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ME 274 – Basic Mechanics II

Spring 2009

Instructors: Jeff Rhoads – Division 2 a) Attendance is not required for this course; however, your
Office: ME 374 attendance is expected for all class meetings. If you are unable to
Office phone: 49-45630 attend on any day, please contact your instructor prior to the
Office hours: 1:30-2:30PM on MWF meeting time. You are responsible for all course material on any
dates that you are absent.
b) Homework is due at the beginning of class. Homework is to be
Chuck Krousgrill – Divisions 1 & 3 turned in on engineering paper with same format as was used in
Office: ME 367 ME 270. Make an effort to be NEAT in your presentation.
Office phone: 49-45738
c) A solution for one problem from the textbook will be posted for
Office hours: 9:30-10:30AM on MWF every lecture as a QuickTime video/audio on the course blog (use
Email: the “Example videos” link). These will be available prior to that
lecture. Use this solution to help assess your ability to work the
Class Meetings: Division 1 - ME 261, 8:30-9:20AM MWF homework problems for that day.
Division 2 - ME 161, 11:30AM-12:20PM MWF
Division 3 - ME 261, 3:30-4:20PM MWF d) We encourage you to work together in learning the material
(including homework). However, your submitted homework
Textbook: J.L. Meriam and L.G. Kraige, Engineering Mechanics, solutions should be YOUR work and not copied from other
Vol. 2 - Dynamics, Sixth Edition, John Wiley and Sons, sources. Copying solutions from other sources will be considered
2007. to be a serious offense in this course. Please see your instructor if
you are uncertain about the difference between collaborating and
Grading: Homework 15% copying.
Quizzes 5% e) There will be regular, unannounced quizzes. Makeup quizzes will
Blog participation 2% not be given during the semester.
Fundamentals exam 3%
f) The three midterm exams will be given in the evening. See
3 Midterm Exams ⇒ lowest: 25% syllabus for dates and times.
Final Exam ⇒ highest: 50%
g) An in-class exam will be given on Wednesday, January 21
covering fundamentals of mechanics material (that you learned in
Course Blog:
ME 270). You will be provided more information on this during the
first week of class.
Lecture notes: Lecture notes for Divisions 1 & 3 can be purchased at
the Boiler Copy Maker in the PMU. h) Help will be available to you in the Mechanics Tutorial Room in
ME 242 approximately 40 hours/week. A schedule will be
Lecture notes for Division 2 can be found on the course
provided to you during the first week of class.
i) For Divisions 1&3, there will be “assigned seating” in ME 261 for
this class. By Wednesday, January 14, you will be asked to
choose your seat for the semester.
j) Many of us carry mobile phones. If you do, please turn off your
phone prior to arriving to class. This is a courtesy to everyone in