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Database Management Systems Final Project
Submitted by: Submitted to: Abdul Haseeb Khan Ann ul Huda Sarah Asad Khan Shah Faisal Mohammed Ahmed Ghafoor Date: May 22, 2011 BBA 2k9 (F) –A Sir Asad Amjad

Abstract– This document is a detail analysis of The Rock Musicarium, a dining restaurant with live quality music in Lakeview Park, about the technical requirements that would be needed for its Database Management system. Currently, the Musicarium features a studio, a café, an Amphitheatre and various lawns for different events. The operations run simultaneously and to increase the existing efficiency we are a designing a database for the Musicarium. The company right now has no existing database system. There are various operations that go simultaneously but for this project, we tend to cover only the Event Management segment.

The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS


bands and the veterans of the region to regularly play music in the exclusiveness of nature and light minded listeners. The rock is currently working on inter-cultural exchange of Artists on National and international level. a lake side purpose built Amphitheatre set up with an audience capacity of 500 people. The rock has been successful in doing so by also producing few young bands and bringing a youth the opportunity that is approachable. which will create freedom of creative expression. understanding. preservation and publication of music on the global level.  Objective A purpose built project for the creation. It is located in Phase 2 lake View Park. A place for all aspiring artists. The basic proposition is the concept of dinning with quality live music with a lake side view. Thus.Company Introduction Rock Musicarium. terraces and courtyards. It has an open-air Arena. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 3 . It features a cozy ‘theme’ Cafe with various lawns. The engine room for the Musicarium is its music Studio for recording National and International Artists. They have successfully conducted 20 events and are constantly going towards improvement. The company also tends to hold Conferences and Seminars with its partner organizations to work on these lines on both micro and macro level for the promotion of inter-cultural harmony. promotion. The Musicarium is also focused on bringing newer forms of Music to the region. documentation. a startlingly amazing cafe started in 2004.

no one company has the market cornered. As for the Rock Musicarium. While the hotel industry appears to be flourishing and healthy in Pakistan. Customer Perception Customer Perception about the Rock Musicarium is an exclusive dining experience with quality live music. tourism.Industry Background The rock Musicarium comes under the hotel industry of Pakistan. And. It seems to have made an important mark in the industry with so many events already conducted in a very short span of time and has set a standard of high demanding differentiation from other competitors. Pakistan’s hotel industry is not very large to begin with. Generally. The quality about the experience of dining and feel of the environment at the Musicarium is perceived to be high and exclusive. Lack of Tourism and most important government instability etc. but also the number of daily customers. the industry has little to contribute. top industry officials said on Wednesday. and that the Musicarium has been able to successfully deliver what has they been aiming at. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 4 . changes in technology. since dining options abound. Indeed. It is also perceived by the customer about the general idea of the Musicarium that is one of the most unique and different projects so far. while there are certainly dominant players in this industry (especially among fast-food purveyors). there to seems to be a rapid growth in restaurants and hotels. virtually every restaurant location must compete not only against other publicly traded chains. it concentrates more on the promotion of different forms of music and artists in the country. As considering the local market of Islamabad. but also a wide array of small. This is one of the very few or may be the only Dining place of Pakistan with the proposition of live quality music and rather than the hotel side of the business. which is at relatively higher prices than other competitors present in the market. Competition between restaurants is intense. local establishments. that is not really the case. Customers have been observed to have been ready to pay high prices for all the services. The hotel business of Pakistan is declining because of growing terrorism. Pakistan’s hotel industry remains in the red for the last two years because unabated incidents of terrorism and violence have not only slashed room-occupancy to less than 40 per cent.

their reputation and costs. The Rock should be concentrating more on automating the management system of the Musicarium which the management has been looking seriously into. This is what we plan to do for the Rock Musicarium. portrays an ineffective image of the Musicarium and hence.It has been received by the customers as a general feedback about the Musicarium that as it is one of the most exclusive places. a manual system of management of accounts and member-base. It has been seen to be able to make a strong mark in the market. The rock Musicarium has been facing serious problems in the record keeping management about their business. This does not only offer problems in accurate recording but also in regaining the files if wanted. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 5 . inventory management and supply chain management. Business Rules Following are the business rules of Rock Musicarium:  There is only one mode of payment. the rock is working very well in the market. events. in any circumstances All the strategic decisions are taken by the top management        Current Scenario The current scenario of the rock Musicarium in terms of the business and sales. which would not only record but will also allocate days for the events too. i.e. the Rock Musicarium currently has a manual file management system and does not has an automated computer system in order to record transections. In technical terms. Cash The workers do not serve more than 2 shifts No bargaining with customers : Fixed prices Only the owner can receive payments and agree on demands Time assigned to each event is strictly observed All the equipment requirements are presented to management one week prior to the event The customer is liable for any damage or loss. automating and developing the Event management system as database. which have added to both. The rock Musicarium has not only managed to seem to have made higher sales but also has been able to gain a large market share.

who and when received the payments and sales did and most importantly. incomplete and un-updated information makes the system inept Searches are painfully slow. it results in untidiness and loss of data. Moreover The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 6 . It would not only help them understanding the trends of the customers. the details could be leaked easily Manual system is slow and in efficient In consistent. inefficient and disorganized Updating information is slow and hefty Difficult to keep track of data Time consuming to enter the details in the register Registers occupy large spaces No data verification techniques are applied which result in mistakes which are not easily recognizable Too much paper work is involved which increases the expenses It is difficult to update and delete a record. Importance of Database Management system: The main reason why people go to Rock Musicarium is to get good quality food and to enjoy the concerts and ambiance. the time of the season/year. the rock Musicarium is taken serious consideration about the file management system in form an electronic database.Currently. The data could be easily lost in case of inevitable hazards as there are no backups Human error while entering the data cannot be rectified. Most dealers’ are unorganized and have a very haphazard way of dealing with their clients. This particularly wastes a lot of time and energy and creates a lot of frustration among potential clients when they do not find what they are looking for. the records would be only a simple keyword search away. Problems:               Data entry and searches are all manual There is no security of data. It is a huge business with an ever increasing market with tough competition. potential buyers and arranging meeting. It is difficult to find clients and to meet their needs and demands.

primary and foreign keys are added. data is organized into tables where rows represent data records. Therefore a system is needed to organize and provide a faster way of storing and extracting information that is required. a Database Management System can do wonders for the entire system of managing data.agents have incomplete information. In the DMS. The advantages of such a Database Management System include:    Controlled data redundancy Consistent data Integrated data where users can link data items regardless of where they are physically located     Shared data which allows data items to be accessible by everyone Improved response to information queries Data independence Consistent and controlled enforcement of data standards allows uniformity in database formats The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 7 . they do not maintain or update their files and they mostly provide incorrect information to clients because of lack of organized and updated files. In order to help Rock Musicarium to work efficiently & manage and organize their information. columns describe the specific data elements about those records-often called data fields or attributes-and to form links between the different data tables.

It also depends on the number of proposed users and the type of processing database is intended for. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 8 . Apart from that internet or intranet connectivity is also required.ERD Technical requirements: Hardware The hardware requirements for a database diverge extensively depending on the implantation of DBMS chosen.

and the data to be input. Other factors are scalability. it will do no one any good to create a program that cannot be run due to memory constraints of the system. at a minimum. the program. there should be no problems (as far as memory goes) with running the programs Requirements It's important to do a careful needs analysis before you dive in and commit to a database solution. You'll often find that a desktop database is suitable for your business requirements when you originally planned to purchase an expensive server-based solution.  The number of users and number of processes that will need to use DBMS at any given time    The amount of data that will be stored in the DBMS The processing pattern DBMS will follow The minimum requirements of a database Calculate Memory Requirements Calculate the memory requirements carefully. By taking into consideration the memory requirements of each of these factors. CPU speed. You may also uncover hidden requirements that necessitate the deployment of a scalable server-based database. network connectivity and storage space. These decisions have an impact on DBMS hardware requirements. number of CPUs available. should answer the following questions: The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 9 .Some hardware factors we consider for the implementation of our DBMS include memory. different decisions need to be made during the planning phase of DBMS implementation. The needs analysis process will be specific to your organization but. hardware platform and affordability. Factors to be combined when calculating memory requirements are: the operating system. On the other side.

For the security purposes. There is fear of data loss in case of any file being corrupted. Making sure that all users understand how to use the new DBMS will minimize downtime and other issues that are commonly associated with a new implementation. This can often be the most time consuming part of the implementation process.      Who will be using the database and what tasks will they perform? How often will the data be modified? Who will make these modifications? Who will be providing IT support for the database? What hardware is available? Is there a budget for purchasing additional hardware? Who will be responsible for maintaining the data? Will data access be offered over the Internet? If so. This will make our work easier. then the learning curve will be a relatively short one. Networking As there will be four computers working therefore it is necessary to have proper networking between them so that when commands are inserted in one computer they will automatically get updated in the other PC. latest version of antiviruses will be required to avoid danger from viruses. SQL Latest Versions To keep record of the students using the facilities of modern database. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 10 . Training: Educating all users is an important part of implementing DBMS. Anti-Virus Data security and safety are the other major requirements of our database. If the processes are well defined and fairly straightforward. outside. what level of access should be supported? Software: 1. 1. 2. the latest version of SQL software will be required. 3.

It means that you have to upgrade the hardware used for file-based system.  Cost of Data Conversion when a computer file-based system is replaced with a database system. In case of electricity fluctuations. so it does not get damaged. Labour Requirements: The Rock Musicarium will need at least four people for handling all the database system. DBMS software is also very costly. An expertise will be required in technical terms for the whole database that will not only be handling and monitoring all the transactions but will also be regulating and monitoring all the activity and any problems. customer base management. even management and one. Similarly. you have to take the services of some software house. 3. Costs:  Cost of Hardware & Software A processor with high speed of data processing and memory of large size is required to run the DBMS software. the overall system and finance manager. He is duties will include turning on and shutting down of the It will also need someone who would be trained of how to take care and clean all the equipment. So a lot of money has to be paid for developing software. You have to hire database and system designers along with application programmers. which will include. if so might occur. as a lay man might not be able to cater the equipment well and as per required.(How to Implement DBMS | eHow. It is very difficult and costly method to convert data of data files into http://www. Alternatively. the data stored into data file must be converted to database file. It will also include in monitoring the position and site of the equipment. Supply chain management.ehow.html#ixzz1Mu7ek7wf) 2. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 11 . 3 of them will be operating in different departments.

Maintenance: The system will at some point require updating .costs of this will need to be considered. application development. including programming. If you own the hardware then you will also have to consider staffing to do the maintenance part .does your team have the skills or do you need another. application programmers.what are you going to use and what’s best for the job. This could either be bought. The organization has to be paid a lot of amount for the training of staff to run the DBMS.  Database Damage In most of the organizations.  Appointing Technical Staff the trained technical persons such as database administrator. There will also be essential maintenance from time to time although this may be covered under your contract if you get an external company to do it for you. Software: Lots of free software lots of expensive software . all data is integrated into a single database. Cost of Staff Trailing Most DBMSs are often complex systems so the training for users to use the DBMS is required. data entry operators etc. then your valuable data may be lost forever Skills: Who will implement it? Will the work be contracted out or will you employ people to do the work Hardware: You need something for it to live on. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 12 . the" system cost increases. You have to pay handsome salaries to these persons. If database is damaged due to electric failure or database is corrupted on the storage media. and database administration. or hired. Therefore. Training is required at all levels. are required to handle the DBMS.

Moreover. system/ch01lev1sec6) Organizational Conflicts: Pooling data in a common database may not be politically feasible in some organizations. the risk The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 13 . Therefore. the cost and risk factors of implementing database systems should also be considered. DBMS is quite expensive. establishing recovery procedures. a system using online updating requires explicit backup and recovery procedures. which can coordinate with different user groups for designing views. ⇒ Explicit backup and recovery: A shared corporate database must be accurate and available at all times. fi ne tuning data structures to meet the organization requirements. ⇒ System failure: When a computer system containing the database fails. Therefore. ⇒ Training new personnel: When an organization plans to adopt a database system. (http://my. ⇒ High cost: Installing new database system may require investment in hardware and software.Location: If you own everything where will it be physically located? Do you need a DB on each continent or is one in your office enough? Risk Factors: Database systems have many advantages. before implementing database systems over the traditional file processing system. The DBMS requires more main memory and disk storage. The various cost and risk factors are given here. if DBMS or application program fails a permanent damage may occur to the database.safaribooksonline. Moreover. Moreover. Certain user groups may not be willing to relinquish control over their data to the extent needed to integrate data. it may need to recruit or hire a specialized data administration group. a company needs to consider the overhead cost of implementing a new database system. Hiring such professionals is expensive. all users have to wait until the system is functional again.

Such people problems could prevent the effectual implementation of a database system. If the organization does not use a database. Overhead Costs: The database approach may require an investment in both hardware and software. Again. A project too large in scope may be almost impossible to complete in a reasonable time. the project to develop a database system may fail. then the project might not be successfully completed. Sometimes management was not fully convinced of the value of the database system in the first place. If replacement personnel cannot be found. the DBMS itself may be quite expensive. The hardware to run large DBMS must be efficient and will generally require more main memory and disk storage than simpler file-based system. This may require a long wait. it is not exposed to this risk. It is very important. A database project that seems to be taking too long may be terminated. therefore to carefully evaluate all software that will have a direct effect on the database to be certain that it is as free as errors as possible. there may be permanent damage to the database. System Failure: When the system goes down. key personnel may unexpectedly leave the company. all users directly involved in accessing must wait until the system is functional again. Tape drivers for rapidly backing up the database are also required. that one group may damage another group’s data – and the potential system problems that may limit a group’s access to its own data may be viewed as more troublesome than beneficial. Development Project Failure: For a variety of reasons. Moreover. During the course of a project. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 14 .involved in data sharing – for example. since the data and its software are distributed. In addition. management and users become disenchanted and the project fails. if the system or application software fails.

establishing data recovery procedures and fine tuning the physical structure of the database to meet acceptable performance criteria.scribd. since if no person having the requisite skills can be found. Need for Sophisticated Personnel: The database administration function requires skilled personnel who are capable of coordinating the needs of different user groups.The DBMS may also need increase operating costs. (http://www. designing views. This could result in significant problems and may even result in the failure of a database implementation. an application system using a DBMS will usually execute more slowly than a system not using a DBMS. integrating those views into a single schema. For example. the DBA function may not be properly performed. since it requires more execution Time-line: The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 15 . There is a risk involved in identification of personnel for the DBA.

Project_Name varchar2(10) null. End_Date date null. Memo varchar2(7) null. ALTER TABLE Project_Information add constraint fk_emp_projinfo foreign key (Employee_ID) references Employee_table(Employee_ID) ON DELETE CASCADE. create table Project_Information( Project_ID number(6) not null. Start_Date date null.SQL Commands create table Employee_table( Employee_ID number(6) not null. Name varchar2(10) null. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 16 . constraint pk_Project_Information primary key(Project_ID) ). constraint pk_Employee primary key(Employee_ID) ). Type varchar2(5) null. Designation varchar2(7) null. Type varchar2(5) null. Status varchar2(6) null.

ALTER TABLE Event add constraint fk_Event foreign key (Project ID) references Project_Information(Project ID) ON DELETE CASCADE. constraint pk_Reservation_Status primary key(Status_ID) ). Type varchar2(5) null. Requirements varchar2(6) null. Request_Date date null.create table Event( Event_ID number(6) not null. create table Services( Service_Type varchar2(10) not null. Client_name varchar2(15) null. create table Reservation_Status( Status_ID number(6) not null. constraint pk_Event primary key(Event_ID) ). Memo varchar(5) null. Time varchar2(10) null. Status_Type varchar2(7) null. Sound_system varchar2(3) null. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 17 .

Status varchar2(5) null ).Light_equipment varchar2(5) null. ALTER TABLE Imbursement add constraint fk_Imbursement The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 18 . create table Imbursement( Imbursement_type varchar(10) not null. constraint pk_Services primary key(Service_Type) ). create table Customer_Information( Customer_ID number(7) not null. Imbursement_date date null. phone_number number(12) null. contact_information varchar2(10) null. email varchar2(25) null. Client_Name varchar2(15) null. Stage_design varchar2(5) null. constraint pk_Customer_Information primary key(Customer_ID) ). Customer_name varchar2(10) null. Artist_equipments varchar2(10) null. Imbursement_mode varchar2(10) null. Customer_address varchar2(30) null.

foreign key (Customer_ID) references Customer_Information(Customer_ID) ON DELETE CASCADE.'Corporate'. insert into Project_Information (Project_ID. insert into Employee_table Values (34534.).'active'. insert into Customer_Information (Customer_ID.'senior'.'conference').'vungle'.'confirmed'. insert into Reservation_Status (Status_ID. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 19 .Customer_name) values (928392.Type) values (93857.Status_Type. insert into Event (Event_ID.Client_Name) values (80328.'Jack'.).Type) values (2345.'HR').'vungle').

Limitations:  As we plan to make the database management system for the event management only. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 20 . as later they cannot be traced on the system. we would similarly need the same kind of database system for the other portfolios too.  Database would cater only those entries which are added by the operator. Which include supply chain management. they will have to have to make a new database for that specific portfolio which would now require the integration with the whole database. The Rock Musicarium has now been operational for more than five years and has been working properly somehow properly. If in future they plan to expand further into other portfolios. When the entire database made.  Limitations in terms of the acceptance by the employees might occur too. It at times occurs that employees not keeping the growth consideration factor in mind do not accept the new system. This often leads to theft in terms if some entries are not catered. equipment management and member-base management system. ultimately meaning that the hardware and software once installed would not be self-sufficient for life long. it would require an overall integration with the other database system for the whole organization. It would mean that the technology will have to be updated again and again. employees might still not want to shift to an automated system.  As the technology quickly outdates. Despite of the training and friendly database. the database management will have to face a technological barrier too.  The database made once is not much flexible.

Some formal training on the part of Rock Musicarium will be enough to acquaint the users and teach them the basics as well as maintenance. Thus the employees will have no problem in understanding the system and learning how to operate it. The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 21 . The employees of Rock Musicarium are not computer literate. It also does not need very technical skills or IT Expertise.  The computer system will have to be installed in order to maneuver well. They would need to be trained to a certain extent to be able to use the computer and the software. is more user friendly and easily maintainable.Thus it should adopt this system    It clearly has more advantages.Recommendation:  The database system developed has been selected since it is more appropriate and more beneficial than the online solution as well as improving the current system does not provide much benefit for Rock Musicarium .

htm http%3A%2F%2Fwww.scribd.htm How to Implement DBMS | aining+requirements+for+implementing+DBMS&source=bl&ots=F_WZHcwyhZ&sig=XZ ZnOKYAasmORGOD91SmQNKbfc&hl=en&ei=y4bWTdHsMIawhQfpubzFBg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=resul t&resnum=8&ved=0CEwQ6AEwBzgU#v=onepage&q&f=false      http://www.34603 http://databases.ehow.blurtit.html#ixzz1Mu7ek7wf http://answers.ppt&rct=j&q=training%20requirements%20for%20imple menting%20DBMS&ei=X4DWTZK7BtSwhQev9eHWBg&usg=AFQjCNFFkgimOM_4NXT WIQw-Rmr7Jcp4Ww&cad=rja  The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 22 .References       www.commoncriteriaportal.tpub.

The Rock Musicarium | Final Project DBMS 23 .

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