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Equation of a Line

Equation of a Line In mathematics we have so many fields like geometry, algebra, calculus, trigonometry etc but in geometry the meaning of line is a straight line which consists of at least two points and can be extend in both the directions up to infinity but the condition is we have to extend this in straight manner and no curve should be present otherwise it is not a line. Now we are going to learn the meaning of Equation of a Line, so there are various forms of a straight line like slope intercept form, point slope form etc but we are going to see standard form of straight line. Equation of line is Ax + By = C Where A and B are not equal to 0 In the above equation x and y are coordinates and A, B and C are constants and also constants A and B are not equal to 0 and also there is no thickness in line which is property of line.

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Now we are taking an equation and the find out the coordinates after that we plot these coordinates on graph and we get straight line so the equation of line is 3x + 4y = 2 Now putting x = 0 then we have y = (1/2) Now putting x = 1 then we have y = (-1/4) Now putting x = 2 then we have y = (-1) So now we have three coordinates and that is (x1, y1), (x2, y2) and (x3, y3) ant their values are (0, 1/2), (1, -1/4) and (2, -1) respectively and now if we plotted these coordinates on graph then we get straight line so the standard form of line is Ax + By = C and A and B are not equal to 0. This standard form is useful when we want to graph any line or it is also used when we know the y intercept of line or x intercept of line so that we can find the intercept of other coordinate and get the straight line. There are also other forms like slope intercept form or point slope form and these forms are use full when we have to find the slope of line. Now if the slope of any two lines is same then they are parallel to each other and if the slope of one line is equal to the negative reciprocal of other line then these two lines are perpendicular to each other. So if m1 = m2 then lines are parallel and If m1 = -1/m2 then line are perpendicular. Where m = slope of line.

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Now if we want to find the slope of line then we have to know this formula m = (y1 y2) / (x1 x2) Suppose that we have two coordinates of line, first coordinate is (6, 8) and second coordinate is (2, 2) now find out the slope of line then putting the values in above formula m = (8 - 6) / (6 - 2) m = 2/4 m= So by this way we find the slope of any line and also the intercepts of x and y and when we know the intercepts then we plot this on graph and get line.

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