S&E associate's degrees awarded by leading institutions, by race/ethnicity of minority graduates: 1997–2001
Associate' Academic institution s degrees Asian/Pacific Islander All institutions 21,647 Heald Business College–San Jose 505 Sacramento City College 387 CUNY New York City Technical College 375 Honolulu Community College 375 Kapiolani Community College 310 Heald Business College, San Francisco 279 City Colleges of Chicago 274 Technical Career Institutes 274 Community College of the Air Force 253 CUNY La Guardia Community College 226 Rancho Santiago College 223 CUNY Queensborough Community College 202 Heald Business College–Hayward (Hayward, CA) 202 DeVry Institute of Technology (NJ) 201 Laney College 199 San Joaquin Delta College 198 Northern Virginia Community College 196 Pasadena City College 193 El Camino College 188 Riverside Community College 186 Hispanic All institutions 39,873 Huertas Junior College 1,111 National College of Business and Technology 796 Texas State Technical College 756 Miami–Dade Community College 749 Technical Career Institutes 749 CUNY La Guardia Community College 689 El Paso Community College 645 CUNY Bronx Community College 515 CUNY New York City Technical College 475 Riverside Community College 454 Instituto Commercial De PR Junior College 435 University of PR Humacao University College 408 Colegio Universitario Del Este 405 South Texas Community College 390 University of PR at Aguadilla 389 St. Philips College 380 ITT Technical Institute (West Covina, CA) 379 Ramirez College of Business and Technology 379 Northern New Mexico Community College 375 San Jacinto College 366 NOTE: Data are not available for 1999. SOURCE: National Science Foundation, Division of Science Resources Statistics, special tabulations of U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, Completions Survey, 1997–2001. Associate's Academic institution degrees Black All institutions 42,797 Community College of the Air Force 1,734 CUNY New York City Technical College 1,110 Keiser College of Technology 943 Technical Career Institutes 851 City Colleges of Chicago 628 CUNY La Guardia Community College 611 ECPI College of Technology 606 CUNY Kingsborough Community College 465 Robert Morris College (Chicago, IL) 457 CUNY Bronx Community College 441 Essex County College 441 DeVry Institute of Technology (NJ) 425 CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College 389 Miami–Dade Community College 366 Virginia College (Salem, VA) 353 Community College of Philadelphia 335 Strayer College 331 Merritt College 290 Ivy Tech State College Central Office 284 Sanford Brown College 268 American Indian/Alaskan Native All institutions 4,605 Navajo Community College 211 Oglala Lakota College 109 Eastern Oklahoma State College 82 Community College of the Air Force 78 Northeastern Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College 77 Tulsa Community College 77 Salish Kootenai College 73 Carl Albert State College 70 University of New Mexico 69 Blackfeet Community College 65 Haskell Indian Nations University 58 Oklahoma State University 57 Robeson Community College 57 United Tribes Technical College 55 Oklahoma City Community College 50 Albuquerque Technical Vocational Institute 48 San Juan College 47 Connors State College 44 Murray State College 42 DeVry Institute of Technology (Phoenix, AZ) 41 Fort Belknap College 41

tions, by race/ethnicity of minority graduates: 1997–2001

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