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National Science Foundation 4201 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, Virginia 22230

MEMORANDUM FOR ALL POTENTIAL OFFERORS FROM: National Science Foundation Division of Contracts and Complex Agreements 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Room 475 Arlington, VA 22230

SUBJECT: Information provided in response to questions submitted by industry 1. Item C4.2.4.1: Ref shoulder harnesses for rear occupants. Does this requirement also apply to B212? The shoulder harness for all passengers applies to all aircraft considered for this contract. DOI required this of all helicopters as of Jan 1, 2006. There are STC'd kits for the 212. 2. Item C2.4.1: Ref helmets - Who provides replacement helmets? According to Memorandum for all potential offerors, Amendment 2 Paragraph C2.4.1 “Helmets”; there are 45 serviceable flight helmets currently at McMurdo Station at the present time. Our flight crews have their own flight helmets, are we then required to supply any additional helmets for passengers? The helmets will be GFE for the first year, but will revert to CFE after that. The contractor will have the responsibility to monitor the condition and replace all converted CFE. The Contractor is responsible for providing helmets for all crew and passengers. 3. Attachment 12 “Lifting Equipment” shows the inventory as being Government Furnished Property (GFP). In paragraph C1.1.6 “Cargo Preparation” it states “The Contractor shall also provide all cargo nets, rigging, and other components necessary to transport cargo by long line”. According to Paragraph F6.1.1 the GFP lifting equipment listed on Attachment 12 will be turned over to the Contractor at the end of the first operating season. Does the Government supply the Attachment 12 list of equipment or is the lifting equipment listed on Attachment 12 supplied by the Contractor? All items called out in Attachment 12 are currently GFE and situated on-site at McMurdo. The Contractor will take possession of these items after contract award. The replacement and refurbishment responsibility will rest entirely with the Contractor. 4. Reference the deployment of our aircraft, stores and equipment. We would prefer to ship our aircraft by air from Point Mugu, California. We would like to ship our stores and equipment in a surface vessel “40 foot Shipping Container” form Port Hueneme, California. Would this arrangement be acceptable to the Government? Please see added Section F8. The deadline for questions regarding this solicitation is now 3 P.M. Eastern Time on 7 February 2006. Direct all requests for solicitations and routine communications concerning this acquisition, or any other questions concerning this RFP, to Jillian Pate, Contracting Officer, 703-292-8252 or The fax number is 703-292-9140. Jillian Pate Contracting Officer

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