Mary Boatwright AP English IV 6/28/12

The Power of Rhetoric
Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman faces a suspension by the NBA for his wild and theatrical behavior in Saturday night's game at New Jersey. Rodman was given his notice of leave with 1:31 left in the first quarter of Saturday's game after receiving his second technical foul. Rodman appeared to have bumped an official during a heated discussion over the foul. Consistent with past heroics, and to the delight of the Chicago faithful, Rodman then removed his shirt as he paraded around the court before finally exiting stage left into his team's locker room.

Chicago Bulls forward Dennis Rodman faces a suspension by the NBA for his bull like performance in Saturday night’s game at New Jersey. Rodman was told to make like a tree and leaf with 1:31 left in the first quarter of Saturday’s game after receiving his second technical foul. Rodman appeared to have swung and made contact with the ball that is the game officials head during a fiery confabulation regarding the player’s foul. Consistent with Rodman’s rampant temperament the fans and players resemble the bulls they idolize, Rodman then rips himself from his top and trots around the court before making a bee line for the team’s locker room.

Annotated Bibliography
Kennedy, John. “Inaugural Address.” Washington D.C. 20 Jan, 1961.
The inaugural address delivered by John F. Kennedy, the new president of the United States at the time, was given on January 20th, 1961. His aspiration for change in the country stemmed from the “celebration of freedom” brought on by the win of his party, “signifying renewal.” Kennedy not only wanted to show open arms to countries around the globe that may or may not share the same political views, but also to exhibit the “peaceful revolution of hope”

and peace he wanted to instill. Through the use of many different forms of rhetorical figures, the speech was presented eloquently and with passion for the need of peace and collective help starting with the people in America.

Rhetorical Short
Your texture compels me to touch you. Your taste oh so salty and delicious. Your colors normally in the light green region urge me to bring you out of your cave and into the limelight for my own satisfaction. I hope your quality never becomes distorted though, I think, you have a distorted quality indeed. Nothing can hold me back from holding you and letting my eyes feast upon your perimeter, your bumps and grooves that are unique to each individual one, your change in consistency that has my taste buds avid for more. Remarkably though, the public has no place for you, only in the eye of the beholder are you welcomed. When the bats remain in their cave there is sure to be less social distress. Friends are like the natural cleansers of the nostrils: some are not easily liked, but were handpicked, and tend to stick around in times when you least want them there. But without them toxins are let into the body, and then the body starts to decrease from its full potential of functionality, and then the person will really start to feel bad, and then death will occur much sooner than anticipated, and then everybody around them starts dropping like flies because they have no filtering system in their noses, and we have a disaster on our hands! The buildup of crud in one’s nose can also become an issue you see, because just like birthdays, the more you have the harder it is to breathe. What further detail need be added to explain what exactly is being addressed? Better be the booger bordering a tissue than beneath the base of the nose hole.

I do not believe that there is a full truth in language. The power of rhetoric has created loopholes to talking about any particular topic without some sort of biased opinion. Politicians in particular, with their speech writing teams in tow, along with journalists, lawyers, judges, filmmakers and advertisement creators have indeed become experts on abusing the way speeches are recognized by the listener. The collective audiences of the people that are informed by political events are often mislead by the rousing forms of rhetoric that are used to draw in subjects. This works in favor to the people giving the speeches, or selling the product, but for the public this can be quite disadvantageous to many aspects of their life. But with attention paid closely to the subject matter being presented there is a greater hope for reading between the lines to see what the true benefits are of whatever is being sold.

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