Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing




B. PARTICULAR: A. followed by five lettered pairs of words. B. B. D. D. C. CHANGE: A. Select the lettered pair that best expresses a relationship similar to that expressed in the original pair. Almost everyone has trouble ______ at one time or another.Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing ENGLISH Complete the sentences by choosing the most appropriate word. sailors: crew petal: flower leaf: stalk singers: chorus Choose the lettered word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters. B. E. C. 4. C. PAGE: BOOK:: A. 1. sleeping for sleeping sleep slept Each question below consists of a related pair of words. A. C. D. D. general widespread diffused common Choose the word most similar in meaning to the capitalized ones. 3. from the given lettered choices (A to D) below each. 2. alter church complete decide agree Sample Paper ECONOMICS NTD 2 .

The word “transformation” is closest in meaning to: A. C.Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing Read the passage to answer question 5-6 In the late seventeenth century. D. beverage person book coffee Sample Paper ECONOMICS NTD 3 . from the drink of a few princes and a few paupers to the chief social beverage of the rising middle class. B. wits. C. D. The word “rogues” refers to a type of: A. The coffeehouse-meeting place of bankers. a transformation began that would make coffee one of the most popular drinks in Europe. B. artists. in less than a century. trend event change custom 6. merchants. and rogues was in some ways the cradle of modern Europe. Coffee would change. 5. poets. dissidents.

E.000 8.01 0. B. B. 4. E. B.144 Rs.150 Rs. D.A coat is on sale for Rs. -29 29 -25 25 83 10. Evaluate 3a2 − 2b . What is 0. C. if a = -3.Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing QUANTITATIVE 7. B.1 1 10. 18 ÷ 0. 96 Rs. A. 0. C.500 45.0 9.120 after a discount of 20 percent. E. D.04 =? A. D. D. A. and b = -1.5 45 450 4. C. Find the original price. C.180 Rs.001 0. E.140 Sample Paper ECONOMICS NTD 4 . Rs.1 percent expressed as a decimal? A.

Coming to class 5 to 10 minutes early Starting a dialogue Learning their names Giving them prizes Sample Paper ECONOMICS NTD 5 . B. C. B. C.The easiest way to foster personal relationship with students is: A. D. Small group discussion Interactive teaching Expository teaching Inquiry teaching 12.Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing PEDAGOGY 11. D.Teaching strategy in which learner actually engages in resolving problems is called: A.

Loading of operating system in a personal computer is called: A. B. C.How will you define ‘Internet’ in the simplest way? A. B.Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing COMPUTERS 13. D. C. Booting Prompting Interrupting Paging 14. D. very large network global network of networks network of computers in a city all of the above Sample Paper ECONOMICS NTD 6 .

Changes in stocks are a result of keepers A. D.The burden of a tax falls more heavily on the sellers in a market when A. both supply and demand are elastic both supply and demand are inelastic demand is inelastic and supply is elastic demand is elastic and supply is inelastic Sample Paper ECONOMICS NTD 7 . D. C.Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing SUBJECT 15. B. Deliberate decisions by shopkeepers Deviations between supply and demand Failure of sellers to sell goods Deliberate decisions by manufactures 16. B. C.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Right Choice A B A A C B C A B C D C A B B D Sample Paper ECONOMICS NTD 8 .Building Standards in Educational and Professional Testing Answer Keys Q #.