is a paper blueprint. People who believe in DAVID page 35



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Two Events Will Shape The Next Tragic Act In Europe

Ral Ilargi Meijer (Money Game)

clued in, but they make sure - in what seems to be their main objective in all this - that Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:43:54 PM everyone's fed reality in bite-size I don't really know why it is, but chunks. Which is understandable, as much as I see pundits and since if the Greeks and Spaniards experts and everyone in between on the one hand, and German and address the euro mudbath lately, Dutch people on the other, would nobody seems to have caught on have been fed the whole thing in to the two main events (inflexion one go, they'd have gone apeshit. points?!) that shape the latest So would the markets. reincarnation of said bath. So It makes little difference from here's for them, and you, and what angle you look at the issue: anyone who's not yet tired of the it completely negates the legal (if story: perhaps not the political) Event no. 1: its not so much that foundation for the entire set of it's an entirely new notion, it's the bailout and austerity schemes that realization that it has come to pass h a v e b e e n n e g o t i a t e d a n d that is new. And even then it will executed over the past few years take a while for most pundits and on the premise that they would e x p e r t s t o u n d e r s t a n d t h e make recipient economies whole significance. in the short to medium term. In I'm talking about the fact that the other words, the reasons provided EC/ECB/IMF troika's southern for implementing the schemes no European austerity measures don't longer have any validity at all, do anything to push existing legal, political or moral. And that, deficits and debt loads lower; they naturally, will have dramatic are, instead, not even sufficient to consequences. offset the deteriorating economies Time and again, Europe's inner theyre applied to. They just slow r e s c u e m i s s i o n s h a v e b e e n down the downfall a little. overtaken by developments. Moreover, of course there's the Which, frankly, were - and still massive snake-eat-tail cross- are - always quite easy to foresee, pollination of austerity measures and, I would think, have been destroying the very economies foreseen by Merkel and Lagarde they're allegedly purported to and Monti etc. Thus far, Europe save. has been able to replace its failed I would venture that Brussels and policy measures with subsequent Berlin et all must have by now bigger and harsher rounds of

measures. This time, that won't be nearly as easy to do. The article from Der Spiegel I quoted on Sunday (more below) makes it very clear: This much is already certain: the government in Athens will not be able to bring down its debt load to about 120% of GDP by 2020.". That's all we need to know, really. That tells the whole story of why Greece will be let go. No future bailouts, other than perhaps a few fake ones. Still, we can add this: Just recently, the Greek central bank projected a 4.5% shrinkage in the economy for 2012. Today PM Samaras estimated it will be 7%. Trick question: on what numbers

do you think the bailouts and austerity schemes agreed to in the past were based? Here's a quote from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (more on that below as well): The Troika originally said that Greece' economy would contract by 2.6% in 2010 under the austerity regime, before recovering with growth of 1.1% in 2011, and 2.1% in 2012. Time for new emergency meetings once more?! Round 826?! In light of the Spiegel quote, Samaras' suggestion this morning that Greece may return to growth by 2014 is the boldest lie of the day, and friend Antonios faces some stiff competition for that prize any day of the week.

Samaras has been in office for what, 6 weeks? I wouldn't put any money on him staying on for much longer. Either the people, the troika or the Germans will force him out, whoever comes first. The Greek people will soon become aware that the promise of an improving economy in exchange for their austerity is and always was empty. Sure, there'll be voices advocating even - much - more austerity, but I'd say the Greeks are about done with that by now. So is the IMF, according to that Spiegel article, albeit for different reasons. Moreover, the troika members have a few issues of their own. In a nice sidenote, Gareth Jones for Reuters reports on a suggested alternative route for Athens: Greece should pay wages in drachmas: German MP Greece should start paying half of its pensions and state salaries in drachmas as part of a gradual exit from the euro zone, a leading German conservative was quoted on Monday as saying. Alexander Dobrindt, general secretary of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the Bavaria-based sister party of Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), has long argued that Greece would be better off TWO page 36

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sound money and fiscal responsibility, that you create wealth the old-fashioned way through savings and work and effort and not simply by printing money and trading pieces of paper there is a plan that they could put together. One would be to put the Fed out of business. You don't have to "end the Fed," although I like Ron Paul's phrase. You have to get them out of discretionary, active, day-to-day meddling in the money markets. Abolish the Open Market Committee. The Fed has taken its balance sheet to $3 trillion. That's enough for the next 50 years. They don't have to do a damn thing except maybe have a discount window that floats above the market, and if things get tight, let the interest rate go up. People who have been speculating will be carried out on a stretcher. That's how they used to do it. It worked prior to 1914. That's the first step: abolish the Open Market Committee. Abolish discretionary monetary policy. Let the Fed, if you're going to keep it I don't even know that you need to do that, but if you are going to keep it be only a standby source. As Badgett said (Walter Badgett, the great 19 thcentury British financial thinker): provide liquidity at a penalty rate to sound collateral. Now, that's what J.P. Morgan did in 1907, in the great crisis of 1907, from his library. He didn't have a printing press. He didn't bail out everybody. He didn't do what Bernanke did and say: "Stop the presses, freeze everybody, and

prop up Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs and all the rest of the speculators." The interest rate, the call-money interest rate, which was the open-market interest rate at the time, some days went to 30, 40, 70% and they were carrying out the speculators left and right, liquidating margin debt, taking out the real estate speculators. Eight or ten railroads went bankrupt within a couple of months. The copper magnates got carried out on their shields. This is the only way a capital market can work, but it needs an honest interest rate. And we have no interest rate, so therefore we solve nothing and we have the kind of impaired, incapacitated markets that we have today. They're very dangerous, because they're all dependent on twelve people. It is what I call "the monetary Politburo of the Western world," and they are just as dangerous as the Politburo in Beijing or the Politburo of memory in Moscow. Alex: A twelve-person Open Market Committee determining the future of our economy by manipulating rates. Sounds like central planning to me. David: It is. They are monetary central planners who are attempting to use the crude instrument of interest-rate pegging and yield-curve manipulation and essentially buying debt that no one else would buy, in order to keep this whole system afloat. It's Ponzi economics. Anybody who had

financial training before 1970 would instantly recognize this as Ponzi economics. It is only because of the last twenty years we got so inured to prosperity out of the end of a printing press and massive incremental debt that people lost sight of the fundamental principles of sound money, which, there's nothing arcane about it. It's just common sense. It is not common sense to think that 50, 60, 70% of all the debt that's being created by the federal government can be bought by the Federal Reserve, stuffed in a vault, and everybody can live happily ever after. Alex: So the government has certainly put us in a precarious position, but I don't think they alone have put America in this position, have they? You mentioned consumer debt becoming a major burden on the economy. How do we shed ourselves of that? I mean, the federal government can repudiate its debts if we walk away from it. We might see a few wars or something from that. It could inflate its way out of it. It can tax its way out of it. But how do households get out from under the debt burden that they have today? David: Well, it's very tough, and they were lured into it by bad monetary policy when Greenspan panicked in December 2000. The interest rate was 6.5%; we had an economy that was threatened by competitors around the world. We needed high interest rates, not low. He panicked after the dotcom crash, and as you remember

in two years they took the interest rate all the way down to 1%, and they catalyzed an explosion of mortgage borrowing, which was crazy. When they cut the final rate down to 1% in May, June 2003, in that quarter the second quarter of 2003 the run rate of mortgage borrowing was $5 trillion at an annual rate. That was nuts! There had never been even a trilliondollar annual rate of mortgage borrowing previously. In that quarter the run rate was $5 trillion, 40% of GDP. Why? Because the Fed took the rate down to 1%. Floating-rate product got invented everywhere. Anybody that had a pulse was being given mortgage loans by the brokers. The mortgage brokers didn't have any capital or funding. They went to Wall Street. They got warehouse lines, and the whole thing got out of control. Millions of households were lured into taking on debt that was insane, and now we have a generation of debt slaves. There are 25 million households in America who couldn't move if they wanted to, because their mortgages are under water. They cannot generate a down payment and the 5% or 6% broker fee that you need to move. So we've got 25 million households immobilized, paralyzed, and worried every day about when they are going to lose property, because of what the Fed did. It's a terrible indictment. Alex: Mobility itself is the American dream, isn't it? It's the

ability to pick up and find work and then move and do all that. So now we have people who are slaves to their debt. How do we get ourselves out of this? Is this just a matter of personal financial discipline? Is there a policy move that can happen? David: It's policy. If we don't do something about the Fed, if we don't drive the Bernankes and the Dudleys and the Yellens and the rest of these lunatic moneyprinters out of the Federal Reserve and get it under the control of people who have at least a modicum of sanity, we are just going to bury everybody deeper. It's unfortunate. The American people are as much a victim of the Fed's massive errors as anything else. People were not prudent when they took on debt at 100% of the peak value of their property at some moment in 2004 and 2005. They were lured into it. But now we're stuck with something that didn't need to happen. Alex: The Federal Reserve was founded in 1914, and it saw America through World War I, World War II. It saw America through Vietnam, saw America through the biggest boom in the economic history of the world. Yet now, today, you are calling for the abolishment of the Fed. Wasn't the Fed here the entire time that America was a prosperous, growing, wealthy, technology-driven nation? What's changed? DAVID page 37


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outside the euro zone. "With Greece we have reached the end of the road. There must not be any further aid. A country which does not have the will to fulfil the conditions, or is not able to do so, must get a chance outside the euro," Dobrindt told the daily Die Welt. The CSU has often been more critical of EU bailouts than Merkel's party, but his comments underline the degree of German frustration with Athens over its continued failure to meet reform targets under its 130 billion euro aid programs. "Greece should start to pay half of its civil service wages, pensions and other expenditures in drachmas now," Dobrint added. "A soft return to the old currency is better for Greece than a drastic move. Having the drachma as a parallel currency would allow the chance for economic growth to develop." Dobrindt did not explain how Greece could manage a partial return to its old currency without triggering turmoil in financial markets and a likely run on its banks. Oh boy! Where to start? Why would the Greeks want to go back to the drachma at this point in time, where's their advantage in that? And who's going to make them? Why wouldn't they just print euros instead? And not "Greek euros", but German ones (German euro bills have a series of numbers preceded by an "X" printed on them, other countries have a different letter)! Who's

giong to stop them from doing that? Germany? Really? What's Greek for "bite me"? And who's going to force them out of the eurozone to begin with? There are no rules or regulations anywhere regarding the procedure for leaving. You can't leave, and you can't be forced out. If the IMF and/or the rest of the troika wants to stop payments, Greece will probably default on its debt, but it will still be in the eurozone. Sort of whether it likes it or not. Interesting matter for international and constitutional lawyers, for sure, but they don't tend to work very fast (for good reasons). The bailouts and austerity schemes don't work (that is: not for the people; bankers are elated). The Greeks get miserable without having anything to show for it, the Germans and Dutch pay and pay and pay and never see anything improve. End of exercise. Once everyone sees the blinding light, that is. So please let it sink in: we're in the process of passing a watershed moment, slowed down as we are by the mental sloths among us. Even without rising sovereign borrowing costs, even without the pressure applied by financial markets, austerity and bailouts would have to be much harsher and much bigger, respectively, to even significantly slow down the economic deterioration. Forget about a return to growth; it is a complete pie in the sky. What goes for Greece also holds for Spain. Too much has been written about it already recently,

perhaps, but here's some additional juicy input from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: Spain fights to ward off euro bail -out Spain was battling last night (Monday night) to avert a fullyfledged sovereign rescue after borrowing costs spiralled out of control, with dangerous knock-on effects in Italy and Eastern Europe. The yields on closely-watched two-year debt surged by 78 basis points to a modern-era high of 6.42%, leaving it unclear how long the country can continue funding itself. Italy's two-year yields vaulted to 4.6%."We can't keep going like this for another 15 days," said Prof Miguel Angel Bernal from Madrid's Institute of Market Studies(IEB). "The European Central Bank has to bring out its heavy artillery." Andrew Roberts, credit chief at Royal Bank of Scotland, said the dramatic spike in short-term borrowing costs marked a key inflexion point in the crisis, replicating the pattern seen in Greece, Ireland, and Portugal as they lost access to market finance. "We are fast approaching the endgame," he said. Exchange clearer LCH Clearnet raised margin requirements on both Spanish and Italian bonds, a move that will automatically cause further selling by some funds. [..] The Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reported sources close to premier Mariano Rajoy complaining bitterly that the crisis

engulfing Spain was a "failure of the whole European Project and the incompetence of its leaders". There is deep shock in government circles that the 65 billion austerity package passed by the Spanish parliament last week amid bitter protests across the country - and imposed by the EU - has failed to make any difference. El Confidencial said the Rajoy team was thinking of "putting on the table" a possible withdrawal from the euro, a dramatic escalation in the game of brinkmanship between the eurozone's Latin bloc and German -led creditor core. "We would have our own currency again and restore competitiveness. It would have some disastrous consequences at first, but we would regain control over our own policies and we would escape from the crisis sooner," a government source reportedly said. Spain has enough funds to muddle through into the autumn, but it is under mounting pressure from the EU authorities to swallow its pride and accept rescue to halt contagion to Italy, where bond yields are testing danger levels.[..] The surge in Spain's short-term yields adds another twist to the banking crisis, a cost that now falls on the state. Spanish banks borrowed 315 billion from the ECB under the long-term refinancing operation (LTRO) and "parked" a large chunk in Spanish two-year to five-year sovereign

bonds until they need the money to cover their own debt rollovers. While this so-called "carry trade" helped to stabilise the Spanish bond market for a few months during an exodus by foreign investors, it has now backfired badly. The two-year bond has shed 9pc in face value since the second LTRO in February, leaving the banks heavily under water. "This has turned into an unmitigated disaster. They will have to crystallise these losses when they sell," said Mr Roberts. The latest Fiscal Monitor by the International Monetary Fund has pencilled in public debt to GDP of 96% in Spain by next year, up from 84% just two months ago - a sign of how quickly the situation is snowballing out of control. Nice try, Ambrose, and a pretty good read, but you miss out on the one single thing Spain needs to do most urgently, the only thing that matters. Spain, like every country in the western world, must restructure its banking system, force defaults and bankruptcies and mansize haircuts. Which it won't under Rajoy, but then how much longer will he be around? The ESM won't be able to operate before September 12 at the earliest, if at all, and even then it will take at least another two years before it possesses its full potential firepower of some 500 billion. And who's going to volunteer to wait for that? Not those that stand to profit from not doing so. So Madrid and Rome's TWO page 38

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David: The greatest period of growth in American history was 1870-1914 the Fed didn't exist. Right after 1870, when we recovered from the Civil War we went back on the gold standard. It worked pretty well. World War I was a catastrophe for the financial system. The Fed financed it, but I don't give them any credit for that, okay? We shouldn't have been in that war. It was a stupid thing to get involved in. But once we got involved in it, the Fed printed money like crazy, it facilitated borrowing, set the groundwork for the boom of the 1920s and the collapse of the 1930s. Even then though, we had great minds who coped with reality in a pragmatic way in the Fed. Even Marriner Eccles wasn't all that bad. He stood up to Truman in 1951, when Truman wanted to force the Fed to continue to peg interest rates at 2% or 2.5% when inflation was 5%. Then we had William McChesney Martin: brilliant, pragmatic. He wasn't some kind of gold-standard guy in a pure sense, but a pragmatic guy who understood that prosperity had to come out of private productivity, out of investment, out of risk-taking, and the Fed had to be very careful not to allow speculation to start or inflation to get ignited. In 1958, he invented the phrase, "The job of the Fed is to take the punchbowl away." And we had a small recession. Six months after the recession was over he was actually raising the margin rate on the stock-market loans in order to quell speculation,

and raising interest rates so that the economy didn't start to inflate again. Now that was the regime we had until, unfortunately, Lyndon Johnson came along with his "guns and butter," took William McChesney Martin down to the ranch, and beat the hell out of him and forced him to capitulate. But here's the point I would make: In 1960, at the peak of what I call the golden era the twilight of fiscal and financial discipline we had $30 billion on the balance sheet of the Fed. It had taken 45 years to build that up. Then, as they began to rapidly expand the balance sheet of the Fed during the inflation of the '70s and the '80s, even then it took us until September 2008 the Lehman collapse to get to $900 billion. Had the balance sheet only grown at 3%, which is what the capacity of the economy to grow, I think, really is, it would have been $300 billion, so they were overshooting. Alex: We're three times where we should be. David: Where we should have been by the Lehman crisis event. In the next seven weeks, this crazy lunatic who's running the Fed increased the balance sheet of the Fed by $900 billion, in seven weeks. In other words, they expanded the balance sheet of the Fed as rapidly in seven weeks as it had occurred during the first 93 years of its existence. And that's not all, as they say on late night TV: in the next six weeks they added another $900 billion. So in

thirteen weeks they tripled the balance sheet of the Fed. Alex: Wow, that's an incredible David: So no wonder we are in totally uncharted waters, and it's being run by people who are clueless as to how to get out of the corner they've painted this country into. They really ought to be run out of town on a rail. Alex: I think you'd find that a lot of our viewers would agree with you on that one. You know, the average American is suffering. It looks like the average American is going to have to suffer more to get us out of this, but it seems like the only thing the Fed is interested in these days is propping up the stock market. Why is that? Where does that come from? David: The Fed has taken itself hostage with this whole misbegotten doctrine of wealth effects, which was created by Greenspan. In other words, if we get the stock market going up and we get the stock averages going up, people feel wealthier, they will spend more. If they spend more, there is more production and income and you get a virtuous circle. Well, that says you can create wealth through speculation. That can't be true, because if it is true, we should have had a totally different kind of system than we've had historically. So they got into that game, and then the crisis came in September, 2008. They panicked and pulled out the stops everywhere. As I said, tripled the balance sheet in thirteen weeks, [compared to

what] they had done in 93 years. They are now at a point where they don't dare begin to reduce the balance sheet, begin to contract, or they'll cause Wall Street to go into a hissy fit. They are afraid to death of Wall Street going into a hissy fit, so essentially, the robots and the boys and girls and the fast -money traders on Wall Street run the Fed indirectly. Alex: So, in the 1960s, the Fed is taking away the punchbowl. Sounds like in 2010 the Fed is the one adding the alcohol. They are afraid to stop, lest everybody riot. David: Yes, they got the party going, and they're afraid to stop it. As a result of that you have a doomsday machine. Alex: At some point we are going to be forced to stop. Market forces will kick in and Europe and China and India will stop lending us money. David: Yes. As I say, when the crisis comes in the Treasury market, it will be the great margin call in the sky. They'll start unwinding all of the carry trades, all of the repo. Asset prices generally will be affected, because this will ricochet and compound through the system. Alex: When does this happen? David: People looked at the housing market and the mortgage market way back in 2003 there were some smart people looking at this. They looked at the run rate of gross mortgage issuance, the $5 trillion I was talking about, and said: "This is insane, this is off the charts, this is so far beyond anything that has ever happened

before, something bad is going to come of this." It's obvious, if you pour debt into markets I mean a lot of people leveraged 98%, or whatever they were doing at the time with so-called mortgage insurance, and just high loan to value ratios. They were driving up prices, and so there was a housing -price boom going on. It was sucking the whole middle class into speculation. So that's the nature of the system, and now they don't know how to unwind it. Alex: That's a pretty stark picture. So as an individual investor, what are we to do? How do we protect ourselves in this type of situation? Should I be owning bonds and staying out of stocks? Should I be owning stocks? David: No, I would stay out of any security markets. These are unsafe markets at any speed. It's all tied together. As I was saying when the great margin call comes and they start selling the Treasury bond, they'll take everything else with it. Real estate is priced off Treasuries. Mortgaged-backed securities are priced off Treasuries. Corporates are priced off Treasuries. Junk bonds are priced off Treasuries. Everything. The stock market will go into a panic. We don't know when the timing will come we've never been in a world where there is $15 trillion worth of central-bank balance sheets, like we have today. The only thing I think you can conclude is preservation is the DAVID page 41


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answer is to ban short selling, right?! Forget about a full troika bailout for Spain. Not in the cards. Not going to happen. There's not a party that would potentially be involved that wouldn't risk losing most if not all of its credibility. Moody's lowered its outlook for Germany and Holland already. Where do you think they would take that outlook if such a bailout would materialize? Mind you, there will be attempts at "pretend" bailouts for Spain. Which will arrive a lightyear too late and come up a mile and a half short. Just following MO here. Ambrose covers Greece as well today: Who will hold the Troika to account for asphyxiating Greece? Who will be held responsible for what has happened to Greece? Germany has clearly taken the decision to expel Greece from the euro, whatever the new Greek government does. ViceChancellor Philipp Roesler says the "horror" of Greek exit has worn off. The markets will hardly miss a beat when the day comes. Greece has already failed to complete 210 targets imposed by the EU-IMF Troika. "Unfortunately it is likely that Greece will not be able to fulfil the requirements. And I say quite clearly, if Greece fails to comply, there should be no more payments to Greece. I have to say I am more than sceptical," he said. Before we all join together to kick the Greeks when they are down, let us be clear why the

country has kept missing the targets. The Troika originally said that Greece' economy would contract by 2.6% in 2010 under the austerity regime, before recovering with growth of 1.1% in 2011, and 2.1% in 2012. In fact, Greek GDP has been in an unbroken free-fall. It did not grow last year. It contracted a further 6.9%, and is now expected to shrink 6.7%this year. This was entirely predictable and was predicted by many critics since Greece faced an IMF-style austerity package without the usual IMF cure of devaluation. The Troika's ideology of "expansionary fiscal contraction" which the IMF has to its credit since abjured, but the fanatics in charge still swear by is breaking a whole society on the wheel. The result of this Great Depression as the Greek prime minister calls it is in implosion in tax revenues. The budget deficit has remained stuck near 9% of GDP despite draconian wage cuts and hospital closures. Roughly speaking, the Troika has misjudged the scale of economic decline over three years by 12% of GDP. "That is a massive miscalculation," said David Bloom, head of currencies at HSBC."The collapse has been exponential. Greek GDP is contracting faster than they can reduce debt. The Troika really has a duty to give Greece the next tranche of money," he said.[..] What Mr Roesler really means is that Germany is not willing to spend any taxpayer's money on

Greece. Not one euro. Previous losses were entirely concentrated on pension funds, insurers, banks, and other private holders who took a 75% haircut punished for their loyalty but there is not much more to be squeezed out of them. Any further aid puts creditor governments directly at risk. That's what this is all about. OK, but please cut out the humbug, the rhetoric about Europe's unshakeable will to hold EMU together, the flowery promises to uphold the cause of peace and comity in Europe. It is all just squalid calculation, and a lot of lies. I wrote everything above before I saw this last piece by EvansPritchard. Nevertheless, my point stands. While Ambrose sees the issue,"GDP is contracting faster than they can reduce debt", "The collapse has been exponential", he doesn't seem to get it. So event no. 1, ignored across the board, is economies that deteriorate faster than bailouts and debt reduction measures can be pushed through. It will play a huge role in what happens going forward. On to event no. 2: the EC/ECB/ IMF troika is crumbling and will soon fall to pieces. The letter by IMF official Peter Doyle I referred to in Spiegel bombshell: The IMF plans to dump Greece("After twenty years of service, I am ashamed to have had any association with the Fund at all..."), was published a few days ago. But it is dated June 18.

Granted, the fact that it took over a month to become public could be due to all kinds of innocent factors. Then again: mere days, maybe even just hours, later, the Spiegel article I translated in that same piece was posted. It talks about IMF officials telling Brussels brass that their fund will no longer support Greece. It's not clear if the anonymous source is IMF or EC. And that is not all that important for my point. since either there are internal issues inside the IMF, something Doyle's letter would seem to bear witness to, or there are issues between the two organizations. In both cases, walls are crumbling. The troika has outlived its usefulness, from the point of view of its participants, in the same way that, as I wrote at the time, sometime last year the GermanFrench united stand in the eurocrisis came apart. And for the same reasons too: the respective interests of the participants are growing apart too much and too fast to hold it all together. The European Commission (EC) has no real power; it can't go against German wishes. The same goes for the ECB. There are European institutions in which a Latin - majority could outvote Germany, but it would have paper value only. There are a lot of entities in Europe, in Brussels, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, that have looked mighty shiny and powerful so far in the good times. Now the good times are over, so is their power. They'll take the entire European project down with

them. The IMF wants Europe to agree to such measures as QE, eurobonds, fiscal union, direct bank bailouts and -"preannounced over a given period of time, buying a representative portfolio of long-term government bonds" . While some of the poorer nations would obviously agree with most of this, Germany will not - and probably legally cannot let that happen. And why should it? What good would it really do to have the ECB buy trillions of euros more in government bonds, or any sort of debt, if nobody dares look at the debts that still exist within the financial system? Chances are, the money would just be thrown away and squandered, just to keep up appearances a while longer. Before one more penny goes to Spain, Europeans should demand to see the books of its banks. Yeah, the same ones that got a 100 billion bailout last week. Which they will transfer to Wall Street and the City of London. What a wonderful world. The people of Europe, like their American peers, still live under the illusion that they can exert their political influence in the ballot box. They will all find out that this influence can be fought for, gained and exerted in one place only: the street. And that is where we will find the people. So there's a third defining event coming to the surface as we speak: like the troika, the TWO page 43

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Germany in Recession: Private Sector Sees Fastest Falls in Output and New Business Since June 2009; New Export Orders Collapse (Mike Mish Shedlock) (Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis)

Manufacturers suffered a sharper drop in business activity than service providers during July, as well as a greater loss of Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:28:00 AM The vaunted German export m o m e n t u m r e l a t i v e t o t h e machine is sinking into the abyss. situation in June. The latest The Markit Flash Germany PMI reduction in manufacturing shows German private sector sees production was the steepest for fastest falls in output and new just over three years, while new business since June 2009. orders received in the sector Key Points dropped at the fastest pace since April 2009. Service providers Flash Germany Composite recorded only a marginal decrease Output Index(1) at 47.3 (48.1 in in business activity, although the June), 37-month low. rate of contraction was the joint Flash Germany Services fastest in three years. Activity Index(2) at 49.7 (49.9 in Across the private sector as a June), 10-month low. whole, new business intakes fell Flash Germany Manufacturing at the quickest rate since June PMI(3) at 43.3 (45.0 in June), 37- 2009, with manufacturers and month low. service providers both recording Flash Germany Manufacturing much sharper declines than during Output Index(4) at 42.8 (44.8 in the previous month. Lower levels June), 37-month low. of new work have been recorded in the service economy during Summary: each month since April, and the The seasonally adjusted Markit latest reduction was the fastest for Flash Germany Composite Output exactly three years. Meanwhile, in Index fell for the sixth month the manufacturing sector, new running in July, to 47.3 from 48.1 export orders declined at the in June. The index has posted steepest rate since May 2009, below the 50.0 no-change value in which contributed to a thirteenth each month since May, and the successive monthly fall in total latest reading signalled the fastest new business volumes. pace of private sector contraction July data pointed to a sharp and since June 2009. accelerated fall in outstanding

conclusion is about as silly as the "no recession" call that preceded it. The new forecast: there will be a recession in the eurozone but not the EU and it will be "mild". Such nonsense went on for months actually. Economists were behind the curve every step of the way even though it should have been blatantly obvious what was about to happen. Global Recession Revisited On July 6 I wrote Plunging New Orders Suggest Global Recession Has Arrived Clearly I am not changing that business across the German get sucked into it. Approximately prognosis although I do wish to private sector. .... Flashback 28 percent of German GDP is reiterate the definition of "global J a n u a r y 0 9 , 2 0 1 2 : D i m w i t derived by exporting goods to EU recession as per my post Case for Comment of the Day: Christine countries and Switzerland. US and Global Recession Right Lagarde, IMF Director says Think German exports to the rest Here, Right Now; Recognizing "Europe May Avoid a Recession of Europe are going to rise the Limits of Madness; This Year" forever? Think again, starting Permabears? In what is likely the silliest with a look at the Eurozone's 4th Contrary to popular myth, comment of the year so far, largest economy. ... Flashback recession does not mean two Christine Lagarde says Europe February 23, 2012: Don't Worry, consecutive quarters of may avoid recession this year It's Only a "Mild Recession" economic contraction. Rather, two Flashback January 12, 2012: The economic clowns in the EU consecutive quarters of German Economy Contracts in h a v e f i n a l l y a c k n o w l e d g e d economic contraction is a 4th Quarter; Spain's Industrial something that was blatantly sufficient, but not necessary Output Plunges 7%; UK Trade obvious at least six months ago condition. Deficit Widens; European Banks (and a lot longer if one factored in In the US, the NBER is the Wisely Hoard Cash the likely effects of multiple official designator of recession If Europe heads into a prolonged austerity programs in numerous start and end points. Many recession (and it has already countries). started), Germany cannot help but However, the economists' new GERMANY page 41



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The Extortion Racket Shifts to Spain

Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:38:19 PM

W o l f R i c h t e r After 21 summits to save the euro, followed by dog-and-pony shows to calm the markets, followed by confidence-inspiring pronouncements about insurmountable firewalls and pandemic structural reforms, the euro is in greater danger than ever before. After the last summit at the end of June, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy walked away with a victory smile, and Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti was so triumphant that it aggravated other heads of state. Now, Spain is on the brink. Its collapse would be so spectacular that people have stopped watching Italy for now. Despite repeated assurances that Spain would not need a bailout, though it already accepted 100 billion to bail out its banks, rumors floated to the surface Monday that it would seek a bailout. The price: 300 billion. This would be the topic in Berlin on Tuesday where Spanish Economic Minister Luis de Guindos would meet German Finance Minister Wolfgang

Schuble, the lynchpin in any of this. True to Eurozone bailout form, de Guindos denied the rumors and emphasized again that Spain would not need a bailout. Spain is desperate. Yields on 10year bonds hit 7.5%, approaching the point where the high cost of borrowing would lock Spain out of the credit markets. But in October, 28 billion in government debt will come due. Hence de Guindos mission in Berlin. But Tuesday morning, new rumors seeped out: de Guindos would push and shove Schuble to allow the European Central Bank to buy Spanish debt in the secondary markets to force down yields and preserve Spains access to the markets. The government, with support from its triumvirate partners France and Italy, has been castigating the ECB that it wasnt doing its job, which was to print money and buy sovereign bonds, something it had done before, but had inexplicably stopped in mid-March, and it fingered the behind-the-scenes culprit: Germany. If de Guindos couldnt persuade Schuble to give in, sources of el Economista said, he would seek a temporary line of credit, not a

bailout, to deal with Spains temporary problems, namely its maturing debt, funding its deficit, and bailing out its regionsValencia, Murcia, and Catalonia already asked the central government for help. The line of credit would buy timethe mantra in all Eurozone bailouts. And if he couldnt hoodwink Schuble into agreeing to a line of credit, sources suggested that more forceful measures must be studied.... Default. Because Spain has no money to meet its upcoming obligations in October. Then there would be haircuts, the sources said. Dreadful words. It worked for Greece; its going to work for Spain. Given the amount of Spanish debt and related derivatives decomposing in closets of German banks, those words were a loaded gun to Schubles head. The extortion racket, perfected by successive Greek governments, has switched to Spain. But this alternative is so extreme, the sources said (thus putting the gun back into the holster for now), that it isnt the most likely option. Nevertheless, Spanish Credit Default Swaps jumped 31 basis points to a record of 636.

Suddenly, plot twist. Meeting over, a new rumor bubbled up: the Germans wanted Spain to formally request a ... 300 billion bailout! It might fund Spain for a year and a half or soto buy time. 100 billion would come from the current bailout fund, the EFSFwhich would leave it with only 38 billion, after its commitments to Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Ireland, and possible commitments to Cyprus. 200 billion would come from the permanent but still non-existing bailout fund, the ESM; its still awaiting the rubber stamping by the German Constitutional Court. Apparently, de Guindos and Schuble agreed that both funds could buy Spanish debt. Schuble, however, didnt yield on one item, despite the big gun to his head: the ECB would not buy Spanish bonds. The conditions linked to the bailout package havent been determined yet. However sources close to the government believed that no additional harsh conditions would be imposed due to the structural reforms announced two weeks ago and t h o s e a l r e a d y implementedmeasures that have caused demonstrations and some

violence across the country. And an utterly peaceful and tongue-incheek protest by naked Firefighters [Im not kidding; check out the video.... Naked Firefighters Protest Salary Cuts]. Given how bailouts have gone so far, the combined 400 billion wont be enough, and it will probably be clear that it wont be enough before the ink on the deal is even dry. Just like Greece now needs a third bailout, which it is unlikely to get, Spains final bailout costs will be far larger than the 400 billion, and far larger than any of the prior bailouts. And then theres Italy. Read.... But Who The Heck Is Going To Do All The Bailing Out? Average: Your rating: None Average: 5( 1 vote) This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

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continued from page 37

only thing you are about as an investor. Forget about yield. Forget about return. Just keep yourself liquid and preserve your capital, because you can't predict the day when, as I say, the great margin call in the sky comes down. Alex: So if it's not about coming out ahead, it's about coming out not behind everybody else. It's just losing a little less. What's the most effective way to do that? Do you want to hold cash? Alternative options? David: Yes. I don't even think there's nothing wrong with owning Treasury bills. I mean, if you want to get, for a one-year Treasury, what is the thing now? Twenty basis points or something? Alex: So when the great Treasury crash comes, I should own Treasury bills? David: Well, it doesn't mean the price of the Treasury is going to crash, no. Alex: Okay, so we are just going to see interest rates skyrocket on new issues. The US government is not going to be able to borrow. David: That's why you're short. If you're in a thirty-day piece of

paper, you're not going to lose principal. Alex: What happens to the dollar in all of this? If I'm holding dollar denominated assets ? David: Well, the dollar, in theory, people would think is going to crash. I don't think it is because all the rest of the currencies in the world are worse. Alex: So once again, America is not that bad off. David: Well, we're bad off because when the financial markets reprice drastically, it's going to have a shocking effect on economic activity. It's going to paralyze things. It's going to finally cause consumption to come down. It's going to cause government spending to be retracted. You know, the Keynesians are right. Borrowing does add to GDP accounts. But it doesn't add to wealth. It doesn't add to real productivity, but it does add to GDP as it's calculated and published because GDP accounts were designed by Keynesians who don't believe in a balance sheet. So they said, "If the public sector and the household sector are borrowing, let's say,

$10 trillion next year, run it though GDP, you'll get a big bump to GDP." But sooner or later your balance sheet will collapse. They forgot about that one. So my point is that we've gone through a thirty-year expansion of the balance sheet, an artificial growth in GDP; now we're going to have to be retracting the collective balance sheets. That means that GDP will not grow. It may even contract, and no one's prepared for that. Alex: So the economy will collapse. The dollar will be okay, because we still need a medium of exchange and the dollar is the least-bad currency in the world. How does gold fit into the picture? Do you think that gold is a good asset? David: Yes, I think that gold is a good asset. It's the only currency that anybody is going to believe in after a while. Alex: Okay, so maybe hold that as an insurance policy. Do you own gold yourself? David: Yes, as an insurance policy. Alex: Where else do you invest in today? David: I'm preserving capital. I'm

in cash. I don't think the risk of the system is worth it. Alex: So you are practicing what you preach, 100%? David: Yes. Alex: That's great. It's good to hear. This is excellent advice for our subscribers as well, to consider that there's a lot of potential energy built up in the system. You've articulated it well, a lot of painful policy moves ahead of us, and probably something that makes 2008 look like a preview, if you will. David: It was just a warm-up. Alex: Just a warm-up. Thank you very much. David: Thank you. Average: Your rating: None Average: 4.7( 19 votes) This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Older adults who meditate feel less lonely

(Holy Kaw!)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 2:44:00 PM

A new study offers the first evidence that mindfulness meditation reduces loneliness in older adults, and may lower their risk of inflammatory diseases. The study shows that mindfulness meditation reduces feelings of loneliness in older adults, and may also reduce disease-causing inflammation. "Its important to train your mind like you train your biceps in the gym," says Carnegie Mellon University Professor J. David Creswell. Full story at Futurity. More research news from top universities. Permalink| Leave a comment

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recessions have started with GDP still growing. The " Conditions for Global Recession" are even looser. " The International Monetary Fund (IMF) considers a global recession as a period where gross domestic product (GDP) growth

is at 3% or less. In addition to that, the IMF looks at declines in real per-capita world GDP along with several global macroeconomic factors before confirming a global recession." Mike "Mish" Shedlock h t t p : / /

globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. com Click Here To Scroll Thru My Recent Post List Mike "Mish" Shedlock is a registered investment advisor representative for SitkaPacific Capital Management. Sitka Pacific is an

asset management firm whose preservation strategies of Sitka goal is strong performance and Pacific. low volatility, regardless of market direction. Visit http:// account_management.html to learn more about wealth management and capital


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Inequality Is Much Worse When You Count Income Hidden In Tax Shelters
Kenneth Thomas (Money Game)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:54:47 PM

A new report by the Tax Justice Network, "The Price of Offshore Revisited," shows that the amount of wealth held in tax havens has increased enormously since 2004, and confirms what I previously wrote about the huge cost to tax coffers of money hidden offshore. The report was authored by the former Chief Economist of McKinsey and Company, James Henry. Its findings advance our understanding of tax havens and demonstrate that typical estimates of wealth inequality are significantly understated. The major finding is that offshore financial holdings now come to some $21-32 trillion, compared with the estimate in TJN's 2005 report of $9.5 trillion (this excludes non-financial wealth, such as real estate). James makes a very conservative estimate of how much governments lose in taxes of $189 billion a year, based on earning just 3% on this $21

trillion, taxed at 30%. How conservative? This is actually less than the $255 billion annually estimated in the first TJN report, but that is based on earning 7.5% annually on offshore wealth. We can get an idea of how conservative this estimate of lost taxes by seeing how sensitive it is to changing the rate of return and wealth estimate used: Rate of Return Wealth Estimate Lost Taxes 3% $21 Trillion $189 billion (Henry's actual estimate) 4% $21 Trillion $252 billion 5% $21 Trillion $315 billion 6% $21 Trillion $378 billion 3% $32 Trillion $288 billion 4% $32 Trillion $384 billion 5% $32 Trillion $480 billion 6% $32 Trillion $576 billion Note that none of these

hypothetical estimates use an earnings rate for offshore wealth as high as the original TJN report's 7.5%. Since these assets are hidden, we of course have no way of knowing how much the money is earning. I think it is fair to say that Henry's estimate is more likely low than high. On the inequality of financial

In the companion report on inequality by Nicholas Shaxson et al., the authors asked a number of well-known experts on inequality if they thought these data showed inequality has been underestimated. The answer from Thomas Piketty (of Piketty and Saez, the most widely quoted set of papers on inequality that I know of) was blunt: "Yes, definitely." Despite Felix Salmon' s characterization of the report as "long on hyperbole," I find no reason to disagree with its conclusion that tax havens are a "black hole," one which costs the middle class (through uncollected taxes on the super-rich) untold wealth, Henry says: By our estimates, at least a third billions of dollars and increases of all private financial wealth, and inequality around the world. nearly half of all offshore wealth, Please follow Business Insider on is now owned by world's richest Twitter and Facebook. 91,000 people - just 0.001% of the Join the conversation about this world's population. The next 51 story percent of all wealth is owned by the next 8.4 million, another trivial 0.14% of the world's population.

U.S. rally to rout Spain in warm-up

(Sports News Headlines Yahoo! News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:37:32 PM

BARCELONA, Spain (Reuters) -

Spain stood tall early but sharpshooting Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James helped the U.S. team overcome a shaky start for a 100-78 win Tuesday in a potential

preview of the gold-medal game at the London Olympics. "We are very pleased with the win and we know what an outstanding team Spain is," U.S. coach Mike

Krzyzewski said after the Americans completed a sweep of their five warm-up games before opening the defense of their Olympic title. The U.S. ...

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continued from page 38

European project itself, or the eurozone if you will, is dissolving. Things might have worked out differently if Europe would have been a union along the lines of the US. But there was never even a glimmer of a chance of that happening. Too much history, too many differences, too many languages. And now less than ever. Everybody will go home to their own piece of land, and hopefully stay home, and not go fight over who's to blame for the failure and the misery, and thatll be it for the European union. Whether the tighter US union is a

blessing remains to be seen, there's no going home there when things go wrong, but that's another story. There will be efforts to keep the rich core of Europe together, but respective diverging interests in that group will cause a fatal rift there too. To understand why, you might want to read this from Thomas Pascoe, for instance: Why France is on the road to becoming the new Greece. Or ponder that Holland has the perhaps highest personal debt per capita in the entire world. Don't listen anymore to all those pundits who claim that Merkel or

Draghi or anyone else can and should safe the euro by buying this or purchasing that. They can't. Project Europe is over. The best we can hope for is a peaceful withdrawal. I don't know if that hope is all that realistic. No promises here. Please follow Money Game on Twitter and Facebook. Join the conversation about this story

How VMware Embraced Its Open Source Nemesis

Cade Metz (Wired Top Stories)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 5:50:00 PM

Serious mental illness drives up risk of cancer

(Holy Kaw!)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 1:23:00 PM

Record Low Yields Once Again on US Treasuries (Mike Mish Shedlock) (Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 2:18:00 PM

Curve watcher's anonymous is noting record low yields across most of the US Treasury yield curve. US Treasury Curve 2012-07-24 click on chart for sharper image The above image is just off the absolute lows. The 30-year touched 2.45% and 10-year 1.39%. Legend Brown: $IRX 3-Month Treasury Bill Discount Rate

Blue: $FVX 5-Year Treasury Note Yield Orange: $TNX 10-Year Treasury Note Yield Green: $TYX 30-Year Long Bond Yield

Mike "Mish" Shedlock h t t p : / / globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. com Click Here To Scroll Thru My

People with serious mental illness such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are more than twice as likely to develop cancer than the general population, say researchers at Johns Hopkins University. Patients with schizophrenia, when compared to the general population, were more than 4.5 times more likely to develop lung Recent Post List Mike cancer, 3.5 times more likely to "Mish" Shedlock is a registered develop colorectal cancer and investment advisor representative nearly three times more likely to f o r S i t k a P a c i f i c C a p i t a l develop breast cancer. People Management. Sitka Pacific is an with bipolar disorder experienced asset management firm whose similarly high risk for lung, goal is strong performance and colorectal, and breast cancer. low volatility, regardless of Full story at Futurity. market direction. Visit http:// More research news from top w w w . s i t k a p a c i f i c . c o m / universities. account_management.html to Photo credit: Fotolia l e a r n m o r e a b o u t w e a l t h Permalink| Leave a comment management and capital preservation strategies of Sitka Pacific. VMware HOWtechnology officer chief page 44


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continued from page 43

Steve Herrod has embraced the virtual networking know-how of Silicon Valley startup Nicira. But will he embrace its open source ways? Photo: VMware VMware just spent $1.26 billion to secure its place in the future of computer networking. But in acquiring the swashbuckling Silicon Valley startup Nicira, the virtualization giant is also shifting even further into the world of open source software, a world it was once very much at odds with and in some ways still is. Nicira builds virtual computer networks networks that exist only as software and much of its networking technology is open source, meaning its freely available to anyone. But the company is also one of the primary forces behind the OpenStack project a sweeping effort to build an open source platform that mimics the massively popular cloud service offered by Amazon. As is typically the case in the world of open source software, the politics of the situation are as complicated as the technology. OpenStack is a direct competitor to a proprietary VMware platform known as vCloud Diretor. But much like Microsoft and other giants of the software world, VMware is realizing it must play nicely with open source software if its to succeed in the allimportant realm of cloud computing, where the likes of Amazon offer the world instant access to virtual computing resources over the net.

For John Engates the chief technology officer of Rackspace, Amazons chief competitor and one of the cofounders of OpenStack VMwares acquisition of Nicira is a natural next step in the gradual evolution of the company. VMware is a company in a transition. Theyve been adopting open source projects and open source mentalities, Engates tell us. I think they see value in what OpenStack is building, and I think they believe they have a role to play there. Josh McKinty, the CEO and founder of Piston Cloud Computing, another company backing OpenStack, warns that VMware could easily alter Niciras involvement in OpenStack. Is this an honest maneuver? Do they want to drive OpenStack forward? Or is it a trojan horse, where they want to use their position to not necessarily sabotage but slow down or steer or change the direction of OpenStack? he says. I cant answer that question. But like Engates, he believes the company will get behind the project in one way or another. During a short conversation on Monday following the announcement of the acquisition agreement, VMware chief technology officer Steve Herrod and Nicira CTO Martin Casado indicated that the two companies will maintain Niciras approach to open source software. And like John Engates, Herrod pointed to VMares recent history with open

source. Most notably, VMware has built an open-source platform called Cloud Foundry, which can run on top of practically any Amazonlike cloud setup, including both OpenStack and VMware vCloud Director. And on Monday, Herrod indicated that Nicira would play an important role in the future of Cloud Foundry. Like Microsoft, VMware will likely embrace open source in some ways, while finding other ways to make money from proprietary software and services. VMware is the company that turned the world onto virtual servers, machines that exist only as software. It helped so many businesses save money and space by running multiple virtual machines atop a single physical server, and by some estimates, it now controls 80 percent of this virtual server market. But in others ways, its proprietary software has struggled to compete with a wide range of open source platforms. The biggest names in cloud computing including Google and Amazon dont use VMwares vSphere hypervisor, the software that serves up virtual machines. They use the open source hypervisors Xen and KVM. Whats more, OpenStack and other open-source versions of such cloud services have gained a foothold among other big tech names is a way vCloud hasnt. HP, IBM, and Cisco, for instance, have all put their weight behind OpenStack.

For Rackspaces Engates, vCloud is little more than an extra layer added atop VMwares existing virtualization software, whereas platforms such as OpenStack have been built from the ground up to mimic the Amazon. And in many ways, Engates is worth listening too. In backing OpenStack, Rackspace is a VMware competitor. But its also one of VMware biggest customers, using vSphere to help run its massive hosting business, which lets companies run software on their dedicated machines. On some level, VMware disagrees. Last month, when Google unveiled its new cloud service, Mathew Lodge vice president of cloud services at VMware told us that vCloud is superior to other options because you can update it on the fly, while virtual machines are still running. But in building Cloud Foundry and now acquiring Nicira, the company seems to realize how important open source is to the cloud game. These are the rules you have to play by today, VMware CEO Paul Maritz told us this fall, when asked why the company had open sourced Cloud Foundry. Were still a mid-sized company. Weve been very successful, but we dont have the footprint of a Microsoft or a Google. We have to bend to the forces of history, not the other way around. Maritz will soon step down as CEO, but it seems this philosophy remains. In much the same way VMware gives you virtual servers, Nicira

gives you virtual networks that connect such servers. The companys key product is a controller for building and managing these software-defined networks. The whole aim of the platform is to free businesses from the constraints of Cisco and other big name network hardware outfits it works with virtually any network hardware and OpenStack is a big part of this effort to create a more egalitarian approach to networking. Nicira is the primary contributor to OpenStacks Quantum subproject, which basically a framework for plugging virtual network controller like Niciras into OpenStack-based services. Its specifically designed to accomodate any virtual network controller that might come along, and its hard to see VMware pushing against this effort now that it owns Nicira. Though hes unsure of VMwares motives, Joshua McKinty points out that VMware has put some weight behind OpenStack. Earlier this month, the company demonstrated its Cloud Foundry platform running atop the OpenStack distro offered by McKintys cloud computing at OSCON, the big open source developer conference. I see the Nicira acquisition as the second major inroads it has made into OpenStack, he says. John Engates not only believes that VMware will continue Niciras work on Quantum. He HOW page 46

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Phoenix Pastor Jailed Over Home Bible Study to Serve 3 Years?

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July 17, 2012| 3:38 pm The Arizona pastor who is currently imprisoned for hosting regular Bible studies at his home may have to serve up to three years for violating his probation. Michael Salman, an ordained pastor of Church of God in Christ and the founder of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Phoenix, appeared in court Monday on charges that he violated his probation by continuing to hold Bible studies on his 4.6 acre property with more than 12 people, and for failing to pay over $12,000 in fines. The Phoenix Municipal Court had earlier ruled that Salman was not to have more than 12 people at his home until he met the city's building codes, fire codes and other safety codes. "He was found guilty of violating that (12 people limit) today. So in two to four weeks supposedly the court will decide what they are going to do in terms of his violation," said John Whitehead, Salman's attorney and founding president of the legal group The Rutherford Institute, to The Christian Post after the Monday court hearing. "The prosecutor is arguing for more jail time." READ FACT SHEET FROM THE RUTHERFORD

INSTITUTE Whitehead noted that 15 to 20 people were meeting in Salman's home for Bible study after the court's order of a 12-persons limit. "[They brought him to court] to see if they are going to extend the 60 days in jail," he said. "He is on three year probation, which means that he could get up to three years in jail." Follow us Last Monday, Salman began his 60-day jail sentence at Maricopa County Jail for hosting Bible studies twice a week in his home. A Phoenix court found him guilty of 67 code violations in connection to failing to comply to the city's building, fire, safety, and zoning codes. The city of Phoenix argues that Salman's case is not about religious freedom but about public safety. In an interview with CP, the city prosecutor or chief prosecutor for Phoenix, Aaron J. Carreon-Ainsa, noted that five judges have looked at Salman's case, including two U.S. district judges and an appellate judge, and have affirmed the conviction. "We are interested in ensuring that people are provided a safe place in which they can worship," said Carreon-Ainsa. "We don't want a tragedy that we sometimes read about in third world countries where people are

gathered for whatever purpose and they perish because of a fire or some other situation that they are not able to protect themselves [from]..." READ FACT SHEET FROM THE CITY OF PHOENIX Salman, who is a father of six, has been hosting Bible studies on his property for the past 7 years. The city of Phoenix began interacting with Salman about zoning concerns starting in 2006, when the Zoning Administrator informed him that his property was analogous to a church and therefore he should adjust his home to comply with the Zoning Ordinance. According to the City of Phoenix Prosecutor's Office, the city has repeatedly asked Salman to comply with the safety codes and "he chose to ignore these requests for voluntary compliance prior to the commencement of any proceedings." But Brad Dacus, founding president of the Pacific Justice Institute which has defended several home Bible study cases weighed in and disagreed with the city's argument. "The city is dealing with a 5-acre parcel of land. Based on the information we have received, there are no bona fide health or safety concerns that have been brought to light," said Dacus to

CP on Tuesday. "There have been no injuries incurred by any individuals that have come to gather for this purpose. There are no imminent risks of injuries for anyone gathered for this religious purpose. And there are no bona fide nuisances that have arisen since its usage. "This attempt by the city of Phoenix is an overbearing usage of their authority in a manner that is clearly not warranted." In a YouTube video, the Salmans give a tour of their large property, emphasizing that the dozens of cars that come to their home for the Bible study are parked behind their private gate on their property and not on the streets. A notable discrepancy is that while Salman says around 30 to 40 people usually gather at his home, the city says that up to 80 people with seating for a hundred is common. Salman and his attorney decry the city's harsh punishments meted out over a home Bible study to be in violation of the defendant's religious freedom. Dacus also commented on the most recent court hearing, "To the extent to which the city of Phoenix has placed this limitation of only 12 people being able to meet in this home, such a narrow limitation is suspect as necessary and it seems arbitrary in terms of the number selected and as well as

who they chose to enforce it." PJI recently successfully defended a local Christian Bible group meeting in San Juan Capistrano, Calif., that was vulnerable to a controversial city code that required all religious, fraternal or nonprofit organizations of three people or more to obtain a conditional-use permit for hosting meetings, including Bible studies. The couple hosting the Bible group faced a $300 fine for violating this code. PJI successfully convinced the city of San Juan Capistrano to adopt a new policy that now allows up to 40 people to meet in a private residence without a permit. But the news is not as positive for Salman, who still faces a $12,180 fine and may have his 60-day jail sentence extended in a few weeks by the court. Clarification: July 17, 2012: An article on July 17, 2012, about an Arizona pastor who is currently serving a prison sentence for hosting a weekly Bible study held in a building that violated the city's building safety codes originally reported that five judges found Michael Salman guilty. Aaron J. Carreon-Ainsa of the City Prosecutor's Office in Phoenix clarified that there was PHOENIX page 46



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Pat Robertson Tells Christian Viewer to Dump Muslim Girlfriend

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July 18, 2012| 9:06 am (Photo: YouTube via The Christian Post) Pat Robertson appears on "The 700 Club" Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011. During the Q&A segment of the program, a man named Brad wrote in explaining that he had been in a relationship with a Muslim woman for three years and that they were planning to get married. "No way! No way! She's going to want to do her Muslim thing and you're going to want to do your Christian thing. There will be constant struggle and strife. Walk away," said Robertson. "In the Old Testament they were forbidden to intermarry with the heathen." Glenn Stanton, director of global family formation studies for Focus on the Family, told The Christian Post that he agreed with Robertson's views on interfaith marriage. "The wisdom of God's Word is quite clear on believers being unequally yoked. And marrying someone who is not a Christian

who is not a daily disciple of Christ is being unequally yoked, regardless of what their beliefs might be," said Stanton. "And the wisdom of Scripture is, not surprisingly, backed up by social science, which finds that interfaith marriages are significantly more likely to be unstable, even leading to higher levels of divorce." According to a 2008 survey performed by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, about 25 percent of married Americans have a spouse of a different religious sect. When considering Protestant denomination s as different religious groups, the number rises to 37 percent. Stanton told CP that he believed this large percentage of interfaith marriages was because couples in America are not taking faith in practice as seriously as previous generations. "A serious commitment to faith and the practice of that faith is not as important to many couples these days," said Stanton. "Less than 50 years ago, an interfaith marriage was when a Presbyterian married a Methodist. That was when distinct belief, practice and identity was taken

more seriously." The example that Robertson commented on focused on a Christian-Muslim couple. According to Kamal Nawash, president of the Free Muslims Coalition, Robertson's remarks fit with what many religious leaders preach. "While I am not a fan of Robertson, he cannot be blamed for his latest statement. He is merely preaching generally accepted Christian orthodoxy. Most religious leaders, of any faith, adopt the same rule as Robertson," said Nawash in an interview with The Christian Post. Nawash explained that with Islamic practice there is some room allowed for interfaith marriages, but only between a Muslim and someone who is either Jewish or Christian. Further, most Muslims assume that only men can marry outside the religion. "Textual Islam is unique among the Abrahamic faiths. It allows interfaith marriages and prohibits husbands from even asking their wives to convert to Islam," said Nawash. "However, Muslims are not allowed to marry people outside

argues that the company could end up contributing code to other parts of OpenStack as well. At the moment, OpenStack runs atop the Xen and KVM hypervisors but not VMwares vSphere. Surely, of Christianity or Judaism. thats something VMware wants Meaning, Muslims cannot marry to change. Hindus, Buddhists and the like. This entry passed through the This is because Islam sees Full-Text RSS service if this is Christianity and Judaism as godly your content and you're reading it religions." on someone else's site, please read Nawash also said that in the the FAQ at States Muslim men have only/faq.php#publishers. Five been known to marry nonFilters recommends: Incinerating Muslims and that increasingly Assange - The Liberal Media Go Muslim women in America have To Work. been doing likewise. "It is becoming very common for Christian-Muslim marriage s in the United States. The trend has been common with men for decades," said Nawash. PHOENIX "However, now it is becoming continued from page 45 common with Muslim women only one trial and the other judges I anticipate this trend to continue reviewed the case and affirmed at a rapid speed and there is the conviction. nothing that can be done about it." READ: FEDERAL COURT READ: WHAT DOES IT MEAN E R O D E S R E L I G I O U S TO BE UNEQUALLY YOKED? F R E E D O M S This entry passed through the This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at the FAQ at Five only/faq.php#publishers. Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work. To Work.

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Televangelist Juanita Bynum Confesses: I've Been With Women

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responsibility for my life and not doing the blame game to say 'oh, this is their fault;' I took full July 17, 2012| 9:41 am responsibility in every area "I've been there and I've done it because every choice that I made, all. I did the drugs, I've been with nobody put a gun to my head. I men, I've been with women. All made those choices due to a lack of it," she said July 13 on the of wisdom." "Frank & Wanda in the Morning" Follow us radio program. Continuing, she stated, "I'm not Host Frank Ski immediately insecure about being around r e s p o n d e d w i t h : " A r e y o u people who have issues and serious?" struggles because I've been there The unexpected confession was and I've done it all." m a d e a s t h e s e l f - p r o f e s s e d That's when she disclosed her prophetess was on the Atlanta- past sexual relations with women. based station to discuss her "Get Following Ski's "are you serious" Y o u r L i f e B a c k " t h e a t e r question, she answered, "Every production. The stage play bit of it." starring Bynum, Anthony Dalton "It's my life." and Miss Venetia "Princess" "That abuse I suffered was Lewis tackles true life issues, because I attracted after my own shame and guilt, according to a kind," Bynum added. "That abuse description of the show. was already sitting in me. I had Bynum was asked by Ski to already abused myself mentally speak on the power of purpose and emotionally for years trying and how to bounce back from to fill a void that only the power struggles or trauma. of purpose can fill. She responded, "I've been there "You can have sex with 50,000 ... but I think the minute I allowed people, you can do drugs until the somebody to help me to take full cows come home. But the void

that you're trying to fill is a void that's been put there by the Creator and it's called purpose and destiny and until you accept that you're going to walk around the living dead." Following the brief interview, a listener, Lisa Lewis, tweeted, "@SandraRose Did you hear @DrBynum (Juanita Bynum) admitt to having sex with women on @V103Atlanta? Another closet confession. I am shocked." A couple of days later, Bynum also made several follow-up comments on her Twitter account. "If my life's testamony offends you then good you can go serve christ for real because he will Never dissappoint you ever!!!" she tweeted on July 15. "Testamony is what you get after something has been put to death!.Maybe that's why we don't see a lot of them. You got to kill it to tell it!" The 53-year-old also posted: "And they OVER CAME him(SATAN) by the blood of the lamb and by their TESTAMONIES!!! When we

expose the enemy we OVER THROW HIM FOR GOOD!!" "You don't get anointed because God likes you get anointed when he breaks junk out of your life!" "A Life of Transparency causes people to see christ in you and thru you!!!" Bynum was married twice and was the victim of domestic abuse in both marriages. Her latest divorce occurred in 2008 after Bishop Thomas W. Weeks III pleaded guilty to assaulting Bynum in a hotel parking lot. READ: MY STORY HOMOSEXUALITY, DRUNKENNESS, GRACE AND REDEMOTION This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Turn the Back of Your Monitor Into a Workspace Utility Belt [Storage]
Thorin Klosowski (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 5:00:00 PM

In most cases, the back of your desktop monitor is nothing more than wasted space. If you have an all-in-one system like an iMac, that space is even more cluttered because it has cables coming out of it every which way. Let's look at the ways you can turn that unused space into a useful little utility belt for storage and organization. More

Spain coach sees positives in defeat to U.S.

(Sports News Headlines Yahoo! News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:34:47 PM

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Spain gained some useful pointers as to how they might overcome the United States if they meet at the

London Olympics despite Tuesday's drubbing at the hands of the 2008 gold medalists, coach Sergio Scariolo said. Led by

towering forwards Pau Gasol and Serge Ibaka, the Spanish surged into a nine-point lead in the first quarter at Barcelona's Palau Sant

Jordi but were unable to maintain their early intensity and slipped to a 100-78 defeat. ...



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Oracle Bows to Watchdog Over 'Misleading' IBM Claims

Caleb Garling (Wired Top Stories)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:34:00 PM

The National Advertising Board has slapped Oracle for running a misleading ad about IBMs Power servers Oracle will bow to a national advertising board and stop running ads that claim its Exadata machines are better than IBMs Power systems. IBM had filed a complaint with the National Advertising Division (NAD) the division of the Better Business Bureau that reviews advertising for truthfulness and accuracy over public claims that Oracles Exadata machines are 20 times faster than competing machines from IBM. The NAD eventually found that Oracle had not provided enough evidence to substantiate the claim and that it had painted anecdotal evidence the experience of a large European customer as something much larger. Oracle declined comment on the NADs decision. But the NAD says Oracle said that it would remove the ads and that it would appeal the finding. As of this posting, the ad was still on the internet.

Give your body time to adjust to the proper running technique [Discussions Of The Day]
Walter Glenn (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 3:00:00 PM

IBM is pleased the National Advertising Division recommended that Oracle discontinue the use of what it described as an overly broad claim in the ad, said IBM vice president Jeff Cross. We believed Oracle made false, misleading and deceptive claims in violation of advertising law. While the ads were running there was a full page spread in the Wall Street Journal Oracles website provided a more detailed account of the power and performance of its Exadata

machines. But the NAD said that more was required. Even if Oracles website disclosure was acceptable and had appeared clearly and conspicuously in the challenged advertisement it would still be insufficient because an advertiser cannot use a disclosure to cure an otherwise false claim, read a statement from the NAD. This isnt the first time IBM has sicced the NAD on Oracle. In April, IBM disputed Oracle claims that the SPARC SuperCluster T4-4 data storage

systems run Oracle and Java software twice as fast as IBMs P795 servers. The board ruled that these were misleading, and Oracle stopped running those too. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Great discussions from our readers are par for the course here on Lifehacker. Every day, we like to highlight a discussion that is particularly helpful or insightful (or maybe just funny), along with other great discussions and reader questions you may have missed. Add your two cents and jump in on the fun! More

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BitTorrent Bundle Might Make Money for DJ Shadow

Angela Watercutter (Wired Top Stories)

software from BitTorrents advertising partners like, for example, RealPlayer. If Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:15:00 PM downloaders install the software, DJ Shadow has released a new the DJ will get a share of the b u n d l e o f m u s i c t h r o u g h revenue. BitTorrent. Weve had a lot of success in the Image courtesy last few years putting great BitTorrent has a new plan for content in front of our audiences, getting money into the hands of BitTorrent chief Eric Klinker said content producers and its in a statement. We believe we putting its method to the test with can make digital distribution even a handful of new tracks from more viable for creators and turntable maestro DJ Shadow. fans. The file-sharing hub released a The DJ Shadow bundle is the bundle of three tracks Tuesday f i r s t o f m a n y n e w c o n t e n t from Shadows upcoming Total experiments BitTorrent has in the Breakdown: H i d d e n works, the company said. Finding Transmissions From the MPC ways for artists to make money Era, 1992-1996. The torrent, from file sharing could be a which also includes photos and significant shift in the perception archival footage from Shadows of the practice among artists and early years, will come with free music labels. It seems to have

brought around Shadow (aka Josh Davis), who in an interview with Wired last year lamented that peer -to-peer file sharing had removed music sales from the equation. Its very difficult for any artist to

talk about any of this stuff on the record, because no one wants to get painted with the Metallica brush, Shadow said at the time. As a musician that has been involved in one of the industries decimated by the internet, Ive

experienced a weird duality: The internet was supposed to democratize communication, but the opposite seems to have happened. The Total Breakdown bundle can be downloaded now. The album, in physical and digital formats, is slated for release Aug. 15. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

10 Inventions That Changed the World

Ed Grabianowski (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 1:00:56 PM

When you imagine inventors, you probably picture a lone genius in a laboratory concocting brilliant devices, experimenting and redesigning until some concept or contraption works perfectly. At

that point, the new invention is unveiled to the world, a stunning piece of new technology that instantly changes everything. Well, you've got part of it right. There's certainly a lot of redesigning and experimenting when it comes to inventions, but it takes a lot longer than you think. It also takes far more people than

that lone genius. As you'll see when you read about these 10 world-changing inventions, no invention is created in a vacuum. Every single one was built on previous inventions created by other inventors years, decades or even centuries before. Every invention has problems, and it might not be until some

other inventor comes along that they get solved. To confuse things further, it usually isn't the original inventor who gets all the credit, but rather the inventor who made the one crucial improvement that makes us all want one. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it

on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.



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10 Benefits of Using Kristen Stewart Cheating a Real Estate Agent Allegations Arise - Are You Surprised? to Buy a Home
Molly Goodson (PopSugar)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:16:54 PM

Rebecca Fairley Raney (HowStuffWorks Daily Feed)

Say you want a swimming pool. Or don't want a swimming pool. Or maybe you want a fenced-in Submitted at 7/24/2012 1:00:56 PM yard for the dog or a basement In tough times, most people are playroom for the kids. If you're looking to cut costs any way they looking for something specific, a can. And in a home purchase, who real estate agent is the person wouldn't want to save that extra 3 whose job it is to know if there's a percent -- an extra $3,000 per house out there to fit your needs, $100,000 of the sale price? That's and he or she will hold your hand typically what buyer's agents through the deal to boot. Let's make on real estate transactions, look at some of the top benefits of and most experts think it's money using an agent to buy a home. well spent. This entry passed through the It's true that anyone can shop for Full-Text RSS service if this is a house, and even get a peek your content and you're reading it inside, without formally signing on someone else's site, please read on with a real estate agent. But the FAQ at you have time to make only/faq.php#publishers. Five home shopping a part-time job, an Filters recommends: Incinerating agent might be able to match you Assange - The Liberal Media Go with the perfect property much To Work. faster.

Just when we thought Tuesday's news day was over, Us Weekly revealed its cover alleging Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. The magazine appears to have pictures, though we've yet to see what the inside article holds. People published its own report about Kristen and Rupert, saying it was not a longterm thing and that the actress is apparently "devastated" by her "lapse in judgement" and "mistake." It's a lot to take in, and both Kristen's and Rupert's reps have declined to comment. Robert and Kristen were last spotted together on Sunday at the Teen Choice Awards and were holding hands on a date night just last week.

Chromemote Is a Google TV Remote That Lives in Chrome [Chrome Extensions]

Adam Dachis (Lifehacker)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 2:30:00 PM

We're pretty surprised, but we want to know your take. Are you surprised by the reports about Kristen and Rupert? Kristen Stewart Cheating Allegations Arise - Are You Surprised? Yes My jaw dropped! I love her and Robert together. Yes - There must be more to this story. No - It's sad, but not uncommon with young relationships. Other - I'll tell you in the comments!

Chrome and Google TV: I recently discovered that Google TV is actually pretty great, and ever since I've been hearing about cool stuff people are doing with the platform. One such example is Chromemote, a Chrome extension that can control your Google TV. More

Pregnant Gisele Debuts Bump in a Bikini!

Lauren Turner (PopSugar)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:06:59 PM

Gisele Bundchen hit the beach in Costa Rica with her son Ben yesterday. Gisele was wearing a tiny bikini, which showed off her growing baby bump, while Ben

went shirtless. She and Ben also had a canine companion along for the sandy afternoon. Gisele and husband Tom Brady haven't commented on the news that they're expecting their second child together, but she's been seen sporting a pregnant belly since

early June. The baby's impending arrival isn't the only thing Gisele's

had to celebrate lately, since she preseason on Aug. 9 at Gillette marked her 32nd birthday last S t a d i u m i n B o s t o n . V i e w week. There's a lot going on for S l i d e s h o w Gisele and her family before they welcome their newest addition, though, including Tom's football season with the Patriots. He'll hit the field to kick off the NFL

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Christian Bale and Wife Visit Aurora Shooting Victims and Memorial
Molly Goodson (PopSugar)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:47:19 PM

Christian Bale and his wife, Sibi Blazic, brought flowers to contribute to the memorial outside the scene of the Dark Knight Rises massacre at the Century 16 theater in Aurora, CO, today. Earlier in the day, Christian also made a stop by the hospital to visit the victims of the shooting. One of the patients who was hurt during the attack, Carey Rottman, posted a photo of himself with Bale in his hospital room on his Facebook wall. Christian reportedly made the trip to Colorado on his own, not as a representative of the Warner Bros. movie studio or film. On Friday,

America Stories of War - 36 DVDs

Christian released a statement after the Dark Knight Rises shooting, saying, "Words cannot express the horror that I feel. I cannot begin to truly understand the pain and grief of the victims and their loved ones, but my heart goes out to them." View Slideshow
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:39:59 PM

Europe is sleepwalking towards imminent disaster, warn top economists

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (Finance News - Business news from the UK and world)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 5:13:47 PM

How social media is shaping the travel industry [infographic]

(Holy Kaw!)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 2:40:00 PM

economic losses and human suffering" unless there is a drastic change of course, according to a group of leading economists.

The euro has completely broken down as a workable system and faces collapse with "incalculable

Once upon a time being social about travel meant forcing everyone you knew to sit through a three hour slideshow documenting your adventures, but

these days social media helps people plan, provide feedback and even taken the place of the beloved postcard. Via Funsherpa. Travel infographics. Permalink| Leave a comment

Get Out The Way, Here Comes A Woot-Off If there was a camera, and there was a war, there was footage for a DVD. Enjoy ten hours of documentaries and movies about what really happened (or maybe what really should have happened). Gather round the Woot trough, yall! Its time again to gorge yourself on our monthly smorgasbord of deals on gadgets, appliances, and just plain ol junk you really should think twice about buying, but wont. So stretch your cheapness muscles, grease up your F5 key, fill up an IV bag with coffee, and get to complaining about the latest Worst Woot-Off Ever. It wouldnt be a Woot-Off if you didnt.



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Syrian envoy to Cyprus defects

Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:12:38 PM

General Manaf Tlass called on Tuesday for the Syrian military to denounce what he described as Syrian charge d'affaires to crimes committed by President Cyprus Lamia al-Hariri has Bashar al-Assad's forces. defected, becoming the second "I address one of the diplomat to leave her post in July, Syrian Arab Army's sons who Al Jazeera has learned. reject the criminal behaviour of Al-Hariri's defection on Tuesday t h i s c o r r u p t r e g i m e . T h e brings to three the number of honourable people in the military senior diplomats to quit the would not accept these crimes," embattled government. Tlas said in a televised statement The first was Bassam Imadi, who on al-Arabiya television. was the Syrian ambassador to Tlass, a close friend of Syrian Sweden until December, and the President Bashar Assad and a son second was Nawaf Fares, the of a former defence minister, said ambassador to Iraq, who defected that Syrians should work together earlier in July. to build a new, democratic Tuesday's defection deals a harsh country. blow to the Syrian government as It was his first public appearance the regime battles a near 17- since he left Syria earlier this month-old uprising. month. His long silence raised In an interview with Al Jazeera, questions about whether he had Imadi said that Hariri's defection joined the anti-Assad uprising or is also significant because she is merely fled the civil war. the niece of Farouk al-Sharaa, Aleppo under fire Syria's vice president. Syrian Meanwhile, Syrian army rebels near Aleppo city, as they helicopters fired rockets and took much of the formerly loyalist machineguns near central Aleppo city from the government [EPA] on Tuesday as they battled rebels "It must be very embarassing to trying to enlarge their foothold in the regime that one of his the country's second city, forcing [Sharaa's] closest officials is residents to flee. defecting," he said. Residents said fighter jets were Imadi added that other Syrian flying over some rebel-held ambassadors, including the n e i g h b o u r h o o d s , a n d t h a t envoys to Germany, the Czech helicopters were firing at eastern Republic, and Belarussia, had and southern parts of the city defected, but have not announced located around only 3km east of it publicly due to fears over Aleppo's ancient citadel in the city government reprisals. centre. In-depth coverage of Another top defector Brigadier escalating violence across Syria

including in the Barzeh district where the neighbourhood's mosque was reported damaged by intense shelling. The army pushed into dissident districts in the south, entering the Kaddam and al-Assali areas where they carried out raids and arrests, the Observatory said. The London-based group put Tuesday's death toll across the country at 48 by mid-afternoon. Many Damascus residents remain displaced by the recent fighting and were in need of humanitarian assistance, the International Commission of the Red Cross "I heard at least 20 rockets fired, I a d d i n g t h a t t h i n g s w e r e (ICRC) said. think from helicopters, and also a "accelerating inside Syria". "Although the situation has lot of machinegun fire," said a The Arab League, meeting in calmed down in some parts of the resident near one of the areas Qatar on Monday, called on al- city, life is not back to normal," being shelled, who asked only to Assad to quit, but Syrian officials said Marianne Gasser, the ICRC's be identified by his first name dismissed the the bloc's call head of delegation in Syria. Omar. saying it was "hypocritical" and "People who have fled their "Almost everyone has fled in that some members of the league homes only want to be able to go panic, even my family. I have were backing the rebels fighting back. Unfortunately, for many, there has not yet been any stayed to try to stop the looters, the Syrian regime. we hear they often come after an Government forces were also opportunity to do so." area is shelled," he added. seeking to quell a mutiny in the 816 The bombing came as Hillary city's central prison, where eight This entry passed through the Clinton, the US secretary of state, p e o p l e w e r e k i l l e d , t h e Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it insisted there was still time for O b s e r v a t o r y s a i d . Bashar al-Assad, the president, to The rebel Free Syrian Army on someone else's site, please read hand over power, stressing the (FSA) described the mutiny as the FAQ at of events in Syria was " t h e f i r s t s t e p t o w a r d s t h e only/faq.php#publishers. Five Filters recommends: Incinerating speeding up. liberation" of Aleppo. "We do believe that it is not too Elsewhere in the country, the Assange - The Liberal Media Go late for the Assad regime to Local Co-ordination Committees, To Work. commence with planning for a which organises opposition forces transition to find a way that ends on the ground, reported renewed the violence," she told reporters, shelling in parts of Damascus,

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Ghana president John Atta Mills dies

Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:41:52 PM

praise as leader of a stable model democracy in Africa. Ghana remains the only Sub Saharan J o h n A t t a M i l l s , G h a n a ' s country that Barack Obama, the president, has died a few hours US president, has visited as part after being taken ill, a statement of recognition for its democratic from the president's office and credentials. officials said. The unexpected death of the Mills, 68, died on Tuesday in the leader of the world's secondc a p i t a l A c c r a a n d h a s largest producer of cocoa comes been succeeded by Vice-President months before he was due to stand John Dramani Mahama who took for re-election in December. the presidential oath hours after Ghana, also a major African gold the death was announced. producer, started pumping oil in The swift adherence to Ghana's 2010 and posted double-digit c o n s t i t u t i o n o n s u c c e s s i o n growth in 2011. underlines the country's reputation The president's office said that as one of the most mature Mills died a few hours after being democracies in the region, said taken ill, but no further details commentators. were given. 'Untimely death' A presidential aide, who asked "It is with a heavy heart ... that we n o t t o b e n a m e d , s a i d t h e a n n o u n c e t h e s u d d e n a n d president had complained of pains untimely death of the president of on Monday evening and died t h e R e p u b l i c o f G h a n a , " a early on Tuesday afternoon when statement sent to the Reuters news his condition worsened. agency by the president's office Mills had returned from medical said. John Evans Atta Mills had checks in the United States a few been to the United States for weeks ago. m e d i c a l t r e a t m e n t o v e r a n Upcoming elections undisclosed illness [AFP] Ghana's election commission said Mills, who had celebrated his Mills' death would not affect 6 8 t h b i r t h d a y o n l y l a s t December's presidential and Saturday, had won international parliamentary elections.

"The election calendar remains unchanged - it's purely a party matter," Kwadwo Afari-Gyan, the elections chief, told Reuters. He said it was up to the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) to find a candidate to replace Mills. Trained as a lawyer and taxation expert, Mills had overseen Ghana's emergence as one of Africa's newest oil producers two years ago, winning plaudits both at home and abroad for his sound economic policies and commitment to democracy and

good governance. In March, Obama received Mills in the Oval Office and praised him and his country as "a goodnews story" in Africa. Nii Akuetteh, an Africa commentator based in Washington, DC, told Al Jazeera Mills had been credited with Ghana's "serious economic growth". He said Mills "signed strong economic agreements with China" and that his "influence goes back because he served as vicepresident" during Jerry-Rawlings

administration. Previous rumours about Mills's possible ill health had swirled in the last few weeks as he travelled last month to the US for medical treatment. On that occasion, he had joked with reporters on his departure from Accra about rumours of his death, asking them: "Are you seeing a person who has died?" Mills, who won a close-fought, two-round election in 2008 by beating off rival Nana AkufoAddo of the then-ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), was preparing to bid for a second term in December's polls, once again against arch-foe Akufo-Addo. 627 This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.


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US Monsignor sentenced for sex abuse cover-up

Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:04:15 PM

The highest-ranking US church official to be convicted of covering up child sex allegations, Monsignor William Lynn, has been sentenced to three to six years in prison. Lynn, whose job it was to investigate reports of abuse in the archdiocese from 1992 to 2004, was found guilty last month of one count of child endangerment. Defence lawyers had pushed for Lynn to be spared prison, but Judge Teresa Sarmina on Tuesday imposed close to the maximum sentence of between three-and-ahalf and seven years. "It was three to six years," an official at the court in Philadelphia told AFP news agency by telephone, confirming the tough sentence. Lynn, 61, who took the witness stand for three days during his 10week trial, was not charged with molesting children, but rather with covering up the crimes of priests who did.

He argued that he may have been out of his depth, but had never acted criminally. Victims' groups hailed the verdict as a major step forward as a court had acknowledged that someone in Lynn's position had endangered a child. The trial, the first in the US involving such a senior official in the Catholic Church, also centered on two more Philadelphia priests. Reverend James Brennan, who was suspended from his duties as a priest, stood accused of attempting to rape a teenaged boy in the 1990's. The jury was hung over the charges dealing with Brennan, who will not face a new trial. Defrocked priest Edward Avery pleaded guilty on the eve of trial. Avery was sentenced to between 2.5 and five years in prison. During the trial the court heard graphic testimony describing sexual abuse in the Philadelphia archdiocese. 'Constant deceit' Lynn was found not guilty of endangering Brennan's accuser

and not guilty of conspiring to endanger that accuser. He was found guilty of endangering Avery's victim, but not guilty of conspiracy with regard to that victim. Lynn's lawyer described him as a low level functionary who struggled within a rigid church hierarchy to act against abuse by documenting it and compiling the voluminous records that prosecutors used to build their case. The defence said a prison sentence was unfair and that Lynn should not be punished in the same way as Avery, who had actually committed sexual abuse. Prosecutors portrayed Lynn as a keeper of the secrets who was obliged to compile the records and thought they would never see the light of day. Prosecutors allege that in failing to remove abusive priests from positions where they had contact with minors, Lynn put children in danger. Prosecutors wrote in their presentencing memo that Lynn

showed "constant deceit" and "a striving to please his bosses no matter how sinister the business". Shockwaves from the trial are expected to keep reverberating. "The Lynn trial is of lasting significance because of its guilty verdict, and because the record of the trial contains a dramatic analysis for a single archdiocese of the two crimes that constitute the ongoing sex abuse crisis: a) the sexual abuse of children by priests and b) the enabling and cover-up of the abuse," wrote, which tracks reported abuses. 577 This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

MEElectronics M16 In-Ear Headphones

Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:29:08 PM

Get Out The Way, Here Comes A Woot-Off We just want to clear up a little misconception: when we say these are "in ear" headphones, we mean that fluffy soft part goes in the ear, not the metal cylinder at the end. And certainly not in public, because that's just gross. Gather round the Woot trough, yall! Its time again to gorge yourself on our monthly smorgasbord of deals on gadgets, appliances, and just plain ol junk you really should think twice about buying, but wont. So stretch your cheapness muscles, grease up your F5 key, fill up an IV bag with coffee, and get to complaining about the latest Worst Woot-Off Ever. It wouldnt be a Woot-Off if you didnt.

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Peg Perego and Kolcraft stroller models recalled due to safety hazards
Consumer Reports News (Consumer Reports)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 3:29:59 PM

Peg Perego and Kolcraft stroller models recalled due to safety hazards Peg Perego has recalled 223,000 of its Venezia and Pliko-P3 strollers, both older models, because of the risk of entrapment and strangulation. Meanwhile, Kolcraft has recalled 5,600 of its Contours Options LT Tandem strollers because of a fall hazard involving the front wheel assembly and a choking hazard involving a screw that can come off. A 7-month-old in New York, nearly strangled when her head was trapped between the seat and the tray of a Peg Perego stroller in 2006. And in 2004, a 6-month-old in California died of strangulation after his head was trapped between the seat and the tray of one of these strollers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Peg Perego were unaware of these incidents until years after they occurred, according to CPSC spokeman Scott Wolfson. In announcing the recall, the

CPSC said that entrapment and strangulation can occur in the Peg Perego strollers if a child, especially an infant under 12 months, is not harnessed. An infant can pass through the opening between the stroller tray and seat bottom, but his or her head and neck can become entrapped by the tray. Infants who become entrapped at the neck are at risk of strangulation. The recalled Peg Perego strollers were manufactured before the 2008 industry standard which addresses the height of the opening between the stroller's tray and the seat bottom. The voluntary standard requires that if there is enough room for a child's torso to fit between the bar and the seat there must be enough room for the child's head to fit through, too. Manufactured between January 2004 and September 2007, in a variety of colors, the recalled Peg Perego strollers were sold nationwide at retailers including Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby from January 2004 through September 2010. Strollers with a bumper bar in front of the child or a tray with two cup holders are not included in this recall.

Recalled Venezia stroller model numbers include IPVA13MU09, IPVA13MU10, IPVA13US09, IPVA13US10, IPVA13US32, IPVA13US34, IPVC13NA32, and IPVC13NA34. The model number is printed on a white label on the Venezia stroller's footboard. The model numbers for the recalled Pliko-P3 stroller include IPFR28US34xxxxxxxx, IPFT28NA63, IPFT28NA64, IPP328MU10, IPP328MU09, IPP328US09, IPP328US10, IPP329US10, IPPA28US32, IPPA28US33, IPPA28US34, IPPD28NA34, IPPF28NA32, IPPF28NA57, IPPF28NA65, IPPF28NA66, IPPF28NA67, IPPF28NA68, IPPO28US32, IPPO28US34, IPPO28US62, IPPO28US69, IPPO28US70, and IPPO28US71. The model number is printed on a white label on the back of the Pliko P-3's stroller seat.

If you own one of the recalled Peg Perego strollers you should stop using it and contact Peg Perego for a free repair kit. Don't return the stroller to the retailer where you bought it. They won't be able to provide the repair kit. Call Peg Perego at 888-734-6020, or visit for more information. Kolcraft recalled its Contours Options LT Tandem strollers, shown below, because the front wheel assembly can break, posing a fall hazard to the child. In addition, on Contours Options LT Tandem strollers manufactured in January and February 2012, the nuts that hold the stroller's basket support screws in place can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children. Kolcraft has received six reports of front caster wheels breaking and two reports of the basket's support screws and nuts detaching, but no injuries have been reported. The recalled Contours Options LT Tandem strollers by Kolcraft were sold at Burlington Coat Factory, specialty stores nationwide, and online at Amazon, Target, and other retailers February to July, 2012. If you own the recalled Kolcraft

Contours Options LT Tandem stroller stop using it and contact Kolcraft for free replacement wheels. If you have one of the strollers manufactured between January and February 2012, you will also receive replacement nuts for the basket support screws. For more information, call Kolcraft at 800-453-7673, or visit If you are in the market for a new stroller, read our stroller buying guide. Subscribers can consult our latest Ratings. Sources: Peg Perego Recalls Strollers Due to Risk of Entrapment and Strangulation; One Child Death Reported[CPSC] Kolcraft Recalls Contours Tandem Strollers Due to Fall and Choking Hazards[CPSC] Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o for expert Ratings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of products. Update your feed preferences


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How to get your asking price as the housing market improves

Consumer Reports News (Consumer Reports)

Improve the view. No matter where you live, it pays to keep your home well-maintained. Curb Submitted at 7/24/2012 3:00:59 PM appeal is the first thing to How to get your asking price as consider. As the saying goes, you the housing market improves don't get a second chance to make Posting the first annual increase a first impression. Look at your in five years, home values rose entryway. Is the paint peeling or slightly over this time last year, faded? Are your shrubberies reports Zillow the online real overtaking the sidewalk? Take the estate site. In fact, nearly one- time to scrape away any old paint third of the 157 metropolitan and apply a new coat. Sherwinareas tracked by Zillow showed Williams Duration Gloss, our topannual price increases. This is rated semi-gloss is the only one in good news for homeowners who our exterior paint tests that has a have been waiting to put their p r i m e r b u i l t - i n . A f t e r t h e houses on the market. Before you equivalent of nine years' worth of do, a few simple spruce-ups can exposure, the Sherwin-Williams help get your asking price. was still looking very good and "The housing market's recovery would be a good choice for continues to show tremendous painting a front door. variation market by market. Sixty- Whack the weeds. As for that nine of the 157 markets covered overgrown walkway, a capable by the Zillow Home Value string trimmer can help you Forecast are expected to see vanquish the vines and weeds in increases in home values over the no time. In Consumer Reports' next year, with the largest string trimmer tests, the top-rated increases expected in the Phoenix gas models were best at slicing metro (9.9 percent) and the Miami through tall grass and weeds. But metro (6.1 percent)," said Zillow if you don't like the hassle of a gas on its website. "We believe that -powered unit, several light duty 96 out of the 157 markets have electric models, including the already hit a bottom in home Homelite UT41110, at $30 a CR values, including Boston, Miami Best Buy, were very good or and Phoenix." better at this job.

as the most remodeled room in the home because they tend to be smaller and you don't have to buy all those appliances. As we reported in our Bathroom remodeling guide, small details can make a big difference. Stainresistant grout, framed mirrors and a heated towel bar are just N e u t r a l i z e g a r i s h r o o m s . some ideas. Sprucing up the paint inside the Kick the kitchen up a notch. For house also makes your home the kitchen, you don't need a more attractive, especially if bottomless budget to get a topyou've painted some rooms bright notch kitchen. In the Luxury look colors that might not appeal to the for less, we suggest top-rated average buyer. The best course of affordable alternatives to pricey action is to choose white, off- appliances, countertops, flooring white or another neutral color. and more. But be forewarned, "Safe colors like this will appeal p o o r p l a n n i n g a n d s h o d d y to most people, increasing the workmanship are two of the odds that your home will sell," costliest mistakes homeowners advises the Paint Quality Institute. m a k e w h e n u n d e r t a k i n g a And it'll cost you well under remodeling project. If you're $100. Check our top-rated interior about to embark on one, best to invest a few months going to paints for the best choices. Brighten the bathroom. Outdated s h o w r o o m s a n d t a l k i n g t o kitchens and bathrooms are professionals. Subscribe now! S u b s c r i b e t o typically the chief complaint of prospective home buyers. But you for expert don't have to invest in an entire Ratings, buying advice and remodel to improve their reliability on hundreds of appearance. Here again paint can products. Update your feed do wonders but so can replacing preferences the countertops, sink or floor. Bathrooms have replaced kitchens

Sleeping Dogs walkthrough is really slammin'

Richard Mitchell (Joystiq)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:30:00 PM

Sleeping Dogs? Great, another open world game about gangsters. We've seen all this bef... wait, did that guy just slam a dude's head in a car door? Did he vault over cover while simultaneously disarming someone? Did he jump off a moving motorcycle and hijack a car? Yes, yes he did. Sleeping Dogs walkthrough is really slammin' originally appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 22:30:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

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Despite dissatisfaction with their bank, people stay because leaving is a hassle
Consumer Reports News (Consumer Reports)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 2:29:59 PM

Among the top responses:

63 percent said that concerns about the trouble it would take to Despite dissatisfaction with their transfer all their automatic bank, people stay because leaving payments and deposits to a new is a hassle account kept them from switching The challenge of transferring banks. 37 percent indicated that automatic payments, among other the process would take too much factors, keeps many consumers time and effort to complete. 28 from switching banks, despite percent said they didn't want to being unhappy with the service, pay any fees to transfer their own according to a recent Consumer money. Reports survey. About one in five consumers with checking accounts considered switching to a new financial Earlier today, we asked our institution over the past 12 Facebook readers if they had months, according to our national considered switching banks but survey. Consumers wanted to stayed despite being unhappy, and change banks largely due to if so why. Overwhelmingly, the i n c r e a s e d f e e s f o r r o u t i n e results mirrored our national services. Of those consumers who survey. People said they stayed considered switching banks, over because it was too much trouble half said they were hindered from to transfer automatic payments doing so. Survey respondents and deposits, with 122 out of 150 were allowed to cite multiple votes. To see our poll, plus some reasons for why they didn't of the other reasons people gave switch. for staying with their bank visit

Congress and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to consider a number of reforms that would make it easier for consumers to move their money and increase competition among banks. For more about the changing landscape of banking, including escalating fees and why this is our Facebook page. "Unfair bank practices and rising happening read More fees are fees are prompting more and more coming. How to fight back-or consumers to consider voting with flee. their feet and taking their money Source: to another bank or credit union," Consumer Reports Survey: One says Suzanne Martindale, staff In Five Considered Moving Their attorney for Consumers Union, Checking Account To A New In The Past the advocacy arm of Consumer B a n k Reports. "But many consumers Y e a r [ C o n s u m e r s U n i o n ] don't follow through because S u b s c r i b e n o w ! S u b s c r i b e t o moving your money takes a lot of time and money and some bank for expert policies make it harder than it Ratings, buying advice and should be. We need to make it r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f easier for consumers to switch products. Update your feed banks so they have a real choice preferences when it comes to where to keep their money." Consumers Union has called on

Enter the Popular Science/InnoCentive Reflective Glass Finish Challenge

Dan Nosowitz (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:53:09 PM

Glass Bottle Trees Wouldn't these trees be better if they were incredibly shiny? Ingrid Taylor A great new Popular Science/ InnoCentive Challenge was recently posted. An unidentified company is looking to create a new process for reflective, mirrored glass. The idea seems to be for high-end sodas--the packaging would be a very shiny, metallic-looking finish, which is apparently only doable now in "low throughput," meaning, you know, it's hard. Might you be the savior of "premium"-feeling soda bottles? The award for a workable written proposal is $15,000, with a deadline of September 17th. Read about it at InnoCentive.



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Drivers Befuddled By Area Of Bermuda Triangle Parking That Renders Car Remotes Useless
Mary Beth Quirk (The Consumerist)

Chick Fil-A Claims Henson Toy Recall Unrelated To Same -Sex Marriage Controversy
Chris Morran (The Consumerist)

"It's not a common phenomenon," said the a radio-frequency communications specialist. "I only Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:00:10 PM get a handful of these quirky types You click the remote from of complaints every year." several feet way, expecting that Local businesses appear to be the familiar "bip beep!" and flash of o n e s f i e l d i n g q u e r i e s f r o m lights. But when you get to your parkers: A nearby funeral home car, it remains locked what owner says he's had constant gives? Business owners along a complaints about people getting certain stretch of road in Yonkers, locked out of their cars, including N.Y. are upset that a Bermuda his brother who had to get his car T r i a n g l e t y p e s i t u a t i o n i s towed away. rendering keyless remote entry And at first, said workers at a systems powerless, and ultimately hardware store, drivers assumed it d e t e r r i n g c u s t o m e r s f r o m was the batteries acting up, and shopping there. Spoooooky! bought new ones at the spot. That Maybe it's spooky or perhaps, as didn't work, so store employees an expert hired to investigate the would push vehicles down the problem said, it could be chalked street and out of range of the up to localized radio interference, Bermuda Triangle in order to get which might be disrupting the the remotes to work. signals sent from car remotes. The radio-frequency specialist He's still trying to pinpoint where s a y s t h e r e ' s l i k e l y a exactly the problem signal is malfunctioning device in the area c o m i n g f r o m , r e p o r t s t h e that's overpowering all the other Associated Press. quick signal bursts from remotes

unrelated... the voluntary withdrawal happened before the Jim Henson announcement." Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:14:42 PM with its constant strong signal. He However, things get a bit murkier says drivers who experience such As you have probably already when I attempted to confirm with a thing should bring their keyless heard, the Jim Henson Company the Jim Henson Company, where remotes as closely to their cars' announced last Friday that it was a rep first said there was no antenna as they can, to minimize severing ties with restaurant chain further comment beyond the possible interference. Chick fil-A because its leadership initial Facebook post, and then Meanwhile, the hardware store has recently affirmed its stance later simply told me to "check employees just want the problem against same-sex marriage. Now with Chick fil-A," which I already to go away so their customers there is murmuring on the Internet had. come back. that Chick fil-A pulled its existing I checked with the Consumer "We lose customers from this," inventory of Henson toys from Product Safety Commission, said one clerk, when people stores, claiming an unrelated which is usually the one issuing "know they can't come here unless safety recall. the statements regarding recalled they park blocks away and walk." A photo taken at a Chick fil-A in toys. A rep at the CPSC told me Mysterious force blocks car a Texas mall has become huge on that the agency has no record of remotes in Yonkers[Associated Reddit in recent hours. For those any recall related to these toys. Press] who can't make out the above I ' v e a s k e d C h i c k f i l - A f o r This entry passed through the image, it reads, in part: comment on why it chose not to Full-Text RSS service if this is W e a p o l o g i z e f o r a n y involve the CPSC in the recall and your content and you're reading it inconvenience but as of 7/19/2012 will add any statement the on someone else's site, please read Chick-fil-A has voluntarily company provides on the topic. the FAQ at recalled all of the Jim Henson UPDATE: In spite of the only/faq.php#publishers. Five Creature Shop Puppet Kids Meal language on the above sign, a rep Filters recommends: Incinerating toys due to a possible safety issue. for Chick fil-A says "This is not a Assange - The Liberal Media Go Please be advised that there have r e c a l l i t i s a v o l u n t a r y To Work. not been any cases in which a w i t h d r a w a l . " child has actually been injured, This entry passed through the however there have been some Full-Text RSS service if this is reports of children getting their your content and you're reading it fingers stuck inthe holes of the on someone else's site, please read puppets. the FAQ at of whether or not this was only/faq.php#publishers. Five legitimate, I contacted Chick fil-A Filters recommends: Incinerating HQ, which confirmed that it did Assange - The Liberal Media Go issue a voluntary recall of the toys To Work. and that "the two issues are

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Who The &^#* Does GPX 22" 1080p This Restaurant LED TV/DVD Customer Think He Is?
Chris Morran (The Consumerist)

cute. You dont play games with hard-working people who are just trying to make a living." Submitted at 7/24/2012 3:33:31 PM We couldn't agree more. T h e r e a r e m a n y w a y s t o Behavior like this is how you end encourage, or even demand, up with phlegm in your food. It quality service while out for a can also have a negative effect on nice meal. Telling your waiter in other customers as that waiter advance that you're going to be a does his best to quell the desire to dick about the tip is most certainly pummel you. not a good method for doing so. It's time like this that we really Over at, miss our commenters... there's the tale of a diner who If you feel compelled, you can thought it would be a good idea to still go over to Patrick's site to say start out the night by pulling out your piece. 20 singles, placing them on the This entry passed through the table and telling the waiter, "[let's] Full-Text RSS service if this is play a little game... I'll take one your content and you're reading it away (from your tip) every time on someone else's site, please read something goes wrong." the FAQ at"Where the hell do these people only/faq.php#publishers. Five come from?" a s k s Filters recommends: Incinerating S e r v e r N o t S e r v a n t ' s P a t r i c k Assange - The Liberal Media Go Maguire. "Demeaning fellow To Work. human beings is never funny or


Photos: Ramadan Observed Across The Muslim World - News in photos

(news photos - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:16:09 PM

Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:12:21 PM

Get Out The Way, Here Comes A Woot-Off To be a true couch potato, you're going to need three things: a couch (obviously), a wellcultivated sense of apathy bordering on despair, and a decent television that'll pull all remaining productivity and any lust for life right out of your eyeballs. This 22" 1080p LED TV/DVD Combo ain't a bad way to start out, though if you find yourself worrying over which movie to watch, don't fret. You're only a beginner, after all. When you're watching the same DVD over and over again because you can't work up the energy to even use the remote and switch to something else, you'll know you're doing it right.

Photos: Ramadan Observed Across The Muslim World News in photos Pakistani worshippers attend the daily Asr prayer, the afternoon prayer, on the third day of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan, in a mosque in Gather round the Woot trough, Peshawar, Pakistan, Monday, July yall! Its time again to gorge 23, 2012. Muslims from Morocco yourself on our monthly to Afghanistan are steeling smorgasbord of deals on gadgets, themselves... appliances, and just plain ol junk and more you really should think twice about buying, but wont. So stretch your cheapness muscles, grease up your F5 key, fill up an IV bag with coffee, and get to complaining about the latest Worst Woot-Off Ever. It wouldnt be a Woot-Off if you didnt.

VC out on a limb
(Dave Winer)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:24:47 PM

Yesterday I started a thread to discuss the VC-funded Web 2.0 industry. There's a tragedy in the making here. A huge amount of creativity

is being captured with no visible plan for what to do when the shakeout comes. When companies start failing, or business shifts, or the cycle ends -- things that every insider knows will come someday -- where will the archives go? The VC-backed tech world is

way out on a limb and they keep building on it. The VCs, some of whom say they are anxious to discuss any possible flaw in their business model, haven't yet shown up to discuss this problem. It's all part of the free-vs-paid thread. I think it's getting close to time

that tech re-forms again. Next time around, let's invent a funding model for our web services that creates sustainable value. We haven't managed to create sustainable energy, or anything else for that matter -- maybe we can start the reboot of human

civilization around our online presences. Bottom-line: If today's VC won't fund a sustainable web, a web with a future, let's create a new kind of VC that does.



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For Adam Scott, his only win came after the Open - FOX News
Fox News (- Bing News)

questions. When it was over, Scott reached out to shake their hands without prompting. LYTHAM ST. ANNES, England For Scott to be linked with This year's British Open should Norman is to be expected Scott be a proud moment for Greg said so himself. Norman lost far Norman. more majors than he won through Sure, it was painful to watch a combination of bad golf and bad Adam Scott throw away a four- luck. To no one's surprise, it was shot lead with four holes to play, that six-shot lead he squandered at to walk away from Royal Lytham the 1996 Masters that came up & St. Annes with a silver salver as more than once on Sunday. the runner-up instead of the silver But if comparisons are to be claret jug as the winner of his first made, don't stop with the last putt. major championship. "Greg was my hero when I was a What should be mandatory kid, and I thought he was a great viewing, however, is the hour that role model, how he handled followed such a devastating loss. himself in victory and defeat," Scott stood before a television said Scott, who wept in front of camera with such composure that the TV as a teenager when the it looked like the interview had S h a r k b l e w u p a t A u g u s t a taken place a week after his National against Nick Faldo. meltdown, not just minutes after "He set a good example for us," the Australian signed a scorecard Scott said. "It's tough. You don't that showed four bogeys on the want to sit here and have to ... I last four holes for a 75. can't justify anything that I've "It wasn't to be," he said. "That's done out there. I didn't finish the golf, isn't it?" tournament well today. But next Then, he was whisked away to time ... I'm sure there will be a the media center and answered next time, and I can do a better every question with clarity and job of it." honesty, and without excuses. As Norman was headed this week to he stepped outside, he met with the Senior British Open at four Australian reporters one Turnberry, where he won his lone who was in London for the major of 1986 after being the 54Olympics and came over to hole leader in all four majors. Lytham to see Australia's first That became known as the major champion in six years "Saturday Slam," except that and answered many of the same Norman was the one who more
Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:33:43 PM

often than not got slammed. The only player to lose all four majors in a playoff in stroke play. The Masters meltdown. Losing a four-shot lead in the PGA Championship to Bob Tway, who holed out a bunker shot on the 72nd hole to beat him. Missing a 4-foot par putt in a playoff to lose another PGA to Paul Azinger. Twice going into the final round at Shinnecock Hills with his name atop the U.S. Open leaderboard only to close with 75 one time and 73 another. The most famous, of course, is the Masters. No one has ever lost more than a six-shot lead in a major except for Norman at Augusta National. He wound up five shots behind Faldo, who years later revealed what he shared with the Shark as they embraced on the 18th green. "Don't let the (critics) get you down." Ernie Els offered a similar message to Scott during a quiet moment they shared before the trophy presentation. "He said he felt for me and not to beat myself up," Scott said. "He said he beat himself up a little bit when he'd lost or had a chance to win. And he felt I'm a great player and I can go on to win majors, which is nice. We have a close friendship. We've had some good battles in the past, and it's nice to

hear that from him. I respect Ernie a lot, and he's a player who is a worthy champion here for sure." Scott thought so highly of Norman that he tried to follow in his steps, starting his career in Europe and wanting to be on the roll call of champions at all the tournaments Norman won. When he turned pro, the comparisons were with Tiger Woods because of Scott's pure swing that was honed while working with Butch Harmon. He even briefly hired as a caddie the brother of Steve Williams, who spent a dozen years working for Woods. Being compared with Norman can be twisted into a joke. But few players were better at handling defeat than Norman, perhaps because he had so much practice. Then again, Scott has carried himself with dignity for his entire career. When he was in a slump three years ago, missing the seven cuts over eight tournaments, he took the criticism in stride and answered every question, even after he shot an 81. Golf is filled with gracious losers. That's the nature of the sport. There was Mike Reid at the 1989 PGA Championship, Phil Mickelson at five U.S. Opens, a British Open and a PGA Championship. Who could forget Mickelson at Winged Foot when

he took double bogey on the 18th hole of the final round to lose by one shot and said, "I am such an idiot." And, of course, there was Norman. "I screwed up. I really screwed up," Norman said right after he threw away the Masters. Els walks away from this Open with his fourth major championship. Scott limped away, hopeful he won't have to wait another decade to play in the final group at a major. Perhaps another player can be added to the memories at Royal Lytham Norman, who by example showed a teenager from Queensland that losing with dignity is half the battle. Before his 2001 induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame, Norman said his resilience was his strength. "What's done is done," he said "You cannot change history, even though you want to blame yourself for some and blame history for others. I've never really dwelled in the past." Scott would do well to follow that advice, too. Print Email Share Comments FOR page 62

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Rush Is On for Penn State Players and Recruits - New York Times
TIM ROHAN (- Bing News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:12:54 PM

Gene J. Puskar/Associated Press The Penn State junior running back Silas Redd is drawing attention from other programs. STATE COLLEGE, Pa. Joe Lusardi is a 58-year-old high school coach in Randolph, N.J. He does not own a cellphone, preferring to communicate the old-fashioned way, face to face or using a landline. Others tend to value their time more, and his. Yet even a technological hermit like Lusardi has been reachable and overwhelmed this week, after the N.C.A.A. levied devastating sanctions against the Penn State football program. Along with the sanctions which included depth -depleting scholarship limits and a four-year postseason ban the N.C.A.A. granted current Penn State players and incoming freshmen the right to transfer to any other university, without being blocked by Penn State and without having to sit out a year. It was an unprecedented step that has set off a flurry of activity among coaches from other teams, who are calling Penn State players and recruits, and those close to them, to gauge their interest in transferring or rescinding their commitments to the Nittany Lions.

Its a madhouse, said Lusardi, who coaches Brendan Mahon, a highly rated offensive lineman who committed to play at Penn State in 2013. Theyll call you or theyll e-mail you, and if I dont answer, theyll try and get in touch.

He added: Once the ruling came out, everybody that had Brendan on their sheet, anywhere from UMass to Oregon, to U.C.L.A., to Wisconsin. Name a school, and Ill tell you. The N.C.A.A. has stipulated that other programs must notify Penn

State of their interest in a player, and that a player must request permission to seek a transfer. If those conditions have been met, teams may travel anywhere to visit a player, or call the players at any time both of which would normally be against N.C.A.A.

rules until Penn States first day of classes on Aug. 27. The players will be allowed to transfer before this season or the 2013 season. As it was during their high school RUSH page 62


Curated News Edition

continued from page 61

continued from page 60

recruitment, Penn State players interested in transferring will be allowed five official visits to other universities during the 2012-13 academic year, though they cannot go to any campus twice. Complicating the process is the fact that many teams will begin preseason practice within two weeks, so players who wish to transfer before this season will need to make a decision in the very near future. Its literally turned into a free-for -all free agency, said Tom Luginbill, ESPNs national recruiting analyst, adding, The N.C.A.A. has opened the door for any program that chooses to, to raid this roster. Because Penn States coaches have no incentive to go beyond what the N.C.A.A. demands for opposing teams, high school coaches like Lusardi have become an important conduit between players and the programs now pursuing them. Penn States 2013 recruits, like Mahon, have only verbally committed to the university, and can renege without any repercussions until next February, just like all recruits around the country. The challenges facing the Nittany Lions program have

caused speculation that those recruits will contemplate choosing another program that has a chance to play in a bowl game or win a national championship. All of this has left the first-year Penn State coach Bill OBrien scrambling. Shortly after the sanctions were announced Monday morning, OBrien called a team meeting, in which he reportedly reminded his players their games would still be televised. Hes got to sell the resurrection, Luginbill said, adding that OBrien also could emphasize his experience as an assistant with the New England Patriots but, aside from that, he doesnt have a lot to sell. A few hours after the meeting, Adam Breneman, considered the top tight end prospect in the class of 2013, called OBrien, who assured Breneman he would be staying. OBrien spoke of the importance of his class in rebuilding the program, said Brian Breneman, Adams father. As of Tuesday afternoon, OBrien told reporters, no current player had requested permission to leave. Breneman is one of three players current running back Silas Redd and Christian

Hackenberg, a top quarterback prospect in the 2013 class, are the others that are drawing the most attention. Redd, the junior running back who ran for more than 1,200 yards in 2011, generated 25 to 30 calls Monday, made to his father, Silas Redd Sr., or his high school coach, Dan Gouin. ESPN reported that Southern California had notified Penn State it was interested in Redd. Teams would call and say, Hey, if he wants to take a look, we need a tailback, Gouin said. Gerald Hodges, Penn States leading tackler, received calls Monday, but would not entertain them, according to his father, Gerald Hodges Sr. Meanwhile, Breneman has become somewhat of a leader for the 2013 class, communicating with other recruits via text message and speaking regularly with OBrien. Breneman and Hackenberg had become friends, and before Monday had expressed excitement about spearheading a new era at Penn State, Brenemans father said. Breneman reaffirmed his commitment Monday, but Brian Breneman later said: Everythings brand new and

fresh. And theres a lot of emotion behind everything right now, so we want to sort out the facts. John Shuman, Hackenbergs high school coach, said he would advise Hackenberg to take his time before making a decision. Its a 17-year old kid, Shuman said. I think everybody wants to know because he was the first recruit. He was, more or less, as you call it in the country, the bell cow, that everybody figures, what Christian does, everybody will follow. Thats a lot of responsibility on a young kid do you want that kind of responsibility? A version of this article appeared in print on July 25, 2012, on page B 10 of the New York edition with the headline: Rush Is On for Penn State Players and Recruits. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

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Report: Injured Dre Kirkpatrick could miss Bengals camp - NFL

Dan Hanzus (- Bing News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:27:13 PM

This is a big blow for a Bengals team that expected an instant contribution from the former It appears training camp for the Alabama standout, selected 17th Cincinnati Bengals will begin overall in April's draft. With with bad news regarding first- Bengals cornerback Leon Hall round pick Dre Kirkpatrick. coming off a torn Achilles, Instant Debate: Breakout stars Kirkpatrick had an opportunity to The cornerback suffered a leg start right away. injury while preparing for camp, a Missing some or all of training league source t o l d camp obviously changes that C B S S p o r t s . c o m ' s J a s o n L a equation. Canfora. The injury could involve This entry passed through the a b r o k e n b o n e i n h i s l e g , Full-Text RSS service if this is according to the source, with the your content and you're reading it rookie possibly missing most or on someone else's site, please read all of camp. the FAQ at to La Canfora, the only/faq.php#publishers. Five Bengals declined comment on the Filters recommends: Incinerating Xav de Matos (Joystiq) matter, citing coach Marvin Assange - The Liberal Media Go Submitted at 7/24/2012 11:00:00 PM Lewis' policy of not discussing To Work. injuries prior to the start of camp. The audio aficionados at Astro are an impatient bunch, launching into their own next generation of hardware ages before console manufacturers are ready to take the plunge. Today, Astro Gaming has released the A50 Wireless Gaming Headset - a Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound, 5.8GHz behemoth for use with the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Mac "and more." According to Astro, the A50 has a 12+ hour battery life and includes a separate wireless transmitter - which features KleerNet tech to keep audio

Meet the Woman Who Tried to Marry Off Her Niece on eBay
Christine Erickson (Mashable!)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:52:31 PM

Astro launches A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

lossless over its wireless connection. Acoustic authority comes at a hefty price, however, as the A50 is tagged with a staggering $300 price point. Hey, no one said hearing the falling tears of your enemies online would be cheap! The hardware is currently available on Astro's website and select retail locations. Gallery: Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset Astro launches A50 Wireless Gaming Headset originally appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 23:00:00 EST. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Email this| Comments

Today, online dating services help filter exactly what people are looking for in a significant other. Other times, people take even less traditional routes to secure companionship. In an attempt to find the perfect suitor for her niece, auction agent Diane Hayes placed an eBay ad offering her niece's hand in marriage for $9.99. Only the subject of the ad, 21-year-old Emilie Rogers, was unaware. According to the ad, which has since been removed from eBay, Hayes was concerned that Rogers was a little too fond of boys with tattoos. "Your choice to 'tattoo or not to tattoo' is a good indicator of your internal thought process," Hayes wrote in the ad. "If, for instance, on an act of im Continue reading... More About: ebay, ecommerce, features, online dating


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Legal bid to halt border strike

(Evening Standard - News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:00:07 PM

Epic Mickey 2 dev diary Video: How Mars Rover expounds on storytelling Curiosity Will Search for in a Disney universe the Ingredients of Life
Jordan Mallory (Joystiq)

creating iconic characters like Black Cat, Blade, Starfire, Cyborg, and Tim Drake. He also Marv Wolfman - a Marvel and helped launch the Crisis on DC comics alumni and not to be Infinite Earths comic series, confused with an actual wolf man which any comic fan will tell you - is working with developer was a pretty big deal. Junction Point Studios as a Epic Mickey 2: The Power of w r i t i n g c o n s u l t a n t o n i t s Two is coming to the Xbox 360, upcoming adventure through PS3, Wii in November. forgotten nostalgia, Epic Mickey Epic Mickey 2 dev diary 2: The Power of Two. expounds on storytelling in a From the dev diary above, D i s n e y u n i v e r s e o r i g i n a l l y everyone at the studio seems appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 24 p r e t t y j a z z e d a b o u t t h e Jul 2012 22:00:00 EST. Please p a r t n e r s h i p , w h i c h i s see our terms for use of feeds. understandable considering that Permalink| Email this| Comments Wolfman was responsible for
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:00:00 PM

Colin Lecher (Popular Science New Technology, Science News, The Future Now)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 2:59:07 PM

Curiosity Rover Illustration NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory recently released the much-watched"Seven Minutes of Terror" video, which describes the harrowing descent to the Red Planet that the Mars rover Curiosity will undergo on August 5. Now, from the same lab, comes a look at the chemical tools Curiosity will use to search for

The Government is seeking a High Court injunction to prevent border staff taking strike action on the eve of the Olympics, the Home Office has said. It said the Government believed there was a "procedural error" in the ballot of members of the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union and was turning to the courts to prevent the strike taking place. It also repeated its calls for the signs that Mars could have once PCS leadership to call off the sustained life. strike ahead of the Olympics. Curiosity sets itself apart from A Home Office spokesman said: other rovers like Spirit and "We believe that there was a Opportunity by having the ability procedural error in the PCS ballot to act as a robot "geochemist," the and are therefore seeking an video explains. Piloted by a team injunction at the High Court to back on Earth, scientists will steer prevent PCS taking strike action Curiosity into a nearby crater, on Thursday. then search and test layers for "We want the PCS leadership to evidence that life could have call off this irresponsible strike evolved at one point in the and we continue to ask members planet's history. not to walk out at a time when the eyes of the world are on the UK." This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

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Using Neuroscience to Find an Activity Gamers Like as Much as Shooting People

Dan Nosowitz (Popular Science - New Technology, Science News, The Future Now)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:11:36 PM

Photos of Manitoba judge beyond sadness Toronto Star

(news photos - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:57:30 PM

Sniper Elite V2 KillCam Rebellion/505 Games Here's a true story: a few years ago, given an Xbox 360 for testing purposes, I went to the Gamestop to get a new game. I like games, but I don't like games with guns or sports, because I don't particularly like guns or sports in real life, either. The guy at the Gamestop was absolutely flummoxed by my request for an Xbox game with neither. He ended up recommending the game version of the movie G-Force, which is a movie for children featuring talking CGI guinea pigs. Violence in games is widespread, largely because violence triggers certain pleasure points in our brains. But what if we could study the brain to figure out exactly where and why--and what else

could produce the same reaction? Gaming pub Edge has a nice feature up about the effect of violence in games on our brains-in a good way. A crop of advocates are trying to use MRI machines to map brains more accurately, since MRIs are able to detect precise activity in certain areas of the brain. If we can figure out what kind of stimulus can trigger dopamine release in the

brain that doesn't include shooting people, could we get gamers off of the violence kick? Of course, there are some issues. MRI machines are both insanely expensive--like, millions of dollars--and sort of primitive, in that they don't provide the level of detail some game developers say they need to properly adjust their projects. Plus, there's the business and artistic problems of marketing

and creation--it's not like game creators now aren't trying to get people to enjoy their games, after all. But it's an interesting look at how neuroscience might impact popular culture, behind the scenes. [ Edge]

Toronto Star Photos of Manitoba judge beyond sadness Toronto Star I had seen the photos online a few weeks ago such photos have a life of their own but I was seeing one of them again. It was beyond sadness. How wrenching for Douglas, waiting hopefully to testify in her own defence, to know that her privacy was... Canadian Judge Lori Douglas may lose robes over nude photos New York Daily News Manitoba judge's husband takes blame for nude photos Globe and Mail Christie Blatchford: Jack King falls on his sword over nude photos of judge wife National Post CTV News- all 166 news articles



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Black Teens Are Getting The Message On HIV, But Risks Are Still There
Richard Knox (Shots - Health Blog)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:54:00 PM

[2 min 56 sec] Download Mike Segar/ Reuters/Landov Condom use has dropped among black youth, even as teens engage in less risky sexual behavior overall. The HIV epidemic among

African-Americans is getting deserved new attention at the 19th International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C. And the news isn't all bad. New data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that black high school students are engaging in risky sexual behavior far less often than they were 20 years ago.

Since black teens are the future of the epidemic for the hardest-hit ethnic group, this is encouraging. Here are the main results: The percentage of black highschoolers who've ever had sex has declined since 1991, from 82 percent to 60 percent. There's been a big drop in black teens who've had multiple sex partners. In 1991, 43 percent had.

Now it's 25 percent, or about half. The risky-sex gap between white and black high-schoolers has been narrowed. (Hispanic teens are between the two in riskiness, and their risk hasn't changed.) Dr. Kevin Fenton, the CDC's top AIDS official, says the new results reflect greater awareness

of HIV risks among black teens. "It's certainly a positive sign that African-American youth are getting the message," he told Shots. He cites another new piece of evidence that black teens are more HIV-aware: Many of them are getting tested for the virus. BLACK page 69

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After Supreme Court Ruling, Health Law Will Cover Fewer And Cost Less
Julie Rovner (Shots - Health Blog)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:16:00 PM

Chip Somodevilla/ Getty Images When the U.S. Supreme Court made a Medicaid expansion optional under the Affordable Care Act, the decision lowered the estimated cost of the law. The Congressional Budget Office

and Joint Tax Committee this afternoon issued their longawaited analysis of the cost of the Affordable Care Act postSupreme Court changes. Their verdict? Making the expansion of Medicaid optional for states will result in fewer people (about 3 million fewer) getting coverage. But that will also reduce the overall price tag of

the law over the next decade by about $84 billion. Now that's not as obvious as it first sounds. Some had suggested the total cost of the law could rise by as much as $80 billion due to the Medicaid changes. That's because it was assumed that many of those people who suddenly weren't going to get coverage though Medicaid would

get coverage instead through new health insurance exchanges. Some would qualify for federal subsidies to help them buy the coverage. And those subsidies would cost the federal government more than the Medicaid coverage would have. And that will be true, but only for some of them, said the CBO. "Roughly two-thirds of the people

previously estimated to become eligible for Medicaid as a result of the (health law) will have income too low to qualify for exchange subsidies," the report says. "In addition, those who become eligible for subsidies will have to pay a portion of the exchange premium themselves, which will AFTER page 69



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Tie My Shoes, Please: How Persuasion Works

Shankar Vedantam (Shots Health Blog)

panhandlers all have something in common: They regularly want to make you do things they want. Submitted at 7/24/2012 3:46:00 PM Marketers want you to buy stuff, managers want you to finish Can You Help Me Tie My Shoe? projects on time, and panhandlers Researchers found that when want you to spare a buck, or three. study participants were asked an Over the years, psychologists unusual request, they were more have studied the techniques of likely later on to perform a favor. manipulation and found several M a r k e t e r s , m a n a g e r s a n d that seem to work. (Read on only

if you agree to use these techniques for good and not for evil!) One is called the door-in-the-face technique. You start by asking for something outrageous; when that's turned down, you then ask for something reasonable. A boss may ask an employee to work weekends for a whole year, for example, and when that request

gets turned down, the manager might ask for a report to be turned in by Friday. The outrageous request reframes the real request to make it sound reasonable. Another technique is known as fear-then-relief. Here, you tell someone he narrowly dodged a bullet and take advantage of his relief to make your real request. heard on Morning Edition

July 24, 2012 How To Manipulate People Into Saying 'Yes'[5 min 14 sec] Add to Playlist Download The best-studied technique of all is the foot in the door. The panhandler who stops to ask you TIE page 69

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continued from page 66

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"Overall, about 13 percent of high school students have ever been tested for HIV," says study coauthor Laura Kann of the CDC. "Black students are far more likely, at 24 percent, to have been tested. [That suggests] more of them have gotten the message about the importance of testing." But the picture is not all positive. "Condom use is decreasing among this population," Kann says, "and that kind of balances the good news." San Francisco Thwarts HIV With Wide Testing, Universal Treatment July 23, 2012 Is HIV Still A Death Sentence? Young People Weigh In July 16, 2012 The use of condoms has been dropping among all highschoolers, including AfricanAmericans. That presents a puzzle. If black teens are getting the message about the risks of early sex and many sex partners, why aren't they getting the message about

using condoms? Kann says she doesn't know. "It's sure a point of concern at this point, and one that we're very interested in reversing," she told Shots. Other research presented at the AIDS meeting raises an even bigger concern. Preliminary results from a six-city study of gay or bisexual young adult black men shows a lot of risky behavior. Study authors say these men are part of "an evolving concentrated epidemic." The study "clearly shows that young men who have sex with men or who identify as gay or bisexual have far higher rates of a wide range of health risk behaviors, not just sexual risk behaviors," Kann says. This is a paradox. While the risk of getting HIV has been going down among black highschoolers, it's still high among their immediate elders. That's true among young black adults in

Photos: USA vs. Spain pre-Olympic basketball - News in photos

(news photos - Google News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:33:04 PM

Photos: USA vs. Spain preOlympic basketball News in photos Photos from the pre-Olympic Men's Exibition basketball game

affect their decisions about whether to enroll in the exchanges." While the CBO said it is still too soon to predict which states will or won't expand their Medicaid programs, it projects that overall, about six million fewer people will be added to the rolls than the 17 million it estimated in March, when the Medicaid expansion was still considered mandatory. Overall, half of those people will find other coverage, meaning that in 10 years, the law will result in a reduction in the number of uninsured of about 30 million Americans, rather than the 33 million it estimated in March. But it also says that the law remains more than fully paid for, because the reductions in spending for Medicaid are larger than the increases in subsidies that will be paid out. As a result, an accompanying report to the House GOP leadership estimates that repealing the law, which the House voted to do two weeks ago, TIE would increase the federal deficit continued from page 68 by $109 billion over 10 years. the time before asking you to The report was met with relief by spare a buck is employing the the law's backers. "Health reform technique. In contrast to the door is already making progress in the face, the foot in the door i m p r o v i n g c a r e , i n c r e a s i n g starts by making a very small, coverage and controlling costs," easy-to-accomplish request, and said a statement from Senate then follows up with the real Finance Committee Chairman between the U.S. Men's Senior request. Max Baucus, a Montana National Team and the Spain In a series of new experiments, Democrat. "Repealing the law Men's Senior National Team at researcher Dariusz Dolinski of the would only set our health care Palau Sant Jordi on July 24, 2012, W a r s a w S c h o o l o f S o c i a l system back and add more than in Barcelona, Spain. USA - Spain Sciences and Humanities in pre-olympic basketball 072412... and more TIE page 70

general, and it's especially true of young blacks who are gay and bisexual. Fenton thinks he knows why. "What is happening is that we are seeing these positive trends, but these positive trends may not be enough to offset high levels of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases within the black community," he says. In other words, even if black high -schoolers are getting the message about safer sex, they're graduating into a very risky world. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

one hundred billion dollars to the deficit over the next decade. Now it's time to stop the political gaming, implement the law and help as many Americans as possible get access to high-quality health care." But Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Baucus's counterpart on the Finance Committee, saw things quite a bit differently. "CBO exposed the President's partisan health law for what it is: a massive expansion of government paid for with over a trillion dollars in tax increases, while increasing costs on the backs of middle-class families, job creators and states during the worst economic downturn in a generation," Hatch said in a statement. "Higher health care costs, more government spending, higher taxes while slashing seniors' access to Medicare is why the American people continue to oppose this law. It's bad to its core and must be repealed." This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.



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continued from page 69

Poland found that when the initial request was highly unusual, people were more likely to comply with the demand that followed it. Dolinski had a confederate stop people en route to a supermarket and say to them, "Excuse me, but I suffer from terrible back pain and I cannot bend down. My shoelaces are undone. Could you please be so kind as to tie them for me?" That was the unusual request. Other passersby were given a routine marketing survey. A little later, the passersby were stopped by a woman standing

outside the supermarket. Dolinski wrote: "The second request was posed at the entrance to the supermarket by a woman who asked the participants to 'keep an eye' on her shopping cart full of goods 'for a moment.' She explained that her husband had her car keys and he had disappeared somewhere in the supermarket, and as the cart had a broken wheel, it was very hard to push. She would like to look for her husband without having to push the cart." Dolinski found that people were more likely to mind the woman's grocery cart when they had been

previously asked to fulfill an unusual request to tie someone else's shoelaces. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

David Frum
(David Frum)

mainstream supporters clamp their hands over their own ears. Andrew Sullivan complained Andrews riposte: yesterday that I had engaged in a Notice how pure the smear is, McCarthyite attack on Ron Paul enabled and not diminished by the by writing the following: first sentence. Notice the key A politician isnt answerable for concept of Beltway ideological the antics of every one of his policemen: there is a mainstream supporters. But theres surely a and a non-mainstream. Dabble reason, isnt there, that racists, with the latter at your peril. Since anti-Semites, 9/11 Truthers, and David has perished by the cult of Holocaust deniers are so strongly the mainstream, its odd he attracted to the Paul campaign. should deploy it against others. They hear something. They But to throw in Holocaust continue to hear it too, no matter DAVID page 71 how firmly Ron Pauls more

A Thirst for Power: Liberal Health Initiatives

Renee Davis (The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 7:00:51 PM

New York City Mayor Michael Bloombergs large soda ban has received a lot of media coverage since he first proposed it as a step in his anti-obesity campaign. If only this thirst for health could be considered a sweet victory for all. Seth Goldman, an entrepreneur in the health drink market, asks Bloomberg in yesterdays Wall Street Journal to re-consider his proposal. As soon as government begins to meddle, we [producers] quickly find ourselves considering scenarios that are not based on

market realities or consumer needs. The ban will affect the size of products that Goldmans company, Honest Tea, can provide. Because companies like Honest Tea serve a niche market, it will be much more expensive to adjust to the governments arbitrary limits on size than it would be for a larger company. Put simply, these demands of government force producers to ignore the demands of the market. Meanwhile, if individuals cannot make decisions for themselves, where is the threshold for too much government intervention? Is there any limit on this curve of

government control? There doesnt seem to be a facet of human life left sacred and untouchable to liberal government, because it has no inherently limiting principle. If obesity or health is something the American people do not take seriously enough, it is the governments job to step in and mandate that we care. Or if it cannot mandate intent, it will at least prevent us from choosing incorrectly. If the American public cannot be left to choose their soda size, the question then arises: What is worse than a 16-ounce, 200-plus calorie drink? Turns out lots of

things are, actually ( watch out, popcorn, youre next). This New York initiative is not just about soda, and it is not just an agenda being promoted by Bloomberg. In a highly publicized and revealing sound bite, Bloomberg defended his actions as the government simply forcing you to understand that you have to make [a] conscious decision for health. These health initiatives are necessary only if you believe that government knows best and that Americans are unable to make the most basic life decisions themselves. Arent we lucky to have a government that cares?

Renee Davis is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit about/departments/ylp.cfm. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

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continued from page 70

denial and 9/11 Truthers for good measure! Really. And notice how particularly cheap and easy it is to use such tactics against a libertarian. The traditional left is often based on collective associations, building a movement out of oppressed groups and their grievances, whether it be class or race or even sexual orientation. Libertarianism is the opposite. Its about dis associating. When you listen to Paul saying he will not turn anyone away from supporting his platform regardless of their motives or beliefs, you are hearing a reflection of his libertarianism, not his bigotry. He will accept support from any quarter and compared with the corporate money flowing into the other candidates coffers, he is about as independent as a presidential candidate can be. Because he is a radical individualist, he doesnt even understand why he should somehow explain the belief of others, or justify their support. You should ask them, not him. This kind of gotcha-association game is particularly easy because libertarians favor liberty above all, and that will necessarily mean liberty for bigots as well as others. A principled belief in states rights will doubtless lead to more racist and homophobic policies in many states but also, of course, more enlightened and successful inclusive states like Oregon or New York or Massachusetts or

California. A rejection of statism might lead to more discrimination in the private sector. But it doesnt mandate it. And it need not encourage it. A noninterventionist foreign policy will allow evil to triumph elsewhere in the world, because it believes its none of our business or too riddled with unintended consequences to try extirpating. That may be right or wrong, but it is not an approval of the evil of Assad or Ahmedinejad or the North Korean junta. And again, it is actually much deeper an American tradition than permanent warfare. But if you can trot out David Duke or Ayatollah Khamenei as potential Paul supporters, you have a very easy, cheap and essentially McCarthyite target. It saddens me that this kind of tactic works. I still believe that the newsletters, because they were in Pauls name, require a clearer explanation from Paul than the muddled ones he has given. He should not be left off the hook. And his proposals deserve a thorough vetting and discussion. But there is something awry when a candidate is assessed not on his arguments and proposals but on the shadiness and ugliness of some of his fringe supporters. Ron Pauls supporters ask that their candidate not be judged by his associates. Or by the people he chose to employ. Or by the newsletters he published. Or by the book he wrote. Or by the way

he earned the largest part of his living when out of office in the 1990s. Or by his purchase of the mailing list of the Holocaustdenying Liberty Lobby. Or by the radio shows he chooses to appear on. Or by his strategic decision to reach out to racist voters. Or by the conspiracy theories to which he lends credence, from government creation of AIDS to Israeli culpability for the 1993 bombing to a putative 9/11 coverup. And here I thought that libertarianism was a doctrine of personal responsibility? May Ron Paul at least be judged by the words he has spoken with his own mouth within the current campaign? The supporters say no again. When Ron Paul tells an interviewer that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 made race relations worse, were not supposed to consider what he might mean by better. When Ron Paul warns that a border fence would be used to prevent fleeing American citizens from exiting the country, were not supposed to conclude that hes a paranoid crank. Andrew deploys what might be called the ontological defense of Ron Paul, as follows: 1) Ron Paul is a libertarian. 2) Libertarians espouse individualism. 3) Racism is a form of antiindividualism. 4) Therefore Ron Paul cannot be a racist.

That is a demonstration of what might be called the deductive method of reasoning. But theres another way to study reality: induction. Like this: 1) Ron Paul has again and again exploited bigotry, paranoia, and hate as fundraising devices. 2) Ron Paul is a libertarian. 3) So yes, I guess it is possible for a libertarian to do that. Heres my question for Ron Paul supporters: why the denial of the undeniable? Perhaps you like Pauls message of legalized marijuana? Why not just say so? You dont think its important to stop Iran from gaining nuclear weapons? Argue it forthrightly. If you regard Social Security and Medicare as literally the moral equivalents of slavery, go ahead, make your case. But all this excuse-making, special pleading and jiggering of the rules of evidence so as to exculpate Ron Paul from the record of his whole political life? For what? This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

New York Naval Militia Takes to the Waters

Jessica Zuckerman (The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:30:13 PM

Boaters on New York and Vermonts Lake Champlain may see a new face over the next few weeks. Working with the U.S. Border Patrol, members of the New York Naval Militia will be out on the waters helping to inspect pleasure boats entering the United States from Canada and direct them to U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspection stations. A component of the New York Guard, also known as the New York State Defense Force (SDF), the New York Naval Militia has a long history of assisting federal and state partners in meeting the homeland security needs of the state. After 9/11, for example, the New York Guard, New York Naval Militia, and New Jersey Naval Militia were activated to assist in response measures, recovery efforts, and critical infrastructure security. More recently, during Tropical Storms Irene and Lee last year, the New York Naval Militia served in command posts and other roles aiding in state response. New Yorks SDF is just one of 23 forces across the nation. Altogether, they stand NEW page 72


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Whos Playing Politics with Our Military?

Steven Bucci (The Foundry: Conservative Policy News Blog from The Heritage Foundation)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 5:03:54 PM

continued from page 71

Despite the disastrous defense cuts that are looming with sequestration, the two main players President Obama and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid(DNV)see the situation as win-win. Sequestration will hit several areas in government, but defense will eat the lions share: 47 percent of the cuts come from defense, considerably less than its 20 percent share of federal spending. Entitlements take a much smaller hit. Nearly everyone in town, on a fairly bipartisan basis, sees the

cuts as detrimental to the security of the nation. Republicans who signed the Budget Control Act (the genesis of the sequestration) are now saying they only did it because they were sure the cuts would never be put into effect. Even Democratic legislators are scratching their heads and looking for a solution. They know that sequestration will hurt the Department of Defense and do great damage to the defense industrial base. What is a bit galling in its blatant disregard of reality is that now the President is adding gasoline to the partisan fire by saying that this is all happening because the Republicans are playing politics with our military.

The President has the chance to really be a statesman. He should bring in the leaders of the Congress and work with them to craft a solution that fixes the budget crisis without gutting our national security. He cannot do that by name-calling and holding completely inflexible positions. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

approximately 14,000 strong. Unlike the National Guard, SDFs serve solely under the command of the states governor and cannot be called to federal service. This gives them several unique advantages. In particular, SDFs are continuously resident within their respective states and can be called up quickly and easily in times of need. As an all-volunteer force, SDFs also offer a vital, low -cost force multiplier and homeland security resource. Made up predominantly of members of the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Reserves, New Yorks Naval Militia Force adds significant value to state military and first responders.

Even more than that, it offers an example to other states of the significant value of a professional, well-trained state defense force. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Inside the 2012 Google Science Fair [PICS]

Amanda Pittman (Mashable!)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:29:39 PM

Sabera Talukder(US) Talukder's developed a system to bring clean water to developing countries. As well as being efficient, it is also cheap. Click here to view this gallery. This past Monday, Google

partnered with CERN, National Geographic, Lego, and Scientific American to host the second annual Google Science Fair. This year's fair hosted 21 teens from all over the world. Each age group 13 -14, 15-16, and 17-18 presented a variety of projects -- from new ways to farm and be more environmentally friendly, to new

ways to diagnose and treat diseases.

Most of these projects were When asked what inspir p u r s u e d b y t h e s e s t u d e n t s Continue reading... independently of their required More About: CERN, Google, science assignments at school. Google Science Fair, Lego, Many finalists' projects stemmed Scientific American, national from personal interest in pursuing geographic careers in science, technology, medicine, and simply increasing the quality of life in their hometowns.

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Journalists charged with hacking

(Evening Standard - News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:00:08 PM

15 Instagram Pics Capturing City Life

Zoe Fox (Mashable!)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:02:05 PM

Berlin Grand prize winning shot by Bjrn Kcher (@bjoekoe) Click here to view this gallery. Back in May, we wrote about a Social Media Week contest in

Senior journalists from the News of the World have been formally charged with phone hacking and will appear in court next month, Scotland Yard has said. Of the eight people facing prosecution, including David Cameron's former spin doctor Andy Coulson and former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, seven have been officially charged. Brooks is due to answer bail at a later date. The charges are a potential blow for the Prime Minister, who employed Coulson as his press adviser following his resignation as editor of the News of the World (NOTW). Seven staff members from the now-defunct tabloid are facing court action, along with private investigator Glenn Mulcaire. The seven stand accused of one general charge of alleged phone hacking between October 2000 which your Instagram photo of Berlin, Bogota, Chicago, Doha, written by a graffiti artist on a and August 2006 that could affect your city could win you a trip Glasgow, Hong Kong, Jeddah, remaining piece of the Berlin as many as 600 victims. around the world. A winner, along London, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Wal Brooks and Coulson face specific with finalists from 14 cities, have Seoul, Torino and Vancouver. Continue reading... charges of illegally accessing the now been chosen. The winning image, the first slide More About: World, cities, voicemail of murdered schoolgirl The contest sought pictures in the above gallery, was taken by instagram, photography, social Milly Dowler. In a statement, showing the vibrancy of city life Berlin resident Bjrn Kcher. The media week Brooks insisted she was innocent, from the 14 cities hosting Social shot is of the words "The World is adding: "The charge concerning Media Week events: Barcelona, Too Small for Walls," which were JOURNALISTS page 74


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Body found after beach landslide

(Evening Standard - News)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:00:09 PM

continued from page 73

Emergency workers searching for a young woman reported missing following a landslide at a beach in Dorset have discovered a body, police said. Search crews had been hunting for the woman after 400 tonnes of rock fell on top of her as she sat on Burton Bradstock beach with her family on Tuesday afternoon. Dorset Police confirmed the body of a 22-year-old was located at around 9.40pm. Next of kin have been informed and the search operation has been stood down, the force added. A Dorset Police spokesman said: "At approximately 9.40pm on Tuesday July 24, search crews located a body on Burton Bradstock beach. The body is believed to be that of a 22-yearold woman reported missing earlier in the day following a landslide at the location. Next of

Milly Dowler is particularly upsetting, not only as it is untrue but also because I have spent my journalistic career campaigning for victims of crime. I will vigorously defend these kin are aware and family liaison The area's local resilience forum allegations." officers are supporting the family. has warned residents and people Speaking outside his home in The coroner has been informed." visiting west Dorset to avoid cliffs south east London, Coulson said The spokesman added: "At this and beaches with a cliff backdrop he would fight the charges in time there are no further reports of following the incident. court. He said: "Anyone who missing people at the location and Speaking about the landslip, knows me, or who worked with the search operation will now be group manager Mick Stead, of me, would know that I wouldn't, stood down. It is believed the Dorset Fire and Rescue, said: "It and more importantly that I didn't, incident was a tragic accident and w a s a s i g n i f i c a n t c o l l a p s e , do anything to damage the Milly our thoughts are with the family probably around 400 tonnes and Dowler investigation. The idea of the victim at this very difficult that covers an area of 20m." Mr that I would sit in my office time." Stead explained that the recent dreaming up schemes to P o l i c e , t h e f i r e s e r v i c e , weather was the likely trigger for undermine investigations is a m b u l a n c e s e r v i c e a n d t h e the landslide at the 160ft-high simply untrue." coastguard were all called to deal cliffs, which created a 60ft-high The other former NOTW staff with Tuesday's landslide, which pile of rock on the beach. who face court action are exhit at around 12.30pm just 400 This entry passed through the managing editor Stuart Kuttner, yards from the Freshwater Beach Full-Text RSS service if this is former news editor Greg Miskiw, Holiday Park. your content and you're reading it former head of news Ian It is thought the missing woman on someone else's site, please read Edmondson, ex-chief reporter was on the beach with her family the FAQ at Thurlbeck and former and scores of other revellers who only/faq.php#publishers. Five reporter James Weatherup. were enjoying the hottest day of Filters recommends: Incinerating All except Brooks are due to the year so far. Assange - The Liberal Media Go appear at Westminster Emergency services believe the To Work. Magistrates' Court on August 16. heavy rain over the last few weeks The CPS today told former News combined with the recent of the World journalist Ross Hall, heatwave caused the landslip.

who wrote under the name Ross Hindley, freelance journalist Terenia Taras, and former Evening Standard sports reporter Raoul Simons that no further action will be taken against them. A decision has yet to be made in relation to another two people, legal adviser Alison Levitt QC said. Thurlbeck said he will "vigorously fight" to clear his name. He said: "I have always operated under the strict guidance and advice of News International's lawyers and under the instructions of the newspaper's editors, which will be abundantly clear when this matter comes to court." This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

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Mitt Romney's Trip to Israel: Is the Jewish Vote up for Grabs?

Beth Reinhard (Politics : The Atlantic)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 4:07:39 PM

The Republican doesn't expect to win the group, but he's emphasized strained AmericanIsraeli relations as a way to cut into Obama's advantage. Mitt Romney addressed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee policy conference in March via videoconference. (Reuters) Why is this election year different from all other election years? The answer to this twist on the age-old Passover seder question is, probably not much, at least when it comes to the Jewish vote. Every four years, the Republican presidential nominee makes a play for Jewish voters, and every four years, the ticket falls woefully short. Since 1992, the GOP nominee has received between 15 percent and 23 percent of the Jewish vote, according to a new analysis from the nonpartisan Solomon Project. Recent history is not deterring Mitt Romney, however, who will make the biggest overture possible to the American Jewish community when he arrives in Israel on Sunday. For Romney, it could be worth it. Tight races like the 2012 campaign are won and lost at the

margins -- picking up a percentage here, another there -and strategists in both parties say that the Jewish community is one place where Romney could find an edge. A Gallup poll in June showed Obama receiving 64 percent of the Jewish vote. That's a 10-point drop from his level of support shortly before the 2008 election and five points worse than his overall decline among registered voters. "He's in what I would call the

danger zone for a Democrat," said Tevi Troy, a senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and a Romney adviser. "The question is not whether the Republican nominee is going to get the majority of the Jewish vote. It's whether the party will make important inroads in the community, and I'm optimistic that we will." Romney also will visit London and Poland in his first overseas trip as the presumed GOP nominee.

In a sign that Obama's team is eyeing Romney's itinerary closely, top campaign surrogates gave a sweeping defense of the administration's commitment to Israel nearly a week in advance of the Republican's trip in a telephone call with reporters. Robert Gibbs, a senior adviser to the Obama campaign, said on Monday that Obama had "substantive meetings" with Israeli and Palestinian leaders as a candidate in 2008 and questioned

whether Romney's overseas trip will be "one long photo-op." Gibbs also downplayed the tension between the Obama administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. MORE FROM NATIONAL JOURNAL NRA Members Back Some Gun Restrictions Breaking Down Obama's Personal Campaign Ad MITT page 79



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Quotes of the day

Allahpundit (Hot Air Top Picks)

Even Sen. Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., who was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:53:59 PM assault weapons ban when it posted at 10:53 pm on July 24, passed the House in 1994 2012 by Allahpundit suggested there is no political will T h e h e a d o f t h e H o u s e for new gun laws or re-instating Democratic Caucus said Tuesday the assault weapons ban. Under that Congress should absolutely the weapons ban, which lapsed in ban the sale of assault weapons in 2004. Under the ban, it would the wake of last weeks fatal have been illegal for James shooting rampage in Colorado. Holmes to purchase the deadliest Many Democratic leaders have of the weapons he used: the ARbeen wary of making a full- 15 assault rifle throated push for such a ban since House Democrats including House Democrats were swept Reps. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon from the majority in 1994 a and Carolyn McCarthy of New bruising loss some observers have York, both long-time gun control linked to the Democrats gun advocates, point to the shooting in reforms earlier that year. Colorado and other mass But Rep. John Larson (Conn.) shootings as proof that the said Tuesday that Congress c o u n t r y s g u n l a w s a r e shouldnt shy away from the issue insufficient. Monday Blumenauer s i m p l y b e c a u s e i t s t o u g h took to the floor to accuse the politically. National Rifle Association of *** political bullying. He pointed to Senate Majority Leader Harry t h e s h o o t i n g a s a r e n e w e d Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday that opportunity to deal with an he does not plan any action on epidemic of gun violence in the gun control despite calls to pass United States. an assault weapons ban and other The NRA argues that all we need measures is for existing gun laws to be You guys, I am not going to be e n f o r c e d w h i l e t h e y here with each of you debating systematically set about to gun control, he said. Ive told dismantle which laws we have, you my feeling on that. Blumenaue said. I continue to Reid, who was thought to be in feel that theres no reason to t h e r u n n i n g f o r a n N R A permit armor-piercing, cop-killer endorsement during his last bullets to be sold like Tic-tacs, election, disagrees with many that automatic weapons should be liberals in his party on gun available over the counter with regulation. 100-bullet magazines like killer in *** Colorado had, that facilitate such

sprees. *** [G]un control advocates tell another story as well. The president has shied away from the gun debate, they said, out of political expedience. The Obama who spoke at that church rally isnt the same politician who chose soft-touch responses to the mass shootings in Tucson, Ariz., and, most recently, in Aurora, Colo. There is no question hes softened on the issue, said Ed Rendell, the former Pennsylvania governor who focused on the unwillingness of Democrats to take on the gun lobby in his new book, A Nation of Wusses. But in fairness to the president, you dont see many other Democrats rushing to the floor saying we need to have legislation. He has been supportive of national policy until he took office, said Dan Gross, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. I dont know how much it is the influence of the gun lobby directly, as it is the kind of political calculus. He had an agenda and this was not at the top of his agenda. He needed to create coalitions of support for things like health care and he didnt want to risk fragmenting that support in any way. But as national incidents of gun violence flared with no major responses, groans have grown louder.

*** On his visit to Aurora, Barack Obama spoke a few half-hearted wordshe might have wished he could venture moreon the topic. His rival, Mitt Romney, continued simply to pander to the rich coffers of the National Rifle Association. In Washington, you can be assured that hardly anyone will do more, and not simply because members of Congress dont have the spine to act, the verdict of Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, whose husband was murdered and son was wounded in a gun attack on a commuter train 17 years ago. The stark reality is that the half-century battle for gun control has been lost politicallyagain, and again, now perhaps permanently. And that outcome seems impervious to any new outrage perpetrated in the increasingly grim randomness of America as a recurring, movable shooting gallery Aboard Air Force One, on a journey to console the victims and their families in Colorado, Obamas press secretary said the presidents focus was on enforcing existing law. And you cant expect him to launch a futile demand for tougher gun laws that would never pass the House or Senate. Nor should he pursue a course of faux courage that would represent a heedless disregard for everything else at stake in 2012and that would sacrifice his chances in swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, thereby

shattering the hope for a progressive presidency empowering the forces of reaction to impose their will across the board. The psychic satisfaction of being pure on gun control is not worth losing the electionand letting Romney further pack a Supreme Court that has already ruled five to four that the Constitution confers an individual right to own firearms despite state and local gun laws. If this happened, things would only get worse. *** These days, people are trying to use the Aurora killings as a pretext to criticize Americas gun culture or to call for stricter gun control laws. (This doesnt happen after European or Asian spree killings.) Personally, Ive supported tighter gun control laws. But its not clear that those laws improve public safety. Researchers reviewing the gun control literature for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for example, were unable to show the laws are effective. And gun control laws are probably even less germane in these cases. Rampage killers tend to be meticulous planners. If they cant find an easy way to get a new gun, theyll surely find a way to get one of the 200 million guns that already exist in this country. Or theyll use a bomb or find QUOTES page 79

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Adlai Stevenson, Even Today, Is Not Boring

Peter Osnos (Politics : The Atlantic)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:30:20 AM

Like Obama, the former presidential candidate was admired for his eloquence -- and went from obscurity to celebrity after he gave a speech to the Democratic convention. Library of Congress Bruce Handy, deputy editor of Vanity Fair, earned prime space in the New York Times Book Review recently for a piece headlined " My Fabulous Boring Book Collection." "What I am after," Handy wrote, "are books that are uniquely, exquisitely, profoundly boring -- books whose boringness intrigues, if that is not a contradiction in terms." The lead selection on this list of dubious distinction was Stevenson: Speeches, by Adlai Stevenson, with a foreword by John Steinbeck (1952): a collection of oratory by that year's Democratic candidate for president against Dwight Eisenhower. Seeing it for sale on a sidewalk table on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, Handy thought, "I couldn't imagine a book that anyone in 2010 would possibly want to read less.... I had to own it. And thus began a passion." Well, I can't really dispute the commercial limitations of Stevenson's speeches, but as it happens, I own a copy of the book, retrieved from my late father's shelves. It was published

by Random House and sold for $1 a copy, and after 60 years, it intrigued me, as it did Handy, but for a less disparaging reason. Reading Stevenson today and reflecting on that campaign in the midst of this bitter, moneydrenched presidential contest currently in progress is fascinating, in its way. Like Barack Obama, Stevenson was admired for his eloquence. And like the current president, he came out of Illinois politics and went from relative national obscurity to celebrity and a

leading role among Democrats based on a speech he gave to the convention as the state's first-term governor. For Obama, it was his keynote address to the 2004 convention in Boston. Stevenson's transformational moment was his welcoming remarks to Democrats attending the party's Chicago convention, which began without a clear favorite for the nomination. Within days, he was the candidate (drafted for the position that he had said he did not seek), and his acceptance speech solidified his standing as a

political figure of unusual humility combined with depth of insight. (There seems no doubt among historians that he wrote every word.) Here is a bit of its opening rhetoric: I accept your nomination -- and your program. I should have preferred to hear those words uttered by a stronger, a wiser, a better man than myself. . . . I would not seek your nomination for the Presidency because the burdens of that office stagger the imagination. Its potential for good or evil now and in the years of our

lives smothers exultation and converts vanity to prayer . . . that my heart has been troubled, that I have not sought this nomination, that I could not seek it in good conscience, that I would not seek it in honest self-appraisal, it is not to say that I value it the less. Rather it is that I revere the office of the Presidency of the United States. And now that you have made your decision I will fight to win that office with all my heart and soul. And with your help, I ADLAI page 80



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Mitt Romney's Foreign Policy Challenge

Molly Ball (Politics : The Atlantic)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 6:40:40 PM

The Republican's attacks on Obama are more rhetorical than substantive. Is he trapped by his party's longstanding foreignpolicy divisions? Reuters It's considered bad form for a president's political opponents to bash him overseas, so Mitt Romney, who is about to embark on a weeklong trip to England, Israel and Poland, decided to get the criticism out of his system while still on U.S. soil Tuesday. In a speech to the Veterans of Foreign Wars in Reno, Romney unloaded on President Obama, even going so far as to accuse him of deliberately weakening American defenses. "If you don't want America to be the strongest nation on earth, I am not your president," Romney said. "But with these cuts to the military, you have that president today." Romney's speech was full of such blustery rhetoric, accusing Obama of adopting too weak and apologetic a posture toward the rest of the world. Tone is important in diplomacy, and it's possible that simply by adopting a tougher rhetorical stance a President Romney would make a major change in the way the U.S. relates to the rest of the world. But Democrats question whether Romney has real, substantive differences with Obama's foreign

policies. For example, Romney harshly criticizes Obama for his timetable for pulling troops out of Afghanistan by 2014, calling it election-oriented political posturing; yet Romney, too, would pull out of Afghanistan by 2014. Similarly, Romney and his advisers blast Obama for not being sufficiently loyal to Israel, but the No. 1 thing he would do differently, according to his campaign, is a symbolic gesture: making Israel the destination of his first presidential trip. (Here's the full white paper on Romney's foreign policy proposals.)

Meanwhile, the defense cuts Romney blames Obama for are the result of a bipartisan agreement intended to scare Congress into reaching a budget deal. And his claim that the White House was to blame for leaking national security secrets was sourced to a Democratic senator who now says she was only speculating. If Romney's foreign-policy disagreements with Obama are more tonal than substantive, that could be because Obama's foreign policy record, unlike his economic performance, remains

broadly popular. And in an election likely to be decided mainly on economic grounds, foreign policy isn't likely to play a major role. But Romney also appears to be trapped by his own party's foreign -policy divisions -- the ongoing battle between neocons and pragmatists within the Republican Party establishment. Reuters' Mark Hosenball recently described a Romney foreignpolicy team " bogged down in feuding and dysfunction": The team includes personalities strongly identified with

contending factions whose internecine battles have dogged Republican foreign policy circles for a generation. One, more pragmatic, group is known as the "moderates." Members of the other, with a harder ideological edge, are loosely known as "neocons," short for neoconservatives. Already, fights have broken out over touchstone issues such as Russia and China, according to individuals close to the campaign. One Romney campaign MITT page 81

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continued from page 75

continued from page 76

What D.C. Can Teach Penn State About Statues

Republicans are energetically circulating the opposite message, particularly in toss-up states with Colin Kahl, former deputy large Jewish populations, such as assistant Defense secretary for the Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Middle East, said that Obama has Virginia. Hours after the Obama offered "record high'' security campaign's call on Romney's trip, funding, helped build an iron- Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., dome system to protect Israelis a n d V i r g i n i a G o v . B o b from rockets coming from the M c D o n n e l l b o t h i s s u e d Gaza strip, and acted aggressively broadsides against Obama's to thwart Iran's nuclear threat. relationship with Israel. RosKahl also went so far as to say Lehtinen called the hint right that Jewish voters could expect before Romney's trip that Obama Obama to make a trip to Israel would visit in his second term during his second term. He noted "politically inspired." that Ronald Reagan never visited "U.S.-Israeli relations have been Israel during his administration strained by the failure of the and that George W. Bush did not Obama administration to stress go until the last year of his second unequivocal support for our longterm. standing ally," McDonnell said in "Being a friend to Israel, at least a statement. "Thus, it's no surprise in our view, shouldn't be judged that President Obama is struggling purely by a travel itinerary," Kahl to shore up support in the Jewish s a i d . " T h e a d m i n i s t r a t i o n ' s community." support and cooperation for Israel Exit polls in 2008 suggested that has been unprecedented." Obama received 78 percent of the Obama himself affirmed his Jewish vote, roughly the same commitment to Israel just last level of support that Bill Clinton week while campaigning in a got in 1996, Al Gore got in 2000, h e a v i l y J e w i s h r e t i r e m e n t and John Kerry received in 2004. community in West Palm Beach, But the analysis of the Jewish Florida, where candidates often vote by the Solomon Project, warm up the crowd with free which combined national and bagels and cream cheese. "I want state data, pegged Obama's Jewish everyone here to know, in my support in 2008 slightly lower, at administration, we haven't just 74 percent. That's still a high preserved the unbreakable bond benchmark, but a lower baseline w i t h I s r a e l - - w e h a v e than widely reported. strengthened it," Obama told "I don't expect he will do quite as hundreds of residents. well in 2012,'' said Democratic

pollster Mark Mellman, one of three authors of the report. "He's going to do less well in the country as a whole, so you'd expect him to do less well in the Jewish community." Jewish voters remain much more Democratic than the rest of the electorate, the Solomon Project found. The analysis takes the long view, noting that between 1972 and 1988, Republican nominees attracted between 31 percent and 37 percent of the Jewish vote. Since 1992, the GOP nominee hasn't broken 23 percent, a trend Mellman described in part as a reaction to the rise of the Religious Right's influence in the GOP. But Romney sees an opening in the administration's failure to broker peace between the Israelis and Palestinians. He has delivered critical speeches to pro-Israel advocacy groups such as the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Republican Jewish Coalition, and he's deployed high-profile surrogates in the Jewish community, such as John Bolton, the former U.S ambassador to the United Nations, and Dan Senor, an adviser to the Bush administration. "Republicans say every four years that Jews are moving away from the Democratic Party, but, if anything, the trend is in the other direction," Mellman said. "I don't expect that to change

significantly." Obama's success among Jewish voters in 2008 defied a whisper campaign that called him a Muslim with terrorist leanings -falsehoods that the campaign sought to dispel with truthsquading websites that emphasized Obama's Christian background. Obama's reelection campaign has not launched any similar platforms this year, suggesting that it does not see the persistent rumors about his religion as a problem for now. However, the campaign website does include a section titled"President Obama's Stance on Israel: Myths vs. Facts." This article available online at: politics/archive/2012/07/mittromneys-trip-to-israel-is-thejewish-vote-up-for-grabs/260276/ This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

another way. Looking at guns, looking at video games thats starting from the wrong perspective. People who commit spree killings are usually suffering from severe mental disorders. The response, and the way to prevent future episodes, has to start with psychiatry, too. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

What did Chick -fil-As boss really say?

Allahpundit (Hot Air Top Picks)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:20:47 PM

posted at 10:20 pm on July 24, 2012 by Allahpundit I missed this post from Get Religions Terry Mattingly last week when I was on vacation, but its making the rounds today and now Im more confused than ever about why Chick-fil-A is suddenly on the cultural radar. Let WHAT page 80


Curated News Edition

continued from page 79

continued from page 77

me walk through this as I understand it; stop me when I get something wrong. Fact one: Chick -fil-As owners are outspoken Christians and are widely known to be so. The franchise actually shuts down on Sundays for the Sabbath notwithstanding the lost profits from weekend business. Fact two: Per Dave Weigel, its also no secret that Chick-fil-As owners oppose gay marriage. The companys charitable arm has been hosting events along those lines for years, apparently. Just recently, in fact, COO Dan Cathy said, I think we are inviting Gods judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at Him and say, We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. I pray Gods mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think we can try to define what marriage is all about. And yet, those arent the comments that (initially) got Cathy in trouble. Per Mattingly, these are: The company invests in Christian growth and ministry through its WinShape Foundation ( The name comes from the idea of shaping people to be winners. It began as a college scholarship and expanded to a foster care program, an international ministry, and a

conference and retreat center modeled after the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove. That morphed into a marriage program in conjunction with national marriage ministries, Cathy added. Some have opposed the companys support of the traditional family. Well, guilty as charged, said Cathy when asked about the companys position. We are very much supportive of the family the biblical definition of the family unit. We are very much committed to that, Cathy emphasized. We intend to stay the course, he said. We know that it might not be popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles. Turns out he cant quite share his values everywhere, but lay that aside for now. Simple question: Why did a famously Christian guy delivering a doctrinaire Christian take on marriage result in a sudden awakening that Chickfil-A is a famously Christian company with Christian views? Did people somehow just not know? Or, as Mattingly suggests, were his guilty as charged comments taken out of context in press accounts to make them

sound more condemnatory of gays than he intended? (His other comments, about Gods judgment being visited upon America for messing with marriage, are far more condemnatory.) Im guessing that, contra conventional wisdom, a lot of people actually didnt know of Chick-fil-As Christian roots, if only because its exhausting trying to keep track of which companies tilt which way politically and ideologically. For instance, heres a bit from Dana Milbanks new piece begging Huckabee not to turn this into some partisan/ religious cause: [N]ow Chick-fil-A seems destined to climb to the top of the lefts boycott list, already crowded by, among others, Wal-Mart, Target, Bayer, Exxon Mobil, Koch Industries, Peabody Energy and United Parcel Service. Conservatives buy-cott such enterprises to counteract the boycotts, while observing their own long boycott list, including: AOL, Planet Hollywood, Nike, Southwest Airlines, General Mills, JCPenney, Starwood and Whole Foods. This may be my RINO roots showing but I honestly didnt know that we were boycotting any of those companies at the end. And, given how Wal-Mart and

Target and those dastardly ol Kochs are doing these days, Im also not sure why anyone bothers with boycotts anymore. I suspect one or two percent of people on one side of the aisle care enough about politics to actually participate in a boycott, another one or two percent on the other side of the aisle care enough to react by engaging in a buy-cott to offset the boycott, and the other ~96 percent or so cant be bothered. Maybe this is the next wave of partisanship, as red/blue media preferences spill over into red/blue retail preferences generally, but I dont grasp the timing. Why boycott Chick-fil-A now instead of the first time they started doing anti-SSM charitable events? This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

have no doubt that we will win. Steinbeck's foreword acknowledges that he had barely heard of Stevenson in the run-up to the nomination, but was entranced by his speeches. "They are unique in my experience," he wrote. "The listeners set up no hullabaloo. The speaker is never cancelled out by emotional roars of inattentive applause. People seem to resent applause because in the noise they might miss something.... I've watched them leaning forward, their eyes never leaving the speaker's face and turning irritably toward any distraction. They're listening all right, listening as an audience does to fine theater or fine music or fine thinking." By today's standards, Stevenson was a very unlikely candidate. The columnists Stewart and Joseph Alsop deployed the term "egghead" to characterize him, because of his bald, oval head and his professorial mannerisms. The appellation stuck. Stevenson invariably referred to Eisenhower in the most respectful ways -- as "a great general who has served the Army and the nation well" or as "my very distinguished opponent" -- and on policies, differences were drawn in a spirit that would seem bizarre in their equanimity in contemporary debate. Discussing "The Atomic Future," Stevenson concluded, "To my Republican listeners I would say: the atomic adventure transcends partisan issues. Win or ADLAI page 81

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continued from page 78

continued from page 80

contributor who has interacted with the outside advisers said they held only one meeting as a group, in the offices of former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff. It ended in an argument between moderates and neocons over Afghanistan policy. Some Republican heavyweights from the more pragmatic, realpolitik school, including President George H.W. Bush national security adviser Brent Scowcroft, have declined thus far to endorse Romney. And the New York Times' David Sanger reported in May: Mr. Romney's own advisers, judging by their public writing and comments, possess widely differing views -- often a result of the scar tissue they developed in Iraq, Afghanistan and other Bushera experiments in the exercise of American power. But what has struck both his advisers and outside Republicans is that in his effort to secure the nomination,

Mr. Romney's public comments have usually rejected mainstream Republican orthodoxy. They sound more like the talking points of the neoconservatives -- the "Bolton faction," as insiders call the group led by John Bolton, the former ambassador to the United Nations. In a stormy tenure in the Bush administration, Mr. Bolton was often arguing that international institutions, the United Nations included, should be routed around because they so often frustrate American interests. Curiously for a Republican candidate with virtually no foreign policy record, Mr. Romney has made little effort to court the old-timers of Republican internationalism, from the former national security adviser Brent Scowcroft to the former secretaries of state James A. Baker III, George P. Shultz and even the grandmaster of realism, Henry A. Kissinger. And in seeking to define himself in

opposition to President Obama, Mr. Romney has openly rejected positions that George W. Bush came around to in his humbler second term. If Romney doesn't have a clear path on foreign policy, that may be because these days, his party doesn't either. This article available online at: politics/archive/2012/07/mittromneys-foreign-policy-challenge /260274/ This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

lose, we Democrats will work with you to follow this adventure to the end of peace and plenty for mankind." In hindsight, Stevenson's chances for beating Eisenhower, a national hero, were always a very long shot, and he was thoroughly drubbed in 1952 and again in 1956. We live in another era, in which the principal purpose of politics seems to be spending vast fortunes discrediting your opponent; not just his record, but his character. Yes, Stevenson's grandiloquent speeches are an artifact, but I am grateful to Bruce Handy for choosing them, even if his intention was mocking. The fact that Adlai Stevenson was a serious contender for president whose manner of address to the electorate was so respectful of them is impressive. Barack Obama, whose personal background could hardly be more different, shares qualities of eloquence and dignity with his Illinois political predecessor (with

a better track record at the polls). Steinbeck's appraisal of Stevenson's writing also applies to Obama at his best: "I love the clear, clean writing.... As a man, I like his intelligent, humorous, logical, civilized mind." As far as I am concerned, those are assets that hold up well after 60 years for Stevenson, and may well benefit Obama this November. This article available online at: politics/archive/2012/07/adlaistevenson-even-today-is-notboring/260247/ This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.


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Great news: GOP Rep. Don Young endorses Democrat in totally winnable Hawaii Senate race
Allahpundit (Hot Air Top Picks)

years, hes an avowed earmarker, hes been dogged for years by ethics questions, and now hes Submitted at 7/24/2012 8:25:26 PM backing Democrats in hugely posted at 9:25 pm on July 24, consequential races. Theres no 2012 by Allahpundit one in the deep red state of Alaska Remember, the only hope the willing and able to primary this GOP has of repealing ObamaCare guy? I realize hes a state is taking back the Senate next institution with huge name year. Its no sure thing that GOP recognition, but if the tea party nominee Linda Lingle would vote can beat Rick Perry and the Texas with the caucus to do it being GOP establishment to elect Ted the deciding vote to torpedo the Cruz which looks increasingly legacy of Hawaiis favorite son likely Im thinking they can would require some nerve but bounce Young. she says she will if given the This entry passed through the chance. And as Red State notes, Full-Text RSS service if this is Hironos actually the most liberal your content and you're reading it candidate in an already pretty on someone else's site, please read liberal field. If, for whatever the FAQ at reason, Young considers a only/faq.php#publishers. Five moderate like Lingle to be too far Filters recommends: Incinerating right to suit his tastes, he could Assange - The Liberal Media Go have endorsed Blue Dog Ed Case To Work. over Hirono. Instead, this. Why? Hes been in Congress for 40

Epoch Times | National, World, China, Sports, Entertainment News

(Epoch Times | National, World, China, Sports, Entertainment News)

Top Stories Chinese investors' confidence seems to have gone, with more and more people closing their investment accounts, state-run media said. Egypts water resources and irrigation minister Hisham Qandil was appointed prime minister by President Mohammed Mursi on Tuesday. The number of people who perished after a massive rain storm hit Beijing is much higher than official reports, according to local people involved in the disaster.

The secretive, high-stakes selection process of delegates to Chinas 18th National Party Congress continues, with two cadres who penned an editorial reflecting negatively on [...] With the Olympic opening ceremony taking place this Friday, years of transport preparations for the games are about to be put to the test. This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

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News Wire/


Group Pushes 'Timeline' of Obama Immigration Failure


Source: Massacre Gunman Had Extensive Firepower

Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:37:44 PM

of Homeland Security, allow thousands of illegal immigrants Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:37:44 PM who came here as children to stay and seek work permits. Feb. 15, 2012: A border patrol FAIR describes that vehicle observes border fencing in announcement as the culmination Douglas, Ariz. Reuters of a string of other decisions designed to weaken enforcement, A detailed timeline being including: filing suit against released this week by a leading states, like Arizona, that passed anti-illegal immigration group their own anti-illegal immigration documents what the organization laws; announcing changes via describes as a pattern by the memo in the way the government Obama administration of looking decides whom to deport, and most the other way on immigration recently moving to close down enforcement. nine Border Patrol stations. While the charges are not The administration has generally necessarily new, the detailed list refuted these charges by claiming of grievances regarding the the government is trying to administration's immigration maximize limited resources by policy could provide fodder for prioritizing cases. DHS claims it those trying to paint President wants to fast-track for deportation Obama as weak on enforcement those illegal immigrants who have in advance of the November committed serious crimes, while election. potentially letting others stay -The Federation for American particularly those who came here Immigration Reform, which as children. provided an advance copy of the DHS spokesman Matthew election-year study to Chandler defended the, catalogued dozens administration in response to the of statements and policy decisions FAIR report, noting that ICE since 2009. The group claims the carried out a record 396,000 "unilateral actions" all bend removals in fiscal 2011 -- with toward the same goal -- "to most of them being "convicted render enforcement of U.S. criminals." This proportion of immigration laws ineffective." convicted criminals slated for The study follows on the heels of deportation, he said, reflects a the administration's decision in significant increase from the prior June to, through the Department administration.

"Over the past three years, this administration has undertaken an unprecedented effort to transform the immigration enforcement system into one that focuses on public safety, border security and the integrity of the immigration system. As the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) continues to focus its enforcement resources on the removal of individuals who pose a national security or public safety risk, including immigrants convicted of crimes, violent criminals, felons, and repeat immigration law offenders, we have taken a number of steps to transform our immigration enforcement system," he said. "Because ICE is congressionally funded to remove around 400,000 people each year, the agency has to prioritize our enforcement efforts to focus on individuals whose removal has the biggest impact on public safety, including immigrants convicted of crimes and repeat immigration law violators." As for the Border Patrol station closings, most of those outposts are far from the border. The administration says it wants to focus on Border Patrol stations closer to the U.S.-Mexico border. Critics of the move warn the stations that are closing are still in high-trafficked areas. FAIR, which describes itself as a

nonprofit and nonpartisan organization with more than 250,000 members and supporters, is devoted to improving border security, stopping illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration to "more traditional rates of about 300,000 a year." Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet

Day in court for Colorado massacre suspect Holmes family attorney holds press conference Guns, murder and the USA

The deadly shooting attack last week at a midnight movie screening in Colorado could have Related Interactive F A I R s t u d y o n O b a m a ' s been even worse if the casualties had matched the gunman's immigration record Related Stories DHS immigration extensive firepower, one of the plan reportedly could cost $585M, first emergency responders at the questions remain over what fees scene told Fox News. James Holmes, 24, is accused of would cover Share This Article Newsletter opening fire just past midnight early Friday in the Century 16 Signup Sign up for free e-mail news theater in Aurora, Colo., killing alerts from and 12 and injuring 58. He made his Newsletter first court appearance Monday in a court case that could include the Signup This entry passed through the death penalty. Full-Text RSS service if this is The first responder who spoke to your content and you're reading it F o x N e w s o n c o n d i t i o n o f on someone else's site, please read anonymity said the gunman began the FAQ at the attack by tossing tear gas only/faq.php#publishers. Five canisters into the theater, then Filters recommends: Incinerating firing his 12-gauge shotgun at the Assange - The Liberal Media Go ceiling before turning it on the crowd. To Work. Other details, according to the SOURCE: page 85


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'Priceless' Artwork Gives Heirs a Tax Nightmare

Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:37:44 PM

Federal law bars possession of a bald eagle - dead or alive. Heirs of a wealthy New York art dealer were left a $65 million sculpture that might just be more trouble than its worth. Illeana Sonnabend, who died in 2007, left an art collection worth an estimated $1 billion. But one item in particular, Robert Rauschenberg's Canyon, is an heir's nightmare, a lawyer's dream and an IRS conundrum. The bequest comes with a $29 million tax bill, but since the piece includes a stuffed eagle, it can't be sold. Lawyers for Sonnabend's children and beneficiaries, Nina Sundell and Antonio Homem, are hoping federal tax collectors change their valuation of the item, since they're stuck with the piece and the taxes on it. But for now, the IRS isn't budging, and the case may be decided by a jury. We are hopeful for it to be resolved before a trial, tax attorney Ralph Lerner told

Sundell and Homem, who could not be reached for comment Tuesday, have paid $471 million in federal and state estate taxes related to the collection and have already sold roughly $600 million worth of art to pay those taxes, Lerner told Print Email Share Comments Recommend Tweet Share This Article Newsletter Signup Sign up for free e-mail news alerts from and Newsletter Signup This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work. Federal law makes it a crime to possess, transport, sell or otherwise convey a bald eagle, whether it is alive or, as in this case, stuffed. Sonnabend got an informal waiver from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1981 that allowed her to keep the piece, considered a masterwork of 20th century art. (Rauschenberg got a waiver for the artwork by showing that the bird had been

killed and stuffed long before the restriction was enacted.) Sonnabend died in 2007 at age 92. The estate tax, which at the time of Sonnabend's death stood at 50 percent on estates above $1 million, was suspended in 2010 as part of the Bush-era tax cuts, which were renewed and remain in effect until the end of this year. Placing a value on an item that cannot be sold is no easy feat. The venerable auction house Christies

placed the value of "Canyon" at zero. The IRS initially put it at $15 million, then jumped the figure to $65 million when Sundell and Homem refused to pay, according to The New York Times. The IRS, which declined to comment on the matter, is not only asking for $29 million in taxes, but also an $11.7 million gross valuation misstatement penalty, according to Forbes.

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continued from page 83

source: -- At some point, the gunman transitioned to his other weapons, a .40 Glock pistol and a .223 Smith & Wesson M&P semiautomatic. -- The shooter had purchased an after-market high-capacity drum clip for the semi-automatic, the source said. Although it gave him the capacity to fire perhaps 100 rounds, it was of inferior quality and might be the reason the shooter's gun jammed. Authorities found live .223 ammunition on the theater floor, possibly resulting from him yanking off the drum to try to clear the jam, or possibly from a "catastrophic failure" of the drum's feed mechanism. -- The .223 rounds he was firing were armor-piercing. -- After the gun jammed, the gunman walked out of the theater through the door he'd entered and was removing his body armor beside his car when he was confronted by the officers who took him down, the source said, adding that the gunman seemed surprised authorities arrived so quickly. -- The gunman's apartment was

booby-trapped, and authorities are considering a theory that he intended the apartment to blow first to create a diversion that would occupy police and rescue personnel several miles away from the theater, the source said. A photo of the interior of the suspect's apartment reviewed by Fox News showed what appeared to be small, dark balls, looking like small bowling balls, placed across the floor, evenly spaced like chess pieces. Wires crisscrossed above them in what looked like a grid, with a glass beaker of liquid visible along with what appeared to be a five-gallon gas can. Fox News has learned that the door was wired with a booby-trap and a backup system that would have triggered an explosive designed to "cut in half" the first person through the door. After that, explosions and flames would have likely consumed the entire building, presumably with the intention of trapping other residents as they slept and forcing a massive response of police and rescue personnel. Print Email

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Virgin Media coats millionth TiVo in Gold (Gold!), always believed in your soul
Daniel Cooper (Engadget)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:12:00 PM

Related Stories Shooting suspect 'would be killed' if housed with other prisoners, inmate says Colorado shooting suspect appears in court, while prosecutors consider death penalty Driver with apparent Colorado massacre fixation suspected of speeding to shoot exboss Share This Article Newsletter Signup Sign up for free e-mail news alerts from and Newsletter Signup This entry passed through the Full-Text RSS service if this is your content and you're reading it on someone else's site, please read the FAQ at Five Filters recommends: Incinerating Assange - The Liberal Media Go To Work.

Companies might not be able to mention that big sporting event, but that doesn't stop them from being clever. Virgin Media UK is one such enterprise, which decided to award its millionth TiVo customer with a gold medal in the form of a similarly-colored TiVo box. Rather than risk the ire of the IOC's lawyers, the company used the moment to (perhaps sarcastically) celebrate the release of Spandau Ballet's Gold. Bundling bassist-turned-soap-star Martin Kemp into a van, he turned up at the door of customers Allan and Christine Ward with the glistening PVR and a 3D-ready TV to surprise the couple. We don't know if he told the husband and wife from Nottinghamshire that the HDTV market is like a high prison wall, but we hope the gift of a new home entertainment system leaves them standing so tallllllllllll... Continue reading Virgin Media coats millionth TiVo in Gold

(Gold!), always believed in your soul Filed under: Home Entertainment Virgin Media coats millionth TiVo in Gold (Gold!), always believed in your soul originally appeared on Engadget on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 22:12:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds. Permalink| Virgin Media| Email this| Comments



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Engadget HD Podcast 309 - 07.24.2012

Trent Wolbe (Engadget)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 10:53:00 PM

We've survived the great DirecTV / Viacom slapfight, somehow. After many days in the wilderness we have returned with a new episode of the podcast and despite the summer doldrums, developments like two new supersized HDTVs from Samsung and LG there's still something to talk about. Of course we're getting ready for the Olympics later this week, press play to see if we're more excited about that or the arrival of Star Trek: TNG S1 on Blu-ray. Get the podcast [ iTunes] Subscribe to the Podcast directly in iTunes (MP3). [ RSS- AAC] Enhanced feed, subscribe to this with iTunes. [ RSS- MP3] Add the Engadget HD Podcast feed to your RSS aggregator [ Zune] Subscribe to the Podcast directly in the Zune Marketplace [ MP3] Download the show (MP3). Host s: Ben Drawbaugh (@bjdraw), Richard Lawler (@rjcc) Producer: Trent Wolbe 08:11 - DirecTV and Viacom

prepping 305Mbps internet service, aims to put FiOS in its place 31:50 - Nielsen to use watermarks to enhance local channel rating accuracy 36:50 - Samsung 75-inch ES9000 smart TV makes stateside debut: on sale in August for $9,999 35:27 - WD TV Play media hub revealed by the FCC, puts Texas deal brings MTV, Comedy Hold'em on the big screen Central, Nickelodeon and the rest 38:15 - LG 84-inch 'ultra back on the air definition' 4K HDTV going on 11:28 - Plex Android app updated sale in limited quantities in Korea with remote control from mobile 39:41 - Onkyo upgrades remote devices, new transcoding apps for latest-gen receivers, 13:31 - Hulu rolls out a intros music streaming Bluetooth simplified player UI for the web, adapter takes a few cues from mobile 40:30 - Star Trek: The Next 14:48 - Amazon, Warner deal Generation Comic-Con trailer brings Fringe, The West Wing to tries to make season one (and Prime Instant Video exclusively two) look exciting 16:05 - Yahoo shows off Beyond 42:03 - Must See HDTV (July Gold Olympics app for its 23rd - 29th) connected HDTVs Hear the podcast 23:13 - iTunes in the Cloud LISTEN (MP3) movies find their way to LISTEN (AAC) Australia, Canada, the UK and 32 Filed under: Podcasts more countries Engadget HD Podcast 309 24:50 - Comcast Xfinity TV 07.24.2012 originally appeared on Player for Android updated with Engadget on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 beta support for Jelly Bean, Nexus 22:53:00 EDT. Please see our 7 terms for use of feeds. Permalink| 26:11 - Comcast reportedly | Email this| Comments

Security researchers find new wafer-thin ATM card skimmers in use

Donald Melanson (Engadget)
Submitted at 7/24/2012 9:36:00 PM

disguised but generally sit on top of the card slot. As you can imagine, that makes it ATM card skimming is hardly a considerably more difficult to spot new activity, and neither are card for even the most attentive ATM skimmers that continue to get users, but Krebs notes that the smaller and more discreet. As skimmer still requires a secondary Brian Krebs of the Krebs on device like a camera or keypad Security blog reports, though, a overlay to record a person new development out of Europe entering their PIN. has now crossed a key, and Filed under: Misc. Gadgets potentially troublesome threshold. Security researchers find new The European ATM Security wafer-thin ATM card skimmers in Team (otherwise known as u s e o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n EAST) has discovered a new type Engadget on Tue, 24 Jul 2012 of wafer-thin card skimmer in use 21:36:00 EDT. Please see our in at least one unnamed European terms for use of feeds. Permalink country that's small enough to fit Boing Boing| Krebs on Security| directly in the ATM's card slot -- Email this| Comments that's as opposed to most current skimmers that can be well-