I’m a teacher and I work in the air force and air depend academy. I’m thirty two years old. I live in Son tay town. My telephone number is 0985812676. In my family there’re three people: my wife, my son and I. My wife is a teacher, too. She’s thirty one years old. My son is six. I like music and sports espessionly football and volleyball. I’m friendly with other people. TOPIC 2: HOUSE AND HOME (NHÀ CỦA TÔI) My house is small, but it’s nice. In front of my house there’s a small yard. There’re some flowers in the yard. In the house there’re five rooms: a living-room, two bedrooms, a kitchen and a small toilet. In the living-room there’s a television, a table, some chairs and a bookcase. In the bed-rooms there’re beds and wardrobes. In the kitchen there’s a fridge, a gas-cooker and some cabinets. Behind my house there’s a small garden. In it we grow some vegetables, some fruit trees and some flowers. TOPIC 3: LIFE AT HOME (HOẠT ĐỘNG HÀNG NGÀY) I get up at six o’clock. I brush my teeth and wash my face at six five. I have breakfast at six twenty. I get dressed at six forty. I go to the air force and air depend academy at six fifty. My classes start at seven o’clock. My classes end at eleven o’clock. I go home at eleven o’clock. I have lunch at eleven thirty. After lunch I have a rest. In the afternoon I do my homework and review my lessons. I have dinner at six o’clock. In the evening I learn my lessons, and then watch TV. I go to bed at eleven o’clock. TOPIC 4: EDUCATION AND FUTURE CAREER (GIÁO DUC & NGHỀ NGHIỆP TƯƠNG LAI) I learned at Le Quy Don school. I finished my courses in 1997. I used to go to school at six thirty and my school began at six forty-five. At school I learned many subjects such as math, physics, Vietnamese, English and so on. Among them I liked English best because it will be useful in my future, and it helped me know many things. I didn’t like physics because it was difficult. In the future I’m going to study more because I am always in need of knowledge. TOPIC 5: FREE TIME AND ENTERTAINMENT (THỜI GIAN RẢNH RỖI & GIẢI TRÍ) I learn a lot, but I also have free time. After lunch I often read newspapers. In the afternoon sometimes I play sports. In the evening I often watch films. At weekends I go out with my friends. We go on a picnic. Sometimes we play sports, and then we go to a café to drink coffee. In my free time I also often help my son to do the homework and learn english. TOPIC 6: TRAVEL (DU LỊCH – ĐI LẠI) 1

TOPIC 11: FOREIGN LANGUAGE (TIẾNG NƯỚC NGOÀI) English is the most popular language: people use it all over the world. Sometimes we go out to a cafe’ to drink coffee. I will visit them. My son usually buy books. meat and vegetables for lunch. I have learned English for two years. we can go by train or by plane. It will be very useful in my life. TOPIC 10: FOOD AND DRINK (THỨC ĂN VÀ THỨC UỐNG) Every day I eat three meals. Doctors and nurses in the hospital are very devoted to treat us. sometimes we are ill. And I continue to learn it in the future. Sometimes I go out to drink something with my friends. and we often do morning exercises. Every year we may go on a vacation. I will go by car or by mini bus. On our birthdays I always buy presents for us. apple and so on. In the markets and shops there are so many goods that we can buy many things we need. fish. We often play sports. I learn grammar and vocabulary. we will go by plane. someone will take me on a car. I also like to eat fruit such as mango. If my neighbours go away. Sometimes we go on a picnic. The police and firemen are ready to help us day and night. pen and so on for learning. Sometimes I buy some novels or newspapers for wife and some comics or sweets for my son. I often go out with my friends. Sometimes I buy rice. I also often buy fruit such as graper. I eat rice. I eat egg and bread for breakfast. If I go to Hanoi city. I am always friendly with my friends and my neighbours. I often drink water after the meals. However. We try to eat and drink regularly. TOPIC 9: SHOPPING (MUA SẮM) In my famiily I often go to the supermarket. My wife often buys some fruit and toys for my son. If we go overseas. and vegetables. Then we go to some place of interest. oranges. I never go by boat. Sometime I visit my friends. I help them to look after their houses. banana.Every day I go to school and travel around by motorbike. I often buy meat. fish. sugar and cooking oil. I 2 . shrimp and vegetables for dinner. I learn English every day. But I sometimes drink coffee in the cafe’. fish. a cold or toothache. If I go far away. TOPIC 7: RELATION WITH OTHER PEOPLE (QUAN HỆ VỚI MỌI NGƯỜI) I have a lot of friends. We may have flu. I give flowers for my wife. toys. If we go to Hochiminh city. Sometimes I drink fruit juice. bananas and so on. I read it. If my friends are ill. At a party I eat a lot of good foods and drink beer or coke. Sometimes I eat chicken or duck. Then we take some medicine. TOPIC 8: HEALTH AND WELFARE (SỨC KHOẺ) We always wish to be health. I eat rice. And in March 8th. We are insured by an insurance company. They are teachers in my academy and my friends in my neighbourhood.

3. 8. Did they build the garage at the same time as the house? Was the garage build at the same time as the house? 2. 14. She won’t visit me again. When I picked up my pen I found that the nib had broken. Phillippa asked Olive if she could remember where she had put the camera. The garage is going to repair the car for us next week. If you don’t water these plants every day. 3 . summer. Although his leg was broken he managed to get out of the car. autumn and winter. 6. They are the dry season and the rainy season. I asked my mother to wake me up at 6 o’clock the following morning. 5. It is cool in autumn. 16. mother!” 13. Sometimes I speak English to my friends. I should not heve been able to find my way. can you remember where you put the camera?” 7. 11. 19. My mother cooks better than I can. It is warm in spring. It is a six-hour drive from London to Edinburgh. It is hot in summer. Sometimes there is a storm and sometimes there is a flood. In spite of his broken leg. “Olive. If I had not had help. 4. In Vietnam there are only two seasons. “Please wake me up at 6 o’clock tomorrow moening. It is ages since Alan visited his parents. He didn’t hurry. 1. It is wet and rainy in the rainy season. Mrs. 18. 15. The fire has destroyed many houses.listen to the computer. 12. On picking up my pen I found that the nib had broken. I can’t cook as well as my mother does. I should not heve been able to find my way. I didn’t know you were coming. I would have waited for you. It is cold in winter. We are going to have the car repaired by the garage next week. Phillippa said. It takes six hours to drive from London to Edinburgh. Sometimes if I am lucky. 10. TOPIC 12: WEATHER (THỜI TIẾT) There are four seasons in a year. so I didn’t wait for you. They are spring. If I had know you were coming. Mrs. Many houses have been destroyed by the fire. Unless you water these plants every day. 17. he managed to get out of the car. Turn off all the switches before leaving the workshop. He is a man of extreme honesty. All the switches must be turned off before you leave the workshop. If he had hurry. He is an extremely honest man. He wrote the letter in two hours. It is dry and sunny in the dry season. they will die. so he missed the train. Taylor does not like living in such a small house. I can speak English with foreigners. Taylor wishes to live in a larger house. Alan hasn’t visited his parents for ages. Without help. I wish she would visit me again. he wouldn’t have missed the train. 9. they will die.

He learned to drive when he was eighteen. The furniture was so expensive that I didn’t buy it. 39. 43. It was such hot tea that I couldn’t drink it. 22. 24. She didn’t say a word as she left the room. I become more nervous. My sister is not rich. 27. I am sorry that I didn’t go to the party last Sunday. It is a six-hour flight from London to New York. everybody loves her. Because she behaves well. My father seldom goes to the movies. Speaking English fluently is not easy. I would like you to help me to put the dishes away. did you? 41. The nearer to the hospital gate I come. The cake was so hard that I could not eat it. 31. 42. 37. If she had had a passport. 36. 34. He will die if nobody brings him to hospital. Not only did he spent all his mony. Because of her good behaviour. he borrowed some from me. The furniture was too expensive for me to buy. 29. 4 . 25. didn’t you? You didn’t forget to post the letter.It took him two hours to write the letter. Seldom does my father go to the movies. 30. She was unhappier than she had been before. He has learned to drive since he was eighteen. Neither my sister nor I am rich. As I come nearer to the hospital gate. The bills have to be paid before the fifth of the month. You remembered to post the letter. He has to pay the bills before the fifth of the month. The tea was too hot for me to drink. He could not afford to buy the car. I have studied English for 3 years. Do you mind helping me to put the dishes away? 40. everybody loves her. Unless somebody brings him to hospital. It was such a hard cake that I could not eat it. 32. Neither of us knew where John was. She had never been so unhappy before. I wish that I had gone to the party last Sunday. 28. I began to study English 3 years ago. Without a passport she couldn’t have left the country. 21. He didn’t know where John was and I didn’t either. The mother smiled happily. Smiling happily. 38. The car was too expensive for him to buy. she could have left the country. 26. 23. She left the room without saying a word. he will die. She took the baby in her arms. He not only spent all his mony. the more nervous I become. the mother took the baby in her arms. Did she give any reason for her failure? Did she explain why she failed? 35. 20. 33. he borrowed some from me. Iam not rich. It is not easy to speak English fluently.

The police prevented him from escaping. They last visited me five years ago. 48.Green said to her son. 49. I couldn’t hear them because they were speaking too softly.Green told her son to be careful when he crossed the street. She’d rather eat Italian food than French food. They were speaking so softly that I couldn’t hear them.It takes six hours to fly from London to New York. They haven’t visited me for five years. Who does this bag belong to? Whose is this bag? 46. He tried to escape but the police stopped him. I’m only interested in why he did it. “Be careful when you cross the street!” Mrs. Mrs. 5 . 44. The only thing I’m interested in is why he did it. 47. She prefers Italian food to French food. 50. 45.

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