CIVIL SEMINAR LIST 3 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Rehabilitation and Resettlement Policy Concrete Technology Water Resources Engineering Eco-concrete? Opportunities and Challenges Air Pollution Control Engineering Behavior Of Soils And Foundations Global Positioning And Geographical Information Systems Applications Highway Design

10. Zfs 11. Instrumentation and sensing technology 12. Remote Sensing , GIS And Its Applications 13. Application of Genetic Algorithm in Irrigation Scheduling 14. Geotechnical Engineering 15. Water Resources Engineering

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9595542887 Pune. 8275289096. Marine Pollution 29. Grid stability using non-conventional energy sources 21. Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement 26.techwayproject. Reflection Cracking Of Bituminous Overlay and Its Control Www. 9404417042.9823080325. Badnera. Mixed Traffic Control & Behavior 25. Laminated Floorings 23. Mumbai.techwayproject.com Ph: 9326863164. Recent trends in electricity pricing 20.com 16. Building Planning and Design 19.com .Www. Akola. Nagpur contact@techwayproject. Actuator systems based on Piezoelectric ceramics 17. Formwork and supportive scaffolding 27. Advance Construction Techniques 24. Repair Using Modern Materials & Techniques 22. Global Positioning System 28. Advances in composite materials 30. Amravati. Structural Engineering 18.

techwayproject. Mumbai. Hydraulic Structure And Water Power Engg. Power quality improvement 35. 9595542887 Pune. Piano Key Spillways for Dams 39. Natural Fibres In Concrete 45. Highway Safety 38.techwayproject.9823080325. Structural Behavior Measurement 40. Geo technical Engineering 41.com . 9404417042. Fatigue Behaviour Of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams Www. 8275289096.Www. 37. Badnera. Bamboo as a Building Material 32.com Ph: 9326863164. Amravati. Advance Construction Techniques 34. Construction Engineering Systems 33. Soil And Water Conservation / Watershed management 36. Nagpur contact@techwayproject.com 31. Construction Challenges For Bridges In Hilly Area 44. Water Resources Development in Developing Countries 42. Akola. Bio ? Engineering Techniques For Erosion Control In Slope 43.

com Ph: 9326863164. Amravati. Reactive Powder Concrete 59. Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement 47. Modern Concepts Of Rural Road Development 54. Construction Safety Management 50. Nagpur contact@techwayproject. Restoration Of Monuments 49. Mumbai. Akola. Impact Of Lightining On Building And Its Remedial Measures 53. Provision of Tunnels Www. Emergency Shelter Through Superadobe Technology 57. Mineral Admixtures For High Performance Concrete 48. 9595542887 Pune.Www.9823080325. Use Of Polymer Composites In Bridge Rehabilitation 52. Seismic Isolation Devices 51.techwayproject. Design Considerations For Roadside Safety 56. 9404417042. Pavement Evaluation And Application Of Geotextiles In Pavements 55. Badnera.com 46.techwayproject.com . Production of Biogas From Paddy Straw 58. 8275289096. Bio-medical waste management and the strategy 60.

The Role Of Soils In Purifying Wastewater Effluents 69.com . Formwork Types & Design 75. Rehabilitation Of Buildings and Bridges 65. Thermally Comfortable Passive House For Tropical Uplands 72.9823080325. Seismic Analysis Of Structures (Bridges) 67. Construction Safety Management 62. Remote Sensing 66. 9404417042.com 61. Decorative concretes 63. Badnera. Soil Stabilization With Rice Husk Ash and Lime Sludge 71. Amravati.techwayproject. GIS and Its Applications 64.com Ph: 9326863164. 9595542887 Pune.techwayproject. 8275289096. Natural Fibres In Concrete 70. Water Supply and Sanitation 73.Www. Environmental Impact Assessment 74. Liquefaction Potential Assessment 68. Disaster Recovery Www. Mumbai. Akola. Nagpur contact@techwayproject.

8275289096.com . Recycled Aggregate Concrete 81. 9404417042. Flexible Pavement 82. Green Buildings For Quality Living 80. Repair And Strengthening Of Concrete Structures Www.com 76. Nagpur contact@techwayproject. Mumbai. Space Hotel 79. Amravati. Trenchless Technology 78.9823080325. 9595542887 Pune. Akola. Badnera.com Ph: 9326863164.techwayproject.techwayproject. Value Engineering 77.Www.

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