Throwing the punch
To score, a boxer must strike a blow with his knuckles, landing cleanly on opponent’s head or torso. There are three basic punches, and five judges must agree a blow is a scoring punch for a point to be awarded.

A boxer is allowed three warnings per bout • Hitting below the belt • Hitting with head, shoulder, forearm or elbow • Hitting with an open glove • Hitting behind head, kidneys • Pivoting while throwing a punch Foul areas


The hook
Short, powerful blow delivered from the shoulder; boxer keeps elbow bent, bringing fist from side to center

Gloves must weigh 10 oz. (0.28 kg), have a white portion to show the scoring area

Headgear became mandatory in 1984 for Los Angeles games

The ring
Square with sides that measure 20 ft. (6.1 m) inside ropes

Quick, direct punch extended almost horizontally

Swinging, upward blow delivered under opponent’s face guard

© 2012 MCT Source: “Sports: The Complete Visual Reference,” International Olympic Committee, NBC Universal

• Each boxer has a corner with color that matches his uniform; white corners are neutral

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