Sprites, Jets and other strange Phenomena

An Analyse about the latest Thunderstorm Research
© by Jonathan Dilas, 2002

A research team examined thunderstorms from the space in a very near orbit to the earth. As expected, thousands of normal and already known thunderstorms appeared all around the earth, but a sensational and also terrifying discovery has been made! Up to the present time many spacemen didn’t dare to talk about this sensation and kept their knowledge for themselves or they were scared and swore never to fly again, being in fear of a bad psychological diagnosis like “ hallucinations by increased air pressure”. The researchers namely discovered another kind of thunderstorm that unloads itself over the clouds in the higher atmosphere (strato and mesosphere). For a short moment coloured forms become visible and in a very short moment the eye can perceive a real structure, that could be compared with an "octopus". The project manager of the research team announced, that it was totally unbelievable if one perceives these so-called "octopuses", that also has been definated as "sprites" or "jets". Furthermore he said that his team got the impression again and again as if the thunderstorms would arrange themselves in an intelligent manner, it seems very much as if there is a communication between them! They suddenly appeared at some places and this in the same number as they did before at another place with the same intensity and appeared again! The explanation of a chance is not possible at this point! It is, if one would watch this, very displeasing in every case. Anyway, it is damned horrifying with these "octopuses" if one thinks about it! When I saw the documentary contribution about it on television and some further videos, it looked really as if several "octopuses" were around the earth and unloaded themselves or became charged by "docking" to our atmosphere or something like this. One really cannot name it differently. Not to talk about the gigantic amount of electricity which is produced here. The following photos have been taken outside the earth's atmosphere and the jets (grey one) and sprites (red one) are approxmiately 40-70 miles high in the air above the clouds. It seems, at the first sight, as if an enormous energy will be collected, explodes and produces then a jet or accumulates a sprite. But if one changes its consideration a little to this, it suddenly seems as if something invisible gives electrical jolts to the atmosphere as long as the amount of electricity is risen to an unbearable amount, suddenly discharges itself and produces or makes visible a sprite or jet. Also it could be possible that these sprites and jets create or even nourish themselves from the thunderstorms, but these assumptions are a pure theory until now. The strange thing is, that the jet, that is also illustrated on the following photos, has been always the same one and kept its appearance all the time, although it is very weird, that such discharging lightnings should appear and be created by chance. This – and other of its kind – kept its appearance as if it would be an electrical animal, that just become visible by the discharging lightnings. Additionally, and as already mentioned, how can a suddenly created structure of cumulative electricity be transported from one place to another without losing its apperance?

These jets and sprites have been watched for the first time in the orbit in 1989. Several of these appearances have been classified as follows:

Red goblins

Blue goblins


The red sprites are very high lightnings with a red colour. The jets, however, are blue or mostly grey. Sometimes they look like gigantic "octopuses" that get visible for a moment above the cloud cover which only gets visible by these strong electromagnetic outbursts. All results were collected from the ground, from air and from the space shuttle. The next graphic represents a combination of these observations. The red sprite just has been discovered in the middle and higher atmosphere. One recognizes a kilometres height scale on the left. The different spheres in which they appear and the sections are on the right.

The next picture illustrates the impression much better, if one imagines, that these sprites could be living beings, who get attracted or even nourish themselves from thunderstorms and their electricity. They produce electromagnetical energy or – as I assume – nourish from it, if one imagines, that this energy will be produced by getting in touch with our planet on a certain sphere. The research is still in the beginning, because it is unsolved how lightnings are being created between positive and negative loaded clouds. In view of the latest researches it can be assumed, that these enormously lightnings are possibly created by the touch between the “ octopuses” and the atmosphere of our planet. It could be compared with a magic ball, that can be bought in a shop. This is a ball, that always produces an electrical field and looks beautiful. If one touches the ball lightenings arise and “ shoot” into the direction of the finger. The finger itself gets warm until one takes it away. So I could say, that the sprites and the jets – maybe with different functions – are beings, who intrudes into the sphere of our planet and the normal reaction is a kind of defense measure by our planet to fend off this beings. The real reason for this phenomenon or “ exchange” is still unsolved.

Collection of sprites, absolutely one octopus similar

These sprites and jets can only be seen above an active thunderstorm. One cannot see them from the ground, as a rule, because the cloud cover in which the thunderstorm rages is far too thick. Red sprites are able to collect or to send an energy which reaches about 50 gigawatts. This maybe is comparable to an energy as it would be developed by more than 10,000 rockets. For further researches Taiwan's satellite ROCSAT 2 was recently sent to the earths orbit to shoot additional photos for better systematic analyses. Among other observations it turned out that the jets, sprites and elvens have been found in France, Spain, northern Italy, Switzerland and sometimes in south Germany. The European sprites are here fundamentally smaller than the american ones, additionally they seem to be a little more briefly and look like “ childrens” of the large ones, who have been seen in America. The elves itself look also a bit different, they are

One gas in structural regard looks
Photos of: Victor Pasko and Hans Stenbaek-Nielsen

smaller and look like lightnening rings, which often are bent by the enormous charging. Last but not least it could be said, that these beings are very impressive by all the observations and their behaviour, so that one could believe, they are intelligent. One should remember, that the astronauts kept silence about it and were not exalted to make a visitation to the psychologist after their flight.

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