Winning by ippon

Achieving an ippon (one point) wins a judo match immediately. Here are some ways to do it:


2 Hold armlock or

stranglehold until opponent quits

3 Pin

1 Throw opponent
on back with considerable force, speed

opponent for 25 seconds

4 Score two waza ari (see below)

Winning without ippon
Most points wins • Contestants get points for technique Rather than resisting an opponent’s force, judoka should use it against his attacker Together, judges can overrule referee

• Waza ari Almost an ippon; one-half point • Yuko Almost a waza ari; only considered in a tie

Hitting the mat

Area is made of mats called tatami Referee


• Contestant can get yuko, waza ari when opponent is penalized Safety zone


Contest zone 26 x 26 ft. (8 x 8 m)

© 2012 MCT Source: International Judo Federation, USA Judo

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