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Practice: Get quality data into your evaluator’s hands

Key Action: Manage logistics and communications for data collection

SAMPLE MATERIAL: Illustration: Overview of Steps for Ensuring Quality Data

Purpose: This illustration provides an overview of the steps
involved in improving and maintaining data quality across
an organization. To be able to use evaluation data to
make program decisions, you need to have a well-
designed process in place for collecting valid and reliable

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December 18, 2008.)


interpretable to increase and maintain data quality. 1 Data Defined programs. Accuracy corrected. Implement these steps organization-wide fairly within a context group needs. 2 . Bad data Want to learn how to improve your data quality? The Hierarchy ESP Solutions Group conducts comprehensive data quality audits for local. for interpretation. Data-driven decisions of the data. and reporting. increase. network. Limit times data before all production. codes in an automated some times Preprint all available application vs.. process. Data aggregated. and and data processors in professional standards code in computer decisions to establish for data collection. We can assess your data processes. by some at designed? (e.g. vs. Protect FERPA This student Present conclusions confidentiality rights. Use most automated/validated Use random checks Data collected 2 Is process well agencies. Designation of official data for decision making 3 Is process well documented Periodicity and communicated? Ensure all Provide documentation Provide training and established for requirements for data providers and certification for data collection and are available data processors. problem or report. etc. Provide a data dictionary software. Include data providers Comply with collection forms. verification. translations for integrity. and described of reasonableness. instructions given to data providers. and federal education agencies. Provide immediate Data combined. and knowledgeable. are reported. 5 Quality Valid data S Run audit reports for review Check data exchanges. help for data providers. visit www. Run maintenance data. level of data entry possible during production. consistent with 5 Are data verified construct being T and compared? by experts with knowledge crosswalks.. Ensure all personnel are Follow an established unavailable known? regulation. data quality and usability on how to improve the data quality across your entire organization. A Reliable data Compare data to past runs.espsolutionsgroup. and format specifications. Practice: Get quality data into your evaluator’s hands Key Action: Manage logistics and communications for data collection Steps for Ensuring Data Quality Data quality is more than accuracy and reliability. computer new staff. analysis. and change-management procedures with trained for their assigned tasks. certified. Run sample data and verify. and conditional rules. independent of collector T Accurate data consistent with 4 Is process well Use checklists and Ensure problems definitions implemented? signoffs for key steps. are entered. Automate entry verification at the Verify off-hour Ensure target dates are earliest levels (e. and make practical recommendations As stages are completed. made with confidence confidence in and rely upon the data. Inconsistent forms of measurement 1 Are requirements Data Compare policy.. Publish technical reports beyond local or make available files context Review data with those who with detailed data for have a stake in the results. 6 Are data appropriately analyzed and reported? High levels of data quality are achieved when information is valid for the use to which it is Disclose all conditions Ensure analysis techniques meet applied and when decisionmakers have affecting interpretation the requirements for proper use..g. Comparable data. from printed audit report).com/dataquality. upon key stroke maintenance and 2 Available reasonable and clear. 4 Valid documented. analyzed. 3 Official hardware.. and staff. How do your data measure up? For more information on ESP’s data quality services. what is feasible. providers and all reporting (e. of Data Quality identify your strengths and weaknesses. or similar groups. Verify all calculations R standards. staff availability. -1 Invalid state.g.). and achieved for communicated back decision making Conduct on-site reviews to the source of the during the process. summarized Review design by peers. paper forms).