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Byt YsrAL (House of Israel):

This message is dedicated to the memory of Oscar Grant who was killed on New
Year’s Day at the BART station in Oakland, CA, my hometown. Growing up in
Oakland I have witnessed the same tragedy over and over again regarding my
people who need to recognized the fact that they are the Children of YHWH
(Jehovah) or the chosen seed mentioned throughout the Bible. I say this
because when the Messiah YAHshua (Jesus) stood before the same devil during
His persecution, our people abandoned Him and accepted allegiance to the devil.
In fact even after the Messiah was killed by being placed on a cross on Calvary,
NOT one of our people revolted and tore apart Jerusalem as our people and
others tore a part downtown Oakland, CA, when Mr. Grant died. Even the 12
Apostles who WITNESSED the Messiah walk on top of water, heal the sick,
restore sight to the blind, raise the dead, feed a multitude of people with little
food, cast out demons from people, etc., too abandoned the Messiah when the
same devil came and accused Him of wrong doing; in fact it was OUR OWN
people who suggested that the devil accuse the Messiah of things in which He
was not guilty of; also the devil wanted to make sure that we were making the
correct decision by asking if we wanted to release the Messiah or Barabbas the
killer, and we chose Barabbas the killer. In fact during all this, the Messiah said
nothing, and yet after all the denying of Him by His own people the Israelites, He
still took His cross to the top of Calvary and died NOT only for His peoples sins
but for ALL people, which included the accusers.

The word YsrAL (Israel) means to suffer with GOD; just as the Messiah hung on
a cross, our people the Israelites were hung from trees by the same oppressors
who put the Messiah on the cross; just like the Messiah was denied by us as
being the savior of Israel and the world, so were we denied our right to vote, to
eat with white folk in restaurants, from attending school with white folk, living near
white folk, etc.; just like the Messiah while dying and hanging on the cross was
given vinegar to drink, our people were given drugs, guns, etc. that they used to
destroy each other; just like the Messiah was whipped and spit on, so were we
the Ethiopian Hebrew Israelites spit and whipped during slavery; even though we
abandoned the Messiah during His persecution, the Messiah did not abandon us
during our persecution during slavery and during the civil rights era; just like the
Messiah had a spear put through His side, our people had bullets put in us. So
my point is since we abandoned the true vine of the House of Israel which is the
Messiah YAHshua (Jesus), we Israelites too would suffer until we recognize that
He is the only answer for any problem or situation. Obama promised you HOPE,
but the Messiah gave you salvation as well as grace before YHWH (GOD) for
ANYONE who believed in their heart that He died for our sins and to have FAITH
not HOPE that He resurrected on the third day.

Here is a bit of wisdom to you so called preachers and prophets; in Matthew

25:32-33 it says that the Messiah will separate the sheep on the right hand from
the goats which are on the left hand side; we know the left hand side of the White
House also known as the West Wing is the is the left hand side in which the
Messiah speaks of in Matthew 25:32-33; some of you may say Donavon you are
crazy why would you say this? Well just understand prophecy and parables and
it will make more sense; now refer to Ezekiel 43:1-7, 44:1-2 and 46:1 and you
will notice that the eastern side of the Temple is the right handed side in which
the Messiah would place His sheep mentioned in Matthew 25:32-33; the
Messiah appeared from Bethpage which is EAST (right) of Jerusalem inside the
Temple, thus fulfilling what He said in Ezekiel 43:7. Therefore since we know
from Ezekiel 43:1-7, 44:1-2 and 46:1 that the Messiah would enter His throne
from the East gate of the Temple, and that the devil throne in the White House is
the West Wing or west side of the White House, the parable in Matthew 25:32-
33 should be more clear. Which side do you stand on, the right (east) side with
YHWH (GOD) in His Temple, or the left (west) side of the President in His temple
the White House? To help you with your decision refer to Daniel 2:44, 6:26,
7:13-14 and you will read that the throne of YHWH (GOD) is an everlasting
Kingdom and will NEVER be destroyed by ANYONE! Now refer to Daniel 7:2-7,
Revelation 13:1-18 & 17:1-18 and you will see how unsuccessful the devil is at
setting up a EVERLASTING throne like YHWH (GOD); in essence the devil has
set up three non-everlasting thrones already, while YHWH (GOD) has set up
ONE everlasting throne! Now refer to Daniel 2:45 and noticed the stone
mentioned in this scripture (The throne of GOD) has already destroyed three of
the four non-everlasting thrones of the devil, and will destroy the fourth and final
one as well, thus conferring what is said in Matthew 12:25-26, Mark 3:24-26,
Luke 11:17-18 and Revelation 18:1-24; and since we know from Daniel 2:40-43
that the final throne of the devil is part clay and part iron this kingdom is divided
thus conferring Matthew 12:25-26, Mark 3:24-26, Luke 11:17-18 and
Revelation 18:1-24! Furthermore refer to Daniel 5:21, Matthew 4:1-11 and
Luke 4:1-13 and you will read that it is YHWH (GOD) Himself that is in control of
the throne of the devil; in essence the devil himself is not even in control of his
own throne, but YHWH (GOD) is! The devil in these scripture could not even
give away his own throne to YHWH (GOD)! So now ask yourself again, which
side do you stand on, the right hand side (throne of GOD) mentioned in Matthew
25:32-33 which is an everlasting throne that is able to withstand other thrones
that try to blaspheme/destroy it? Or do you stand with the left hand side (throne
of the devil) mentioned in Matthew 25:32-33, which according to the book of
Daniel has already fallen three times as will the fourth and final one, is divided,
and not even controlled by the devil who sits on it, but YHWH (GOD) Himself
according to Daniel 5:21?

In final thought, since I stand with the right hand side (throne of GOD), I forgive
the officer who killed Oscar Grant; may YHWH (GOD) nourish and love the spirit
of Oscar Grant, and forgive the soul of the police officer who killed him. Selah
Bete Israel?