FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE “Accuracy in Media” Promotes Birther Lies
“When in history has it been acceptable to smear the President’s mother?”
Yesterday, the conservative media “watchdog” Accuracy in Media plunged headfirst into the deep “Conservative smears of the president and his mother are becoming ever wilder and less

end of the birther movement, with an article entitled “Was Obama’s Communist Mentor His

coherent,” Mr. Bryan claims. “This is truly unprecedented. When in history has it been acceptable to smear the President’s mother?” • The article makes the following claims: Sheriff Joe Arpaio has “come up with sure-fire proof” that President Obama’s birth certificate (the “long form” birth certificate released Apr. 27, 2011) is a forgery. Obama’s mother.

Father?”, according to Bill Bryan of birther-debunking websites Fogbow and

The film by Joel Gilbert, “Dreams from My Real Father” contains nude photos of President American journalist, poet, and political and labor activist. President Obama’s father is not Barack Obama Sr., but instead Frank Marshall Davis, the

Woodman of Springfield, Missouri and ‘Dr. Conspiracy’ of Obama Conspiracy Theories) -- have

“1961 vital statistics instructions manual” shows that a penciled data entry code shows “tampering”

documented Sheriff Arpaio’s fabrication of evidence in his July 17th press conference regarding the President’s birth certificate. 1 Sheriff Arpaio and his chief investigator Mike Zullo claimed that a

Each one of those claims has been proven false, and two prominent anti-birther bloggers -- (John

See Woodman’s "Exposed: Sheriff Joe Arpaio Birther Scam — Here’s the Proof that Arpaio’s Posse Fabricated Evidence and Lied to the Nation” and Dr. Conspiracy’s “Indicting Sheriff Joe and the Cold Case Posse” and his subsequent posts. ~1~

with the President’s birth certificate, but they knowingly substituted the 1968 version of the manual because the 1961 version directly contradicted their claims. 2 and the alleged nude photos are not Ann Dunham Obama. The government of Hawaii has tried • press release saying that she had “personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State accordance with state policies and procedures”. Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in In July 2009, she issued another press release, saying she had “seen the original vital Here’s the simple truth: President Obama was born in Hawaii, his father was Barack Obama Sr.,

many times to refute this nonsense regarding the President’s birth:

In October 2008, just before the election, the Director of the Hawaii Dept. of Health issued a

records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen.“

form” birth certificate, the Hawaii Dept. of Health created a web page dedicated to President Obama’s birth certificate, including a letter from the Director saying that “I have witnessed the copying of the certificate and attest to the authenticity of these copies.” in a still-pending Mississippi birther lawsuit, stating that the information in the PDF The state registrar, Alvin Onaka, recently supplied a Verification of Birth for use as evidence

In April 2011, when President Obama showed two certified copies of his so-called “long

provided by the White House for public inspection “matches the information contained in the original Certificate of Live Birth for Barack Hussein Obama II.” • refuting Sheriff Arpaio’s “investigation,” saying: “President Obama was born in Hawaii, Finally, last week Hawaii’s Special Assistant to the Attorney General wrote an article


Both Zullo and discredited “journalist” Jerome Corsi personally profited from the “investigation” by the supposedly non-profit Cold Case Posse by selling a book containing information revealed by the “investigation”. The IRS has acknowledged receiving information regarding that incident, but cannot comment on their own investigation. ~2~

and his birth certificate is valid. Regarding the latest allegations from a sheriff in Based on those statements by two different agencies of the Hawaiian government, and the proof Arizona, they are untrue, misinformed and misconstrue Hawaiian law.”

Barack Obama Sr. -- exactly as stated on both his short-form and long-form birth certificates.

“investigation,” it is manifest that President Obama was born in Hawaii and that his father was

that Sheriff Arpaio and his “investigator” Mike Zullo fabricated evidence in the so-called

until after graduating high school in 1960. To see documented proof that the woman in the photos is not Ann Dunham (Obama), read the series of posts on the Fogbow Forum by Georgia attorney Loren Collins and Washington state blogger PatGund (begin here), which include links to the original source materials. ###

woman. Some of the photos were taken in 1957, at which time Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama) was

just 15 years old and living with her parents in Mercer Island, Washington. She never visited Hawaii

As for the alleged nude photos of the President’s mother, they are photos of an entirely different

To learn more about the Anti-Birther movement, visit Fogbow or, both of which contain links to many other valuable Anti-Birther websites. Several anti-birthers are available for commentary and interviews. See contact information above.

NOTE: A thriving community of “Anti-Birthers” -- including attorneys, bloggers, engineers, and health professionals -- has risen up in order to unravel the complex fabric of lies that sustains the birther movement.

We have many helpful resources for providing accurate and documented information, including the Birther Case Scorecard, the Birther Events Calendar, and Jack Ryan’s Scribd collections of birtherrelated documents.


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