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AGU AR Derivatives & DARI Enhancements N-III Upgr ade

New Core Product
P r o c e s s C h a n g e

New core Process Next generation process

LCA – Tejas

JAG UAR Next DARI N-III Generation Upgr product ade

Product Change
Addition to Product family

Indian Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH) JAGUAR DARINIII Upgrade INTERMEDIATE JET TRAINER (IJT) Mirage Upgrade

Single department upgrade Incremental change

LCA Tejas – Mark 2

LCA Tejas – Naval Version

Project Name
LCA - Tejas

Type of Development Project
Break Through Project

Numerical Model: Payback period = Project Cost / Annual Cash Flow = $1200 million / $ 433 million = 3 years Non Numeric Model: Reduces dependence on Foreign companies and builds a local aerospace industry capable of creating state-of-the-art products with commercial spin-offs for a global market New core product: As it is the lightest combat aircraft upto date in the world with delta wing configuration, and no tail planes New core Process: Set up and expertise gained many critical technologies they are:o Airframe, RADAR, An electronic control system for an

plus helmet-mounted sights for wide-angle heat-seeking missiles. and self protection suite Non Numeric Model: The competitive necessity. This computer will be comparable to the MIL 1553C computers on board the US helicopters. As part of the upgrade. so they decided to upgrade it with all new features. the aircraft will also be equipped with MBDA’s Mica family of medium range missiles It’s a platform project. Upgrade with new feature to be competitive with other country’s defense. a new night vision compatible all-digital cockpit. the aircraft will be re-engined and re-equipped with fourthgeneration cockpit and mission avionics. usually Link 16 compatible but not always). It will include strengthened airframe and landing gear and the nose is drooped for better cockpit vision This is a Platform extension of JAGUAR. These will be tied into a joint tactical information data link system (JTIDS. Non Numeric Model: The competitive necessity. This new helicopter will incorporate a multifunction display system (MFD) as well as have integrated architecture avionics. It will be equipped for air craft-carrier operation with ski-jump takeoff and arrested landing. Upgraded Jaguars will feature all weather precision attack capability with enhanced weapon load It is not a derivative project as there is lot of changes made. Incremental changes are made to LCA-Tejas. LCA Tejas Mark 2 Plat Form Project This is a Platform extension of LCA Tejas to build a fifth generation fighter aircraft with more powerful engine (GE – F414). and improved electronic warfare systems. equipped with advance RADAR and avionics.unstable platform. LCA Tejas – Naval Version Derivative project JAGUAR DARIN-III Upgrade Plat Form Project Mirage Upgrade Plat Form Project Indian Multi Role Helicopter (IMRH) Break Through Project . including a new RDY-3 radar with greater airair and air-ground capability. A completely digital man/machine interface . as well as a full-fledged computer on board. upgrade will bring India’s Mirages to thefull Mirage 2000v5 Mk 2 standard. It is not a derivative project as there is lot of changes made to the airframe to increase pay load capacity by 5000kgs. IAF estimated that the life of JAGUAR is till 2030.

Non Numeric Model: The operation necessity. LIGHT COMBAT HELICOPTER (LCH) Derivative project It’s a derivative project. The LCH is a derivative of the HAL Dhruv. Non Numeric Model: The operation necessity. The failure of the Russian built Mi35 to perform satisfactorily in the high altitude battle zones of Kargil highlighted the requirement of an attack helicopter tailor made for such operations It’s a platform project. To place the ageing Surya Kiran trainer planes.Non Numeric Model: The operation necessity. INTERMEDIATE JET TRAINER (IJT) Platform project . integrated digital avionics system. A lot of changes has been done like new engine. The LCH is being designed to fit into an anti-infantry and anti-armour role and will be able to operate at high altitudes (6000m). The Navy urgently needs the MRH to replace its aging Sea King fleet inducted in 1970. Active matrix liquid crystal multi-function displays. light alloy body.. full glass cockpit. which was inducted into the Indian armed forces. hydraulically retractable tricycle-type landing gear.