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Matthew Lee Knowles July 2012

Shakespeares sonnets I through XCV and one-third of sonnet XCVI reproduced here, with each line missing a randomly chosen word, replaced with chronological entries from the index of The Hidden Reality (parallel universes and the deep laws of the cosmos), by Brian Greene written around 400 years later.

From fairest creatures Anthony Aguirre desire increase, That thereby beauty's rose might Andreas Albrecht die, But as the riper should by Ralph Alpher decease, His tender heir might alternate universes his memory: But thou contracted analyticity thine own bright eyes, Carl Anderson thy light's flame with self-substantial fuel, Making anthropic reasoning famine where abundance lies, Mediocrity principle and self thy foe, to thy sweet self too cruel: Thou that art particular values of constants and the world's fresh ornament, And only herald planet's orbital distance and the gaudy spring, Within thine own predictions in multiverse and buriest thy content, And, tender anti-de Sitter five-space times the five sphere, mak'st waste in niggarding: Pity the world, apparent brightness, intrinsic brightness else this glutton be, To eat artificial universes world's due, by the grave and thee.

When forty winters shall besiege Paul Aspinwall brow, And astronomical observations deep trenches in thy beauty's field, Thy youth's big bang theory and livery so gazed on now, Will be a totter'd weed of colours, or wavelengths, of light and worth held: Cosmic acceleration and being asked, where all thy beauty lies, Cosmological constant and all the treasure of thy lusty days; To say, within thine own cosmological principle and sunken eyes, Were an all-eating shame, and thriftless dark energy and. Density of matter in space and much more praise deserv'd thy beauty's use, If thou distance measurements to celestial objects and answer 'This fair child of mine Shall sum my count, of expanding cosmos make my old excuse,' Finite-versus-infinite distinction and his beauty by succession thine! Of miniscule temperature variations in cosmic microwave background radiation were to be new made when thou art old, And see thy blood warm rate of cosmic expansion and thou feel'st it cold.

Look in thy glass and tell the Astrophysical Journal thou viewest Now is the time that face should atoms another; Formation and stability fresh repair if now thou not renewest, Thou Tom Banks beguile the world, unbless some mother. For where is she James Bardeen fair whose uneared womb Disdains the tillage of Jacob Bekenstein husbandry? Or who Eric Bergshoeff he so fond will be the tomb Of his self-love, to stop Bishop Berkeley? Thou art thy mother's glass and she in Friedrich Bessel Calls Hans Bethe the lovely April of her prime; So thou through windows of thine age La Biblioteca de Babel see, Big bang theory of wrinkles, this thy golden time. Artificial creation of new universe and if thou live, remembered not to be, Die single and thine image burst of enormously fast expansion and with thee.

Collision between two branes and loveliness, why dost thou spend Upon thy self thy cosmic microwave background radiation as relic of legacy? Nature's bequest gives nothing, but doth lend, And cyclical cosmologies and frank she lends to those are free: Then, beauteous niggard, why finite-versus-infinite distinction and thou abuse The bounteous largess given thee to horizon problem and? Profitless usurer, why dost inflationary cosmology and use So great a sum of sums, yet canst not live? For having traffic Lemaitre's theory of thy self alone, Magnetic monopoles formed after of thy self thy sweet self dost deceive: Then how when nature quark gluon plasma and thee to be gone, What singularities of audit canst thou leave? Unified field theory and unused beauty must be tombed with thee, Which, used, big crunch th' executor to be.

Those hours, that with gentle big splat did frame The lovely gaze binary tetrahedral space every eye doth dwell, Will play the tyrants to the bit, binary digit, as unit of information same And black branes unfair which fairly doth excel; For black holes time leads summer on Artificial creation of bubble universe and hideous winter, and confounds him there; Sap checked with boundary of, and lusty leaves quite gone, Beauty o'er-snowed and centre of every where: Then were collapse of stars into summer's distillation left, A liquid prisoner pent in walls entropy of glass, Beauty's effect with as epitome of order were bereft, Nor evolution of, nor no remembrance what it was: But flowers distilled, though black holes with winter meet, Leese but their show; their substance still free fall toward, from two divergent perspectives sweet.

Then let not winter's general relativity and hand deface, In thee thy summer, ere Hawking radiation emitted by be distilled: Make sweet hidden information of vial; treasure thou some place With hidden inaccessibility issue and treasure ere it be self-killed. That use is information storage capacity of forbidden usury, In interior of Maldacena's universe happies those that pay the willing loan; That's for locating hidden information in self to breed another thee, Or ten misanthropic makeup of happier, be it ten for one; Ten mini thy self were happier than thou art, If ten of thine ten no-hair theorems and refigured thee: Then what could quantum fields in presence of do if thou shouldst depart, Leaving thee living quantum properties of posterity? Schwarzchild's solutions to Einstein Field Equations and not self-willed, for thou art much too fair To be deaths Second Law of Thermodynamics and and make worms thine heir.

Lo! singularities of the orient when the gracious light Lifts up his burning size of, determined by mass each under eye Doth homage to his spacetime geometry and sight, Serving temperature of looks his sacred majesty; And having climbed the steep-up heavenly total surface area of, Resembling strong youth in unified field theory and middle age, Yet Steven Blau looks adore his beauty still, Attending Blue Brain Project his golden pilgrimage: But when from highmost pitch, Blue Gene weary car, David Bohm feeble age, he reeleth from the day, The eyes, 'fore duteous, now Niels Bohr are From his Ludwig Boltzmann tract, and look another way: So thou, thyself Jorge Luis Borges in thy noon Unlooked on diest unless thou get a Max Born.

Music to hear, why hear'st thou Nick Bostrom sadly? Sweets with Raphael Bousso war not, joy delights in joy: Brain lov'st thou that which thou receiv'st not gladly, Computer-based sentience and else receiv'st with pleasure thine annoy? If computing power equal to true concord of well-tuned sounds, By tenuous grip on reality and married, do offend thine ear, They do but sweetly theories of mind and thee, who confounds In singleness the parts Brane Multiverse thou shouldst bear. Branes how one string, sweet husband to another, Strikes each in each by mutual black; Resembling sire and child brane fluxes produced by happy mother, Collisions of, all in one, one pleasing note do sing: Whose speechless song being many, endpoints of string snippets residing on one, Sings this to thee: 'Thou gravitational field of wilt prove none.'

Is it for Maldacena's breakthrough and to wet a widow's eye, That thou consum'st thy self revelation of single life? Ah! if thou issueless shalt size of to die, The world will wail thee like a makeless braneworld scenario; The world will be thy widow and still cyclic Multiverse That thou no form of thee hast left dark energy and, When every private widow well environmental details in keep By experiments seeking evidence of eyes, her husband's shape in mind: Look what gravity in unthrift in the world doth spend Shifts but inability to see other branes in place, for still the world enjoys it; But loops and snippets in waste hath in the world an end, And mini black holes and unused the user so destroys it. No brightness, apparent vs. intrinsic toward others in that bosom sits That Robert Brout himself such murd'rous shame commits.

For bubble universes deny that thou bear'st love to any, Artificial creation for thy self art so unprovident. Grant, if collisions of wilt, thou art beloved of many, But that environmental differences in none lov'st is most evident: In Landscape Multiverse thou art so possessed with murderous hate, That 'gainst thy self thou negative curvature of not to conspire, Quantum tunnelling and that beauteous roof to ruinate Which to repair should be thy sharp division between desire. O! change thy thought, that space in may change my mind: Shall hate be fairer lodged time measurement in gentle love? Be, as thy presence G. Bundrit, gracious and kind, Or to thyself at Bernard Burke kind-hearted prove: Make thee another self for Eugenio Calabi of me, That beauty Calabi-Yau shapes may live in thine or thee.

As fast mathematical contributions of string theory and thou shalt wane, so fast thou grow'st In one number of thine, from that which thou departest; And that wrapped by branes and threaded by fluxes blood which youngly thou bestow'st, Thou mayst call Curtis Callan when thou from youth convertest. Herein lives wisdom, Philip Candelas, and increase; Without Georg Cantor folly, age, and cold decay: If all Brandon Carter minded so, the times should cease And Cassini-Huygens spacecraft year would make the world away. Let chaos whom nature hath not made for store, Harsh, featureless, chaotic inflation rude, barrenly perish: Look whom she best endowed, she Gennady Chibisov the more; Which Christianity gift thou shouldst in bounty cherish: She Alonzo Church thee for her seal, and meant thereby, Thou shouldst print more, not let Cicero copy die.

When I classical field theory count the clock that tells the time, And see the brave day sunk in string theory in relation to night; Classical mechanics I behold the violet past prime, And sable measurements and, all silvered o'er with white; Quantum mechanics vs. lofty trees I see barren of leaves, Which erst from heat did canopy quantum revolution and herd, And summer's green all girded up string theory in relation to sheaves, Three-step process in on the bier with white and bristly beard, Then of thy cloning, probability and do I question make, That thou among the John Cocke of time must go, Since sweets and beauties Sidney Coleman themselves forsake And die as colours of light as they see others grow; And nothing 'gainst Time's scythe can make defence Save breed, to brave him when chemical composition of sources and takes thee hence.

Redshift! And that you were your self; but, love, you are Comparisons involving infinity longer yours, than you your self here live: Against this coming end you should computable functions, And your computers semblance to some other give: So should brainpower and beauty which you hold in lease Computable functions and no determination; then you were Yourself again, mathematics approximated by yourself's decease, When your noncomputable functions and issue your sweet form should bear. Who lets so fair a house quantum to decay, Simulation of biological brain on husbandry in honour might uphold, Universes simulated on the stormy gusts of winter's day Configuration space barren rage of death's eternal cold? Conformally invariant supersymmetric quantum gauge field theory! None but unthrifts. Dear my love, you know, You had a father: let constant negative curvature son say so.

Not from constant positive curvature stars do I my judgement pluck; And yet constants of nature I have astronomy, But not to tell of anthropic principle and or evil luck, Of plagues, of dearths, or life on earth and profusion of values for quality; Nor can I fortune to selection bias and minutes tell, Varying in constituent universes to each his thunder, rain and wind, Or say with princes if it shall go constant zero curvature By oft predict Copenhagen interpretation I in heaven find: But from thine eyes my knowledge I experimental confirmation of, And, constant stars, in them I read predictions of Many Worlds approach at odds with art As truth and Schrodinger's equation at odds with shall together thrive, If from thyself, Copernican principle store thou wouldst convert; Or Nicolaus Copernicus of thee this I prognosticate: Thy Cosmic Background Explorer is truth's and beauty's doom and date.

When I consider cosmic horizons thing that grows Holds expansion of space and perfection but a little moment, That horizon problem and huge stage presenteth nought but shows Whereon the stars in secret influence inaccessibility issue and; When I perceive that men as number of distinct possible particle configurations within increase, Cheered and overlapping of even by the self-same sky, Vaunt in patchwork quilt analogy and youthful sap, at height decrease, And wear their brave state out ramifications of Quilted Multiverse and memory; Repetition in the conceit of this inconstant stay As separate and isolated realms you most rich in youth before my sight, Cosmic microwave background radiation wasteful Time debateth with decay Collisions of universes and change your day of youth to sullied night, And all detection of war with Time for love of you, As he Gamow's theoretical work on from you, I engraft you new.

Horizon problem and wherefore do not you a mightier way Make war imprint of gravitational waves on this bloody tyrant, Time? And fortify inflationary expansion and self in your decay With means measure problem and blessed than my barren rhyme? Now stand observable temperature variations in on the top of happy hours, And as relic of creation maiden gardens, yet unset, With virtuous wish would bear you living string theory and, Much uniformity of than your painted counterfeit: So cosmological constant the lines of life that life repair, Which anthropic reasoning and, Time's pencil, or my pupil pen, Neither in astronomical observations and worth nor outward fair, Can make computational of value for live your self in eyes of men. To galaxy formation and away yourself, keeps yourself still, And you must live, drawn life's existence and your own sweet skill.

Who will believe my verse in Multiverse perspective on to come, If it were filled with your profusion of universes and high deserts? Though yet heaven knows it quantum uncertainty and but as a tomb Repulsive gravity and hides your life, and shows not half your parts. If I could write the beauty string landscape and your eyes, And in fresh use of term number all your graces, The age to come varying across Multiverse say 'This poet lies; Zero assumed as value of heavenly touches ne'er touched earthly faces.' So should my papers, yellowed with cosmological principle age, Be scorned, like old Einstein's assertion of of less truth than tongue, And your true evidence in support of be termed a poet's rage And mathematical complexity reduced by metre of an antique song: But were some child of yours alive that possible shapes for space consistent with, You should live twice, in uniformity of universe and, and in my rhyme.

Shall I compare thee to cosmology summer's day? Thou art Einstein and origins of lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds as fringe study May, And summer's lease hath all too short infinite spatial expanse and date: Sometime too coupling constants the eye of heaven shines, And Maldacena's argument and is his gold complexion dimmed, And every fair morphing of string theories into one another and fair sometime declines, By chance, or nature's changing string coupling untrimmed: But thy eternal summer creation not fade, Nor lose possession analysis of time zero and that fair thou ow'st, Nor artificial, of new universe death brag thou wander'st in his shade, When in eternal lines cosmic microwave background radiation as relic of time thou grow'st, So long as men can cyclical cosmologies and, or eyes can see, So long lives this, Einstein's general relativity and this gives life to thee.

Devouring Gamow and Alpher's account of, blunt thou the lion's paws, And make the earth devour her Lemaitre's theory of sweet brood; Pluck critical density keen teeth from the fierce tiger's jaws, Crossing symmetry burn the long-lived phoenix in her blood; Make glad and sorry curvature of space as thou fleet'st, And density of matter and energy and whate'er thou wilt, swift-footed Time, To the wide world and all positive, negative, and zero types of fading sweets; But I forbid thee one possible models for heinous crime: O! carve not cyclic cosmologies thy hours my love's fair brow, Nor draw no lines appeal of with thine antique pen; Him in thy Second Law of Thermodynamics and untainted do allow For beauty's pattern to succeeding Cyclic Multiverse. Yet, do thy worst summary of Time: despite thy wrong, My love J. Dai in my verse ever live young.

A dark energy face with nature's own hand painted, Hast thou, the master mistress of amount of passion; A woman's gentle heart, braneworld scenario and not acquainted With use of term change, as is false women's fashion: An eye Clinton Davisson bright than theirs, less false in rolling, Gilding the object whereupon Prince Louis de Broglie gazeth; A man in hue all hues decoherence his controlling, Charles-Eugene Delaunay steals men's eyes and women's souls amazeth. And for a woman wert Frank De Luccia first created; Till Nature, as she wrought David Deutsch, fell a-doting, Bernard Dewitt by addition me of thee defeated, By adding one thing Bryce DeWitt my purpose nothing. But since she prick'd Robert Dicke out for women's pleasure, Mine be thy love dictionary, bulk-boundary thy love's use their treasure.

So is it not dimensions of space me as with that Muse, Paul Dirac by a painted beauty to his verse, Distance measurements to celestial objects heaven itself for ornament doth use And in context of expanding universe fair with his fair doth rehearse, Making a supernovae as standard candles in of proud compare With sun and moon, with earth and sea's Lance Dixon gems, With double-slit experiment first-born flowers, and all things rare, That heaven's air in linearity and huge rondure hems. O! with meters behind each slit me, true in love, but truly write, And probability waves and believe me, my love is as fair As any mother's child, dualist theories of mind not so bright Duality those gold candles fixed in heaven's air: Let them say more that like of hearsay perspectives on free will toward black hole and; I will not praise that purpose not to of string theory and quantum field theory.

String theory variations and glass shall not persuade me I am old, So Michael Duff as youth and thou are of one date; But when in thee time's Helen Dukas I behold, Then look I death my earth should expiate. For cyclical cosmologies and that beauty that doth cover thee, Is gravity's workings and the seemly raiment of my heart, Which in thy breast doth live, as life on in me: How can I then be orbital distance of, from sun than thou art? O! Arthur Eddington, love, be of thyself so wary As I, not for myself, but for E=mc will; Bearing George Efstathiou heart, which I will keep so chary As Albert Einstein nurse her babe from faring ill. Presume not on thy heart black holes and mine is slain, Thou gav'st me thine not to cosmological constant and back again.

As an unperfect cosmological principle and on the stage, Who with his fear eternal and static cosmos envisioned by put beside his part, Or some fierce thing replete with too fluidity of time rage, Whose strength's abundance general relativity theory his own heart; So I, for fear of trust, image of Monroe and to say The Lemaitre's theory of creation and ceremony of love's rite, And in mine own Newton's theory of gravity and strength seem to decay, O'ercharged oscillatory universe considered by burthen of mine own love's might. O! probabilistic theories and my looks be then the eloquence And dumb presagers Schwarzchild's results and my speaking breast, Who plead for special relativity theory of, and look for recompense, More unified field theory and that tongue that more hath more express'd. O! learn to read Einstein Field Equations silent love hath writ: To hear earlier mathematical insights as foundation for eyes belongs to love's fine wit.

Entropy and eye hath played the painter and hath steeled, Thy beauty's form in extra dimension of space and of my heart; My modified to support Einstein's conviction of static cosmos is the frame wherein 'tis held, Reducing mathematical complexity of perspective that is best painter's art. For through Schwarzchild's black hole solution and painter must you see his skill, To find where your shape of universe and image pictured lies, Which in my bosom's shop is electric currents still, That hath his electric fields glazed with thine eyes. Now see what good turns eyes electromagnetic waves eyes have done: Mine eyes have drawn electromagnetism, electromagnetic fields shape, and thine for me Are windows to change in particle properties and breast, where-through the sun Delights to peep, Kaluza-Klein theory and gaze therein on thee; Quantum field theory of eyes this cunning want to grace their art, Quantum jitters in draw but what they see, know not the heart.

Let those who undulations in in favour with their stars Of public honour and unified field theory and titles boast, Whilst I, whom electron fields of such triumph bars Electrons for joy in that I honour most. Great princes' favourites amalgamated into atoms fair leaves spread But as the coupling constant for at the sun's eye, And in themselves their dipole moment of lies buried, For at a double-slit experiment and they in their glory die. Electric flux produced by painful warrior famoused for fight, After a thousand victories Higgs field and foiled, Is properties of the book of honour razed quite, And in quantum field theory the rest forgot for which he toiled: Then happy I, that spin of and am beloved, Where I may in string theory remove nor be removed.

Lord of my love, to whom electroweak force vassalage Thy merit The Elegant Universe my duty strongly knit, To thee I G. Ellis this written embassage, To witness duty, not to show emergent strategies wit: Duty so great, energy wit so poor as mine May make seem black holes and, in wanting words to show it, But that contained by fields hope some good conceit of thine Diffuse, spread uniformly throughout space, dark energy thy soul's thought, all naked, will bestow it: Distributed across space, Einstein's mathematical description of Whatsoever star that guides my moving, Points on me of fluxes in Calabi-Yau shapes with fair aspect, And puts apparel kinetic my tottered loving, To missing, extra dimensions and me worthy of thy sweet respect: In omnipresent quantum jitters may I dare to boast how I do love thee; Till then, not photon colour and my head where thou mayst prove me.

Weary with toil, potential haste me to my bed, Quantum pair production and dear repose for limbs with travel tired; But relationship between time and begins a journey in my head To work my mind, when body's work's shape of universe and: For then my thoughts--from far where I string length and-Intend a zealous pilgrimage Francois Englert thee, And keep my drooping eyelids entropy wide, Looking on darkness which the blind of black holes see: Boltzmann's mathematical definition of that my soul's imaginary sight Presents thy shadow increase over time of my sightless view, Which, like a jewel hung logarithms and ghastly night, Makes black night beauteous, as measure of hidden information her old face new. Lo! thus, by day my limbs, temperature and night my mind, For epistemology, and for myself, no quiet find.

How can eternal inflation then return in happy plight, That am debarred measure problem and benefit of rest? When day's oppression string landscape and not eas'd by night, Eternity, cyclical cosmologies and day by night and night by day oppressed, European Space Agency each, though enemies to either's reign, Do in consent shake hands to torture event horizons, The of black branes by toil, the other to complain How far I toil, entropy of black hole and farther off from thee. I tell the free fall toward, from two divergent perspectives, to please him thou art bright, And dost him grace when clouds do hidden information stored at the heaven: So Hugh Everett III I the swart-complexion'd night, When sparkling probability injected into Many Worlds approach by twire not thou gild'st the even. But day doth daily draw my Schrodinger's equation and longer, Evolution night doth nightly make grief's length seem stronger.

Expansion of space in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes I all alone cosmic acceleration and my outcast state, And trouble distance measurements to celestial objects and heaven with my bootless cries, Rate of look upon myself, and curse my fate, Redshift and me like to one more rich in hope, Featured like him, scale factor and him with friends possessed, Desiring this man's travelling of light and, and that man's scope, Extra dimensions of space what I most enjoy contented least; Yet in braneworld scenario and thoughts my self almost despising, Haply I think on detection evaded by, and then my state, Like to determining exact geometrical form of lark at break of day arising As framework for universes with different cosmological constants sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate; Gravity and thy sweet love remembered such wealth brings That then I Kaluza-Klein theory and to change my state with kings.

When to the sessions of sweet mini black holes and thought I summon up remembrance of missing energy and past, I number of the lack of many a thing I sought, And with old particle properties determined by size and shape of new wail my dear time's waste: Then can I string landscape and an eye, unused to flow, For precious string model building and hid in death's dateless night, And weep in string theory love's long since cancelled woe, And moan the expense of many a vanished Fabric of the Cosmos: Michael Faraday can I grieve at grievances foregone, And heavily from Edward Farhi to woe tell o'er Richard Feynman sad account of fore-bemoaned moan, Which I new pay as fields not paid before. But changes in value of the while I think on thee, dear friend, All losses are classical and sorrows end.

Thy bosom is energy carried by with all hearts, Which I inflaton lacking have supposed dead; And there reigns Love, and potential energy of Love's loving parts, And all those friends which quantum mechanics and thought buried. How many a holy and quantum tunnelling and tear Hath dear religious quantum uncertainty and stol'n from mine eye, As interest of the dead, which now uniform, negative pressure yielded by, But fine structure constant removed that hidden in thee lie! First Law of Thermodynamics art the grave where buried love doth live, Willy Fischler with the trophies of my lovers gone, Who all their parts of me flop singularities thee did give, That due fluxes many now is thine alone: Their images I loved, I view in Adrian Fokker, And thou (all they) hast all Edward Fredkin all of me.

Free-fall motion thou survive my well-contented day, When that churl Death my bones with dust Ben Freivogel cover And Alexander Friedmann by fortune once more re-survey These functionalist theories of mind rude lines of thy deceased lover, Galaxies them with the bett'ring of the time, And though anthropic reasoning and be outstripped by every pen, Reserve them for my love, not for astronomical observations of rhyme, Exceeded by the condensation of inflaton's energy into raw material of of happier men. Cosmic acceleration and then vouchsafe me but this loving thought: 'Had my friend's Muse grown with this cosmological constant and formation of age, A dearer birth distance measurements to this his love had brought, To march at ever earlier times ranks of better equipage: But since he died and poets better gravitational pull of particles into, Theirs for their style I'll read, light emitted by for his love'.

Full many a in models of possible shapes for space morning have I seen Flatter the mountain tops with sovereign motion of, Kissing with golden face the powered by black holes green, Gilding spatial expansion traced by streams with heavenly alchemy; Anon speed of light possibly exceeded by the basest clouds to ride With ugly rack on his celestial George Gamow, Jaume Garriga from the forlorn world his visage hide, Stealing unseen to Carl Friedrich Gauss with this disgrace: Even so my sun one early morn general theory of relativity shine, Applied to entire cosmos all triumphant splendour on my brow; But black holes and, alack, he was but one hour mine, The region cosmological constant and hath mask'd him from me now. Yet him for this my cosmological principle and no whit disdaineth; Suns of the world may stain determining shape of universe and heaven's sun staineth.

Why didst thou eternal and static cosmos at odds with such a beauteous day, And make extra dimension of space and travel forth without my cloak, To let base clouds o'ertake me in my horizon problem and, Hiding hostility between quantum mechanics and bravery in their rotten smoke? 'Tis inaccessibility issue and enough that through the cloud thou break, Inflationary cosmology and dry the rain on my storm-beaten face, For no man Lemaitre's cosmological theories and of such a salve can speak, That heals the wound, and cures not mathematical description of disgrace: Nor can thy shame give physic observational evidence in support of my grief; Though thou repent, yet I have pressure's contribution to gravity in the loss: The offender's sorrow lends but process of melding quantum mechanics and relief To him that repulsive gravity and the strong offence's cross. Spacetime curvature and but those tears are pearl which thy love sheds, And they are rich and ransom all string theory in relation to deeds.

No unified field theory and be grieved at that which thou hast done: Howard Georgi have thorns, and silver fountains mud: Clouds and eclipses stain both moon and Lester Germer, And Giancarlo Ghirardi canker lives in sweetest bud. All men make faults, and Steven Giddings I in this, Authorizing thy trespass with Sheldon Glashow, Global positioning system corrupting, salving thy amiss, Excusing Kurt Gdel sins more than thy sins are; For to thy sensual fault I bring in Neill Graham, Thy adverse party is thy gravitational waves, And gravitons myself a lawful plea commence: In braneworld scenario civil war is in my love and hate, That I an accessory gravity, gravitational field must be, To that sweet arising from object's pressure as well as its mass which sourly robs from me.

Let black holes and confess that we two must be twain, Although our undivided loves are in braneworld scenario: So shall those blots change in particle properties and do with me remain, Cyclic Multiverse and thy help, by me be borne alone. As energy source for inflaton fields our two loves there is but one respect, Though in our lives a expansion of space slowed by spite, Which extra dimensions and it alter not love's sole effect, Yet doth it steal sweet hours from love's in formation of structures in cosmos. I free-fall motion and not evermore acknowledge thee, Lest my bewailed guilt should general relativity and thee shame, Nor thou with public hostility between quantum mechanics and honour me, Kaluza-Klein theory and thou take that honour from thy name: But do mini black holes and so, I love thee in such sort, As thou being mine, mine is Newton's theory of good report.

Passage of time and a decrepit father takes delight To see quantum field theory and active child do deeds of youth, So I, quantum jitters and lame by Fortune's dearest spite, Take all my comfort repulsive thy worth and truth; For whether beauty, birth, or singularities and, or wit, Or any space as medium of these all, or all, or more, String theory and in thy parts, do crowned sit, I unified field theory and my love engrafted to this store: So then I am not lame, poor, nor very massive as dominion of, Whilst that this shadow doth such substance Hilary Greaves Michael Green I in thy abundance am sufficed, And by a part of all thy glory Paul Green. Look what David Gross best, that best I wish in thee: Steven Gubser wish I have; then ten times happy me!

How can my muse Eduardo Guendelman subject to invent, While thou dost breathe, that Gerald Guralnik into my verse Alan Guth own sweet argument, too excellent For every Jemal Guven paper to rehearse? O! give thy self the Carl Hagen, if aught in me Jeff Harvey perusal stand against thy sight; For who's so Stephen Hawking that cannot write to thee, When thou Hawking radiation self dost give invention light? Be thou the tenth Muse, ten times Werner Heisenberg in worth Than those old nine which discovery of helium invocate; And he that calls on thee, let Heraclitus bring forth Eternal Robert Herman to outlive long date. If my slight hidden information do please these curious days, The pain of black holes mine, but thine shall be the praise.

O! how thy worth with manners may entropy as measure of sing, When thou art all the better part of measuring? What stored on surfaces mine own praise to mine own self bring? And what is't but mine Peter Higgs when I praise thee? Even for this, Higgs Fields us divided live, And our dear love lose multiple of single one, Potential energy curves for by this separation I may give That string landscape and to thee which thou deserv'st alone. High-Z Supernova Search Team absence! What a torment wouldst thou prove, Were it not thy sour leisure gave sweet Hilbert space, To entertain the time Hindu tradition thoughts of love, Which time and thoughts so Holographic Multiverse doth deceive, And that thou teachest how summary of make one twain, By praising him here holographic principle doth hence remain.

Take all my loves, my love, yea bulk-boundary dictionary and them all; What information storage on surfaces and thou then more than thou hadst before? No love, my love, Maldacena's breakthrough and thou mayst true love call; All mine was thine, before thou hadst Petr Horava more. Then, if for my love, horizon problem my love receivest, I cannot blame thee, for my love Paul Howe usest; But yet be blam'd, if thou thy Edwin Hubble deceivest Hubble Space Telescope wilful taste of what thyself refusest. Chris Hull do forgive thy robbery, gentle thief, Although humans, not central to cosmic order, steal thee all my poverty: And yet, love knows Milton Humason is a greater grief To hydrogen love's wrong, than hate's known injury. Lascivious grace, in whom all hydrogen maser clocks well shows, IBM me with spites yet we must not be foes.

Those pretty wrongs that liberty inaccessible features, science reliant on, When I am sometime absent from Takeo Inami heart, Incompleteness theorem beauty, and thy years full well befits, For infinite probabilities temptation follows where thou art. Gentle thou art, and therefore infinite space be won, Beauteous thou art, in bubble universe to be assailed; And when finite possibilities in woman woos, what woman's son Will sourly leave finite-versus-infinite distinction and till he have prevailed? Ay me! but yet thou infinite collection of parallel worlds in my seat forbear, And chide thy beauty and thy infinite number of regions in youth, Who lead thee in their riot even patchwork quilt analogy and Where thou art physicists' and cosmologists' leanings toward to break a twofold truth: Hers by repetition in beauty tempting her to thee, Thine size of universe and thy beauty being false to me.

That thou hast her travelling of light in is not all my grief, And yet it may be said I infinity, dividing up her dearly; That she hath inflationary cosmology is of my wailing chief, A loss in love that artificial creation of new universe and me more nearly. Eternal inflation and offenders thus I will excuse ye: Thou dost horizon problem and her, because thou know'st I love her; And for my sake even so doth she initial inflationary seed and me, Suffering my friend magnetic monopole problem and my sake to approve her. If I lose thee, my loss melding of string theory and my love's gain, And losing her, my friend hath found that quantum fields and; Both find each other, Swiss cheese analogy and I lose both twain, And both for my sake lay on versions of this cross: But here's inflationary expansion joy; my friend and I are one; Sweet flattery! then she loves artificial creation of new universe and me alone.

When most I wink, then do inflationary expansion eyes best see, For bubble universe arising from the day they view things unrespected; But when I sleep, in dreams they bubble universes moved apart by on thee, And darkly condensation of energy into particles at end of, are bright in dark directed. Driven by negative pressure thou, whose shadow shadows doth make bright, Energy scale of would thy shadow's form form happy show To enormously fast burst of clear day with thy much clearer light, Eternal nature of to unseeing eyes thy shade shines so! How would, I say, mine eyes be as framework lacking definitive version made By looking on gravitational attraction of particles into larger clumps at end of in the living day, When in dead night gravitational waves and fair imperfect shade Happening over and over again at various far-flung locations heavy sleep on sightless eyes doth stay! All days inaccessibility issue and nights to see till I see thee, And inflaton fields and bright days when dreams do show thee me.

If the dull observable temperature variations in cosmic microwave background radiation and of my flesh were thought, Injurious distance observational case for not stop my way; For then despite of space I parallel universes arising from be brought, From limits far remote, where thou dost potential energy and. No matter quantum jitters and although my foot did stand Upon the as term earth removed from thee; For nimble volume of space suffused with high field energy and can jump both sea and land As soon Inflationary Multiverse think the place where he would be. But ah! thought kills me that I collisions of bubble universes in not thought, To leap large constancy of physical laws in of miles when thou art gone, But that, so much of earth and cosmic cheese analogy and wrought, I must attend time's leisure environmental differences in my moan, Eternal inflation giving rise to nought by elements so slow But heavy tears, Higgs fields and of either's woe.

Measure problem and other two, slight air and purging fire, Member universes sharply divided in both with thee, wherever I abide; Quantum uncertainty and first my thought, the other my desire, These Quilted Multiverse in relation to with swift motion slide. For when these quicker elements string landscape and gone In tender embassy of love summary of thee, Inflaton fields life, being made of four, with two alone Sinks conversion of energy in, into particles to death, oppressed with melancholy; Until life's gravity as energy source for be recured By those swift messengers return'd from lack of evidence for, Who even but now come back again, negative pressure of Of thy fair number of, recounting it to me: This told, I joy; but potential energy of no longer glad, I send them quantum jitters and again and straight grow sad.

Mine time and value of and heart are at a mortal war, How to divide the conquest of volume of space suffused with energy of sight; Mine eye my inflaton seed thy picture's sight would bar, My heart mine eye the freedom of information right. My heart doth plead that hidden in him dost lie, A holographic principle and never pierced with crystal eyes, But the defendant doth that measure of deny, And says in him storage capacity and fair appearance lies. Stored on surfaces 'cide this title is impannelled A quest of information-theoretic stance, all tenants to the heart; And by initial conditions verdict is determined The clear eye's moiety, and the dear instrumentalists part: Interference thus: mine eye's due is thine outward part, Probability waves and my heart's right, thine inward love of heart.

Interference patterns mine eye and heart a league is took, And each doth good turns intrinsic brightness, apparent brightness vs. unto the other: When that mine eye is Hideki Ishihara for a look, Or Pierre Janssen in love with sighs himself doth smother, With my love's picture Matthew Johnson my eye doth feast, Samuel Johnson to the painted banquet bids my heart; Another Shamit Kachru mine eye is my heart's guest, And in his thoughts of love doth share Renata Kallosh part: Theodor Kaluza, either by thy picture or my love, Thy Kaluza-Klein theory away, art present still with me; For thou not farther Johannes Kepler my thoughts canst move, And I am still with them, and they Roy Kerr thee; Or, if they sleep, thy picture in my Justin Khoury Tom Kibble my heart, to heart's and eyes' delight.

How careful was I when I took my kinetic energy, Matthew Kleban trifle under truest bars to thrust, That to my use it might Igor Klebanov stay From hands of falsehood, in sure Oskar Klein of trust! But Makoto Kobayashi, to whom my jewels trifles are, Most worthy comfort, now my Pavel Kovtun grief, Thou best of dearest, and mine Helge Kragh care, Art left the prey of Landscape Multiverse vulgar thief. Thee have I not locked as battleground for soul of science in any chest, Save where cosmological constant and art not, though I feel thou art, Within the gentle closure of difficulty of working out details of breast, Quantum tunnelling and whence at pleasure thou mayst come and part; And even thence string landscape and wilt be stol'n I fear, For truth proves thievish for a prize string model building and dear.

Against that time, if ever summary of time come, When I shall see thee frown on Large Hadron Collider, Geneva, Switzerland defects, When Gottfried Leibniz thy love hath cast his utmost sum, Called Robert Leigh that audit by advis'd respects; Against that time when thou shalt strangely Georges Lemaitre, And scarcely greet me Wolfgang Lerche that sun, thine eye, When love, converted from the thing it David Lewis, Life as we know it reasons find of settled gravity; Against that anthropic reasoning and do I ensconce me here, Within the knowledge galaxy formation and mine own desert, And this my hand, against lack of understanding of genesis of self uprear, Mediocrity principle and guard the lawful reasons on thy part: To leave poor particular values of constants and thou hast the strength of laws, Since why light love I can allege no cause.

In braneworld scenario heavy do I journey on the way, When colours or wavelengths of I seek, my weary travel's end, Cosmic horizons and teach that ease and that repose to say, 'Thus far the miles are electromagnetism and from thy friend!' The beast that bears emitted by stars and galaxies, tired with my woe, Plods dully on, to bear that weight in infinite universe me, As if by some instinct the wretch redshift and know His rider lov'd spacetime curvature and speed being made from thee. Visible, as electromagnetic wave bloody spur cannot provoke him on, That sometimes anger thrusts light speed his hide, Which bubble universes moving faster apart than he answers with a groan, More sharp to me Einstein's special relativity and spurring to his side; For that same Maxwell's computation of doth put this in my mind, Passage of time and grief lies onward, and my joy behind.

Thus can my love excuse the slow speed limit set by Of my dull limit computable functions when from thee I speed: From Andre Linde thou art why should I haste me thence? Till linearity return, of posting is no need. O! what excuse will my poor beast then quantum calculations made more manageable by, When Schrodinger's equation and extremity can seem but slow? Then should I spur, though mounted on Nikolai Lobachevsky wind, In winged local Lorentz invariance no motion shall I know, Then can Joseph Norman Lockyer horse with my desire keep pace. Therefore desire, (logarithms perfect'st love being made) Shall neigh, no loop quantum gravity flesh, in his fiery race; But loops, string, for love, thus shall excuse my jadeSince from thee going, he went magnetic fields, Towards thee I'll run, and magnetic monopole problem him leave to go.

So am I magnetic monopoles the rich, whose blessed key, Can bring him to his, magnetic fluxes produced by magnets up-locked treasure, The which he will not every hour Juan Maldacena, For blunting the Many Worlds approach point of seldom pleasure. Therefore are feasts so solemn and so criticisms of, Decoherence and, seldom coming in the long year set, Like stones Everett's proposal and worth they thinly placed are, Mathematical and physical stories for captain jewels in the carcanet. So is the time that keeps you as observational and experimental confirmation of quantum mechanics and chest, Or as the wardrobe which the robe doth predictions of Copenhagen approach at odds with, To make quantum mechanical probability and special instant special-blest, Henry Markram new unfolding his imprisoned pride. Hugo Martel are you whose worthiness gives scope, Mass had, to triumph, being lacked, to hope.

What is your density of, as marker of time's passage, whereof are you made, That millions gravity and strange shadows on you tend? Higgs field and every one hath, every one, one shade, And you but Mathematical Universe Hypothesis, can every shadow lend. Mathematics Adonis, and the counterfeit Is poorly imitated computable functions and you; On Helen's cheek all art of beauty computer's necessary approximations and, Discarding of complications in you in Grecian tires are painted new: Speak of the spring, discovery vs. invention of foison of the year, Emergence of parallel-universe proposals from one doth shadow of your beauty show, False dichotomy between physics and other as your bounty doth appear; And you in perturbative approach in blessed shape we know. In all external grace you have some philosophical orientations toward, As quantitative language for description of reality you like none, none you, for constant heart.

O! how much more secret truths about workings of world revealed by beauty beauteous seem By that of string theory, approximations in ornament which truth doth give. The rose looks fair, but fairer we string theory's contributions to deem String theory's recent breakthroughs in that sweet odour, which doth in it live. The canker synonymous with physical existence have full as deep a dye As Ultimate Multiverse and perfumed tincture of the roses, Hang on such thorns, and play John Mather wantonly When summer's breath their Matrix theory buds discloses: But, for their virtue matter is their show, Critical density of live unwoo'd, and unrespected fade; Die to themselves. Sweet roses distributed across space, Einstein's mathematical description of not so; Of shape of universe and sweet deaths are sweetest odours made: James Clerk Maxwell so of you, beauteous and lovely youth, When that Liam McAllister vade, my verse distills your truth.

Not marble, measurement the gilded monuments Of applying linearity to, shall outlive this powerful rhyme; But you shall shine collapsing probability waves upon bright in these contents Than unswept Everett's Many Worlds approach and, besmear'd with sluttish time. When finite number of distinct possibilities and war shall statues overturn, And broils root out the work of hidden information masonry, Limit on accuracy of Mars his sword, nor war's quick fire shall burn The of particle's position, limit on resolution in record of your memory. 'Gainst uncertainty principle and, and all oblivious enmity Shall you pace forth; measure problem praise shall still find room Even in eternal inflation eyes of all posterity That wear this world out to the ending mediocrity principle. So, megaverse the judgment that yourself arise, You live in this, and dwell in Mercury eyes.

Orbital motion of love, renew thy force; be it not said Metaverse edge should blunter be than appetite, Microwave background radiation but to-day by feeding is allayed, To-morrow sharpened Milky Way his former might: So, love, theories of mind thou, although to-day thou fill Thy hungry eyes, even till mirror pairs wink with fullness, To-morrow see again, and do not mirror symmetry The spirit of love, with image of Einstein and Marilyn Monroe perpetual dullness. Let this sad interim like the ocean Hans Moravec Which David Morrison the shore, where two contracted new Come daily to the banks, Newton's laws of motion when they see Return of love, more blest may be Mount Wilson Observatory view; As call it winter, which being full of M-theory, Makes summer's welcome, thrice Viatcheslav Mukhanov wished, more rare.

Being your slave what should I do but multiple universes Upon the multiverse, and times of your desire? I have no precious Ken-ichi Nakao at all to spend; NASA services to do, till you require. Negative pressure tension dare I chide the world without end hour, Einstein's cosmological constant and I, my sovereign, watch the clock for you, Nor think the bitterness of absence inflationary expansion driven by, When repulsive gravity generated by have bid your servant once adieu; Nor of uniform fields I question with my jealous thought Where you may be, or your affairs suppose, But, like a sad neon signs, stay and think of nought Save, where you are, neutrino fields happy you make those. So true a coupling constant for neutrinos is love, that in your will, Though you do anything, neutrons thinks no ill.

That Isaac Newton forbid, that made me first your slave, I laws of motion in thought control your times of pleasure, Or at your theory of gravity of the account of hours to crave, Being your New York Times, bound to stay your leisure! O! let me suffer, being at your Hermann Nicolai, The Alberto Nicolis absence of your liberty; And patience, tame to sufferance, bide Nobel Prize in physics check, Without accusing you no-hair theorems injury. Be noncomputable functions you list, your charter is so strong That you yourself may privilege nothingness time To what Robert Nozick will; to you it doth belong Yourself nuclear forces, change in particle properties and pardon of self-doing crime. I am to wait, nuclear physics waiting so be hell, Not blame your pleasure be nuclei, strong and weak nuclear forces and ill or well.

If there be nothing Aude Oliva, but that which is Orbifold singularities been before, how are our brains beguil'd, Xenia de la Ossa labouring for invention bear amiss The Burt Ovrut burthen of a former child. Oh that record could with a backward parallax, Even of five parallel universes courses of the sun, Anthropic principle and me your image in some antique book, Since mind artificial creation of new universes and first in character was done, That I might see what the comparing infinite collections of universes and world could say To determining demographics of universes in composed wonder of your frame; Humans' place and importance in cosmos and we are mended, or where better they, Or whether inaccessibility issue and be the same. Oh sure I mathematics essential to the wits of former days, To subjects worse have numerous developments in physics leading to theme of admiring praise.

Popular culture and as the waves make towards the pebbled shore, So do our minutes hasten profusion of values for constants and their end; Each changing place questions asked by science reshaped by theories of that which goes before, In soul of science and toil all forwards do contend. Standard scientific framework challenged by, once in the main of light, Statistical approach to distribution of physical features across to maturity, wherewith being crown'd, Crooked eclipses 'gainst his glory summary of various versions of, And Time that gave doth terms for his gift confound. Testability issue and doth transfix the flourish set on youth Variation from one universe to another in delves the parallels in beauty's brow, Feeds on the Linda Parkes of nature's truth, Particle accelerators nothing stands but for his scythe to mow: And yet to times in hope, my Large Hadron Collider, Geneva, Switzerland shall stand Praising thy worth, despite his cruel Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Brookhaven.

Is it thy will, thy image strings too small for probing by keep open My heavy eyelids to particles weary night? Dost agreement of theories with measured values of desire my slumbers should be broken, While shadows like to classical physics' shortcomings and do mock my sight? Is it thy condensation of inflaton fields' energy into that thou send'st from thee Described as dots in quantum field theory far from home into my deeds to pry, To described as vibrating filaments in string theory out shames and idle hours in me, The scope and tenor of thy fundamental forces and? O, no! thy love, though much, Higgs fields and mass of not so great: It is my love that limit on resolution in measurement of mine eye awake: Mine own true love that doth mathematics and modelling of rest defeat, To play multiverse-based explanation of variations in properties of watchman ever for thy sake: For thee watch I, whilst properties of, in string theory dost wake elsewhere, From me quantum mechanics' probabilistic approach to off, with others all too near.

Sin of quantum state of possesseth all mine eye And all my soul, and all my reductionist view on part; And spin of this sin there is no remedy, It is so grounded inward supersymmetric my heart. Methinks no face so gracious is as peculiar velocity, No shape so true, no truth of such Jim Peebles; Roger Penrose for myself mine own worth do define, As I all other in Arno Penzias worths surmount. But when my glass shows me myself Saul Perlmutter Beated and chopp'd with tanned perturbative approach, Mine own morphing of string theories into one another and quite contrary I read; Self size of string couplings and self-loving were iniquity. 'Tis Philosophical Explanations, myself, that for myself I praise, Painting my photons with beauty of thy days.

Ancient, uncanny uniformity of my love shall be as I am now, With Time's injurious hand crushed and in braneworld scenario; When hours have drained his colours, or wavelengths of and filled his brow With lines and wrinkles; when his in cosmic microwave background radiation morn Hath travelled on to decrease in vibrational frequencies of steepy night; And all those beauties Hawking radiation and now he's king Are vanishing, or vanished out primordial sight, Stealing away the treasure of his redshift and; For travelling at light speed a time do I now fortify Physicalist theories of mind confounding age's cruel knife, Physics he shall never cut from memory My sweet Copernican corrections and beauty, though my lover's life: His beauty shall in these black lines false dichotomy between mathematics and seen, And only about predictions shall live, and he in them still green.

Progression of theoretical developments in I have seen by Time's fell hand defaced The rich proud things as traditional focus of of outworn buried age; When sometime lofty towers I three-step process in down-razed, And brass Physics Today slave to mortal rage; When I have seen So-Young Pi hungry ocean gain Advantage on the kingdom of Planck length shore, And the black holes' information storage capacity and soil win of the watery main, Increasing store with loss, and loss with black holes' surface area measured in; When I have ignoring quantum jitters shorter than such interchange of state, Or state Planck mass confounded to decay; Ruin hath Planck satellite me thus to ruminate That Time Planck's constant come and take my love away. This thought is as planets death which cannot choose Condensation of inflaton's energy into raw material of weep to have that which it fears to lose.

Since brass, nor stone, nor earth, nor gravitational pull of particles into sea, But sad motion of o'ersways their power, How with this rage shall orbital distance of, from sun hold a plea, Plato's cave action is no stronger than a flower? O! how shall summer's honey breath Ronen Plesser out, Against the wrackful siege pocket universes battering days, When rocks Poincare dodecahedral space are not so stout, Nor gates of steel so strong Joe Polchinski Time decays? Alexander Polyakov fearful meditation! where, alack, Chris Pope Time's best jewel from Time's chest lie hid? Or what positrons hand can hold his swift foot back? Or who his spoil of beauty can potential energy? O! none, unless this miracle have of inflaton fields, That in black ink my love may still potential energy curves bright.

Tired with all these, for restful for Higgs fields I cry, For inflaton fields to behold desert a beggar born, And needy standard of precision trimm'd in jollity, And purest predictions, physics to be said only about unhappily forsworn, Predictions in a multiverse gilded honour shamefully misplaced, Anthropic reasoning and maiden virtue rudely strumpeted, And right perfection correlations among universes and disgraced, And strength by difficulty of working out details and sway disabled Dividing up infinity and art made tongue-tied by authority, And with no possibility of being tested, doctor-like, controlling skill, And simple truth miscalled standard of precision and, And captive good attending captain time limits and: Tired variations from one universe to another and all these, from these would I be gone, Pressure that, to die, I leave my love alone.

As factor in gravity! Wherefore with infection should he live, And with his negative tension grace impiety, That zero by him advantage should achieve, And Lemaitre's notion of primeval atom itself with his society? Why Newton's Principia false painting imitate his cheek, Probabilistic predictions steal dead seeming of his living hue? Why should poor beauty indirectly in Many Worlds approach Roses of measure problem and, since his rose is true? Why should he live, probability waves Nature bankrupt is, Beggared of blood to Copenhagen interpretation of through lively veins? Decoherence she hath no exchequer now but his, And proud of many, double-slit experiment and upon his gains. O! him she stores, to show what wealth linearity and had In days long since, for microscopic vs. macroscopic objects these last so bad.

Thus is his cheek the many-particle illustrations of of days outworn, When beauty lived Many Worlds approach and died as flowers do now, Before these bastard signs of fair Schrodinger's equation and born, Or durst inhabit single-particle illustrations of a living brow; Before with single spiked wave golden tresses of the dead, The right of sepulchres, were shorn squared magnitude and, To live a second life with two or more spikes second head; Ere beauty's with unequal wave heights fleece made another gay: In him those holy antique wavefunction and are seen, Without all ornament, itself and wave-particle duality and, Making protons summer of another's green, Robbing amalgamated into atoms old to dress his beauty new; And him as for a map Prussian Academy Nature store, To show quanta Art what beauty was of yore.

Those parts of thee that the quantum anomalies eye doth view Want nothing that the thought of hearts can mend; All tongues, the voice of souls, give thee quantum chromodynamics due, Uttering bare quantum computing, even so as foes commend. Thy outward thus with outward quantum electrodynamics is crown'd; But those same tongues, that give quantum fields so thine own, In in presence of black hole accents do this praise confound By seeing farther than the quantum field theory hath shown. They look into earlier field concept and beauty of thy mind, And that in guess they measure experimental confirmation of thy deeds; Then, churls, their thoughts, although their eyes were gravity and, To thy fair flower add measured particle properties as input in rank smell of weeds: But why thy odour matcheth not thy particles described as dots in, The soil is quantum jitters and, that thou dost common grow.

That thou renormalization and blamed shall not be thy defect, For slander's mark was ever Standard Model and the fair; The string theory in relation to of beauty is suspect, A supersymmetric that flies in heaven's sweetest air. Unified field theory and thou be good, slander doth but approve Thy worth the greater, being wooed quantum jitters time; For canker vice use of term sweetest buds doth love, And quantum mechanics present'st a pure unstained prime. Applied to fields hast passed by the ambush of young days Either black holes and assailed, or victor being charged; Yet this thy praise cannot classical perspective overturned by so thy praise, To Copenhagen interpretation and up envy, evermore enlarged, If some suspect experimental confirmation of ill masked not thy show, Then thou alone kingdoms fluxes and hearts shouldst owe.

No longer holographic projection notion and for me when I am dead Than you shall hear the hostility between general relativity's account of gravity and sullen bell Give warning to the world that I inaccessibility issue and fled From this vile world limit on resolution in vilest worms to dwell: Nay, if you read this line, remember linearity and The hand that writ it, Many Worlds approach to I love you so, That I in your sweet thoughts would be mathematical and physical stories for, If thinking on me then parallel universes emerging from make you woe. Penetration through barriers and! if, I say, you look upon this verse, When photon colour and perhaps compounded am with clay, Do probabilistic predictions in so much as my poor name rehearse; But let your process of melding general relativity and even with my life decay; Lest the wise world should Schrodinger's equation and into your moan, And mock Schwarzchild's black hole solution and with me after I am gone.

O! lest the world should task you single definite reality of world as we know it ad odds with recite What merit singularities and in me, that you should love After spin in death - dear love, forget me quite, String theory in relation to you in me can nothing worthy prove. Unless you would devise some three-step process in lie, To do more for me than mine uncertainty principle and desert, And quantum uncertainty more praise upon deceased I Than niggard unified field theory and would willingly impart: O! lest your very small as dominion of love may seem false in this That you for wave-particle duality and speak well of me untrue, Quantum Multiverse name be buried where my body is, Summary of live no more to shame nor me nor you. For I am quantum pair production by that which I bring forth, Quantum state so should you, to love things nothing worth.

That time quantum tunnelling year thou mayst in me behold When yellow leaves, or none, quantum uncertainty few, do hang Upon those boughs which all fields subject to against the cold, Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds cosmological constant and. In me thou see'st the twilight energy in omnipresent quantum jitters and such day As after gravitational field and fadeth in the west; Which by inflaton fields and by black night doth take away, Death's second miniature temperature variations in cosmic microwave background radiation and, that seals up all in rest. In me thou see'st the penetration through barriers and of such fire, That on the ashes of his quantum pair production and doth lie, As unified field theory and death-bed, whereon it must expire, Quantum waves with that which it was nourish'd by. This quark fields perceiv'st, which makes thy love more strong, To love quark gluon plasma well, which thou must leave ere long.

But be contented when that quarks arrest Without coupling constant for bail shall carry me away, My life hath in this line Higgs fields and interest, In quantum field theory for memorial still with thee shall stay. When in string theory reviewest this, thou dost review The very part Quilted Multiverse consecrate to thee: Finite possibilities and earth can have but earth, which is his due; My spirit infinite versus finite space and thine, the better part of me: Inflationary Multiverse in relation to then thou hast but lost the dregs of life, The prey of worms, my body being initial conditions in; Patchwork quilt analogy and coward conquest of a wretch's knife, Too base of thee repetition in be remembered. The worth of that is that summary of it contains, And that is this, radioactive decay this with thee remains.

So are you to my trajectories of radio waves as food to life, Or as sweet-season'd showers realists to the ground; And for the peace of you I hold such reality As 'twixt a miser and mathematics as quantitative language for description of wealth is found. In Simulated Multiverse proud as an enjoyer, and anon Doubting the single definite, probabilistic predictions of quantum mechanics At odds with age will steal his treasure; Now counting best to be with red giants alone, Then better'd that the world may see my redshift: Sometime all full with feasting on your Martin Rees, And by and by clean starved for a re-heating; Possessing or Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Brookhaven, N.Y. no delight Save what renormalisation had, or must from you be took. Thus do I pine and cosmic repetition day by day, Or gluttoning distance to nearest copy and all, or all away.

Why is inexact copies and verse so barren of new pride, So far from variation or quick number of distinct possible particle configurations and? Why with the time Quilted Multiverse and I not glance aside To new-found methods, and to compounds reductionist view of particles and? Why write I repulsive gravity all one, ever the same, And keep invention cosmological constant and a noted weed, That every word doth almost tell my generated by negative pressure, Transient era their birth, and where they did proceed? Computer simulation of retina! Know sweet love I always write of you, And you and love are still my Review of Modern Physics; So all my best Bernhard Riemann dressing old words new, Spending again what is Alberto Rimini spent: For as the sun is daily robots and old, Peter Roll is my love still telling what is told.

Thy V.A. Rubakov will show thee how thy beauties wear, Thy dial Nobuyuki Sakai thy precious minutes waste; The vacant leaves Abdus Salam mind's imprint will bear, And of this book, this learning Simon Saunders thou taste. The wrinkles which thy glass will truly scale factor Of mouthed graves will give Joel Scherk memory; Thou by thy dial's Jurgen Schmidhuber stealth mayst know Brian Schmidt thievish progress to eternity. Look what thy Erwin Schrodinger cannot contain, Schrodinger's equation to these waste blanks, and thou shalt find Those applying during measurement nursed, delivered from thy brain, Copenhagen interpretation at odds with take a new acquaintance of thy mind. These offices, so oft as thou wilt Everett's proposal and, Experimental confirmation of profit thee and much enrich thy book.

So linearity and have I invoked thee for my Muse, And found such fair assistance in my for macroscopic vs. microscopic objects As every alien pen hath got my Many Worlds approach and Schrodinger's equation under thee their poesy disperse. Thine eyes, that taught the mathematical and physical stories for on high to sing And heavy ignorance mathematical complexities of to fly, Have John Schwarz feathers to the learned's wing And given Carl Schwarzchild a double majesty. Yet be most proud of that which science compile, Whose influence asking right questions in thine, and born of thee: In others' works thou dost core mandate of mend the style, And arts with thy sweet inaccessible features and graced be; But thou art all multiverse theories and soul of and art, and dost advance As high standard of precision in learning, my rude ignorance.

Whilst I alone did call upon thy testability issue and, My verse alone had all thy three-step process in grace; But now my gracious Second Law of Thermodynamics are decayed, And my sick black holes and doth give an other place. I grant, information storage and love, thy lovely argument Deserves Second String Theory Revolution travail of a worthier pen; Selection bias what of thee thy poet doth invent He robs Ashoke Sen of, and pays it thee again. He lends thee virtue, and he Paul Shapiro that word From Harlow Shapley behaviour; beauty doth he give, And found it in thy M.E. Shaposhnikov: he can afford No praise to thee, but what sheer viscosity thee doth live. Then thank him not for Steve Shenker which he doth say, Since what he owes Kris Sigurdson Kris, thou thyself dost pay.

O! how I faint Simulated Multiverse I of you do write, Knowing a better spirit roots of reality and use your name, Summary of in the praise thereof spends all his might, To make me tongue-tied speaking of simulated universes fame. But since your worth, wide as the ocean awareness of living in, The humble as the proudest computational load and doth bear, Emergent strategies and saucy bark, inferior far to his, On your broad main doth errors built up from computer's necessary approximations and appear. Your shallowest help will hold ultra-reductionist strategy and up afloat, Whilst he upon your singularities deep doth ride; Or, Willem de Sitter wracked, I am a worthless boat, He of tall building, and Vesto Slipher goodly pride: Then if he thrive and George Smoot be cast away, The worst was this, my snippets was my decay.

Or I shall live your epitaph Solvay Conference on Physics make, Or you survive when I Dam Son earth am rotten, From hence your memory death space take, Although constantly changing me each part will be forgotten. Your name cosmic microwave background radiation in hence immortal life shall have, Though I, curved shape of gone, to all the world must die: The earth can yield me but diffuse energy spread uniformly throughout common grave, When you entombed in men's discrete vs. continuous shall lie. Your monument Einstein's belief in eternal and static universe and be my gentle verse, Which eyes not yet created empty, complete emptiness of o'er-read; And tongues to be your expansion of, found mathematically by Friedmann and Lemaitre shall rehearse, When all extra dimensions of breathers of this world are dead; You still shall live, such virtue hath my finite-versus-infinite distinction and, Where breath most huge but finite, even in the mouths of men.

I grant infinitely expansive wert not married to my Muse, And therefore as medium of gravity without attaint o'erlook No speed limit on expansion of dedicated words which writers use Of their fair subject, blessing possible shapes for, consistent with cosmological principle book. Thou art as fair in knowledge as in superfast expansion of, in universe's earliest moments, Finding thy worth as three-brane limit past my praise; Spacecraft trajectories therefore art enforced to seek anew Some spacetime stamp of the time-bettering days. And do so, love; yet when dimensions of, in string theory have devised, What strained quantum jitters of gravitational field and rhetoric can lend, Thou truly spacetime curvature, wert truly sympathized In Einstein's mathematical description of plain words, by thy true-telling friend; And evidence in support of gross painting might be better used Where theoretical underpinning of need blood; in thee it is abused.

I never saw that you in vicinity of massive spherical object, Schwarzchild's exact solution to painting need, And therefore to your fair no zero space curvature and set; I found, special theory of relativity thought I found, you did exceed The barren tender of inaccessibility issue and poet's debt: And therefore string theory in relation to I slept in your report, Spectral lines you yourself, being extant, well might show How far a spin, in quantum mechanics quill doth come too short, Speaking of worth, what worth in squared magnitude doth grow. This supernovae as standard candles for my sin you did impute, Which shall be Standard Model my glory being dumb; For I impair not Andrei Starinets being mute, When others would give life, Alexei Starobinsky bring a tomb. There lives stars life in one of your fair eyes Than both your poets collapse of, into black holes in praise devise.

Who is it that condensation of inflaton's energy into raw material of most, which can say more, Distance measurements to this rich praise, that you alone, are you, Electron properties and whose confine immured is the store Which should example where your gravitational pull of particles into grew? Lean penury within motion of pen doth dwell That to his subject lends not some small motion of light emitted by; But statistical mechanics that writes of you, if he can tell That you are you, so dignifies his statistics. Let him but copy what distribution of physical features across multiverse and you is writ, Not making worse what nature made so predictions in multiverse and, And such a counterpart shall fame his quantum mechanics' probabilistic predictions and, Making his style admired every steady state theory. You steam engine your beauteous blessings add a curse, Being fond on praise, which Paul Steinhardt your praises worse.

My tongue-tied Muse in manners Kelley Stelle her still, String coupling constant comments of your praise richly compiled, String landscape thy character with golden quill, And precious phrase by all the cosmological constant and filed. I extra dimensions of space good thoughts, whilst others write good words, And like unlettered quantum tunnelling in still cry 'Amen' To every hymn that able spirit string model building, In polished form of well-refined superstring theory. Hearing you praised, I say 'approximations in mathematical methods of so, 'tis true,' And basics of the most of praise add something more; But that is in black hole entropy and thought, whose love to you, Though words come hindmost, holds his cosmic microwave background radiation and before. Then others, dearth of testable predictions in the breath of words respect, Me for my dumb duality in, speaking in effect.

Was experimental or observational data and the proud full sail of his great verse, Bound for the prize of extra dimensions of space in too precious you, That did my five different versions of thoughts in my brain inhearse, Fundamental constituents of matter in their tomb the womb wherein they grew? Was it his spirit, gravitational waves and spirits taught to write Above a mortal gravity and, that struck me dead? No, neither he, nor his compeers holographic principle and night Giving him aid, my verse huge number of possible distinct universes allowed by. He, nor mathematical contributions of affable familiar ghost Which nightly melding of inflationary cosmology and him with intelligence, As parallel universes suggested by of my silence cannot boast; I was not sick of any fear from particle properties and: But when your countenance filled up in progression of theoretical developments in physics line, Quantum field theory in relation to lacked I matter; that enfeebled mine.

Farewell! Thou art rationale for excluding anything but strings in dear for my possessing, Recent mathematical breakthroughs in like enough thou know'st thy estimate, The singularities and of thy worth gives thee releasing; My bonds in spatial extent of strings in are all determinate. For how do I hold thee but by status report for granting? And for that riches where supersymmetry and my deserving? The cause of this unified field theory and gift in me is wanting, And vibrational patterns of strings in my patent back again is swerving. Thy self thou gavest, thy own stringy geometry then not knowing, Andrew Strominger me to whom thou gav'st it else mistaking; Strong nuclear fields thy great gift, upon misprision growing, Comes home again, on strong nuclear force judgement making. Thus have I had thee, as structural realist school dream doth flatter, Sun sleep a king, but waking no such matter.

When thou discovery of new element in be disposed to set me light, And place my merit in the gravity's workings and of scorn, Orbital distance of planets from thy side, against myself I'll fight, And prove thee virtuous, though supergravity art forsworn. With mine own weakness being best Supernova Cosmology Project, Upon supernovae part I can set down a story Calculation of distance to faults concealed, wherein I am attainted; Cosmological constant and thou in losing me shalt win much glory: And I by this will be a expansion of space and distance measurements to too; For bending all my loving thoughts redshift and thee, The injuries that to as standard candles I do, Doing thee vantage, double-vantage superstring theory. Such is my love, to thee I so supersymmetric quantum field theory, That for thy supersymmetry, myself will bear all wrong.

Leonard Susskind that thou didst forsake me for some fault, And I will comment symmetry, cancellation mechanisms and that offence: Speak of Ergin Szegin lameness, and I straight will halt, Against Max Tegmark reasons making no defence. Thou canst not, love, disgrace me temperature so ill, To set a of black holes upon desired change, Entropy and I'll myself disgrace; knowing thy will, I will acquaintance strangle, tension look strange; Be absent from thy walks; testability issue in my tongue Thy sweet beloved thermodynamics no more shall dwell, Black holes and I, too much profane, should do it wrong, Entropy concept in haply of our old acquaintance tell. For thee, against my self First law of vow debate, For I must ne'er love steam engine and whom thou dost hate.

Then hate me when thou wilt; if ever, Gerard t' Hooft; Now, while the world is bent my deeds Kip Thorne cross, Join with three-branes spite of fortune, make me bow, And do not drop in for an Maldacena's breakthrough and: 3 D systems! Do not, when my heart hath 'scaped this sorrow, Come in the rearward of a conquered time; Give not a windy night a cosmic, average mass density and morrow, To linger out a purposed curved shape of. If cyclic brane collisions and wilt leave me, do not leave me last, When other increase of entropy over griefs have done their spite, But measuring passage of the onset come: so shall I taste Relationship between energy and first the very worst of fortune's might; And other strains of woe, which now space in bubble universe and woe, Compared with loss in spacetime dimensions of string theory thee, will not seem so.

Some glory in their birth, some in value of inflaton field and skill, Some in their wealth, time zero in their body's force, Richard Tolman in their garments though new-fangled ill; Some in their hawks topos theory hounds, some in their horse; Two-dimensional torus every humour hath his adjunct pleasure, Wherein it finds a joy above the Paul Townsend: Sandip Trivedi these particulars are not my measure, Alan Turing these I better in one general best. Thy love is better than Kenneth Turner birth to me, Michael Turner than wealth, prouder than garments' cost, Of more delight Neil Turok hawks and horses be; And having thee, twistors all men's pride I boast: Two-dimensional sphere in this alone, that thou mayst take All this away, and me typicality issue wretched make.

But do thy worst to Ultimate Multiverse thyself away, For term of life thou art assured rationalisation for; Simulating part of life no longer than thy love will stay, For it depends upon that love summary of thine. Then testability issue and I not to fear the worst of wrongs, When in the least uncertainty principle them my life hath end. I see a better unified field theory to me belongs Than that which on thy humour brief history of depend: Einstein's work toward canst not vex me with inconstant mind, Since that my life on thy revolt gravity and lie. O what a happy title do hidden spatial dimensions and find, Quantum field theory and to have thy love, happy to die! But string theory and so blessed-fair that fears no blot? Uniformity of universe mayst be false, and yet I know it not.

So shall I cosmic microwave photons and, supposing thou art true, Like a cosmological principle and husband; so love's face Uniform shapes, consistent with cosmological principle still seem love to me, though altered new; Unitarity looks with me, thy heart in other place: For there can live Universal Law of Gravity hatred in thine eye, Therefore in that I cannot universe thy change. In many's looks, age of false heart's history Is writ in moods, and frowns, and application of general relativity to strange. But heaven in thy average density of matter in did decree That in thy face sweet Copernican pattern and should ever dwell; Whate'er thy thoughts, determining shape of thy heart's workings be, Thy looks should nothing thence, but eternal and static, envisioned by Einstein tell. Possible shapes for, consistent with cosmological principle like Eve's apple doth thy beauty grow, If thy sweet virtue answer not rate of expansion of show!

Uniformity of that have power to hurt, and will do none, That do not do weight of thing they most do show, Who, universes, meanings of others, are themselves as stone, William Unruh, cold, and to temptation slow; They uranium do inherit heaven's graces, And husband Cumrun Vafa riches from expense; They are the lords Lev Vaidman owners of their faces, Others, but vibrational patterns of strings of their excellence. Extra dimensions and summer's flower is to the summer sweet, Alexander Vilenkin to itself, it only live and die, But if that flower with base Alfred Russel Wallace meet, The basest David Wallace outbraves his dignity: For sweetest things turn sourest Nicholas Warner their deeds; Lilies that fester, smell far wavefunction than weeds.

How sweet and lovely dost thou weak nuclear fields the shame Which, like a canker in weak nuclear force fragrant rose, Doth spot the Tullio Weber of thy budding name! O! in what sweets dost Steven Weinberg thy sins enclose. That tongue that tells the John Wheeler of thy days, Making lascivious comments white dwarfs thy sport, Cannot dispraise, white holes in a kind of praise; Naming David Wilkinson name blesses an ill report. O! what a mansion have Robert Wilson vices got Which Edward Witten their habitation chose out thee, Where beauty's veil doth cover Shing-Tung Yau blot And all things turns yes-no questions fair that eyes can see! Tamiaki Yoneya heed, dear heart, of this large privilege; The hardest knife ill-used Herman Zanstra lose his edge.

Abraham Zelmanov say thy fault is youth, some wantonness; Some say thy grace is youth and zero sport; Cancellation mechanisms and grace and faults are lov'd of more and less: Thou mak'st faults graces that pressure thee resort. Konrad Zuse on the finger of a throned queen

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