Software Testing

STRICTLY AS PER NEW REVISED SYLLABUS W.E.F from academic year 2012-13 Semester 5 (T. Y. B. Sc. – Information Technology)
he Software Testing book provides easy-to-follow software testing methodologies for software testers. This book is unique as it discusses about various essential aspects of software testing, such as software quality, fundamentals of software testing, different levels of testing, and objectoriented concepts of testing. The book provides examples in an easy-to-understand language along with exercises at the end of each chapter.


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About the author
Swati R. Maurya holds the M.Sc., MCA, M.Tech., and M.Phil. degrees. She is currently Assistant Professor at Somaiya College, Mumbai, where she is involved in teaching graduate and postgraduate courses in Computer Science, and Information Technology. Rajesh K. Maurya holds the M.Sc., MCA, M.Tech., and M.Phil. degrees. He also holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDHE). He is currently Associate Professor at DES’s Navinchandra Mehta Institute of Technology and Development, Mumbai, where he is involved in teaching postgraduate courses in computer science, application, and technology. He is the author of various books, such as Computer Graphics, Computer Graphics with Virtual Reality Systems,and System Programming and Compiler Construction.

ISBN: 978-93-5004-400-1 Page: 150 | Price: TBA Author: Swati R Maurya, Rajesh K Maurya

This book contains:

§ Learning about the software quality, fundamentals of software testing, and VV model of testing § Learning about the functional testing, equivalence class testing, boundary value testing, decision table

based testing, and retrospection
§ Learning about the structural testing, path testing, and data flow testing § Learning about the various levels of testing, integration testing, system testing, and interaction testing § Learning about the object oriented testing, class testing, object oriented integration testing, and object

oriented system testing
§ Learning about the testing process, metrics and reports, quantitative and qualitative analysis, and and

scope of improvements
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