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August 2012
you need marketing: Sunday afternoon is SCHB’s marketing media mix, with Marketing and Technical Sales for Start-up and Growing Businesses and How Small Businesses Increase Sales and Grow Using Social Media. Philadelphia Preview
by Joe Sabol SCHB Program Chair

Volume 42, Issue 2
Report of Spring 2012 ACS Council Meeting in San Diego
Reported by Sharon Vercellotti Councilor SCHB

Science of Climate Change
ACS President Bassam Shakhashiri presented and moderated a discussion on “What is your reaction to the proposed topics for the ACS Climate Science Toolkit?” at the Council meeting. President Shakhashiri’s working group on ACS Climate Science has developed a preliminary web-based toolkit that ACS members can use as a resource for understanding and communicating basic climate science. (Search for “ ACS Climate Science Toolkit BETA” on www. Below are some of the concepts that could be addressed in the Toolkit. • How is the Earth’s energy balance (incoming equals outgoing) maintained? • How does planetary atmospheric warming, the “greenhouse effect”,

The Expo opens Sunday evening stop by SCHB’s booth 1433 and discuss business with SCHB members. Monday, August 20 Puzzled by patent law revisions? Attend the Monday morning session What You Need to Know About the New U.S. Patent Laws. Make sure that you arrive at 8:00 a.m. for networking and continental breakfast, provided by Osha Liang LLP. Frustrated with politicians who do not listen? Then, run for office yourself. But first, attend Making Running for Elected Office a Part of Your Career, where former elected officials, candidates, and campaign gurus will share their expertise and give you a better chance at getting elected. Need financing? Have money to invest? At 3:15 p.m., the Chemical Angel Network Organizational Meeting is scheduled. For more information, contact SCHB member Sid White at See article on Chemical Angel Network on page 5. SCHB’s Executive Committee will meet 3:00-5:00 p.m. in the conference room at the Philadelphia History Museum, 15 South 7th
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SCHB has four full days of programming at the ACS 244th national meeting in Philadelphia. SCHB’s program is in the Grand Ballroom Salon I & II, Philadelphia Courtyard Downtown Hotel, 21 N. Juniper St. Please note that you may enter at 13th & Filbert Sts., which is one block from the Southwest corner of the Convention Center (end opposite of Reading Market). The Ballroom Salon is closer to the 13th St. entrance and up one floor from the lobby. For maps and floor plans, please see: Sunday, August 19 The meeting opens Sunday morning with SCHB’s flagship session True Stories of Success, where four entrepreneurs will share their lessons learned and do-overs. Stay for the Best Practices panel discussion where you can get all of your questions answered from our sage experts. Once you have your business plan,
August 2012


• What are the characteristics of a “greenhouse gas”?
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ACS Program Preview ........... 1 Calendar of Events ................. 2 Regional Meetings.................. 2 Member News ........................ 4 Chemical Angel Network ....... 5 NOLA ACS Meeting .............. 6 Member Spotlight ................. 10 ACS Webinars ...................... 12
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244 National ACS Meeting August 19-23, 2012 Philadelphia PA Division of Small Chemical Businesses

Calendar of Events

August 22 Wednesday Morning & Afternoon Terahertz Spectroscopy Moves From the Laboratory to the Commercial Sector

by Joe Sabol SCHB Program Chair

Regional Meeting Report

All sessions will be held in the Courtyard Marriott, Grand Ballroom Salon I&II J. Sabol, Program Chair August 19 Sunday Morning True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs and Best Practices Panel Discussion Sunday Afternoon Marketing and Technical Sales for Start-up and Growing Businesses How Small Businesses Increase Sales and Grow Using Social Media August 20 Monday Morning What You Need to Know About the New U.S. Patent Laws Monday Afternoon Making Running for Elected Office Chemical Angel Network Organizational Meeting a Part of Your Career Monday Evening Executive Committee Meeting 3:00-5:00 p.m. conference room at Philadelphia History Museum SCHB Social Hour, 5:00pm Atwater-Kent Garden (Jointly with CHAS, Division of Chemical Health & Safety) Sci-Mix - 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Pennsylvania Convention CenterRoom: Hall D August 21 Tuesday Morning & Afternoon Entrepreneurship: Drug Discovery Innovation at Start-Up, Small, and Medium-Sized Biotechnology Companies
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Two down, three to go. SCHB is supporting five regional meetings in 2012. At MARM, Baltimore MD, Gianna Arnold organized Best Steps for the Chemical Entrepreneur and SCHB co-sponsored PROF’s You Too Can Be an Entrepreneur or Partner with One. Saul Ewing LLP provided additional financial support. At CERM, Dearborn MI, Joe Sabol organized Resources for Start-up, Small, and Growing Businesses, which held presentations on business structures, contracts and NDA, small business marketing, chemical safety, and entrepreneurial resources from within and outside ACS. For pictures from CERM, see NERM is scheduled for September 30-October 3, 2012 in Rochester NY, Jennifer Maclachlan is organizing Chemical Entrepreneur Small Business Symposium and Workshop, so if you would like to participate or know of small chemical businesses or business resources in the Rochester area, please contact Jennifer. SWRM is scheduled for November 4-7, 2012 in Baton Rouge LA, http:// Sharon Vercellotti is organizing two half-day symposia dedicated to entrepreneurship: Resources for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs on the Road to Success. Please contact Sharon if you have ideas for the SCHB program. SERMACS, with theme Catalyzing Sustainable Innovation is scheduled for November 14-17, 2012 in

Free Ad & 1 Day Registration
Presenters at the SCHB meeting programs are entitled to a free business card ad in Small Chem Biz and 1 day registration fee. Send ad to Sharon Vercellotti, Editor, and contact Program Chair Joe Sabol ( for details concerning your presentation.

Volunteer for SCHB
Contribute to SCHB. We need • Newsletter assistant • Webmaster assistant • Treasurer assistant • Membership chair • Sponsors - development • Symposia organizer • Graphic artist • Your ideas Contact Chair Elect, Jonathan Goodman at

August 2012

Raleigh NC, http://sermacs2012. org. SCHB is sponsoring Entrepreneurial Chemistry, organized by Shri Kulkarni. Additional programming opportunities are available, and if you are interested, please contact Mukund Chorghade or Larry Evans secretary@ SCHB intends to support several Regional Meetings in 2013. If you have ideas for SCHB programming at 2013 Regional Meetings, please contact Joe Sabol
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Jennifer Maclachlan, Joe Stoner, and Joe Sabol enjoy the SCHB/ BMGT/CHAS social hour at Cafe Sevilla in San Diego.

St., which is six blocks East, along Market St. The meeting is open and if you would like to be more active in SCHB or if you have comments to make, please attend. By now, you will be hungry, thirsty, and ready for SCHB’s networking/ social/reception (with CHAS) at the Atwater-Kent Museum Garden. Meet old friends, make new connections, enjoy some food and beverage, and discuss business. Still got some gas? Don’t forget Sci-Mix, 8:00-10:00 p.m., in the Convention Center, where SCHB has five posters! Tuesday, August 21 Allen Reitz organized a full day of Entrepreneurship: Drug Discovery Innovation at Start-Up, Small, and Medium-Sized Biotechnology Companies. Learn how new commercial entities, non-profits, and university tech-transfer can participate in innovation and job growth. Coffee and networking starts at 8:15 a.m., provided by Bentham Science Publishers. The afternoon session starts at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 22
August 2012

Anis Rahman organized a full day of Terahertz Spectroscopy Moves From the Laboratory to the Commercial Sector where we will hear about instrument design, chemical sensing, and how art conservation, explosives, tobacco products, and more can be addressed with T-rays. Well, thats it for SCHB in Philadelphia. Next stop, New Orleans in April 2013 . . . see you there!
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• How are ice cores and paleoclimate indicators (temperature proxies) used to infer climatic conditions and changes in the past? Could any present changes be part of a natural cycle of change the Earth is always undergoing? • How robust are global climate change indicators? • What is the evidence that human activity is a cause for global climate change? Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs While the overall percentage of unemployed people in the US has gone down in recent months, the unemployment rate for chemists and material scientists has reached 4.6%. The committee continues to work towards meeting the changing employment needs of our members despite the highest unemployment rate for ACS members since 1970.

• Since greenhouse gases are vital to our survival, why has the term taken on such a pejorative connotation? • How do clouds, aerosols, and the planetary surfaces affect the climate? • Does the basic mechanism that explains the maintenance of a livable planet explain the data in climate plots?

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Member News
Daniel Kruh, Ph.D., formerly employed by GE and J&J, is President of Poly(Chem-Tech), a consulting firm in East Brunswick, NJ. It specializes in polymer applications for the industrial and healthcare sectors, with emphasis on dental products. Dan is also Council Secretary/Membershp Chairman for the Association of Consulting Chemists & Chemical Engineers, Inc. (ACC&CE), an organization founded in 1928. Email: John Lauterbach, Ph.D., has two oral papers and one poster at the CORESTA Congress in Sapporo, Japan, 23-27 September. SCHB's Anis Rahman is a co-author of one of the oral presentations. They have three oral papers on the program at the annual Tobacco Science Research Conference in Concord, NC, 9-12 September. Recently, John Lauterbach presented a paper at the San Diego ACS meeting and had two posters on the chemistry and toxicology of e-cigs at the Society of Toxicology national meeting in early March. More recently, John was on the Ohio State campus for the Chemistry Department reception and groundbreaking ceremony for the new Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Chemistry Complex. We are continuing to look for opportunities for collaborative research on chemistry and toxicology of tobacco products and reaction products of carbohydrates in tobacco products (we recently came across another reaction that needs explanation).

Karl Gutzke and Evelyn Kelly greet attendees at the SCHB sessions in San Diego.

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August 2012

244th National American Chemical Society Meeting Philadelphia August 20, 2012 by Sid White

Chemical Angel Network Organizational Meeting

Together, let’s create the next generation of chemical jobs via the new Chemical Angel Network for early stage chemical businesses. The organizational meeting is scheduled for 3:15-5:00 PM on Monday August 20th in the Grand Ballroom Salon I & II at the Philadelphia Downtown Courtyard by Marriott. The Courtyard is conveniently located close to the Pennsylvania Convention Center. If you are not planning to attend the ACS National Meeting in Philadelphia in August and you are interested in this unique opportunity to invest, support, and mentor chemical businesses, please visit our website and or contact Sid White (sid.white@ or Mark Vreeke (

tion, and advocacy and to provide recommendations to help members with jobs and to thrive in the global environment. The group has been meeting since the National ACS Meeting in San Diego. H.N. Cheng is chair of the Globalization group of the Task Force. Their objectives are to enable and enhance global collaborative partnerships and exchanges to access global markets for resources and jobs for ACS members, and engage ACS membership with respect to global initiatives on education, research, policy issues, and business partnerships. Sadiq Shah is chair of the Jobs/ Advocacy group of the Task Force. Among their goals are improved communications and advocacy, career development programs for students, recent, and experienced graduates, and educating chemists on various career paths, as well as educating local and state leaders of

Chemical Professionals Investing in Chemistry Based Deals
The Chemical Angel Network (CAN) is holding its initial organizational meeting at the 244th National ACS Meeting in Philadelphia. The organizational meeting is open to qualified investors, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties. The meeting’s objective is to reach a consensus on the organizational structure and operational model of a national angel network. The Chemical Angel Network will focus on investing in companies with a significant Chemistry component. The network will offer chemists, chemical engineers, and chemical professionals a unique opportunity to participate in the growth of companies in our industry. In addition to possibly significant financial upside opportunities, the network will encompass several unique factors. We anticipate that a significant number of the qualified investors will be retired chemical professionals. In addition to capital, the network will draw upon the retired members’ unique experience and knowledge base to provide due diligence, mentoring, contacts, and general technical expertise. Our hope is that CAN will become the smart capital choice for early stage companies. Following the organizational meeting in Philadelphia, the Chemical Angel Network will begin accepting business plans from the chemical community.
August 2012

the needs of chemists and their role in the economy. SCHB Councilor Sharon Vercellotti is a member of the Presidential Task Force.


Presidential Task Force Vision 2025: Helping ACS Members Thrive in the Global Chemistry Enterprise President Elect Marinda Wu has established a Presidential Task Force entitled Vision 2025: Helping ACS Members Thrive in the Global Chemistry Enterprise. Their goal is to identify challenges and opportunities related to the global chemistry enterprise with respect to job growth, collaboration, educa

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Anis Rahman (Applied Photonics Research, Inc. and SCHB Planning Committee Chair) is organizing Terahertz Technology for Problem Solving in the 21st Century: Applications in Energy and Food Analysis. Additional symposia can be added up until the final program deadline in November. What is missing that you would like to see in New Orleans? SCHB will co-sponsor a number of symposia from other divisions and will also sponsor workshops to address the needs of small business entrepreneurs, e.g., SBIR grants, venture capital, and business services. What would you like SCHB to do for you? Bring your suggestions to the reception in Philadelphia or email to Help shape the direction of SCHB by volunteering your time and organizational skill. You will expand your network and receive the satisfaction of ensuring that SCHB’s program is second to none. SCHB members are a rich resource for speakers and you will be pleased with the support you receive.
If you are unsure whether you will attend the New Orleans meeting, you are not required to attend, although most organizers do, presiding at their session. SCHB’s policy is to reimburse organizers an amount equal to the ACS member one day advance registration fee.

Participants in the San Diego SCHB symposium “Exponential Technologies: Disruptive Influences and Rapid Advancements in Chemistry” included L. Butters, presiding, R. McCauley, B. Butters, R. Meagley, A. Bleloch and S. Kahn.

245h National ACS Meeting Chemistry of Energy and Food April 7-11, 2013
Joe Sabol SCHB Program Chair

Next Stop. . . New Orleans!!

sessions: SCHB’s Sci-Mix poster session, Arsenic in Food and Water, and Something’s Brewing in the Bayou, with help on the latter from Sharon Vercellotti (V-LABS, INC., SCHB Councilor and Newsletter Editor.) Wilson Hago (CoolPlanet Energy Systems) is organizing The Hydrogen Economy is Fueled by Small Businesses and Algae, Biofuels, and CO2. Kathe Andrews (Integrated Bioenergy and Biofuels Consulting) is co-organizer of the Biofuels symposium. Caroline Trupp Gil (ACS Office of Public Affairs) is organizing Making a Science Fellowship Part of Your Career panel discussion.

Not long after you read this, on August 20, 2012, the call for abstracts will open for the ACS 245th meeting in New Orleans. SCHB volunteer organizers promise a great program for you. Help them by submitting your abstracts early. Do not hesitate to contact the organizers if you have questions or suggestions for speakers. Xiaoxi Ling (Ohio University) and Charles McElroy (Southeastern Louisiana University) are organizing SCHB’s flagship session True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs. John Newsam (Tioga Research, Inc.) is organizing the ever popular Best Practices from Chemical Entrepreneurs panel discussion. Jennifer Maclachlan (PID Analyzers, LLC and SCHB Public Relations Chair) has taken on three
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August 2012

244th National American Chemical Society Meeting
August 19-23, 2012 Philadelphia PA

SCHB Program

1:10 Introductory Remarks. 1:15 Successful marketing on a tight budget. F. Coggins, D. A. Jarvis 1:45 Spotting growth opportunities using analysis. R. Galioto, D. Jarvi 2:15 Promotional products are powerful. E. Kelly 2:45 Business development skills for technical entrepreneurs. D. Jarvis 3:15 Concluding Remarks. Section A How Small Businesses Increase Sales and Grow Using Social Media Cosponsored by CEPA, PROF, and YCC J. Maclachlan, Organizer, Presiding 3:30 Introductory Remarks. 3:35 Legal Considerations and Potential Traps For Small Businesses Using Social Media. S. Thompson 4:05 Be visible, be insightful, be successful: Join the social media revolution for small businesses. M. Norton 4:35 Social media is used by many people: Research shows that most of your customers are people. K. L. Grant 5:05 Concluding Remarks. International Activities: Here’s How We Did It Sponsored by PROF, Cosponsored by SCHB and SCTF Memorial Symposium for Michelle Millar: Exploration of Enzymes and their Functions Using Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry Sponsored by INOR, Cosponsored by SCHB AUGUST 20 MONDAY MORNING What You Need to Know About the New U.S. Patent Laws Cosponsored by CEPA, CINF, PROF, and YCC Financially supported by Osha Liang LLP J. Bergman, Organizer, Presiding 8:00 Coffee and Networking. 8:30 Introductory Remarks. 8:35 Costs under AIA. C. Pielech 9:05 Post-grant procedures under the

AIA. J. Bergman 9:35 Recent patent law decisions, and updates on patent law. M. Locklar 10:05 Intermission. 10:20 Joinder and venue changes under the AIA. S. Schlather 10:50 The AIA’s effect on patenting strategies. C. McCan |11:20 The AIA’s effect on patent litigation and dispute resolution strategies. C. McCann 11:50 Concluding Remarks. Beyond the Bench: Non-traditional Careers in Chemistry Sponsored by PROF, Cosponsored by SCHB and YCC Business Plan Competition for CEC Sponsored by BMGT, Cosponsored by COMSCI and SCHB Memorial Symposium for Michelle Millar: Exploration of Enzymes and their Functions Using Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry Sponsored by INOR, Cosponsored by SCHB MONDAY AFTERNOON Making Running for Elected Office a Part of Your Career Cosponsored by CCPA, CEPA, and YCC R. Garant, Organizer, Presiding 1:05 Statement from Panelists. R. Garant. 1:25 Panel Discussion. 3:05 Concluding Remarks. Beyond the Bench: Non-traditional Careers in Chemistry Sponsored by PROF, Cosponsored by SCHB and YCC Nobel Laureates Forum Innovation Translating an Innovative Idea from Mind to Marketplace Sponsored by COMSCI, Cosponsored by SCHB MONDAY EVENING Sci-Mix Pennsylvania Convention Center Hall D J. Maclachlan, SCHB Organizer 8:00 - 10:00 Member benefits of the ACS Division of Small Chemical Businesses. Page 7

All sessions will be held in the Courtyard Marriott, Grand Ballroom Salon I&II, except EC mtg, Social, and Sci-Mix J. Sabol, Program Chair AUGUST 19 SUNDAY MORNING Section A True Stories of Success from Chemical Entrepreneurs and Best Practices Panel Discussion Cosponsored by PROF and YCC P. McCarthy, Organizer, Presiding 8:15 Introductory Remarks. 8:20 An Entrepreneurial adventure with light scattering. P. J. Wyatt 8:50 Pre-seed workshop: Success in launching high-tech start-up companies. J. J. Albers 9:20 Exploiting your niche: Identifying and marketing your expertise. D. J. Spandau 9:50 Challenges and triumphs of starting and building a cancer diagnostics company. P. T. Henderson, G. Cimino, C. Pan 10:20 Intermission. 10:30 Panel Discussion. 11:50 Concluding Remarks. Analytical Chemistry and Quality Management: Two Sides of the Same Coin Sponsored by ANYL, Cosponsored by BMGT, I&EC, and SCHB Hunting for Hidden Treasures: Chemical Information in Patents and Other Documents Sponsored by CINF, Cosponsored by CHAL and SCHB SUNDAY AFTERNOON Section A Marketing and Technical Sales for Start-up and Growing Businesses Cosponsored by CEPA D. Jarvis, Organizer, Presiding August 2012

S. Seelig, J. Goodman, M. Chorghade, J. Sabol, A. Argade, S. Vercellotti, L. Evans, J. L. Maclachlan, D. Deutsch Desire of a patent attorney to connect. S. Thompson Utilizing ACS Network, Google+ and Pinterest as marketing tools for my small chemical business. J. L.Maclachlan AUGUST 21 TUESDAY MORNING Entrepreneurship: Drug Discovery Innovation at Start-Up, Small, and Medium-Sized Biotechnology Companies Cosponsored by CEPA, COMP, MEDI, ORGN, PROF, and YCC Financially supported by Bentham Science Publishers A. Reitz, Organizer P. N. Confalone, Presiding 8:15 Coffee and Networking. 8:45 Introductory Remarks. 8:50 DRIVE: An innovative, non-profit drug discovery company. D. C. Liotta 9:35 Entrepreneurship in biomedical research: Opportunities and challenges. A. B. Reitz 10:05 Intermission. 10:20 Unlocking Mother Nature’s diversity: Establishment of a non-profit institute to facilitate exploration of a formerly private natural product collection. W. A. Kinney, M. Goetz, J. Ondeyka, A. Dombrowski, T. Morcol 10:50 Start-up biopharmaceutical world: Lessons learned. C. J. Burns 11:20 Entrepreneurialism and the future of drug development. P. M. Dentinger 11:50 Concluding Remarks. TUESDAY AFTERNOON Entrepreneurship: Drug Discovery Innovation at Start-Up, Small, and Medium-Sized Biotechnology Companies Cosponsored by CEPA, COMP, MEDI, ORGN, PROF, and YCC Financially supported by Bentham Science Publishers A. Reitz, Organizer, Presiding 1:30 Introductory Remarks. Page 8

1:35 Innovation, chemistry, and jobs: Meeting the challenges of tomorrow. P. N. Confalone 2:20 Mapping the entrepreneurship path. B. S. Schilberg 2:50 Intermission. 3:05 What really happens inside university technology transfer offices: Preliminary findings from in-depth investigations. D. M. De Carolis 3:35 SRI BioSciences: A nonprofit pharma with entrepreneurship at its core. R. Chaguturu 4:05 Azevan Pharmaceuticals: CNS drug development in the new normal. N. G. Simon 4:35 Concluding Remarks. Commercialization through Partnerships with Industry and Investors Translating an Innovative Idea to Commercialization Sponsored by COMSCI, Cosponsored by SCHB Ethics in Industry: NOT an Oxymoron! Sponsored by PROF, Cosponsored by CEPA and SCHB AUGUST 22 WEDNESDAY MORNING Terahertz Spectroscopy Moves From the Laboratory to the Commercial Sector Cosponsored by ANYL A. Rahman, Organizer S. Brown, Presiding 8:30 Introduction. 8:35 Terahertz time-domain spectrometer calibration and data analysis. A. Rahman, A. K. Rahman 9:05 A new approach for monitoring concentrated particle systems with terahertz spectroscopy. S. C. Brown, A. K. Rahman, A. Rahman 9:35 Analytical chemical sensing in the submillimeter/terahertz spectral range. B. L. Moran, A. M. Fosnight, I. R. Medvedev 10:05 Intermission. 10:15 Kinetics and quantitation of analytes permeation in stratum corneum by terahertz scanning reflectometry. P.

Tsai, T. Ramezanli, A. K. Rahman, A. Rahman, B. B. Michniak-Kohn 10:45 Conservation science and the preservation of outdoor public murals: A multi-analytical investigation via terahertz reflectometry. A. J. Norbutus, A. F. Lagalante, R. C. Wolbers, A. Rahman 11:15 Explosives traces identification by terahertz spectroscopy. A. K. Rahman, A. Rahman, J. Oxley 11:45 Concluding Remarks. Global Opportunities in Chemical Information Sponsored by CINF, Cosponsored by PROF and SCHB WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Terahertz Spectroscopy Moves From the Laboratory to the Commercial Sector Cosponsored by ANYL A. Rahman, Organizer J. Lauterbach, Presiding 1:15 Introduction. 1:20 Use of terahertz spectrometry for analytical chemistry tasks to be required by FDA to meet tobacco products GMP. J. H. Lauterbach, A. Rahman 1:50 Terahertz spectroscopic analysis of Fullerenes encaging H2 and D2. A. Rahman, A. K. Rahman, N. J. Turro 2:20 Terahertz Spectroscopy: A new frontier in biophysics and analytical chemistry. Z. Ahmed, D. F. Plusquellic 2:50 Application of terahertz spectroscopy for DNA diagnostics and detection of single nucleotide polymorphism. N. Choksi, A. K. Rahman, L. Pattarkine, A. Rahman, B. Stanley. 3:50 Concluding Remarks.

Visit the SCHB Website
Our webpage ( is emerging with a new look. Webmaster David Deutsch (webmaster@acs-schb. org) welcomes your input - news, local events, business opportunities. August 2012

Contribute to SCHB! Election of Officers
Elections for Councilor (3 year term) and Treasurer (2 year term) will be in the fall. Please consider serving the SCHB Division in one of the offices. The terms will begin January 2013. If you are interested in running, please send a 250 word biography with an emphasis on ACS activities to Larry Evans, SCHB Secretary, at by September 30, 2012. You must receive a confirmation from the Secretary to be included on the ballot. The Councilor represents the interests of the Division on the ACS Council. The term is three years, January 1, 2013-December 31, 2015. The Treasurer responsibilities encompass caretaker of the funds of the SCHB Division, tracking Debits/Credits as well as to making disbursements subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer is also to submit a financial report to ACS as well as the SCHB Division at the annual meeting. The term is two years, January 1, 2013-December 31, 2014. All officers are expected to participate in the Executive Committee activities, including monthly teleconferences, and business meetings, and contribute to the activities of the Division.

Pete Bonk, Past Chair, Jonathan Goodman, Chair Elect, and Allen Reitz, Philadephia symposium organizer, enjoy the SCHB/BMGT/CHAS social hour at Cafe Sevilla in San Diego.

Advertise in Small Chem Biz

Carlyn Burton and Judith Giordan visit at the SCHB/BMGT/CHAS social hour at Cafe Sevilla in San Diego. August 2012

Single issue rates $25.00 business card 2 x 3.5 in. $75.00 per 1/4 page 3.5 x 4.5 in. $130.00 per 1/2 page 7 x 4.5 in. $210.00 whole page contact editor:
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Member Spotlight
Automation of radiopharmaceutical synthesis and efficient pre-clinical screening of new tracers accelerate translation of agents from bench-to-clinic. RadioMedix Inc, a Houston-based biotechnology company, provides solutions to these needs. RadioMedix is focused on commercialization of SmartMedix™ system, automated-module for production of SPECT and PET radiopharmaceuticals. This new disposable cassette-based system generates tracers in less than 20min with high yield and purity, limiting user exposure to high doses of radiation. All labeling protocols are compliant with cGMP regulations. SmartMedix can accommodate all commercially available 68Ge/68Ge generators, methods for radioisotope purification, and protocols for synthesis of PET/SPECT agents. RadioMedix Inc. is also developing theranostic agents and new chelation platform for PET/SPECT imaging. Our lead theranostic candidate, GlucoMedix, has been selected to target glucose transporters (GLUT1) overexpressed in cancer cells. It can be labeled with short half-life isotope, Gallium-68, to provide high sensitivity and specificity of early tumor detection. GlucoMedix has demonstrated superior imaging properties than 18F-FDG showing limited uptake by heart tissue and brain in animal studies. GlucoMedix can be also labeled with beta-emitting isotopes such as Lu177, Y90 for potential therapeutic applications. Recently, RadioMedix expanded research capabilities by addition of two new facilities, Mansour Center for Targeted Molecular Imaging and Therapy and cGMP suite. Our company offers state-of-art imaging services for pre-clinical validation of new tracers. RadioMedix’s cGMP suite is equipped for radiolabeling of lead candidates, optimization of their kit formulation and QC analysis for Phase I/ II clinical trials. We are ready to serve the research community of chemists and clinicians. Izabela Tworowska, Ph.D., M.S.Pharm. Director of Chemical Research and Drug Development 9701 Richmond Avenue, Suite 222 Houston TX 77042 contact: Phone: +1 713-590-0606 Fax: +1 713-588-8937

Dr. Sanjay Thamake (Researcher), Dr. David Ranganathan (Researcher), Dr. Ebrahim Delpassand (CEO), Dr. Izabela Tworowska (Director) and Mr. Joe Skraba (COO)

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August 2012

The Entrepreneurial Initiative Advisory Board (EIAB) was authorized by the ACS Board of Directors in 2012. Funding for a new program, the Entrepreneurial Initiative (“EI”) was authorized as a two-year pilot effort, and the board will serve at the pleasure of the ACS Board of Directors. Michael Lefenfeld (Chair), Judy Giordan, Todd Kimmel, Sadiq Shah, Mike Strem, Sharon Vercellotti, and Bilal Zuberi are members of the EIAB, and they work with ACS staff to achieve their goals. EIAB’s mission is advancing the careers of ACS members toward the creation of quality, sustainable, U.S.-based chemistry jobs through the creation and growth of chemical start-ups. The plan is to accelerate chemical innovation and restore the greater chemical enterprise’s historic leadership in creating sustainable jobs for U.S.-based chemists and scientific professionals. Entrepreneurial Initiative Activity Entrepreneurial Training Program ACS has launched the Entrepreneurial Training Program (ETP). The next application period will open October 1st. The ACS has partnered with Kauffman Fasttrac® to offer a training program that stimulates innovation and entrepreneurship. The program offers three curricula that correspond to the needs of ACS members at different stages of their entrepreneurial plan. In the first competition for July four of six applicants were chosen for the Entrepreneurial Training Program. Optimize your entrepreneurial plan! Apply to the Entrepreneurial Resource Center (ERC)

The Entrepreneurial Initiative Advisory Board

There are resources available to help you develop and execute your successful entrepreneurial plan at Entrepreneurial Resources Center (ERC). The ERC has been designed to cultivate new strategic partnerships and make existing ACS resources more accessible to members in order to advance entrepreneurship and create new job opportunities throughout the chemical enterprise. Twenty of twenty-six applicants were accepted into the Entrepreneurial Resources Center for July 2012. The next application period for ETP and ERC will open October 1st for both ETP and ERC.

Booth at the ACS Expo SCHB Member Benefit
One of the great benefits of SCHB membership is the opportunity to participate as a vendor in a professional trade show, the ACS Exposition, with reduced cost and the support of experienced show managers. A member can explore the dynamics and value of a trade show presence for their enterprise with no permanent investment in materials or additional staff. The cost of an SCHB booth in the Small Chemical Business Row is $500, a real bargain. The booth is 10’ x 10’. Contact David Deutsch at expo@ At the National ACS meeting in Philadelphia please visit the SCHB booth at ACS Expo on Small Chemical Businesses Row (Booth 1433). Also please visit our fellow SCHB exhibitors: Fox Chase Chemical Diversity Center, Inc. Booth 1437 Applied Research & Photonics, Inc. Booth 1339 Technical Sales Consultants, LLC Booth 1337 CSCS Corp. Booth 1536 Integrated Chemistry Design Booth 1538

Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs
The Chemical Entrepreneurs forum on the ACS Network provides tools and resources to entrepreneurs looking to start or advance their chemical business ventures. Open to the public is a Service Providers listing with products/services such as attorneys and marketing firms that may be beneficial to your business in its current or potential stage. Also available exclusively for members is a Knowledge Center with helpful information about training programs, funding sources, and business plan competitions, like the one hosted by the ACS Chemical Entrepreneurship Council. You are also encouraged to add your own resources to this interactive resource.

August 2012

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Notice of Change of Name or Address
Write name with any changes below.
New Address____________________ Name __________________________ Old Address_____________________ City, State, Zip___________________ Email __________________________ Effective Date___________________ New position, School, or Employer ______________________________

Take Advantage of ACS Webinars™
by Tanya Fogg ACS Webinars™ is a free, weekly online event serving to connect ACS members and scientific professionals with subject matter experts and global thought leaders in chemical sciences, management, and business. The ACS Webinars are divided into several series that address topics of interest to the chemical and scientific community. The series includes career development, professional growth, small & medium business, green chemistry, and executive view. Each webinar is 60 minutes in length, comprising a short presentation followed by Q&A with the speaker. The live webinars are held on Thursdays (and on some Tuesdays on career topics) from 2-3pm ET. Recordings of the webinars are available online and upcoming events are posted at See website for more. Save the Dates! Thursday, July 26, 2012 • Old is New Again: Phytochemicals and Medical Remedies Thursday, August 2, 2012 • Legal Basics 101! Business Structures Thursday, August 9, 2012 • National Chemistry Week 2012 and NISE Network – Partners in Outreach Thursday, August 16, 2012 • Contracts and Insurance: Protect Your Consulting Business from Legal Liability Thursday, August 30, 2012 • How to Catch a Poisoner ACS LIVE - Be Inspired! Tune in: philly-live-2012

Sunday, August 19, 2012 12:00-1:00 PM ET • The Kitchen as Laboratory – Case Study: Making Ice Cream in a Bag Sunday, August 19, 2012 3:00-4:00 PM ET • Covert Job Searching While Still Employed: Tips and Tricks DOUBLE-FEATURE MOVIE NIGHT - SNACKS PROVIDED Sunday, August 19, 2012 6:30- 7:30 PM ET • Chemistry and the Environment Film Series – “Carbon for Water” Sunday, August 19, 2012 7:30- 9:30 PM ET • PhD Movie - A Dose of Comedy, Humor, and Laughter Monday, August 20, 2012 10:30 - 11:30 AM ET • One Size Does Not Fit All - Five Tips to Make the Right Career Choice Monday, August 20, 2012 3:00-4:00 PM ET • The Introverts’ (and Shy Guys and Gals) Guide to Success in Science and Leadership Tuesday, August 21, 2012 10:30-11:30 AM ET • Off-The-Bench Career Options for Chemists - It’s Possible!

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