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Application Note

PowerFlex 4 Class Modbus Errors

Overall Description
This application note details the most common problems associated with getting a PowerFlex 4 class drive controlled via Modbus RTU.

General Setup Setting up the drive parameters, so that it can be controlled via the Modbus network.
In order that the drives can be controlled on a Modbus network, the drive needs to be setup for network control. The parameters detailed below should be adjusted:
Control scheme for logic Source of speed Ref Modbus rtu comms speed Modbus RTU address Modbus rtu comms format

PowerFlex 4, 40, 40P, 400 Para Number Value

P036 [Start Source] P038 [Speed Ref] A103 [Comms data rate] A104 [Comm Node Addr] A107 [Comm Format] 5 = Comm Port 5= Comm Port 4 = 19.2kb Rtu add = 100 0 = RTU 8-N-1

PowerFlex 4M Para Number

P106 [Start Source] P108 [Speed Ref] C302 [Comms data rate] C303 [Comm Node Addr] C306 [Comm Format]


5 = Comm Port 5= Comm Port 4 = 19.2kb Rtu add = 100 0 = RTU 8-N-1

All the above parameters can be put into each of the drives using the keypad or the DriveExplorer software tool. The Comms Node Address and Format are shown above with default values, and should be changed to suit your application. Note that each drive needs a unique Modbus RTU address. The Comms Data Rate can be used at 9600baud (default) or 19.2kb. IMPORTANT: The drive node addresses and Modbus RTU settings are only updated in the drive, when the drive is reset using a power cycle.

Connecting up the drive.

The drive needs to be connected using the AK-U0-RJ45-TB2P plugs, and terminated at each end. A missing termination resistor is one of the most common problems why comms will not work.

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Application Note

Diagnostic Information
Once the drive is connected and powered up, first check that parameter d012 displays a value of 55. This confirms that the Control Source is via the Modbus comms. Interrogate d015 for further information:
Normal Operation Incorrect Modbus address Incorrect Baud rate Incorrect Comms format Wires pins 4&5 swapped

d015 Steady State Value 0000 0000 1000 0001 1000

Further info Bits 0 & 1 are flickering occasionally Bit 0 flicker occasionally Bit 0 alternates 1 and 0 every 3 secs Bit 0 flicker occasionally

N.B. The bits number from Bit 0 on the right hand side, through to Bit 3 on the left hand side.

The information above has been tested with Rockwell Automation controllers. Other types of controllers may produce different information.

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