Introduction to the study

On a weekday, the DLF Mega Mall -- located in the IT and ITES hub of Gurgaon on the outskirts of Delhi -- bears a deserted look. Of the few operating shops in this large mall, most have nary a customer. The same goes for several other retail outlets and many of the other malls in the vicinity. True, a retail chain like Future Group's Big Bazaar may be clocking heady sales (growing at 100% year-on-year), but the dozen-odd shops operating in its proximity wear a deserted look, giving a somewhat hollow ring to the much-talked-about retail boom in the country. In what seems like a quirk of circumstance, malls have sprung up all over urban India in anticipation of a consumption boom that may itself prove to be eventually truant. Move to Mulund (West), a suburban locality of India's financial nerve, Mumbai. Rajesh Parashar, a resident of the area has the option of shopping at Big Bazaar, Apna Bazaar, Subhiksha, Spinach, Shoprite, Foodland or at the local Sai Supermarket, all of which are within a two-kilometre radius of his residence. This is paralleled by the developments happening in the Delhi suburb of Ghaziabad, where the upcoming Shipra Mall at Indirapuram already has Big Bazaar operating out of its lowerground floor, while Reliance is slated to open shop on the third floor. Customer footfalls, however, are more in the projections of the occupiers of the mall than real. All this retail activity, and more, and the sheer gargantuan size of the investments planned, beg the question -- does the consumer's wallet have enough money in it for everyone? "Only time will tell," is KPMG's executive director, Deepankar Sanwalka's laconic answer. To a great extent the success or the failure of malls will hinge on the consumer population of the area. "If the spending power

of consumers is high in a locality, it could sustain two-to-three large players." Not so, elsewhere, he adds poignantly. The significance of these remarks sinks in gradually. With planned investments of $22 billion over the next five years -excluding what might be brought in by new global and large local players henceforth -- the retail sector is expected to grow 40% to $427 billion by 2011.

II. Background to the study
The major study of this project is to provide an in-depth & details Analysis of Shoppers Stop Strategy in Retail World’. Retails industry has many organizations viz. Pantaloons, Big Bazar, Globus, Westside catering to the variety of customer with various needs & wants. Our primary concern is to establish Shopper’s Stop marketing strategy to cater all these customers. We want to prove that Shopper’s Stop strategy regarding Location, Marketing Tactical, Promotional, Advertising, Service Impact, Top-of-Mind Call is much advanced than other retailers. We have used various data-analysis techniques to prove the above points. We tried to identify various sectors of improvements for Shopper’s Stop & provided invaluable suggestions in rectifying the areas of weakness in different sectors e.g. merchandizing, appeal to customer.



I. Title of the study: “Analysis of shopper’s Stop in Retail World”

II. Statement of the problem:

To study the title of “Overall service analysis of shoppers stop in retail world” taken by me at shoppers stop ltd. Bannerghata, Bangalore. In the today’s unpredictable market scenario and fluctuating inflation values the world over it tough to find the appropriate specialty store for customer. Though listening to the voice of the customer quality function deployment(QFD) is a systematic methodology for quality improvement and service improvement. The quality of a product or service is ultimately judged in terms of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction benchmarking can help decision makers identity areas for improvement, make strategic decision and set targets on desired satisfaction performance. In fashion oriented trends especially stores face big problem to fulfill customer’s desires with the help of service technique to satisfying the customer.


Objectives of the study: Retail is India’s largest industry, accounting for over 10 percent of the

country’s GDP and around eight percent of employment. Retail in India is at the

government policies are becoming more favourable and emerging technologies are facilitating operations.crossroads. the heavy initial investments required make break even hard to achieve and many players have not tasted success to date. • Overall analyses of retail mix in shoppers stop. 4|Page . • To suggest mean of improving ‘shopping experience by enhancing the deliverable the parameter. However. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries with several players entering the market. Primary Objective • To study the benchmarking service standards of shoppers stop with similar formats store. the market is growing. Secondary Objective • To identify top of the mind recall of format stores. the future is promising. That said. • Study of target market • Understand the store format strength • Study of the customer relationship management(including customer loyalty and service) • Percentage analysis of survey • Study of merchandise mix • Study of store design and visual merchandising.

Limitations of the study • The survey was restricted to some store only • Sample size for the study is too low compared to the total number of people who visits those stores. Life style etc. Scope of the study In Bangalore. there are chances of inaccurate ranking being provided for the various factors. • Study of Human Resources • Study of competitive advantage. • SWOT Analysis • Recommendation and suggestion . IV. • Since the questionnaire involves mostly ranking questions. • IMC strategy of shoppers stop. Brand Factory. V. Westside. • Respondent bias towards certain stores. Globus. the past decade have seen a lot of new entrants in the lifestyle fashion segment like Pantaloons.• Pricing strategy • Depth view of marketing strategy of shoppers stop. 5|Page . with such heavy competition. Hence it is not possible to arrive at accurate result. • Lack of time and financial constraints. it becomes necessary for any company to maintain customer delight and ensure that service standards are maintained vis-à-vis competition.

IL&FS 6|Page . 1991 by the K. Bangalore.Nagesh at a time when the concept of retail industry was just coming into the market.S. As India's first specialty chain with outlets in Mumbai. Hyderabad. Shoppers' Stop was the first to redefine shopping experience and creating a niche for itself in the service industry.000 customers walk into Shoppers Stop everyday to feel the experience of shopping. With its immense expertise in the service industry and creditability.• Volatility • Aspect of coverage. A benchmark for the Indian retail industry to follow. Shoppers' Stop offers a complete range of garments and accessories for the entire family. services and above all. one of India's biggest hospitality and real estate players. Raheja group of companies. More than 25. The initiative of this store was taken by B. Jaipur and Chennai. Shoppers' Stop has progressed from a single brand shop to a Fashion & Lifestyle store for the families. Shoppers' Stop today boasts of 27 retail outlets across the country and is planning to spread its wings with futuristic expansion plans to meet the challenges of the retail industry. Andheri was the first store to be opened in India. Shoppers' Stop is a household name. History of the company The foundation of Shoppers' Stop was laid on October 27. a complete shopping experience. As on today. CHAPTER 3: COMPANY PROFILE I. the current investors in Shoppers Stop are ICICI. Delhi. The Group crossed yet another milestone with its lifestyle venture-Shoppers' Stop. known for its superior quality products.

Values The following values help Shopper’s Stop in achieving its mission & vision:  We shall not take what is not ours  The Obligation to Dissent (against a viewpoint that is not acceptable)  We shall have an environment conducive to openness  We shall believe in innovation  We shall have an environment conducive to development  We shall have the willingness to apologize and/or forgive  We shall respect our customer's rights  We shall be fair.Investments and Zodiac clothing. practices & deliverables. Vision To be a global retailer in India & maintain number one position in Indian market in Department Store Category. Mission “Nothing but the best” To strive & achieve nothing but the best in terms of processes. Their combined shareholding in Shoppers Stop is 19% while 79% is held by Raheja Group & balance 2% is held by its employees. 7|Page .

UNIT HEAD/RETAIL MANAGER II. Retail Operation Manager (ROM): report to the Unit Head and is responsible for customer analysis. employee communication and policy Executive – IB Sales Merchandiser Unit Marketing Head 8|Page ExecutiveAccounts Cash Assistant Unit Accounts Head . Organizational chart and departments RETAIL OPERATION ORGANISATION CHART:MANAGER Receiving Bay In charge Department Manager Customer care Associates 1. training and development. performance Unit visual management.Unit HR Head: reports to the Unit Head and is responsible manpower planning. ordinator 2. team management and shrinkage control.Head inventory /Sec. 4. He/she reports to the Area/Regional Controller. and manpower availability and shrinkage control. planning. competition mapping.\ Unit HR HEAD Receptionist ROM &Telephone and is responsible Unit HR HEAD Unit/ Coservice Desk Cashier 3. budgeting and control and is responsible for overall store image. achieving sales objectives. manpower Unit Admin/Maint. and for setting the Operator management. recruitment selection and induction. improving service standards leading Service manager people. store process and First Citizen/ audit. Department Manager (DM): reports to floor. responsibility for the topline growth. handling employee grievances. Unit Head/Retail Manager: Topmost authority in the unit. improving profitability and resource management strategies for increasing Customer sales.

and cost and vendor management. focal points and windows. preventive maintenance. fixture. Unit Co-Ordinate: reports to the Unit Head and is responsible for maintenance of office reports. events. 8. Executive Institutional Businesses: reports to the Unit Head and is responsible for achievement of corporate sale target in the region allocate for the sale of gift vouchers and corporate merchandise within budgeted discount. 6. 10.Unit Admin and Security Head: reports to the Unit Head and is responsible for smooth functioning of the housekeeping activities. for purchase of non-trading items. Unit Visual Merchandising Head: reports to the Unit Head and is responsible for visual presentation of store. updation of Infozone reports and collation of sales data. maintaining fixed assets and sale scrap and fixed assets as and when the need arises and to housekeeping.Units Account Head: reports to the Unit Head and is responsible for all monetary transactions in the store. 9. and reception. 7. Unit Marketing Head: reports to the Unit Head and is responsible for execution of all events. building. security and administration departments are met. Unit Maintenance Head: reports to the Unit Head and is responsible for equipment. 11.implementation. promotions and schemes. documents creation. getting tie ups for store promotions and catchments area study. proper counting for scheme recovery. security. 5. revenue 9|Page . welfare activities and ensuring all statutory compliances are adhered to. snag analysis and rectification planning. vendor development and energy conversation.

Customer Service Desk (CSD): This desk performs the following functions at the shop floor: a. 10 | P a g e . 12. b. d. First Citizen Desk: This desk performs the following functions at the shop floor: a. interbranch reconciliation with services office. merchandise arrangements. Solving queries and complaints of First Citizen customers. Executive Accounts: reports to the Unit Accounts Head and assessed him/her in all the activities related to the accounts functions in the unit. PICS controls and documentation. proper accounting of concessionaire dues. sacking. sales tax payment. Customer Care Associates: reports to the DM and is responsible for section maintenance. Cash assistance: reports to the Unit Accounts Head and is responsible for monetary transaction in the store. and global count. statuary compliance. 17. c. 16. 13. Redemptions of First Citizen promotions. 14. stock take. attending customer. sales presentations. 15. Timely issue of First Citizen cards to members. Exchange of merchandise (provide the exchange policy is satisfied) brought in by the customers and delivery of the same.control. sales. control functions and coordinating internal audits. Receiving Bay In charge: reports to the service manager/ROM and is responsible for entire movement of stocks in and out of the system and raising inter branch transfer. Managing activities relating to First Citizen promotions.

3.summer and autumn winter). 2. c. d. Alteration of garments with the help of tailoring staff and delivery of the same. The teams are: 1. Gift-wrapping of merchandise. Solving queries and complaints of the customers if any. analysis and forecasts for fashions and trends in the ensuring season. past performance. Men’s Ladies and kids Youth fashion and denims 11 | P a g e . There are 5 teams who are responsible for delivering all merchandise needs of our customers. The B&M functions works on 2 seasons (spring.b.Based on market research /information. DEPARTMENTS: BUYING AND MERCHANDISING: is an important function. the B&M teams plans the product range for all our stores. in which the team plans procures product offering for our customers. They are responsible for ensuring product availability for the customers in the styles and designs desired by the customers on time. Each season is broken down into 6 periods with 26 weeks with planning and monitoring done at the weekly level.

based on which we place orders. • In season management. fashion and customer buying behaviour on the basis of which they decide on the merchandise to be bought for a particular season. 5. This may also requires us to revise our plans . • Product developing and ordering – Each brand makes the brand offering for the season. BUYING. and accordingly decide on the short term strategy to be adopted. they are also development of private brands. This is derived from the financial plans formulated for each season.We monitor actual performance of our merchandise against the plan ona weekly basis during the season .The team is responsible for scanning the market for trends.and also our purchase orders with our vendors . • Range planning – Range planning is where our teams decide how much to buy of each option.4. margin. These include additional markdowns and special propmotions . in excess of what had been initially budgeted. Our B&M team with the help of the software can fine tune the range for each store. The merchandiser based on trends and past data selects the range and places the order. and when to put it on the shelves for the customer to pick up . wherever possible. 12 | P a g e . For private label on the trends and fashion forecasts. markdown and inventory. for each division and department. The design brief converted into samples by our partner vendors. non apparels Private brands • Financial planning – The B&M team converts the corporate financial plan into divisional and departmental plans covering sales.

We also sell gift vouchers.The core of entire private label business. They also corordinate with the visual merchandising department to create a visual ppt norm for their category in the store. Our gift vouchers. Design. ananlysis and availability of merchandise to each and every store.As a part of the function they coordinated with the design teams for samples. The design team also 13 | P a g e . They mamnage the inventory upto budgeted levels. which are purchased by our customers for gifting purpose. Design . These help us the complement product range that we receive from national and international brands and allow us to offer the customers the enhanced range across price points. range plan .they take care of merchandising planning . Fabrics etc has always been the top priority for the brands. Fashion forecast and the collection are presented for every spring summer & autumn winter season. Fits. The department negotiates with the vendors for better margins and support on promotional activites for various products. These gift vouchers can be used in any of our store for purchase of any merchandise or service. MERCHADISING. with the strore planning department for space allocation in the store and with the marketing department for the promotional activities of the various BRANDS. The team ensures the right balance of fashion & customer need while designing the looks. Quality. Ladies (classic/ ethnic/ fashion) and kids wear. They work in close conjunction with the buyers for markdown management Our private brandsWe have a strong focus on our in-store brands. The team is subdivided into categories like Menswear (classic /fashion/ ethnic). this team is for conceptualization to the designing of apparels of all SSL brands. whch are also called private labels.

is made available on time. selection and monitoring.ensures the quality of the products and set the quality standards and process for the merchandise. D&L team ensures that right goods are available at the right place at the right time. space. sampling plan and communication formats is the part of the responsibility for the quality assurance. tolerance. We have Regional Distribution Centers.The central merchandising team plays the integral role in the delivery of the company’s buying and merchandising process. and Kolkata and logistics. It tracks the performance across product categories through information available . one each in Mumbai. They are involved in vendor evaluation. people. defective and consignment stock back to the vendor while telling the same with the vendors and the accounts departments.takes care of the visual imagery of each SSL private brands by creating the story boards for the seasonal photo shoot. The responsibility of this department doesn’t end at that. Central merchandising. They audit the vendor in different stages of manufacturing and finished goods to assure the compliance to standards. They also manage the reverse logistic process that is to monitor the movement of goods against the invoiced quantity return the excess.A function without which chaos and confusion with prevail as this department ensure the each and every store receives merchandise tagged. analysis and 14 | P a g e . They are also responsible for defining Quality assurance procedure with respect testing. As an ongoing mechanism they are also involved in the analysis of customer complaint to prevent recurrence. Distribution and Logistics. Quality Assurance. is in a salable condition. Delhi. D&L Department also handles the imports in totality. and as soon as the requisition is placed be it any season of the year. finance and vision. in the right quantities at the lowest possible cost. Bangalore. inspection.

Marketing and communication.e.K. Corporate planning. This department is also responsible for seasonal budgeting and mark down activity. implementation and performance management.of Arthur planning based merchandise strategic planning system called FM WSSI (Financial management weekly sales stock and intake) The system supports merchandise planning i. They are also responsible for cresting an emotional connects with the consumer through local level and regional events. as well as creating credibility for the company through effective public relations. Corporate planning also drives the development of alliance with international retailers and brands .control. They build the preference for the brand in the competitive environment by designing and executing differentiated promotion. projecting and fixing plans at chain. include planning. This department also manages customer service quality.) have been supported by the corporate planning team in the recent past. Shopper’s stop partnership with Mother care (U. The NUANCE GRUP (Switzerland) and Argos (U. This team also works closely with the visual 15 | P a g e . sub department. which can potentially accelerate the group’s entry and the growth into new business formats.they are responsible for building the brandshopper’s stop and keeping it ‘top of the mind’ in the minds of customer. They are specifically responsible for managing the store planning process taking in the inputs from retail operations and buying and merchandising. stock id and week level.The corporate planning department works with the group management on various aspects of strategic development for the group across all retail formats and brands. brand advertising. measurements for group formats including customer satisfaction surveys and mystery shoppers programs.K). This department has implemented phase 1.

16 | P a g e . month after month and year after year. A loyalty program which has swelled the number of our loyal customers . The first citizen desk manages the interaction of members at the front end. team works towards for creating moments of magic for the Loyal customers are a source of competitive advantage in the face of increased competition. Support ranges from providing the right kind of literature to them to generate acquisitions. providing inputs for resolution of customer issues as well as adequate training to keep them motivated and fully geared up to understand customer requirements. A key function of the loyalty team is to ensure that these associates are provided with adequate information and support to help the serve member better. They along with the operation customer. happy and high potential customers. 2. They are the face of loyalty program and they along with the other associates On the floor deliver the moment of the truth. It is the largest retail loyalty program in the country. engage. To do this .merchandising team to ensure that there are complete synergies between what is communicated to the consumer outside the store id the same within. day after day . The primary task of program is to identify. each segment manager must needs look at the complex data analysis to identify customer slucters and devise different customers engagement programs depending on the needs of the particular cluster. The management of the loyalty program is a complex task. The primary objectives are as follows:1. retain and grow our loyal vase year on year. Retaining satisfied.The first citizen is one of the oldest loyalty programs is the country today. Loyalty.

Rewards & Recognition programs and during festive periods like Diwali & New year as this the time most corporate gift their clients and business partners. Knowledge is power. marriages etc. The IB team is represented by IB sales Officers at the units who make presentations to corporate in their regions and achieve bulk bookings for Gift Vouchers or Corporate Merchandise. 17 | P a g e . Call centers & BPO’S. Apart for assuring future sales.3. This is done through gift vouchers sold to individuals and corporate and also includes redemption partners. Insurance and FMCG organizations. Major contributors to the business are Financial Institutions. On a corporate level Gift vouchers are bought for incentives programs . The business has been growing at a pace of 40% year on year in terms of achievement. IT & ITES.Loyalty program is supported by a strong database which helps us map customer buying behavior and preferences and extrapolate that to try and predict future customer behavior. Managing this database is a key function in the loyalty program management at the Services Office along with support from the Sol-tech team. Who contribute to the business. Gift vouchers aids walks in to the units and also help in an increased cash memo size over the value of the Gift Vouchers thus contributing to the Units sales.Department focuses on future guaranteed sales for SSL. INSTITUTIONAL BUSINESS. On retail level customers buy Gift vouchers for personal gifting like birthdays.

They are the one point contact with the property developer and all other departments of Shopper’s Stop ltd. It plans and plots different categories brands with their 18 | P a g e . air conditioning. prevention system and security system. and sustains the vital communication between brand & consumer. store fixtures. merchandisers. wall covering. signage and visual spaces. and branding. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT. such as flooring. The team creates.This department has first sighted all the new stores that Shopper’s Stop Ltd. It identifies new markets and taps potential of these markets after doing thorough analysis of the city/locations They assess the acquisition plan of the opportunity after evaluating finer parameters that will give Shopper’s stop Ltd. wall display panels. store the way we want our products and services to look and feel to maximize sales. ceiling. the members of team collaborate closely with the buyers. electrical. ideal location in particular city/ location. fire fighting. By ensuring delivery of the project and complete legal documentation and compliance through the associate departments including STORE PLANNING: The Store Planning team design new stores in term of look and feel overall ambience as well as plan renovation In the existing stores as per the requirement s from B&M and operation.g. organizes. from events to window displays and in-store focal points. The main role of this department is to spear head the expansions of shopper’s stop Ltd. Its is the responsibility of this department to ensure and safeguard the interest of shopper’s stop ltd. They do a complete financial feasibility of a project and negotiate with the property owner. lighting. The cutting edge vis-a vis customer satisfaction and competition e. is now.VISUAL MERCHANDISING. As a ‘silent salesperson’ and ‘vanguard of standards’. They also design invisible elements in the stores such as. They design the visible elements in the stores. and operations team. designers.

designs teams for brand’s fixtures and fit outs. This team is responsible for all Statutory and internal audits of the company . also handles the secretarial work in respect of board of directors . They were closely with all fn for compliance of various formalities required in company. That’s apart. The HR function of Shoppers Stop is responsible for this most responsible and dynamic asset of org. they are responsible for capital and asset accounting .-people. The function seeks to maximize 19 | P a g e . share holders meeting . HUMAN RESOURCES: The people of Org. ensuring compliance with the various statutory requirements relating to corporate entities and are in charge of the overall financial control of the company. Budgetary control of the company’s incomes and expenses is also key areas for this team. They along with B&M Develop new design concept for new models. expenses incurred . FINANCE AND ACCOUNTS: They ensures their adequate cash flow and monitor the funding needs of the organization besides ensuring profits and Loss Accounts and the Balance Sheet Reflect the true and fair picture of the organization. They Also Scrutinize the financing of new projects /units. They coordinates with the brands.Bedside’s management of the company’s assets. provides support for drafting and vetting of various agreements and other doc in respect of smooth operation of stores. ESOPS and compliance of various of laws and corporate governance requirement. This team is responsible for individual throughout its journey within the org. and take adequate steeps for protecting the intellectual property of company. are its source of sustain competitive adv. and help the projects team to setup the stores at the time of handover. revenue generation and accounting. The dept.respective adjacencies in a floor layout. LEGAL AND SECRETARIAL: this dept.

STT endeavors to contribute to strategic direction of the enterprise. reward and recognition.organizational productivity through optimal management of people resources. Through effective and innovative practices in associate recruitment and selection. learning and dev. We will provide enterprise\wise competitive advantage with new and merging technologies while partnering with vendors to outsourcers non core activities. III. Products/Services Profile PRODUCT PROFILE: Brands Offered: 20 | P a g e . We will collaborate with business to serve our customer better and create an experience that sets benchmark for the industry. the function seeks to create a work environment which is truly “nothing but the best” and seeks to make shoppers stop truly a great place to work’s SOLUTION AND TECHNOLOGIES TEAM: To provide the Group companies technologies solution aligns to business requirements.. compensation and associate engagement. The world class solution offered delivered business values by dressing the transaction lead and operational needs.

Gini & Jony. Corelle. Nike. LEGO. BIBA. The company also licensees for Austin Reed (London). Elliza Donatein. Kashish. such as STOP. Different brands offered under each category are given as below APPARELS Arrow Van Heusen Caliber Givo Levi’s Lee Cooper Life Louis Phillipie Zodiac Blackberries Wills Pepe Wrangler Allen Solly Park Avenue Parx Stop Scullers Lee Killer Spykar Provouge 21 | P a g e . LIFE and Vettorio Fratini. Reebok. an international brand.Shoppers Stop retails products of domestic and international brands such as Louis Philippe. and Mattel. Pepe. Arrow. Shoppers Stop retails merchandise under its own labels. Acropolis etc. who‘s mens‘ and womens‘ outerwear are retailed in India exclusively through the chain. Magppie. Carbon.

Jewellery Facet Tanishq FQ Oyzsterbay Carbon Swaroski Sarvoski Sparkles Gili Estelle Music Planet M Music world 22 | P a g e .

Home Decor yamini four seasons welspun borosil pedrini pyren Hair Styling Habbibs Books Crossword Sunglasses Ray Ban Shoes Lee Cooper Red Tape Picasso Shop Life viva Watches casio Esprit possil Titan corning ware Fragrances Christian Dior Ysl joop diesel lancaster nicos jil sander calvin klein Boucheron police J’del pozo Myrurgia Etienne Aiger Xm 23 | P a g e .

The Shoppers Stop of Bannerghatta road was launched in 2004.5 lakh members who contribute to nearly 65% of the total sales of Shoppers‘Stop. Though every supermarket in Bangalore are trying every possibility to serve the customer better.SERVICE PROFILE: Customer service can be a source of competitive advantage. The services should be customized because the approach should be changed every time. they will just guide them to the way and the level of participation from their side in the customer’s buying decision is very minimal. Though in the store no salesperson was found who greets customers. So that the customer will visit every time to shop on that supermarket. In the store it was found that there is a huge gap in communication between the customer and the salespeople. There were 35 salespeople in the store. Shoppers‘Stop has a database of over 2. Otherwise they are hardly involved in any of the buyer’s decision. They also offer a cobranded credit card with Citibank for their members. Since then they had done many changes in their service strategies. The only thing that can increase the sales for a retail store is frequent visit of customers. Customer Rewards: Shoppers Stop‘s customer loyalty program is called The First Citizen. 24 | P a g e . Salespeople are knowledgeable until and unless a customer asks any query. They had dressed in a very neat white shirt and a black trouser. Currently. If the customer asks any query. The program offers its members an opportunity to collect points and avail of special benefits.

Resident Indians visit the shop for cultural clothes in the international environment they are used to which means people from abroad are also interested in shopping in Shopper‘s stop. The IGDS consists of 29 experienced retailers from all over the world. International Affiliations Shopper’s Stop is the only retailer from India to become a member of the prestigious Intercontinental Group of Departmental Stores (IGDS). Manor (Switzerland) and Lamcy Plaza (Dubai). 1 (China). 25 | P a g e . Karstadt (Germany). Takashimaya (Japan).15000. Matahari (Indonesia). Their target customers are upper middle class and upper class. which include established stores like Selfridges (England). Shanghai No. the majority of them being families and young couples with a monthly household income above Rs. C K Tang (Singapore). This membership is restricted to one member organization per country/region. A large number of Non . 20000 and an annual spend of Rs.Customer Profile Shoppers‘ Stop‘s customers fall between the age group of 16 years to 35 years.

They are getting younger.4.I. BRAND LOGO :• Retains the current core value of the brand Trust. which has an international look and a timeless appeal. carrying the new baseline ‘Start something new’ prods customers into taking a step ahead to upgrade themselves to the next level in life. uniforms. And so.4. among others “Change is essential. Operational definitions: Shoppers’ Stop undertakes image makeover.(i) . Progressive & Dynamic.(ii) 26 | P a g e .” fig. Customer Care Associate & Managing Director.I. “The simple but classic new logo without the old elliptic ring. • Is a reflection of our brand’s new character Inspiring guide.B S Nagesh.CHAPTER 4: REVIEW OF LITERATURE I. Comfort & Warmth. logo. revamps looks. Imaginative & Thought leader. fig. their preferences are constantly evolving. we have to change along with them. Our consumers are changing.

BRAND SYMBOL :- fig. Fig. 27 | P a g e .I.(iii) • A strong visual element • Reflects the ‘Bridge to luxury’ position of Brand. Sophisticated & classic • Comfortable and fills you with confidence.4.(iv) UNIFORMS :- • Smart .I.4.

SHOPPING BAGS :• Fashionable.I.(v) IN STORE COMMUNICATION :• Signature campaigns in store through a Pledge Book • Inspire customers to Pledge to ‘Start something new’ • In-Store contest on the new logo. gives a brand new image Fig. • New look .4.(vi) 28 | P a g e .4.I. classy bags designed. Fig.

1. the store requests them to purchase a First Citizen Card for Rs 200/. lounge etc. Other than “Blu Fi” they offer several catalogues and templates in which they promote all the brands under their belt.I.(viii) 29 | P a g e . separate queue for billing. they adapted very different types of strategy in promotion and advertisement is the “Blu Fi” technology where the customers had to turn on the Bluetooth of their mobile so that they get various information about their offers.ADVERTISING :In this store. They do the email communication to their customers with the help of their lottery system. For their frequent customers.(vii) Fig. Fig.4. Within the store they started lottery system where customers had to fill their name and email address to get exciting prizes. And using the chits of the customers. they start sending them mails in which they are giving update about their latest which they get services like loyalty points. Advertising and promotion in this can give an edge over their competitors by communicating their messages about their quality brands and pricing.

So we put our effort on retaining our customers because retaining old customers is more profitable than making new customers. etc. opinion. Literature review: The overall things is to make their customer satisfy and then profit through sales. Black Berry. Shoppers‘ Stop aims to position itself as a global retailer. retail practices and sales to India. they are adding 4 to 5 new stores every year. sex. Police. Today people goes for variety and shoppers stop is doing that. lifestyle. family • Psychosocial – Value.Shoppers stop has its presence in almost every metro city in India. Theories applicable to the study: Target markets • Geographic . They are located at Commerce@Mantri in Bannerghatta Road. They are situated in one of the major areas in Bangalore. • Demographic – income. age. III. feelings 30 | P a g e . The company intends to bring the world‘s best retail technology. Ferrari. And if we analyze this statement then we come to know that their 65% of their customers are their first citizen customers.II. employee added after all every organization works to earn money which is possible through good sales and if our customers are not satisfy then it will be difficult for us. attitude. They believe in producing quality so they offer quality products basically international brands like Louis Phillip. And the major factor which goes to their location is that it is behind the bus stop. Currently. DKNY. they offer total 250 brands to their customers which act as their strength and help them retaining as well as making new customers.

• Behavioral – user status. If we look at the overall store there are lots of things that need to be improvised. Pepe etc has varieties and various price range. The assortment of available products has lots of variations. Tommy Hilfiger. • The entrance and the exit are on the same side. Brands like Allen Solly. brand loyalty and benefit Merchandise mix The breadth and depth of the products in Shoppers Stop is huge. Also they had tried to cover all the accessories from mobiles to jewelleries. Store Design and Visual Merchandising Although the collections were sufficient as per the size of the store but the set back of the store design is they have only one floor that is ground floor which is very compact and very less spacious for the customers. They also added a separate shoe section in their store but the brands availability in the shoes is very less. The competitive advantage for Shoppers Stop in this area is they have deep assortment of all brands which are available in different price range. he has to again come back to exit door crossing the whole way. women. kids etc. pens. Spykar. usage occasion. They also have varieties in accessories like watches. The store also has good displays of cutleries to bed sheets and pillows. 31 | P a g e . They have varieties of brands for the men. etc in their entrance. So when a customer goes further for shopping in the store. cosmetics. But still by searching the brands one can easily know that this store has improper collection of brands. usage rate. Inside they have Mobile Store which normally will not be found in any of their competitors.

If customers finally go for billing. cosmetics. • In the ladies section there is a very less walking space for the customers. Wrangler.• There are 3 billing counters placed in different corners of the store. they have to search a lot for the payment of the goods. • The trial rooms in the store are less than 15. • The store rooms are in front of the trial rooms which make that place more congested. • The store is divided into different sections from accessories to apparels which are designed according to the preference of the customers. There are certain good things about the store design: • The store includes a separate playpen for the kids that are designed very carefully inside the store. And the daily visitors in the store are more than 2000. • The store is deeply spread in the ground floor which causes mobile network problems. some individual brands in the store carry more space some carry very less. ExampleIn the entrance a customer gets all the accessories like watches. Levis. 32 | P a g e . etc. • Even in the brands like Allen Solly. As a result outside the trial rooms one can find long queues of the customers.

They focused on the jewelleries in the entrance. the clothes are just kept in the shelf or they are just hanged in the hangers. • The store has Café Coffee Day nearby the Crossword. But all the corner side sections of brands are under covered by the crowd and major brand displays. In many parts of the store. Some brands like arrow. Also the improper arrangement in the ladies section looks very odd as the clothes are everywhere in the section and no salespeople are found who is arranging the clothes. • There is a separate lounge for the first citizen members within the store.jewelleries etc and as they go more inside one can find the ladies section and then man’s section. The store design can never beat competitors in this category because the major setback of the Shoppers Stop Bangalore is they have a very compact area and because of that they can’t offer all the brands properly. But in the apparels section the visuals are not that much attractive. At the time of sales period the visuals are worst when the clothes are just everywhere in the store. Lots of crowd can be seen in that area. In that the jewelleries are kept in different shapes of glasses with proper lightening and colored clothes which attract the customers more towards the designs. the store didn’t put many efforts. If they 33 | P a g e . In visual merchandising. The customers go there in between the shopping or after the shopping. they had focused their brand very well by keeping a mirror in the center of their section with proper lightening and the display of their new arrivals is pretty well. And the design of the store lacks planning as customers find difficulty in walking around the store.

The store does not maintain specific standards in terms of visual merchandising. 34 | P a g e . They could have been much better if the size of the store is big. In terms of sale. Prices are relatively stable for all time except in the discount periods. Though the competitors of Shopper Stop can be any retail format but their major competitors are Pantaloons.need to be competitive they have to expand their area of selling so that they can offer all the brands and the customer don’t bother about the congestion. Pricing: If we compare the prices of Shopper Stop with their other competitors the price range lays almost the same. crowd can be seen near the entrance where visuals are very attractive and visual merchandising enforces sale of any shop. But they get more revenues twice in a year when they offer the season’s sale. They are very much successful in showing good visuals in accessories but in apparels section they need to improve a lot. This sale period happens twice in a year February and August where they give discount up to 51 % on their major brands to the customers. In the same period of February and August they distribute catalogues in the entrance in which different brands are mentioned with attractive discount rates. Lifestyle and Westside in terms high priced branded apparels. Lower cost in such type of stores can only be achieved when they purchase goods in bulk and sell it properly and that can only happen when they offer the right price in the right time like festivals. Sometimes it is appealing and sometimes it is not up to the mark. In Shoppers Stop they hardly do any sales promotion except in the time of sales. In terms of visual merchandising. The Shoppers Stop has low prices offer for 365 days in a year in several brands. they can offer a lot to attract the customers.

35 | P a g e . Typically. energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget.Marketing Strategies followed by Shoppers’ Stop Discounts and brand promotion Shoppers’ stop through internet Shopper’s Stop basically follows 2 marketing strategies: 1. Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time.

Guerilla Marketing involves unusual approaches such as intercept encounters in public places. generate buzz. aim for more referrals. • Instead of concentrating on getting new customers. not sales. • Create a standard of excellence with an acute focus instead of trying to diversify by offering too many diverse products and services. and even spread virally. consumers are targeted in unexpected places.guerrilla marketing tactics are unexpected and unconventional. and larger transactions. • Instead of money. More innovative approaches to Guerilla marketing now utilize cutting edge mobile digital technologies to really engage the consumer and create a memorable brand experience. judgment. Principles of guerrilla marketing • Guerrilla Marketing is specifically geared for the small business and entrepreneur. the primary investments of marketing should be time. • It should be based on human psychology instead of experience. street giveaways of products. energy. and imagination. any unconventional marketing intended to get maximum results from minimal resources. • The primary statistic to measure your business is the amount of profits. more transactions with existing customers. pr stunts. and guesswork. • The marketer should also concentrate on how many new relationships are made each month. which can make the idea that's being marketed memorable. 36 | P a g e . • Forget about the competition and concentrate more on cooperating with other businesses.

fluffing. giving it a heart.1500/-. Interactive marketing is a strategies adopted by then retailers where they allow customers to customize the product as per their preference.295 for a stuffed animal and add-ons such as sound chips. clothes and accessories coming at extra cost the interactive shopping experience also adds on an element of entertainment for young customers and can turn into a family affair as well.• Guerrilla Marketers should always use a combination of marketing methods for a campaign. And though the toys are priced at a premium level ranging between Rs 595 and Rs 1. allows customers — who are referred to as guests — to go through various stages of activity in creating their own teddy bear (or other stuffed toy). including choosing a stuffed animal. Location Strategy The total area of Shoppers’ Stop is 14000 square feet. naming and dressing it. The concept that has already made a debut at Shoppers‘ Stop outlets in Mumbai. Selecting the location for the store is in the hands of 37 | P a g e . stuffing it. • Use current technology as a tool to empower your business. stitching. And the rate of per square feet area is Rs. 2. This strategy is mainly followed by service industries like hotels but Shoppers‘Stop is able to carve out this facility in a retail store.

retailers because before selecting the location they have to check many factors like walking traffic. etc. competitor. 38 | P a g e . infrastructure. parking. Also it is located nearby Jaideva Circle which is considered as one of the major areas of Bangalore. They also have to decide that they want to buy the site or they will take it on rent. So after deciding all these things they reach to the final decision The store is in front of the bus stop which helps the store in visiting of mass customers.

CHAPTER 5: RESEARCH METHODOLOGY I Quantitative /Qualitative Analysis: RESEARCH DESIGN A research design is purely and simply the framework of plan from a study that guides the collection and analysis of data. There are mainly two types of research design that are as follows – 1. Marketing research designs can be classified on the basis of the fundamental objectives of the research. These designs try to find a complete and accurate description of problem situation by providing specified methods for selecting the sources for information and the procedure for collecting the data from these sources. Exploratory Research Design 2. Application and specification are the main characteristics in a research design. The data is collected in such a manner that the ambiguous nature of cause and effect relationship in the phenomenon is reduced to maximum extent. A number of marketing research studies are based on such designs. Empirical Study: 39 | P a g e . It is focused on the accurate description of the variables present in the problem. Conceptual. II. Conclusive Research Design  Descriptive Research Design  Casual Research Design RESEARCH DESIGN IN CASE OF DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH These designs are used for some definite purpose.

Range of garments and accessories. Ease of alteration/exchange-Shopper’s stop stands top on this aspect.It is observed that.The interaction of the sales personnel is very much friendly with the customer. Hypothesis: • Are able to describe the characteristics of certain groups. empirical study are given below: Outside appeal. III. Store membership scheme.It is found that. 40 | P a g e .In this aspect. In store advertisement. Ease of location of desired category.It is observed that shopper’s stop has an edge over its competitors in this aspect. Moving space. parking facility is also not very much satisfactory. Sales personnel friendliness. shopper’s stop have a huge range of all these.It is found that shopper’s stop is not the best in terms of moving space. Music – The standard of the music is also not up to the mark.It is observed that shopper’s stop doesn’t work lot on this aspect. • Specified predictions are possible. Kid play area.It is observed that shopper’s stop is on the top of the list. Merchandising could be arranged. it is observed that shopper’s stop stands a bit behind with compare to the competitors.This aspect also hasn’t well enough.The followings are the outcomes of the conceptual. Parking facility.

The various methods of primary data collection are:  Observation Method  Interview method  Questionnaire Method SECONDARY DATA: The secondary data are those which have already been collected by someone else and which have been already been passed through the statistical process.• Can study relationship between two or more variables. The various sources of secondary data are: 41 | P a g e . IV. Sampling: I have taken a sample size of 150 randomly and went through the various attributes considered while purchasing the product at store. The primary data is collected in the process of questionnaire and interviews of the outlets. Tools for data collection: Data collection method of two types: 1) PRIMARY DATA 2) SECONDARY DATA PRIMARY DATA: The primary data are those which are collected as a fresh and for the first time and thus happen to be original in character. V.

there is huge rush of customers . Field work: First of all . addressing to them in such a way to ensure customer delight. no. that helped to develop a positive attitude and maintain a cordial relation with customers Serve the customer. Company Records and Information  Business Magazines  Various website analysis Methodology adopted for survey was questionnaire.after greeting them. therefore that day from morning till night . I would like to say thanks to Human resource manager Miss Ameena Kulsum and Department Manager-Mr. 42 | P a g e . I observed lots of practical things :• • Interaction with customer. who guided me It was a nice experience in Shopper Stop stores. except apparels . they became so delighted by service . VI. It gives me lot of chance to interact with the customer. • • Sometimes while serving customers. understanding their needs. • Saturdays and Sundays are the peak days in retail which gives us the highest sales. listening them patiently. How to Greet them with smile . for that purpose. of footfalls increases as both days being holidays for the customers.Ayon Mukherji . that they ask for sales person help in buying other products . It was a structural questionnaire. These all things helped to get a understanding regarding every product.

. It helps me to understand the convincing ability of sales men whether it’s good enough or have some short comings. it helps them to keep track of sales . At times I noticed that regular customer prefer shopping in the weekdays only . VII.Internet .150 . that will increase their sales and confidence also.Structured questionnaire Sampling technique Sampling tools Software used for data analysis .Non-probability judgmental sampling.Microsoft office Analytical tools . achievement of targets. Methods of Data Analysis: Research design Secondary Data Population Sample size Sampling Area Descriptive .cross tabulation 43 | P a g e . . customer entry is less . • Every day . are not so hectic.• All other days apart from weekends. as being week days.customer of the lifestyle/fashion segment of retail stores in Bangalore. they used to do global counting of merchandise kept in the counter which they handle. whether fulfilling it or not . What steps they should take to improve it . as they think that they can shop comfortably and relaxingly avoiding all rushes and busy trial rooms.Bangalore .

7 1. According to their choice.CHAPTER 6: DATA ANALYSIS I did a survey of 150 people who were present in the store. I have depicted the statistics in a pie diagram.1 Percentage Analysis of the Survey: Percentage Analysis of Age group of respondents Age Group 16-24 25-32 33-40 41-48 Total Frequency 108 39 1 2 150 Percentage 72 26 0. preference and buying behavior.3 100 44 | P a g e . 6.

Analysis and Interpretation: The above chart depicts the age group of the respondents and their No of respondents. It is observed that 72% of the respondents fall in the age group of 1624 years and 26% fall in the age group of 25-32 years. of Respondents. Shopping Frequency Once in a month Once in 2 month Once in 4 month Total No. 6. of Respondents 100 31 19 150 Percentage 66 21 13 100 45 | P a g e .2 Percentage analysis of No.

3 Percentage Analysis of Top of the mind stores and Respondents Top of the Mind Store Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Globus Westside Big Bazaar 46 | P a g e No. 6. It is observed that 66% of the respondents shop once in a month.3 4 7. of Respondents 54 53 6 11 3 Percentage 36 35.3 2 .Analysis and Interpretation: The above charts depicts in the shopping frequency of the respondents and their No of respondents. 21% shop once in 2 months and 13% once in 4 months.

4 100 Analysis and Interpretation: The above chart depicts the Top of the mind store and their No of respondents. of Respondents 35 Percentage 23 47 | P a g e . Favorite stores Shoppers’ Stop No.4 Percentage Analysis of Favorite stores.Pantaloons Total 23 150 15. It is observed that 36% of the respondents say Shoppers’ Stop comes to their mind first when they think of shopping for their family. 6.3% of respondents say Lifestyle comes to their mind first. A close 35.

Lifestyle Globus Westside Big Bazaar Pantaloons Total

50 9 18 18 20 150

34 6 12 12 13 100

Analysis and Interpretation: The above chart depicts the Favorite store of the respondents and their No of respondents. It is observed that 34.3% of the respondents say Lifestyle is their

48 | P a g e

favorite a store followed by Pantaloons, with 25.3% respondents in favor of it. Shoppers’ Stop stands third in the list of Favorite Store.

SWOT Analysis

49 | P a g e

Situational Analysis includes current organizational mission, current ownership and management alternatives, and current goods/services category. As we have explained above about the mission management alternatives, current products, so now here we have done the SWOT analysis of Shopper‘s Stop. Strengths • Variety • Range • Different Brands • Pioneer • Loyal customer • Low risk • Good financial position • Presence across various segments • Parikrama the festival Weakness Very high prices: They provide international Brands due to which their prices are very high. Fewer Schemes: They do not offer so much schemes, they offer schemes only on special occasions like Diwali, Independence Day, etc. Fewer Discounts: They offer less discount in their schemes, they basically offer 10% to 20% discount
50 | P a g e

Competition from standalone stores Late entry into value retailing Store makeover expenditure Threats Government Policies Entrance of New Players High attrition Lesser consumer spending Entry of foreign players Unorganized sector Independent stores Opportunities Awareness about the brands Quality Youngsters Higher disposable income Collaborate Private levels Tier 2 & tier 3 cities Enter new consumer goods segments. 51 | P a g e .

RECOMMENDATIONS & SUGGESTIONS Given below are some of the Recommendations/Suggestions to improve or modify service Standards and increase customer delight. customer face lots of the problem with regards to parking. which are found in increasing number at present as most of them are part-timers. The store essentially talks about shopping as an experience. as applicable. Merchandise could be arranged in a way that the space is utilized more efficiently. • Outside appeal of Shoppers’ Stop could be improved by adding more attractive facades and windows. Also the entire store on the outside could be repainted and make more attractive than at present because looks matter always. a small area for Music i. World space radio station could be added to the store. • Sales personnel could be offered with some incentives from time to time on the basis of their performance and motivation programme organised so that they do not switch over to competitors. To overcome this problem appoint more guards and implement coupon system and categorised parking like two wheelers as well as four wheelers parking. • A separate portion in the store could be allocated for keeping old merchandise that were not sold out and discount may be offered for the same. chip etc. Adding these would increase the time a customer spends at the store and also add to additional revenue. • It is found that Shoppers’ Stop is not the best in terms of arrangement and moving space. • Parking facility could be improved by having a permanent parking lot that should be more spacious because during weekends when it is heavily crowded. • A snack parlour like pop corn corner. Most of 52 | P a g e . thus creating enough moving space.e.

There is very little choice in this case at present. could be placed in more attractive cases and kept in some centre point so that the customer find it easy to check them out and this might induce a purchase. 53 | P a g e . • Shoppers’ Stop has been first mover in this category in many services offered. At present. this becomes a necessity • Accessories like inexpensive fashion jewellery. Shoppers’ Stop can be spending a little more on promotion. • Interaction with customer could be increased by having various activities in the store frequently and making customer part of these. which are not similar to what is already being done by competitors. just to serve as a reminder to customers. With competitors having these facilities and malls opening up all around the city. Even these have an influence on the customer. watches etc. • • Cleanliness of rest area should be taken care of as frequently as required. formal as well as casual wear. First citizen could be invited so that their relationship with the store is strengthened and thus they could be retained and repeat purchase could be induced. It can go for ads in magazines and also hoarding around the city. there is virtually no advertisement of the store continuously. Pantaloons and Big Bazaar do more sale promotion activity to create a familiar position in young generation customers mind. • The footwear collection for the both men and women could be enhanced by bringing in more variety like sports.the other Shoppers’ Stop outlets have these facilities at present. could be introduced to attract more customers and retain existing customers.. Some innovative ideas.

discounts. magazines could be kept near billing counters. 54 | P a g e . top of mind recall. billing counters etc. • They should introduce more schemes. arrangements. • They should introduce Low rate Brands which will attract the middle class customers also or brands for masses. sales personnel uniform. • Shoppers stop‘s competitors used aggressive medium of advertisement like television commercial ads. These are items of impulse purchase and hence should be kept at these places.• Items like fashion accessories. sales to increase the sales. • The stores becomes a bit messy because of a large footfall & small size of stores so they should have larger outlets • They offer parking space only for the ―first citizen‖ card holders which acts as a constraint for many first visitors to visit the malls. thus to gain a competitive advantage over the competitors Shoppers Stop should also use such medium of marketing CHAPTER 8: CONCLUSION I found that shopper’s Stop is standing first in many parameters like sales personnel friendliness.

With a few innovative ideas and slight modifications to the existing system. REFERENCES & BIBLIOGRAPHY 55 | P a g e . It is interesting to note that Shoppers’ Stop is still the first choice in the customer mind when it comes to shopping. it can surely regain the top spot. It should leverage on its strong position and let more customers “START SOMETHING NEW”. In this process. it is getting off the top spot. which is used to occupy for years but certainly not losing way.Shoppers’ Stop. a pioneer in the lifestyle segment of retail store has heavy competition to put up with.

eu.levi.Manuals and Reports: • Company • www.marketingnpv.Naresh Malhotra Software: • Microsoft office Web-sites: • • www. Books: • Retail management-Chetan Bajaj • Consumer behaviour. Lesile Lazar Kaunk • Research methodology.Leon • www. magazines. in • . company brochures and publications of retail ANNEXURE Questionnaire: 56 | P a g e .

Worst) 57 | P a g e .Single  1. posters etc…) and parking facilities.16-24 Gender: Male  25-32 33-40 Female  Married  4-48 Above 48 Marital status: . Thank you for your cooperation Personal Information Name: _______________________ Age: .Best to 6. 1. This information will be strictly confidential and shall be used for the purpose of the project only. When you think shopping for your family. Based on the Outside appeal ( name boards. which store comes to your mind first? Shoppers’ stop  Big bazaar  Lifestyle  Pantaloons  Globus  Westside  2. rank these stores (note: Rank from 1 to 6. How frequently do you shop? Once in month  Once in 2 months  Once in 6 months  3.QUESTIONNAIRE A STUDY ON Analysis of shoppers stop strategy in retail world I the students of IFIM B-School are conducting a survey on Analysis of shoppers stop strategy in retail world as part of my IIP project.

Rank the Sales Personnel of these stores based on the following Attributes Stores Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Attentive Friendliness Globus Westside Big bazaar 58 | P a g e .) Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Globus Westside Big bazaar Pantaloons 4.Stores Parking Facility (space) Outside appeal (facades windows etc.

rank these stores Stores Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Billing Counters Trial Rooms Globus 59 | P a g e .Pantaloons 5. Based on the location and frequency of the following. In-Store Attributes rank the stores Stores Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Music Moving Space Arrangement s Globus Westside Big bazaar Pantaloons 6. Based on the following.

Westside Big bazaar Pantaloons 7. Based on the restrooms and drinking facilities. Based on the following attributes. rank these stores Stores Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Rest Room Drinking Facility Globus Westside Big bazaar Pantaloons 8. 60 | P a g e . rank these stores Stores Ease of Range of garment location of desired Range of acc.

category Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Globus Westside Big bazaar Pantaloon s 9. Based on the following factors. rank these stores Stores Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Membership Kids Play Area Globus Westside Big bazaar 61 | P a g e .

Based on the following.Pantaloons 10. which do you think is the best? Why? 62 | P a g e . rank these stores Ease of Alter/exchange In store facility advertisement Other Stores Shoppers’ Stop Lifestyle Globus Westside Big bazaar Pantaloons 11. Among the given stores.

63 | P a g e .

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