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Surat Al Falaq

~ OONN p 4O)
-UE^- ^
Say ) reIuge ( I seek protection ) oI)with the Lord The early morning
So the meaning i: I seek refuge with the Lord of the early morning. What does this mean? And why the early morning?
You will understand why the lord of the early morning when we do verse number three!

}g` )O= 4` 4 -UE
Irom evil (the ( what (oI ( created (He (

Meaning: this verse is connected to the one before it. So the entire meaning is Say I seek the protection with
the Lord of the earling morning from the evil of anything from His creation
Min sharri maa khalaq is very general, which means it includes all kinds of evil. The evil of Iblees, the evil of
his children, it includes the Hellfire, and ANY other evil or bad thing.
}g`4 )O= -c~E^
-O) =U~4 ^@
Irom and ) oI ( evil (the ( night (the ( ) it)when enters

So the meaning here is: I seek refuge with Allah from the evil of the night when it enters. Why the evil of the
night? Because most evil and bad things appear at night. Theives prefer the night, many animals hunt at night
(so they present a danger to you), darkness (at night) causes you to be harmed, by bumping into things, stepping
on a snake or scorpion. Jinns might be more active at night. Druggies, etc etc. So it makes sense to seek refuge
from the evil of the night because most evil occurs at night.
So since evil mostly occurs at night, it makes sense that you seek refuge with the Lord of the morning. Since
morning is peaceful, has less evil, and the light overtakes the darkness of the night. Out of the darkness of night
Allah bring the light of morning.
}g`4 @OE- geVOEL-
) g N^- ^j
and Irom ) oI ( evil (the ( in knots
lowers theb
Al nafathaati fil 3uqad= refers to sorcerers, people who do black magic to others. (explain that these are evil
people who try to hurt others) so we seek refuge or protection with Allah from these types of people. (explain
to kids that magic in our regular usage is not haram, because the word magic now refers to illusion, a magician
is an illusionist, but black magic or sorcery is haram).
Why are they referred to as the blowers into knots? Because that is part of how they do their black magic, (
they take a rope, mention the name of a shaytan, then blow into the rope and tie a knot, then they mention
another shaytan, blow and tie anther know and so on) so Allah mentioned them with that description.

}g`4 OE- c~4 -O)
E =OEO ^)
Envies ) he)when envier
We also seek refuge with Allah from the envier. The 7aasid is the one who hates when Allah gives you a
blessing. (e.g. Money, position, health, etc) . But the envier himself is not of any danger to you except when he
does the action of hasad. Thats why Allah didnt say from the evil of the envier. But He said from the evil of
the envier when he envies , meaning when he does the action of 7asad.
How does hasad affect you? Someone can give hasad to your car, so it breaks down, or burns or gets destroyed
in an accident.
How do you make sure you dont give people hasad?
1. Say mashaAllah laa quwata illaa billah.
2. Be happy for people when they have something good.
3. Trust that Allah will give you just as He gave them
How do you prevent people from giving you hasad?
The best thing is to recite surat al falaq and surat al naas!!!

In the end explain to the students how to recite the last three suras of the Quran before going to sleep.