Looking for a few good pro-lifers, 14-18 years old!

The Pro-Life Offices of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas and the Diocese of Kansas City—St. Joseph are proud to announce the 2nd Annual Truth Illuminated Teen Pro-Life Boot Camp! Speakers, education, prayer and Masses, activities, movies, food, t-shirts, and “takin’ it to the streets!” Pro-life leaders will join our priests and seminarians, along with special guests, to cover the following topics:  Planned Parenthood, prayer vigils, and sidewalk counseling  Contraception  Theology of the Body  The joy of being a young family  Project Rachel, Truth Illuminated, and other diocesan pro-life programs  Divine Mercy, Rosaries, Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation...and much, much more.

rEGiMEn… (suBjECt to ChanGE)
Wednesday May 30
6:30 pm (1830) 7:00 pm (1900) 10:30 pm (2230) 12:00 pm (2300) Report for duty Basic Training Divine Mercy, Adoration, Night prayer Lights out

Enlistment form
** Registration ENDS APRIL 30th **
Please select one: Enlistee — Must be 14-18 yrs. old. Parent/guardian signature
required below. Diocesan Youth Ministry Participation Forms will be emailed to all registered youth.

Thursday May 31 6:00 am (0600) Revelry 7:00 am (0700) Mass 7:45 am (0745) Chow 8:15 am (0815) Training , deployment, peaceful prayer 12:00 pm (1200) Chow 1:00 pm (1300) Training and field activities 4:30 pm (1630) Reconciliation / Showers 6:30 pm (1830) Chow 7:30 pm (1930) Training 10:30 pm (2230) Adoration and Night Prayer 11:30 pm (2330) Lights out Friday June 1 6:00 am (0600) 7:00 am (0700) 7:45 am (0745) 8:00 am (0800) 12:00 pm (1200) 1:00 pm (1300) 4:30 pm (1630) 5:30 pm (1730) 6:30 pm (1830) 7:30 pm (1930) 10:30 pm (2230) 11:30 pm (2330)

Chaperone — Must be Virtus-certified.
List of available duties will be provided.

Seminarian Name Gender: Male / Female Address City / Town Email State / Zip Code Date of Birth

Special events:
 Pray outside abortion mills.  Walk in the shoes of a frightened teen

mother and see the truly remarkable work being done by one local pregnancy resource clinic.  Hear testimonies from women facing abortion  Participate in the celebration of Mass with Bishop Finn and Archbishop Naumann.  Finally, share the experience as family members are welcome to join in our final meal, closing program, and prayer service

Revelry Mass Chow Training , deployment, peaceful prayer Chow Training , field activities, community service R&R / Reflection Time Chow Team work / Showers Training, Movie Adoration and Night Prayer Lights out

Phone School Church/Parish


T-shirt Size: Small / Medium / Large / X-Large / XX-Large If adult volunteer, are you Virtus-certified? Name of youth(s) accompanying Yes / No

program costs

(Covers meals, manuals, t-shirts, & basic fees)

Enlistees (Youth 14-18 yrs old) ………………….…………...….$75* Chaperones (Adult Volunteers)…………………………No Charge Seminarians ……………………………...…………….....….No Charge
Complete attached “Enlistment” Form. Parent/guardian signature required for youth. Send “Enlistment” Form and payment to your local recruiting office (address on back of brochure). * All participants will remain in the barracks overnight. Separate male and female barracks will be assigned and each will be secured and chaperoned

Saturday June 2 6:30 am (0630) Revelry 7:00 am (0700) Morning prayer 7:30 am (0730) Chow 8:15 am (0815) Training , deployment, peaceful prayer 12:00 pm (1200) Chow 12:45 pm (1245) Training / Team work 4:30 pm (1630) Mass (at St. Thomas Aquinas) 6:15 pm (1815) Chow (families welcome) 7:00 pm (1900) Training / Family Orientation 8:00 pm (2000) Closing Program—Families welcom

Parent / guardian
Name Email Phone I authorize the youth above to participate in three separate onehour chaperoned (Virtus-certified) peaceful prayer vigils outside of a local abortion mill.

Signature of Parent/Guardian


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