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The Company HI-TECH ANCILLARIES LTD.A tiny family concern as private limited company started by Lakshmi Narayanan with initial equity of Rs.4.25 lacs.The total manpower was 75.The company having technical collaboration of 88.84% with Arai Seisakusho Co. Ltd and 14.29% of collaboration with Mitisubishi coporation. The company director is B.T.Bangera

1993- To become market leader in the country within five years. 1997- To become one of the top three in the world in the field of Oil Seals. 2007- To become a preferred supplier for all customers. 2010- To achieve the turnover of 600 crores.



1985- Hi-Tech Ancillaries Ltd Was Registered 1986- 1st Unit in Tanakkankulam 1987- Technical Collaboration with Arai Seisakusho Co Ltd 1990- Totally Professionalised 1991- Second Unit in Trichy 1991- Awarded Best SSI Unit in the District 1992- Awarded Best SSI Unit in the District 1992- Third Unit in K.Pudur 1992- Set up R&D Centre in K.Pudur

1993- Awarded Best Unit in the State 1994- Joint Venture with Arai Seisakusho Co Ltd and Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan 1994- Name Changed to Hi-Tech Arai Ltd. 1995- New Compounding Unit at Kappalur 1995- Fourth Unit in K.Pudur 1997- Fifth Unit (Dedicated To Maruti Udyog Ltd) In K.Pudur 1999- Most Modern Factory Being Set Up At K.Pudur 1999- Hi-Tech Arai Q.C. Circle Team Won the First Place in Q.C. Circle Competition In Tamilnadu State Conducted By CII(S.R.) 2000- Hi-Tech Arai Q.C.Circle Team Won The First Place In Q.C. Circle Competition In Southern Region Conducted By CII(Sr) 2000- In June 2000, The Co. Initiated Environment Mgmt. System Certification Programme and Obtained The Certification In July 2001( ISO 14000) 2001- In Nov.2001, A Prestigeous Quality Performance Award From Maruti Udyog Ltd. was received. 2002- In Dec.2002, Two Q.C. Teams Won Both Distinguised Award And Meritorous Award in an International Convention Held By Qcfi . 2002- The Company Installed Total Cost Management System Program. 2003- The Company Was Accredited ISO 9000:2000 Certification 2004- Qc Competition: State Level (Tamil Nadu) First Regional Level (Southern) - First National Level Second 2005 - Awarded By Cii & Apac (Aids Prevention & Control Project) As Best Industry In Practising The Hiv / Aids Prevention Practices. 2006 - First Export Order from China.


The successful implementation of KAIZEN and 5 S principles and following it systematically. The company has received an excellence award from TNPCB for maintaining the standards as per the norms.



Human Resource Development, Accounts Sales Administration ERP/EDP Purchase Excise.


This department will maintain the man power and provide the following activities.

Functions Recruitment Training Culture Building Employee Performance Management Organizational Strategy Audit Process data like attendance ,salary of employees

This department maintains all types accounts like sales accounts, general accounts,purchase accounts . Accounts/Receivable Customers



FUNCTIONS Maintain Cashflow Management Capitalization Machine accounts progress Deciding mode of payment Stock validiation
Processing salary accounts, labour contract accounts, sales tax and duties.

PURSCHASE DEPARTMANT This Centralized unit is responsible for all materials purchase for production purpose. There are different types of purchase like
Indigenous Purchase - Local Purchase Import - Import all materials Engineering Purchase - Includes all machine related activities Packing material purchase - Responsible for purchase material to pack end

products. Functions Obtaining purchase indent from every unit. Selection of supplier based on quality and quantity ranking. Cost estimation & negotiation Allotment of schedule order to customers Receiving and dispatching goods to required units Vendor development activities.

This department follows all norms given by Tamil Nadu pollution control board and according to air & water act. This department undertaking 21 wind mills which generate current from 225kw to 1250kw. FUNCTIONS
To get new EB connections and monthly payment of EB bills

Generating Invoice for wind mills and wind mill performance testing record. To get new Telephone connection if required and payment of telephone bills.

Booking complaints if any occurs and booking of air tickets, hotel & paying bills to them
Transport bill receiving, checking and payment settlement to management auto drivers. Subscription of articles, magazine for yearly.

Renewal of insurance and TNPCB renewal.

Housekeeping, maintenance and documentation of rental deed agreement

This department is responsible for sales of the products to the customers. There are 2 types of sales
OZ - Original equipment sales

RM - Replacement market sales

Original Equipment Sales This includes direct manufactures of equipments, automobiles and mechanical instrument .The OE again has two classifications on basis of application Direct OE products Used in production of original equipment Spare products Used by OE customers as spares FUNCTIONS Receiving the customer end purchase orders.
Verify the orders with material list and informing the departments.

Creating internal order reference and approving the purchase orders.

Acknowledgement of purchase order to customers & scheduling the production process. Dispatching the ordered goods to customers.
Receiving customers queries complaints and taking corrective action on it. Approval and deciding of logistics and couriers

Follow up of purchase order

This is done to retail end customers through authorized regional distribution. The dispatch of replacement market sales to retail end customers is done by depot. FUNCTIONS Release Schedule on forecasting and supply is based on advance payment. RM sales has no credit sales but allows 3% to the customers. Allocating production schedule Storage of goods at ware house and dispatch of goods through proper channels. Has to hold conventional meetings with customers end.

This department controls all hardware and software activities of HITECH ARAI PVT LTD.

The different modules are Purchase

Inventory order management Discrete Manufacture Finance

DMS Mailserver Os Communication Connection

ORACLE IBM Lotus Linus Airtel/Bsnl (Ride concept) Tulip(wireless connection)

FUNCTIONS To provide all Hardware and software services throughout our origination To support for financial functions by providing necessary datas. To provide support for production related data & communication between various unit. Resouce Planning and scheduling activities. To take periodical backup weekly ,monthly for different departments and automatic virus check on every Saturday.


The excise duty is an indirect tax imposed and levied by CBEC. Any goods purchased, manufactured and sold is holding excise towards CBEC. FUNCTIONS To calculate the excise duty and maintain all records of it. To file excise return document yearly. To support the periodic audit done by authorities.